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Digitized by VjOOQIC 


'Digitized by V^OOQIC 



><& ZIJ 

r ^«. «^,' **«. 'Ary 

P<Hit: een .chip' op ti5 

•?r2?^ ««*»P/ over zljde, 

/ KleJIngsch &v. c«ZZa«*ffl| 
/ Idereder, m. sU/ttkrotter 
/ijdtwee, o./,/*Mi.y ^"^ 
/Udewever, w. «i/*i.«-awr 

7^?*"^^' *«• (digression 

iiS^°°*' «. fellowtra. 
ZUdareweer, o. wdwrnu 

*Uiri zeegr-ende-en, */ralt», 
P'ty^oUuf, tink, drop dowA 

i?d V."* *//' *^e zijne, Aw; 


x«n, thtre are; gk^! 

o/ Ai« A<m«e, c/ his place ■ 
•ijnent halve^zijoent wej^e', 

exfil *'JP^''«°» ••• "^ri, 
Zilphjlm, m. alembic 
ZHperiog, ». /^a*a*^, 
Zhreder. m. ^ilkthrotUr 
Zijvervrer, w. tilkdver 





Digitized by LjOOQIC 


Zwaanenhals, v. swan''8 neck 
Zwaar, bv. heavy, hard, 
great, difficult, severe, 
sirone, deep, pregnant 
Zwaard — je, o. sword 
Zwaarder, bv. heavier 
Zwaardmaag, m. paterval 
relation * 

Zwaardschermer, zwaard- 

vechter, w». swordplayer 
Zwaardveger, m. swordcut- 
ler ifl$h 

Zwaardvlsch — je, wi. sword- 
Zwaardzijde, v. falher^s side 
Zwaarbeid, v. heaviness 
Zwaarhoofd.m. dolt, (inxiety 
Zwaarhoofdig, bv. anxious 
Zwaarboofdigbeid, v. anxiety 
Zwarigbeid, v. difficulty, 

danger, scruple 
ZwaarUjk, bw. heavily, 

hardly | 

Zwaarlijvig, bv. corpulent I 
Zwaariijvigbeid, v, corpu- 
Zwaarnioedig,6f. melancholy 
Zwaarmoedigheid, v. melan- 
Zwaarmoediglijk, bw. me- 

Zwaarre,t;. weight, heaviness 
Zwaarwigtig, bv. heavy, 

weighty, important 
ZwaarwfgUgheid,^. weighti- 

ness. importance 
Zwabber, in. swabber 
Zwabberei), to. dabble 
Zwachtel— tje, m.swalhing- 

band, roller, sash 
Zwacbtelen, w. swathe 
Zwadder, o. slbne, veuotn 
Zwadderen, w. dabble 
Zwad^erig, bv. dirty, 7iasty 
Zwager —tje, m. brothei-'iyi- 
lav [low 

Zwagerin— netjCjf.sii/er-tn- 
Zwagjerschap, 0. affinity, re' 

lotion by marriage 
Zwak, fcv. weak,jeelle, ten- 
der, pliant, flexible 
Zwakkcn. w. weaken 
ZvraklieJa,v. weakness, foible, 

Zwakjes, zvrakkelljk, -Jio. 

weakly, feebly 
Zwakte, v. weakness, infir- 
Zwalpen, w. dash 
Zwaliiw —tje, V. swallow 
Zwaluwkruid, o. great ctian- 

Zwaluwstaart, v.dovetail 
Zwani, V. touchwood, agaric, 

Zwang, m. vogue, fashion 


Zwanger, bv. pregnant 
Zwangerheid. v. pregnancy 
Zwaat, 61;. black 
Zwarten, 10. blacken 
Zwarie, m. black, maor 
Zwarlachtig, bv. blackish 
Zwartekunsteaaar, »i. ne- 
cromancer Iblackness 
Zwartheid, zwartigheid» v. 
Zwartln — netje, v. black' 

woman, negress 
Zwartsel, 0. blacking 
Zwartselen, 10. black 
Zwavel.v. brimsHine, sulphur 
Zwavelen, w. fumigate with 

Zwavelachtlg, zwavelif , bv, 

Zwavelstok — je, m. match 
Zwavelwortel, v. sowfennel 
Zweef -de.fcweveQde, zwe- 

ven. hover, flutter 
ZvieeHUr, V. planet 
Zweem, zweemsel, 0. Uke- 

nesi, resemblance 
Zweemen, w. resemble 
Zweep — je, v. whip 
Zweepen, w. whip 
Zweepkoord, v. zweeptouw, 

0. whipcord 
Zweepsfag — ie, m. lash 
Zweeptol— leye,t;. whipping 

Zweer— tje, v. ulcer, sore 
Zweeren, w. fester 
Zweer, zwoer ~eiide —en, 

swear, vow 
Zweerder, m. swearer 
Zweeriag— je, v. festering 
Zweet, 0. sweat 
Zweelen, w. sweat 
ZweetbadrO. sudatory 
Zweetdoek— je, 0. napkin 
Zweetdrank— je, m. sudorific 
Zweeterig, bv. sweaty 
Zweeterigheid, v. sweattness 
Zweelgat, o. pore 
Zweeting, v. sudation 
Zweelplaais, zweetstoof, v. 

Zweezerik— je,i». sweatbread 
Zwel, zwol-lende-len,»ti>e« 
Zweig, m.gulp 
Zwelgen, w. swallow, gulp 
Zwelgachtlg, bv. gluttonous 
Zwelger, m. swallower, glut- 
Zvielglag, v. glutuion 
Zwelling, v. swelling 
Zwem zwona, mende —men, 
swim C"**"^ 

Zwerokunat, ». art of twim- 
Zwemmer, «• swimmer, 


Zwemster — tj** 

Zwendelen, w. Up 

Zwendelaar, m. swindler 
Zwengen, w. swing 
Zwenk-*-je, w. swing, turn', 

cast, glimpse 
Zwenken, to. turn 
Zvrerf -de, zworf, zwerren - 
de, zwerveu, swerve, wan- 
der, rample, ro9^ 
Zwerm— pje, v. swarm 
Zwermea, to. sioarm 
Zwero^er, m. vagabond, ser- 
Zwermgeest, m. libertine 
Zwerrer, m, wanderer, ram- 
Zwerving, v. wandering 
Zweuen, to. boast, brag 
Zwetser —tje, wi. hoaster 
Zwetser^ -—tje, v. boasting ^ 

Zwief, m. turn, air, fashion, 

mode, manner 
Zwieren, to. hover, wander, 
stagger [able 

Zwierig, bv. modish. /ashion- 
Zwierigheid, v. modishnest 
Zwicbten, w. yield 
Zwik— je, V. faucet, spigot 
Zwik— te— kende— keu, <mii, 

swing, sptain 
Zwikboortje, 0. gimlet 
Zwikkiug, V. sprain 
Zwilk, m. buckram 
Zwindelen, to. whirl 

Zwindelig, bv, dizzy f giddy 
"windeliog, v. dizziness, 

St ' - 
en, to. beat 
Zwoegen, to. />an(, toil, puff' 
ZwoeT, bv. sultry 
Zwoord, 0. rind of bacon 
Zwijg, zweeg— ende— €D, 6« 
silent, conceal ; zwijg stil, 
hold your tongue 
Zwijgacbtigt bv. taciturn 
Zwijger. m. one that keeps 

silence, concealer 
Zwijk, aweek — ende —en, 

Zwiim, V. «io0on 
Zwhmen, to. «tooott 
Zwhmelen, 10. become dizzy 
ZwiinieUng, v, dizziness 
ZwiiD, 0. swine, hog 
Zwijueeel— Ije, m. hedgehog 
Zwiinejagt, v. boar-himthu 
ZwAaenhoeder, m,swittehera 
ZwiiD^borstels, mv, hog*s 

Zwunflhoofd, 0. boards hea4 
Zwflnskot, 0. hogstye 
ZwQQBpriet, v, boartpear 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

284 JOV 

/oodani|;,>»f . tuck 
Z<)odaui)r. Itw. so, to muck 
ZooKen, re. tucUe 
Zooifbroeder, m. /osttrbro- 

Zoojreling— je, m.tuektinf 
Zoojflam — me^e, o, tucking- 

Xoojfster, xoogvrouw — tje, 

V. wet iMcrtp, tiMr«e 
Zoo^varkeu— ye, o. $%ekint 

Zoof-tje, ». «»/« 

4'»oni — pje» m. teem, Ann, 

Zoomen, ro. Arm 
Zoon — tje, m. tan 
Zoonaanneemiogf, v. adoption 
Zoonacliap, ot-tontkip 
Zoopje, o. tip, dram 
Zoor, bv. rongk 
Zootheid, v, rougknett 
Zootie, 0. smaH parcel 
Zorg, V. cart 
Zorfreo, w. care, take care, 

Zorgacbtig, Iv. tolieHomt 
Zorgdraf und, b», carfful 
Zorgdrageudhftid, v. careful- 

ZorgelooH, bv. careteat 
Zorgelooabeid, v. earelett- 

Zorgeloofilijk, hw.earelettly 
Zorgelijk, bv. dongerout, tod 
Zorger, tn. zbrgsler, v. 

Careful perton 
^orgruldfg, bv. careful, Cfiu- 

liout [neti 

Zorgvuldigheid, v, cartful- 
Zorgruldigl^k, bto, care/nUjf 
Zot— je. ni.fool 
Zot, bv. foollth, tilly 
Zotiield, v./o//y 
Zotskap, v.foottcap 
Zottelljk, bw.foolithly 
ZotrernO — ije, v.foUy 
Zottin —netje, v./«o< 
Zoii, aoud, zottde, v. defect, 

Zout, 0. talt 
Zout. iv. talt 
Zouten, w. talt 
Zoutacbtlg. bv. taltitk 
Zoutbak >-je,v. tallbox 
Zaiitberg, m. taltmine 
Zonteloo», bv. intipid 
Zoutgeld, o. duty on salt 
Zouthandel, m. talt-trade 
Zoutfafid, V. taltnett 
Zoutbui* — Je, o. taltkoutt 
Zoutifheid, V. tmttitknett 
ZoiitiDg, V. tatting 
Zoatkeet— je, v. taltpan 
Zjutkull —tje, jw. tmltpit 


Zootkoip ->je, r. powdering 

Zotttk^oper, nt. taltmonger 
Zoatmaker, m. imltmaker 
Zoutmeer, xoutmoeras, m. 

Zoutmljn, v. talimine 
Zontpacbt, v. duty on talt 
Znutpan, v. taltpan 
Zoutpijiaar, fiupi</ar o/tolt 
ZoutsluiAer, tn. smuggler of 

ZoQtBteen, w. tail stone 
Zoutraatje, zoatvat, o. salt- 

Zoutverkooper, m. talimer- 

Zucht — je, V. tigh, groan, 
appetite, detir^, inotina- 
tion, love, twelling, <u- 
Zucht — te — ede — ende —en, 
sigh, breathe, grpan, de- 
tire, long 
Ziicbtig, bv. ill at ease 
Zuchting, v. sighing 
Zucbtvru* bv. eguanimoui 
Ziidderen, w. fry, stew 
Zuld, bv. south 
ZuideiUk,. bv, eoutkerly, 

Zuiden, o. south 
Zuidend, o. toutk pt&t 
Ziiider, bv. southern; bet 
zuider aspunt, (Ae antarc- 
tic pole 
Zuidhoek, o. eoutk comer 
Zuidkust, V. touth coast 
Ziiidoost, bv, southeast 
Zuidooittelijk, bv. aoutkeat- 

Zuidoo^ten, o. tontkeast 
ZuldwaardH, bw. southwards 
Zuldwest, bv. southwest 
ZuidwesteHjk, I'V. southwes- 
Zaidwesten, o. southwest 
Zuidzuidoost, bv. south- 
southeast Itontkwest 

Zuidzuidwest, bv. svuth- 
Zulg, zoog^ende — en, such, 

Ziiigeiing, Ml. tnkling 
Zuiger, tn. tucker 
Zuiggenoot — je, m, foster- 
brother or sister 
Zuiglam — me^e, o, tucking 

Zolging, V. tucking, suction 
Zaigmoeder —tje, v. nurse 
Zuigster —Ije, v, sucker 
Zutl —tje, V. pillar 
Zuilplint, V. plinlh 
Zuilroet— je, w. pedestal 
Zuiracn, w. neglect 


ilg, bv. tkrifly, frugal 
»ig, zainigjes, auinlriyk. 
u frugally, sparingly 

Zntnlg, bv. tkrifly, f 
Zutnig, ■ ' ' 

bw, frugally, sparingli 
Znintebefd, v, firuealUy 
Zuinigje, o. saveall 
Zuip.zoop— ende — en, bowse, 

tipple, drink 
Zuipachtig, bv. given to 

Zufpei— tie, o. soft egg 
Zuiper'tjTe, m. zuipster •tje, 

V, drinker, tosspot 
Zuiplast, V. love of drink 
Zuivel, 0. milk, butter, and 

Zuiver, br. pure, clemi, neiU 
Zaiver, bw. cleanly, purely, 

only, indeed 
Ziiiveren, w. cleanse, purge, 

purify, refine, clear 
Zulverdrank — je, w. purge 
Zuiverbeid, v. purity, clean- 
Zuire'i'iOg, v. purification, 

cleansing, refinement , vin- 
Zairerlijk, bw. cleanly, 

Zttik, vn. suck 

Zuiks, vn. this, it, the same 
Zulks, vw, so that ; over 

zulks, in so much 
Zullen, w. defect, shall, set 

Zait, 0. potted meat, brawn 
Zulten, 10. pickle, pot 
Zuost, V. nothing 
Zu«— je, r. sister, wench, last 
Zas, vw. so, thus; bet stond 

208 of zoo, it was a great 

Zuster — je, v. sister 
Zasterlijk, bv. sinlerly 
Znstermoorder, m.«oror if u2< 
Zusterscbup, v. sitter kood 
Zuur, o. heartburn 
Zaur, bv. tour, hard 
Zauren. «>. acidulate 
Zuuracntig, bv, sourish, snh- 

Zuurdeeg, o. zuurdeecscm, 

m. leaven 
ZuurdeesBcmen, w, leaven 
Zuurhcid, zuiirigbeid, v. 

sourness, acidity 
Zuuring, V. sorrel 
Zwaad, o. zwade, v. swathe 
Zwaai —tje, v. turn 
Zwaayen, w. sway, wield, 

turn, swing 
Zwaan —tje, *. swan 
ZwaanendoDs, o. twan't down 
ZwaanendriTt, v. brood of 


digitized by CaOOQlC 


ilvrrgelid, «. Uliargt of 

llverffoed, o. plait 
ilverKruid, o. toild tantyf 
ilverllnj, n. piece af tilver 
ilf crmiin— tje, v.tilvermiae 
ilveri^choon, o. wild lanty 
Uverschoon, bv. moueylets 
ilrerschaim, o. silver-arost 
ilrersmit, m. $ilversmitk 
ifTerrerwIg, hv. argent ^ 
Uverwerk, o. plate 
iin, zimme —ge, m. ape 
in, m. sense, tntnd, mean- 
in/r, fancy, tentence; ilj 
doel zljn ziD, the does at 
he likes i van zlut, of in- 

indeliik, bv. neat, tidy 
indeinkheid, t;. neatnttt 
indclijkjei, bw. neatly 
ing', long — end^ — ea, sing 
in)(er, m. xingster —tje, v. 

in^KuDRt, V. music 
ink. zonk— ende —en, sink 
inkinf ,v. sinhing, dtfluxion 
inklood, o. sounding lead 
iukroer —tje, o. pistol 
innebeeld — je, o. emblem 
.innebeeldig', bv. emOlema' 

innclooB, hv. sentelett 
innclooihfid, v. nontente, 
senseUstntit, dittraction, 

innelijk, bv. sentual 
iiiDelijkheld, v. sentnalHyf 
inclinalioH, mind 
cniiespel— letje, o, allegory 
lurijk, bv. sententious, in- 
genious . enerfetie 
iiirUkheld,' v. tugenuily 
insiot, o, close of a sentence 
insn^dlng, v. comma 
inspelen, to. allude 
inspeliDff, V. allusiOH 
inspreuk — je, v. motto 
iateeken —tje, o. figure, 
i ntuig, 0. orran 
iotwist, V. ditvute, cavU 
intwlaten, w. dispute 
inuiticie, v. utterance 
invermroderend, bv. dimi- 

it, zat — tende —ten, tit, be. 
At: over end zttteo, to 

at up; laten zitten, to 
fortake, to abandon i daar 

lit nlet op, there it no- 
thing to be got by it 
itbank— Je, v. bench, teat 
itdng, m. tetiiondoy, at- 


Zitkusieo— tje, v. eutkion 

Zitplaats, zitstede, v. teat 

ZitUag, V. sitting, teat, tet- 

*Zodiak, m. zodiac 

Zoek, zogt -rendu —en, teek, 
look for, endeavour, try, 
V zoek, lost; V zoek ra- 
ken, to be lost; zich t' 
zoek makunt /• abtcond 

Zoeker, m. seeker 

Zoeking', t;. seeking 

Zoel. Iw. tultry 

Zpelueid^ v. sultrinett 

Zoen —tje, m. kitt 

Zoeoeo, to. Aim 

Zoener, m. znt nster, v. hitter 

ZoenofTer —tje, o, propitia- 
tory taeriftc* 

Zaet, 0. tweelnest 

Zoet, bv. sweet, pleaiont, 
good, fresh 

Zoeten, lo.fwetten 

Zaetekoek, m. gingerbread 

Zoetelcn, to. luttle 

Zoetelaar, m. zoetelaarster, 
V. sutler 

Zoetelijk, bw.-eoftly, gently 

Zoetlieid, v. fieetnett 

Zoethout. 0. liquorice 

Zoetigheid, v. tweelnest, 

Zoetjem. bw. toftly, gently 

Zoetlaidend, bv. melodiout 

Zoetluideodbeid, v. melodi- 

Zoetsprekend, bv. btandilo- 

Zoeivloeyend, bv, smooth, 

Zoetvloeijendheld, v. fluency 
Zogr — je, V. tow , 
Zoff , 0. tuck, milk, wake 
Zok — je, m. tock 
Zolder— tje, m. garret, loft, 

Zolderen, to. del, floor, lay 

up in a loft 
Zoldeiing, v. deling, plat- 
Zomer —tje, m. tummer 
Zomerbloem— tje, V. tummer- 
flower [mer 

Zomerda^gs, ftio. in thetum- 
2U>merdaff, m. summer''t day 
ZomerhoTs — je, Or- tummer- 

Zomerhltte, v. tummerheat 
Zomerif , zomersch, bv, es- 
tival Idrest 

Zomerkleed — je, o, tummer- 
Zomerkoelte, v. tummer- 

Zomermaand, o. June 
ZoBcrtijd, m. tummcr-timt 

2o6 283 

Z "nerrertrek — je, •. tum- 

.ser-room, tummer hdute 
Zomervruchten, Mt;. »«»• 

Zomniire, bv, some 
Zomtijds, zomwijlen, 6to. 

tome timet 
Zon — netje, t>. «tti» 
Zonachtir, bv. tunmg 
Zonavond, m. Saturday 

Zond, V, tound 
Zondaar —tie, m, aondaares 

— je, 9, tinner 
Zondag, m. Sunday 
Zondflgletter, v. dominical 

ZoDde, V. tin 
Zender, vte. without 
Zondtrcn, w. teparate 
Zonderbaar, zonderling, bv. 
tingular, peculiar, parti- 
cular [ty 
ZonderbaarI^k,&to. tinguUtr- 
Zot^ig, bv, tinjjul 
Zondigen, to. tin " 
Zondoffer. e. tin-offering 
Zondvloed, m. deluge, fiood 
ZooecHps, V. eclipte of the 
tun [Aowf 
Zonnebloem — pje, «. tun- 
Zonnedek, v. half deck 
Zonndaar, o. toiar year 
ZonneReerkrlng, m. tropic 
Zonneklaar, bv. at clear at 
the sun {tnn 
Zonnekring, m. circle of the 
ZonneHcht, o. light of the 
tun Ttun 
ZoDDeloop, m. courte of the 
Zonnenondergaog, m. tuntet 
Zonnenopgang, m.siiiiH«« 
Zonnerlng, m. zodiac 
Zonne«cherm— pje,e. paratol 
Zonneschijn, v, tuntkint 
Zonneatand, m. totttice 
Zonneatandlg, bv. tolstitiat 
Zonnettraal —tje, v, tun- 
Zonnerogel, m, pkenisc 
Zonnewagea, m. chariot of 

the tuu 
Zonneweg, m, zodiac 
Zonnewend, i;. tumtole 
'ZounewHzer- tje, m,tundial 
Zonaezwijm, v. eclipte Sf 

thk tun 
Zoo — ^e. V. boil, parcel 
Zoo, aoode, v. zooq}ej o. tod 
Zoo, vw. to, if, as, as well, 
zoo wie, whotoeveri aoo 
dra was het niet geacbied, 
no tooner wot it done 
Zoo, bw, to, prttently, juit, 
jutl n«w 

Digitized by CoOgle ''^ 



2eidzaam, bv. rmre, $ingmtisit 
Zcldxaaiuheid, vaiiif a(/arb|r, 

rarity, ruriotUp 
»eif, ©II. $elf. mftel/t tfottr- 
splf, hinnrlf, htrttlf,' it$€lf 
Zelfuchtiff, hv, tttfiak 
Zelfde, fcr. /ante 
reWheld, v. trli, stf/lsknes» 
TTelfkant, t». telvnge 
Ze\f*, hw. ev«n f moreover 
Zelfitlicfde, V. tttjJove 
Zeirstandi/r, bv. tHb$tantial, 
subfianitvti een lelfntan- 
di;; naamwoord, a noma 
Zelf«taadi;(heid,«. t%h$lanee, 

bring, inlrlUgruet 
ZeifsundigrlUk, 6w. iuhstan- 

ZeJfslrijd, m. inward strife 
ZclfdverloocbcRin?, sel(«rer- 

cakinir, «. ttlfdenial 
^elflijdlg, bv. contemporary 
Zc-lfwasKn, bv. sponloneotu 
Zelre. lelvlife, bv. tamo 
Zenifl, V. bram 
ZemeiichUgf xemelir. bv. 

Zend, zond—ende— en, fffid 
Zvndbodo, m. messenger 
Zendbrier-Jei tn. evUtlt 
Zendelinir, m. missionary 
Zender, m. sender 
Z«Qdinf(, V. sending, mission 
Zeueinaden, mv. senna 
Zenescbalk, m. seneschal 
2engent w. singe, scorch 
Zengcr, m. scorcher 
Zeaglng, v. scorching 
ZenuMt — tje, v. sinew, nerve 
Zenuwatlulff, aenawrljk, bv. 

Minevu, neivovs 
«enowknoop-je, v. ganglion 
Zeiiuwioot, bv. nerveless 
Zennip, m. mustard 
Zennipiaad, o. mustardseed 
Zprk —je, m. gravestone, 

Zerp, bv. tart 
Zarpbeid» v. tartness 
Ze; bv. sist 
Ze»de, bv. sixth 
»«rthoek -je, m. hexagon 
Zeahoekig, 61;. hexagonal 
Zesiarljf, bv. sexennial 
Zeakaiulg. bv. sexanguUtr 
Zeiimaal, bv. six times 
Zeamaandelljk, bv. semeslral 
««««re?eU«f, bv. of six lines 
Ze»fnaarJ<r, bv. six-ttringed 
Zwilen, bv. sixteen 
Zettlend«, V. sixieme 
Zestlende, bv. sixteenth 
MS 04, bv, sixty 


Zeatlgjarig, Itv. sexagenary 
Zesroudig, bv, sixfold 
Zet -je, M. set, lift 
Ztit — te — tede— 4eDde —ten, 
set, put, compose! gevan- 
reo zetieo, to imprison; 
narUeer zetten, to take to 
heart, de leering zetten, 
to fail into a consumption , 
kwaad bloed zettf«a, to 
breed ill blood i tbee zetten, 
to make tea 
Zetel— ije, in. seeU, eh^irp^tee 
Zetgung, Ml. scaffolding 
Zetbaak — je, m. hook, boat- 

Zethamer, m. mallei 
Zelpll, V. suppository 
Zctregel, m. maxim, rule 
Zetter, n*. compositor 
Zetting, V. setting. 
Zetoel, 0. sediment, infusion 
Zeug — je, V. sow 
Zeven. bv. seven 
Zeveablad, o. termentill 
Zevenbooni, m. stvin 
Zevende, bv. seventk 
Zevenfrestarnte, 0. pMad's 
ZeveugetHdekruid, 0. sweet, 

Zeveohoek, m, heptagon 
Zereohoekig, bv. keptogonal 
Zeveiijarig, bv, septennial 
Zercnmaal, bv, seven times 
Zeveiiinan, «*. septemvir 
Zeveninanachap, 0, teptem* 

Zevensur, v. pleiadea 
Zereuate, bv. seventh 
Zevental o. number of seven 
Zeventallig, bv. seven in 

Zeventien, bv. seventeen 
ZeveoUende, bv. seventeenth 
Zeventig, bv, seventy 
Zeventigste, bv. seventieth 
Zevenroudig, bv. sevenfold 
Zever,oMrivel, spittle, saliva 
Zeveren, w. drivel 
Zereraar, zeverbaard, m. 
driveUer [bib 

Zeverdoek— je» 0, slabbering 
Zeverzaad, 0. wormseed 
Zlc, zag —ode —n, *•*, look, 
regard, have regard to ; 
zij mag hem wefsien, she 
lifcee khn very well; wel 

frezieo zijn, to be in favour; 
emand naar de oogen xien, 
to stand ir awe 0/ one 
Zied — de, zood —code ->en, 
seetk, boil 


Zleding, V, boiling 

Zieding, V, bo%i 
Ziek, 6v. sick, 


Zieko4e— ende— en, sicken 
Zlek»chllg, bv. sickly 
Ziekbedde —tje, v. sickbed 
Zieke, m, sick person 
Ziekeiiik, l>v. sickly, injlrm 
Ziekelljkheid, v. sickliness, 

Ziekenhai« — je, 0. hospital 
Ziekenkamer — ^e, v. inflr-^ 
> mary [the sieh 

«iekentroost, *. comfort for 
ziekentrooBter,m. comforter 

of the sici^ srachaptain 
ZiekmakeDd> bv. unwhoU- 

Ziekte, V. sickness, iUneoe, 

malady, disease 
Ziel —^e. V. soulf spirit 
Zielloos, bv. inantmate 
Zielmis — je, r. mast for the 

Zielroerend,fti;. pathetic 
Zielslr^d, m, agony 
Zieltoogen, a dying 
Zieltoogend, bv, dying 
Zieltoo^ng, V. last agony 
SielverKooper, m. crtmp, 

Zieoder, m. seer, beholder 
Ziealog, v, seeing 
ZienlHk, bv» ^ bw. 

Zteniykbeid, v. visibnUy 
Zier — ^e, m. whit, mote, 

Zift — je. V. sieve 
ZUten, w. sift, criticise, ca- 
vil, scrutinize 
eirter, m, sifter, critic 
Zifterij, V. erilidsm 
ZiMag,v. si/ling, discussion, 

Ziftfiel,o. that which is sifted 

Zicb, vn. one^s self, hiwtsetf, 
herself, themselves; xlch 
schamen, to be ashamed 
Zigt, •. sight 

Zigi\>Azr,bv.visible, manifest 
Zigtbaarheld, v. visibility 
Zigtbaarlijk, 6w.«istMy 
Zlgteinder, m. horizon 
Zigtelijk, iw. 4- bw. visible, 

Zigtkunde, V. opficf 
Zilt, ziltig, bv. taltisk, brack, 

Zilver, 0. silver plate 
Zilver, bv. silver 
Ziireren, w, silver 
Zilverader. iu vein of silver 
Ztlverachtig, bv, silvery 
Zilverdraaa, 0. silverwire 
ZiUererts, «. silverora 
ZUvergeldy 0. silver-t 

digitized by LjOOQIC 


«;ekraal, m. samphire 
eekrab, •. seaerab 
eekreeft-je, «. lobster 
eekruisdjstel, v. seahoUy 
eckrijg, m. naval war 
eekust, v. seaeoast 
eel, o, eordt rope» trace 
eelen, w. cord 
eeldaoBer, m. ropedaneet 
eeleeuw, m. sealioH 
eelledCD, mv. sefunen, ma- 

sell He, TO. te4ch 
selucht, V, sea-air 
^ein, o. leather 
iem, V. honey, honeycomb 
;emagt, v, naval force 
;eman, »». seaman, mariner 
ieraaascbap.o. seamanship 
:embereider, »n.' Uather- 

semeeuw —He, v. seagull 
femieer, o. feather 
iemopster—ye, o. seamon- 

emoscb,^. seaweed 
^mtouwer, wt. leather- 
iresser ^geller 

emverkooper, m. Uaiher- 
enimf — .je, v. seanymph 
eoever, m, seashore 
eofljcier, m^seaofficer 
eoverste, wi. admiral 
ep, V. soap 

ep— te— ende— CD, soap 
epaard —je, o. seahorse 
epachtlsr, bv. soapy 
epbak-je, r. toapdish 
epbal — letje, m. soapball 
eperlj — tje, ». soaphouse 
epi«r, bv. soapy 
epkooper, m. soapseller 
epkruid, o. soapwort 
L'plaats — je, v. seatown 
epsop, 0. soapsuds 
epwater, o. lather 
ipzieder, m. soapboiler 
fpzledcrij, ». soaphouse 
5r —^9, o. sore 
ir, bv, sore 

:r, bw, tore, sorely, very, 
rceedingly, mnch ; zeer 
oen, to hurt, to grieve, to 
am^ to aehe 
Ten, 10. hurt 
•raad, m. admiralty, mem- 
rr of the admiralty 
ivegt, 0. marine law 
refs —le, ». voyage 
rboofdlg, bv, soreheaded 
rok--je, TO. teamenU coat 
roof, TO. sea-booty 
rover, mt pirate, coriair 
rontneh, bv, piratical 


Zeerererij, v. piracy 
Zeerots, v. roc* in the sea 
Zeesch, bv, marine 
Zeescbip, o. seaboat 
Zeeschaim, o. foam of the sea 
Zeeschulmen, to. pirate 
Zeescbuimer, to. pirate, 

Zeescbulp — je, v, aeashell 
Zeeslag — le, to. seafight 
Zeerilak —Je, v. seasnail 
Zeeslang, m. seaserpent 
Zeesoidaat — je, m, marine 
Zeespio, v. sea- spider 
Zees tad — je, v, seatown 
Zeestilte, v. calm at sea 
Zeeslorm, to. seastorm 
Zeestrand, v. seashore 
ZeestrHd, m,seaftght 
Zeestuk — je, o. seapeace 
Zeet, V, seat 
Zeetogt, V. voyage 
2eetOD, V. buoy 
Zeetrompet— je, v, speaking' 
trumpet (seafarer 

Zeevaarder, m, navigator, 
Zeeuarend, bv. seafaring 
Ze£!vaart, v, navigation 
Zeeve, «, sieve 
Zeevemaker, m. sievemaker 
Zeeverwlg, bv, seagreen 
Zeevigch — je, m. seaflsh 
Zeevoyel — ije, to. seafowl 
Zecvolk, o. seamen 
Zecvond, to. ftotson 
Zeevoogd, to. admiral 
Zeevoogdij, v. admiratship, 

dominion of the sea 
Zeewaarts, bw. seaward 
Zeewagen, to. marine car 
Zeewaier, o, seawater 
Zee9aiaitie,vahallows, shoals 
Zeewind, m. Seabreeze 
Zcewolf — le, to. seawoff 
ZeewHf — je, o. mermaid 
Zeezaken, tov. maritime af- 
Zeeziek, bv,. seasick 
Zeeziekte, v. seasickness 
Zeezog, 0. wake 
Zeg -de — gende —gen, say, 
tell, speak; raeu zegt, it 
is said; dank zeggen, to 
return thanks 
Zegachtig, bv. loquacious 
Zege. V. seine, victory 
Zegeboog — je, v. trwmphal 

Zegekoetf — je, v, triumphed 

Zegepraal, v, triumph 
Zegepral^n, lo. triumph 
Zegepraling, v. triumphing 
Zegepracht, v. triumphal 

ZBL 2Sl 

ZesesUndaart, to. trophy, 

victorious standard 
Zegeteeken, o. trophy 
Zegevaao, v, victorious ban- 
Zegevieren, to. triumph 
Zegevunr— Ije, o. bonfire 
Zegewagen, to. triumphal 

Zegezang, v. song oftriumph 
Zegel — tje, o. seal, stamp 
Zegelen, to. seal, stamp 
Zegelbewaarder, m. chancel- 

tor, keeper of the seal 
Zegellak, t>. sealingwas 
Zegelmerk — je, o, impres- 
sion of a seal 
Zegelring.M.seatrittf , signet 
ZegeUnljder, w. stai-engra- 

Zegelwas, v. sealing-wax 
Zegen, m. blessing 
Zegenen, lo. bless 
Zegenine, v, blessing 
ZegenriJK, bv, most blessed 
Zegewensch, m. blessing, 

Zegeweuscher, m. congratu- 

Zegsrfng, v. saying 
Zegslieden, too. arbitrators, 

Zegsman, m. arbitrator, um* 

ptre, spokesman, author - 
Zegsvrouw, v. arbilress, 

Zefswoord — j^> "• common 

Zeik, V. piss, urine 
Zeiken, to. pits 
Zeil — tje, o. sail; V zell 

ffaan, to set sail 
Zeilen, to. sail 
Zeilbaar, bv. navigable 
Zeilblok — ie, o. pulley 
Zeiider —tje, to. sailor 
Zeildoek, o. sailcloth 
Zellifareu, o. sailthread 
Zeiljagt — je, o. pleasnreboat 
Zeilmaker. m. saitmaker 
Zeilrede, bv. ready to sail 
Zeilschuit— je, v. sailingboat 
Zeilslak — je, m. nautilus 
ZeiUteen— tje, to. loadstone 
Zeilspriet, v. sailyard 
Zeilraardlg, 6o. ready to sail 
Zcilwagen, m. sailing wag- 
gon {cure 
ZHter, bv, certain, sure s^ 
Zektren, to. ascertain, en- 
sure ity, security 
Zekerbeid, v. certainty, sum- 
Zekerlljk, bw. certainly, 

Zeldeii, bw, seldom 

Digitized by VjOOQIC _*^ 

280 ZAK 

Zamentntkkeo, «e. e^mtrmet 
Zamentrekkend, 6». astrin' 

gtnt, e0$U9€ 
Zamentrekkliif , *. eontrae- 

tioH, aslringemcp 
Zamentreksef. o. aiitrnet 
Z.imenvlechten,w. httertwine 
Zameovloed, m. eon/tmXf cm- 

ZamenTloeVfen, w. eoneuVf 

combine, Mow tegtther 
Za lue n v loey ingf ,».r<ni/f tt«nc«, 

concourse, concurrence 
Z«ineovoegea,io. comjoin 
Zamenvoeriog, v. jmncti»» 

Zamenroef >el ~^e, o. eon- 

junction " 
Zamenvouwen, w. fold up 
Z9.memvouming,v. folding up 
Zamenwassen, w, grow to- 
Zamen weefsei, oJexture,Huff 
Zameawerken, w. cooperate 
Zainenw.erkin^, v. coopera- 
Zameawinden, w. wrap up 
Zamenwoneo, w. dwell to- 
gether, cohabit 
Zamen woning.v. dwelling to- 
gether, cohabitation 
Zaaenwrinf eu, w. wring to- 
tfaroenwrijren, w. rub toge- 

Zameoxetten, 10. compose 
Zanieazettlnr,o. eomposition 
Zamenzetsel, 0. mixture, ab- 
Z imenzweren, 10. conspire 
Zamenzweerder, in, conspi* 

Zainenzweriof .v. conspiraeg 
Zand, o. sand, dust,rravel 
Zaudachtig -derig, &v. sandg 
Zaiidbak —ie, v. sandbowl 
Zandbank— ie, r. sand, shoal 
'Zaodberg — Ie, m. sandhill 
Zanddoo*— Je, v. sand-box 
/andgroeve, o. sandpit 
Zaudhoop je,m. heap qf sand 
Zaudir, bv, sandy 
Zantnc, o. grain of sand 
Zandkar— re^je, v. sandeart 
Zaudkoker —ge, m. eandbo^ 
Zaiidkorrellje, a. grain of 

Zaiidkull— ^e, M. fSRiIpi' 
Z^ndlooper— tJ«,in.Ao«rf^« 
Zandoerer, m, sandy beach 
Zandpad, 0. caiMiy palA 
Zandplaat— Je, v. sand, shoal 
Zandruiter, m. bad horseman 
Zandstcen, at. iandstone 
, Z<uidwe;—Je, m. randjr food 


Zanf I m. sour, tuns 
Zuaghoek — je, 0. soi^hook 
Zangeret — Je, «. sitter 
Zaof fodio — nimf, *. mute 
Zangbeidin, v. muse, he%^ine 
Z%ogkande—kun»t,v. music 
Zangk onateoaar,!!!. mtaieicn 
Zaoglttst, V. poetic vein 
Zangmaal, v. cadence 
Zaagmeester, int. singing 

Zangnoot.v. fiole 
Zangplaatfl, v. orchestra 
Zaagtleatel, m. key 
Zanggter -tje, v.$lnger, muse 
Ziagvogel — je, m. singing 

Z^ngttnk—tie, o» song 
ZA%—^e,o. sluice 
Zatsem. bv. wanton 
Za«sembeid, r. wantonness 
Zat, pret, of Zit 
Zat, bv, sated, full, tired, 

Zaterdag, m. Saturday 
Zattveid, V. satiety, drunken- 
Zavel, m, gravel 
Zavelacbtig, bv, gravelly 
Zavelkail —tie, m.gravelpit 
Ze, vn. she, her, they, them 
Zede, V. manner, fashion, 

moral, rite, ceremony 
Zedekunde — kuost, v. ethics, 

Zedekiindig^&v. mnral 
Jedeleer, v. morality 
Zedeles — je, v. moral 
Zedeloos. bv. immoral 
Zedelnosneid, v. immorality 
Zedelijk, bvJfbw. mural, vm- 

ZedelOkheid, v. moralily 
ZedemeMter, in. moralist, 

Zeden, mv. manners, morals 
Zedeiirljk.fti;. mannerly 
Zedevoogd , m, moralist 
Zedewet, v, moral law 
Zedlg, bv. modest, decent, 

grave, sober, discreet 
Zedig— lljk, bw. modestly, 

decently , gravely 
Zedigbeid, v. tnodetty, dis- 

Zedoar, y, tedoary 
Zee — tje, v. sea. takti aan 
— , at the sea-side i ter hal- 
ve — , half sees over : regt 
door — ga&n, to seek no e* 
Zeeaal — ^e, in. conger-eel 
Zeeajuin. m, sea-onion fSgnill 
Zeearend, m, osprey 


Zaeurm, m, gul/tk 
Zeeatlas, m, marine, atUt 
Zeebaak -je« r. zeebakea 

— ^e, 0. seamark 
Zeebaar — tje» v. «oa«e 
Zeebank— ie, v. skoal 
Zeebies — je, v, soafiag 
Zeebloem— pje, v, seajtawer 
Zeeboexem, m. giUph 
2:eebraMtem --pje, m. jokn- 

Zeebrand, v, surf 
Zeebreuk, *. sesioreaek 
Zeebrief, m, ^ealetter 
Zeeburg, m, seafort 
Zeedienst, v. seatervico 
Zeedler --^e, e. mar ins ani- 
mal {sea 
Zeediepte, v. deptk of tke 
Zeedraak— je, m, sea-otrpenl 
Zeedrift, v. fiotson 
Zeednirel, m.frigatebird 
Zeedijk -je, ». seabank 
Zee3f el — Ue, m. porcuplnt- 

Zeednd, m, seaduck 
Zeefiogte, v, streigkt 
Zeef— Je^ v. sieve, flavour 
Zeefbeen — ^e, o. ot erebrl- 

Zeegat, 0. outlet, moutk 9f 

aharbour or river 
Zeegedrocht — j^ '• s^amon- 

2^egeslacht, 0. finny race 
Zeeserecht— je, •. seaMgki 
Zeegewas— je, o. seaplamt 
Zeeghaftig. bv. victorious 
ZeegharUglijk, bw, victoria 

Zeegod. m. seagod 
Zeegodio, v, goddess of tkt 

Zeegraa , d, seaiceed 
Zeegroen, bv, seagreen 
Zeehaan, ;ii. cormorant 
Zeehaas — je, v, Utard 
Zeehard, ov. seawom 
Zecbaven —tje, v. seaport 
Zeehond— je, m. seal 
Zeehoofd— je, 0. promontory, 

cape, sea-commander 
Zeehooru —tje, m. cockle, 

Zeekaart — je, v. chart 
Zftekalf — je, 0. senealf 
Zeekant, v. seaside 
Zeekap — Je, v. seacap 
Zeekapteio, m. seaeaptain 
Zeekllp— Je* V. rock in Ike sea 
Zeekoe, v. seacow 
Zeekoelte, v. seabreexe 
Zeekoet — Je, v. seacot 
Zeekompaa — je, «. mariner** 


Digitized by LjOOQIC 


ZamenbindiDgy v, connection 

niciure, amalgamation 
Zamenbrengeo, w. bring tO' 

ZaiDenbrenging, v, bnngtng 

Zamendoen, w. put together 

be partners 
Zainendrang, m. concourse 
ZamendriDgeu, v. compress 
^amenduwen, vf. squeeze to- 

2amenduvring, v.compression 
Zameiigaan, to, go together, 

Zamengeaard, dw. sympath- 
ized [nected 
Zamengebonden, dw. con- 
Zamengebracht, dw, brought 

Zamengedaao, dw. put to- 

Zamengedrongen, dw, com' 

Zamengcdawd, dw, squeezed 

Zamengegaan. dw, agreed 
Zameugehaald, dw. gathered 

ZaiDeogebangen,dio. cohered 
Zamenrehecht, dw. fastened 

Zamengeheuldt'dto. colluded 
. Zamepgehoopt, dw. accumu- 

Zamengekeetend, dw, linked 


Zaniengekaoopt, dw, knit 

together Iblfd 

ZaraeDgekometii dw. assem- 

Zameogekoppeld, dw. coup- 

Zamengetoopen, dw. run to- 

gethtTf curdled 
Zamengelijmd, dw, eongluti- 
nated [ed 

Zamengemengd, JtP. commix- 
Zamengenaaid, dw, sewn to- 
Zameng9pakt,<fw.paeft«({ up 
Zameugepa-ard, die. paired 
Zamengeplakt, dw, conglu- 

Zamengeraapt, dw. gathered 
together; een — te hoop, 
a mixed multitude 
Zamengeroepen, dw, assent- 

W'*' . .. , 

Zamengerold, dw. rolled up 
Zanieogerot, dw, flocked to- 

Zamengerukt, dw. drawn to- 
Zameogeschakeld, dw, eon- 


Zaineageicblkt,dip. composed 
Zameujgespannen, dw, com- 
binea i, j j 

zamenge«peeld,(lii>. coUudea 
Zameogespeld. dw. pinnea 
together l»o» 

Zamengesprek, o. conversa- 
ZameDge^proken, dw. con- 
versed - . 
Zamengeateld, dw. composea 
Zanienge8t,emd f dw. agreed 

upon , , 

Zamengetrokken, dw. con- 
tracted, drawn together 
Zamengtfvloeld,dt». combined 
ZameiigevlocUten, dw. t«- 
teriwmfd , . . j 

Zamengevouwen, dw.Jolded 

Zamengewaasen, duu iroym 

together _, ta»'« 

Zamengewerkt, dw. eooper- 

Zamengewonden, dw. wrap- 

Zamengewoond, dw, cohabi- 
ted ^f'^^'il*!; 

Zamengewrevcn, dw. rubbed 
Zamefi gew rongen ^w.wrung 

together , . 

Zamengezet, dw. composea 
Zameneezworen, dw. conspi- 
red C'«*«^ 
Zamengezworene, m. conspt- 
Zamenbalen, to. gather to- 

Zamenbandel, m. correspon- 
dence . 
Zamenhang, m. series, cohe- 
rence, connection 
Zamenbangen, w. cohere 
Zauienhecbten — te, fasten 

Zamenhechter, m. connector 
ZamenheuJen, w. collude 
ZamenheuUng, v. cotluston 
ZnmeuhooTpen,w. accumulate 
Zamenhoopiug, v. accumu- 

lati-n ... . 

Zamenkeetenen, tr. hnh to- 
Zanienkeetenlng, v. conca- 
ttnation ^',A^ 

Zamfenkuoopen, w. hntt lo- 
ZamenknoopiDg, v. conntc- 

2A^^n^om%\,v. meeting 
Zamenkomen, w. come to- 
gether, meet, assembU 
zSmenkoppelCn, to. co»pZe 
Zamenkoutiog.r. eonfabula- 

Zame*nleving, v. socUty, co- 
I habition 

ZAM 279 

Zamenloop, m, Concourse, 

ZameBloopen,ir. concur, con- 
spire, mn-together 
Zamenlijniing, v. conglutx- 

ZamenmengeDiW* Mmmfar,o- 

malgamaiv, copulate 
Zameninenging,, v. commix- 
lion, amalgamation, oopu- 
Zamenmengsel, o. mixture 
ZamenaaayVn, w. sew tO' 

Zamenparing, v. copulation 
Zameupakken, w. pack up _ 
Zamenplakken, w. comgiulx- 

nate ^ . ^ 

Zamenrapen, w. gather to- 
gether, amass 
Zapenraplng, v. assemblage 
Zamenraapzel— ye, o, hodge- 
Zamearoepen, to. assemble 
Zameoroeping, v, convoca- 
Zamenrollen,to. roll up 
Zamenrotten, to. /lock to- 
Zamenrotting. t>. seditious 
assembtv, not, conspiracy 
Zamennikken, to. drato to- 
gether [«««« 
Zamenschakelen, to. concatc 
ZaoieoschakeliDg, v, con- 
Zameii8chlkken,w. compose , 
Zameiitchikkiug, v. composi- 
ZameDspannen, to. combine, 

ZaroetiBpaoning, v. combina- 
tion, conspiracy 
ZameuRpelen, w. collude 
Zamenspeling, v. collusion 
Zamcnspelden, lo. pin to- 
Zamenspraak — je, v. cotver- 
sation, conference, dia'.ogue 
Zamenspreken, to. converse 
Zamenspreker, m. interlocu- 
tor , ^ [««« 
Zamenspreking, v. confer- 
Zanieoatel. ni. system 
Zameiistellen, to. compose, 

cempili, compound 
Zaniensteller, m. composer 
ZaDienstemmeo, w. agree 

ZameDBtemroing, v. <ifr««- 

ment^ harmony 
ZaaieastrUd, m, emulation 

Digitized by VjOOQ It 

^7S uz 

IJHnirg, bw. rapidly, swiftly 
iJpcuboom.M. elmttet . 
i3*,o. ice 
I Js -te yzendc, ijaen^/ar/|«, 

thrtnk for horror 
IJ.bak— je|V. icesledgt 
lJtRang,an. dr^fto/ice 
IJikesrel -^je, m. icicie 
IJskekler, m. icehonse 
IJ«koud, bv. cold as ice 
U»»eli^k,bv, ghastly, hideout, 

IJsseInk, bio, ettfemely, ex- 
ceedingly • 
IJsseliJkheid, o. ghattliness, 

TJsschoU — je, •. island oj ice 
iJflsop, m. hyssop 
I Jsslee— tje, i>. icesledge 
IJsvogel — tje,*». kingfisher 
IJBwagen — ije, c. icesledge 
IJazec, e. icy **a 
Uvenboom, m. yewtree 
I J ret. m. zea{, <<i<t#efi«<. «- 

IJver— de— ende— en, vie, he 

TJreraar, m, zealot 
IJ»ergee«t, w. «pir«< of jea- 
IJverlK, &v. zealous, fervent, 

yieaious, diligent 
yerir, 610. zealously , fer- 
IJverlooB, bv. li»tlest,careleu 
IJv6rloosheid, o. carelessness 
IJverziek -zuchtig, bv, ;m- 

IJverzucht, v, jealousy 
lJvoor,o. ivory 
iJvoorzand, 0. ioorytlMfi 
IJzel, m. «<«</ 
Uzelen, 10. «2«e< 
IJzer — tje, 0. iron, horseshoe 
liter, bv. iron 
iJzerdraad, 0. ironwire 
iJiergrtLznyffbv, ferruginous 
IJzerhard, bv. hard as iron 
I Jzerkolen, mv. seacoal 
Uzerkramer, m. ironmonger 
I J zerkrani er ,v.ironmengery 
IJzerkruld, 0. vervein 
Uzermiji), v. ironmine 
IJzerplek— Je, v, irohmould 
IJzerroesty 0. rust of iron 
IJzerschuim, 0. drots of iron 
I Jzersmit, m. blacksmith 
I Jzersmiue, v. forge 
I Jzertaii^, o. iron tools 
I Jzervarken-tje, o.porcupine 
IJzerwerk. 0. ironwork 
IJzig, bv. icy, dreadj'nl 
IHhxg, V, dread, horror 


^^AAD, 0. seed, spawn, 

ZaadeJlik, bv. spermatic 
Zaadhal»je,o.AiwJk,*Md vessel 
Zaadkooper, m. seedman 
Zaadlak,o. w^diacft 
Zaadmaand, v. October 
Zaadftoeo, o. season 
Zaadvaf, o. spermatic vein 
Zaadvioed, m. gonorrhea 
Zaadwinkel~ge,w. seedshop 
Zaay — Je, v. saw 
Zaag — de —ende —en, saw 
Zaage, V. Mytnf . cato 
Zaager, m. sawyer, scraper 
Zaagmaar, v. report 
Zaagmeel — ael, o. sawdust 
Zaagmolen — Me,m. sawmill 
Zaaffswijze, bw. lihe a saw 
Zaaljen, ip. sow 
Zaalbaar, bv, arable 
Zaaikoorn, 0. seedeom 
Zaailand, o. arable land 
Zaallinff -Je, m. seedling 
ZaaitOd.u. w*d«we 
Zaak -Je, v. thing, ca$e,cause, 
9iaUer,business, aff^air,con- 
eern. trade 
ZakeUjk, bv, reitl, to the pur- 

ZakeUjkheid, v, reality, mat- 
ter of fact 
Zaal —ye, r. parlour, hall, 
room ' 

T'^ together i t'zaam. 

Zaan, v. sour milh 
ZaaUer — ^je, m. sower 
Zaafling, v. sowing, semi- 

Zabberen, to. drivel 
Zabberaar, m. — 8ter, v. dri- 
Zacbt,'&v. soft, gentle,smooth 
ZachteUjk, bw. softly, eeiitlu 
Zsichtbeid — tigheid, v. soft- 

n««, smoothness 
Zachtjes, 610. softly, gently 
Zachtmoedig — zlimlg, bv, 

gentle, mild, meek 
Zachtmoedlgheid — zinnig- 
beid, V, genlleness, mild- 
Hess, meekness, affability 
Zachttnoediglijk — ziDniglfik, 
bw, gently, mildlv, meekly 
Zadel— tje, v, saddle 
Zadeien. w. saddle 
Zadelboog— ie, v. saddle bow 
Zadelkleed -je, o.\saddlectoth 
Zadelmaker— Ue, m. saddler 
Zadelpaard — je, 0, saddle- 
Zadclriem— pj©,*. hellyband 


I Z :deltas. v, saddlebag 
Zag, pret, of zie 
Zaggelaar— tje, m. dotard 
Zak -je,«. bag, *aeh, pocket ; 
den zak eeven, to dismissal 
den zak krij^eo, to be dis- 
Zak - te — kende — ken, M;rt 
pocket. Sink, fall, dUmiss, 
Zakb«ek— Je, o. porketbook 
Zakbijbeltje, 0. porkeibibie 
Zakdoek— je, 0. pocket-hand- 
Zakgaatie— gat, o. pochethole 
Zakgela, o. poehetmoney 
Zakhorlogie, 0. watck 
Zakkedrager, m, porter 
Zakkiug, v. sediment, pro- 

Zakmes — je, 0. pockelknife 
Z;ikpistool— tje f . pocket pis- 

Zakpijpertie, m. bagpiper 
Zakspiegei- tje, n. pocket- 
Zakuurwerk— je, 0. vateh 
Z*l,nuxHtary verb,shalt,wUt 
Zalf — je, V. salve, ointment 
Zaif —de zalvende —Ten, ««- 

Zaifachtig. bv. unguinout 
Zalfbai — dootf — je, v. salve- 
box [saved 
Zaiig, bv. blessed, blissful, 
Zaliger, bv, late, deceased; 
sMHger gedachtenic, of 
blessed memory 
Zaligheid, v. salvatiom., bliss 
ZaIiglUk, bw.bliSsedly,h»lUy 
Zaligmaken, w. savr.sanetyy 
Zailgmaker, m. saviour 
ZaliginakiDj', v, salvatiom 
Zaini — pje, m, salmon 
Zaiuw, bv. tawny 
ZaIuwaebUg, bv. tomowhal 

ZMvltkg, V. unction 
Zanielcn, to. collect 
ZamelplaatR, v. rmdezveus 
Zamen,/'W. together , (^zsLutea 
is never written connectivf- 
ly with verbs, save in the 
thjinitive mood and the par 
tiUes) ' 

Zantenaarden, to, sympathize 
Zamenbestaanlijk, bo. con. 

sislent,- coexistent 
Zamen bes taan I ijkheid, 

sistence,, coexistence 
Zaraenbinden, v. bind to^ 
gelher, eottueet, mix. amal- 

Digitized by VjOOQIL 


, 6w, vaidefWidelyf/ar, 
d en zljd, far and void* 
-de — ende —en, widen 
beroemd, bv, famous 
era, vw, further, more- 

lloopig,6v. prolix,difuse 
Uoopiglijk,6io. diffusive' 

iloopigheM, v. diffusive- 

llafti|r,fro. prolix, tediout 
lluftigheid. v. prolixity 
Istappende, &v. striding 
ltti,n. width, breath^spaee 
luitgebreid, bv. extended 
Ivermaard, bv» far re- 

Ivennaardheid, v. eele* 

Izicnigheid, v. sharp- 

■ — je, V. wife^ woman, fe- 
ale. she hen 
Fachtig, bv. vxorious 
lijk wijfsch, bv.«xorioiis- 
in^, V. consecration {ly 
k --je, V. retreat, refuge, 
arier, parish 
k week —ende —en, re- 
eat, withdraw, depart, 
ake way, yield 
kbeeldregt, o. municipal 

:hui9 — je, o. atylum,fort 
king, V. yielding, retreat 
ktneester, »«. aiderfkan. 

kpl^tiUfV. asylum 
ikstad, V. place of refuge 
I — tje, V. while, time 
I, vw. since, because 
ien.Ai;. deceased, late 
lieden, vn, we 
n, m. wine 

nacht, m. ehristmas-eve 
nachtig. bv. vinous 
nachtighcid, v. vinotUy 
nazijn, m. vinegar 
nbalg — je, i». tippler 
nbezie— tje, v. grave 
ndra^end, bv, viniferons 


ndrinker —tje, m. wine- 


ndroessem.m. Itesofwine 

ndronken, bv. drunk with 


neaik, nt. vinegar 

ngaard— je,m. vine, vine- 


ngaardenler, m.. vintager 

ngaardblad. o. vineleaf 

ngaardbot— je, v. vinebud 


WUogaardloof, o. vineleaves 
Wijngaardrank ^je, v. vine- 

WijngaardsDoeUer, w. vine- 
Wdtjngaardstaak, m. vinevole 
Wljngdardworm,wi. wlnefret- 

Witngewas, o« vintage 
Wijngljiasje — glas, o. wine- 
Wlingod,»i. god of wine 
Wljnhaudel, m.winetrade 
Wijnbaadelaar, in. winemer- 

Wijnhuis— je, o. tavern 
Wfiniaar, o. year of village 
Whnkelder — tje, »« . winecel- 

Wijakoop, m. drlnhmoney 
Wijnkooper, m, winemer- 

Wijnkruik— je»«'.J'»'c*e*" of 

Wijnkufp — je, v. winetub 
Whukuiper, m.wineeooper 
Wijniand,©. wine-country 
Wllnlezer, in. vintager 
Wijnlezing.r. vintage 
Wiinmaand, v. October 
Wljnniaat — Je, v. wine-mea- 

nraoer, v. lees of wine 


Wijnmug, ». ephemera 
Wfinoogst, m. vintage 
"Wijnoogster, m. vintager 
WijnpHiip.m. bacchant 
Wi npaapln, ». bacchante 
WnnpacUt, v. wincduty 
Wimpellder. m. ganger 
Wijnpers —}e, v. winepress 
Wijnpcr8«er, m. winepresser 
Wjjnproever, m. wineconner 
»f I n p ijp , «. pipe of wine 
Wijnrank — je,v. winebranch 
fFijnroemer —tje, m. wine- 
FFiinroeijer, m. ganger 
fVi\roeiS\ng,v. gauging 
ffjjnruu, V. »«« 
Wijntneen,m. tartar 
Jf'iJnBtok — je, m. vine 
Jfijntapper -tje, m. vintner 
Wijntint, m. tenlwino 
>f ijntyd, m. vintage 
»f^ljnvat. 0. winecash 
JfJjnverkooper, m. wine- 
»Fljnyerlater,tii. wtnecooper 
Wljnvles-Je,». wineboltle 
fKijnzHJper, m. wtuebtbber 
ffijs, V. tune, manner 
W\]s, bv. wite; wlJB maken, 
to persuade, to make be- 
lieve i wljs worden,(o team 

IJL 277 

W\\*, wees.wijxende, wijzcn, 
shew, point, direct, decide 
IFUabegeerte, v. philosophy 
Wi\%Aom, m. verdict , sentence 
fFljsgeel*, m. philosopher 
Wljggcerte, v. philosophy 
WumeiA, v. wisdom 
FFtjBheidminuaar, m. lover 

or wisdom 
fFijtboord, m.wiseacrt 
ffijtkunde, v. philosophy 
fFfislijk, bv. wisely 
Wljsmaking, v. persuasion 
^isneua — ^e, m. wiseacre 
^iispeu — neije, v. fescue 
Wiwiagar —tje, m. fort- 

W\]t, weet —ende —en, im- 
pute, ascribe i dank wfjten, 
to be beholden 
^Ute,v. imputation 
JPTllveioos, ov. wireless 
Jfijwater, o. holywaler 
ffyze, V. 7nttnner, method, 

fashion, wise, tune 
fTijzC, m. wise man 
Wfize, bv. wise 
ffljzer— tje, m. index, hand, 

dial, forefinger 
IFijzerplaat- je, v. dial 


DEL, bv. vain, idle, 

IJdelbeld, v* vanity, vacuity 

IJdellijk, bv. vainly, idlif 

IJder, vw. tach, every ; een 
Ijder, every one 

lJdercen,v». every OHe,every 

IJgclijk, vn. every one ; cen 
Qgelijk, every one 

IJk, m. assize 

Uk— te— ende — en, assize 

IJker, m. assizer 

IJking, V. asiizing 

IJkmaat, v. standard 

IJknieester, rn. tnatter of as- 

IJknierk — je, o. mark of the 

I3\,v.n>eedi inder ijl, wiM 

J 11, bv. thin, sleazy, dflirioua 

IJIen^tc. hasten, speed, rage, 

IJIhoofd, m.thoughtlest per- 

lirous, thoughtlesSfCareUss 

Uilioofdigheid, v. light head- 
tdmts, delirum, thovghl- 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 



If' ondlieeler, m. sutfeou 
If'ondbeelkunde, v. turgery 
ff ondkruid, o. vuinerary 
ffondmeester, m. surgevu 
ff ondteelfen —tje, o. scar 
Wondijzer— ye, o. probe 
VFonne, v. joy, pleasure 
Woner, m. dweller 
*foDinjf — je, V. dwelling^ 
H'onnemaand, v. May 
IVooo, V. alfode; zich met" 
der WOOD faegeren, to go 
and live 
Woon -de — eade —ext, dwell 

reside live 
If' oonachUg, bv, resident^ H- 

Ifoonbaar, bv, inhabitable 
Woonhm» — je, o. dwelling- 
H^oonlijk, bv. usual 
If oonpiaats —ttede, v. dweU 

ingplace, habitation 

IFoonle, v. custom, habit 

M'oord — Je, o. word, term; 

het woord ifoexexi,to speak ; 

het hoojfste woord'voeren, 

to command all ; te woor- 

de gtaan, to listen to: te 

woorde komen, to parley 

IFoordboek — je, o. vocabU' 

IFoordbuiglnff, v. declension 
Ifoordelijk, bv.^bw. verbal- 

If ooideuboek — je,o. diction- 
If'oordenpraal, v. pomp of 

ll^6ordenrijk. bv. copious 
If oordenschikking,v. syntax 

If oordenschat, m. glossary 
IfoordengpelingiV. pun 
Ifoordcnstrijd, m. dispute 
about words, verbal quarrel 
Ifoordenvitler — lifterj m. 

verbal critic, hypercrtlic 

Ifoordenvitterij — zlfterij, 

V. verbal criticism, hyper- 


If oordenwissellng, v. metO' 

If oordhoudend, bv, faUhful 

to a piomise 
Ifoordklaak, v, pronuncia- 
Ifoordlid, o, article 
IfoordooraprongUjkheld, v, 

IfobrdpracUtig, bv, grandi- 

If oordrUk, bv. copious 
If oordnltlatend, bv. ^'ipticat 
Ifoorduitlfttlag. V. «lfii9i« 


FfooxduUvluding, v. coinage 

of words 
Ifoordvoerder, m. speaker, 

IFord,wierd — ende~en,frow 

becotne, be 
Ifording v. becoming 
Iforgen, to. strangle 
If orging, V. strangling 
Ifork— je, m.frog 
If orm—pje, m. worm, wretch 
If erm <-de--eiide--en,ioorni, 

trudge, toil, moil 
Worxmchiig, bv. vermicular 
If ormgat, o. worm hole 
Iformkruid.o. lansey 
Iformsteklg, bv. wormeaten 
Jforp —je, m. throw, cast, 

Iforst— je, V. sausage 
IforAtelen, w. wrestle 
Iforstelaar, in. wrestler 
Iforsteliug— je v. wrestling 
Iforatelspel, o. wrestling- 
If ortel — tje, v. root, carrot i 

een geeie wortel, a carrot 
Ifortelen, to, take root 
If ortelachtig,/'v. radicose 
Ifortelings, bw, radically 
If ortelwoord. o. radical word 
Ifou, pret. o/wll, would 
If oud— je, 0. wood, forest 
Ifoudbezie -^tje, v. billberry 
If oudezel, m.wild ass. tebra 
If oudgod, iM, sylvan deity 
Ifoudheer, m. forester 
Ifoiidos, »i. buffalo 
Woavr, V. madder 
Ifou we, V. kite 
Ifraak, v, revenge, venge- 
Ifraak— te— ende— en, dis- 
approve, blame, reject,vary 
Ifraakbaar, bv, rejectable] 

If raakgierlg, bv, vindictive, 

If raakgierlgbeld,©. revenge- 
fulness, vengeance 
Ifraaklust — zucht^ v, ven- 
geance, revenge, vmdictive- 
If raakzuchtifir , bv, vindictive 
If raakzwaard, o, sword of 

Ifraak, o. wreck 
Ifrak, bv. cracked, broken, 

If raug, bv. sour, crabbed ' 
Ifrange, v. bindweed 
If ranghdd, v. sourness, aus- 

If rangvrortel, o. blacl helle- 
bore ^ 


If rat H«. V, wart 
If ratachtig, bv, warty 
Ifreed, bv, cruel, tart 
^reedaard, m, cruel man 
Ifreedaardig, bv. cruel 
IfreedelUk, bw, cruelly 
If reedheid, v. cruelty 
If reek— te-ende-eo,r€t;ntre 
If reekster, v. avengeress 
^reekzuchtig, bv. revengeful 
If reker, m. revenger 
Ifrekiag, t^. revenging 
Ifrevel, m. stubbornness, 

gnmness, crabbedaess 
Ifrevelig, bv. stubborn, crab- 
If reveligheid, v. — moed, m. 

obstinacy, stubbomnos*^ 
Ifrevelmoedig, bv. stubborn 
If revelmoedigbeid, v, stub- 
If riggelen, w. wriggle 
If rikken, w. move 
ffrlog wrong —ende -^n, 

Ifroegeu, w. accuse, re- 
proach, sting 
Ifroeger, m, accuser, re- 

If roetring, v. remorse 
Ifroeten,*. rout, root, poke, 

toil, moil, 4rudge 
If roeter, w. drudge 
If roeting, V. dptdging 
If rok-je, m. grudge 
Ifrokkeu, w. grudge 
If rong, m. wreath 
If rongel, m. curds 
Ifrongkroon, v. diadem, tia- 
If rljf, wreef wrijrende— Ten, 

If rijfsteen— tje, m. rubbing- 
Ifrijt wreet — eude —en, 

If rHter, m. wrangler 
Ifrgver, m. rubier 
If rQving, V. rubbing, friction 
Watt, bv.jicble, mutable 
If uftheid, V. fickleness 
If irif—de — vende— ven, wave 
If ulp — je, m. wAeto, curlew 
If ulps, 610. wantonly 
Ifulpsch, bv, gay, frolic, 

wanton ' 
If alpscbheid, v. waManness 
fVurg, V, sguinancy 
If ustig, bv, knowing 
my, vu.we 

ffQ -de —ende —en, conse- 
If iibisschop, m. sufragan 
W^d, bv. wide, large, spa- 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


-^to— peode— pen, 
iktf toiler, Ikjt, move, 
tg, Ittip, give Ihe slra- 

igal^t V. swipe 
»stftart — le — eiide —^u, 
ag the tail 
, bv. certain f snre 
ch — je, V. witp, switch 
ich — te — ende —en, wipe 
ichdoek — je, o. ditkclont 
ijewasje, o. trifle 
ikuode, wiskatittt, v. ma- 
lematiet ^ 

tkuoitenaar, m. wkathe- 
ta/ictott \col 

ikunsUg,'^*. mathemali- 
ikunsUgllJk, hw. mathe- 
speieu, to. wag 
spelstauirten, w. wag the 

spelt II rig, hv, fickle 
•pelturigheid, v. fickle- 

ttpeitttiiglijk, (to. Jncott- 
tanily [per 

sschtr — ^e, in. mopt wi- 
■•el — Ue, iM. exchange^ 
HI of exchange^ course of 

Htel -de — ende —en, 
hange, exchange 
)«elaar, m. changer, cash- 
er, banker 

SBelBaar, bv. ekangeal(le 
iHelbauk, v. bank of ex- 

•ftelbrief -Je, m. bill of 

tselhandellng, v, banking 
iceliDgf V. changCf ex- 
kange [H^g 

iselKind — je, o. ckange- 
itelkoers, v. eonrse oftx- 

iselEoets. «. atoge-coaeh 
iselpaard, o.pottkorse 
ioelplaats, «. stage 
sselvalitg. bv. changeable 
sselTalliKueid, v. change- 
blentas. vicissitude ialfy 
laetvaUi^Ujk, bw. chaugi- 
isel jk, bw. certainly 
t»eizi«k,^v. ineo^tant 
itfpret. ofvseet 
(, 0. white f but, mark, aim 
t, bv. whito" [(en 

t — te — tende— ten, whi- 
tacbtig, bv. whitish 
tgeid, o. Hlver money 
tbaaiig, bv. whitekaired 
theid, V. whitenets 
toiakingfV. whitening 


Witte, bv.whUci wittedon- 

derdag. Maundy -Thurt- 

dav ; witttf worteU, par- 


Wiltebrood — Je. o. white 

bread, while loaf, roll 
MTlttebroodskind — je. o. fa- 
• vourite child, dot ling, dne 

brought up with tidbits 
WUverwig, bv. whitish 
WitTisch — Je, m. bUah 
WitBel, 0. whitening {rage 
1 Woed --de — ede —ende — en^ 
Woede, r. rage, fury 
Vfoeden, o.ragingf rage Jury 
WoeduQd, bv. ragtng, fur ions 
Woeker, m. usury 
Woekereii, m. usure. 
Woekeraar, w. usurer. 
Woekerachdg, bv. usurious 
Woekurgeld, o. money gotten 
by usury \ricions 

Woekerzucbtlg, bv, ava- 
Woelen, tr. bustle, toss, tum- 
ble, etir, Moil, wind, worm 
Woem\i,v. stir, bustle [low 
Woelgeest, m. turbulent fel- 
Woelig, bv, restless, turbu- 
Woellng. V. bustling, tossing 
Woelwaier, m. turbulent fel- 
low, bustler, busybody 
Woclziek, bv. turbulent 
Woensda^, m. Wednesday 
Woerd — je, w. drake 
Wocrhaai) — ije, m. cocb- 


oerhen — netje, •. hen- 
Woest, be. waste, desolate, 

Woestaardig. bv. barbatoua 
Woeaiaardigbeidf v, barba- 

Woesteling, m. barbarian 
Woe8tenij,woe»t^ne, v. wil- 
derness, desert 
Woestbeid, v. desolation, 

wilderness, sutfagene§s 
Wol, V. wdot 

Wolbaal — tje> •• yoolaach 
Wolbeeit, o. animal yielding 

Wolberelder, m.woot-dresser 
Woldragend, bv. laniferous 
Wolf -Je, «.«»// 
Wolfachtig, bv. wolvish 
Woif«kriiia, o. wolfsbane 
Wolfsmaand, v. December 
Wolfsmelk, v. sput-ge 
Woifuvel, o. wolfskin 
Woif*«ortel,v. wolfsbane 
Wolbandel, m. wool-trade 
Wolhatfelaar, m. wool-mn- 
ehanr _ 


WON 275 

Wolk— jeiW. cloud 
Wolkaarden, w. card wool 
Wolkaardcr, m. wool-carder 
Wolkacbtig, Ov. citudy 
Wolkamoieii, w. comb wool 
Wolkauunsr, m. wool-comber 
Wolkbreuk — je, v, rupture 

of clouds, torrtnt of rain 
Wolkig, bv. cloudy 
Wolkooper, m.woolmerchant 
Wolkruld, woUekruid, v. 

Wolkvanger, m.walcheoat 
Wolle, bv. woollen 
WoUenaaUter— je, v.mantuu 

Wolleverwer, m. clothdyer 
Wolleweef — de, wolleweven- 

de, wolleweTeo, weave wool 
Woilewever, m. clothwtavtr 
Wolllg. bv. woolly 
WoWcjagt, V. wolf hunting 
Wolyin — ne^je, v. she-wolf 
Wolzak — je, m. woolsack 
Won, pret of win 
Wond, pret. of wind 
Wond, wonde, v. wound 
Wond— de —ede — eude —en , 

Wondart$, m. surgeon 
Wonder — tje, o. wonder, 

surprise, miracle ; het doet 

my wonder, I wonder at it. 
Wonder— de— ende— eojwon- 
Wonderbaar. bv, wonderful 
Wonderbaarlljk, bv. 4- bw, 

wonderful, wonderfully 
Wonderbaarl^kbeid, v. mar- 

Wonderboom,!!!. miraculous 

tiee,palmm ckrisliyJonak^s 

onderdaad, v. miracle 
Wunderdadlg, (v. tniraculous 
WonderdadiglUk, bw. mira- 
Wonder lOk, bv. 4- bw. wbn- 
derful, strange, wonder- 

onderllJkheKl, v. strange- 

— jei V. paradox 

Wondervpreukig, bv, para- 

Wonderstuk — je, 0, wonder, 

Wonderteeken, 0. miracle, 

Woudertogt, r. mirauUtus, 

Wonderwerk, 0. miracle 

FFonderwed^er, n^, thauma- 

"Digitized by LjOOQ It 


274 WIL 

Wlek -i«i •• •i'f* •***» 

y,il^t\e,9.wbeel. wkirlp^l 
Wieldraayer, m. turner 

Wleo, »»• vkom 
'Wlen«,wier, •»!.»*•»• 
■Wierd, prrt. »/word 
Wierooken. w. tncens* 
Wterookvat, o. cen$er 
Wies. pret o/was 

WifiheFe'L, «. a»f«r«i€. 
WigchJSir. m. sootk,ayeT, 
WlgchJSar.ter.«. mcem. 
Wlgchelarij, «. ««r«»nf.«»^- 

wik oTwak, AfP*«*»'''*.en 
■ wik — te — keode — k®"» 


Jll'ide -lende r»«?\!!!i'' 
• fc«i/t«« dtsiret intend ; 

^lS^ht,(mg,noMens€, bal- 
derdash r- 

WiSeboBch -je, 0, grove 9/ 


Wlllekeur, v.bylaw. 


Windgewest, o- . coiK««f|[* 
conquered c£«»*nt. Fr»- 

illfr, bv, wiUtni» »» " 
WllUgen,iP.«TOTP M» requeei, 

be demanded ,„...»•*•• 
WiUigheld, v. wUlMinen, 

wflvaJ?dJg,*t,.triM««f and 

WlSpeS -tje» •»• *'»•'«*"■' 
v/iT'^u -nende -nen, 

WiDhkar, 6*. «w»9*TTn den 
Wind — ie. «•• w*"^ » /"j .° 

den wlW •»aao» *«» '"'**' 


urindbal. »«• balloon \.ttve 

Widdbreker, w. *^«'^J^e 

WiokeI-Ue,«u '*•»';«•• -^ 
Winkel, wTnkcUereD, w. keep 

wTnkefcaak — je, *i. edrpem- 

Winkelhoader, winkeller, m. 



thopfirl, apprentice 
Winkcf -je, «• «"«*** *i* 
Winner, m. winner, *««r«"^ 
Winning, v. winningfg'tning 
Wins t -je, V. gain, yrofit 
Wlnster, t>. proereatri^ 
Winstdervlng, •• /a*l*re of 

wSter -tje, w. winter 



ckio ^ ., 
Windbal — «e, 

Windbus. •• wlndroer, air- 
^Miioog^bv. dried ly the 

wind . . 

Winde.v< bindweed 

Winderig, iii\xid\g,bv,mndy 
WindliJ -tje, «';f*«'^^«f 
Wiodgal. o. «e«*^2'« ,. 
Wlodbarer, w. wHo oate 
WiBdlgheid. v.v>indiMS 
Windkruld, 0. bindweed 

Windmaand, ^'.^"'^'Snd- 
Windmolea —ye, w. wina 

wTndpomp .-je, •• a**"^"*' 

Wlndstll, fcw. calm, 
WindstlUe, «. calm ,^,_,x 
Windverdrijvend, bv, oarmx 

native A****^ 

Windwaartt, bv,v>iMwara 
Wlodxak— je, •. bagpm 
Wlnd<eI,-tjeo. fraud, ^a- 


WinteracttUg, 6». w**'^^ 
Wlnterappel-tje, m. »»»«*«■ 

VTlnteravond — je, «•. »<ii<«r 

imerbul -tje^jr. !»i»<*j; 
Winterdaage, bw. t» i»« 

Wlnterdag, m. "^'f^I^^L. 
Wiatergroen, o.iom/«TTrr«« 
Winierhanden, •». ehoppea 

Wintertlel -«•..«; «*^*» 

Wmterkooingje, "JiJ^-^. 
Wlnterkool, e. wl»»«r-ca*- 

WiSterkwarller, •• «*•'«'; 

W^eXk, «. *'«J?^* 5^ 
Wintermaand, ••/^•""Jj^ 
Wlnterooft, 0. w******"-/™- 

WintersaiaoeD, •• winter* 

Wlntersch, bv. w»"'*7f 
WiBiervertrek — je, 0. »•» 

Winler Tlaag, «. icm<«r-ffor« 
w!5-Je, N'. *wip«, rtwpad* 



i —je, «. world i d«>er 
Id'overleden, dtpmrted 
l^fej ter werela niet, 

nuant in tkt world 
dbeschr^ rer, m, eo$- 

doeachiijvinf, o. ffor- 

dbe«<mer, m. inhabi' 
of the world, 
Idbol, m, globe 
idkloot, o. terrestrial 

Idkande, v. knowledge 
he world 

Idkundig, bv. eaperienC' 
n the worid. piAtie . 
Idling, M. worldling 
[dUik, bv,worldly,tem 

Idruchtig. bv, public 
Idscb, bv. worldly, 
tdinUf seneital [ness 
Idschheid, v. worldli- 
Idsgeziad, brf. worldly- 


Idstreek, «. zone, region 
Idvorst, m. numareh of 

— je, V. wharf, yard, 
»y» jetty, ground, turn, 

-de, werveode, wer- 
, levy, raise, press, m- 

'f eld, 0* bounty 

1 — je, o, worn, job, tow 
:en, w. worh 
:achtig, bv. laborious 
baas, M. worhwohter 
beest, 0. worhing beast 
;dadig, bv, efficacious 
.dadigheM, v. activity, 
taeiousnets, practice 
dadiglijk, bw. actively, 
'aciousiy, praeticaUy 
,dag,m. worhingday, 
elijk, bv. 4- bw. effeci- 
, reol, actual, active, 
•king, busy, effectively, 
MalUf {reality 
elijkl^eld, v. activity, 
ex, m. worker 

;hai8 —je, o. worhkonse 
ing, v. working, opera- 
I. in/lueuce 

.liedea, mv. workpeople 
roan, m. worknum 
meekter, m.workma8ter 
middel — tje. o. means. 
;plaat8, v. workyard, 

•loof — je, r. drudge 


Werkftte'lltar, bv. practical; 
werkstelHg maken, to put 

in practice 

Werkstelligheid, v. practice 
WerkstelUglijk, bw. practi- 
cally [maw 
Werktter —\\t,v. workwo- 
Werkstuk— fe, o, piece of 
work, workmanship, pre 
duct ton 
Werktiilg — je, o. tool, in- 

Werktuigig, bv, organieal 
Werktuigkunde,v. mechanics 
Werktaiglijk, bv. instrumen- 

tat, mechanical 
Werktijd . v. working time 
Werkvolk,o. workpeople 
Werkvrouw— tje, v. workwo- 
Werkwoord, o. verb. 
Werkxaam, bv. laborious 
Werkzaamheid, v. laborious- 

Werp, m. cast, tkrow 
Werp, wierp, — eode —en, 
throw, cast, flings whelp, 
kitten, litter 
Werpauker, «n. bowanchor 
Werpgeweer, o. missile wea- 

Woons [lead 

erplopd — je, o. sounding- 
Werpnet -~ic, o. casting-net 
Werpp«l — Ue, m. dart 
Werpscnicht —\e,m. javelin 
Werpscbijf-je, «.coi< 
Werpspeer— tie, werpapies, 

— je, V. javelin 
Werptol— letje, v. <<>p 
Wervel — tjCf *• **«P 
Wervel -^de — ende —en, 


lotion, joints vertebra 
Werveldraaijer, - 

tie, 0. articu- 


Wervelwind, m. whirlwind 
Werveliiek, bv. giddy 
Wervelziekte, v. giddiness 
Werver, m . levier, press-offi- 
Wervlog, V. levy, enlisting 
Werwaarts, iw. whither 
WeshaWe, vw. whertfore 
We«p — je, V. wasp. 
Wespenest — je» o.waspU nest 
West, V. western, o. west; 
bulten westen, beside aneU 
Westelijk, bv. westerly 
Wester, westerscfi, bv. wes- 
yv estnoordweaf , o.w0Stnorth- 

Westwaarts, frw. westward 

wifi 273 

Westxuidweat, «. westtoutk- 

yiot, V. law, government f 
magistracy; een stale wet, 
on inviolable rule 
Wet, 0. pond. 

Wet — te— tende —ten, whet 
Wetboek, o. code 
Wetbreker, m. lawbreaker 
Wetbreuk, v. breach of the 

Wetens, bw. knowingly ; a I 

wetens, premeditately ; 

myns wetens niet, not that 

I know of, 
Weteascbap. v. knowledge 
Wetcnswaardig, bv. worth 

Wetering, v. confluence, pool 
Wetgevend, bv. legislative 
Weigever, m. legislator 
Wetgerlng, v. legislation 
Wetgeleerde, m. lawyer 
Wetgeleerdbeki, v. jurispru- 
Wetbouder, m. magistrate 
Wetmaker, m. lawmaker 
Welmatlg, bv. legal 
Wets taaf —tje, o. wketting 

Wetsteen —tje, o, wketstone 
Wetteioos, bv. lawless 
Wettelijk, bv.^bw. lawful. 

If gal, lawfully 
WetteliijkheTd,v. legality 
WetUg. bv. legitimate, U- 

Wjal, lawful, competent 
ettigen, w. legitimate, le- 
Wjalize, approve, justify 
ettiglieid, v. legitimacy, 
Wettiging, v. legitimation, 

Wettiglijk, bw. legally 
Wever, m. weaver 
WeveriJ, v, weaving 
Wezen —tje, o. being, es- 
sence, countenance 
Wezen, infin. of Ben, be, exist 
Weyerjj, v. graziery, pas- 

turage,venery, hunting 
Wezel —tje, m. weasel 
Wicht — je, o. Wight, child 
Wie, vn. wl^o, whom ; wie, 

ook , whosoever 
Wieden, to. weed 
Wiedemaand, «. June [er 
Wieder, M. wiedster,«.ireed- 
Wiedlng, V. weeding 
Wicdijaer-4e, o. toe 
WJeg — je, V. cradle 
Wiegen, w, rock 
^ Wlegband — je. v. wiegtonw 
—t^e,o.crudlestrxng (rr 
Wleger, m* wiegster, v. reeh- 

Digitized by VjOOQ It 



Weireren, w. r</te«« 
Weigerur, m, re/user 
Welgcrachtig, weigerlff, 6». 

Weigerbaar, bv. re/usabl* 
Weleering, p. refntat, de»M 
"WelTftod, 0. pa«/«r« 
Weimaand, v. Ju»t 
Weiman, m. AHnf«mai» 
Welolg -Je, o. <i<(Ie 
Weiniir, bv. few, little 
Welnigheid, welaigte, v. 

fnonesit paueitji 
welt, weite, v, wheat 
Weltatch -je, v. kunlerU 

Wvttabrood, o. wheatbread 
Weltenreel, ». wheat/tour 
Wekeliik, bv. weakly, flabby 
WekeUlkheM, v. fiabbime$$ 

WekelQks, bw. weekly 
Wekelijksch, bv. weekly 
Wekkea, w. awake 

Wekgexang, o. matin 
Wekker — tje, m. awaikcf,*- 

larMf alarmwateh 
WeL V. epring, well 
Wei, bw. weU, rigkt ,• wel va- 

ren, tobewell.tobe in good 

kealihi WQlwlllen, to wish 

Wel— de— lende— leo, 'pniif , 

ri$e,eeelh, solder 
Wtlaaa, tuss, well then^ome 

Welbedacht, ftv. welladvised 
W«lbehagea o.good pleasure, 

Wef£hagel5k, bv. weUpUa- 

Welbekend, bv. wellknown 
Wellbekende. m. intimate 
Welbemind. bv. weUbeloved 
Welbeneeiingd) bv, wellac 

Welbereid, bv.wellprepmred, 

well dressed 
weibMpraakt, bv. eloquent 
Wsldaad, V. benefit 
Weldadlg, bv. benefieient, be- 

Miff iol, charitable 
WeTdadlgheid, «. beneficence 
iirelAoen, 0. welldoing 
Weldoeo.w dogood.welldo 
Weldoeoder, m. benefactor 
WeldoeDster. v. bentfactress 
WeledeXe, bv. honouvable 
WeledelegesU-eiige,^. right- 

Weleer, bw.formerly 
Weif -Hie, welveade, welren, 

Wclftei, o. vauU 
Welgeboren,fttf.rif Al honour' 

•tZf, UluMtrious 


VTelf edaan, dw. %• bn, «w0- 

done, healthy 
Welgegoed, bv. having a good 
estate [ed 

Welgegrond, hv.wellgronnd- 
WelKegrondheid, v. solidity 
WelgelegeD, bv. wellsituated 
Welgeluksalig, bv. blessed 
Welgemaakt, M>. wellmade 
Welgemaaktheid, v. «yinme- 
try {lute 

Welgemoedheid, v. cheerful- 
Ifl elgeregeld, bv. wellordered 
Welge^chikt, bv. opposite 
Welgesteld , bv. substantial 
WelgevaliSD, e. pleasure, li- 
WelgeTallen, w. please 
Weli^evallig, bv, pleasing 
WeigevalUgheld, v. eompla- 

Welgevoeglijk, bv. prdper, 
decent ipriely 

WeigevoeglUkbeid, v. pro- 
Welgewild, ho. in request 
yfelgeziea,bv. respected 
Welgezlnd, bo.welliuinded 
WelKroiid, m. springy land 
^Velbebbend, bv. substantial 
Welk, mi;, which, that t wel* 
ker, welkt, whosef welk 
ook, which soever, whatso- 
Welken, w. wither {ever 
Welkom, tuss. welcome 
fFelkorost, v. welcome 
Welle veod, bv. courteous, po- 
WelleTenbeid, v.p<Uiteness 
Welling, v.«6Mm'7ioii, solde- 
ring, stranding: eea scbip 
uitde welliag kr^geB, to 

Wjet a ship afloat 
elluldend, bv. melodious 
Welluldendbeid, v. melody 
Welluidiog, V. cadence 
Weilust, V. lust, sensuality, 

luxury, pleasure 
WellufiUg, bv. voluptuous, 

sensual, lustful, luxurious, 

WelluBtigiield, v.voluptuous- 

ne>s, lust fulness, sensnalUy 
Weliastiglijk, bw. voluptw- 

Weliiieenendbeid, v.goodin- 

Welp — Je, m. whelp 
Weiriekeud, wetruikend, N. 

fragrant. odoriferoHS 
Welrleketodbeld, vfrarraney 
WeUmakend, weUouikeiVk, 
. h9, savoury. 


Welaprekend. bv, elogueni 

IPeUpreekkunst, v. rhetoric 
WeUUande, weltUaniyk, 

bv. wellbecomtng, decent 
WWstaaDlljkbdd, v.deeemey, 

Wel8taaa<i, «. decency J'ormt 

weUuaos b»lTe,/or/*rm*« 

Welstand, M. weUfare^wett- 

being, good healtk 
Welvaren, o. welfare 
Welvaread, 6v. tk 

W prosperous, healthy 
elvareadbeid, «. heaUhi- 
nets, prosperity 
Welvaart, v. welfare, prof 

elviQg,^;. coneameraiion 
Wetversiaande, 610. provided 
Welvocgend, welvoegiyk, 
bv. weltbecoming, decent, 
WelToegendheld, welroeg- 
lljkbeid, V. decency, pro- 

Welroegxaam, bv, eenvemi- 
ent, suitable, decent 

Weivoegzaambeid, v. e«i|M« 

Welwezeo, welz^o, o.wel- 

Vfare, wtllbeuv* prosperity 
eizaud, 0. loose sand 
Weiuelea , 14. crawU 
Wen, V. wen 
Wea, 610. when 
We a — de — oend« — nen, me- 
custom, use, euurog dituee. 

Wend — de — ende- 
• tack 

Wending, o. iHrw, <acA 
Weak -^e, o. wink, beck, iHr 

Weak — te — ende — «o, 6«e*- 

Wea^braaaw — y^i «• *gt- 

Wenacb —Je* v. wish, deeir* 
Wenscheo, v. wish, desire; 

de wcntcheode w^ze, the 

optative mood 
Wenscbeink. bv, desirabU 
Wenscbelljitheld, v. desir- 
Wea«cbing,«.wi«A<nr iW 
Wenat, v. wont, cnatom. Ma* 
WeDteien, w, welter^ wmtew, 

turn, roll 
Wente1iag« t, wetterisig, 

wallowing, rellt»f 
WenMltrap — J^ v. wittdit^ 

1Veat«lBail« -^t v« rbUm- 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


^esnieid, v. weetmelBJe, o, 
rphan girl 

!et, V. fioticft advice, 
'.notoledge, notion, seufO' 
ion, knack, practice 
eetywist— ende^en, know; 
:e weten. to wit, videlicit 
eet, prei, of wijt 
eetgrlerig:, 6v. inquisitive 
eetgierigbeM, weetluat, «• 

eet^rierfglijk, bw. iugnisi- 

'e«tniet, m. ignoramui 
'ezetidheid, v. eetence 
TezendUJk, bv. t frv. <e$en- 
tial ,real, really 
irezepdl^kheld, v. existence, 

essence f nature, reality ' 
Vegf — jCyfn. way road, path, 

course ; gij zijt ran de weg, 

?'Oi« are wrong, you have 
ost your way /lien op w«g 
l>egeven, to set out ; ik kon 
met hem over weg. / could 
agree with him _ 
Weg, bw. owoy /'"tW'^WP' 
pound verbs weg is only 
^trritten connectively in the 
infinitive mood and in the 
W^egbaner, m, precursor 
Wegblaxen, w. blow away 
Wegblijreu, w. stay away 
Wegbanen, v. drive away 
Wegbrengen, w. carry away 
Wegdoeo, tp. put away, re' 

Vregdoettinr,«. vemoval 
Wegdrageu, *0. carry away 
l¥egdr»fflng, V. deportation 
Wegdrupeu,w. dropoff 
V^cgdi1|)«en, w. drive away 
yf€K; 0. way, behalf i tc 
wege brengeo, to bring a- 

touti onder wege, by the 

Ii Tsn wege. because ' 
U wege, ojicialtyi van 

ntliaeat weee, on my part, 

Wcf ens, vw. eoneemine 
Wageatcbeoder, m, iigh- 

WefentchenderU* v. kigh- 

M^eger, m. weigher 
Weggaao. ». go •^Jtde- 

foirti it weggunde bok, 

the scapegoait 
^S^ge-Ue, ». c«JU, roll 

WeggcklcTM, im>ttaid away 


Weggebragt, dw. carried 

Weggedaan, dw. put away\ 
Weggedragen, dw^ carrted 

away [away 

Weggedrercn, dw. driven 
Weggedropen, dw. dropped 

Weggeven, w. give away 
^egsrcg^AQ* dw. gone away 
y/eggegeveu,dw. given away 
Weggegooid, dw. thrown 

Weggebaald, dw. taken away 
Yiegge\zzgd,dw.driven away 
Weggekooieo. dw. got away 
Weggelegd, dw. latd up 
Weggeleld, dw. led away 
Vfvggeloopeu, dw. run away 
Weggemaaktyrfw. made away 
^^ffggtnotaeajdw.taktn away 
Weggeraakt, dw. go^ away 
Weggereden, dw. ridden 

WeggereifAf V#* departed 
y/^g^ef^m,^ dw. «»« away 
WeggetcUeept, dw. shipped 


Wegge«chikt, dio. put away 
Weggeicbopty dw. hithed 

away [away 

Weggetleept, dw. dragged 
Weggeuloten, dw. locked up 
Weggeemeten, dw. flung 

Weggeapoeld, dw. washed 

Weggettoken, dw. hidden 
Weggettoten, dw. pvthed 

away [away 

M^eggetrokken. dw. pulled 
Weggevaren, aw.sailed awmy 
Weggeveerdfdw. swept away, 
Weggevloaen, dw. fled away 
M'eggerlogeOf dw. fiown 

Weggevoerd, dw. carried off 
Weggegewaaid, dw. blown 

Weggewaafiendjdw. ev^o- 

Weggeweerd, dw. repelled 
Weggeworpen, dw. thrown 

y/ teggegei,m, fellow-traveller 
Weggezet, dw. laid aside 
WeggexondeD, dw. sent away 
Weggooyea, w. f Arow aw#y 
Weggrat, o. hnolgrass 
WegEalen, w. take away 
Wagjageo, w. drive away, 

turn cut of doors, dismiss 
IFeghig, V. weighing 
WegkoBieo,w./e< away 
Wegleggeft,w. (ay up, log by 

WEI 271 

Wegleideo, w. lead away 
WegloopeD,w. run away 
Weglooper, m, runaway 
Weglooping, v. flight 
WegmaKen, w. mahs away ; 

xicb wegmaken. to get •- 

way, to abscond 
Wegnemea, w. tahe away^ 

Wegnemlog, v. remoml 
Wegrakea, w. get away, he 

Wegreizen, w. depart 
Wegrukken, w. tear away 
WegriJUen, w. ride away 
Wegschepen, w. ship off' 
Wegtchlkken, w. put away, 

send away 
Wegschoppen, w. iiei away , 

Wegtlepen, w. drag away 
Wegilaitea, w. lock up 
Wegsmijten, w. fling away 
Wegspoelei), w. watch away 
WegBtekeu, w. hide 
WegBtoteu, w. push away 
Wegtrekken, w. pull awmy, 

set off depart 
IVegvaardig, bv, ready to 

Wegvareo, w. sail away 
Wegvegen, w. sweep away 
Wegvliedeii, w. flee away 
Wegvliegvn, w. fly away 
Wegvof rder, m. raptot, r«- 

Wegyocreii.w. carry off, load 

away, ravish 
yfegvoeriag, v, deportation, 

rape ' 
Wegwaatsemen, w.evaporaie 
Wegwaayen, w. blow away 
Wegweereo, w. repel 
Wegwcrpen; w. throw away 
Wegwcrpelijk, bv. rejectabfe 
Wegwerplog, v. ryection 
WegwerpteT, o. fAoi whieU 

is thrown away 
Wegwgzer, m.gKtd* 
Wegzeoden, w. send away 
Wegsetteu, w. lay asida, set 

Wei, V. whey 

Wei — tje, welde^ •. meadow 
Welachtig, bv. serous,watmry 
Weiacbtigheid, v.watertnma 
Weideo, w. graxe^eedjatttn 
Welder, m. herdsman, gra- 
Weldflch. bv. tawdry, gam 
WekUcbheid,«. taJdrums 
Wsifelen, w. waver 
Weifelaar, m . ptUmrvr 
Welfelend. bv. inconstant 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

Q70 WEB 

WederatMs, 4w. rttMti, 

Wederstand, wv resUtamet 
WedertUndrr, ■». rfti$ttr 
Wederttreef— de, wedertlre- 
vende. wederetreven, op- 

PM#f OppUfM 

l^/aderitrcTeo, dw. «ppcied 
Wederatrevrr, m. af>poii«»< 
Wederatrevlg, bv. oppug- 

ncNl, rtpugtumtt eantrarj/ 
Wederttrevlfbeid, v. com- 

trmriettf [<'*" 

Wederttrevtnf, «. ^potU 
VTedertaal, v. rtpl^ 
\f edertof t, v. rttwm 
Wederrarco, w. «iicoiml«f, 

IWedenraren, J«. »eeurred 
Wadervaren, o. occurrence, 

Wederral, m. advertUf 
WedeTTeTgelden, w. rtcom- 

pem$0 ipense 

'wederrerfeldlng, «. ree«M- 
Wederrerf olden, dts. rrcom- 

wederwaardlKi hv. advert* 
Wedenraardif neid, v. adver- 

aitp {vtrtely 

WederwtardiRliJk, bw. ad- 
Wederaetfen* •". resai/ 
WederzeDoTen, ip. rettnd 
WedenieD, w. retett tot «e- 

derzien*. titl we meet arain 
Wederxijda, v. either eidjtf 

ter wederayde, on tfth 

WederxUdt, 610. mnttianm 
Wederx|)d>ch, bp, mulual 
'Wedloop -'StLirn. htraaretce 
Wedtpei —lege. «. bet 
Wednwe, v. widota 
Wedovenaar, m. wMmmt 
W^dowenaartchapfO. widow- 

Weduwglft —it, 0. fotnturo 
WcdnwUik, &«..vidiMi 
Wednwtchap, v. witfowftooii 
Wedawvroow, «. wufow 
Wee, o. j»«<«, pcng, woe 
Wee, f M«. vo 
Weedaach, weede, v. weed- 

Weedom, «• Fa<*>> |Ti<f 
We^ — de, werende, wevea, 
wtam iloom 

Weefjretoani. weeftouw, 0, 
Weeftel, o. m«H« 
Weeg. V. waintfot, wof. 

Wiaef . woeg — ende -^e«, 
Weeffbaar, bn, weighmbU 


WeHteak— Je, n*. ttoalfari 

Weegiala— je, •• ftug 
WeeMchaal — ^e, v. p^r qf 

teates, baiamce 
Weeftel — ^e, o. weigh 
Weel — je, •. wee* 
Week, 6v. «oA. tender, weah 
Week, ;>r«f. o/wljk 
Week — te —ende —en, ttaep, 

Weekachtig, bo. so/iith 
Weekbakken, frv. eo/lbakgd, 

weahty, eo/t 
Weekbeen — tle> o.griMo 
WeekJurCig, bv,te*derhem-t- 

ed Iheartedmef* 

WeekharUgheid, «. fende*^ 
Weekheld, v. e^uett, tern- 

Weeklng, v. maeeratiom 
Ifeekjet, bw. weahly 
IFeeklagen, w. lament 
IFeeklage, wefklagt, o. to- 

fPeekmarkt, v.weeklp market 
IKeelde, v. luxury 
Pfeeldrig, bp, luxuriouo, 

ffeeldrlgheid, v. luxurioue- 

nest, loanionnett 
fTeeldrigUjk. bw, InxurUmt- 

ly, wantonly 
Ireellg, bv, luxuriantj wee- 

lig Tieescb, proud jUth 
^eeligheid, v. luxurianee 
fKeemoedig, bv, moumjkl, 

VFeemoedigheid, v. movm- 

ftHneit. eompastiou 
IPeemoedlgliJk, bw, MOMnM 

fully f eompattionmtely 
freenen, w. weep 
IFeeniflf , v. weeping effeminate 
ffeepsbeid, «. effeminacy 
IFeer, v. defence, motion, ro- 

tiitanee, zich ter weer 

atellen, 10 <fe/endoiie*f §t(fi 

veel veers doen, to «m 

great oudeavoure 
Ireer, m, wether 
Weer, o. weather 
Weer, bw, again, tee wed<r 
Ireeren. w. prevent, remove, 

defend ; zich wakker wee- 

ren, to nee great endeavomrt 
ITeerachtlg, bv, loatheome, 

fuUom, callous 
IFeeracbtigheid, v. loatk- 

eomenett, coUotUp 
IFeerbaar, bv, d^entiblo, 

tenable; weerbare man- 

•cbap, me» ^te to bear 

»rmt ibom 


WenhTotighesbd^, OttMono 

fPeerbieding, «. d€fkmet,rf 

IFeergaa, «. tneUck, pmraild 
WeergaJoofl, Iv. matehtate 
Weergaf, v. reteUntion 
Weergalm, v. echo 
Weergalmen, w. roooMud, 

eeh^ ^ 

Weergelding, v. reeompenee 
Weergetcheneit^dw. re/Uetei 
Weergealoten, dw. rehoomd- 

Weerglas* o. wemtherglaot 
Weerbaak — je. m. barb 
Weerhaan— ge, m. weofAer- 

Weerklank, m, echo, aonni 
Weerklink, weerklonk— end* 

— eu, retound 
Weerklonken, d«o. reoemndti 
Weerlicht, 0. iiarhtninr 
Weerilcbten, w, lighten 
Weerlicbtach, bv, blasted 
Weerloofl, bv. defeneototi, 

Weerlooaheid, v. karmUti- 

nets, non-reiietanee 
Weercchaal, •. echo 
WeerschijD, m. r^^UctUm, 

Weerschijnea, w. reftect 
WeerBcbljnsel, o, re/Uctioo, 

Weershoofd, 0. whirtwimd 
Weerslag, m. reperetutiott 
Weertproog, m. rebound 
Weerstroom, m, eddy, rc/lme 
Weerituit, m, rebound 
Weerstoiten, w. rebound 
WeertiJ, v. rejiux, ebb 
Weerwerk, e. opposition 
WeerwU, tf. repurnmmm, rt- 

luctamce; In weerwiL i* 

Weerwolf, m. ioerewo1/,bvf 
„„pear, lycanthropos 
Weenroord, 0, reply 
Weerwraak, v, revenge 
WeerwUs, bv, weatherwioe 
Weerzang, m. antittr^ke 
Weerzln,w. aversion, JOsgutt 
W^enUde, •. the other ndt; 

ter weeraUde, vnboth sUh 
Wees — Je, m. ^ v, orpkmm 
Weesbezorger, m. gnardim 
Wee«haii-^e, outrphanhome 
Wee^Jongen, m. orphan boy 
Weeekaner, •. orpMe 


eesklnd -^e, o, orpkm 

Mameetter. m, qficsr tf 

the wphanU court 


Digitized by LjOOQIC 

l^«tarp«ttffen, v. $eapwnUm 
"Waterpot— je, v. ehambtrpot 

VTaterraaf, «. cortworant 
Watercat — je, ». woierra* 
l¥at«rroos, v. waterllUif 
Waterwhout, ». waicf^ 

WM^rtlanfft v. iM<«r«iiaA* 
Watersnep — jc, w. «n<pe 
Waterspio, v. vtater^Hdtr 
l^ateriprong, m. /oiMfaiii, 

Watenteen— ^e, «. «inik 
Watentortlng, «. e€Uaract 
Watertanden, w. Aaoe <Ae 

«<e(A water ; fk watertand, 

my teeth water 
IVatertoo — neye, v, water- 

cash ^. [dra 

Wateruarvrhzer, m. cUpty- 
Waterval — Iei;)e, m. wiUet' 

Watervat, o. waterctui 
Waterverw, «. «»«/«rcoIoi«r 
Waterrloed — je, w. /lo«tf 
Watervogel — ije, m. i0a<«r- 

Watervorst, <n. fod ff <A« 
Waterwel. v. wtUenpring 
Waterwerk— je, 0. ioa<«rwori 
Waterweegkaode, t>. Aydtv- 

Watenucbt, «. dr$psf 
Wateraucbtig. bv. arop$iedl 
Waftte, o. /wd 
Watte, V. wad, fiocki met 

watten voeren, to guilt 
Watten, mv. fiatt, ahoaU 
Waawelen, w. chatter, /«m> 

Waawelaar— 4e,fli. chatterer 
We, «B. we 

Web* webbe — U^f *• vefr 
Websplnne, «. tplder 
Wedden. *0. fr«l, iraf«r, lay ; 
ik wed van Ja, i /ay il ur 

Wedde, v. salary, pentUm 
Wedding, weddlngacbap, v. 

Weder, o. wAef Aer 
Weder, A». arain Cfftquent- 
Ip written oy abbreviation 
weer) , 
Weder, weden, va. either 
Wederaatwoord, o. reply 
Waderantwoordeo, id. reply 
Wederbaren, w. regenerate 
WederbariDg,v. regeneration 
Wederbekomei^ w. recover 
WederbtfkomeBt dw. recover- 
ed Irate 
Wfld«rbelooMa» ». rmnaf- 


Wederbeloond, dw. remmn^ 

Wederberolken, w. tepeople 
Wederbevolkt, dw, repeapUd 
WederbreoKen, w, reduce 
Wederdoopeo, id. rebaptize 
Wederdooper, m. aniAaptiet 
Wedereiscb, m.counter claim 
Wedereiscbeo, v. redemand, 

Wedereiscber. m. reelaimant 
Wederetochlng, v. teclama- 
tion [plied 

Wedergeantwoord, dw. re- 
Wedergeboren, dw. regene- 
rated {tation 
Wedergeboorte, v. regene- 
Wedergebragt, dw. reduced' 
Wedergedoopt, dw. rebap- 
lized [manded 
Wederge^iacht, dw. rede- 
Wedergeven, w. restore 
Wcdergeving, v. reetitullan 
Wedergegeven, dw. restored 
Wedergekaatst, dw. refiectid 
Wedergekeerd, dw. retnmed 
Wedergekomen,dw. relumed 
Wedergekregen, dw. reco- 
vered [vered 
Wedergelererd, dw. redeli- 
Wedergeleid, dw. reconduU- 

Wedergemaaktf dw. remade 
Wedergemlnd, dw. loved in 

Wedergenonen, dw. retaken 
Wedergeroepen, dw. recall- 
ed, Repealed 
Wedergeschreren, dig, re- 

Wedergexegd, dw. reeald 
Wedergezien. dw. reseen 
WedergezoDaeOf dw. *ent 

Wederhcirt» v. moiety 
Wederboorig, bv. stubborn, 
refractory, respective, re- 
ciprocal . 
Wederhoorigheidi -♦. stub* 

bOrnness, refractoriness 
Wederhoorigiyk, bw.respec- 

tivelyt reciprocally 
Wederboud, wederbield 

— ende— en, restrain, with- 
hold , 
Wederboudea, ^w.restrained 
.Wederbo\idiag, v. restrain 
Wederkaatsen, w. beat back, 

rebound, refitct 
Wederkaatsing, «. reverbe- 
ratUm, reflection, repulsion 
Wederkeer, m. return 
Wedcrkeeren, w. return 
Wederkeering, wcderkoott 

WED 269 

WederkoBien, m.r##iira , 

2!5«'' eggen. w. refute 

Weder egging, v. refutatieet 
Weder eggelOii, bv. iefut^ 
WederlefiTen, w. recoidueS 
WederUefde, v. mutuSl!L 
Wed^jrioon, «. reward ^ 
wederloonen, w. reward 
Wederloond. dw. rewarded 
Wedermaken, w. remake 
Wederm n, v. mutual love 

Wedernemen, w. retake 
^aS"' • **"*"' **** 
Wederopbouwen, m. Rebuild 

^£jS;«PK««>ouwd, dw. r.. 

Wederopgerigt, dw. reediMed 
Wederopgestaan, dw. nCS 

from the dead •* 

Wederoprigten, w. reedi/y 
Wederop«uan, w. rUe film 

the dead trtirii^ 

W^erpartij, v. I'dH^ri^rT 
WtfderreU. •. return ' 
Wederroepeiyk, bv.revoeak^a 
Wedterroepen, w. recaU^ 

Wederroeping, v. reeau.^ 
Wederschrlftfi. re/cW??' ^*^ 
Wedergchriiren, w. reseriha 
Weder.chriJTin;, v!re^ 

Weder«palt, v. discord, strife 
Wederspaonellng, m.'reb^ 
Weder«pannig,6v. rebellious. 

rrfraetory * 

WederapanDlgheld, «. ••- 

fractorinets ■ 

WederapaaDiglUk, bv, rebel' 


Wederapoed. v. adversity 
Wederspraak, v. eontrtuHe- 


Wedertprekead, bv. c<m#rj! 

dirtory tTl 

Wederapreker, vMoniradSet' 

yfdiction ,„,.--- 

Wedenprekea. dw. eont^ 
Wcdetai«a,«*edera toad-ile 

—a* resUt, oppose 


Digitized by VnOOQlt^ 

568 War 

Wapenloot, bv. unamud 
Waperftnaker, m. armoMret 
Wapeooeffeoiog, v, ererei$e 

of arms 
Wap«nplaat8,v; place ofamu 
Wapeureglflter, o. armoritU 
WapenroK — Je, m. coat of 

WapenrutUof , v. armamtnt, 

warlike preparation* 
Wapentcldid, o. escutchook 
Wapentchildkande, v. he- 
raldry [morioi 
Wapen^chUdkuDdig, bv. ar- 
Wapeolchorslng, v. armis- 
Wapenchonwing, v, review 
Wapensmit. m. amumter 
WtpentiUJder, m. seal-en- 

wapenstand, m. mjaistiee 
Wapenstandert, m. tropkg 
Wapentule, •. weaponSf arms 
WapenEuil, m. trophy 
Wapper, «. swing, toss 
Wappereo, w. swing, wap, 
War, V. confusion i io de 
war, entangled, in eot\fu* 
sion, at variancci uit de 
war, disentangled 
Ware, svbj, of zi^a, were 
Waren, mv. wares 
Waren, mv. ofvi».», were 
Wargareo, warregaren, o. 

entangled, thread, maze 
Wargeett, warkop, m. bu$y- 

body^ meddler 
Warkoppig, 61;. turbuleiU 
Warlen, w. whirl 
Warling, v. whirlpool 
Warm, bv. warm 
Warnien, w. warm 
Warming, v. warming 
Warmoes, 0. potherbs, kerb 

Warmoeahof-^e, warmoes- 
tuln— (je,fl». kitchengarden 
Warmoecvrouw— ^e, v. war- 
noetwijf — jO) V. herbwo- 
Warmoezier. m. gardener 
Warinp)ec, bw, Warmi^ warm- 
Warmte, v. warmth 
Warren, w. entangle, quar- 
rel, wrangle 
Warring, v. entangtemeHl, 

ar«, bv. averse, weary of 
Wanaal, v. gibberish, sole- 
. eism 
Wariiek, bv. quarrelsome 
Warzucht, r. quarrelsome- 
Warauchtlg, bv. quarreUome 


Wat,^«(. o/sljn, wa9 

Wa« — te, wie»— •ende— aep, 
grow, wax, encrease, rise 

Was, 0. wax 

Waach, 1^. wash 

Wasch— te— ende— CB, wash 

Waadom, o. growth, enereate 

Watcher, m. washer, Itrush 

Waacher^, v.washery, wash- 

Wascbhuis— Je, o. ipashhouse 

Wascbkom — metje, «. wash- 
handbasou iwoman 

Waachater — Ije, f. wather- 

Waachtobbe — ^e, r. wash- 

Waach vat, m, laver 

Waas, 6p. waxen, 

Waasen, «. was 

Waaabeeld — je, •. W0X»e 

Waasendoek -^e, •. oilcloth 

Waaakaara — Je* v* waxcan- 

Waaalicht —jet o. waxlight 

Waaamaker. m,. waxehan- 

Waaaend, bv. encreasing, ri- 
sing; een waaaende anee, 
anhyperbOtat de waaaende 
maan, the cretent 

Waasenaar, m. crescent 

Wasaing, v. growing, en- 

Waazalf, •. cerate 

Wat, vn. something, some- 
what, a mile, any thing, 
what, which f wat xljt g^ 
gelukkig, how happy you 
are,' al vi9it, whatever 

Water -^e; 0. water, pool, 
dropsy , water bebben, to 
want to make water 

Wateren, w, water [tain 

Waierader, v. spring, J\mn- 

Waterachtig, bv. waterish, 
utateryj aqueous 

Wateracntigheid, v, wateri- 
ness [test* 

Wateraftapping, v. paracen- 

Waterbad, o. bath . 

Waterbak ~ie, v. eutem, 

Waterbeek — je, v. rivulet . 

Walerbekken— tje, 0, water- 

Watcrbel — letje, waterblaas 
—\e, water bobbel — \je, v. 

Waierbooff, v. raivAow 
Waterbreuk— je, v. hydrocele 
Waterbron, v. Jotmtain ' 
Waterbuis— Je, v. pipe, sewer 
Waterdier i-^Je, 0. equalie 


Waterdigt, bv, weUerpr—f 
Waterdrager, m. waierear- 

Waterdrlnker — ^e, m, ma- 

Waterdroppel — ^, m, drop 

of water 
Wateremmer«-Me, m. wi<«n- 

atereppe, v. lover 
Watergaf, v. serous bile 
Watergang —tje, m. water- 

Wjang, drain, agueduei 
atergedferle, o, aqmaUc 

WatergetQde, o. tide 
Waiergieter— ^e, aa. water- 
Watergod, m. rivergod, god 

of the sea 
Watergodin, v. seeatympk 
Watergoot— je, v, gutter 
Watergraft — je, «. wet ditch 
Watergroeve, v. /Wrrvw in 

the water 
Waterhtalder, m. wateremr- 

rier Crotl 

Waterhoen —tje, w, wmter 
Waterhond — je, i». voier- 

Waterhoozing, v. watering 
Waterig, bv. watery ;eiqmeous 
Watering, v. confluence, lake 
Waterkaarg — ^e, «. woler- 

Waterkao — netje, v. ewer 
Waterkant, v. waterside 
Waterkeering, v./etly, pier 
Waterkera, v. watercresses 
Waterkowd, bv. damp, cold 
Wateriimid, o. aquatic plant 
Waterkraik-je, v. pitcher 
Waterkulp •ie,v.tubjbr water 
Waterland, o. watery country 
Waterleiding, v. aqueduct 
Waterlook, «. watergermao' 

der Cc<wrM 

Waterloo^ — je, m. water- 
Waterloozend, bv, dimretie 
Waterioozing, v, mak^ 

watef, sewer 
Watermagt, v. navai power, 

Waterman, m, Aquarius 
Watermeloen— ye, v, 


WateTrmerk, 0. watermark 
Waiermoleo —tie, m, waier- 

Watelpaa, 0. level 
Waterpaasen. w. level 
Waierpiaa -je, v.jsuddti 
Waterpoel, v. pool, lake 
Waterpomp, v, waterpump 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


, hw, wide ^widely, far , 
d eo zijd, far awl wide 
-de — eode — eu, widen 
beroemd, bv, famons 
erg, vie. further, more- 

iloopig,&o. prolix.diffuse 
UoopigliJk,6w. diffiuive- 

lloopigheid, v. diffusive- 

lluftiir.ftt;. prolix ftedious 
lluftigheld, V. prolixity 
Utappende, bv. striding 
Ue,ii. width, brealh,space 
lultjfebreld, bv, extended 
Ivermaard, bv. far re- 

Ivennaardbeid, v. eele- 

Izicnigbeid, v, $karp- 

' —jei V. wife^ woman, fe^ 
lie, she hen 
rachtig, bv, nxor\ou» 
lljk wJjfsch, bv.wxorious- 
insr, »• consecration [ly 
k — je, V, retreul, refuge, 
arler, parish 
Ic week ->-ende —en, re- 
eat, withdraw, depart, 
the way, yield 
icbeeid ,o.j'uri«(ilc(ton,cl/.v 
kbeeldregt, o. municipal 

Khuis — je, 0. asylum Jbrt 
king, V. yielding, retreat 
kmeester, m, alderman, 

kp\A%U,v, asylum 
ikstad, V. place of refuge 
1 — tje, V. while, time 
I, vw. since, because 
lun, bv, deceased, late 
lieden, vn, we 
n, m. wine 

uacht, m. ehristmaS'eve 
nachttg. bv. vinous 
nacbtigheid. v. vinosity 
nazijn, m. vinegar 
nbaJ^ — je, m. tippler 
obezie —tje, t;. grape 
ndragend, bv. vintferons 
udrioKer —tje, m. wine- 

ndroe8sein,in. Uesofwine 
ndronken, bv, drunn with 

nedik, m. vinegar 
ngaard— je,m. vine, vine- 

ngaardenier. m.. vintager 
ngaardblad,o. vineleaf 
ngaardbot—je, v. vineoud 


Wyngaardrank'— je,v. vine- 

Wyngaardloof, o. vlneleaves 
"'"ngaar-' — *' •" - -•'-- 

, 0. wine- 

Wijngaard«noe\}er| w. vine- 

W^ngaardstaak, m. vinepole 

WQngaardworm,Nt. winefirel- 

Wljngewaa, o. vintage 

Wijnglkasije— glasj 

ijngod,m. god of wine 
Wiinhandel, m,winetrade 
Wijnbaudelaar, m. winemer- 

Wijnhoia— je, o. tavern 
WQniaar, o. year of vintage 
Wnnkelder —tie,7n.winecel- 

Wijnkoop, m. drinkmoney 
Wljnkooper, m. winemer- 

MViinkruik—ie, v. pitcher of 

Wljnkuip — je, v. winetub 
Whnkulper, m.wintcooper 
Wfinland,©. wine-country 
Wiinlezer, m, vintager 
Wnnlezing,t>. vintaee 
Wijnmaand, v. October 
Wljnroaat — Je, v. wine-mea- 
Wijnraoer, v. lees ofwint 
Wljnmug, V. ephemera 
Wl noogst, m. vintage 
Wijnoogster, m, vintager 
Wiinpadp,»». bacchant 
Wijnpaapia , v. bacchante 
Wijnpdcht,w. wincduty 
Wijnpeilder. m. ganger 
Wi' nperg ^]e, v. winepress 
Wijnpcr«9er, »». winepresser 
Wnnproever, m, wineeonner 
H^K n pUP. «• P*J»* of wine 
If ijnrank — je.v. winebranch 
fFljnroemer — Ije, 

W^nroeljer, m. ganger 
>fijroeijing,«. gauging 
ffi nruit, «. iwe 
Wi nfileen,m. tartar 
If ftnstok — je, «i. vine 
If ijntapper —tje, m. vintner 
W\ mint, m, tenlwino 
If Ijntijd, m. vintage 
Ifljnvat. 0. winecash 
Ifljnvcrkooper, m. vine- 
Wljnverlater.m. wtneeooper 
Wljnvles— Je,r. wmeboitle 
If Ijnznlper, m. winebibber 
Wi 8, V. tune, manner 
Ifijs, bv. wise; wlj8 maken, 
to persuade, to make bt- 
lieve i wljs worde»,<o learn 

W\ys, wees.wijzende,wijzen, 
shew, point, direct, decide 

eabegeerte, v. philosophy 
sdom, m. verdtet, sentence 
trijigeer, m. philosopher 
lf!J»gcerte, v. philosophy 
If iTsbeid, V. wisdom 
If ijsbeidmlnuaar, m. lover 

or wisdom 
Wijihoofd, m, wiseacre 
lfii!;kunde, v. philosophy 
If jijslijk, bv. wisely 
If^smaklng, v, persuasion 
Ifijsneua — je, m. wiseacre 
If iispen — nege, v. fescue 
Wijsvinger —tje, m. fore- 
Wijt, wect — ende —en, im- 
pute, ascribe,- daak wijteii, 
to be beholden 
lf^te,t>. imputation 
If ijveloos, bv. wifeless 
Ifijwater, o. holywaler 
Ifhze, V. manner, method, 
fashion, wise, tune 
If iize, m, wise man 
Wine, bv. wise 
Iflizer— tje, m. index, hand, 

dial, forefinger 
If ijzerplaat — je, v. dial 


DEL, bv. vain, idle, 

IJdelbeld, o. vanity, vacuity 

IJdellijk, bv. vainly, idl,, 

IJder, w. each, every ; een 
IJder, every one 

IJderceDjvn. every ene, every 

IJgclijk, vn. et>ery^OM«; pen 
ijgelijk, every one 

IJk, in. assize 

iJk— te— ende— en, assize 

IJker, m. assizer 

[Jking, V. asxizing 

IJkmaat, v. standard 

I J kmeester, tn. master of as- 

IJkmerk — je, o. mark of (he 

IJl, V. speed; in der ijl, with 

J II, bv. thin, sleazy, delirious 

tJlen, w. hasten, speed, rage, 

IJlhoofd, m.tkoughtless per- 
lirous, thoughllesSfCareUss 

Ulhoofdigheld, v. lightheud- 
edneis, delirum, thought- 

Digitized by VnOOQ It 



M'ondlieeler, m. surgeon 
Ifondheelkunde, r. turgery 
If oadkraid, o. vuinerary 
If^oDdmeeater, m. surgevn 
Ifondteelfeii —K^e, o. scar 
W^ondijzer —yc, o. probe 
IFonne, v. joy, pleasure 
fVoner, m. dweUer 
If'oning' — je, v. dwelling 
H'ounemaand, v. May 
Wooo, V. alfode; zich met' 

dcr wooo begeren, to go 

and live 
Woon -de — ende —e^, dwell 

reside live 
If' oonachUg, bv. resident, ti- 

Ifonnbaar, by. inhabitable 
ffoonhuls — je, o, dwelling- 

H'oodHjIc, bv. usual 
fi^oonpiaats — ttede, v. dwel- 

ingplace, habitation 
IToonte, v. custom, habit 
WoDrd — je, o, word, lermt 

het woord voejren, to speak ; 

het hoofTste woord voeren, 

to command all ; te woor- 

de fitaan, to listen to: te 

woorde komen,,fo parley 
Woordboek — je,'o, vocabU' 

IToordbuieing, v. declension 
W^oordelijK, bv.^bw. verbal- 

ff 00 rdeiiooek ~-^e,o, diction- 
Ifonrdenpraal, v, pomp of 

If oordenrijk. bv. copious 
- ffoordeu8chikking,v. syntax 

Ifoordenechat, m. glossary 
H'oordenspeling.w. pun 
Ifoordtnstrijd, m. dispute 

about words, verbal quarrel 
IfoordenvUter —lifter, in. 

verbal critic, hypercrtlic 
Ifbordeavitterij — zifterlj, 

V. verbal crithism, hyper- 


ffoordenwigseling, v. meto- 
If oordfhoudend, bv. faithful 

to a pi omise 
Ifoordklaak, v. pronunciO' 

If oordlid, o. article 
Ifoordoorgpronglijkheid, v. 

IfobrdpracUtlg, bv. grandi- 

lfoordrljk,6». copious 
If oordultlaf end, bv. eiipficat 
If oorduitlatUlft «* tUpsis 


ffooiduitvluding, v. coinage 

of words 
Ifoordvoerder, m, speakerf 

If ord,wierd — eode— en^frow 

become, be 
Ifordiog V. becoming 
Iforgen, to. strangle 
Iforging, V. strangling 
If ork — je, m. frog 
If orm— pje, in. worm, wretch 
Worm -de —ende —eD,wonm, 

trudge, toil, moil 
If ormachii^, bv. vermicular 
Iformsrat, o. worm hole 
lformkruid,o. tansey 
Iformsteklg, bv. wormeaten 
IVorp —je, m. throw, cast, 

Iforst— je, V. sausage 
If orstelen, to. wrestle 
Iforstelaar, m. wrestler 
Iforsteling— je v. wrestling 
IforsteUpel, o. wrestling- 
If ortel — Ije, v. root, carrot ,• 

een geele wortel, a carrot 
If ortelen, w. take root 
ffortelachtigfAv. radicose 
Ifortelings, 6ir. radically 
If ortelwoord. o. radical word 
If ou, pret. Of vil\, would 
Ifoud— je, 0. wood,forest 
^oudbezieT-tje, V. billberry 
If oudezel, m.wild ass. ^ebra 
Ifoudgod, m, sylvan deity 
Ifoudheer, ta. forester 
Ifoi^dos, m. buffalo 
Woav.v. madder 
Ifouwe, V. kite 
Ifraak, v. revenge, venge- 
Ifraak— te— ende— en, dis- 
approve, blame, reject,vary 
Ifraakbaar, bv. rejectablei 

Ifraakgieriff, bv, vindictive, 

If raakgierigheid, v. revenge- 
fulness, vengeance 
Ifraakiust — zucht^ v. ven- 
geance, revenge, vtndictive- 
If raakzuchtiff , bv. vindictive 
Ifraakzwaara, o. sword of 

Ifraak, o. wreck 
If rak, Or. cracked, broken, 

If rang, bv. sour, crabbed ' 
Ifrange, v. bindweed 
If ranghdd, v, sourness, aus- 

If rangwortel, v. blaci helle- 
bore ' 

, remorse 
. rontf root, poke. 


If rat — je, v. xcart 
Ifratachtig, bv. warty 
Ifreed, ftp. cruel, tart 
W^reedaard, m. cruel man 
If reedaardig, bv. cruel 
If reedelUk, bw. cruelly 
If reedbeid, v. cruelty 
If reekster, v. avengeress 
If reekzachtig, bv. revengeful 
If reker, m. tevenger 
g'reking, v. revenging 
Ifrevel, m. stiibbomuess, 

grimness. crabbedtiess 
If revelig, bv. stubborn, crab- 
Ifreveligbeld, v. — moed, m. 

obstinacy, stubbomnes*^ 
Ifrevelmoedlg, bv. stubborn 
Ifrevelmoedigheid, v. stub- 
If rlggelen, tp. wriggle 
If rikken, w. move 
fVrlog wrong -ende -^n, 

Ifroegeu, w. accuse, re- 
proach, sting 
Ifroeger, m. accuser, re- 

If roetfing, 

lfroeten,«»c , .„ 

toil, moil, drudge 
If roeter, iN.-tfnu^ e 
If roeting, V. dfudging 
If rok—je, m. grudge 
If rokkeu, w. grudge 
If rong, m. wreath 
If rongel, m. curds 
If rongkroon, v. diadem, tia- 
■ ra 
If rljf, wreef wrijrende— ren. 

Ifrljfsteen— tje, m. rubbing- 
W'rljt wreet — eude —en, 

If rjjter, m. wrangler 
If rQver, m. rubber 
If raving, V. rubbing, friction^ckle, mutable 
If uftbeid, V. fickleness 
If ulf—de — vende— ven, wave 
If ulp — je, m. whelp, curlew 
If ulps, bw. wantonly 
Ifulpsch, bv. gay, frolic, 

wanton ' 
If ulpscbheid, v. waMannxss 
If urg, V. squinancy 
If usdg, bv. knowing 
fVti', vn. we 

If g -de —ende —en, conse- 
If ijbigschop, m. sufragan 
If ijd, ftv. vide, largt, spa* 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


' -^te— pende— pen, 
a*e, totter, lijt, move, 
ag, lettp^ give the alra- 

Paraigr, V. swipe 
pstaart — te —eude —en. 
ag the tail * 

*ch — je, V. witp,swUch 
Bch —te— ende —en, wipe 
schdoek — je, o. duAclout 
sjewasje, o. trifle 
akunde, wiskuoMr, v, ma- 
hemalics ^ 

akunatenaar, m. mathe- 
natician feat 

sknmtig,t,v. mathemali. 
skuiisUgiyk, bw. malhe- 
8pelen, u>. wag 
spelsUarten, w. wag the 

spelt II rig, Iv. fickle 
spelturigheid, v, fickle- 

ppelturlglijk, bw. incon- 
tantly [p^ 

sscntr — tje, m. mop, wi* 
».•*'— ye. "*• exchange, 
til of exchange, course of 

ssel -de —ende —en, 
hange, exchange 
aRelaar, tn. changer, cosh- 
er, banker 

sselDaar, b». changeable 
Bselbank, t>. bank of ex- 
hang e 

•selbrlef -je, m. bill of 

sselbandeling, v. banking 
sseling, V. change, ex- 
hang t [line 
Mejklnd-je, o. change- 
B»elkoer«, v. course ofex- 

ssejkoets. v. stage-coach 
Bselpaard, o.posihorse 
tiseipiaats, v. stage 
saeltalltg. bv. changeable 
SBelvaUJjJieid, v. change, 
blektst. vicissitude [ahtv 
iitihiktbw. certainly 
S8elziek,^v. inconstant 
6l,pret. ofveet' 
t, 0. whUe, bul,mark, aim 
t, bv. whilf f/en 

t -te -tcnde -^en, whi- 
Ucb{ig,bv. whitish 
tgeid, 0. silver money 
theW, V. mhUeness 
tniaWngjV. whitening 


Witte, bv.whUe; wlttedon- 
derdag. Maundy Thurs- 
day; wltte Worlds, par- 
snips * "^ 
Wfttebrood -je, o. whit* 

bread, whUe loaf, roll 
Witiebroodskind -je. o. fa- 
. vourite child, datling, &ne 
^brought up with tidbits 
W tverwig, bv. whUish 
Witsel, 0. whitening [rage 
, Woed -^e -ede -ende -en, 
Woede, v. rage, fury 
Woeden, o.raging, rage Jury 
Woedeud, bv. ragingjurious 
Woeker, m. usury 
Woekereu, m. usure. 
Woekeraar, wi. usurer. 
Woekerachtlg, bv. usurious 
Woekergeld, o. mojiey gotten 
f>y usury Iricious 

Woekcrzuchtig, bv. ova- 
Woelen, tp. bustle, toss, tum- 
ble. sHr, moil, wind, worm 
yfoetM},v.sltr,bustle [low 
Woelgeest, m. turbulent fel- 
Woelig, bv. restless, turbu- 
Woeling. V. busUlng, tossing 
Woelwater, m. turbulent fel- 
low, bustler, busybody 
Wochiek, bv. turb^mt 
Woensda^, in. tVednesdhy 
Woerd -je, m. drake 
Woerhaan — ije, m. cocA- 

oerhen — netje, v. hen- 
Woest, bi: waste, desolate, 

Woestaardig bv. barbarous 
WoestaardigUeid, v, barba- 

Woesteling, m. barbarian 
Woe8tenlj,woe»tJijne, v. wil- 
derness, desert 
Woeslheid, v. desolation, 

wilderness , scivdgeness 
Wol, V. wdot • ' 
Wolbaal -ije, v. woolsack 
Wolbeest, o. animal yielding 
wool • 

Wojberelder, m. wool-dresser 
WoJdraeend, bv. laniferous 
Woifgkruld, 0. wolfsbane 
Wolfamaand, v. Dtcembtr 
Wolfamelk, v. spui-ge 
Wolftvel, o. wolfskin 
Wolf8Wortel,v. wolfsbane 
Wolhandel, m. wool-trade 
Wolhaflelaar, m. woot-mer- 


WON 275 

Wo|k-je, V. cloud 

Wo kaarden, w. card wool 

Wo kaardcr, m. wool-carder 


Wolkamnieu, w. comb wool 

So wt!^'"S'"' '?• ^<x>i-comber 

Wolkig, bv. cloudy 
|^<*i*ooper, oi.woolmerchant 
Wolkruld, wollekruid, ". 

Wo kvanger, m. watchcoat 
Wo je, bv. woollen 
Wollenaaister-je, v.mantum 

Wolleverwer, m. clothdyer 
WoUeweef-de, woUeweven- 

de, woileweven, weave wool 

W« fJ'^A**'"' "'•pi'^thweaver 
WoUig bv. woolly 
Wolvejagt, V. wolf hunting 
Wo Tin -netje, v. she-wolf 
Wolzak -je, m. woolsack 
^oa,pret oj win 
Wond, pret. of wind 
Wond, wonde, v. wound 
Wond-de —ede —eude — «n . 
wound * 

Wondarti, m. surgeon 
Wonder —tje, o. wonder, 
ntrprue, miracle ; het doet 
my wonder, f wonder at U. 
**onaer-de— ende— en,i»on- 

Wonderbaar. bv. wonderful 
Wonderbaarlljk, bv. & btc. 

wonderful, wonderfully 
Wonderbaariykheid, ». mar- - 

Wonderboom,iw. miraculous 

tiee,palma chrisli,Jonah's 

„ onderdaad, v. miracle 
Wonderdadlg, it;, miraculous 
WonderdadiglUk, bw. mira- 

Wonder lijk, bv. f bw. w^n^ 

Wderfnl, strange, wonder- 
onderlijkhekl, v. strange- 
ness - • 

Wonderreden , wonderspreu k 
— jej V. paradox 

Wonderspreukig, bv. para- 

Wonderstuk — je, o, wonder, 
masterpiece ' 

Wonderteeken, o. miracle, 
sign. ' 

Woudertogl, v. mirauUus, 

Wouderwerk, o. miracle 

fFonderwerk^r, tn, thauma- 

Digitized by LjOOQ It 



WIek He, ». wimg, vUh, 

y/itt-^e, cvkttl, wkirlp—l 
Wielb04*r — Oe» »• amgtr 
WieidraaUer, m. lurntr 
Wlellnr. v. eddp 
Wfelftok — je, v. apokt 
Wieo, vn. whom 
yvient, wier. vn. who$9 
'Wierd, prtt. «/word 
Vlletook, o.iaceiue 
Wierooken, w. incentt 
Wtorookrat, o. etnttr 
Wle«, pret o/waa 
y^ig, wifff e — tje, V. wtdg* 
WifchefcD, w, augureUe, 

Wigchelaar, m. «oo<Atayer, 

wigchelaarflter,v. torcerett 
WiircbeUrU* «• cngury, sor* 

WlggeleD, w, thaktt totter 
Vdgnwiize, bw. wedgtwUt 
Wigt-Je.»* «i^a" 

Wigtigheid, V. importance, 

weight ' 
Wigvaar,«. touchivood 
Wik -je, M. «e(cA, weJfA; 

svik of wak, haphazard 
Wlk -te — keade —ken, 

weigh, paise, con$ider, 

W foretell 
Ikgeld, 0. pesage 

Wikkeleo, w. involve 

Wil, m. will desire, intentUm, 
takoi om be«t wil, for the 

Wil -de — lende — len, will, 
wieh, want, desire, intend ; 
by wil naar buiii, he will 
go home,- sy heefthet niet 
wliien ioen, she would not 
do it i ai wiilvaa, wilfully 

yf\\A,o, game, wild 

Wlid. 6v. wild, savage; in H 
wild loopen, to run wild; 
iQ >t wild, a< rand0tn,wUd- 
IVf eonfutedly, disorderly 

Wildbraad, •. game 

Wilde, wildeuiaa — netje, m. 

Wfldernis —JCiV. wilderness 

Wildbeid, o. wiMiM«« 

WildscbHt, wiidschtttter, M. 
«A««<«r, mariUfluin 

Wiidxaog, m. wild notes, un- 
taught song, HOHsente, bal- 

Wllge. m. wiUow Urte 

Wllf eboom — pje, m. wiUow 

Wllf ebosch — je, o, grove ef 
willow -trees 


Wllle. M. will, sake, mind 
WlUekeurIg, ft*, arbitrary 
WlliekearigiUk, bw.arbUrei- 

Wiilif, frr. wi/liNf^, in re- 

tNf «( , wanted, demanded 
lUren, w. grow in request, 
be demeutded 
Willigheld, V. wUlingnen, 

Wilraardig, bv. willing and 

Wimpei — tJe, m, streamer, 

io, won — nende — nen, 
WM, gain, get, earn, take, 
conquer, beget, have 
Winbaar, 60. eonquerable 
Wind -Je, m. wltid ; in den 
wind, against the wind; in 
den wind tlaan, to slight, 
to disregard 
Wind, wond, •— ende —en, 

Windachtig, 61;. windy 
Winda* — je, 9. windlass 
Wlndbal, m. balloon [live 
Windbrekend, bv. earmina- 
Wlndbreker, m. braggado- 
ehio Itade 

WindbrekerU, v. rodomon- 
Windbui — ge* m. trust of 


Windbuil -tJe, bladder full 

of wind [gun 

Windbttt, V. wlndroer, air- 

Winddroog, bv. dried by the 

Winde, V. bindweed 
Windegeld, 0. ordinal y ave- 

„ - , [ture 

Windel — ^e. «*. band, liga- 
Winderig, windig,6v.«pfii({y 
Winderigheid. v. windinen 

Wlndelj — ije, 0. winding 
yf ladgAi, o. vent hole 
Wiudiiaver, v. wild oats 
Wladhond— Je, m.grey hound 
Wiadigheid. v. wCmdinese 
Windkruid, 0. bindweed 
Windmaand. v. December 
Windmolen — ^e, m. wtiid- 

Windpomp,— je, v. ai 
Wlndpiip, V. windpipe 
Windstil, bv. calm 
WindstlUe, v. calm 
Wind verdrij vend, bv, carmi- 

native [wind 

Windvlaaf — tie, v. flaw of 
Windwaaru, ov.windwara 
Windzak — ie, v. bagpipe 
Windiel,-Aje 9. band,liga- 

iwt I 



Windgeweiit, e. eonqutef, 

conquered cc^nlry, pro- 

Winkei —tie, tn. ehop,eor 
Winkel, wTnkeliereD, w, k 

Winkelhaak— je, «.o 

ter's square 
Winkelhouder, winkelier, m. 

Winkeiknecht, m. apprentice 

Wlnkelmeid, wlnkeinieiaje,v. 

shopgirl, apprentice 
Wlnket -je, 0. wicket 
WinneliJk, bv. amquerahl^ 
Winner, m. winner, begetter 
Winning, v. winning,gmining 
Wintt— je,v. gain, profit 
Wln«ter, v.proereatrix 
Wln«tderTiBg, v. faUure of 

Winter — tJe, m. winter 
Wlnteren, to. winter 
WinteracbUg, bv. winter^ 
Wlnterappei— tJe, m. winter 

Winterarond — Je, m. winter 

Winterbloem— pJe, v. winter 

W tower Ittorm 

Interbni —tje, v. winter- 
WinterdaagB, bw. in the 

winter -season 
Winterdag, m. winttr-dmj^ 
Wintergroen, 0. winter-green 
Winterbaoden, m. chopped 

Winterhlel — Qa, v. chilHain 
Winterkil, bv. wintercotd 
Winterkoningje, m. wren, 
Winterkooi, v. winter-cub- 

Winterkwartier, «. winter- 

quarters [.ings 

Winterlaag, v. vsinterii^- 
Winterleger. o. winter-camp 
Winterlegering, v, wimttt- 

Wlbterlink, Mk. hemlock 
Wintermaand, v. Docen^et 
Winterooft, o. winter-f^it, 
Winterrok — je^ m. wtafer- 

Wintersattoen, o. «riiil«rv 

Winter«cb, bv. wiwlerw 
Wintertiijd» v. winter-tlmte 
Wintervertrek — Je, 0. wte* 

Winter rlaag,v. winter-storm 
Wintacbt, v. aomrice^ ewet' 

eusnesi, ambition 
Wip -je, V. swipe, Hrapad»$ 
thrust, mef <«M 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


1 —ie,^. world ; Aeter 
I d'overleden, depmrted 
life; ter wereld niet, 
9 wuont in tht world 
ibeschr^ver, m. cos- 
Ibeachrijvinf, v. eot- 

ibevnnett m, imkabi' 
of the world . 
dbol, m. globe 
dkloot, V. terrestrial 

dkande, v. knowledge 
ke world 

dkundlg, bv» eaperiene^ 
* t he worid, public. 
Idlinrf m. worWing 
dllik, bv,werldl9,tem 

Idruchtig. bv. public 
Idscb, 6v. worldlp, 
idtme, sensual [ness 
Idschheid, v. worldli- 
Idsgezind, frv. worldly- 

Idsgezlndheid, v,world- 

Idttreek, v. xone trerion 
Idvorst, m. monarch of 

— Je, V. wharf, yard, 
'■y* jftiVi ground, turn, 

— de, werveode, wer- 
, levy, raise, press, en- 

ge\d, «. bounty 
. — je, 0. worh,joh, tow 
.evi,w. worh 
achtij^, bv» laborious 
baas, m. worknia*ter 
beest, 0. worhing beast 
dadig, bv. ejfflcaetous 
dadigheM, «. activity, 
•aeiousnets, practice 
dadiglijk, bw. actively, 
aciousiy, praeticaUy 
dag.m. worhingday. 
elijk, bv, 4- bw, effect- 
. real, actual, active, 
•king, busy, effectively, 
tallv [reality 

.elijKl^eld, v. activity, 
ex, M> worker 
.bois —je, 0. workkouse 
■ing, V. working, opera- 
I. fnduence 

tlieden, mv. workpeople 
.man, m. workman 
meckter, m.workmaster 
middel —tit. 0. means, 
iplaalii, V. workyard, 
•loof — je, r. dmJf « 


Werkfttelltar, bv. practical ; 
werkstelHg makeo, to put 
in practice 
Werksteliigheid, «. practice 
Werkstelliglijk, bw, practU 
caliy [man 

Werkater — Ue. o. workwo- 
Werkatuk— Je, o. piece of 
work, workmanship, pro- 
Werktiiig — je, o. tool, in- 
Werktuiglg, bv. organical 
Werktaigkunde,v. mechanics 
Werktuiglijk, bv. instrumen- 

tat, mechanical 
Werktijd.v. working time 
Werkvolk, o. workpeople 
Werkvrouw— tje, v, workwo- 
Werkwoord, •. verb, 
Werkxaam, bv. laborious 
Werkzaamheid, «. laborious- 

Werp, M. cast, throw 
Werp, wierp, —code —en, 
throw, cast, flings whelp, 
kitten, litter 
Werpauker, «n. bowanehor 
Werpgeweer, o, missile wea- 

Woons [lead 

erplood — je, o. sounding- 
Werpnet — je, o, casting-net 
WerppHl — Ue, m, dart 
Werpscnlcht —ie,m. javelin 
Werpspeer— ne, vrerpspiea, 

— je, V. javelin 
Werptol — letje, v. top 
Werf el —tje, v. hasp 
Wervel -^de — ende —en, 

Wervetbeen —tje, o, articu- 
lation, joints vertebra 
Werveldraaijer, m, ring- 
Wervelw!nd,m. whirlwind 
Werveliiek, bv. giddy 
Wervelzickte, v. giddiness 
Werver, m . levier, press-offi- 
Werviog, V, levy, enlisting 
Werwaaru, iw. whither 
Weshalve, vw. wherefore 
Weapeneat — je, o.waspU nest 
West, V. western, o. we»t ; 
buiten westen, beside one's 
Weateiyk, bv, westerly 
Weater, westerscfi, bv, wes- 
l^eatnoordweaf , o.w§stnortk- 

Westwaarts, frw. westward 

wifi 273 

Westxuidwett, «. westtout It- 

Wet, V. law, government, 
magistracy i een stale wei, 
an inviolable rule 

We/, 0. pond. 

Wet — te— tende —ten, whet 

Wetboek, o. code 

Wetbreker, m. lawbreaher 

Wetbreuk, v, breach of the 

Wetens, bw. 

t. knowingly : a I 
premeditatelu ,- 


I know of, 
Weteascbap. v, knowledge 
Wetcnawaardig, bv, worth 

Wetering, v, confluence, pool 
Wetgevend, bv. legislative 
Weigever, m, legislator 
Wetgerlng. v. Ugislaiion 
Wetgeleerde, m. lawyer 
Wetgeleerdbeki, v, jurispru- 
Wethoiider, m. magistrate 
Wetmaker, m, lawmaker 
Welmatig, bv. legal 
Wetataal —tje, o. wkettiug 

Wetateen —tje, o, wkelslone 
Wettelooa, bv. lawless 
Wettelijk, bv.^bw, lawful, 

Ifgal. lawfully 
Wetteli)kbeid,v. legality 
WetUg, bv. legitimate, le- 

Wjal. lawful, competent 
ettigen, w. legitimate, le- 
Wjalize, approve, justify 
ettlgheid, V. UgUimacy, 
Wettiging, v. legUimation, 

Wetiiglijk, bw. legally 
Wever, m. weaver 
Weverij, v. weaving 
Wezen —tje, o, being, es- 
sence, countenance 
Wezen, infin. of hen, be, exist 
Weyerij, v. graziery, pas- 

turage,venery, hunting 
Wexel —tje, m, weasel 
Wicht — je, 0. wight, child 
WIe, vn, wlfo, whom ; wie, 

ook , whosoever 
Wieden, w. weed 
Wiedemaand, v. June [er 
Wieder, M. wledater,«.ire(d- 
Wieding, V. weeding 
Wiodijxer— 4e, o. hoe 
Wieg -je, v. cradle 
Wiegen, w, rock 
* Wiegband — je. v. wiegtonw 
—tie,o.erudlestring [er 
Wieger, m. wiegater, v. roek- 


272 WBL , 

Weif er«a, w. r^fkne 
Weiferur, m. rtftutt 
Welfcrachtiff, welfferliTi &*• 

«ii«<lliiif 10 gr*mt 
Welgerbtar, bv. r^/ksabU 
Wt&ertng, f. refktalf dentmi 
"WelUad, «. paatur* 
Walaaand, o. June 
Wetnan, m. AHnf«mai» 
Welolf -Jc, 0. M<ile 
WelDQr, fr»./e«. <i/ile 
Wdolfheld, welnlgrte, v. 

ftwmtat, pmicUw 
Wdt, weite, v. wktmi 
WdtMch — je« V. hm»terU 

Wvttttbrood, •. vkealbread 
Weltemeel, •. wAeatMour 
WekelUk, b». weaklv, flabby 
WekeU|kheM, «. $aSbimes$ 
Wekeinkc, bw. wetkly 
Wekel^kdch, fro. wMAiy 
Wekken, ur. mvakt 
Wekpewng. #. marin 
Wekk«r — ^e, m. awaktf,^' 

larm, alarmwaleh 
Wet «. sprimg, w*a 
WttI, frw. weK, right ; wel VS- 

ren, tob*ioeU,tob€ ingfd 

ktmltki mei wUUa, I* iHiA 


Wd— de - leade— len, tpring, 

ri««,«cclA, Mftfer 
Wtlaaa, tuM. wM th9n,fitmu 

WelbadMht, »v. ««ll«4»i««d 
Wslbehaffco •.g^dpUmsmrtf 

wSbehagemk, »«. weUpitm- 

Welbekend, h¥»wtUkm0m» 
Wellbcktnde. m. imtimsle 
WelktMUid. »v. w*tl*«lov«d 
We!beoe«rliitd, bw, weUmc 

WelkereM. *«. wtUprtpmrtd, 

WflbMprMkt, Av. «!•««<■* 
W«14Md, •. btn^ 

WekUdlclMld, •. benf(Utm€9 

Wtildoea, •. w«ild«M# 
WeMoeB,«B dtg^td, wetUm 
WeldocMer, m .^««f^el«r 
Wddoensur, «. Ae««facirc<« 
Wdetete, Ar. kom^mmbU 
W«l«delwMtfcttfte>«. rirA< • 

WIfr. bm^f^ m t n to 


VTelf edaan, dw. %■ »». Ml^ 

oimr, healthy 
Welf ezoed, frv. AdWafa f Md 

WelfeBrrond, 60. 10«^fr•Nild- 
WelfeBrondheid, v. tolidity 
Welrelerea. bv, wttltUuattd 
'" ikzMg, bv. ble$9td 

WelgeluUalir, bv. ble$9td 
Wulftemaakt.7>«. vtUmadt 
WeiKemaakUieid, v. xyinmc 
Jrjf lluti 

Welgemoedfaeid, v. cheerful 



'elge*chfkt. bv. opt 

'e\ge»te\d , bv. tubst 


Ifl elgeregeld, bv. vellordered 
Welge*chfkt. 6v. oppoiUe 
Welgenteld , bv. substantial 
WelgevaliSD, e. pleasure, li- 
WelgeTallen, w.please 
Welgevallig, bv, pleasing 
WeigeralUgheld, v. eomplw 

Welgeroegiyk, *r. prifier, 
decent iprietg 

WelgevoeglUkbeid. v. pre- 
Welgewtid, bv, in request 
WelgesieOtbv. respected 
Weigezlad, bv. weUminded 
WeUrood, m, springy tamd 
WelbebbCDd, bv. substantial 
Welk, MP. wAicA, that f wel- 
ker, welk«, whose/ welk 
00k, wAicA svever, whatsa- 
Welkeo, 10. wither lever 
Welkom, tuss. welcvate 
ITelkoiDBt, V. welcome 
Wellevcnd, bv, eourtevms, ma- 
lite "^ 
Wellerenheld, v.patiteness 
Vfemag.v.ebuUUian, solde- 
ring, stranding: eeo scblp 
Hit de wetlinc M)r«>> <• 

Wret a ship adoat 
eUuidend, Av. useladiaus 
Welluidendbcid, v, maladg 
WeliuidiBg, V. cadence 
Welia•^ *. lust, sausualUy, 

tnxunff plemsura 
Wetlii«tig, bv. valmpiuavu, 

sensmat, hM/ul, Insuriaus, 

Weilatdfbcid, v,volmp t ua ua - 

ne*s, l^futmess, sensuatity 
W«llMtigU)k, Aw. valmptm' 

Wdntvearadkcid, 9. goad ni- 

Wdp — je, m. «A«lp 
Welriek«Ml, vdrdkMd, »». 
_ A mgtmntt a d v rif erem s 


Wefgprckmid. bv, tUfmemt 
ff^eUpreekkunst. v. rItHmit 
WeUUaode, wel*taaid(ik, 

bv. wetlbeeomtmg, daeeni 
W«UtaaDl4jkb«ld, v.dmmuf. 

WeiataaoH, v. decency Jbrm; 
wetsuaoa h%Xve,feirfvrwft 

WeUtand, M. weUfmre^welb- 

being, good heaUk 
Wel'^areo, o. welfara 
Welvaread, A». tkrivimt. 
^prosperous, healthy 
Welvarendheid, «. keuUhi- 

ne»s, prosperUu 
Welvaart, v, waj/are, prae- 

Wel?iog, ». conemmiermiian 
Wetrersiaande, bm. pramd e i 
Wetrocgeod, welvoefiyk, 
bv. weUbecomisi£, dacent, 


lUkbeld, V. decency, prv- 

Wclvoegzaaja, bu. etmutmi 
ent, suUabU, daeaml 

VTelvoegxaambeid, v. cmmt 
nient, suitableness, dtttmew 

WeJwexeo, weU^io, a.wef- 

Wrare, wellbeing, pram$iU§ 
etxand. «. loose tamm 
Weuelen. m.ermmU 
Wen» V. wen 
Weo, Aw. when 
Weo —de—nemdm-^me^at- 
<mjtf»», MM, etusrOf disusi, 

• tacA 

WeadiB^, 9, inrm^ tmek 
Weak -j«, •. vfaO, baO, fc- 


«w -Hie, •. tgt 

Weascb -je, •. wiak, dsvkt 
Weaacbea,*. wishrdttkt. 
4e wc—c bf da viiaa, tA« 
optative mood ^^ 

Wttuakfay -J^ awa 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


smeid, V. weevmeisje, o. 
okan girl 

•t, V. notice^ advice , 
\otoledge, notion^ senta- 
yn, knack, practice 
itpvrist — ende— en, know; 
weten, to vtit, videlicit 
at, pret, of wljt 
etgrlerig:, Bv. inquisitive 
etgierlgbeid, weetlust, v. 

etsrierfglijk, tw. ingniti- 

t«tniet, fit. ignoramus 
:xendheld, v. essence 
izendUJk, bv. f frv. eesen- 
ial,real, really 
izepdl^kheld, v. existence, 
ssenctf nature, reality ' 
eg — je,fn. way road, path, 
:our$e ; glj zijt Tan de weg, 
fou are wrong, you have 
lost your way ixica op weg 
C>egeven, to set out ,• ik kon 
met hem orer weg* / could 

agree with him _ _, 

eg, bw. owoy ;'*tW"WWP' 
pound verbs weg is only 
■written connectively in the 
injinitive mood and in the 
regb^ner, m, precursor 
tTegblttxen, w, blow away 
Vegblijveu, w. stay away 
Vegbaneo, w. drive away 
¥egbrengen, w. carry away 
V egdoen, tp. put away, re- 

jVegdoeningiV' removal 
^egdrageu, «0. carry away 
Wegdr»gliig,v. deportation 
Wegdrupeu, w. drop off 
Wegdr1|)«ea, w. drive away 
WexCf 0. way, behalf; tc 
wege brengen, to bring a- 
touti onder wege, by the 
warn ; TSD wege. because of; 
%jAx.t^e%t,offlciaUy : vaa 
mUoeat wege, on my part, 
«» fliy beA«Sr 
Wecent, vw, concerning 
WegeokcheDder, m. AlfA- 

WegentchenderU, v. Mgk- 

Weger, m, weigher 
Weggaao. ». go mway, de- 

CMttt de weggMnde bok, 
c scapegoat 
yttUt -yei V. take, roU 
IftffgebUuD, tfw. blomu 

Weg fcblcTM, im.staid away 


Weggebragt, dw. carried 

Weggedaan, dw. put ateayi 
Weggedragen, dw^ earned 

away [away 

Weggedreren, dw, driven 
Weggedropen, dw. dropped 

Weggeven, w, give away 
y/eggte?t9^a, dw. gone away 
^eggegeveo, dw. given away 
Weggegooid, dw. thrown 

Weggebaald, dw. taken away 
Weggeiaagd,dto.drivcn away 
Weggekonien. away 
Weggelegd, dw. laid up 
Weggeleid, dw. led away 
WvKgeloopen, dw. run away 
Weggemaaktfrfw. made away 
^VeggenonieD,du'.faA«n away 
Weggeraakt, dw. go{ away 
Weggereden, dw. r\daen 

Weggerel|4, ^*« departed 
V/a^trnK,' dw. lorn away 
WeggetcUeept, dw. shipped 


Weggeschikt, dw. put away 
Weggeichopt, dw. hi^■hed 

away [away 

Weggealeept, dw. dragged 
^eggesloten, dw. locked up 
Wegge«meteQ, dw. ^ung 

Weggeipoeld, dw. washed 

Weggettoken, dw. hidden 
Weggestoten, dw, pushed 

away leway 

Weggetrokken. dw. pulled 
Weggevaren, dw mailed away 
Weggeveerd,dw. swept away, 
WeggevloaeD, dw. fied away 
M'eggevlogeo, dw, flown 

Weggevoerd, dw. carried off 
Weggegewaaid, dw. blown 

WeggewaaMemdttfw. evapo- 
Weggeweerd, dw. repelled 
WeggeworpcD, dw. thrown 

yi teggege},m, fellow-traveller 
Weggezet, dw. laid aside 
Weggeiondeo, dw. sent away 
WeggooUea, w. throw aw§y 
Weggra«, o, knotgrass 
WegEalen, w. take away 
Wagji^ea, w. drive away, 

turn out of doors, dismiss 
Weigiug, V. weighing 

WeffleggcBiW. fay 


WEI 271 

Wegleideo, w. lead away 
Wegloopen,w. run away 
Weglooper, m, runaway 
W'egioopiug, V. /tight 
Wegmaken, w. make away ; 

zicb wegmaken, to get at- 

way, to abscond 
Wegoemea, w. take away, 

Wegnemlug, «. removal 
Wegrakea, w. get away, be 

Wegreizen, w. depart 
Wegrukken, w. tear away 
Wegiijden, w. ride away 
Wegschepen, w. ship off 
Wegschikken, w. put away, 

send away 
Wegschoppen, w. kick away , 
' dismiss 

Wegslepen, w. drag away 
Weguluiteu, w. lock up 
Wegsmijten, w. fling awoy 
Weggpoelei), w. wasch away 
Wegstekeu, to. hide 
Wegs totea, w. push away 
Wegtrekken,w. pull away, 

set off depart 
Wegvaardlg, bv, ready to 

Wegvaren, w. sail away 
Wegvegen, w. sweep away 
Wegviiedeii, w. flee away 
WegriiegvD, w. fly away 
Wegvofrder, m. raptot, rm- 

Wegyocren.w. carry off, load 

away, raoish 
yfegvoerlag, v, deportation, 

Wegwaattemen, w.evaporaie 
Wegwaayen, w. blow away 
Wegweereu, w. repel 
Wegwerpeo; w. throw away 
Wegwcrpelijk, bv. rejtctabte 
Wegwerping, v. ryectiom 
Wegwerptel, o. fAoi wAm* 

is thrown away 
Wegw^zer, m. guide 
Wegzeoden, w. send a%oay 
Wegzetteu, w. lay msido, set 


Wei — tje, welde, •. tiseadom 
Weiachdg, bv, serous,walerm 
Weiacbtigheid, v. water mem 
Weideo, w. graze J'eedjattni 
Weider, m. herdsman, gra- 

Weldach, bo. tawdry, gay 
WeklBchheJd,v. tavidrMHs 
Weifelen, w. waver 
Weirelaar, m . palteror 
Weifelend, bv, inconstant 
W«ifeUog,v, wtnnringi 

Digitized by VjOOQ It 

Q70 WEB 

WederatMs, tfv. 

Wederstaod, wv resUtanee 
WedertUndcr, ■». retitttr 
Wederstreef— de, wederttre- 

veode, wederetreven, op- 

PM«, oppufu 
Waderttreren, dw. «ppci*d 
Wederttrevrr, ••. opponent 
Wederstrevlg, 6». oppng- 

naNl, rcpiifiMiil, confrary 
Wederttrevlfbeidf v. eim- 

trmrietw [tion 

Wederstrevtnf, «. oppoti- 
VTedertaal, w. r^y/y 
\f edertof t» v. r«<Mn» 
Wederrarco, w. tme 

IWederraren, Jw. •emrrMf 
Wadervaren, «. ocmrreiice, 

Wederral, m. adtersUf 
Wederrergekleo, ir. ra 

pemso ipenst 

'wederrergeldlng, «. r«e«M- 
Wederrerf olden, dw.recflm- 

' wederwaardlK. hv, advert* 
Wederwaardif held, v. adver- 

titf {vtrsely 

WederwaardlRliJk. bw, ad- 
Wederaetffcn* w> '^My 
Wederzenaen, w. resend 
Wedenien, v. fe#M; tot we- 

derzient, till we meet again 
WedenUdt, v. either sUUj 

ter wedera^de, on Aank 

WederxUda, 6«0. mut^aUm 
Wedenljdtch, bv. muiual 
'Wedloop — iei m. horterae* 
Wedtpei — leQe. o. bet 
Wednwe, v. viaot* 
Wedovenaar, m. wMmmt 
WedowenaartchapfO. widow- 

Weduwglft — )e, «. fotntttre 
WcdnwUik, frv.viifiMt 
Wednwtchap, v. wkfowJkMti 
Weduwvroow, «. widow 
'Wee, o. p«<«, poiif , «VM 
Wee, f «M. vo 
Weedaachf weede, v. weed- 

Weedom, «• paJn, |Ti<f 
"Wcef — de, wevende, werea, 

wtawe ^ il9om 

Weefjretoow. weeRouw, •. 
Wrefael, ». tueuo 
Weeg, «. vMinirol, «My. 

•cf, woetr — ende -^e«, 
We^aar, bn, weighmbU 


WeHteak— j«* «•• tleOfar* 

Weeirlah-le, o. ft«f 

Weerichaal —ye, r. jMir ^ 
stales, baimnee 

Weef gel — U«* «• we<r* 

Weel -je, •. wee* 

Week, 6v. «o/t. lender, weak 

Week, ;>r«f. e/w^k 

Week— te —ende —en, sttep, 

WeekachUff, bo. softisk 

Weekbakken, bv. st^flbahedt 
weakly, soft 

Weekbeen — tle^ o. gristle 

WeekJurtiff, bv. tenderheart- 
ed Ikeartednese 

Weekhartigheld, «. tender- 

Weekhekl, v. so/lnat, ten- 

Weekinf, v. maeeratiom 

Ifeekjet, bw. weakly 

IFeeklagen, w. lament 

IFeeklage, we^klag t, v. la- 

fPeekmarkt, v.weehly market 

fKeelde, «. Inxury 

Pfeeldrif, ftp. Imxnrions, 

ffeeldrifirheid, v. IwntrUnu- 
ness, wantonness 

WctldTigiiik. bw. UxurUmt- 
ly, wantonly 

Weellg, bv. luxuriant J wee- 
\ig Tleeseb, proudXfh 

^eeligheid, v. luxuriance 

fKeemoedijer, bv, mournful, 

FFeemoedigheid, v. 
fklness, compassiou 

IPeemoedigliJk, bw. . 

fvlly, eompassionmtely 

ITeenen, w.weep 

IFeeniflff, v. weeping 

W^eps.ov. effeminate 

IFeepsbeld, «. effeminacy 

VFeer, v. defence, motion, re 
sittance, zicb ter weer 
*te\len,to defend one*s si^f', 
veel veers doen, ta «m 

Jgreat endeavours 

freer, m. wether 

Weer, o. weather 

Weer, bw. again, sea wed<r 

Vrieereo. w. prevent, remove, 
defend ; zich wakker wee- 
rea, to ute great endeavvurs 

ITeeraehtig, bv. toothsome, 
fulsom, callous 

IFeeracht^heid, v. toatk- 
eomeness, caUotUp 

IFeerbaar, bv. d^ensible, 
tenable i weerbare man- 
•chap, sHem able to bear 
arms {bom 

IfeerbaraUg, HafnrditiM- 


IFetrbaratigheid,*. Mubborw 

fPeerbleding, v. deflate, rt- 

WtergsA, V. match, pmroUel 
Weergaloot, hv. matchless 
Weergaf, *. restitution 
Wrergalm, v. echo 
Weergalmen, w, r es ^/m i , 

Weergelding, v, recompense 
Weergetch«neu,({«0. refUeted 
Weergealoten, dw. rebouud- 

Weerglas, o. weatkerglaee 
Weerhaak — je. iiu barb 
Weerhaan— Ue, m. weather- 

Weerklank, m, echo, tommd 
WeerkliDk, weerklonk— end* 

—en, resound 
Weerklonken, dw. resoymdei 
Weerlicht, o. lightning 
WeerliclUen, w. lighten 
Weerlichttch. bv. blasted 
Weerloos, bv. defenceless, 

Weerlooaheid, v. karmUss- 

ness, non-resistance 
Weercchaal, •. echo 
Weerschijn, au r^fhetioa, 

WeerschHnen, v. re/lect 
Weerachijnsel, a, reflectloa, 

Weershoofd, o. whirlwind 
Weerslag, m. reperctusieet 
WeersproDg, m. rebound 
Weerstroom, m, eddy, refhtx 
Weerstult, m. rebound 
Weerstoiten, w. rebound 
WeertlJ, v. reflux, ebb 
Weerwerk, e. opposition 
Weerwll, v. repugnoHoe, re- 
luctance; In weerwiC f« 

Weerwolf, m. iaerewo^,lmt- 

bear, lycanthropot 
Weenroord, o. reptp 
Weerwraak, v. revenge 
WeerwUst ft«* weaiherwim 
Weerzang, «•. antistr^ha 
Weerzln,M. avertion, dOnmet 
WeerzUde, *. the other tide , 

ter weersUde, on both tides 
Weea — je, m. 4- v. orphan 
yVee$.prot. qfrnii* 
Weeabezorger, m. fnardiam 
Weeahaia-^e, corphankouoe 
Weeidongen, m. orphan boy 
Weeckaner, «. orpkanU 

Weeaklnd — Je, o. orpkatk 
Weeameetter. m. oMcsr of 

th9 orpkawe coMrV 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

rponsoi, v.teapvrttmu 
rpot — je, v.chambtrpot 
r pat— je, v, eitter*, wtU 
srraaf, v. cormorant 
trrat —Je, v, wattrnt 
irroo«» V. wattrtiUif 
srschout, m, wtuter^ 

ersnep — je, v. tnipe 
erspia, «. v>attr^id«r 
eraproDK, m. fouutain, 

;ersteen — ^e, m, sink 
teratortlQff, «. eatarMt 
tertaiiden, v>. kane tkt 
eth water ; ik watertand, 
y teeth water 
tertoD — neye, ». water- 
tsk ' [dra 

teruarw^zer, m. eUp$y- 
>tervai — le^e, m. water- 

itervat, o. watereoeh 
kterverw. v. watercolonr 
kterverwigt bv, azure 
Ktervloed — je, w. /lood 
ktervogel — JjCt «• waler,- 
'owt [tea 

atervorst, m, god of the 
aterwel. v* v>atereprtng 
aterwerk— je, o. waterwork 
atenreegkunde, v. hjfdro- 

aterzucbt. «. dropsy 
ateraucbtig. bv, dropeieal 
'atte, •. ford 

'^atte,* V. wadf fiockf met 
watten voeren, to guilt 
fatten, mv. fiatt, shoals 
Tanweieo, w. ehatter, fum- 

f Mwelaar— ^e,«i. chatterer 
f e, vn, we 

reb, webbe — Ije, v. web 
Vsbapinne, v. spider 
Redden, w. bet. wager, lajf ; 
Ik ^ed vao ja, 1 lay it is 

^edde, V. salary t pension 
nredding, veddlngacbap, v. 

wager, bet 
WeAeT,o. whether 
Weder, be. aeain (friquent- 
ly written by abbrevuMon 
weer) , 
IWeder, veden. vn. either 
Wederantwoord, o. reply 
Wedenntvootden, id. reply 
Wederbareo, w. regeneratt 
Wed«rbaring,«. regeneralion 
Wederbekomei^ w. recover 
VtredecbdLoneo, dw, recover- 
ed Irate 
WedwbalooBM, w* remnnt' 


W«d«rbeloond, dw, remmu- 

WedertwTolken, w. repeople 
Wederbevolkt, dw. repeapUd 
Wed«rbreiiKeD, to. tednee 
Wederdoopen, w. rebaptize 
Wederdooper, m. anabaptist 
Wedereiscb, m.eo»nter claim 
WedereiscbeD,«». redemand, 

Wedereiscber, m. reclaimant 
Wederetocbing, v, reclama- 
tion [plied 
Wedergeaotwoord, dw. re- 
Wederieboreo, dw, regene- 
rated {lation 
Wedergeboorie, v. regene- 
Wedergebragt, dw. reduced' 
Wedergedoopt, dw. rebap- 
lizea {manded 
WedergeSiacht, dw. rede- 
Wedergeven, w. restore 
Wcdergering, «. restitution 
Wedergegeven, dw, restored 
Wedergekaatst, dw. refiectid 
Wedergekeerd, dw. returned 
Wedergekomen,dw. returned 
Wedergekregen, dw. reco- 
vered [vered 
Wedergelererd, dw. redeli- 
Wedergeleid, dw. recandnci- 

Wedergemaakt, dw. remade 
Wedergemlnd, dw. loved in 

Wedergenonen, dw. retaken 
Wedergeroepen, dw. recall- 
ed, Repealed 
Wedergeschreren, di», re- 
Wedergeaegd, dw. reoaid 
Wedergezlea. dw. reeeen 
Wedergezondeo, dw. tent 

Wedcrhcirtt v. moiety 
Wederboorig, bv. stubborn, 
refractory, respective, re- 
ciprocal , 
Wederboorighdd, -♦. stv^ 

bOmness, refractoriness 
Wederhoorigiyk, bw. respec- 
tively, reciprocally. 
Weilerboud, wederbield 

— ende— en, restrain, with- 
hold , 
Wederbouden, tlw.restrained 
Wederho\idiDg, v. restrain 
Wederkaataen, w. beat back, 

rebound, rtfitct 
Wederkaatsing. «. reverbe- 
ratUm, r^ection, repuMon 
Wedeikeer, m. return 
Wedcrkeeren, w. return 
Wedcrkeering, WMUrkoott 

WED 269 

Wadarkomen, w.r»ii»T, , 

veroMe " 

WederletrercD, w. redeliver 

Wederioon. #. reward *• 
Wederloonen, w. reward 
Wederloond, dw. rewarded. 
Wedermaken, w. remake 
Wederm n, v, mutual love 
Wedermlnoen, w. love inro^ 

Wedernemen, w, retake 
Wederom, bw, again, both 
again * ^* 

Wederopbouwen, m. Rebuild 
WeJl|ropboawtoi, v,7Sdt 

Wederopgebouwd, dw. r*. 

Wederopgerigt, dw. reedUUd 
Wederopgestaan, dw. nUil 

from the dead •* 

Wederoprigten, w. reedif^ 
Wederopstaan, w. ri«e from 

the dead ' frwS2 

Wederopgtanding; v\ Veturi 
W«derrel*, v. return ' 
Wederroepeiyk, bv.revocakh 
Wederroepen, w. reeaU, to-- 

WfderroeplDg, v, reeatt!^ 
wederscbrift, 0. rescript 
Wedergchrljfcn, w. reseriba 
Wederbchr/JTing, v. reeer^ 

Wederspalt, ». d<*cord, #ir«/« 
Weder.paQiieUng, m.VedJi 
Wedenpaanig,6v. rebellious 

rtfiractory * 

Wederspannigbeld, «. re- 

IPyederspannigHlk, bv. rebeU 

Wederepoed. v. adversity 
Wedenpraak, v. eontnuHe- 

WedertprekeiKl, bv. eontre^ 

dietary til 

Weder«pMker, WMoniradiet' 

ederspreking, «. contfo- 
yfdieUon [dicuA 

Wedenprokea. dw. eontW^ 
Wcdeniu,i«edcn toad—ii* 

— B> tuUt, oppose 

Digitized by VjOOQIL 

568 WAR 

VapenkMt, bv. unarmed 
Wapeiftnaker. m. armourer 
Wapenoeffiealof , v. exereiee 

WapenplaaUyV. plate of anus 
Wapenrecltler, «. armori€d 
Wapenroi — Je. "». coat t(f 

WapenrustioK, v. «niMiii<iU, 

warlike preparatUue 
Wapentcblld, 0. etcutekeok 
Wapenschildkande, «. he- 
raldry [morial 

Wapenscblldkuodift bv. ar- 
Wapeolchorslnf, v. armis- 
Wapenachonwinflr, v. review 
Wapentmlt. m. armourer 
Wapenfliitjder« m. seal-en- 

Wapenatandy m. mmistice 
Wapenstandert, m. tropkf 
Wapentuie, o. weapons, anmt • 
Wapensuil, m. trophy 
Wapper, «. swing, toss 
Wappereo, w. swing, wap. 
War, V. eonfuaioui la de 
war, entangled, in con/k* 
sion, at variance i ult de 
war, disentangled 
VTare, subj. of Hjn, were 
Waren, mv. wares 
Waren, mo. o/was, were 
Wari^aren, warregaren, o. 

entangled, thread, maze 
Warceeat, warkop, m. busy- 
body , meddler 
Warkoppig, bv. turbuleui 
Warlen, w. whirl 
Warling. v. whirlpool 
Warm, bv. warm 
Warnien, w. warm 
Warmiog, v. warmii^ 
Wannoes, 0. potherbs, herb 

ffarraoeshof-^e, warmoea- 
tnlo— tje,m. Hitchengarden 
Warmoeavrouw— ge, v. war- 
noeswijf — je* v* herbwo- 
Warmoezier. m. gardener 
Warmpjea, bw.warmnwarm- 

Warmte, v. warmth 
Warreo, w. entangle, quar- 

rel, wrangle 
Wariiog, «. cnloiiftoiim/, 

ara, bv. averse, weary of 
Wanaal, v. gibberish, sole- 

Warziek. bo. quarrelsome 
Warsocht, v. quarrelsome- 

Warittchtig, bv, quarreUome 

Wat, pre*. 0/s1Jd, w— 
Wat — te, ^rtet— tende— tep, 
grow, wax, encrease, rite 

Wat, 0. iM* 
Waacb, ¥. wash 
Watch— te—ende 
WatdoB, o. growth, enereast 
Watcher, m. washer ,^ brush 
Wascher^, v.washery, wash- 

Watchhoit— je» o. r^ashhoust 

Wascbkom — metje, «. «0««*- 
handOtason [««««» 

Wa«ch«ter r-^e, f. washer- 

Watchtobbe — Oe« ^* wash- 

Watch vat, m. lavtt 

Watt, bv. waxei^ 

Watten, w. was 

WattbeeM — J«» •• «m>«im 

Wattendodc --fe, «. oilcloth 

Wattkaara — Je. v. weutcau- 

Watslicbt -*3e, 0. waxlight 

Wattmaker, «•. waxehan- 

Wattend, bv. euereasing, ri- 
sing; eeo wattende snee, 
an hyperbdtat de watteade 
maan, the creient 

Watseoaar, m. crescent 

Watting, V. growing, en- 

Watxair, V. eeratt 

Wat, vn. something, eomt- 
what, a little, any thing, 
what, which; wat zfjt gU 
gelakkig, how happy you 
are; al ytai, whatever 

Water -^e; 0. water, pool, 
dropsy, water bebbeo, to 
want to make water 

Watereo, w. water [tain 

Waterader, v. spring, faun- 

Wateracbtig, bv. waterish, 
ipatery, aqueous 

Waterachtigheld, o. wateri- 
ness [tesis 

Wateraftapping, e. paracen>' 

Wuurhid, 0. bath , 

Waterbak -ie, v. cwfem, 

Waterbeek — je, v. rivuUt 
Waterbel" * 

Je, V. ri 
-ye, 0, 


Watcrbel — fetje, waterblaat 
— je, waterbobbei — ^Je, r. 

Waterboof, v. rainbow 
Waterbreuk— je, v. hydrocele 
W^lerbron, v.jottntain ' 
Waterbait— Je, v. pipe, sewer 
Waterdier iO«i »• tquat*e 


Waterdlgt, bv. waterpreaf 
Waterdrager, m, waitrear- 

Waterdrinker ^-^» «• «•- 

Waterdroppd --tie, m, drop 

0/ water 
Wateremmer*-^, m, W9itr- 

atereppe, v. lavar 
Watergal, v. serous bile 

Watergaog — yc,iti. tpoler- 

gang, drain, aqueduct 
Watergedierte, 0. aquatic 

WatergetUde, 0. tide 
Waiergieter— ^e, m, water- 
Watergod, M. rivtrgod, god 

of the sea 
WatergodiD, v. teemymph 
Watergoot— je, v. gutter 
Watergraft-je* *• wetdUek 
Watergroeve, v. furrow iu 

the water 
Waterbaalder, m. watertar- 

rier {rati 

Waterhoen —tje, m, water 
Waterhond — je, si. apofer- 

Waterhooxing, v. watering 
Waterig, bv.watfry,a^eous 
Watering, v. conjtienct, Uike 
Waterkaart — ^e, «. water- 

Waterkan -->net)e, v. ewer 
Waterkant, v. waterside 
Waierkeering, «. ietty, pier 
Waterkers, v. watercressrt 
Walerkovd, bv. damp, cold 
Waterkroid, 0. aquatic plant 
Waterkruik— je, «. pitcher 
Waterkuip -]«,v.tubfbr water 
Wdterland, o. watery country 
Waierlefdlng, v. etqueduct 
Waterlook, v. watergermoa- 

der Icqurte 

Waterloop — je, m. water- 
Waterloozend, bv, dhtretie 
Waterlooaing, «. makimg 

watef, sewer 
Waiermagt, v. naval power, 

Waterman, m. AqMortut 
Watenneloea— ^e, v. wattr- 

Watetmerk, 0. watermark 
Watermolen —tie, m, toaitr- 

Waterpaard ,o.hipmopolamtut 
Watpfpat, 0. level 
Waterpasten. w. level 
Waterplat -je. v.»uddt^ 
Waterpoel, «. poof, luke 
Waterpomp, v. waterpump 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


relachtift bo. tottiting 
feling, p. tottering 
bv, moitt, damp 
leld, «. moistnti*, hu- 

ier, bv, awakt, vigiUtrnt, 

cer, frv, touudly, lustilg 
Iceren, w. encreat*. 

Iterheid, o. vigilance^ 
iinestf britkntss, vigour 
-lelje, V. vail, rampart, 
<r»f coast, ba*h ; aaa de 
1, ashore 
I, o. voood, weald 
Ivester, m. forester 
:, e. disgust, aversion, 
thing i de walff steken, 

IGa, V. locUh, nauseate, 
•n the stomach 
;8ClUigrt bv. gualmish 
rachtlgheid, v. squeam- 

§^ang, m. platform 
iingf V. loathing 
;lljk, bv. loathsome, nan- 
us Iness 
^lijkheld, V. loathsome 
Kroon, V. mural crown 
in, V. steam, wallop 
men, tff* steam 
noot— le, V. wallnut 
rus — je, m. seahorse 
ilru* [valley 
itroo, 0. lilUy of the 
rlsch— je, m. whale 
vischbaardeu, mv.whale- 

vischbeen, o. whalebone 
viscbdpek, o. blubber 
Tischtraan, v. whaJeoil 
vl«chraarder, m. whaler 
yitchYAagal, m. whale- 
hery [fish 

n — metje, v. belly of a 
abes, Wambuls — je, o. 
<ubletf jucket 
i, V. winnow 
i, bv. imply, vain 
men, w. wwnow 
naart, m. degeneracy 
abedriir, o. misdemeanour 
QbetaJlng, v. nonpayment 
nd — ie, m. wall 
Ddank, m. discontent 
Qdanken, w. discontent 
Ddel, m. conversation 
adelen, w. walk 
ndelaar, m, vraodelasr- 
;er, v. walker 
ndelbaar, bv.Jlt to walk in 
ndaldreef — je, v. walk 
ndelKang, m. gallery 


Waodellaan — tje, v. walk 
Waodeling — je, «. tvalk, 
walking J lo de waDd«UDg, 
Wandelpaif, o. footpath 
Waodelplaatt—jc, V. ambula- 
tory Istick 
WandeUtok— je, m. walking- 
Waodel meg — je, m. walk 
Wandluis — je, v. bug 
Wandtchot, o. wainscot 
Wanj? — etie, v. cheek 
VfAngebraik, o. bad custom 
Wangedrocbt — je, o. mon»ter 
wangelaat, o. ill look 
Wangelaatig, bv. ill-looking 
Wangeloof^ o. iuperstition, 

misbelief, unbelief 
Wangeloovlg, bv. superstiti- 
ous, misbelieving, uafte- 
WaogelooTieheld, v. misere- 

ance, infidelity 
Wangeluid, o. dissonance, 

Waugeschlkt, bv. improper 
Wangeschlktbeid, v. impro- 

aiifrestalte, v. deformity 
Wangslag, m.^oxon the ear 
Wangunneo, w, envy 
Waogunst, v. en^fy, disfavour 
Wangunstig, bv. envious, un- 
favourable tness 
Wangunt tigbeid, v. envious- 
Wangunstiglijk, bw. envious- 

Wanhebiyk, bv. unseemly, 

unsuitable, indecent 
Wanbeblijkbeid, v. unseem- 
liness, indecency 
Wanhoop, v. despair 
Wanhopen, w. despair 
Wanboplg, bv. desperate 
Wankeien, w. waver, totter, 

stagger, shake, move 
Wankelbaar. bv. tottering 
Wankelbaarbeid, v. iusta- 

Wankeling, v. tottering 
Wankelmoedig. bv. wavering 
Wankeliuoedigheid, v. irre- 
Wanklagen, w. etUumniate 
Wanklager, m. calumniator 
Wanluidend, bv» dissonant 
Wanluidendbeidj o. disso- 
Wanlutt, V. disordsrly ap- 

Wtetite, distaste 
aolasUg, bv. having a dis- 
orderly appetite 
Wanneer, bw. when 
Wanner, i». ventilator 
Wanorde, r. disorder 



W amraad,*. mismanagemtent, 
bad counsel, carelessness 

Wanschapen, wanscbapig, 

bv. misschapen, deformed 

Waoschapeabeid, v. defor- 

Wanscheptel— Ue,o. monster 
Wanschikkiug^ v. disorder 

Wauscbikkel\jk, bv, «hi6<- 

cominr, improper 
WanscbikkelOKbeid^ v. in- 
decency, impropriety 
WanscbuwelQkheld, «• mon- 
Waotpraak.v. solecism 
WaoBtal, «. diformitu 
Wanstaliig, bv. misshapen 
WaastaUigheld, v. deformity 
Want — je, V. glove without 

Want, 0. rigging, tackling, 

schrouds, cordage, nets 
Want, WW. /»r 

Wantaal, v. solecism, barba- 
rism ispeeeh 
Wantaalig, bv. barbarous of 
Wantrooailg, bv. disconsolate 
Wantrouw, v. distrust, sus- 
Wantrouwen, w. dislrmtt, 

Wantrouwen, o. distrust 
Wantrouwig, bv. distrustfkl 
NWantrouwlgbdd, v. distrust- 
fulness ifitlly 
Wantrouwigiyk, bv. distrust- 
Wanvoeglijk. bv. unsuitable, 

improper, indecent 
Wanvoegiykbeid, v. impro- 
. anvrucht* •• monster 
iWanzede. v. immorality 
Wanzinnig, bv. insane 
Wapen— tje, •. weapon, arm, 

arms, coat of arms 
Wapenen, w. arm 
Wapenboek, o. book of he- 
WapenbUl, «. battUaae 
Wapendaas, m. pyrrkie 
dance ibemref 

Wapendrager, m. armour^ 
WapengedruU, o. sound of 

Wapenbandel, « 

ment of arms 
Wapenbuis, •. arvMury 
Wapenlng, v. arming 
Wape^onlng, m. king at 

Wapenkreet, v, alarm 
Wapenkunde^ v. heraldry 
Wapeukuodlg, bv, armorial 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

966 WAA 

Waagj^eld, o. pttagt 
Waa^baU — Jt;, m. advtHtu- 
rgr, rath fetliw, dttperado 
Waag^meester, w. inspeclor 

of the latirhhoute 
Waag'Acbaal, v. scale, bm- 

lanee, hazard, vtntura 
Waagtchotel, v. scale 
Waar^pei, o. game at hazard 
Waal, V. ham, Aougk, gulph, 

Waai—de. woei— jendo— Jen» 
Uow; laten «aaijea« to 
Waatg'at, 0. tumagainf wynd 
Waak, «. watch 
Waaken, v. watch, ieak$ 
Waakeod, bv. watchful 
Waaker, si. watcher, watch- 

WaakboDd, m. watchdog 
Waakrok — Je. r. nighlgoton 
Waaktter — tje, v. nurse 
Waakzaam, bv. watchjul 
Waakzaamheid, v. vigilance 
Waal, V. haven, dfpth 
Waaleo, w. ebb, change, 

vary, waver, doubt 
Waalbaar, bv. changeable 
Waalbaarbeid, v. change- 

WaaliQ^, V. change 
Waairedder, m. harbour- 
Waalrrlj, bv. stable, constant 
Waalwortel, m.great comfrey 
Waan, v. opinion, conjecture 
WaaaeUf «c. xmkgiHe, pre- 
sume, think 
Waanpeloof, 0. superstition 
WaaQ.<chijn, m. appearance 
Waanwiji. bv. presumptuous 
Wa.anvvij»heid, v. presump- 
tion, sel/eonceit 
Waar, v. ware, commodity 
Waar, 61;. trtse 
Waar, 610. where ; waar na 
to«; wither; waar het 00k 
«ij, viAerever it be 
Waar, vn. which, what 
waar aan »chort het, what 
<«^<A« matter with it 
WftareQi w. indemnify, pre- 
serve, free, haunt 
Waar — »f, bw, wkereqf, of 

WaarachUg:, bv. true 
Waarachtij, waarachtigHjlif 
bv. truly, cert(tinly, verily 
Waarachtigbeid, v. truth, 

yfvit%nie,v.parh, warren, 

Wruarantee, security 
aaraodeeren, w. guarantee 
WMrborg, v, surety, r^uge 


Waar4>U, ^- whereby 
Waard, m. host, landlord, 

drained lake, island 
Waard, bv. dear, worthy 
Waard, bw. worth 
Waarde, v. worth, value; 
van waarde, valid, o/valua 
Waardeeren, 10. viUiiep es- 
teem, praise 
Waardeerder, M. appraiser 
Waardeerine, v. valuation 
Waardeerigk, bv. valuable 
Waardein, m. warden 
Waards^eld, 0. pressmoney 
Waardgelder, m, cUg-mili- 

Waardig, bv. worthy, worth, 

Wvrecious, dear 
aardigheld, v. worthiness, 
dignity . 
Waardlgl^k. bw. worthily 
Waardin — netje, v. hostess 
Waar-door, bw. whereby 
Waardschap, 0. club 
Waardshuis— je, 0. inn 
Waardij, v. worth, value 
Waargeest, nt. haunting 

Waargemaakt, dw. verified 
WaargeDomen, dw. observed 
Waargezegd, dw. divined ■ 
WaarliecD, bw. wither 
Waarheid, v. truth 
Waariog, v. orlop 
Waarison, 0. garrison 
Waarloozen, to. negUct 
Waarl^k. bw. truly 
WaarinaKeo, to. verify, 

Waarmede, 610. wherewith 
Waar — na, 610. after which 
Waarnemen. w.observe,keep, 

follow, avail of, make use 

Waarnemer, m. obsefver 
Waameming, v. observation 
Waarom, bv. why, wherefore 
Waar-op, bw. whereupon 
Waar-over, frto. about which 
Waarschap, v. surety, bail 
Waarschouwen. to. loam, 

admonish, advertise 
Waarschouwer, m. admo- 

Waarschouwing— Je, v.wam- 
ing, advertisement, admo- 
WaarschUnlijk, bv» ^ bv, 

Worobable, probably 
aarscbijaUjkheid, v. pro- 
Waacteekea, o.symbol,pUdge 
Waar-tegen, &10. against 

Wa^r-toe, bw, whtrtto 


Waar-olt, bw. whence 
Waar-rao, bio, whereef 
Waarxeggea, w. diwine 
Waarxegger, m. sootksayor 
Waarxeggerij, waarseggiog, 

V, divination 
Waarzegster — tje, v, witek, 

waassem, m, sleam^ vmpomr 
Waassemen, to. exhaU 

Waassemig, bv. steamy 
. ,^^j^ 

Waa^erniaker, m./anmaker 

Waassemiag, v. exAai 
Waaijer— i^e, m./fl 

V* (laiicriuaRcr, u 

Wadde,t;. /ord 

Wacbt— je, v. watch, guard 

Wachten, to. wait, stay, 

take heed, have a eart 
Wachftel— tje, m. guail 
Wachter-Qe. m, vatckmian, 

waiter, satellite 
Wachtbond, m. watchdof 
Wachthoader, m. seutinet 
Wachthois -je,o. watckkouse, 

W guardhouse 
achtiog, V. waiting 
Wachtmeeater, m. manhal^ 

Wachtplaatfl, v. post 
Wacbliich, bv. watchful 
Wachttorea — ^e, m. watch' 
tower [word 

Wacbtwoord — je, 0. «oatcA- 
Wafel —ye, v. wafer 
Wagen— fie, o». waggon, cha- 
riot, vehicle 
Wagenaar, m. waggoner, 

Wageaas, 0. axletree 
Wtfgenbais — ie, o. waggon- 
house, coachhouse 
Wagenhuor, v. carriage 
Wagenlens, v. linchptn 
Wagcamaker, mxartwrlght, 

Wagenman, m. waggoner 
Wagenpaard, «. carthorse 
Wagenrad, o. waggonwkeet 
Wagearenspel, 0, charriol- 

Wageaschot, 0. iraii»«col 
Wagensmeer, 0, waggon- 
Wagenspil, 0. axletree 
Wagenspoor, o, rut 
Wagenstar, v. charlee* wain 
WageuTol; v. cartload 
WagenTragt, v. cartload, 

Wagenweg, m. highwag 
Wagenwiel, 0. teai'f onioAec{ 
Wagenwyd, bv, very wide 
Wagenzeel, 0. trace* 
Waggelen, to. stagger, totter, 
waddle, vtavtr 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


isrtlirlieid, v. franknesi 

\zn\%\\i\i.%w, frankly 

leer, m. baron 

leermk, bv. baronial 

heerlQkbeid, «. barony 

held, V. liberty t freedom 

hoaden,w. txcuse, defray 

koop«o, w. retUtm, ran' 


kooping, V. redemption 

laten. to. release 

lating, V. release 

makea, w. emancipate 

making, V. liberation 

moedig,, resolute 

iDotfdlgheid, V. beldneii, 


moeA\gm, bw. boldly, 


piaats, V. sanctuary 

poBtig.&v. bold, impudent 

postigncid, V. boldness, 

ipudence, liberty 

poatigttik^bw. boldly 

epreken, w. acquit 

gpreking, « . acquittal 

8tad, V. place of refuge, 

ncluary, free town 

ster— Qe, v, sweetheart, 

istress, girl, maid, spin- 

tr , 

verklaren, «. a«ff«i< 

verklaard, rf»T acquitted 

waring, v« indemnifica- 


willlg, bv. voluntary J'ree 

wilHg, vrljwilUgliJk, bw, 


Iwlllige, vrywflllger. «. 

,luHleer . L^e** 

jwilligUfId, V. volwniart- 

iideeren,w. void, empty, 


a, bv, lazy, cowardly 

gheid, «. latinesi, eo- 


1, bv, foul, Sirty, nasty, 

^scene, smutty, tnvtous, 

alieious ; Tail smeer, 


laard, m. wicked person 

laardig, bv. malicious 

laardigheld, v, malicious- 

ess „ . ['y 

laardiglUk bw malicious- 

Ibek, in. eeold, railer, 

f^** . ^ . . 

Ibekken, w. give foul lem- 
uage, speak bawdy 
Ibeid, V. foulness, dirti- 
ess, ohseenity, ntaiiee 
ligheld, V. nUk. fllthi- 
ess,dirt, malice, illnature 
\n\», V, dirt, dung,fiUh 
Ite, v./outnet* 


Vulit— je> v.flsfynnrist { Toor 
devnwt, y«ir/y, extempore 
Vuittlook, v.Jlstycuffs 
Vuistslag, m. blow wilk the 

Vttigtvechter, m, pugelist 
VulstvechtiDg, V. boxing 
Vuistvol, V. handful 
Vuistwaat— je* v, mitten 
VulleD, w,fin, stuff, fuU 
Vulder, m. fuller 
Vulling, V. dirt, dung, filth 
Vuili«, V. dirt, dung,Jiltk 
Vulll8bak-je, v. dustbin 
Vulliskar, v. dungcart, dust- 
VuUisman, m. scavenger 
Vullirtvat, 0. dustbin 
VulllexUp, v.stwer 
Vulmoiea —tje, m. fullmg- 

Vulte, V. fullness 
Vnlwoord — je, o. expletive 
Vuisel 0. stuffing 
Vuns. bv. rank 
VuDstgheid, V. 'rankness 
Vuar — ije, o. fire, flame, »»• 

(lammaiiont gangrene 
Vuuren,, make fire 
Vuuroaak —}c, vuurbaken 

— tje, 0, lighthouse 
Vaufbal — lelje, o. fireball 
Vuurberg, tn. vulcano 
Vuurblaas, v. fir ship 
Vuurbloem, v. peony 
Vuurdragend, bv. igniferoue 
Vuurenhout, o. firewood 
Voiirhaak, v.firehook 
Vuurig, bv. fiery, fervent 
Vuurigiield, v.fieriness, fer- 
vency, redness 
VourigUjk, bw, fervently, ar- 
Vuurkloot— je, v. fireball 
Vuurkolk, v, fiery furnace 
Vuurkolom, v, pillar of fire , 
VaurlaDtaarn, v, ehiplan- 

Vuuroven, m, furnace 
Vuurpan, v. warnfingpan 
Vaurpot — Je. «• firepot 
VuurpijI — ije, m, rocket 
Vuurroer — Ije, o, firelock, 
fusileer [screen 

Viiurscherm — pje, v. /re- 
Vuurschilder, iw. eHamelter 
Vuur8Childering,v. enamel 
Vuarflcbop — je» »• fifeshovel 
Yuuralag— je. o. tintUrbox 
Vuorslot, o. firelock 
Vuursiede, v^ fireplace 
Vuurcteen — tje, m, flint 
Vuurstoker, m. incendiaty 
Vourlest— je,w. chaffing disk 
Vuurung — eljf, ». firetongs 

WAA 265 

Tuarwapen, o. firearm 
Viwrwerli -je, o, firework 
Vuorwerker, m. matr^u 
Vtturwortel, o, bartram 

V\\Aud, m, enemy 

VHandelijk, bv, «■ bw, kostiU, 
iuimically . ...^ 

Uandelijkheld, v. hostility 
Uandig, bv, inimical, «n- 




V]jaDdigheid, v. enmity 
V? andiglUk, bw, inimQaUy 
Vi laDdiu, v, enemy , 
VI aodxcbap, v, enmity * 
Vfirae. bv. fifth ^ ^ 
V? fderlel, bv, of five sorts 
Vi fhoek -je, m. pentagon 

VHQarig, Iv. quinquenntal 
VI flant, 0. pentagon 
Vi fmaal, bw.five limes 
VQrmaD, m, quinquevir 


0, quingue- 

VHrpoDdig, bv. quinquelilral 
Vljftlen, bv, fifteen 
Vijftiende, 0. 9«»n< 
vnftlende, bv. fifteenth 
Vfiftlg,6v.?f/<v . . 
vn ftigste, Iv, fiftieth 
Vijfvingerkraid, o. cinqutfoH 
Vijfvoei, m. starfish 
Vitg -je,,euff 
Vijgebrad, o, figlettf ^ . 
Vljgeboom — pJe, m.figtrf 
Vligeboon— Ije, o, lupine 
ViJ|ekorf-je, m. fig/rail 
Vfigvogel — ge, m,figtater 
vm-Qe. v,aU 
Vijlen, w. file 
WUsei.o. filings 
Vflt — je, o, whitlow . 

\Qvei — lje» "•• fitkpond, vt- 

vifvervlsch, v, fish from a 
Vijze, V. visce 

Vljzel— ^je, m. mOrtar, screw 
VjQaeJen, w, screw up 



dbaar, bv. 

Waade, v. for 
Waadc - ' 

Waadbaar, bv.fordable 

Waader, m./order 
■7aag, V, balance, 


nouse - V _ 

Waagen, w, hazara,^ ven- 
ture, ring . 
Waagdrager, m, weigher 
Waagebalk, m. beam of th$ 

pigitizedby VjOOQIL 

a64 vRi 

Vrc4Uibode,iii.Aerald •fpeaet 
▼redebreker, m.^raccnrMtAer 
Vred«brettk,v.frr«acA o/ptmce 
Vredef ever. m. pacificator 
VredraaodeUaf , v. vraderer* 
b«nd» 0. trtaiy o/ptac* 

VradelievendTSv. pacific 
VredelieTendheid, «. ptaee- 

▼r«deni«ker, m. ptaetwMker 
Vredemaakstcr, v. mediatrix 
▼redenttijd, v.ptae* 
▼rMeregter, m. Justiet •/ 

VredMt»r, V. e«tfii«0M 
Vredevhir* v. flag of tneee 
VreedMam, 6«. peac«o6{e, 
- fMiM * [ne$$ 

▼recdsaambeM. v. f»eaeM6le- 
Vreedxaamiyk, frw. peaeeablp 
Treemd, 6v. ttraitge,foreignf 

▼raemde, Treemdellnf, m. 

VreeMdheid, v. <«rafif«iieM 

Vreet, v.fear 

Tree* — de, Tmende.Treten. 

YrHMUchtig, bv. fearful, tt- 
morou* l"'" 

Treesachtkrbeid, s. timoroys- 

VrcMUik, Rf. 4- Ow. dreadful, 

TrcMmkhetd, v^readfulness 

Vreei, Trat — ende —en, de- 
vour, gobble, eat 

Vreevnnreo, mv. Castor and 

▼reese, ». /iw, awe, drtad 

Vrek, m. mi«er 

Vrek, Trekacbtlg, vrekkig, 
*•. miterly 

Vrekheid» v. siinginese 

Vreter, m, glutton 

Vreafde, v.Jop 

Vreagdedaf, m,fettiftai 

yreafdegalni, ». «A«iu i^/oy 

Vreagdelled — Je, o. fOfu-- 0/ 

Vrengdeloot, bv, ioylete 
Vrengderuiir — ije, 0. boi^re 
ynf»gdlg,bv. joyful ^ 
Vrielen, w. wriggle 
Vrieod— Je»*n^i«ii<^ relation 
Vrlendelqoa, bv. frfmdlets * 
VrieDdelflk, bo, friendly, af- 
fable, kind, kindly 
Vrlendemkbeid, v./tiendli- 

neee, kindmett, affdbilUy 
Vriendgrenootscbap, o.friend- 

If tocietp 
Vrfeodboudend, b^,fHendty 


VrieodlD — neQe, v. friend, 

Vrienditchap — Je, v.friend- 

ikip, kindness, friend 
Vries, vroor, yrinende,Trle- 

zeD, fret to 
Vriexend, bo, frosty 
Vroed, hv. wise, prudent; 

▼roed makeu. to persuade 
yroeden,w. fudge 
Vrocdbeid, v. wisdom, pru- 

Vroeikunde, v. midwifetp 
Vroedmeeatert m. tnoiiiMt^- 

Vroedscbap, v. towrn'oouncil, 
common-councU, common' 
Vroedvrouw — tie, v. rroed- 

wiit -)e, o. midwife 
Vroeg, bv, 4- bw. early, bo- 
lt nes, soon (times 
Vroegjes, vroegtyds, 610. be- 
Vroegryp, rroegmdig, bv. 

Vrolijk,, merry ,gay 
VrolilkbCld, v. mirlk,jomty, 

"Wrong, V. wreath, farthiM' 

gaU, pudding 
Vrongel. v. curds 
Vrooni,6v. honest, pious, vir- 
tuous, valiant, strenuous . 
Vroom, vroomUjk. bw, ho- 
nestly, fairly, piously, va- 
Vroombefd, v. honesty, pro- 
bity, piety, courage, valour 
Vrouw — Ije, v. woman, wife, 

mistress, lady 
Vrouwachtir, bv, effeminate 
Vrouweheroid — Je, 0. shift 
Vrouwelijk, bv. female, fe- 
minine ■ 
VroaweliJkfaeid, v.puaendum 
VroaweDoeeld, o, ftmate 

Vrouweodag, m, candlemas 
Vrouweahair, v. weeping 

Vrouwenhais ^ie,o. seraglio 
Vrouweokleed, 0. woman,*e 

Vrouwealost,*. love of women 
VroHwcnrok — je, v. petticoat 
Vrouweoscbeoder, «. ra- 

VrouwenschenderiJ, v.rape 
Vrouwenscbeudiag, v, stn- 

Trouweniimmer, 0. seragUo, 

female sex 
VrouwUeden, mv. 


Vroawaeotcb, o4Troawspcr- 

•oon, woman 
▼roawTolky 0. women 
Vronwziek, bv. uxoriau* 
Vracbt, v. fruit, effect^hiUi 

vruchi doea, to profit 
Yruchteo, «0./«ar 
Vrucbtbaar, bv, fruitful, fn^ 

Truchtbairbeld. «. fertilUp 
Vrncbtboom — pje, mu fruit- 
tree [Tiouo 
Vrocbtdragend, tm. frug^fo- 
VrochUloos, bv.firuitleeo 
Vrucbteloosheid,v. fruitUu- 

Vruebtgebniik, p. utufruet 

ker, m. us^fruetuary 
Vrll,, easy, liberal 
VrQ, bw. middling, tolerabliy. 
freely i yt^ meer, wsmeh 
VrHden, w,free 
Vrfl, vree — ende —en, CMH 
VriUadye, rrOagie, v. court- 


VrHborstlgbeld, v. resoi 

VrQbrief — je» "*. pass, pasv 

^ port, indutgenee 

Vriibuit, m. booty 

Vrf bultea, w. rob 

Sri buiter. m. freebooter 

Vrqbailscbip, 0. pirate 

Vrljburg, m. refuge, temctu- 

Vridag, m. Friday 
VrHdom, m. freedom, furif 

Vrljdorp, 0. borough 
Vrije, 0. barony 
VrQcr —Ije, m. suUer, wooer^ 
., lover, young man, btiehelor 
Vrljerij — ^e, v. wooing, 

VriigeboreD, bv. freebom 
Vrfigee«t, m. fresthinher ' 
Vrfigeester^, v.freethinkkur 
VrQg;ebouden, aw, exeusea, 

Vrijgekogt, dw. ransomed 
Vrflgelaien, dw. reloasad 
VrUgeleide, 0. safe oomduet 
VrQfeleibrier, m. UiUro^ 

seus conduce 
Vr^emaakt, dw. tmaneipa^ 

VrHgemaakte, m. freedvsan 
VrQireaprokeo.dv. acquitted 
VrUgetochteo, 6v. freed bw 
arms {franh 

Tryhartig, bv. downright. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


1 —Je, V. world ; d«xer 
Id'overleden, depmrUd 
life; ter wereld nlct, 
mtant tn tkt world 
ibetchrijrer, m, cos- 

ibenchrljvlDg, v. eot' 

clb«w(mer, m» inhabi' 
of the world, 
dbol, «. globe 
dkloot, V. terreitrial 

Idkande, v. kmowMge 
he world 

dkundig, bp. eaperUnC' 
« Iheworidfpublie. 
Idling, m. worldling 

dnichtig. bv, public 
Idecb, hv. worldly, 
dautt tentval [nets 
dschheld, «. worldli- 
dsgeziDd, bv, worldljf- 



dttreek, v. zontf region 

dvorst, in. tnonarek of 


-je, V. wlmrf, yard, 

Vt j'l*y» ground, turn, 

-de, wervende, wer- 
levy, raise, press, en- 

-eld, 0. bounty 
~je, o. work, job, low 
>n, w. work 
u:hti», bv, laborious 
laat, m. workmoiter 
leest, 0. worAtnr freai< 
Itidig, ftv. ejlflcaeious 
ladigheid, «. oclivify, 
tetoiwn#M, practice 
ladiglijk, bw. aclively, 
leiomsiy, praeticaUp 
lag.m. workingday. 
jMjk, bv, 4- bw. effect- 
real, actual, active, 
Hng, busy, effectively, 
al& [reality 

>lijkl)eld, V. activity, 
•r, m, worker 
luU — Je, 0. w0rikA0NM 
ng , V. tooriki«jr, opera- 
, tn/luence 

leden, mv. workpeople 
nan, m. worAmaa 
neekter, m.wor*iiM<<er 
niddel —^e, o. means, 
>lant8, V. workyard, 
loof — Je, v< drudge 


Wttrkstellhr, frv. practical; 

werkfttelHg maken, to put 

in practice 
Werkstelligheid, v. practice 
WerkstelUglijk, bw, practi- 
cally [man 
Werkster — t|c, r. workwo- 
Werkttttk — fe, e. piece of 

work, workmansMp, pro- 

Werktiilg — je, o, tool, in- 

Werktulglg, bv. organical 
WerktolgkuQde,v. meckanies 
Werkioigiijk, bv. instrumen- 

tat, meckanlcat 
Werkt^df V* working time 
Werkvolk, o. workpeople 
Werkvrouw— tje, v. workwo- 

Werkwoord, o, verb, 
Werksaam. bv. laborious 
Werkzaambeid, v, laborious- 

Werp, m. call, tkrow 
Werp, wierp, —code —en, 

tkrow, cast, flings wkelp, 
kitten, litter 
Werpauker, tn. bowanchor 
Werpgeweer, o, missile wea- 

W9ons [lead 

erplood — je, o. soundit^- 
Wecpnet —\c, o, casting-net 
Werpp«l -Ue, m. dart 
Werptcnlcbt —\e,m. javelin 
Werpscbijr-je, v. coi^ 
Werptpeer— tje, werpspies, 

— je, v. javelin 
Werptol — le^je, v. top 
Wertel — U«» »• ^"'P 
Wervel -^e — ende —en, 

WervelDeen —tje, o, articu- 
lation, joipt^ vertebra 
Werreldraaijer, m, ring- 
Wervelwind,m. wkirlwind 
Wervelaiek, bv. giddy 
Wervelziekie, v. giddiness 
Werver, m. /et>««r, press-offi- 
Vfevviog, V. levy, enlisting 
Werwaarts, iw. wkitker 
Weshalvc, vw. wkertfore 
W.e«p— je,<Mp. 
Wespenest— je, o.wasp's nest 
West, v. western, o, weit ; 
buiten westen, beside one's 
WestelUk, bv, westerly 
Wester, westerscb, bv, wes- 
Westnoordwesf , o,w0stnorlh- 

Westwaarta, 5io. westward 

WIB ^73 

Weatzuidweat, •• westtoutk- 

Wet, V, law, government^ 

magistracy i een stale wet, 

an inviolable rule 
Wet, 0. pond. 

Wet — te— tende —ten, whet 
Wetboek, o. code 
Wetbreker, tn. Imwbreaker 
Wetbreuk, v. breack of Ike 

Wetens, bw, knowingly : a I 

wetens, premeditafely ,- 

myns wetens niet, not that 

I know of, 
Wetanschap. v. knowledge 
Wetcnswaardig, bv, worth 

Wetering, v.eon^Mence, root 
Wetgevend, bv. legislative 
Weigever, m, legislator 
Wetgeving, v. legislation 
Wetgeleerde, m. lawyer 
Wetgeleerdbek), v, jurispru- 
Wetbouder, m. magistrate 
Weimaker, m, lawmaker 
Welmatigi bv. legal 
Wetstaaf — Ije, o. wkettiur 

St (el 
Wetsteen —tje, o, wkelstone 
Wetteloofi, bv. lawless 
Wettelijk, bv. 4- bw, lawful. 

If gal, lawfully 
Wettelijkbeid, v. legality 
WetUg, bv. legitimate, U- 

Wjat. lawful, competent 
ettigen, to. legitimate, le- 
Wjalize, approve, justify 
ettiglieid, V, legitimacy, 
validity " 

Wettiging, V. legitimation, 

Wettiglijk, 611;. legally 
Wever, m, weaver 
Weverij, v. weaving 
Wezeu —tje, 0. being, es- 
sence, countenance 
Wezen, ti^n. 0/Ben, be, exist 
Weyerjj, v. graziery, pas- 
turage, venery, hunting 
Wezel —tje, m, weasel 
Wicht — je, 0. wigkt, child 
Wie, vn, wJ^o, whom ,- wie, 

00k , whosoever 
Wiedea, te. weed 
Wiedemaand, «. June [er 
Wieder, m. wled8ter,«.vecd> 
Wleding, v. weeding 
WiodiJMT-^e, 0. ioe 
WIeg — je, v. cradle 
Wiegen, ir. rock 
Wicgband — je. v, wiegtonw 
—ye, 0. crudlestring [er 
Wieger, m.wiegtterjV.rocA- 



Weif ereOf w, r^ftut 
Weirerur, m. rtfu$er 
Weiferachtig, weifferlff,»v. 

-nnwiUint »o grant 
Weirerbaar, bv. refuaahlt 
Weirering, f. refntal, dtnUl 
'WeiTaad, 0. patturt 
Welmaand, o. Jiia« 
Weimao, m. huntsman 
Welnig -je, «. UttU 
WeiDiir, fr«. few, lUtU 
WdDlKheld, weiolgte, «. 

fewntu, jMotcUw 
Wtkt, weiie, w. viheat 
Weltatch -je, v, hunterU 

Wattabrood, «. vheathread 
mreitemeel, »• vaheatfiour 
WekelUk, frv. w«a*ltf , fiahHty 
WekeUikheld, v. (Co6Mit<M 
WekelQks, frte. toceAty 
WekeUjksch, »v. wee*/y 
Wekkeo, tv. awaik« 
Wekgesang, «. matin 
Wekkar — tje, «. aii»aik<f»«- 

lorm, alarmwalek 
Wttk «. spring, w«a 
Wal, frto. weU, r«f At ; wel ya- 

ren, to6e well, to be in good 

kttMhi wej willen, to wUh 

Wd— de— lende— leo, spring, 

rUt,seeth, solder 
Walaan, tuss, well then/:owu 

Welbedacht, 6v. welladvised 
Welbebaf en o.goodpleasnre, 

WaTbebagelijk, bv, weUpUa- 

Welbekend. bv.weUhnown 
WellbekcDde. m. intimate 
Welbemlnd. bv, weObeloved 
Weibeoeeiiogd, bv. wellac- 

Welbereld, bv, weltprepmred, 

well dre$sed 
WelbMpraakt, bv, eloquent 
Waldaad, v. benefit 

Weldadig, bv. benefieitnt, be- 

n^iaX, charitable 
Weldadlgheld, v. ben^eenee 

Weldoeo, 0. welldoing 
Weldoen.w dogood,welldo 
Weldoeoder, m . benefactor 
WeMoenster. v, bentfactress 
Weledele* bv, honourable 
We1edelegeBtrenge,fro. right • 

Wdeer, bw.fomurlg 
Waif -Hie, welreade, welren, 

Welf»el, •• »«««« , 
Waif •boren,ft».Hy*l honour' 

abje, iUuttrious 


ffelfadaan, dw, %■ bv* wtU- 

done, healthy 
Welgegoed, bv, having a good 
estate [ed 

Welgegrond, bv.weltgronnd- 
Welgegroodheid, o. soliditp 
Welgelegea, bv, wellsituated 
Welgeluksaligy bv. blessed 
Welgemaakt, ov. wellmado 
Welgemaaktheid, v. spmme- 
try {lute 

Welgemoedheld, v. eheerfuU 

W elgeregeld, bv. wellordered 
WelgeiiChikt, bv. opposite 
Welgealeld, bv. suhstantial 
Welgevaliea, o. pleasure, li- 
Welgevalleo, w. please 
Wel^evallig, bv. pleasing 
WelgevalUgbeld, v. compUi' 

Welgevoegiyk, bv. prdper, 
decent ipriely 

WelgevoeglUkbeid, v. pro- 
Welgewilcf, bo. in request 
Yfelgeiien,bv. respected 
Welgezlnd, bv. weUminded 
Weli^road, m. springy land 
Welhebbend, bv. substantial 
Welk, mv. which, that ; wel- 
ker, welkt, wnose{ welk 
00k, which soever, whatso- 
Welkea, w. wither lever 
Welkom, tuts, welcome 
IFelkoiDst, V. welcome 
Wellerend. bv. courteous, po- 
WelleyeDheld, v. politeness 
yre\\iuf[,v. ebullition, solde- 
ring , stranding ; een scbip 
uit die welliog kr^geD, to 

Wjet a ship afioat 
elluidend, hv. melodious 
>Velluidendbeld, v. melody 
Welluldiog, V. cadence 
Wellust, v.lust, sensualily, 

luxury, pleasure 
WelluKtig, bv. voluptuous, 

sensual, lustful, luxurious, 

WelluBtigiield, v,voluptuous' 

nets, lust fulness, sensualily 
-Weiluttiglijk, bw. voUptw- 

Weliiieeneodheid, v. good in- 

Weip — Je, m. whelp 
VVelriekead, welruikead» tv, 

fragrant, odoriferous 
Welriekebdbeid, vjragranty 
WeUmakend, welsiiMkelli)k, 


Webprdiend. 6v. e t»fmt m t 

IFelspreekkiinst, v. rhetoric 
WeUUande, welataaslijkf 

bv. wetlbecomtng, d oe eu i 
WeUtaaDlijkb«id, v,daeamet, 

WeUtaani, v. decency Jama; 

weUtaaos halTe,/»r iWa'f 

Welstaod, at. wel//bre, weil- 

being, good health 
Welvareo, 9. welfare 
Welvareod, *•. ' * 

prosperous, healthy 
WelvareDdbeid, v. heuUhi- 

ness, prosperity 
Welvaart, «. welfare, pros- 

WelviDg, V. conemmeraJheu 

Welverstaaode, bm. provided 

Welvocgend, welvoeglijk, 
bv. wetibecaminfp dieent, 

WelvoegeDdheid, welfoeg- 
lUkheld, V. decency, pro- 

IVeUoegzaam, bn, e a m v t mt- 
ent, suUttble, deeent 

Tfelvoegaaambekl, v. come* 

Welweaea, weU^o, o.wel- 

Vfare, wtllbeing, pratmeritr 
etxaod, 0. loose eemd 
Wetuelea , ««. cratvU 
Vfea, V. wen 
Wea, bw. when 
Weo -de — nend« •^nea,ae- 
custom, use, enmre, disus*, 

Wending, r. turn, f ocA 
Wenk -^e, «. winh^ beck, ia- 

Wenk — te — ende —en, *•«*• 

Wenkbraaaw — Qe, «• eg*- 

Wenscb —Jet v. wish, des*rt 
Wentcheo, w. wish, derirti 

de wenschendtt wuxe* lb* 

optative mood 
WenscbeiUk. bv. desirehU 
Wenscbe]QUiekl« v. AHr- 

Wen«cbing, v.wi«Aiii|' [M 
Wenat, •. wont, custom, he- 
Wentelen, w, welter, maOen, 

turn, roll 
Wenteling, v, voelterint, 

wallowing, rotting 
Wentaltrap — J«» v,windiaf 

WeatvlsoU, -Hi* «• r«lkr 

Digitized byLnOOQlC 


Weesmeld, v. weetmeisje, o. 

orphan girl 
Weet, r. notietf advice, 
knowUigt, notion, seuta- 
tim, kjiaeli, practice 
We«t,wigt-ende— en, know; 
te weten, to wit, vutelicit 
Weet, pret. of vUji 
VTeetgierif , 6v. inquisitive 
W«et(rierigiie!d, weetlu«t, v. 

WeetfierlfHJk, Irw. inquisi- 
tive tu 
Weetniet, m. ignoramus 
Wesendheld, v. essence 
Wezendl^k, bv. f frw. essen- 

tial,reat, realty 
Wezepdi^kheld, v. existence, 

essence, nature, reality ' 
Weg —^9,m. way road, path, 
course; gij zijt ran de weg, 
you are wrong, you have 
lost your way ; ticn op weg 
htgevea, to set out ,■ ik kon 
met betn oyer meg, I could 
agree with him ___^__^ 
Weg, bw. awayT ^WnwIP 
pound verbs yieg is only 
written conneclively in the 
iujiuitive mood and in the 

Vegbaner, m. precursor 
Vegblaten, 10. blow away 
Vegblijreii, w. stay away 
^egbaoeo, w. drive away 
f egbrengeu, w. carry away 
l^egdoeo, ip. put away, re' 

'egdoen\ng,v. vemoval 
^egdrageu, «D. carry away 
'egdrtglng, v« deportation 
'egdriupeu, w. drop off 
egdr^ven, w. drive away 
exe, o. way, behalf; it 
mege breogeo, te bring a- 
boutj onder wege, by the 
waw i TAQ wege, because of; 
kmbu wege, ojleiaityi van 
D^nent wege, ou my part, 
m wty behalf 
egenc, vw. eonctming 
^genacbeoder, m. high- 

>genacbettderU( «* higk- 
ger, m, wHghtr 
ggaao, w. go away, de- 
art i de weggm»nde bok, 
I* aeaptroai 
fgeblasao, dw, blomm 

r^eklcTMif dm-staldenoay 
Igtbo^udf 49, drUfess 


Weggebragt, dw. carried 

Weggedaan, dw. put aieay\ 
Weggedragen, dw^ carried 

away (away 

WeggedreTen, dw. driven 
Weggedropen, dw. dropped 

Weggeven, w. give away 
Weggegaaa, dw. gone away 
Weggegeveo, dw.given away 
Weggegooid, dw. thrown 

Weggebaald, dw. taken away 
Yfegge\tAgd,dw.driven away 
WeggeKooien. away 
Weggelegd, dts. laid up 
Weggclefd, dw. led away 
Weffgeloopeo, dw. run away 
Weggemaakt,(/i0. made away 
\S ^ggenoxucvkjdw.taktn away 
Weggeraakt, dw. go{ away 
Weggereden, dw. ridden 

Weggerei|i4« '^* departed 
Wagg«falt,> dw. torn away 
Weggeacbeept, dw. shipped 


Weggeschikt, dw. put away 
We^geacbopt, dw. kicked 

away [away 

Weggesleept, dw. dragged 
M^eggesloten, dw. locked up 
Weggesmelen, dw. flung 

Weggespoeld, dw. washed 

Weggestoken, dw. hiddin 
^'eggestoteo, dw, pushed 

away laway 

'Weg^etrokken. dw, pulled 
'Weggevaren, dwaailea away 
Weggeveegd,di». swept away, 
WeggevlodeD, dw. /ted away 
Weggevlogeo, dw, flown 

Weggevoerd, dw. carried off 
Weggegewaaid, dw. blown 

Weggewtaaaemdttfw. evapo- 
Weggeweerd, dw. repelled 
W^geworpen, dw. thrown 

Weggeaet, dw. laid aside 
Mfegg^omea, dw. sent away 
Weggooyea, w. throw aw#y 
Vfeggr%t, 0. knotgrass 
Wegfialen, w. take awmy 
Wagjageot w. drive away, 

turn out 0/ doors, dismiss 
^egtag, ». weighingr 
WegkoBieD,w./el away 
WegleggeBiW. (09 np, lag by 

WEI 271 

Wegleideo, w. lead away 
V^egioopeD,io. run away 
Weglooper, m. runaway 
Weg looping, v. /light 
Wegmaken, w. make away ; 

Eicb wegmaken. to get st- 

way, to abscond 
y/egntmtik, w. take awa%, 

Wegnemlug, v. removal 
Vegrakeat w. get away, be 

Wegreisen, w. depart 
Wegrukken, w. tear away 
Wegrijdcu, w. ride away 
Wegschepen, w. ship off' 
Wegachikken, w. put awtty, 

send away 
Wegschoppen, v. kUk away , 

Wegalepen, 10. drag away 
Wegdluiten, w. lock up 
Wegsmijten, w. /ling awtty 
Wegspoeleii, w. wasch away 
WegBteken, w. hide 
Wegs toteu , w. path away 
Wegtrekkeu, w. pull awmy, 

set off depart 
Wegvaardig, dp. ready to 

Wegvareo, w. tail away 
Wegvegea, w. sweep away 
Wegvliedeii, to. /lee away 
Wegvliegvn, to. /iy away 
Wegvof rder, m. raptoi, ra- 

viser carry off, lead 

away, ravish 
Wegvoeiiog, v. deportation, 

rape ' 
Wegwaa«semen, w.evaporate 
WegwaaUen, 10. blow away 
Wegweeren, w. repel 
Wegwerpen; w. throw amay 
WegwerpelUk, bv. rejtctabk 
Wegwerplng, t>. rejection 
Wegwerpsei, o. that which 

is thrown away 
Wegw^zer, m.guvio 
Wegxeoden, w. send away 
Wegxetteu, w, lay asido, set 


Wei —tje, welde^ u. • 
Weiacbtlg, bv. serous,waltry 
Welachtigneid, «. iDai#riii«a« 
Weideo, w. grazt^feedjdtten 
Welder, m,kerd$mam, gr«> 

Weldscb. bv. tawdry, gay 
WeidBcbbeid,«. taJdrtnZs 
Welfeleo, w. waver 
Weifeiaar, «• poUoror 
Weifeleiid, bv, inoonetetni 
WcifeUngff. wavfff{ng4 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

270 WEB 

WederatftM, dw, rMMci, 

Wederatand, m% resUtamee 
Wederstander, m. r^Hittr 
Wede fit reef— de, wederstre- 

▼code, wedentreren, op- 

Wedentreven, dv. ^ppoied 
Wederttrever, », opponent 
Wederatrevig, frv. oppvg- 

nanl, rcpufiunif, eoiUrvry 
Wedersirevifbeid, v. row- 

trmrietif [Hon 

Wederatrerlng, «. oppoti- 
MTedertaal, ». rtpiy 
Wedertof t, «. r«<Mn» 
WederrarcD, w, oueouMitr, 

IVederraren, dw, occurred 
Wedervaren, 0. «cc«rreiice, 

Wederral, m. adveraiip 
WederrerfekleD, w. reeom- 

ptnto ipente 

wederrerf eldiny, r. recowt' 
Wederrerf olden, dw. rectfin- 

■ WederwmardlK. bv. advert* 
Wedenraardifbeid,«. adver- 

H<ir [versely 

WederwaardiRllJk, bw, od- 
Wedenerren, w. rMoy 
Wederzeoaen, 10. r«««n<f 
WedereieOfW. reiM; tot we- 

derzient, till w« meet again 
Wedenijde, v. eiiAer iUft; 

ter wedenyde, on iai* 

WederxUds, bw. MttfvaOf 
Wedenljdtcb, bv. mutual 
Wedloop oje. in. horeerac* 
Wedspei — leQe. o. 5«< 
Weduwe, v. inaow 
Wedawenaar, m. wi4o««r 
WadowenaarcchapfO. tridow- 

Weduwarift — )e, 0. jolnturo 
Wedairlbk. »v. vitfual 
Wedow«cbap, v. widowhood 
Weduwvroaw, v. widow 
"Wee, o. paiuf pang, woo 
Wee, tuts, wo 
ITeedaMh, weede, «. weed^ 

WeedoBi. ak pain, fti^f 
"Weef — de, weTende, wevea, 
wtaw tloom 

WeefjretoDW. weeftoow^ «. 
Weefiel, a. tittuo 
VToeg, 9, waiiutoi, wef. 

WMf, wo«)r — eade — ~ 
Weefrbaar, bn» woigJkable 



WetflMak— Je, m. H oHf m H 

We*f Iota— Je, 0. bug 
WeeMchaal — ^e, v. p^ir ^ 

ttHe*^ baiane* 
Weefael —tit, o. weigh 
Wecl -je, VwMik 
Week, bw. toft, tender, wtah 
Week, pret. o/w^k 
Week— te — eode —en, ttoep, 

Weekachtiff, bo. toftith 
Weekbakkeo, bv. tojlbahed, 

weakly, toft 
Weekbeen — tte^ e. gritttt^ 
Weekbartig, bv. teuderkettrt- 

*d Iheartedneit 

Weekhartigheid, «. tender- 
Weekhekl, v. titftnttt, tern- 

Weekiof , v. maceration 
tVeekSet, bw. weakly 
fFeeklagen, w. lament 
IFeeklage, wef klagt, v. to- 

fFeekmarkt, v.wetkly mMrhet 
fTeelde, v. luxury 
Ifeeldrif, bp. luxuriout, 

ffeeldrlgbeid, «. luxuriout- 

neu. wantonnett 
ITeeldrigUjk. bw. luxuriout- 

ly, wantonly 
IV^eellg, bv. luxuriantj wee- 

Ug Tieeseb» proud fieth 
fFeeligheid, v. luxuriance 
fVeemoedig, bv, muun^fkl, 

IFeemoedigbeid, v. mtoum- 

fulneit, eompattiou 
IFeemoealglijK, bw. numn-m. 

fully t eompattionately 
^eeoeo, w.weep 

IFeeDijiff, v. weeping 

Weept.Jnr, effeminate 

fFeepabeid, v. effeminacy 

IFeer, v. defence, tnotion, re- 
tittance, xicb ter weer 
Btellen,(od«/endone*< toff; 
veel veers doen, to we 

Jgreat tndeavourt 

freer, m. wether 

freer, o. weather 

Weer, bw. again, tee w«d«r 

Ireeren, w. prevent, removtt 
defend ; zfch waklcer wee- 
ren, to use great endeawurt 

IFeerachtig, bv. loathtomt, 
fultom, callout 

Ireeracbtigheid, v. ImI4- 
tomeneu, callotitp 

IFeerbaar, bv. d^entible, 
tenable ; weerbare naa- 
•chap, men aM« to bear 
•rmt [bom 

ITeerbtfatig, kw^rdgitMh 


IFeerlMtratl^eid,*. ^tuhbeirw 

IFeerbieding', v. deflmtt, re- 

^eergaa, «. match, paraUti 
WeergaJoofl, Iv. mateklete 
Weergaf, v. restitution 
Weergalm, t». echo 
Weergalmen, w. re t a mmd , 

Weergelding-, v. recempevee 
Weerge«cheDeu,rft0. reMeeted 
Weergesloten, dw. rebound- 

Weerglas, o. weatkerglata 
Weerhaak — je. m. barb 
Weerhaan— Qe, «. weather- 
Weerklank, m. echo, toumd 
WeerkliDk, weerklonk— end* 

—en, resound 
WeerkloBken, dto. retoumdti 
Weerlicht, o. lightning 
Weerlich^B, tr. lighicn 
Weerllchttc4i, bv. Matted 
Weerloos, bv. defeneeleu, 

Weerlooftbeid, v. harmleu- 

neii, noH-retittanee 
Weertchaal, 0. echo 
Weerschijo, m. r^fUetUm, 

Weerscbijnen, w. re/tect 
Weerschijo sel, 0, refUctlea, 

Weershoofd, 0. whMwimd 
Weerfclag, m. repereuteiom 
Weersprong, m. rebound 
Weerstroom, m. eddp, regue 
Weerstuit, m. rebotutd 
Weerstoiteo, w. rebound 
Weertij, v. reflux, ebb 
Weerwerk, o. opposition 
Weerwll, v. repugwamm; rt- 
lu€tamce; Id weerwiC n 
Weerwolf, m. loerewoff. Up- 
bear, lycanihropos 
Weerwoord, 0, replg 
Weerwraak, v. revenga 
Weerwys, bv. weathermiee 
Weerzang, m. antistewke 
Weerzin,M. avertion, tn^rmn 
WeerxUde, v. the other aUe . 
ter weersU<le, on both eida 
Weea -je, m.kv. orphmm 
Wees. pret. ofwi^e 
Weeabezorger, m. g mrd ion 
Weealiuia--je, corphanhouii 
Weeaioogen, m. orphein ^ 
Weeakamer, •. orpkonU 

Weeaklod -jc, o. orphm 
Weeameeater, m. q^eer •/ 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

Wstcrp«iigeii, v.teapmrtUmi 
Waterpot— je, v. chamberpot 
Wafeerpat— je, v. eistem, tvefl 
Waterraaf, v. cormorant 
Waterrat —ie, v. waterrat 
Waterroos, v. waterlUlf 
Wafeerschoot, m. wattr^ 

Wmt0fUng, V, waternake 
Watersnep — je, v, tnipe 
WaterapiD, v. vMttr^/tider 
Waters prong, m, fomnttAn, 

Watersteen— Qe, at. Hnk 
Watentortinf , v. cataract 
Watertanden, w. have the 

teeth water ; ik watertaod, 

aiy teeth water 
WatertoQ — ne^e, v. water- 

ea$h ' [dra 

Wateruorw^zer, m. cupty- 
Waterval — le^e, m. wolcr- 

Watervat, o. watereaek 
Waterverw, v. watereolour 
Watervervrlg* bv. azure 
Wrtervloed — je, «. 0ood 
Watervocel — ijc, at. water- 

Watervorst, «. j'od of «A< 
Waterwel. v. v>ater$prtng 
WatBTwerk— je, 0. waterwtri 
Waterweetrkunde, v. hydro- 

Waterzocbt. t. drdpty 
Watersuchtfg. frv. dropsical 
Wafttc, o, ford 
Watte, V. wad, fiochi met 

wattea voereo, to guilt 
Wattea, mv. flatt, ehoale 
Wavwelen, w. chatter, fum- 

Waawelaar— ^e»M. chatterer 
We, •». we 

Web* webbe — Ue. v* «Mfr 
WabBPinne, v. eplder 
WeddeD, v. bet, wager, lay ; 

ik wed Tan Ja, i lay it i« 

Wedde, V. talarVf pention 
Wadding, weddiDgacbap, r. 

teof er, bet 
Weder, o. whether 
Weder, (v. arain (fregnent- 

iy written by abbrevtaiion 

weer) , 
Weder, wedert, va. either 
Wederantwoord, o. rfply 
Waderaotwoorden, 10. reply 
Wederbareo, 10. regenerati 
Wad«rbaring,v. regeneraiion 
Wederbekomeiu w. recover 
WederbekoBieDy dw. recover- 
ed Irate 
Wa d ar b rtooMa, w, r^mnnf 



Wednrberolken, w. tepeopte 
Wederbevolkt, dw, repeopled 
Wederbrencren, w. tednce 
Wederdoopen, w. rebaptize 
Wederdooper, m. anabaptiet 
Wedereiscn, m.eoanler claim 
Wedereiccbeo, w, redemand, 

Wedereischer, m. reclaimant 
Wedereiscbing, v. reetomo- 
tion [plied 

Wedergeaotwoord, dw, re- 
Wederieboreo, dw. regene- 
ralea [lation 

Wedergeboorte, v, regene- 
Wedergebragl, dw. reduced' 
Wedergedoopt, dw. rebap- 
lized [manded 

WedergeSiBcht, dw. rede- 
Wedergeven, w. restore 
WodergevlDg, v. rettitulion 
Wedergf geven, dw, rutored 
Wedergekaatst, dw. reflected 
Wedergekeerd, dw. returned 
Weder gekomen,dw. relam«d 
Wedergekregen, dw. reco- 
vered [vered 
Wedergelererd, dw. redeli- 
Wedergeleid, dw, reeonduot- 

Wedergemaakt, dw. remade 
Wedergemind, dw. loved in 

Wedergenomeo, dw. retaken 
Wedergeroepen, dw. recall- 
ed, repealed 
Wedergescbreven, d/k, re- 

Wedergezegd, dw. reeaid 
Wedergezien, dw. reeeen 
Wedergezonden, dw. sent 

Wed«rhclft, v. moiety 
Wederboortg, bv. stubborn, 
refractory, retpective, re- 
efprocal . 

Vl'ederhoorigbeid, ^. stub* 

bdrnness, refraelorinest 
Wederhoorigiyk, bw. respec- 
tively, reciprocally 
Wederboud, wederbield 

— ende— eD, rMiroin, with- 
hold . 
Wederhoudea, dw.restrahtgd 
Wederhotiding, «. restrain 
Wederkaatsen, w. beat bad, 

rebound, reflect 
WederkaatBlng, «. reverbe- 
ratlun, reftectum, reputsion 
Wederkeer, m. retara 
Wedcrkeeren, w. r^ara 
WederkeeriDft waderkooft 
V. f <fani 

WED Q69 

Wadarkonien, w.r**ara , 
S^*[!f!li5f "» »*• recover 

veroMf " 

Wederleferen, w. redeliver 
Wederleg, m. refutation 
Jede'' egfea, to. refute 
^^^f^^\dw. refuted 
Wederlegging, v. refutatiom 
Weder eBgeigk, bv. ref^^ 
Wederleftfen, w. recondit 
WederUefde, v. mutucilSL 

Wederloond, dw. reward** 
Wederm n, v. mutual love 
Wedermlnnen, w. love in re^ 

Wedernemen, w. retake 

agaS"' • "*'"*"' *<W* 

Wederopbouwen, m. Rebuild 

Wederopbouwlng, v.TeedZ 

ficatton »»•«*• 

^^SjoPSrebouwd, dw. r#. 

Wederopgerigt, dw. reedUUd 
Wederopgestaan, dw.rlui 
from Ote dead * "*** 

Wederoprigten, w. reedify 

(A« aeaa [rtciiam 

Wederopstanding; ». r«ar! 
Wederpartij, v. I'dv^i^ 
Waderrel*. v. return ' 
SfJffoepelUk, bv.revocaUt 
Wederroepeo, w. recall, t0^ 

wederroeplag, v, reea^tH 

Wederschriiven, w. reseriba 
WederbchrQTlngv t,. retcrtp- 

Wederipalt, v. discord, strUo 
Weder»paoneUng, m. rebel 
WederBpaonIg,6w. rebellious, 

rrfractory » 

WederBpaoDlgheld, v. ••«- 

fraetorinets ' 

Wwlerspannigiyk, bv, rebeU 

Weder»poed. v. adversity 
Wedercpraak, v. amtrSdie- 

Wedersprekend, bv. eontrm^ 

dirlory r^ 

Wederspreker, m,eontrad{et^ 

eder«preklng, ,. eontra- 
vfdiciion tdietid 

Wedertprokeo. dw. eonl^ 
Wedefalaa,wedcr8 tooA^Ma 

—a, resist, opprse 

Digitized by VjOOQ It 

3^» War 

«^rmour ' * "»• cool p/j 

warm, Aw. «,ay^ '"^ 
Warming, ». M»«r«£«^ 

WmoMhof—je. warm«« 


relachtlf t bv. tottaing 

^eling, p. tottering 

, bv. moul, damp 

liefd, «. tBoittnttf, Att- 


lur, bv. awak$, vigiUtrnt. 

ty, brisk 

ker, bw, $ouudly, Itutilg 

keren. w. encreate, 


lierheid, o. vigilance^ 

tinesi, britkntss, vigour 

-letje, V. vail, rampart, 

ire, coast, ba*h ; aaa de 

1, ashore 

\, 0. wood, weald 

Ivester, m. for ester 

r, V, disgust, aversion, 

thing i de walg •teken, 


IGQ, w. loath, nauseate, 

"n the stomach 

;BChtigr. bv. gualmish 

^achtlgheid, v. squeam- 


?ang, m. platform 

iing, V. loathing 

rlijk, bv. loathsome, natt- 

us inest 

^lijkheld, V. locUhsome 

iroou, V. mural crown 

St V. steam, wallop 

meOf t0> steam 

noot— le, V. wallnut . 

rui — je, m. seahorse 

i/fiM [valley 

itroo, 0. lilUy of the 

risch— je, m. whale 

vischbaardeu, mv.whale- 


vischbeen, o. whalebone 

vitchitpek, 0. blubber 

vischlraan, v. whaJeoil 

vUchraarder, m. whaler 

riacIiv.aogst, m. whale- 

hery [fish 

a — metie, v. belly of a 

abes, WambuJs — j«» <»• 

ublet, jucket 

I, V. winnow 

i, bv. imply, vain 

men, w. wtnnow 

laart, m. degeneracy 

\bedn\t, o. misdemeanour 

ibetaling'^ v. nonpayment 

id — ie, m. wall 

adank, m. discontent 

idanken, w. discontent 

idel, m. conversation 

idelen, w. walk 

ndeUar, m, vraodelasr- 

er, v, walker 

idelbaar, bv.Jlt to walk in 

(ideldreef ~je, v. walk 

ndelgang, m. gallery 


WandellMn — tje, v. w^lh 
Wandallng — Je, v. walk, 

walking i lo de waDd«UDg, 

Wandelpaif, o. footpath 
WandelplaaU— jc, v. ambutO' 

tory [stick 

WandeUtok~Je, m.wafking- 
Wandel meg — je^ w. walk 
Wandluis — je, v. bug 
Wandtchot, o. wainscot 
Wang — etie, v. cheek 
Wangelkrutk, o. bad custom 
Wangedrocbt — Je, o. fnontter 
Wangelaat, o. ill look 
Wangelaattg, bv. ill-looking 
Wangeloof^ o. superstition, 

misbelief, unbelief 
Wangeloovlg, bv, superstiti- 
ous, misbelieving, uafte- 

Wangeloorieheid, v. miscre- 

ance, infidtUty 
Wangeluidj ^' 

Wange^chlkt, bv. improper 
Wangeschiktbeid, v. impro- 

angestalte, v. deformity 
Wangslag, m.^oxon the ear 
Wangunneo, w. envy 
Waogunst, v. emty, disfavour 
Wangunstig, bv. envious, un- 
favourahie tness 

Wangunt tigbeid, v. envious- 
Wangunstiglijk, bw. envious- 
Wanhebiyk, bv. unseemly, 

unsuitable, indecent 
Wanbeblijkbeid, v. unseem- 
liness, indecency 
Wanhoop, v. despair 
Wanhopen, w. despair 
Wanbopig, bv. desperate 
Wankeien, w. waver, totter, 

stagger, shake,^move 
Wankelbaar, bv. tottering 
Wankeibaarbeid, v. insta- 
Wankeling, v. tottering 
Wankelmoedig, bv. wavering 
Wankeliuoedigheid, v. irre- 
Wanklagen, w. etUumniate 
Wanklaier, m. calumniator 
Wanluiaend. bv. dissonant 
Wanluidendheid, «. disso- 
Wanlusit, v. disordtrly ap- 

Wtetite, distaste 
aolasUg, bv. having • dis- 
orderly appetite 
Wanneer, bw. when 
Wanner, i». ventilator 
Waaorde, v, ditordtr 

WAP i67 

WaDraad,v. mismanagement, 
bad counsel, carelessness 

Wanschapen, wanscbapig, 

bv. misschapen, deformed 

Waoscbapeabeid, v, defor- 

Wanschepael— ^6,0. monster 
Wanscbikkiug, v. disorder 

WauscbikkelUk, bv. mnbe- 

cominr, improper 
Wanscbikkeiyxbeid^ v. in- 
decency, impropriety 
WanschuwelQkheid, v. mon- 
Wauspraak.v. solecism 
Wanstal, «. difformitu 
WanBtaliig, bv. misshapen 
WaostaUigheid, v. deformity 
Want — Je, v. glove without 

Want, 0. rigging, tackling, 

schrouds, cordage, ual9 
Yf Ant, vw. for 

Wantaal, v. solecism, barba- 
rism Ispeaek 
Waniaalig. bv. barbarous of 
Wantroostig, bv. disconsolate 
Wantrouw, v. distrust, sus- 
Wantrouwen, «. distrust, 

Wantrouwen, o. distrust 
Wantrobwlg, bv. distrustful 
^Wantrouwlgbdd, v, distrust- 
fulness . [fitllv 
Wantroawigiyk, bv. distruet- 
Wanvoeglvik. bv. unsuU»ble, 

improper, indecent 
WanvoeglUkbeid, v. impro- 
. .. anvrucbt« •. monster 
I Wanzede, v. immorality 
Wanzinnig, bv. insane 
Wapen— tje, •. weapon, arm, 

arms, coat of arms 
Wapenen, w. arm 
Wapenboek, o. book of he- 
WapenbUI> «. battloaae 
Wapendaw, m, pyrrkie 
dance [bemret 

Wapendrager, i«. armour^ 
Wapengedrtttf, o. sound of 

Wapenbandel, «. manaftf* 

ment of arms 
Wapenbuis, o. arvMury 
Wapening, v. arming 
Wape^oniag, m. king at 

Wapenkreet, v. alarm 
Wapenkunde, v. heraldry 
Wapeukuodlg, bv, armorial 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 



VfntgKeld, o.pttagt 

Waa^bals — Je, m, advintu- 

Ttr, rath fellow, dttperado 

Waagmeeater, m. inspector 

of thetoiigkheuMe 
Waag'«cbuiW v. scale, bm- 

lanee, hazard, ventur 4 
Waagtchotel, v. scale 
Waar-ipel, o. game at hazard 
Waal, V. ham, Aougk, gulph, 

Waai— de, woei— Jende— jcn» 
Uowi iaten waaijea, to 
Waatfat, o.lumagain,wj/nd 
Wsak, «. watch 
Waaien, w. watch, wakt 
Waakend, bv. watchful 
Waaker, si. watcher, watch' 

WaakboDd, m. watchdog 
WaaJcrok — je. v. nighlgoton. 
Waakater — tje, v. nurse 
Waakzaam, bv. watchful 
Waakzaamheid, v. vigUanct 
Waal, V. haven, depth 
Waalen, w. ebb, change, 

vary, waver, doubt 
Waalbaar, bv. changeable 
Waalbaarbeid, v. changf 

WaaliQj:, v. change 
Waalredder, m. harbour- 

WaalrrU, bv. stable, constant 
Waalwortel, m.great comfrey 
Waan, «. opinion, conjecture 
WaaaeUf w. imagine, pre- 
sume, think 
Waanpeloof, o. superstition 
Waajiiichijn, m. appearance 
WaanwiU, bv. presumptuous 
W».anwij»h£id, v. presump- 
tion^ self conceit 
Waar, v. ware, commodity 
Waar, bv. true 
Waar, bw. where ; waar na 
to«; wither; waar het ook 
«ij, wjierever it be 
Waar, vii. which, what; 
waar aan schort bet, what 
Us,the matter telth it 
Wftareiif w, indemnify, pre- 
serve, free, haunt 
Waar — af, bw, whereof, of 

Waaracbtiir, bv. true 
Waarachtig, waarachtlglUk, 
b«. truly, certttinly, verily 
Waarachtigheld, v. truth, 

yf^mude, V. park, warren, 

Wruarantee, security 
aaraodeeren, w. guarantee 
WMrborr, v, surety, r^uge 


Waar4>U, ^* whereby 
Waard, m. host, landlord, 

drained lake, island 
Waard, bv. dear, worthy 
Waard, bw. worth 
Waarde, v. worth, value; 
van waarde, oatid, ofvalua 
Waardeeren, w. value, es- 
teem, praise 
Waardeerder, nt. appraiser 
Waardeering:, v. valuation 
Waardeeriyk, bv. valuable 
Waardein, m. warden 
Waard}feld, o. pressmoney 
Waardgelder, m. city-mili- 
Waardig, bv. worthy, worth, 

Wvrecious, dear 
aardigfaeld, v. worthiness, 

WaardlglUk, bw. worthily 
Waardin ~neye, v. hostess 
Waar-door, bu>. whereby 
Waardschap, o. club 
Waardghuis— je, o. inn 
Waardij, v. worth, value 
Waarreest, m. haunting 

Waargemaakt, dw. verified 
Waarifenomen, dw. observed 
Waar^e7,egd, dw. divined - 
Waarlieea, bw. wither 
Waarheld, v. truth 
Waariag', v. orlop 
Waarison, o. garrison 
Waarioozen, to. negUct 
Waariyk. bw. truly 
Waarmaken, w. verify, 

W prove 
aarmede, bw. wherewith 
Waar — na, bw. after which 
Waarnemen. w.observe,heep, 

follow, avail of, make use 

Waarnemer, m. obtefver 
Waarneming, v. observation 
Waarom, bv. why, wherefore 
Waar-op, bw. whereupon 
Waar-over, bw. about which 
Waamcbap, v. surety, bail 
Waarschouwea, to. toarn, 

admonish, advertise 
Waarschouwer, m. admo' 

Waarschouwing— Je, w.toorn- 

ing, advertisement, adaio- 

Waarscbijnlijk, bv. «• bw. 

Worobable, probably 
aarschijnUjkheld, •. pro- 
Waacteeken, o.symbol,pUdge 
Waar-tcgen, bw, against 

Wa^f'toe, bm, whvrtto 



Waar-vit, Ino. whence 
Waar-ran, bie. whereof 
Waarxeggen, w. divina 
Waarxegger, tn. soolhsayor 
Waaraeggenj, waarseggiog, 

V. divination 
Waarzegster —tje, v. witch, 

Waassem, m. steam, v^pomr 
Waasaeraen, to. exhaU 
WaasBemig, bv. steamy 
Waassemiag, v. exAatatiom 
Waaljer— tie, m.fai 
Waahermaker, m.fa 
Wadde, t;. fori 
Wacbt— je, v. teatch, guard 
Wacbten, to. tcait, stay, 

take heed, have a care 
Wachftel— Ije, m. guail 
Wachter -Qe, »>. watchman, 

waiter, satellite 
Wacbtliond, m. watchdog 
Wachtbouder, an. sentinel 
Wacbthttis -jejO. watckhimte, 

Wachting, v, waiting 
Wachtmeester, m. uMrtkea, 

Wachtplaata, v. post 
Wacbtacb, bv. watchful 
Wachttorea —tje, m. watch' 
tower Iword 

Wachtwoord — je, o. watek- 
Wafel — ^je, v. wafer 
Wagen— tje, m. waggon, cha- 
riot, vehicle 
Wagenaar, m, waggoner, 

Wageaas, o. axUtreo 
Wtfgeobais — je, o. waggon- 
house, coachhouse 
Wagenhuur, v. carriage 
Wagenleoa, v. linchptn 
Wageamaker, mxartwright, 

Wagen man, m. waggoner 
Wagenpaard, •. carthorse 
Wagenrad, o. waggouwkeel 
Wagearenspel, o. charriol- 

Wageoflchot, o. wainscot 
Wagenameer, o. waggon' 

Wag«nspn, 0. axletreo 
Wagenspoor, o. rut 
Wagen atar, v. charles* wain 
WageuTot; v. cartload 
WageaTragt, t;. cartload, 

Wagenweg, m. highway 
Wagen wiel, o. waggonwhttl 
Wagenwyd, bv. very wido 
Wagenzeel, o, traces 
Waggelen, to. stagger, totter ^ 
waadle, wavtf 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


bartlglieid, v. 
liarMRlljk, * 

heer, m, 

eid, ». frcmlinttt 
'; baron 

iiccr. iM> ouTon 

heermk. bv. baronial 
heerlQkbeid, «. barony 
held, r. liberty, j'retao 

hoadea,tP. excuse, defray 

koopeo, to, redeem f rau' 


koopin;, V. redemption 

ilaten, w. release 

latiDg, V. releaee 

maken, w. emancipate 

making, V. liberation 

moedig,, resolute 

mo<digheid, v. btldness, 


moedigliik, bw, boldly, 


plaats, V. sanctuary 

poBtig.&v. bold, impudent 

poatigneid. v. boldness, 

\pudence. liberty 

postiglijk^ Ai0. 5oZdly 

Bprekeo, vo. acquit 

ipreklng, v. acguUtal 

)tad, V. place of refuge, 

actuary, free town 

jter— ije, v» sweetheart, 

islress, girl, maid, spin- 


rerklaren, w. acquit 

rerklaard, dw, acquitted 

waring, v* indemnifica- 


willig, (v. voluntdtyj'ree 

willig, vrijwilliglijk, 6w. 


willige, yri(iwuliger, m, 

tuHleer inets 

willigh^id, V. wtluntari- 

ide&ren,w, void, empty, 


;, bv, lazy, cowardly 

rbeid, «. laziness, eo- 


, bv, foul, Birty, nasty, 

tcene, smutty, envious, 

tlieious ; TQil ameer, 


aard, m. wicked person 

aardig, bv. malicious 

iiardigneid, v. maliclous' 

ts Hy 

aardlgli|}k bw* maHcious- 

bek, in. se^ld, railer, 


sekken, w. give foul Ian- 

age, speah bawdy 

tieid, V. foulness, dirti- 

ts, weenity, malice 

igheid. v. nUk, Jllthi- 

ts,dirt, malice, illnature 

al>, V, dirt, d%ng,fiUk 

:e, v.f outness 


Vulit— jev v.flst^forist ; voor 
de rxiiit, fairly ^'extempore 
Vuittlook, v.flftycvffs 
Vuistslag, m. blow with the 

Vnistvechter, m. pvgelist 
VulstvechliDg, v. boxing 
Vuistvol, V. handful 
Vuistwaot— je, v. mitten 
Vullen, w.fiU, stuff, fuU 
Vulder, m.YwHer 
Vulllng, V. dirt, dung,Jllth 
VuUis V. dirt, dung,JiUh 
Vuili8bak-je, v. dustbin 
VullUkar, v. dungcart, dust- 
VuUisman, m, scavenger 
Vullbvat, 0. dustbin 
Vullivxijp, V. stwer 
Vulmolea — ^e, «i. fulling- 
VuUe, V. fullness 
Viilwoord— je, 6. expletive 
Vulsel 0. stuffing 
Vuns. bv. rank 
Vuostgbeid, v. ranhness 
Vaur — ije, o. fire, flame, in- 

(lammaiion, gangrene 
Vauren,, make fire 
Vuuroaak — je, vuurbaken 

— tje, o. lighthouse 
Vnufbal — letje, o.ftreball 
Vuiirberg, m. vulcauo 
Vuurblaas, v. fir ship 
Vuurbloem, v. peony 
Vuurdragend, bv. igniferous 
Vuurenhout, o. firewood 
Vniirhaak, v.firehook 
Vuurig, bv. fiery, fervent 
Vuurigiieid, v.Jieriness, fer- 
vency, redness 
Vourigiyk, bw, fervently, ar- 
Vuurkloot— je, v. fireball 
Vuurkolk, v. fiery furnace 
Vaurkolom, v. pillar of fire , 
Vuurlaataarn, v. shiplan- 

Vuuroven, m, furnace 
Vuurpan, v. warnfingpan 
Vaurpot — je, v. firepot 
Vuurpyi —tje, IN. rocket 
Vunrroer —tje, o. firelock, 
fusileer [screen 

yuarscherm — pje, v. fire- 
Vuurscbilder, m, enamefler 
Vuarschildering, v. enamel 
Vuarflcbop — je, v. fireshovel 
Vuoriilag— je, o. tinderbox 
Vunrslot, o. firelock 
Vuurstede, v* fireplace 
Vuur«teen —tje, m, fiint 
Vuurstoker, m. incendiaty 
\a\irtcst—ie,v. chaffing dish 
Vuurtang' — eQr, v. firttongs 

WAA 265 

Tttorwapen, o, firearm 
Viuirwerli — je, o. firework 
Vuarwerker, m. mat^^ss 
Vuurworiel, o, bartram 
Vijaud, m, enemy 
Vyandelijk. bv, «■ bw, hostiU, 

VHandelUkheid, v. hostility 
Vijandig, bv, inimical, «n- 

VUaDdigbeid, «. enmity 
VJjaDdiglUk, bw, inimicaUy 
Vnandiu, v. enemy 
Vijaodiicbap, v. enmity * 
Vflme, bv. fifth 
Vjjfderlel, bv. of five sorts 
VRfhoek — je. m, pentagon 
Vilfhoeklg, by. penlagondl 
VlTfiarig, bv. quinquennial 
Vilrkant, 0, pentagon 
VuTmaal, bw,five times 
Vflfman, m, guinguevir 
Vijfmanacfaap, o. guingue- 

ViifpoDdlg, bv. quinquelibral 
Vqftien, bv. fifteen 
Vijfliende, o, guint 
Vijrtiende, bv. fifteenth 

Vflftig, bv, fifty 
Vijftlg8te,.6p.^/tet„ ,.. 
Vijfvingerkrold. o. cingutfotl 


Viifvoet, m. starfish 
Vljg — je, v.fif, cuff 
Viigeblad, o,figle^ 
Vijgeboom —pje, m.fiftret 
ViigebooD— tje, o. luptne 
VHgekorf— je. m. fig frail 
Vfigvogel —tje, m,figeatsr 
Vm -Qe, t;. 4*« 
ViJIen, w. file 
VRXwi.o. filings 
yv\i-^^,o. whitlow 
Vflvei- —tje, m. fishpond, vi- 
pary vivary 

Vfjvervlach, v, fish from a 
Vijze, V, vises 

Vljzel— tje, m. mortar, sertw 
Vj(]zelen, w, screw up 


A ADEN, w. wade 

Waadbaar, bv.fordable 


Waader, m. /order 

Waag, V. balance, weigh- 

Waagen, w, hazard, ^ ven- 
ture, ring 

Waagdrager, i». weigher 

"Taajebr^ - "■ '' 


^Digitized by ^OOQIC 

Waagdrager, i». weigher 
Waagebalk, m, beam tf lh$ 

a64 vRi 

te ▼rede,e9i»(M«;M vred* 
' •tdlen. 19 content 
yTtd9bode,mJker»td •fpeaet 
▼redebreker, m.peaeehremker 
Vr«debreuk,«.frreacA o/pemee 
Vrederever. m. pacificator 
Vr«dM«Ddeliof , V. rrederer- 

b«ad, •. trtaiy of ptoi 
'"' " ' r 0/trnei 


VradelievenOv. j»«cVfe 
VredelieTendheid, «. peaet^ 

▼r«dem«ker, m, ptaetwtaker 
Vredemaakstcrt «. mediatrix 
▼redenstijd, v. peace 
▼rMeregter, m. Justie* of 

Vredectaf, «. eadueeue 
y redevhir, v. 0ag of tmee 
VreedBaam, bv. peaceabUt 
■ T^ift » [nee$ 

▼reedzaamhefd, v. peaeeable- 
Vre«dzaamlijk, bw, peaceably 
Treemd, bv» ttrange,foreitn, 

▼raemde, Treemdellor, m, 

yraendlieid, r. etrangeneu 
vreet, v. fear 
Jnea — de, Trezeode.TreMn. 

faar * 

Vree«achHf,ft»./ear/WL tt- 

MtfiWH# inesi 

▼f«««chtlgheld, #. rt«*r»w«. 
VreetUjk, «». 4- uw. dreadful, 

Vr««.lijkf,eld, vMrlii'dfulnei 
Vreet, rrat — ende -en, d«. 

vour, gobble, eat 
VreeTnoreo, mv. Caf<er cud 

Treexe, v. /w, owe, drtad 
Vrek, m. iniMr 
Vrek, Trekachtig, Trekkig, 

6». miterly 
Vrekheld, v. etinginest 
Vreter, m.j-|i(Mm» 
Vreagdedaf, m, festival 
Vreafdegalin, m. Moiu (fffov ^ 
VreugdeTled — jc. «• *(nV' of 

Vreagdeloot, bv, ioylete 
VrcngdeTuur — ije, o. Aoi^re 

Vrtelen, w. wrtggle 
Vrleod-je,m./r»W relatUm 
VrleDdelooa, bv.friendleu ' 
Vriendel^k, bv.friendlv. af- 
fable, kink, kfndly '* "^ 
Vriendeiykheld, v.J\ri«ndli- 

nettf hindnets, affhbiUlv 
Vriendigrenootschap, onfriend- 

Vrieadboodend, t^.fHendly 

tin ess 

VriendlD — ne^e, v. frU»d, 

VriendAChap — je, v. friend- 
ship, kindness, friend 

vries, vroor, ▼rineQde,Trifr> 
zeo, fireeza 

Vriexend, bv. frosty 

Vroed, bv. wise, prudent i 
▼roed makeu. lo persuade 

Vroeden, w. fudge 

Vroedheld, v, wisdam, pru- 

Vroedkonde, v. midvlfery 

Vroedmeetter, m. manmid- 

Vroedschap, v. tomt-eouncil, 

common-council, common- 


Vroedvrouw — tje> •. rroed- 

„^ii{ -h, 0. midwife 

Vroeg, Bv. 4- (10. early, be- 

tiues,soon (times 

VroegJM, ▼roegtyds, bw. be- 

Vroegryp, vroegtydig, bv. 

Vrollik, bv. frolic, merry jtay 
Vrolgkhtid, V. mirth, jitUty, 

Tfong, V. wreath, farthim- 
gate, pudding 

Vrongel. v. curds 

Vrooai,6v. honest, pious, vir- 
tuous, valiant, strenuous . 

Vroom, vrooin4jk. bw. ho- 
*f*tht f»irly, piously, va- 

Vroombeld, v. honesty, pro- 
bity, piety, courage, valour 

Vrouw — Ije, v. woman, wife, 
mistress, lady 

Vrouwachtig, bv, effeminate 

Vrouwehemd — je, 0. shift 

Vrouwelljk, bv. female, fe- 

y rottwelUkbeid, v. puilendum 

Vroaweobeeld, o. female, 

yrouwendag* tn. candlemas 

VrouwenbaMv »• weeping 

Vrouwenhuis — je, e. seraglio 

Vrouwenkleed, 0. womanU 

Vrouweoliut,*. loMo/tooMe» 

Vroiiwenrok — je, v, petticoat 
^'rouweoscbeoder, m, 

Vrouwenschenderij, v.rape 
Vrouwenscbendiog, v. stu- 

Trouweniimmer, 0. seragUo, 

female sex 
VrouwUeden, « 


Vroawmeotcb, e4Troawsper- 

•oon, %oontau 
▼roowTolk, o. women. 
Vrouwalek, bv. uxoriou$ 
Vrucht, v.fruU, e^ect,chitdi 

vrucht doen, to profit 
y ruchten, to. fear 
Vruchtbaar, bv. fruitful, fef 

▼ruchtbairheid, •. fertility 
Vruchtboom — pje, mt* fruit- 
tree {taus 
Vrachtdragend, hv. fr^ife- 
yrochteloos, bv.fruitleS 
Vruchteloosbeid.*. fruUUef 

Vrnchtgebrulk, p. usuftnct 

ker, m. usufructuary 
VrH, easy, liberal 
Vrl}, bw. middling, tolerabtp. 
freely i vrU meer, much 
vA* */,®® — ende —en, eemrt 
Vr jaa^je, vrUagle, w. cauH- 

yrQboritlgheld, v. resiiutimu 
Vrijbrief — je, m. past, pasf 

port, indutiene* 
yriibuit, m.6oo<y 
yrflbulien, w. rob 
Vrfibuiter. m. freebooter 
yrQboilBchip, 0. pirate 
Vrljburg, m. refuge, semctu^ 

Vrtdag, m. Friday 
VrHdona, m. freedom^ iurie' 

diet ton 
Vrydorp, 0. borough 
yrne, 0. barony 
Viijer — tje, m. suiter, waoer^ 

'«»«•, young fiian, bachelor 
Vnjer^ — Ue, v. mooinr, 

courting . 
Vrijgeboreo, bv. fre^om 
Vrljgee»t, m. freethinker ' 
Vrv|geester^, v.freethiMkbig 
Vrggehonden, dw, exeusM, 

Vriigekogt, dw. ransomed 
Vrflgelaten, dw. releasad 
Vriigeleide, 0. se/e conduat 
VrOgeleibrlef, m. Utters of 

safe conduce 
VrUgemaakt, dw. caumcipo- 

Vriigemaakte, m. fireedwtam 
Vrfigeaproken,(iw. aeguUttd 
Vrygetocbten, bv. freed bm 

VrUharllg, bv. downrighi, 


Digitized by'LjOOQlC 


▼oortrenaen, w. gallop , run 

■• [away 

Voorlroeijeojie. row on, row 
Toortrolleo, «. roll on 
Voprtrakkeo, w. push *for- 

wardf pull forward 
Voofii, ow./hrther,moreov*r 
Voortichieteo, w, advanea 
Vooruchuiven. w. push on 
Voorulepea, w. drag along 
Voortspraiteo, w, proceed, 

Toortsto«tett, w. push |on, 

preptl {forth 

Voortttroomen, w. aiream 
VoortsttdTen, w. rush forth 
Yoortstuurea, w. send forth, 

oond away 
foovUttiv/ea, forward 
Voortteeleo,in. procreate, be- 

▼oortteeler.'v. begetter 

V#ortteeMuf, v. procreation 

VoortteeUter, v,genilrix 

Voorttrakken, v. draw for- 

mard, drag along, march 

<m Hinue 

YoortTaren, w. proceed^ con- 

Voortvarend, 6v. expeditious. 

diUgtiU, hasty ' 

VoortTareudhefd, t7. expedi- 

tion, dispatch, hurry . 
Voortvloeuen, w. fiow forth 
VoortwerpeniW.tArow away, 

Voortwerplnff, v, prcjeetion 
Voort\|d, V, spring 
▼oortijdt, bw. formerly 
▼••rtsenen, w» propagate 
Voortiendeo, w. send away, 

send forward 
VoorUetteD, tr. promote, ad- 
vance, carry on,conltnu« 
V«ortzetter,m, promoter 
Voortsettinr, v. promotion, 

Vopruitzigt, o. prospect 
Vovrvader, m. forefather 
Voorval — letje, n». 4- o. acci- 

dent, occurrence 
Toorvallen, w. occur,happen, 

▼oorvechter, m. ehttmpion 
VoofTiOf«r-'U«» m.forejln- 

ySorw^, verily, truly 
V6orwaarde» v. conduion 
Voorwaardif , bv, condUtonal 
Voorwaard«, bw.fbrwards outptard 
▼oorweten, o.forehnowUge 
yoorweten^ w.fprehuoio 


Yoorwetentaeld, roorweteo- 

•chap , V. prescience 
Voorwetlif, bv. prescient 
Voorwezeadbeid, v. pre-ex- 

Voorwenden, w, pretend 
Voorwendsel —tie,o, pretence 
Voorwarp — Je, o. object 
Voorwerpen, w. object 
Voorwerping,v. roorwerpsel, 

0. objection 
Voorwikken, to. foretell 
Yoorwikt, dw.foietold 
VoorwiDter, m. beginning of 

of the winter 
Yoorzaal — tje, m.foreroom 
VooTzaat, m» predecessor 
Voorzang, m, overture, anti- 
VoorzaogeT» i». chanter,clerh 
Voorzeggeo, w» foretell, pre- 
dict, rehearse, dictate 
Voorzegd, dw, foretold, pre- 
Voonegger, m,foreteUer 
Voorzegging, v. prediction 
VoonegatOT — ^Je, v. prophe- 
Vooneker, dw. certainly. 
Voorzetten, w. set befoi'e 
Voonal, Toorzag — nde — n, 

foresee, provide, furnish 
Voorzien, dw. foreseen, pro- 
Voorzienig. bv. provident 
Voorzienigneld,v. providence 
Voorztgtig, bv, cautious, pru- 
prudentty, carefully, cau- 
Voorzigtlgheid, v. caution, 
prudence, discretion, care- 
VoorzlDger, m, clerk 
Voorzilten, w. preside 
Voorzitter, m. president 
Voorzltterscbap^o. president- 
VoorzittiDg, V. presi^ence, 

precedence - 
Voorzomer, m. beginning of 

the summen 
Voorzooa -^e, m, son by a 

former marrtage 
Voorzorg, v. precaution,)pare 
Vooa, bv. tjnungy 
Vooaheid, v. spunginets 
Vorderen, w, advance, de- 
mand, ask, claim, exact 
Vorderingr v. advance, pro- 
gress, demand, claim 
Vorderl^k, bv, profitable,use- 

VRB 265 

VorcB, see roor 

York — je* »• /•»"*» trident ~ 

Vorm — pje, v, mould, form, 

Yormen, w. form, frame, 

shape, mould, cottfirm 
Vormer, m.framer, moulder 
Yorming, v. formation 
Yormtel, o. conformation 
Yortch — je, v. frog 

Vorat —je, ». prince, frost 
Yorateliik, bv. princely 

YorBtennof, o. princess court 
Yoritendom, o. principality 
Yoratin, v. princess 
Yorttpan, v. ridgemie 
Yoi — je,, sorrel horn 


YoSBejagI, v, foxhunting 
Yosaeabol —letje, o.foa 

Yosseiitaart >-je, m. foxtail 
Yoatevel, o. foxskin 
•VoteereOfW. vo<« 
•Yooeeren, w. vow 
Youw —tje, v. fold, plait 
You«reo, w. fold 
Youwdeur, v. folding door 
You wing, v. folding plication 
\*ouwatoel, m. folding chair 
•Yotjageereo, w. travel, sail 
Yraag — Je, v. question, 4*- 

Yraag, vroeg — enda —en, 

ask, enquire, care, mind 
Yraagacbtig, bv. inquisitive 
Yraagbaak, o. oracle 
Yraagboek -je, o. catechism 
Vragen, mv, catechism 
Yrager, m. asher, querist 
Yraagstuk— je, o. question, 

Yraagawijze, bw.enquiringhf 
Vraagziek, vraagzttcbtig, bv, 


Yraat — Je, pi.glutton 
Yraatacbtlg, vraatig,6v.g{«t- 

Vraatachtigheid, v. glutton- 

Vragt, V. freight, fare, port- 
age, carriage, postage, pas- 

sage, cargo 
Vragtbrlef -je, m. bill of 

loading \ 
Vragtloon, o. fare, carriage 
Yragtachip, o. merchanlman 
Vragtvrij, bv./reightfree 
Vragtwagea, m. carrier** 

Yritok, bv. free 
Yrat — Je, v. wart 
Yrede, v. peace, quiet ; laat 

Bkii met vrede, Ut me ahn,*. 




Digitized by LjOOQIC 

262 voo 

VooroQ<ter, o. $teerag* 
▼ooroordcel ~U«> «• P^*J^- 

Vooroordeelea, to. preindge 
Voorouder, m. forefather 
ootorer, bv. forward fbtnd- 
img forward 
Vooi pand — jr, v. foretkirt 
VoorpUaU— je» »• courtyard 
Voorplegt, v./ortdtck 
Voorportaal — tje, o. porch 
Voorproef —jc, v./arelatte 
Voorproeven, to.Jorettute 
▼oorproc»er, m. tasttr 
▼ooraad>«cbip, o.ttorethip 
Voorraad, m.provition, store 
Voorraadscb uur,p.»tor«Aoi«#e 
Voorrang, m. precedence 
Voorrept— je, •• privilege 
Voorrede, v, preface ^ exor- 
▼oorryder, m. poetiUion 
Voorschaas — je, v. oulvoorUt 
Voorechett, v. draught, 

Toorscbikken, w. predeatine 
VoorichikkiDg^f v. predetti- 
nation [ship 

Voorichip, o. forepart of the 
Voorichoot — jc, o. apron 
▼oorftchreven, bv. afore$aid 
Voorichrlft— je, o. precept, 

example. (;opy 
▼oorBcnrijren, v.preecr^t* 
Vorgchrijving, •. prescrip- 
tion, recommendation 
Voorichi^n,m, light 
Voorshaods, bw.oeforehand 
Voor»)aan, tr. propose 
Voorslag — je, *»• proposal^ 

motion, prelude 
Voorsmaak — je, v. foretaste 
▼ooranijden, w. carve 
Voorinflder, m. carver 
Voorspan, v. forehorses 
Yoorspanoen, w. team 
Voorspelen, w. prelude 
Toon pel, 0. prelude, over' 

Voorspellen, v). forebode 
Voortpeid, dw. foreboded 
VoorBpelUng, v, presage 
Voor§pocd. m. prosperity 
▼oorspoedig, bv» prosperous 
Voorspoedigen, w. prosper 
Voorspoedigbeid, v. prospC' 

Voorspoediglijk, bw, pros- 
Voorepeok ~je, o. portent 
Voorspraak, m. intercession, 

▼ooMpreken, to. intereed* 
■Voortpreklng, v. intercession 
Voorataan, fw. maintain, at- 


sert, dtfond. preloet, pre- 
sume, imagine, remember, 
be present to one^s memory; 
Ik laat mij roorstaau, / 
imagine, tpreeume 
Voot«t9id,n, suburb 
Voorstand, m. maintenance 
Voontander, ai. mainiainer, 

protector , defender 
Voofte, bv. foremost 
Toortteekeo, ic. put before 
Voorttel, m. 4-0. proposal 
Voorstelleo, ir. propose, pre- 
Voorsteller, m. proposer 
foorttclling, V. proposition, 

Voorstelwoord — je, o. pro- 

«otti», preposition 
Voorsteng, v. foretopmast 
VoortteDgestag, v. foretop- 
' gallantmast 
Voorsteogestagxell, o. fore- 

Voortteven, e. prov, head 
Voorstrijder, m. de/ender 
Voort, b».forutard,on,auiay, 
quickly f presently, idtrect- 
ly i zij kon niet langer 
voor t, she could not get any 
farther ; zegt bet voort, 
report it to others ; en ao 
▼oort, and so on {in com- 
pound verbs Toort is only 
used connectively in the m- 
fMitive mood, and in the 
Voortaao, bw. henceforward 
VoorUnd — je, m.\foretooth 
Vootrtbrengeo, w. produce, 

Voortbrenger, wi. producer 
Voortbrenging.v. production 
Voortbreogster, v. produe- 

Voortbreagiel— ^e,0.jirodMc< 
VoortdrOven, w, drive on, 

Voortdrljving, v. driving on 
Voortduwen, w. push on 
Voorteeken, o. presage, sign 
Voortellen, w, teU ont, UU 

Voortgaaii,t0. go on, continue 
Voortgang, m. progress,con- 

Vooregebragt, dw. produced 
Voortgedreren, dw. driven 

on, propelled 
Voortgedawd, dw. pushed on 
VoortgeTeo, w. reach down 
Voortgtigeveo, dw. reached 


Voortgegaan, dw. continued 
▼oortgehaald, dw, drawn vn 


Voortgebolpen, dw, helped 

Voortgejaagd, dte> driven on 
Voortgekoraen,dw. proceeded 
Voortgeloopen, dw, run on 
Voo rtgep la n t ,dw.propagaled 
Voort^eraakt, dw, got for- 
VooTtgertitAidio. travelled on 
Voongerend, dw. run on 
Voortgerof Id, dw. rowed on 
Voortgerold, dw- rolled on 
Voortgerukt, dw, pushed 
forward {ced 

Voortgeschoteb, dw. advan- 
Voortgescboreo, dw, pushed 
on itong 

yooTtgGtleepi,dw.drugged o- 
Voortg'espradf dw, atesemi- 

Voortgesproten, dw. eprmmg, 

Voortgestoten, dw, pushed 

on, propelled . 
VoortgeatoveD, dw, rueked 

Voortgestroomd, d», etreavh- 

ed forth 
Voor tgestuard ,dw.Ueni forth 
Voortgestuwd, dw. pressed 

Voorlgeteeld, dw, begotten 
Voortgetrokken, dw. drawn 

forward, marched on 
VoortgevareD, die. proceeded 
Voortgevloeid, dw. flowed 

Voortgeworpen, dw, thrown 
away lied 

Voorlgezegd, dw. propage- 
Voortgezet, dw.jpromoted 
Voortgezondcn, dw. sent for- 
Voorthalen, w. pull forward 
VoorthelpeD,w. help forward 
Voortjageo, w,drive on, drive 



come forth 

Voortkomlng.v. eamitig forth 

Voorlloopen, w. run on, run 

Voortogt, V. van, preference, 

Voortooneel, o. proseenimn 
Voortplantea, w, propagate, 

Voortpianter, m, prvpofotor 
yoortpl»Vitiog,v. propagation 
VoorkrakeD, w, get forward 
Voortreden, w, step before 
Toortrefliiik, bv. esteetlent 
V«ortrefly kbeid, v. exeeltemce 
VoortreiseDt w. travel on 
Voortrekkeo, w, prefer 


Digitized by LjOOQIC 



Voorbflloopeo, w. 0utrun, 

VoorbHrdtiirer, m. traveUer 
VoorbOitiden, w, outride, 

overtake [turptut 

voorbijstreven. w. outtrip, 
Voorbijwandelen, w. ontwlk 
VQorbilTareo, w. outtail 
IfoorbOvUeKen, w. outMjf 
Voordacbt, v, premedUatien 
Voordachtel^jk, bw.premedi- 

iaMjf [(fMce 

▼oordanser, in. leader of the 
▼aordeel — rie, e. profit, gain 
Voordeeii;, bv. pttffitable 
Voordeeligheid, v. advoMtm- 

Voordeeliglijk, Ine. profttably 
Voordezen, Iw. formerly 
Voocdereo, w. further 
VbordertDg, v.furlheranee 
Voordera, vw. further 
Voordeur — Ue, tr. streetdoor wind 
Voordichten, w. dictate 
Voordlcbtlng.v. dictation 
Voordieoen, w, serve, kelp, 

Voordienaar, m. carver 
Voordistchep, 10. dith up 
Voordoen, v. put b^ore^, do 

Jlret, give an eaample, up- 

peair, offer 
Voordeebter— tje, v. daugk- 

ter bya first marriage 
Voordraj^eo, i». propose 
Voordragtf v. propoeilion 
VoordrlokeD, w. proplne 
VoordriDklDfk v. propmation 
Voorduideo, w. preeuge 
VooceerriHeren,6io4ioo daye 

before yesterday 
Vooreerst, hw. tn the flret 

place, at yet 
Voor«eten, 6. vegetable* 
Voorgaao, w. precede, go 

More » 
VoorgfaaDde, dw. tr bv. pre- 

^venmg, last fornoing; de 

laatst Toorgaande, the pe- 

nultimate [ample 

Voorgang, m, precedency, ex- 
Voorgapger, m. predecessor, 

Vodrgebeden, dva, interceded 
Voorgebergte, 0. promontory 
Voorgebragt, dw» proposed 
VoorgedaaDy dw. of*red 
Voorgedlcht. rfw. iielated 
VoorgedienOy dw. served 
'Voorgediacbt, dw, dishedup 
Voorgtdhragen, dw. proposed 
Voorgedronkeo, dw.propined 
Voorgedatd, 4w. presaged 


Voorgerniy •. pretence 
Voorgeveo, w. pretend 
Voorgegaaq, dw. Receded 
\opTgeferea, dw. pretended 
Vobrgehad. dw. intended 
Voorgebaogeo, dw. hung 6e- 

Voorgehonden, dw. proposed 
Voorgekogt, dw. forestalled 
Voorgekomeo. dw. prevent* 

ed, occurred 
Voorgelegen^dw. lying b^fbre 
Voorgelcgd, dw. proposed, 

laid before 
voorgeleieo, dw. read b^ore 
yoorgeloopeo, dw, forerun 
Voorgeoant, m. predecessor 

ef the same name 
Voorgenomen, dw. intended 
Voorgeproefd, dw. foretasted 
Voorgetcbikt, dw. predesti- 
ned Iscrihed 
VoorgeMhreTeB, dw, pre- 
Voorgealagea, dw. propoeed 
VoeEgMO«d«a, dw. carved 
Voorgecpand, dw. teamed 
Voorgepeeid, dw. preluded 
Voorgeapeld, dw. foretold, 

Voorgeiproken, dw. excused 
Voorge^taan,dw. maintained 
VoorgMteld, dw. propoeed 
VoorgMtoken, dw. tmt before 
Voorgeteld, dw. told out 
Voorgetreden, dw. gone be* 

V oorgevallen, dw, happened 
Voorgcrel — tje, v, front 
Voorgewend, dw. pretended 
Voorgeworpen, dw. objected 
Voorgeaegd, dw. dictated 
Voorgezet, dw. eet before 
Voorgezeten, dw. preeided 
Voorgrond, v. foreground 
Voorbair, o. fortlecks 
Voorhauden, bw, at hand, 

Voorhang, m, hangings, veil 
Voorhangen. w. hang before 
Voorbaugnel— ije, 0, eurtmin, 

veil, hangings 
Voorhehben, w. intend, de- 

fign [fore 

Voorheen, bw. formerly, be- 
Voorheenweetendlljkheid, v. 

Voorhoede, v. von, vanguard 
Voorbof — Je, 0. court 
Voorhoofd — Je, o. forehead 
Voorboodea, w. holdfortk. 

— Je, V. foreskin 
-i^o, fore part of 

m heme, p*$eage, kaU 

voo 261 

yoorit,bv. former ■ 
VoortD^enoaeD, dw. prepos- 
eeesed Tpoesestion 

VooriogenomenbcM, v. pre- 
Voorinnemen,^. prepossess 
Voorionemiiig, v. preposHs- 

Vooriaar, o. spring 
Voorkamer— Ue, v,foreroom 
Voorkatteel •tie,o.foreeastle 
Voorkennis, v, prescience 
Voorkear» v, preference, 

Voorkind — Je* 0. ckitd by m 

former marriage 
Toorkomeo, o. oppearance 
Voorkomen,w. occur, appeari 
be, prevem, anticipate, ob- 
yoorkomlng, v. prevention 
Voorkoop. m. foretlalltng, 

Vborkoopeo, w. forestal 
Voorkooper, «. forestaUer ^ 
VooHand — Je, 0. foreland, 
promontory [terit 

VoaxXodieutbv.paft, tost, pre 
Voorleden, bw, ago, some 

time ago 
Voorlezeo, w. read b^ove 
Voorlezer, m. reader, pre- 
lector, clerk 
Voorleziog, v. prelection 
Voorteggon, w. prop^e, lay 
^^before, be btforekand 
yoorliggeB, w. lie be/ore 
Voorlokkeo, «. forelocks 
Voorioop, m. spirits of wine 
Voorloopeo, w. forerun 
Voorloqper, m./oi«rKiM«r 

Voorlijk. bv. forward, docile 
Voorinkbeid, v» forwardness, 

Voormaaic, bw. formerly 
Voor manger, m,foreetaUer 
Voormartslel — Ije, Om fore- 
Voonniddag— Je, m, forenoon 
Voormooder, m. guardian 
Voermaur —^t, m. bulwark 
Vooro*— ye, V, roaek 
Voornaam— pja, m. ckristian 

name, pronoun 
Voornaam, bv. ckief, eminent 
Voorhameiuiyk, bw, ckie/y 
VoornaamUlik, bv, pronomi- 
nal [Hont 
Vooroaaaate, to. wsost emi- 
Vooraacbt, «. fore pari qf 

the night 
VoorneflMa, 0, purpose 
VoornoeiiKl, 6v. beforenamed 
Voorooco^ V, forenoon 


j60 voo 

Yolnaftiffw, 1 
•MlJk«Hcr. My 

VolBWfUfdj, m^ •rgv, a*^ 

irelBOMliff. »». ♦ »•• •■'•^ 

|M«, IHMVMMCCl, IHMfftli- 

Yoloi>,»w. 10 IA«/WI 
▼olsUgen, frv./k«, umpUU 
VoUtM» Tolttoiid — Bde— n, 

▼atoCM4iff, iij. *<m4Am« . 

Vi^mndlf Ittk. »«. «<««r- 
VolstrektelUk, »w. «Afil«l«l|r 
▼olttraktiield, ». akniAmUnet* 
▼oMBMercD* w. ^itwA 
▼olUlUf, »».co«»l«<«. 
Voltimmcrd, &m,jlMUkt4 
Voltoo^Jen, w. A*«Af P««-- 

▼oltoc^tor. v,eompMi0m 
Voltrek,»oltrok .kende -ken, 

memmUth, eoniumma$f 
TsltrekUof , «. aceompH$k' 

Toltfokken, dw. aeeomplish- 

«Volimc, «.««»»« 
Yolvawdif f *•• ^•^ 
▼olf»»rdlghekL». r« 
VolYoereB, «.AWl 
VolToerd, dw./WWM*** 
T«tv««rliifft •• ptnormmet, 

Tolwoorden, t». eon^m 
Vond — je, «•• eoutrUtfu*. 


ToBdaUorskuU, o./<wiimIIiv 

V^!!SrSk, *». liM»«J«i»« _. , 
Vonk -J«, «. vrh, «««J«« 
VoBken;**. W««» **««''« 
▼osoto — 'J«» o* ««**<«i»ce 

▼mm, ••/»•<. , , 


voogdy, V, itUtle, fovcm- 
■MBl, MaA«rily, gumrdian- 
$kip (skip 

VoofdUtchap, •. guturdiamT 

Voor,v. Arrow 

Voor, mx, for, befort, J^nm i 
t« voren, b^^rt, virar den 
dag komeo, le apntmn 
voor eenk,iiii|>rimitf, m lAe 
jlr«< ^/oco ,' van voreo, 6«- 
fore,from b€fort ; van vo- 
ren af, /Voat lAe Ace inning-, 
f /n cotnptKiid verM. voor 
«OM«(iM«« »ecompam.i9t Ike 
verblkr0utkmUf and t«mt- 
timus only in tkt infinUive 
Mood end; in ike partiei- 

Vooraan. kw» before, fitre- 
wtoslf in lAe onlranoe, at 
tke hfginhtf 

Vooraf. Aw. Ae/or«Aa«d, pre- 

Yoorafgaand, A«. preecdenl- 

Tooral, Anr. oAove ell Ikitifs 

VeoraTond, «. fore part of 
tke evenutg [tate 

Toorbarig. Av. ra«A, precipi- 

Voorbarigheid, ». raskneet 

Voorbailglijk^Av. racAly 

Voorbaat, «. preecoi^alion, 
amtieipation, preparation 

ToorbeantwoordiDg, «. pre- 

Voorbedacht, dw. pre$itedi- 

Vo^rbedacbtelUk, A«o> pre- 

Voorbedachtheid, v. prant- 

Toorbede, «. intereeeeion 
Voorbedenk, voorbedacht 

— ende— en, premeditate 
Voerbedlog, 0, previous 

VoorbediBf el^ w. eondilion 
Voorbedengen, d«. oendi- 

VoorbedBidend, w. forebode 
Voorbedoider, HI* progn^eli- 
eator leation 

Veorbedoldlnffy «. prognoeti- 
VoorbedaidaeT->^ey o. prog- 

Voorbeeld — Je, e. ox^mpU,- 

▼oorbeelkSelSC A*, k bw. 09- 

emplarv, t»emplaTili[ 
Voorbeeld^e), e. type.fyuro 

■ecwel, 9%pt^t§Mw^ 


Voefbehonden, tp. reotrm 
Voorbehondiog, v. reserve- 

Voorb^end, Av. /ere A new 
Voorbereiden, w. prepare 
VoorbereidiBg— Je, v. pro*- 
ration [mliet 

Voorbereidsel — ^e, o. frepof- 
Voorberirt— je, o. profoct 
VoorbescBikken, w. prwr- 

VoorbeechikUnir, v. .^rfor^ 

dainment. preaeetination 
VoortMscUkt, dw. prtor- 

datned lehuU 

VoorbesIulteB, w. preeon- 
Voorbealoten, dw. vreeen- 

Voorbeiprek— je, e. provimte 

Voorbeetemd, dw,preordai»' 

ed [linefien 

VoorbestenmlBg, v. predeo- 
▼oorbeteekeoeo, w.Jorebod* 
Voorbeteekead, dw. for^o- 

Voorbexit, 0. preoecii|>«ney 
Voorbesitten, w. preooeiwir 
Voorbidden, w. tnlercede 
VoorbMder, m. intereeeoor 
Voorbldding, v, intereeetiom 
Voorbldster, v. mediolriat 
Voorbode, «i. premtreor^wre" 

sag* (wimg 

Voorboat — je, o. eAonlder, 
Voorbreogen, w. propose 
Voorbrenger, m. proposer 
VoorbrengiDg, v.vrojnnallen 
Voorbroek, v. codpiece 
Voorburg— je, m. mJmrh 
VoorbU, bw. beyond, past bg 
Voorbqbieden, w. owlAid 
Voorbijgaan, w. pass Ay, 

surpass i in 't toorbUgaaA, 

in passing by, trimnentlg, 

by the way 
Voorbiigaand, Av. fran«ilory 
Voorbfigaoger, ■». passenafr 
Voorbilgeboden, dw. outbid 
Voo rbu geg aan,dw.<«rfMW<ed 
VoorbUgeieefd, dw. onilin^ 
Voorbi}geleerd« d«*o«<lenm> 

ed Ikom 

VoorbU geloopen, me, overte- 
Voorbugereden, dw. entrid- 

Voorbllge«ti:^d,. dw. rar- 
Voorbljgeiirabdeld, dw.enf- 

walkQ ^ £Ad 

Voorbtigeraren, dw. ewleoil- 
VoorbijgeTlogen, dw. e«(- 

fiown _ 

TooiWlHeereB, w. eKHeani' 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


> e t— j e, pi foott footing 

"' ~' twee dula 

roet, 'ajTooii twee dulz'eod 
mail te voet, Iwo thouiand 

foot; op staande voet, im- 

wnediately ,- den Toet Mgtf 

to supplant ; voet bij 

«tak houdeo, to fight tmi- 

mntly i op Tiije voeteD, at 

iibertp i die zaak heeft 

Yele Toeten In de aarde, 

that is a matter of great 

aijlculty [gin 

S^oetanget — tje, m. caltrop ^ 

Voetbank — je, v. footitoot 

Voetboelfen, mv. tkacKU$ 

for the ftft 
Voetboof — je, v. croetbow 
Voetboogtchatter, m. croti' 

Voetdweil, V. foolcloth 
Voeteeren, w. walk afoot 
Voeteloos, 6r. fttlltsi 
Voetenaar, m. footsoldier 
Voeteod, voeteuend, o. root- 
end Ifett 
Voeteuvel, «. gout in the 
Voeti^aiif er« »i. pedetlrian 
Voetjongen, m.footboy 
Voetknecht, m. footman, 
footioldier [foot 
Voetkuacb, «• hissing of the 
Ifoetlooper, m. runner 
Voetmaat. v. foot'tneasure 
Toetpaadie, voetpad, o. foot- 
path [trace 
VoeUpoor -4ie, a. track 
Yoetttal, tn, pedestal 
Voetstap — je, v. sttp, foot- 
Yoeuteots, bio. without de- 
lay » without exctption 
Voetktrik —je, «. snare, gin 
yoettogt— je, V. expeditiom 

or nuirch on foot 
Yoetval — letje, m. prostra- 
Voetveee, m» drudge 
VoctvolE, 0. foot, footmen 
Voetzand, o. ground, dust 
VoeUoeker-> tie, «•• serpent, 
•quib ^ [foot 

Voetzool —tie, v. sole of the 
Tocel -ge, tn. bird, fowl, 
fiUt" — *■ 


VoKelliJiD, 0. birdHwu 
Vogelmarkt, v. poultry 
Vogelnest— je, o. birdU nest 
Vogelnet — je, o. birdnet 
Vogelroer — tje, o, fowling- 
Vogelschieten, o. fowling 
VogeUtrik — Je, m, springe 
Yogclvtagctt, o. birding 
Vogelvanger —tje, m. bird- 
Vogelvangst, v. birding, 

VogeWlufft- je, v. aviary 
Vogelverkoouer, m. Inrdman 
Vogelwijf — je, 9« birdwoman 
Vogelrry, bv. outlawed 
Vogelwichlaar, m. augurer 
Vogelwichlaarij, «. angury i 
Vogelzang, tn. singtng of 

Vogt, V. moisture, k%mo«r. 
fluid, liquid [mid 

Vogtig, iv. moist, damp, hu- 
Vogtixheid, v» moistness, 
moisture, humidity, hu- 
•Vois — je, V. tune 
Vokaai — ue, v. vowel 
Vol, bv. fulli een voile neef, 

o cousin german 
Vollen. w. full 
Volaard, v. fuUerU earth 
Volbouwen, w. finish 
Voibouwd, dw. finished 
Yolbreng, volbragt — ende 
—en, fulfil, perform, com- 
plete {pleted 
Volbragt, dw.fu\fiUed, com- 
Volbrenger, m. performer, 

Volbrenging, v. performance, 

Volbrengster, r. perfectress 
Voldaan, <<w. satisfied, paid 
\o\dtr, m. fuller 
VolderO, v.fullery 
Voiding, voIdoDg— ende-^n, 

Voldinging, e. determination 
Voldoe, voldeed— nde— D, sm- 

tis/y, content, pay 
Voldoende, bv. satisfactory 
Voldoening, v. satisfactiom. 

VOL 259 

VoModiging, TolelBding, v. 
finishing, accomplishm* nt 
Volgen, w, follow, succeed 
Volgdienaar, m. lackey, Joot- 
man [niotts 

VolgeesUg, bv. witty, inge- 
Volgellng, m. follower 
Volgend, bv. successive, f^l- 

Volgens, vz. according to 
Volger, m.fbllower, successor 
Volgreeks, v. {tM« of succes- 
Volgroeid, bv, full, grown 
Volbairig, bv. hirsute 
Volbarden, «. persevere 
Vol Harding, v. perseverance 
Volharnasde, m. euiratsier 
Volliartig, bv. constant 
Volbartlgheid, v. constancy 
Volheid, v. fulness 
VoIhoad,volhield— ende— en, 

keep up, persevere 
Volltouden, dw. kept up 
Voljarig, bv. of are 
Volk— je, 0. people, folk, na- 
tion, troops, mv. volkeren 
Volkerwet, o. law of nations 
Volkje, 0. common people; 
n Blecht volkje, the rabble 
VoikomeUf bv. perfect, com- 

Volkomen. volkomcBtlijk, 

bw. perfectly, fully 
Volkomenheid, v. perfection 
Volkplanting, v, colony 

content, payment 
VoldoDgen, am. determiuid 
Voldauren, w. perdure 
Volduurd, dw, perdured 
Voleiodea, voleindgeD, 

fellow, spark 
yogeiaar —tje, m. fowler 
VogelfluiUe, 0.&iriieal{ 
Vogelgeaing, o. singing ^ 

Vogdhoader, M. UrdtMn 
Togethal*— je, o. aviary 

VogeUagt,»./oiB«iig , , 

Vogetkooi — ^e, «. d«et>y, I pliskod 

aviary, birdcage I Velelnder, ToIdAdigcr. Wf, 

Vog«ik«aw--g^t.>irdciVM AiM^\^ 

Voleiodea, voleindgeD. «. 

finish, end, aecompHsk 
Voleind, Toleiodigd, dw. 

onded, aecti»- 

Volkrljk, bv. populous 
Volkr(jkheid, v. populo 
Voikicb, bv. popular 

Volktchoawing, v. muster, 

VoIksgezind,6v. democratieal 
Vollunoofd, M. demagogue 
Volk«regeering,«. democracy 
Volkvergadering, v. diet, 

Voliaden, bv. fully loaden 
Voile, bv.jfull 
VoUedig. (v. complete 
VoUeercB, w, teach or learn 

VoUeerd, dw. fully skilled 
VoUeerde, m, adept 
Volleeaten. w. complete 
Vollijvig, bv. corpulent 
Volnaken, w.perfect 
Volmaklog, v. perfection 
Volmaakt, dw. i- *v. perfeot 
VoioiaakteiUk, bw.perjectiv 
Volmaaktheid, v. perfection 
Volmagt— je, v. warrant, au- 

tkorilgf proxy, power of 

VelmagUf, ^v. ptmtipoten* 


Digitized by LjOOQIC 

258 VLO 

yieeteblUkheid, «. emrnmtUp 
yieetchaiade, «. fttMhwarm 
VieMchnat, o. br»th 
▼leescbpautei -tje, v, nttfaf- 

▼ieetebiop, o. broth 
yicMcbt^d, V. eamival 
Vleet— je, v. kind of thorn- 
hack, nets for htrrinrs, 
•q^^pnunt of a whaUr, 
9o*uch, tlut, kill bij de 
Jleet, at random, »y the 

l\egel ^tj^m.Jlail, looby 

V e&ter-tjc »• ^a««r«- 
yiek— je, 0, IMVN, •»«» <owii 
y erk -je. tr. «tii|' '^ 
Vie., tee rie> ^ 
yieuf el-tje, v. wing, pinion 
y euf elen, w. pinion 

yieJlerlj, w. fiattery 
yijeboot -je, n. ftfboat 
yiied, Tlood-ende-<ii, Jlee, 


yMe». tIooj -€imI« -en, /y 

y ieger — ^e. m. /Iyer, Ai/< 
yi ejfevanger, m.fycatcher 

yi^gwerk, in. mocAiiury 
yiier. •. ,ider (tret 

yiierboom — pje, m. older- 
y 1 erbezle -tje, v. eldmrbfrry 
VUerhout, o. elderweod 
yilerlng — je, v. toft 
Tlierloffrentter —tje, o. gar* 

▼lieten, vjwm 

Tlietif, h9, muw^mnons, 

yilerwHD, w. rItierwiM 
VUe«,(»<//M, mewtbraneot 

tnntcte, fleece 
TUet— de, vllexeodc, Tllewn, 

Jleeee, ehear 
Tlieaachtig, bv./llmf 
irUesheer, m. knighi of the 

Ihet -je, M. H 

^lieten, w»flow 

yiader —ye, «. butterflw 
Tloed -je, M. 0»od,M*, 

otroam, ftum 
Vloedwater, «. r<v<nMif<r 
▼loe^Jes, «. /ow, mn, blot, 

Weeibaar, bo. liquid, (tnid 
▼loeipapier, •. bUttintpmpor 
{Vloek — j«, m. ewroo 
yio«kca« w. enroo 
▼loeker, m. enrter 
VleekffMpao, a. «•# yMW- 


VioekgiodiniieD, mo,fnTia 
Vloeklof , «. carting 
Vldekverwant,iii. conspirator 
Vloekverwanttcbap, o. con* 

Vloekwaardig, bv, extsrdbU 
Vioekwentch, «. imprecation 
VIoekwoord — Je, 0. impreca- 
vloer —ye, v. floor 
VIoeren, to. floor 
Vloerbeiem — pJe, v. broom 
Vioerinf , v. floortng 
Vloersteeo —lie, m, paving 
tUe ^' [pit 

Vloertaptjt — Je, •. floorear- 
Vloerfeger — Ije, w. thort 

Vloeljend, 6v. 4> bw. fiueni, 

Vloeijendbetd, t. fluency 
VIok-je, V. flock, flake, t^ft 

Vloo, V, flea 
yioobeet— Je, v.fleablte 
yiooiien, it. terateh fleae 
Vlooikruid,^. fleabane 
Vioot — Je, V. fleet 
ATlooten, w. float 
Vlootelinr, m. one belonging 

to the fleet 
Viootroogd, m. admiral 
VIot — je, o. raft, float 
y lot, bio. afloat 
Vioitea, w, float, $wim, $uc- 

VIotbalken, mv, timber rafU 
Vlotgraa, o. siaweed 
Vlotbout, 0. driftwood 
Vlug, bv. fledged, nimhU, 

quick, TlckU, volatile 
Vlag;heia, v. niinbteneee, 

^ntckneu, vivacity 
Vlagt — Je, V. fHekt, escape, 

covey. volley, volery, aviary; 

ter vliigt, at random, fn 

• hurry { met der rlugt, 

in a true 
Vlof ten, w. /fee 
Vlugteling, m. refugee, rwt- 

yiagter, m./WfUtve 
yiagtlg, bv./kgitive, 90lalUe 
y\OKtiug,v. flying 
Vivgtplaats, V. asyinm 
Vlttgzout, o, sal votatU* 
VlUen, ••. slow 
TlAm— pJe, «. lancet 
VIUB«Q, «. lanco 
VlUt, V. aWgcnce 
Vlfltlg, bv, diligent 
VlQiigheid, «. dilig§isc0 

VociM, ««f fOgt ' 


Vod — Je, Todde — ^e, «. rmg, 

tatter, trash, lumber 
Voddekooper — ^je, m. rag- 
Voddemarkt, v. rag m tarka» 
Voddemoer — Ue, v. iroUap, 

Vodderii, «. trifle, trash 
Voddewljf. V. ragwcmoM 
Voeden, w. feed, nourish 
Voeder, m, fetder. nourisher 
Voeder, •. load, large eetsh, 

forage, litter, f adder 
Voederea, w. fodder 
Voederaar, voederhaler, mu 

Voederhaling, v.faragimg 
Voedering, v. foddering 
▼oedlDg, v.f ceding, n9oariok* 

ing, nutrition 
Voedtter —tje. v. nurse 
Voedateraar, voedsterbeer,* 

m. fosterer, fotterf other 
Voedsterkiad — Je, 0. Toed- 

■terling, m. fosterchild, 

nurteUng {tAer 

Voedttervader, m. foeierfv 
Toedsterrrouw -ye, v, nuitse 
Voedzaam, bv. nour%sh\Mg 
Voed^aamneid, v. ntmnsh- 

inoness Iwuut 

yoedseli 0. food, nowriJh- 
Voegen, w.flt, become 
Voege, v.jotn, seam, mmuner 
Voeglijk, Toefsnain, 6*. 

Voegi^kbetd, v, suUabteneos 
Voegpasser — ye, at. screw 

yoegwoord :\e,o,eomimM€*ian 
Voelen, w.feel 
Voelbaar, bv. pmlpaUe, m«»- 


Voer, pret. of vaar 

Voeren, v« cmrrj, cvMwy, 
bear, wage, commamd,feod, 
use, tine ; te f enoct To«> 
ren,' to object ,• bet woofd 
▼oeren, to spemk / ceo ledc 
voeren, to make a smeoeh,- 

. praat voeren, is talk 

Voeraadije, v. forofrt, pn- 

Yoering, v, conwtfmtoo, mr^ 
fyi*Vt itesiMT 

Voerloon, 0. cerrief* 

Voeriooa, bv. w ms uom 

Voerloosnald, V. mamtowmoH 

▼oeman, m. carrier, wag>' 
goner, eo a tih man 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


BThfttkig, bv. tgumH 

ertag, V. celebration 

eriarlg, hv, quadrennial 

erKant— Je, o. square f pane^ 


erkant, Tierkaotig, hv. 

tquart. quadrangular 

erkanugheid, v. equara- 


erlingj m. stanza of fanr 


eriyk, bv. solemn 

ermaal, bw. four limes 

erpondig, bw. quadrilibral 

enchaar, v. tribunal t 

court of justice ,• de vier- 

ichaar »paanen, to auem- 

&le a court of justice 

encbootig, bv. square 

erspleetig, bv. mtadrifid 

ersproBg. m. place where 

four roads meet 

ertal, o. number of four 

ertandig, bv. quadridental 

erto'oD, V. diatessaron 

ertijd, v. festival 

erroetf v. gallop i te Tier* 

roet rennen, to gallop 

ervoetig, bv. fourfooted 

errorst, m. letrarch 

ervorttendom, o.letraehate 

ervoudig, bv. fvurfold, 


enUdigy bv. mutdrilateral 

ea, ov. nicCt dainty, fasti- 

lUmSf nastpf loathsome 

esh^t v. nieeness^ dis' 

rust, nastines, dulihe, 


eaboofd, m. dainty fellovs 

ezerazen, mv. whimsiest 


esigheid, v. nteenesst daii^- 


Ilea, w./lay, fleece 

Ider, Tiller — ^e, m. flayer 

tllng, V. fiayinjg, fleecing 

Imea-^e, «. fiaytrU hnife 

IttiMdf «*• ftU J^, 
Itmaker, m.fettmaher 
D — netje, v.yhi, boil 
Dd, Tond — ende —eo./lnd, 
meet.seltUi goed ▼indcn, 
\o tMnhfit* to approve 
nder, ni./lnder 
adlnf » ••jCiMiingt itwention 
adster --tj«» «• inventr€»$ 
odiaam, bv, inventive 
nger— ye,».JI*g«r 
Dg«eft» u. finger 
Dg«rhoed-Je. M. thivihU 
•f erllng, v.MvgerstaU 
Ilk — je, V. finch 


Viaiig, bv. shrewd, tmmrti 

hard, fierce,' sharp 
ViDDighieid, V. shrewdness, 

shatpness, kardness^smart- 

•Violeode, V. violence 
Violet— Je, TioUer~0«( ▼tool 

—lie, o. violet 
^ool, «ee Flool 


VUch -Je, M if«A 
Vitchacbtig, bv. fishy 
Viacbangef-^e, v.fishhooh 
Vischarend, m. osprey 
Vitcbbaak —je, v. fislkslaU 
Viscbben— netje, v.flshbashet 
Viscbbeun, v. caufr, wear 
Ylschdag, «. fishday 
VUcheeier, m. lover offish, 

£1. ichijtyophagi 
hgraat — Je, v. fishbone 
Vlichhoek-Je, v.fishhooh 
Viacbboturer, m, wear, vi- 
va ry 
Viscbkaar — 4e, v. wMr- 

Yischketel -^e, v.fishhettU 
Vischkooper — 0«* "»• fi'f^t 

Vitchkorf He, v. fishbashet 
Vischl^m, o. ititigglase 
Vischmarkt— Je,v. fishmarhet 
VUcbnet— i^> o. fithing-^et 
Ylschrijk, 6v. abounding in 

Vi8Ch«choteI-tJe, v. fishdish 

'""- %»• " 

^_, J. JiL.. 

Visihtobbe, «. flthtub 
Vischvaogot, V. fiihing, 

fishery, di aught of fishes 
ViHChwflf— je, v.ftskwoman 
•ViuibeT, f w. vuible 
•Vitie,v. vi'W, inspection 
Viiier —ijc, o. vtsor, sight 
•VUitati , V. visitation 
•VUtte, V. vi,i: 
tViHiteeren, w. visit 
Vlstcher — tje, km. fisherwtan 
Vlstcheracbuit— je, v.fishoT' 

Visscherij— tje, v, fishery 
Vitteo, i». tavit 
•Vitrioel, v. vUriol 

Vltte, V. vetch 

Vitter — Ue, m. caviOer 

Vitterij, V. cavilling 

Vizier — tje, m. visor, vlsier 

Vlade, V. ei^stard 

Vlaag — Je, v. fit, shower, 
storm, gust, interval 

Vjag -jo> V. /tag 

▼laggeB, w. hang out ftagt 

Vlagdoek, vlaggedook, •. 
iRiJr/or fiags 

Vischspaan — tje, v. slice 
yUcbteef — je, »« " 


TLB 257 

Vtaggeman, vlaggeroerdtr, 

m. fiagship 
Vlaggenpil, vlargeHok — Je» 

V. enstgn staff 
Ylak -je, «. b&t, spot 
Vlak, bv. plain, level, fiat 
Vlak, bw.just, exactly, eUem^ 

Vlakken, i». spot, soil 
Vlakbeid, v. plainness, flmt- 

▼lakkig, bv. fitll of spots 
VUkpapier, o. blottitigpeper> 
Vlakte, V. plain, lertl, fiat . 
VlaiD— metje, «. Aame, btazt 
VUmmen, 10. flame 
yiammig. bv.fiapty 
Vlamsciiilder, w. enamelier 
Vlamftchilderen, w. enamel 
Vlanischiiderii, «. enamel 
Vlaoiverwig, bv. fiamecvlonr- 
Vlas, 0. fiaie led 

Vlassen, w. ravel out 
Vlasbaard.*. onewith a fUue* 

en beard 
Viashairig, bv. lanuginous 
Vlashekef— Ue, v. hatchet 
Vla»kiimroer, m.fiascomber 
Vlaskooper, m.iaxman 
VlaHmarkt, o. fiaxmarhet 
Vlassig. bv, /laxen 
▼lasvink — je, v. linnet 
Vlaaweb, v. linen web 
Vlaszaad. 0. Uns ed 
Vlecht — je, v stress, braid 
Viecbten, 10. braid, twina 
Vlechtband — ip, viecbtsnoer 

— iJe, V. hatrlace 
VlecQiiog, V. braiding 
Viechuter— tje,v. tirewoman 
Vledderen, w. flutter 
Viedermuls, rleerttiuls — Je* 

m. bat [tnelade 

Vlaescb, o.fiesh. meat, mar- 
Vleetchachtig, bv.fieshy 
Vleeacbacbtigheld, v. fieshi- 

Vlee>>chbank-Je, «• bntchtrU 

stalL butchery 
Vieetcbdag, m.fieshday 
Vlee«cbeeter, «. eater •/ 

Vleeacbbal, v. shambles 
Vieeschhonwen, w. slaughter 
VieeBcbhoawar — 4e» *"• 

VlefscbbuU. 0. shambUs 
Vlee»chig, bv. fleshv ^ 

Vieeschlgneid, v. fleshiness 
Vleeschketel, m. M/cr icle 
Vleeiicbklontertje, o. eamn* 
Vleeschkuip — fe, v. powder- 
ing tub 
ViMM^bIHk, bv, f »w. corMly 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

256 VKR 

Verdnolin:, v. Inwnlitfn, 

eonlrloance, mistake 
Verzochl, dw. msked, dtiirtd^ 
invited, experienced, tried, 
Verzodeo, dw. boited away 
Verzock — je, o. request, de- 
mand, desire, pel il ion 
Verzoek,Terxocht--ende — eo, 
request, desire, ask, invite, 
try, experience, tempt, 
Verzoeker, m. petitioner, de- 

mander, asker, tempter 
Verzoiking — je, v. tempta- 
tion, visUalton 
Verzoekschrlfl — je, o. peti- 
Verzoekster, v. demandress, 

pet toner 
Verzoeiien, 10. reconcile, 

atone, pay for kissing 
Ver/oeauaar, ftp. reconcile- 

Vcrzoend , dtr. reconciled 
Verznendag, m. day of pro- 
verzoendeksel, o. mereyseat 
Verzoenende,6». propi' iatory 
ViTzoener, m. mediator, re- 
Verzoening, v. reconciliation, 

propitiatton, atonoment 
Verzoeoli^k. bv, reconcileable 
Verzoenlijkneid, v. reconcile- 

Verzoenoffcr, 0. propitiatory 

Verzueuster, v. mediatrix 
Verznetea, to. sweeten, alle- 
Verzoetlng, v. alleviation 
Verzomerea, w. esfivate 
Verzomerd, dw. ettivated 
Verzonden, dw. tent away, 

Verzonken, dw. sunken 
Verzonnen, dw. contrived 
Verzoolen, to. sole 
Verzoold, aw. aoled 
Verzoolster, v. stocking- 
Verzooiien,io. affiliate, adopt 
Verzoond, dto. affiliated, 
adopted [adoption 

Verzuoning, v. affiliation, 
Verzopen, dw. k bv. drown- 
ed, drunk 
Verzooren, w. wilher 
Verzoord, dw. withered, 

Verzorgen, w. provide 
Verzorgdy dw, provided 
Verzoiger, i». provider, pur^ 


Veraorging, v. providing, 

Verzorgster, v. procuress 
Verzotten, to. iuialuale 
Yerzotheid, v. infatuation 
Vt:rzuchten, to. breathe 
Verzuim — pje, 0. neglect, 

oiuiition, loss 
Verzuiuea, 10. neglect, omit, 

Verzuimachtig, bv. negligent 
Verzuimd, tfto. neglecltff, 

omitted [siou 

VerzaimeniB — je, v. omis- 
Verzuioiing, v.negiect, omis- 
sion [negligent 
Verzuiaili'ik, bv. careless, 
Verzuimlijklieid, v. careless 

Mfis, negligence 
Verzuip, verzoop— ende— en, 

drawn, be drowned 
Verzuiper, m. drunkard 
Verzuuren, w./ei-meut, lea- 
ven, sour, acidulate 
VerzQurd, dto. fermented, 

leavened, soured 
Verzwaren, w. aggravate 
Venw Ad I'd, dw. agg ravated 
Verzwaariiig, v. aggravation 
Vcrzwageren, w. ally by 

mar nag e 
Verzwaxerd, dto. allied by 

marriage [marriage 

Verzwagering, v. relation by 
Verzwakken, 10. weaken de- 

Verzwakking, v. debilitation 
Verzurakt, Uw. weakened 
VerzwegeUj dto. concealed 
Verzweer, Tcrzwoer .— eude 

— en, swear, conspire 
Verzwetr -de — ende —en, 

feSier [tion 

Verzweering, v.uleer,ulcera- 
VerzwcJg, vertwolg — eodc 

—en, swallow up, ingur- 

VerzwelgiDg,o. ingurgitation 
Verzwiud, yerzwona — ende 
' — CD, vanish 
Verzwolgcn, dto. swallowed 

Verzwonden, dto. vanished 
Verzwooreo, dtcftoom, fes- 
Verzwljg, verzweeg —ende 

en, conceal, keep secret 
Verzwijger, »i. concealer 
VerzwQging, v. concealment, 

Verzw^nen, 10. swoon 
Verzwijiud, dto. swooned 
VerzwQming, i;. .stoo*n 
Verzilg, verzeeg —ende —en, 

Uak through, percoUtls 


VernJging, v . pereoUitlom 
Vtrzijgrat, o. straiutr, asl- 

Ve«pertyd, v. time of vespers 
Vesdemea, to. thread 
Vent. •. ditch, moat, vest, 

Vesien, w. fix. fasten 
Ve«tigeu, 10. establish, fomnd 
Veiitigiug, V. establuhment 
Vesiiug — je, v. fortress 
Vestiiigbouw, m.fortifiemtion 
VeiiUngbouwer, m. engimeer 
Vet, o.fat, grease 
Vet, vette, bv. fat, phtmsp, 

greasy y velle wares, 

Vetten, to. fatten 
VetachUg, bv. greasy, faliish 
Veter — ije, r. tag, lace 
Veleren, to. lace 
Veiermaker, m. lacemaker 
Vethcid, V. fatness, gremsi- 

▼etje, o.job 

Vetmaklng, v.fatteniur 
Vettewaaner. m. ehmndter 
Velttig, bv.fat,fiutisk 
Veltlgbeid, v. fatness, grtm- 

sines s 
Vet» eider, nu grazier 
Vetweiderli, v. grazierw 
Vntileu -tje, o.foal 
•Vexaile, v. oppressiom 
•Vexeereo, to. oppress, war 
Vezel— go, v. filament, JLhre, 

mole, thread 
Vezeien. 10. grow strinn 
Vezelachtlg, vezelig, bv. Jl- 

brons, stringy 
Vezeliog-je, v. JUameni 
•Vicaris, m.vtcar 
•Viceadmiraal, m, vicend- 

•Victoalie, v. provisions 
*ViciaaUeereD, w. vietmal 
Vier, bv.four 
Vleren, to. celebrate, woer, 

yield, indulge, loosen 


eve nf •/««> 

Vierdag, m./«rfitia| 
Vierde, bv. /ourth 
Vlerderaode, vierderlei, bo. 

of four sorts 
Vierdedaagach, bv, qf font 

days, quartan 1 

Vierdedeel, Tierrendeel— Ue^ 

o. quarter,qnartem,Jlrkm, 

barrel ■ ' 

Vlerdevat — je, o. peck 1 

VierdNbbeld, bv. gmaetn^^ 

Vfer( • ■ 

ViereadeeleB, w. quarter 
Vierboek — je, m. s^nare 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


erwoedeliik, bw. furiously 
erwoedheid, v, rage f fury 
ervroesten, «;. desolate, de- 

erwoest. dw. 4- hv. desolate 
ervroestbeld, v. desolation 
'erwoe«ter, m. destroyer 
erwoesting, v. desolation, 
devastation, destruction 
'erwonden. w, wound 
erwond, dw. wounded 
'erwondereD, to. wonder, 
marvel: zich verwonderen, 
(o wonder, to admire 
'erwonderaar, m. wanderer 
erwonderd, dw. wondered 
erwonderdheid, verwonde- 
rlng-, V. wondering, admi- 
ration, surpi-ise 
'erwonaerlijk, bv. & Ino, 
wonderful, wonderfully 
'erwonderlijkheid, v. won- 

erwonneliDp, m. one that 
is conquered 

'erwoDnen, dw. conquered 
'erwonen, w. pay for rent 
'erwooDd, dw. paid for rent 
'erworgen, w. strangle 
erworgd, dw, strangled 
'ervfOTgiug.v. strangulation 
'eryiorfad, bv, wormeaten 
'erworpeling-, m. reprobatt 
'erworpen, dw. rejected, re- 

'ervFortelen, w. lake deep 

erworteld, dw. f bv. invt' 
terate, deeply rooted 
erworven, dw. obtained 
ervrrikken,«, wrench 
erwrikking, v. wrenching 
erwrikt,tfw. moved, wrenck- 

rerwTlDg, verwrong — ende 
—en, wring again, wrench, 

erwrioging, v. wrenching, 
wresting *' 

erwrongen, dw.tofenched, 

erwBtoffen,T£rwwaren, inv. 
colours, dyer^s wares 
erwverkooper, m. colour- 

erwijden, to. widen 
erwijdereo, w. estrange, 
alienate, separate 
erwijderd, dw. estranged, 

erwydering, v. breach^ rup- 
ture, separation, alienation 
crwljf -de, verwyvende, 
Yerw^ren, effeminate 
envy fd, dw. f bv, effeminate 


VerwUfdheld, v. effeminacy 
VerwUlen, to. delay 
VerwQld, dw. delayed 
VerwijUng, t>. delay 
VerwHf, verwees, rerwlj- 
rende, verw^jzen, condemn 
Verwijt — je, o. reproach 
Verwijt, verweet— ende— eo, 

reproach, upbraid 
Verwijielijk, bv, reproach- 

able, opprobrious 
Vervrijter, m, upbraider 
Verwfltlng, v, upbraiding 
Verwiizing, v, condemnation 
Verijdelen, w, frustrate 
Verydeld, dw, frustrated 
Verzaden, to. satiate 
Verzaad, dw, satisfied, sati- 
Verzadelijk. bv, satiable 
Verzaadheld, v. satiety 
Verzadigen, to. satiate, sa- 
turate, fUt. satisfy 
Verzadigd. dw,satiated,filUd 
Verzadlgdheld, v. satUty 
Veraadiging, v. saturation 
Verzaken, to. deny, forsake, 
revoke * 

Verzaker, m. veraaaks ter, v. 

denier, forsaker 
verzakiog, v. denial, for- 

saiing, revoking 
Verzakelijk, bv, deniable 
Verzaakt, dw. denied, for- 

Vertamen, to. join, meet 
Verzaamd, bw. joined, met 
Verzacbten, to. soften 
Verzachter, m, softener 
Verzdchting, v, mitigation, 

Verzamelen, to. collect 
Verzaiueld, dw. collected 
Verzameliog — je, v, collec- 
tion [vous 
Verzamelplaats, v, rendez- 
Verzeegen, dio. leaked 

Verzeeren, to. hurt 
Verzeerd, dw. hurt 
Verzeeuwd, bv, squeamish, 

fastidious ^ 

Verzeeuwdbeid, v, fastidi- 
Veraeggeo, to. resay, pro- 

mise, engage 
Verzegd, dto. promised, en- 
Verzegel^, to. seal 
Veraegelaar, t». sealer 
Verzegeld, dio. sealed 
Verzegeling, v, sealing 
" — iilen, to, 

sail away, 
cBf • out Of tne course 
Yerzeild, dw, tailed away 

VER ^55 

Vewekeren, to. assure, in- 
sure, ascertain, secure 

Verzekeraar, m, assurer, in- 

Verzekerbrief, m, policy of 
insurance {sured 

Verzekerd, dw, assured, in- 

Verzekerdheld, v, assurance, 

Verzekergeld, o, premium of 

Verzekering, v. assurance, 
security, custody, insu- 

Verzellen, to. accompany ' 

Verzeld, dto. accompanied 

Verzelfstandlgen, to. trans- 

Verzeirstandigd, dio. traru- 

Verzeirstandiging, v. trans' 

Verzeller, m, aecompanier 

Verzelllng, v, accompanying 

Verzend, verzond— ende^cD, 
send away, ship off, ex- 
port ablegate 

Verzender, m. shipper, ex- 

Verzendiog, v. expedition, 
exportation, ablegation 

Verzengen, to. singe 

Vereengd, dio. singed, 
scorched ting 

Verzenging, v.exustiou,sing- 

Verzet, o. refuge, relief, re- 

^Ph, guard 

Verzetten, to. remove, trans- 
pose, move, divert, ward, 
pawn, bet, reset, surprise g 
zjj kan »t Diet verzetten, 
she can* t forget it,- ran z^a 
stuk verzetten, to disap- 

Verzet, dto. removed, trans- 
posed, reset, pawned, sur- 

Verzettelljk, bv, moveable, 

Verzetting, v, removal, trans- 
position, pawning, mort- 

Verzie, verzag— nde— n, mis- 
take, pay for seeing 

Verzied, verzood— eade— en, 
boil away 

Verzilveren, to. silver 

Verzilverd, dto. silvered 

Verzin, verzon^-nende— nen, 
invent, contrive, mistake 

Verzink, Terzook— ende— en, 

Verzinking, v. sinking 

Verzinner, m, invmlor, com. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

254 VER 

Verrormiof , w. irgMforma- 

Venrachten, w.freigkt 
Verrrachl, dw.jreigkled 
Verrrachier, m. freifhter 
Vervracbtiof, v. afreigkt- 

Vervreemden, w. alieuatt 
Vervreemd. dw. atituated 
Vervreemdtiig, v. alitnatiom 
Vervreagden, 10. gladdtn 
Ver»rie» —rroo* — vriexende 

— Triezen, w.freezejbtnumb 
▼ervroegen, tc. mnticipaU, 

Verf roegd, dw. antictpaied 
Vervroeging, v. anticipation 
Verf roUlkeo, tc. gladden 
▼ervrolljkt, dw. gladdened 
Vervailen, w. befoul 
Vervuild, dtp. ^ bo. foul 
Verroildbeid, v. foutneu 
Verf roren — zen, dw. froxen 
Vervroawd, fro. henoecked 
Verf ullen, m» f*fJUi repUn- 

isk, supplj/fflU 
▼ervuld, dw.fulAlled 
Verraller, m, fulfiller 
VervuHing, «. /«I/W«««<, 

▼erw, V. colour, kue 
Verwen, v. colour, dye 
VerwaaUen, to. bum awa^t 

stir witk tke wind, evapo' 

rate, bewilder 
Verwaaid, dw, t ^v* blown 

mwajf, evaporated, bewil- 
dered, boisteroue 
Verwaand, bv. vain, arrogant 
Terwaandheidy v, arroganer, 

Verwaarea/10. keep, preeerve 
Verwaard, dw. kept, preter- 

. Verwaarborgen, w. give le- 

euritjf, certify 
Verwaarborgd, dw. certified 
Verwaardigen, to. voucksafe 
Verwaardigd, dio. vouekeafid 
Vflrwaardiging.v. condeecen- 

Verwaarlozen, w. neglect 
Verwaarlootd, dte. neglected 
VerwaarloziDg, v. neglect 
Verwaten, 10. abandon, ex- 

Vcrwat«n, dw. If bv, ungra- 

eioue, abandoned, excom- 
Verwatenit, v. exeommuniea- 

Verwaa^ing, v. evaporation 
Verwaggelcut to. totter 
▼erwaggeld, dw» tottered 


Verwacht. dw. expected 
Verwacbtiog« v. expectation 
Venrakkereo, 10. awaken, 

Venrakkerd, dt». routed 
Verwandelen, 10. walk away, 

tranamigrate, ckangei 
Verwandeld, dw. trantmigra- 

Verwaodeling, v. trantmi- 
gration,tran*subslantiat ion 
Verwant* m. kinsman, rela- 
tion, companion, contort ■ 
Verwant, bv. allied, related 
Vemrantscbap, 0. relation, 

Terwarren, to. confuse, en* 
tangle, pierplex, be confuted 
V«rward, dto. f bv. eoitfuted, 

entangled, intricate 
VerwardelUk^frto. confusedly, 

Verwardbeld, v. confusion, 

perplexity, intricacy 
Verwarmen, to. toarm 
Verwarmdf dto. warmed 
Verwarmiogy v. warming 
VerwarriDg, v» conjksion, en- 
Verwedden, to. bet, lose by 

Verwed, dw, belted, lost by 

VerweeTdereo, w. luxuriate 
Verweelderd, dto.- luxuriated 
\erm^ten,w, defend, main- 
tain, assert 
Verweerd, dw, 4- bv. defend- 
ed, matntai$ud, weatker' 
Verweerder, •!. defender, de- 
Verweerend, bv. defensive 
Verweering, v. defence 
Verweerster, v. aefendreu, 

Verweten, rfto. upbraided 
VerwezeDfdio. condemned depasture 
Verweid, ato. depastured 
Verwekken, to. raise, excite, 
produce, provoke, procreate 

Verwekker, si. excUer, be- 

Verwekklug, v. raising, ex- 
citement, procreation, be* 

Verwekt, dw, raised, exci- 
ted, procreated, begptten 

Verweldigen, 10. force, over- 

Verweldlgd, dto. overcome 

V«rweir. TerwelfMl, 0, vouU, 
arcked roof 

VenreJf - , 


Verwelking, v.. 
Verwelkt, dii 

faded __ 

Verweikomen, wH} 
Verwelkomd. dao. f 
Verweloosy bv, < 
VerwelvlUR, v, 

VerweDoen, to. cuj 
Verwend, dto. dioi^ 
Verwentchen, w. 

VerwentcbiDf , V. 1 
Verweniicht, aw, c 
Verwer, «. d^^er 
Verwerf, verwler 

▼eode, vertrerve 
Verwerkeh, w. t 
Verwerkt, dw, 

Verwerp, Terwier] 

—en, r^ect, reprc, 
Verwerpeliogy ti». r* 
Verwerpeiy^ bv,9 

Verwerpingy v. 

Verwervlng, v. .. 
Verwery, v.dyerU 
Verwboiit, 0. dyi 
Verwildereo, w. I 
Verwiiderd, dw. 
VerwllderlDg, v. 6. 
TerwilligeD, w, em 
VerwUllgd, d«». 
VerwIlUging, v. 
Verwionen, to. 

Verwing, v. dyit 
Verwinnaar, m, 
Verwinning, v. ' 
Verwioster, v. t — _ 
Verwintereoi to. wti 
Verwinterdf dto. wb 
Verwkaeleo, to. cAai 
Verwisseld, dto. eket 
Verwisseling, «. 
Verwiutgbrier, n 

VerwUUgd, dio. 1 
Verwittlger, m, i 
Verwittiglnf , «. i 
Venvkoopert m, 
VervlLolp, «. dyi 
Verwoed, by. 


Digitized by LjOOQIC 

ttraiet reprettntf produce, 
xct.0 appear 

:rtoona, dto, shewn, dt- 
marts trattd, represented, 
ftr^duced, acted 
^rioner, m. skewer, repre- 
senlet, actor 

^rtoning, v. exposilitm, de- 
monstration, representa- 
tiou, production, scenery , 

rsrtoooplaau, v. Iheatrt 
:;r toons ter, v. actress, re- 

crtoorneD, to. prpvoke, in- 
cense, anger 
sTtoorad, dw. incensed 
ertooradheid, v. anger 
ercragea, w. delay 
erlraagd, dw. delayed^ 
ertragiUf , v. delay 
ertrappeD,io. trampleupon 
ertrapt, dw. trampled 

ertreden, w. tread upon, 
despise, sprain 
erireden, dw. trodden upon 
ertredin|[, v. treading upon 

ertrek — je, o. departure,re- 

deloy, ' " 


, room, apart- 

ercrek vertrok— kende— ken 
depart, retire, withdraw, 
relate, remove, draw, move 
ertrekKamer~-tje, w. draw 

ertrekklng, v. drawing ; 
cen — vaa zinnen, a trance 
ertrokkea, dw. departed, 
vjithdrawn, removed 
ertroo*tea«io. console 
ertroost. dw. consoled 
ertrooslbaar,frv. consolable 
ertroostei^k, 61;. consolable 
ertrooBter, m. comforter 
ertroostiagy v. consolation 
ertrouwen, 10. entrust, con* 
/Ide, ,rMst, remarry 
ertrouiird, dw. entrusted 
ertrouwde, <-weUng,m.con- 

ertrouvrdlieid, v. trustiness 
ertroiMvelljk, bv. trusty 
ertroawen, o. — nis, v. con- 
Jldenct, trust, assurance 
ertaljen, -w, moor 
Brtufd, dw. moored 
ertuining, «. inclosure 
'•rtaintngkiout, 0. wainscot 
«rtai»cben, to. game away 
brtuischt, dio. gamed away 
tettr^felen, to. despair 
'eTfwii(c\d,dw.«rbw, despair- 
^, desperate 


Vertwiifetdhei I —ling, v. de- 
spair, desperation 
Vertsagen, w. dismay 
Verlsaagd, dio. dismayed 
Verlsaagdelijk, bw. fearfully 
Vertsa.igdbeld. v. dismay 
V«rvaaren,to. frighten, scare, 

remove, saU away 
Ver»aarc[, dw. if bo. frighte- 
ned, fearful, afraid 
Vervaardheid, v.fearfulness 
Vervaardigen, to. prepare 
Vervaardigd, dto. prepared 
Verva.Ardiglag, v.preparation 
Vervaarlijk, bo. frightful 
VervaarlQkheid, v.frightful- 

Veryal — lelje, 0. decay, de- 
cline, vails, perquisites 
Verral.verviel — leiide— len, 
fall away, fall into, fall in 
with, decay, expire, full 
-due; in boete vervallen, to 
incur a penally 
Vervaldig m. day 0/ falling 

due, maturity 
Vervallen, dto. fallen away, 

decayed, expii ed. due 
VerraUchen, w. falsify, adul- 
terate, debase, counterfeit 
Vervalscher, m. fatsifierf 

Vervalsching, v. falsification 
VervaUcbt, dio. falsified, a- 

duUerated, counterfeit 
VcryaUljd, t;. malurtlyk 
Vervaiig verroiig,--enae— en» 
inttrcept. "intermit, alter- 
nate, relieve, recommence 
Vervangeu, dto. intercepted, 

relieved, recommenced 
Vervaoi^ing, v. synecdoche 
Vervaueu, to. resume,contain 
Vervat, dto. resumed, con- 
Verveelea, to. weary, hrk, 

Verveeld, dw, wearied, troub- 
Verveelend, bv, tiresome 
Verveeren, 10. moult 
Verveerd, dto. moulted 
Verrellea, 10. cast the skin 

slang h 
Verveld, dto. having cast the 

VervelUag, v. casting of the 

Verven, see Verf, paint 
Ververr6n,io. remove to a dis- 
Ververd, dio. removed to a 

Ververscheoy «• refreeh 

VER 253 

VerverBche'r, m, refresher 
Verrerschiug, v. refre»hment 
Ververscht, dw. refreshed 
Ververwen, 10. rtdfye 
Ververwd, dto. reayed 
Vervlleg vervloog -ende -en, 
fly aioay,evapor at f, exhaust 
Vervlieging, v. evaporation 
Vervloeketij to. execrate 
VcrvIoekeHjk, bv. execrable 
Vervloeker, m. execrator 
Vervloekinif,'t;. curse, execra- 
tion, malt diction 
Verrloekt, dto. cursed, exe- 
Vervlogen, dto. evaporated, 

/town away, exhausted 
Vervoegen, to. resort, repair, 
oppht address, join, con- 
Vervoegd, dto. joined, conju- 
Ven-oegelljk, bv. conjnguble 
Vervoeging, v. resorting, ap- 
plicai ton, junction, conju- 
Vervoeren, to. carry away, 

transport, export 
Vervocrbaar, bv. removably. 
*'ir?oerd, dto. carried away, 
^ansported, exported 
toerder, m. remover, 
'ervoerdheid, v. transport 
Vervoering, v, transporta- 
tion, transveclion 
Verro^, 0. continuation, se- 
, quel 

Vervolgen, to. follow, pursue, 
petsecute, prosecute, con- 
Vervolgbaar, bv, persuabte 
Vervolgd, dw. followed, pur- 
sued, persecuted, prosecu- 
ted, continued 
Vervolgena, vn. further, 
thereupon, successively, 
Vervolger, m. pursuer, per- 
secutor, prosecutor, contt- 
Vervolging, v. perseeutton, 

prosecution, conttnuation 
Verrolgster, v. persecutrets, 

Vervorderen, 10. forward, 

promote , further 
Vervorderd, dto. forwarded, 

promo tfd, advanced 
yetyoTdcrlng,v. furtherance, 

promotiott, advancement 
Vervormea, to. transform 
Vervormd, dto. transformed 
Verrorirfer, w. transformer 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 



Vers iflleo, w. readjust, re- 
pair, attonith, snrprite 
Versteld, rftr. repaired t mer^ 
dffL, atloniihsd, surprited, 
amazed [mender 

Veruicller, m. Tersteister, v. 
Verftlelliiig, v. mending 
VersHTf, 0. disease 
Versierf, verslicrf, ver«ter- 
vende, versterven, dtr, de- 
eease, devolve; het ver- 
nierven, ihe succession 
Versterfbaar, bv. devoivable 
Versterffenls, v. dicease, 

death, devoiution 
Ver*terken, w. strengthen, 
fortify, corroborate, rein- 
Versterker, m. strengthener 
Verstcrkine, v. strengthen- 
ing , fortification, cordial, 
Versterkt, dto. strengthened, 

fortified, reinforced 
Versiervinff , v. decease, mor- 
tification, succession 
Verstikken, w. suffocate, be 

"^^erstlkking, v. suffocation 
Verstlkt, dw. suffocated, 

Verstoken, dw. hiddeu 
Verstokken, to. harden 
VerstokklDg, v. hardening 
Verstokt, dw. hardened 
Verstoktheid, v. heardness 

of heart 
Verstoiutnen. to. silence, 
strike dumb fie struck dum& 
terstomd. dw, silenced, 

Urvch dumb 
Verstomming, v, silencing, 

Verstonipen, w, stupify, 

blunt . 
Verstomping, v. stupefaction 
Verstompt, dw, sluplfied, 
blunted [fend 

Verstooren, ». disturb, of- 
Vergtoord, dw. disturbed, of- 
VerBtoorder, m. disturber 
Verstoordlieid, v. anger 
Verstooring, v, disturbance, 


Verstoot.TersHet— ende— en, 

reject, abandon, turn out, 

eject, dispossess, repudiate 

Vergtooteliug, m. outcast 

Verstooten. dw. rejected, 

abandoned, repudiated 
Veri tooting, v. abandonment, 

ejection repudiatiou 
VerstooveD, dw. blasted, dis- 
persed ^ 


Verst^ppea, w. stop up, ob- 
struct, constipate, hide, 
Veratopping, V. stoppage, ob- 
struction, constipation " 
Verstopt, dw. stopped up, 
obstructed, constipated, 
Vcrstnpthcid, v. obstruction, 

Verstorveo, dw.tteceased, de- 
Verstoaten, w. emboldtn 
Verstouting, v. emboldening 
Vcrstrammcn, tr. stiffens 
Verstramd, dw. stiffened 
VerHtramdbeid, v. stiffness 
Verstraniming, v. stiffening, 
stiffness *' 

Verstreken, dw.past, expired 
Verstrekken, w. tatd, serve, 

Verstrekt, dw. furnished 
Verstrengelen, w. entangle 
Verstrengeld, dw, entangled 
Veratrlkken, w. ensnare 
Verstrikkioy, v. ensnaring 
Verstrikt, dw. ensnared 
Veratrooijen, tn. scatter, 

Verstrooibaar, bv. dissipable 
Verstrooid, dw. ^ bv. scat- 
tered, dispersed, absend 
Verstrooidel'jk, bw. disper- 

sedly, diffusively 
Vergtrooidheid, v. disper- 
sion, absence 
Verstrooijclingen, mv. seat- 
tered people, scattered 
Verstrooijiog, v. dispersion, 

dissipation, absence 
Verstrijk, verstreek — ende 
—en, pass, go, expire, iron 
again , 
Verstuif, verstoof, versful- 
vende, verstuiven, be blast- 
ed, be blown away, dis- 
yerstviiken,w. sprain, wrench 
Verstuiking. v. luxation 
Verstuikt, dw. sprained 
Verstijf -de, verslUvendc, 
verstljven, stiffen, oenuMb 
Ver«tljW, dw. stiffened 
Verstljfdheid, v, stiffness, 

▼erstyvlng, v, stiffening, be- 
Versuffen, w. sadden 
Veriiuft, dw. 4- bo, saddened, 

Verouftheid, v. jtensivenets 
Vertalen, w, translate 
Veruaid, dw, translated 


Vertaler, m. tranttmior 
VeruHng — je, v. transUticn 
Vertaalater, «. tramsUtrets 
Vertasten, w. mistake 
Verte. v. distance, f amen 
•Verteereo, w, revert 
Verteeren, w, ependj «•- 

stnne, waste, digest 
Verteerd, dw. spent, consu- 
med, wasted, digested 
Verteerder, «». consuuser 
Verteering, v. erpendiittre, 

consumption, digestion 
Vertegenwoordigeo, w. re- 
present Ipresemted 
Vertegeuwoordigd, dw. re- 
Vertegenwoordiger, m. r«- 

Vertegenwoordiging, v. re- 

Vertellen, w, tell, reUle, 

Verteld, dw. related, misteU 
Verteller, m. verte^ter, v. 

teller, relator 
VertelUng -je, v. relslMa, 

tale, story, misrekoning 
yertienen,w. tUhe. decimaU 
Vertiend, dw, tUked, deci- 
Verlienlng, v. decimation 
Vertier, o. custom, vent, com- 

Terileren, w. vend, sell, een- 

Verderd, dw. sold, consumed 
Vertieringt v, vent, sale, con- 
Vertillen, w, remove, lift, 

VerUld, dw. removed, lifted 
Vertimmeren, w, repair 
Vertimmerd, dw. repaired 
VerlirooieriDg, v. reparation 
Vertinnen. w. tin 
▼ertlnd, dw. tinned 
Ver tinsel, o. tinning 
Vertoef -de, ^ertoevetde, 

vertoe»en, tarry, stay 
Vertoefd, dw. tarried 
Vertoefplaats, v. tarrying- 

Vertoever, m. tarrier 
Vertoevlng, v. tarrying, stay 
Vertolken, w, interpret 
Vertolker, m. interpreter 
Vertolking, v. imterprelation 
Vertolkt, dw. interpreted 
Vertoog— je, o. essay, tlemon^ 
stratton, representmliou, 
Vertoogschets, «. essay 
Vertoogstoel, m. ro8t%~Hws 
vertoogvoerder, m, orator 
Vertonen, w. sheio, demou- 

Digitizefl byLnOOQlC 


^rsierlngr, v. adommtnl, 

^rsierster —^e, v. tirewo' 

Brsierzel — tje, o, ornament 
srslaa, versioee — nde — n, 
slaj/f beatf defeatf deject, 
dismay, quench, pall, cool, 

erslaaf -de, verslavende, 
verslaven, enslave 
er^Iaap, versliep — ende 
—en, overeleep, sleep awajf 
erslapen, dto. overslept 
erslaviDg, v. enslavement 
ersiag — je, o. relation, ac- 

erslagen. dto. 4- bv. beaten, 
slain, defeated, dejected, 
dismayed, flat, stale, 

ersiagenheidy v. dejection 
erslappen, w. slacken 
'er«lapping, v. slackening 
^erslapt, dw, slackened, 
■weakened • lout 

'^ersleten, rfw. worn, worn 
'erslechten, w. deteriorate 
^erslempen, w. spend in 
/^erslempt, dw. spend in 

i^erslenssen, w.wilher,fade, 

droop, flag 
/^ernleosing. v. withering 
iersleo9t, aw. St bv. wither- 
ed, flabby, flaccid 
/crslimmen, tr. grow worse 
/erclimd, dw. deteriorated 
/eriilind, verslond — ende 
— en. devour, consume, 
swallow up 
l^erglinder, m, devourer 
^erglioding, v. devoration 
V enliageten, w,hurry away, 
be addicted to, be attached 
V^ersloffen, w. neglect 
Versloffing, v. neglect 
VerBloft, dw. neglected 
Verslonden, dw. devoured 
VercloRssen, w. sp»il 
V6rt«lon8t, dw. spoiled 
VersUjf, versleet— ende— en, 
wear, wear out, spend, ptus, 
repute, retail 
VcrsUjter, m. wearer out. 
retailer Iretail 

VerslijUng, v. wearing out, 
Versmaden, to. dispise 
Versmaad, dw, despised, 

Versmadeiiik.ftv. 4- bw.scom- 
J'ul, disdainful, contemp- 
tuous, contemptuously 


Versmadel^kbeid, v. scorn- 
Versmader, m. Tersraaadster, 

V. scomer, despiser 
Versmadlng/v. despising 
Versmacbteo, to. be choked, 

be stifled 
Versniacht, dw, choked, 

Versmallen, tr. narrow 
Versmald, ato. narrowed 
Versmeeden, to. reforge 
Verdraeeren, 10. consume 
Versmeerd, dw. consumed 
VerBmeten, dio. rejected 
VersmeU, versoiolt — eode 

—en, melt, dissolve 
VersmeltlDg, v. fusion 
Versmolten, dw. melted, dis- 
' solved 
Versraooreii, to. choke, stifle, 

suffocate, smother 
Versffloord, dto. choked, suf- 
focated, smothered 
Versmooring, v. suffocation 
Versnuillen, tr. spend in 
feasting ling 

Versmuld, dw, spent in feast 
VeMinijt, versmeet —ende 

—en, fling away, reject 
Versnapering — je, o. dainty 

bit, relish 
Versneden, dw. spoiled in 
cutting, cut in pieces, cut, 
Versnelleu. to. hasten 
Versneld, aio. hastened 
Versnippelen, to. snipper 
Veriinippeld, dw. smppered 
Versnoepen, to. spend in 
dai7tlies {ties 

Versn^ept.dw.spent in dain- 
Versnorken, to. outbrave 
Versnorkt, dw. otitbraved 
Versnljd, vergneed- —ende 
—en. spoil in cutting, cut 
in pieces, cut, nund 
Vergollen, to. fumble 
Versold, dto. fumbled, han- 
Vergpaaren, to. spare 
Vergpaard, dto. spared,saved 
Vergpeelen, to. play atoay, 

game away 
Vergpeeld, dw. gamed away 
Verspelden, to. repin 
Vergpieden, to. espy 
Vergpieder, m. spy, scout 
Vergpieding, t;. espial 
Vergpie4)iigt, 0. (uiviceboat 
Vergpiedtoren— Ije, v. watch- 
Vergplllen, to. spend, waste, 

Vers gild, dio. spent, watted 



VergpiDing, v, spending, 

wasting, dissipation 
VergpiUf vergpoD — neode 

— nen , spin up 
Vergponnen, dio. spun up 
Vergprekken, to. resay, mis- 
take in speaking, agree, 

Vergprelden, to. spread, 

scatter, disperse, divulge 
Vergpreid, dto. spread, scat- 
I- tered, dispersed, divulged, 

VergpreideHjk, bw. diffusely 
Vergpreider, m. spreader 
Vergpreiding, v. spreading, 

Vergpring, versprong —ende 

—en, spring loose, hurt 

with leaping 
Vergprongen, dto, sprung 

loose [mist a 

Vergproken. dio. agreed, pro- 
Verst, bv. farthest 
Vergtaa, verstond — nde — n, 

understand, consent, think 

Vergtaalen, 10. steel 
Vergtaald, dio. steeled 
Verstaau, dw. understood 
Yergtaanbaar. verstaaniyk, 

bv. intelligible 
Verstaanbaarheid. rerstaan- 

lijkbeid, v. intelligibility 
Vergtand, 0. understanding, 

judgment^ intellect, sense, 

opinion, tntelligence, har- 

Vergtandeloogheid, v, fool- 

Verstandelijk. hv. intellec- 

tuat, inlellieible 
Verstandbouding, v. intelli- 
gence, correspondence 
Vergtandig, bv. intelligent, 

understanding, sensible 
Vergtandigbcid, v. wisdom, 

Vergtandlglijk, bv. sensibly, 

wisely, tnteUigihly 
Versteken, to. stick again, 

stick in another place^hide, 

abscond, deprive 
Vergteken, dio. hidden, de- 

drived [hider 

Vergtekeling, m. absconder, 
Vergteking, v. concealment, 

Versteenen, to. petrify 
Vergteeud, dto. petrified, 

Verstening, v, petrifieation 
Verstek, 0, deprivation of 


Digitized by VjOOQ It 

250 VER 

Verrekt, dvf. sprained 
Verrekilker— tie, w. pertpeC' 

tive-glatt. teleicope 
Verreten, dir. torn in piecei 
Verreien, dw. risen from tke 

Verreziend, bv. eharpsigkted 
Verrlgtcn, v. do, perfect, ef- 
fect, execute 
Verrf K'ter, m. doer, performer 
VerrlRtlngr, v. performance , 

action, transaction 
verroekcloozen, 10. di$re- 

gard, lavish, neglect 
verroekeloocd, dw. lavished 
Verroercn, w. stir, move 
Verroerd, dv. stirred, moved 
Verroerder, m. mover 
Vvrroeriag,vMirrimg, motion 
Verroe»teii. to. grow rusty 
verro€8t, dw. ^ bv. rusty 
Verroestheld, v. rustiness 
Verroesilngr, v.rusting 
Vercotien, w, rot 
Verrot, dw. 4- bv. rotten, pu- 
trid ' "^ 
Verrotheld, v, rottenness 
yerrottend, bv.putrifactive 
Verrottlajf, v. putrifiation 
yerruilen, w. change 
Verruild, dw. changed 
yerrujUng, v. change, barter 
Verrukken, w. ravuk,delight 
Verrukkelijk, bv. delightful 
Verrukkloff, v. ravithme^tt, 
transport, rapture, exstacy 
Vcrrukt, dw, ravished, de- 
Verr^lken, tr. enrich 
VerrQkinff, v. enrichment 
Verrijkl, dw. enriched 
Verrijs, rerrees, verrijien- 
de, rerrijzen, rise from the 
Verrijzenls, v. resurrection 
Ver«ch, bv.Jresh, nrw, green 
Verachaalen, w. grow dead 

or flat 
Vertchaald, dw. dead, flat 
Verschaffcn, w, furnish, 

Verschaffer, m. provider 
Vergchafling, v. furnishing 
Ver»rhaft, dw. provided 
yerjchalken, to. overreach 
Ver«chalklug,». ©»« r«icA*iif 
Verschalkt, dw. overreached 
Ver^chansseD, w. intrench, 

VerBchanBloff, v. intrench- 

ment, retrenchment, tine* 
Verrichaatt, dw. fortified 
Verscheelen, w. differ 
VerscUetsld, dw. difered 


Verschenen, dw. appeared, ^ 

Vertchep«n, tr. transship " 
Ver«cbeplng, v. reshipment 
Verscheiden, 10. appoint, 

Verscheiden, dw. k bv.'ap- 
pointed, departed, divers, 
different, several 
VerscheideDerld, bv, of dif- 
ferent sorts, divert 
Veriicbcidenheid v. diversity, 

variety, difference 
Verscheldenlljk, bw. differ- 

entlv, variously 
Verscnenk, verschonk— ende 

—en, repour, decant 
Veracherf—de, verscherTen- 
de, vencberven.join.dooe- 
tail [tailed 

Vertcherfd, dw. joined, dove- 
Verrscberpeo, w, sharpen 
Vergcberpt, dw. sharpened 
Verscbeuren, w. tear, de- 
vour, lacerate i verscheu* 
rende dieren6ea<f« of prey 
Verscheard, dtp. ^ bv, torn, 

devoured, ragged 
Vcrscbeuring, v. tearing, de- 
vouring, laceration 
Vercchiei, 0. variety, choice, 

perspective, bach ground 
Versculet, verschoot — ende 
—en, shoot, shift, startle, 
change colour, fade, dis- 
burse, shuffle, turn 
Verschleter, m.^disburser 
Veruuhikkeu, to. read, just, 

transpose, remove 
Verscblkt, dw. transposed 
Vewchil— leije, 0. difference, 

Verschiilen, to. differ 
VerBcliilderen, to. repaint 
Verscliilderd, dw, repainted 
Verschillend, bv. various 
Verscbillig, bv, different, 

Vcrschilljgbeid, v, difference 
Verschimmelen, to. ^roto 

Verscbiaimeld, dto. mouldy 
Ver«chimmeidbeid» v. moul- 

Verscbonken, dio. decanted 
Verscbooleo, dto. hidden 
Verecboonen, to. excuse, 
spare, exempt, shift, -clean 
Verschoond, dw, excused, 

Verscbooning, «. excuse, 

shifting. Clean linen 
Verschooailjk, by. exeusablt 


VerichooDlijkheid, v. ere«#«- 

VerBchoten, dw. shot awntt 

shifted, startled, fadedt 

Verschorellng, m. outcast 
Verschoveo, dto. remo9€m, 

Verscboppen, to. kich motty 
Verscbopt, dw. kicked «tMf 
Verschot, o. disbursement 
Verschreven, dw, rewritten 
Verscbrikken, u>. frigki, 

frigklen, terrify, scare, 

Verschrlkker- m. scarecrow 
VerBchrikkiug, v. frigki, 

terror, frightful 


Verschrikt, dw, terrified 
Verschroeuen, to. search 
Verschroetd, dto. scorcked 
Verschroeidheid, «, exnstiont 

Verschrocijiog, v. eeoreking 
Verscbrompeieu, w. sekrivd, 

sckrink, wrinU* 
Verschrompeid, dtm, sc^i- 

Verscbrijf, Ter«chreef. fer- 
scbrijvende, verschrtjvea, 
rewrite, convoke 
VerschriivlDg, v. eonvoealiou 
VerBchuddeu, to. shake 
Verscbuif — schoof — achol- 
vende — schuiven, remove, 
reject, delay, defer, pro- 
Verscboit -de, verscbool 

—ende— en, skulk, kide 
Ver«cbu)id, dw, skntkedjkid' 
den iding 

Verachuiling, v. skulking, kt- 
Yemchuilpiaats, r. hiding- 
Verschulving, v, delay, pro- 

Verschuldigen, w. obligate, 

Verscnuldigd, dto. 4> hv. ob- 
liged, bekolden, indebted, 
Verfccbijn, verscheen —ende 
—en, appear, expire, be- 
come due 
Verscbyning, v. appearance, 

apparition, maturity 
Verscbijnsel, 0. t^pariiion, 

meteor, phenomenon 
Vereieren, to. adorn, em- 
VerBierd, dio. adorned 
Veraierder, m. adomer 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


ermijdelijk, bv. avoidable 
^ermQding, v. avoidance 
[erotfaiien, v. sew again 
^ernaatd, dw. sewed again 
'ernamen, w. rename, corno- 

'ernaamd. dw.reitamed, cog- 
nominaledf famous, re- 
_ notoned 

ernaamdheid, w. renown 
'ernaming, V. metonymy 
«rnaauwen,tr. narrow 
'ernaauwd, dw. narrowed 
^t rnaauwinjf, v. narrowing 
ernachten.w. pa*«tAcniW<( 
eroachting, v. pemoclalion 
ernadeeieD, 7(;. prejudice 
ernadeeld, dw. prejudiced 
'^ernagelen, w.Hailvp,spibt 
ernageld, dw. nailed np. 
spiked * 

[ernagellng, v. spiking 
ernederfn, w. abase 
Vrnederd, dw. abased, hum- 

'ernederdheld, dw, abase- 
ment, lowliness 
'erntderin?, t?. abasement, 

^eriieem, vernam— endc— en, 
en^uire^ understand, per- 
ceive, learn [jive 
'erneemachiig, hv. inqnisi- 
'ernemer, m. em/uiier 
'ernestelen,«>. ditiurb, drive 
^croegteld, dw. distuibed, 

driven away 
^ernielen, to. drstroy 
[*^Ta\v\\yA^r, bv. destructibU 
'ernleld, dw. destroyed 
;ernleler, fw. destroyer 
-^ernielJng, v. destruction 
/ernieiigen, w. annihilate, 

annul, abolish 
•^einietiard, dw.anvihilated, 

/ernJeileer, m. annihilator, 

/emlctiging, v. abolition, 

/crnienwen, w. renew 
/endeawd, dw. renewed 
/ernieiiwcr, m.renewer 
/t rnieuwing, v. renovation, 

/eruikkeren, w. bedevil 
/ernikkerd, dw. bedeviled 
/ernis, o. varnish 
/ernhaea, w. varnish 
/ernUner, m, vartiisher 
/ernlst, dw. varnished 
/^ernoeffen, w». satisfy 
^'ernoegd, dw. taliped 


Verooegdelijk, bw. content- 
Vertioegdheid, r. content 
Vernoeging, v. contentment, 

Veraoegzaam, bv. contentful 
Vernomen, dw. enquired, per- 
Vernuft, o. wit, skill, genius 
Vernuftelliig, tn. enfiutet 
y erouUig,hv.witty , ingenious 
VernnUigheid, v. ingenuity, 

VerniifMglijk.Rw. ingeniously 
Veronactitziiamen. w. ntglect 
Vcronachuaamd, dw. neg- 
lected [shipwreck 
VeroDgelukken, w. perish, 
Vernngelukt, dw. perished, 
shipwrecked [injure 
Verongelijken, w. wrong, 
Verongelijker, m. injnrer 
Verongelijking, v.wrong, in- 
jury [injured 
veroDgeiykt, dw. wronged, 
Vcrontreinlgen, w. defile 
VeroDtretniv'd. dw. dejifed 
Verontrelniger, wi. defiler 
Vpronireinlging, v.defiltment 
Veroiuschufdigen, to. excuse 
Veiontschuldigd dw. excused' 
Veront4cliuldiging, v. excuse 
scorn [dained 
VerontwaardJjrd, dw, dis- 
VerontwaaniJging, v.disdain, 

scorn, indignation 
Veroonleelen, w. condemn 
Veroordeelaar.m. condemner 
Veroordecid, dw. condemned 
Veroordeeling, v. condemna- 
VeroorloTen, w. permit 
Veroorlofd, dw. permitted 
Veroorzaken, w. cause, occa- 
sion, give 
Veroorzaker, m. author 
Veroorzaakster, v. authoress 
Veroorzaakt, dw.caused,occa- 
• sioned, given 
Verootmoedigen, w. humble, 
VeroottDoedigd, dw. humbled 
Verootmoedlging, v. humili- 
Verordenen, w. ordain 
Verordend, dw. ordained 
^Verordenlng, w. ordainment 
Veroud, verouderen, w. grow 

old, become obsolete 
Veroud, veroudfp, dw.t^bv. 
grown old, inveterate, obto- 
tele [ness, inveteracy 

Veroaderdheid, v. obsolete- 
Veroveren, to. conquer 
Verorvraar, m. conqueror 

VER 249 

VeroTerd, dw. conquered 
Veroverlng, v. conquest 
Vtrpaareu.w. mismatch 
Verpaard, dw. mismatched 
VerpachJeu, out 
Verpachiing, v. fanning out 
Verpakken, tp. re/nck 
Verpakt, dw. repacked 
Verpanden. w. pawn, pledge 
yerpan(l,dw.pawned, pledged 
Verpander, w». pawner 
Verpandliig,r. impignoration 
Verpassen, w. fit wrong, lay 

out, tell, run off' 
Verpast, dw. run off, sold 
Verpeuteren, w. mar 
Verpeliierd, dw. marred 
VerplaatKen,w. move, remove, 

displace, transpose 
Verplaatsiiig, v. removal, 

Verplaatst, dw. removed 

Verplanten, w. transplant 
Verplaiiiiag, v. transplanta" 

V'crpletten, w. flatten 
Verpletleren, w. bruise 
Verpletierd, dw. bruised 
Verpletlering, v. bruising 
Verplinien, w. oblige 
Verpligting, v. obligation 
Verponding, v. poundage 
Verpoozcn, w.itluve, pauses 

\cr\ton%i!i,dw. relieved, paused 
Verpooteu, w. transplant 
Verpoozing, v. intermission 
Verpraaten, w. talk away 
\errazii,o. treason, triac/iery 
Verraad, »errli'd— eudc— en, 

Verraden, dw. betrayed 
Verrader,m. btlrayerf traitor 
Verraderei— je, v. traitress 
Veiraderlijk, bv. ^ bw. trea- 
cherous, treasonable, Irea- 

cheionsly, treasonably 
Verradcrsch, bv. traitotous 
Verraderij, v. treachery 
Venasseu, w. turprize 
Vcrrassluff, v. surprisal 
Verrast, aw. surprised 
Verre, bv. If bw. jar, distant, 

remote, far off; op verre 

na niet, nothing near ; by 

20 verre, if so be 
Verreekenen, w. misreekon, 

settle [srttUU 

Verreizen, go a journey, d«- 

Verreisd, dw. departed 
VbrrekkeD, w, sprain 

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Verliet. ▼erioor, ▼erliezeade, 

rerliezea, lose 
Verliezer, m. loier 
verlieziQgy v. loss 
Veiiig, Terlair — gende— gen, 
get stiff hurt, atoU or 
musty 6y If tug 
Verli^ten, w. altevxate 
VerWi^iidw. eased, alleviated 
Terlig^teai*, verlietins^, v. 

ease, reli^, atlevlatio* 
Vcrlof, 0. leave 
Verlof brief, m. passport t It- 

ernee, permit 
Vtrlokken, w. allure 
Verlokkiuff, v. enticing 
Verlokty aw. allured, atticed 
Verlokftei, o. allurement 
VerloochenPn» w. deny 
Verloocbeoaar. m. denier 
Verloocbend, dw. denied 
Verloocbeninn^iO. denial 
verloof — de. verlooveode, 

rerlnoveu, betroth, vow 
Verloop, m. decay, decline^ 
reflux; naverloop van Ujd, 
in process of time 
Verloop, verlfep — ende— en, 
decline, decay, pass away, 
Verloopen. dw, passed away, 
fallen, declined, een ver- 
loopen soldaat, a deserter 
Ver!oren,rfiF. ^bv. lost, for- 
lorn; verioreii gain, to 
perith, to be tost, to go to 
wreck ; do verlnrene kin- 
deren, the forlorn hope; 
den moed verloren geveo, 
to despond; de verloren 
zoon. the prodigal son 
Vcrioving, v. belrotkment 
Verlossea, w. deliver, t edeem, 
free [deemer 

Verlo«»er, m, deliverer, re- 
Veriossiiisr, v. deliverance, re* 

dempl ion 
Veriest, dw, delivered, re- 
Verlucbien, w. air 
Verluchting, v. airing 
VeriHsiif;eii,to. drlight 
Verlusti^'d, dw, delighted 
Vcrlustiging, V. delight, re- 
Veriljd, verlccd — ende —en, 
profess, confess [ance 

Vermaai^richapping, v. alli- 
Vermaag.>chapt, bo, related 
Verniaak — je, o. delight, 

pleasure, diversion 
Vcrmaak — te— en«le— en,rfc- 


▼enuakt, dw. deVghled, di- 
verted, rtpaired, mended 
Vermaker^ ». mender, re- 
Vermakiof , v. mending 
VermakeiQk, hv. delightful, 
pleatani, entertaining, di- 
Vermakelijkheid, v. pleasmni- 

ness, delight, diversion 
Veroianen, v. admonish, 
exhort [letter 

Vermaanbrief, m.advtonitory 
Vermaaod, dw. admonished 
Vermaner, m. exhorler, ad- 

monisher, teacher 
Vermaoiog— je, v. exhorta- 
tion, admonition, warning, 
grudging, meeting-house, 
Veroiaaren, w.fame 
Vermaard, dw. ^ bv. famed, 

famous, renowned 
Vermaardbeid, v.renown, ce- 
Vermaft, bv. faint, weary 
Vermag, veriuog, vermo- 
gende, vermogeii, be able 
prevail, may, abide 
Vermageren, v. grow lean 
Vermagerd. dw. grown lean 
Teroiagerdaeid, v. leanness 
VermageringfV. growing lean 
VermalieAy w. fool an-ay 
Vermaid, aw. fooled away 
Vermaledijden, w. sieeurso 
vermaledijd, dw. eu:cursed 
Vermannen. «o. overcome 
Vtrmand, 010. overcome 
Vermangelen, w, barter 
Vermangeld, dw. bartered 
Vermarmeren, w. turn into 
marble [marble 

Termarmerd, dw. turned into 
Vermatten, to. rcearp 
Veraieencn, 10. think 
Venueeud, dw. thought 
Venneerderen, w. augment 
Vernieerderaar,m. avgmenter 
Vcrmeerderd, dw. augmented 
Vermeerdering, v. augmen- 
Verinee«tereo, to. master 
Vermeeaterd, dw. mastered 
Vermeestering, v. conquest 
Vermeet, vermat — ende— en, 
presume, dare, undertake; 
zich vermeten, to attempt, 
to dare 
Vermete!, vermeten, hv.raahf 

Veruietelheid, vermetenheid, 

V. rashness, presumption 
Vermeten, dto. presumed 
Vernieldeu, w. mention 


Vermelding, v. meniiem 
Vermengen, w, mix, eopulsOe 
Vermengd, dw. mixed 
Vermengdeiijk, bv. prmmU- 

Vermengelijk, bv. miseibU 
Termengiitg, v. mixture, cm- 

piilalion ilip^ 

Vermeni^vnldtgen, w. auii> 
Verraenigvukljgd,<iv. muUi- 

pl:eU Iplieatiam 

Vermenlgvoidtging. v. muUi- 
Vermiljoen, 0. vn~miUum 
Vermindereii, «c. lessen, ii- 

miuish, decrease 
Verminderd, dw. lessened^ 

Verminderingy v. diminution 
Verminken, «. maim, muti- 
Vermlnidng, t>. mntilatiun 
Vermiakt. liw, maimed 
Verioinktheid, v. maimednese 
Vermissen^ v. miss, wimt, 

mislay, lose 
Vermiisinz,?. toonr, Ura 
Vermist, aw, lost, missed 
Veruiits, rw. because, siuee 
Vermoeden, w. susptel, sur- 

mise, suppose 

emioedelijk,&e.f ftto. apvm- 
rent, probable, presumptive. 

apparenlly, probably 
Vermoedebjkhoid, v. appm^ 

rence, probability 
Vermoeaen, 0. suspicion 
Verraocijen, w, weary 
Vermoeid, dw. tired 
Vermoeidhcid, v. weariness 
Vermoeijing, v. fatigation 
Vermoiiiiuen, tp. mask 
Vermomd, dw. masked 
Vermogen, o. abilUy, power, 

faculty, authority 
Vermogeo, see vermaff 
Vermogend, bv. mighty, able, 

Veroiogendheid, v. migk£, 

power, ability 
Vermooijen, w. embeltisk 
Veroiooid, dw. emhdUshed 
Vermoorden, w. murder 
Vermoorder, m, murderer 
Ver.iioording, r. murdering 
Vermorosen, w, waste 
Vrrmorsl, dw, wasted 
▼ermorzelen, w. crush 
Vermorzekl, dw, crushed 
Vermorzeling, v, crushing 
Verm ur wen, w. mollify 
Vermurwd, dw. moUified 
Vermurweiijk, bv. moUi/abU 
Vermurwing, v. mollifying 
Veru^deo, or. avoid 

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VerknochteliDg, m.adkerent, 

lover, friend 
Verknochtheid, v.attmehtnent 
Verknochting, v. junetUnt 
VerknoUen, to. spoil 
Verknold, du>. spoiled 
Verkocht, dw. sold 
V^rkoelen, to. eool 
Verkoeld, dw. cooled 
Verkoeling, v. refrigeration 
Verkondigen, w. proclaim^ 

preach, puolistt 
Verkondigd, dw. proclaimed^ 

publUk'^d '^ 
Verkondiger, m. proclaimer, 

publisher, preacher 
Verkondiglng, v. proclama- 
tlon,puoticatiou, preaching 
Verkondschapj^eu, w. an- 
nounce, apprize 
VerkoDdBCbapt, dw. announ- 
ced Idigest 
Verkoken, w. boil away, 
Verkoking, v. concoction 
Verkookt, dw. boiled away, 

Verkomen, tr. recover 
Verkomen, dw, recovered 
Verkoop, m. sale 
Verkoopen, w. sell 
Verkoopbaar, verkoopel^k, 

bv. saleable, vendible 
Verkoopdag, m. day of tale 
Verkooper, w. verkoopster, 

V. seller, dealer 
Verkopping, v. sale 
Verkoren, verkozen, dw. 

Verkoperen, w. copper 
Verkoperd, dw. coppered 
Verkorsten.w. incrnst 
Verkorten, w. shorten, com- 

tract, detract, defraud 
Verkort, dw. shortened, de- 
tracted, defrauded 
Verkortcr, m. abridger, de- 

tracter, defrauder 
Verkorting, v, shortening, 
abridgement, abbreviation, 
detraction, defrauding 
Vcrkortsel — tje, o. abridge- 
ment, abbrevxalion,abstract 
Verkortselschrlft, o. short- 
Verkoud -de -ende -en, catch 
cold; grow cold, cool, abate 
Verkoudheid, v. cold 
Vcrkrachten, to. ravish 
Verkracht, dw. ravishtd, 

Verkrachter, m. favisher 
Verkrachling,'r. rape 
Vcrkregen, dw. obtained 
Verkreuken, w, weaken 
Verkreukt, dw, weakened 


Verkreakelea, w. rumple 
Verkreakeld, dto. rumpled 
Verkiimp, verkromp —ende 

—en, shrink 
Verkrompen, dw. shrunk 
Verkroppen, w. glut, swal- 
low, digest 
Verkroppingf v. gluttony, 

swallowing, digestion 
Verkruijen, w. wheelaway 
Verkrnid, aw. wheeled away 
Verkrljg, rerkreeg —ende 

—en, obtain, acquire 
Verkrijgbaar. rerkrijgelijk, 

bvt obtainable, attainable 
Verkr^gbaarbeid, v. attaina- 

Verkrijging, v. attainment 
Verkrijger, m. acquirer 
Verkwanselen, w. squander 
Verkwanseld, dw, squandered 
Verkwikken, w, refresh 
Verkwikking, v. refreshment 
Verkwikt, dw. refreshed 
Verkvristen, to. spend, lavish, 

Verkwist, dto. squandered 
VerkwiRtelljk, verkwistig,&w. 

lavish, prodigal 
VerkwistelHkbeid, v. lavish- 

ness, prodagility 
Verkwi»ter, m, prodigal 
Verkwisting, v. squandering, 

spending, prodigality 
\erkviiineD^. fine away 
Verkwijnd, dto. pined away 

Verky k, verkeek —ende —en, 
over look, spend time in ga- 
ping or seeing sight i ; de 
kans verkijken, to let the 
opportunity slip 
Verradeu,to. overload, trans- 
ship, res hip 
Verladen, dw. transshipped 
Verlagen, w. lower 
Veriaagd, dw- lowered 
Verlagiug, v. lowering, abate- 
Verlaat,o. «ittice, lock, refuge 
Verlaten, to. have, abandon, 
forsake, quit, trust, rely, 
depend, rack, refine 
Verlaten, dw.abandoned, for- 
saken, left, refined 
Verlatenheid, v. desolateness 
Verlater, m. abandoner, for- 

Verlating, v. abandonment, 

\er\zkken,w.japan, varnish, 

Verlakker, m, japanner 
Verlamnieo, w, lame [ed 

VER 247 

Verlamd, (fw. lamed 
Verlamdheid, v. lameness, 

Verlamming, v. laming 
Verlandcn, to. transmigrate 
Verlaug, o. need 
Verlaugen, to. lengthen, pro- 
long, desire, long 
Verlangd, dw, lengthened, 

Verlangeo, o. desire 
Verlanging, v. prolongation ^ 
Verlanjging, verlangst, v. 

longing, desire 
Verlappen, to. mend 
Verlapt, dto. mended 
Verleden, dw, f bv. pro- 
fessed, past 
Veriegen, bw. Sr bv. at a loss, 
perplexed, confounded, dis- 
tressed, musty, stale 
Verlegenlieid, v. confusion, 

perpltzity, distress 
Verlelijken, to. deform 
Verlelhkiug, v. deforming 
Verlelijkl, dto. deformed 
Verleenen, to. a/forrf, grant^^ 

Verleend, dw. afforded, given 
Verleening, v. giving, afford- 
Verleeren, to. unlearn, forget 
Verleerd, dw. forgotten 
Verleggen, to. mislay, dis- 
Verlegd, dw. mislaid 
Verlegeren, to. decamp 
Vcrlegerd, <ito. decamped 
Verleiden, 10. seduce 
Verleider, m. seducer 
Verleidin«r, v. sedtiction 
Verleldsier— tje, v. seducing 

VerleUkeren. w.grow dainty 
Verlekkerd,i2to. proton dainty 
Veriengdcn, to. lengthen, 

VerJengd, dw. prolonged 
Verlenging, t;. prolongation 
Verleppeu, to. wither 
Verlept, rfto. withered, faded 
Verlet* 0. hindrance, loss of 

'•'"« .. ^ 

Verletten, to. hinder 
Verleij, 0. investiture 
Verlezen, to. pick, select 
Veriezcn, dw. picked, selected 
Verlichten, to. enlighten 
Verlichting, v. enlightening 
Verlieven, to. fall in love, 

be amorous 
Verliefd, dto. ^ bv. enamour- 
ed, antourous 
VerUefdheld, v. amorousness 
Verlles-je, 0. loss 

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246 VER 

Verhakken, w. wtmtrU 
Verhaktf aw. mtmngJed 
Verhak«tBkken, w. trtmt 
Terbaksinkt, dw. treated 
Verbandelen, w. treat ftrant- 

acl, negotiate, vend 
Verbaodeld, dw. transacted, 

negotiated, vended 
VerbaDdeling, v. treatise 
Verhanjj.verhlng— ende— en, 

kangf rehang 
Verbangen, aw. hung, re- 

' Verbardeo. «o. harden 
Verbard, aw. hardened 
Verhardheid, v. hardnest 
Verba rding, v. hardening 
Verbeelen, w. hide 
Verbeeld, dw. hidden, con- 
Verbeeren, w. oongner 
Verhcerd, dw. conqnered 
Verbeerliikeo, w, glorify 
Verheeriijking, v. glorifica- 
VerheerlUkt, dw. glorified 
Verhef — te, verbief — fende 
fen, ex<Ul, elevate, encreate 
Verbeffiof , v. exaltation, ele- 
vation, encrease 
>Verheft, dw. exalted, elevated 
Verbelp,verbielp— ende— en, 
mend, remedy, redress, 
rectity [dress 

Verheiping, v. mending, re- 
Verbemeleii, 10. celesluy 
Verhemeld, dw. eetesttfied 
Verhemelte, verheiueUel, o. 

canopy, roof, palate 
Verbeugen, w. rejoice 
Verbeugd. dw. rejoiced, glad 
Verhengdheid, v. ftadness 
Verheugiog, v. rejoicing 
Verbeveliiig. w. meteor 
Verbevelingkunde, v. meteo- 
Vcrbeven, bv. exalted, lofty, 

sublime, elate, embossed 
Verhevenneid, v. loftiness, 

elevativn, sublimity 
Verblnderen, w. hinder 
Verhlnderd, dw. hindered 
Verbinderlng, V. hindrance, 

impediment, obstacle 
Verhltten, to. heat 
Verhlt, dw. heated, inflamed 
Verbitting, v. inflammation 
Verhoeden, w. prevent 
Verboeding, v. prevention 
Verbolpen, dw. mended, re- 
Verbongeren, w. famish 
Verbongerd, dw. famished 
Verhongen, w. exalt, raise, 
■ advaHce,enhanee, heighten 


Terboord, dw. exalted, rais- 
ed, advanced, heightened 

Verhoogiog, v. exaltation, 

Verbolen, bv. secret, hidden 

Verboleabeid, v. secrecy 

Verbopen, v. hope 
"erboopt, dw. hoped, 


Verbooren, w.hcar, examine. 

Vernoord, dw, heard, exa- 
Verboorder, m. auditor 
Verbooring, v, hearing, au- 
dit, examination, trial 
Verbovaardigen, w, pride, 

elate, puff up 
Verbovaardigd, dw. elated 
Verbuizen, w. remove 
Verbuisd, dw, removed 
VerbuUdag, m. day of re. 


Verbaiziug, v. removal, mi- 
gration, transmigration 
Verhuaren, if. let, locate 
Verhuurd, dw, let, located 
Verhaurder, m* lessor, locator 
Verbauring, v, letting, loca- 
*Verlficatie, v. verification 
•Verlfleeren, w. verify 
•Veritabel, bv. true, genuine 
Verjaag, verjoeg— ende— en, 

chase away, expel 
Veriaagd, dw. expelled 
Verjager, m. expeller 
Ven aging, v. expulsion 
Venaren, w. congratulate or 
give presents upon a birth- 
day, superannuate, run 
above a year: ik verjaar 
van daag, it u my btrth- 
day to aay 
Verjaardag, m, anniversary 
Verjaring, v. anniversary, 

birthday gift 
Verjongen, w. grow young 
Veriongd, dw. grown young 
Verluia, o. verjuice 
Verkeken, dw. overloohed 
Verkeeren, w. pervert, turn, 
change, frequent, converse, 
court, woo, play at bach- 
Verkeerbord— je, 0. backgam- 
mon- table 
Verkecrd, dw, * bv. per vert - 
ed,-tumed, altered, wrong, 
badi't verkeerde kanaal, 
the Irish channel ; dc ver- 
keerde keel, the windpipe 
Verkeerd, >erkeeidelijk, bw. 
wrongly,wrongfully ,wrong 
Verkeeroheid, v. perversity 


Verkeeriof, v.cammenMmt 

VerkeersaaB, bv, em nv e n mmi 
Verkeijen, w. petrifw 
Verkeid, dw. petrijUd 
Verken, see vaurken 
Verkie*. verkoos, Terkiesei- 
de. verkiteen, ehnte^ ettet, 
Verkie«baar, bv, eligible 
Verkieal^k, bv. eligtbU, tUe- 

Verkiezer, «t. cAmct, eleeUr 
Verkiezlng,«. eleciitm, ehaiet 
Verklagen, «r. aecvse 
Verklaagd, dw. accu^d 
Verklager, m. accuser 
Verklaging, v. acemsoHom. 
Verklaren, w. declare, ex- 
plain, interpret, ■witness 
Verklaari, dw. declared, ex- 
plained lexplaisser 
Verklaarder, m. declarer, 
Verkiarinr, v. declaratien, 
explanation, depotUioUf 
Verklappen, w. tell again, 
spend one's time in talk- 
ing, tell tales 
Verklapt. dw, told again 
Verkleeden. w. disguise, 

change clothes 
Verkleed, dw. disguised 
Verkleeding, v. dtsguiee 
Verkleinen, w. iimiuisk, 

lessen, disparage, kusssble 
Verkleind, dw. dtminUked 
Verkleioing, v. dimiuutian, 
disparagement, dinsinutiwe 
Verkfeumen, w. benusmb 
Verkleumd, dw. benumbed 
Verkleuindheid, V. nnsstbmess 
Verkleuniing. v. Itenumtbing 
Verklikken, w. leil talesTht- 

tray, inform 
VerkTikker-t)e.«. TerkUk. 
ster — ge, v. Mltate, <«- 
Verklikking, v. information 
VerkUkt, dw. informed, be- 
Verkloeken, w. outwit, em- 
bolden, encourage, presume 
Verkloekt, dw. emboldened 
Verknaagen, w. fret 
Verknaagd, dw. fretted 
Verkniezen, w. fret, pine 

Verknletd, dw. fretted 
Verkooeiien, w. sp^l 
Verknoeid, dw. nsarred. 
spoiled ituek 

Vcrknocbten, w. connect, ai- 
Verknocbt.dw. csmuclcd^* 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


VcrfoellUk, bv, detetlabU 
VerfoellOkheld, v. delttla- 

Verfpelsel, 0. abomituttion 
Verfoelien, to. foil 
Verfoeiled, dw. foiled 
Verfoeliesel, o./oil 
Verfoeyiiiff, v. detestation 
Verfpot -je, t,. pot of paint 
Verfraayen, w. embelltsh 
Verfraald, dw. embellished 
Verfraalsel, o. embellishment 
Verfraaliiug, v. embellishing 
Verfrlichen, w. refresh 
Verfrlschingr, v, refreshment 
Verfrwcht, dw. refreshed 
Verfstoffeo, verfwaren, mv. 

Vergaa, verging: — nde — n, 

perLh, be lost, pot 

pass away 


Verffaderaar, m. gatherer 
Vergaderd, dw. assembled 
VergAderlng, v. assembly, 

meeting f colleetiou 
Verffaderplaats— je, v. place 

of meetings rendezvous 
Vergaan, dw. peruhed, lost 
Vergaapen, w. dote upon, 

admire, be deceived, trifle 

away, overeape 
Vergaogen, bv. past 
Verganglijk, bv, transitory 
Verganglijkheld, v. transUo- 

rines, instability 
Vergagtlng, v. regale, repast 
Vergeef, vergaf, Tcrgevende, 

verges en f pardon, forgive, 

poison, give away, 
Vergeeflljk, bv. pardonable 
Vergeemk, bw. pardonably 
Vergeeflijkheid, v. pardon- 

Vergeefs, bw. in vain 
Verg^eefsch, bv. vain, useless 
Vergeefschheld,!;. usetessness 
Vergeet, vel-gai — ende -en, 

Vergeetachtig, bv. forgetrnl 
Vergeetachtlgheid, v.forget- 

Vergeetboek, 0. oblivion 
Vergetelhetd, v. oblivion, 

Vergct«1rIoed, OT. stream of 

VergetelHk, bv. forgetful 
Vergetel(jkheld, v. forgetful- 

Verg€tea,dw. forgotten \ 

Vergerenheld, vergetenU,v. 

Verge\er,m.forgetter I 


V6rgeting,y. forgetting 
Vergeven, dw. forgiveUf poi- 

soned, given away 
Verge venw, v. forgiveness 
Versever, m, forgiver, poi- 
Vergeving, v. forgiveneit, 

remission f poisoning 
Vergeld, vergold— eude— en, 

reward, recompense,riquite 
Vergelder, fl». rewarder 
Vergelding, v. reward 
Vergelekeo, dw. compared 
Vergelijk, 0. agreement, 

Vergelijk, rergeleek —ende 

en, compare, roconcile, 

Vergelijkelljk, bv, eompara- 

Vergelijking, v. comparison 
Vergen, tp. require 
Vergenoeg -de —ende —en, 

Vergenoegd. dw. satisfied 
Vergeaoegdheid, .». content- 
ment ^ 
Vergenoeging, v. satisfaction 
Vergenoegzaam, bv. content- 
„ /■«< Itent 

Vergenoegzaamheid, v. con- 
Vergexellen, vergezelschap- 

pen, w. accompany 
Vergezeld, vergezeldschapt, 

dw. accompanied 
Vergezel»chapping, v. ac- 
Vergiet, vergoot— ende— en, 

Vergieter, tn. shedder 
Vergietiiig, v. effusion 
Vergietiest — je, v. cullender 
Verj(iffeni9— je, v.forgivenest 
Vergjft. 0. poison, venom 
Vergifteo, to. poison 
VergiTt, dto. envenomed 
Vergiftig, bv. poisonous, ve- 
Vergiftigen, to. envetfom 
Vergiftigd, dw. envenomed 
Verjrifilger, 111. poisoner 
Vergiftlgheid, v. venomous. 

Vergifilging, v. poisoning 
Vergiftnienger, m. poisoner 
Verglssen, to. mixreckon 
Vergisting, v. misreckoning 
Verglst, 4w. misreckoned 
Verglazen, to. glaze, vitrify 
Verglaasd, dw. glazed, vi- 


Vergoeden, w, restore, re 

pair, redres*, compensate, 

defray, make goad, bonify 

Vergoecl, dw, repaired, re- 







Vergoeding, v. reparation, 
redress, compeiisalion, 

amends, satisfactivn , boni- 
Vergoelljken, to. embellish 
Vergoelijkt, dw. embellished 
Ver golden, dw. rewarded, 

Vergoden, to. deifi/ 
Vergoding, v. deif 

Veigooljen, to. throw away, 

throw again 
Vergooidj dio. thrown away 
Vergoien, dto. shed 
Vergrammen, to. anger 
Vergramd, dw, angered 
Vergramdbeid, t>. anger 
Vergroenen, to. groto green 
Vergroend, dto. proton grten 
Vergroft, dw. roughened . 
Vergrooteft, to. magnify, en- 
large, amplify, exaggerate 
Vergroot, dto. magnijicd 
Vergrooter, m, magnifier 
Vergrootglas, 0. magnifying 

Vergrooting, v. enlargement, 

Vergruizen, to. grind to 

powder, crush to pieces 
Vergruisd, dw. ground, 

Vergrljp, 0. mistake 
Vergrijp, vergreep —ende' 

— en, mistake 
Vergrijplng, v. mistaking, 

Vergulden, 10. gild 
Verguldcr, m. gilder 
Vergulding, v. gilding 
Vergnldsef, 0. gilding 
Vergunnen, w. permit, allow, 
grant [granted 

Vergund, dto. permitted, 
VergtinHlng, v. permission, 

allowance, leave, grant 
Verhaal — tje, 0. relation, re- 
cital, narrative, account, 
Verba I en, 'to. relate, recite, 
tell, repeat, remove, redress 
Verbaald, dto. related, told 
Verbalen^waardig, bv. me- 
Verhaler, m. relater 
Verhaling, v. relation, re- 
Verhaalschrij ver,m.historian 
Vephaasten, to. hasten 
Verhaasting, v. hastening 
Verharen, to. cast the hair, 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

244 V£R 

iise, dispose, watte, mab* 
Vfrdoemen, w. damn 
Verdoemd, dw. damned 
Verdoemenis, r. damnation 
Verdoeniing', v. datanitig 
VerdoeraMjk, bv. damnable 
\enloogtu, dw. agreed, bar- 

VerdoDkereD, w. darhen 
Verdonkerd, dw. darkened 
Verdonkerlng, v. darkening 
Verdoukermaaaen, to. pur- 

ioin, embezzle 
Verdonkermaand, dv. em- 

Verdoolen, w. wander 
Verdoold. dw. wandered 
Verdooldheid, v. error, de- 
VerdooHnjT, »• wandering 
Verdooven, to. stupify, he- 
numb, stun, dull, tarnish, 
Verdoofd, dw. slvpified, 

stunned, tarnished 
Verdoovlng, dw. stupefaction 
Verdorreo, tr. wither 
Verdord. dw. withered 
Vvrdordheid, v. witheredness 
Verdorring', v. withering 
Verdorveu, dw. spotted, eor- 
rvpted, ruined [tion 

Verdorvenheid, dto. corrup- 
Verdragen, w. suffer, bear, 

agree, remove 
Verdragen, dw. suffered 
Verdrag^injr. v. suffering 
Verdrageljjk, bv. tufferable, 

Yerdraagzaam, hv. forbear- 
ing, meek, pfUient, long 
Verdraagsaamheid, v. for- 
bearance, long sufferance, 
Verdraagzaamllik, 6ic. for- 
bearingly, meekly, patiently 
Verdraaijen, tr. wrest, per- 
vert, wrench, sprain 
Verdraaid, dw. wrested 
Verdraaidelljk, bvo, contort- 
' Verdraailer, m. perverter 
Verdraaune, v. perversion 
Verdrag — Je. o. agreement, 

treaty, capttulalioft 
Wrdreven.dto. expelled 
Verdrict, o. trouble, affticlion, 
grief, vexation ,- verdriet 
aaiidoea, to vex 
Verdriel, ^erdroot — ende 
— en, grieve, trouble,weary^ 
„ irk Isome 

V crdrieielljk,6w, ttdious, irk' 


Verdrietelijkheid, «. tedious- 

Verdrietig, frv. tedious, irk. 

some, troubletome, $ad, un- 
Verd rietif^heid ,«oiiini«<« 
Verdring, verUroug^ 

— eu, crowd f elbow 
Verdriok, verdronk 

en, drown, be drowned, 

sptnd in. drink 
Verdronsren, dw, crowded 
Verdroiiken,dtr. drowned 
yerdroogeu,w.dry up, wither 
verdroogd, <fio. dried up 
VerdroogiDg, v. drying up 
Verdroten, aic. grieved 
Verdrukken, w. oppress 
Verdrukker, m. oppressor 
Verdrukking, v. oppression 
Verdrukt, dw. oppreued 
Verdruktbeid, v.oppression 
Verdrijf. o. pastime 
Verdrijr, verdreef, verdrH- 

veude, verdrijreo, expel, 

dissipate, expugn, pass 
Verdruvend, bv. expulsive 
Verdry ver, m. expelter 
Verdr.jving, v, expulsioUf 

Verdubbeleu, w. double 
Verdubbeld, dtc. doubled 
Verdubbeling, t;. duplication 
VerduUtereu, w. darhen, 

hide, conceal, embezzle, 

Verduisterd, dw, darkened, 

obscured, eclipsed 
Vetduisterdheld, v. obscurity 
Verdttisteringf v.obscuratiou, 

eclipse, conceaUnent, em- 

Verdvdveld, bv. devilish 
Verduizelen, to. stun 
Verduizeld,/iip. stunned 
VerduMig. bv. patient 
Verduldigneid, v. patience 
Verduldigiijk, bw. patiently 
Verdunueo, to. thin 
Verduiid, dio. thinned 
VerdiinniDg, v. attenuation 
Verditureii, to. outlast 
Verduurd, dw. outlasted 
Verduuring, v. perduratUm 
Verduwen, to. digest 
Verduwd. dw. digested 
Verduwelljk, bv. digestible 
Verduwiug, v. digestims 
Verdwaalen, to. wander, de^ 

viate, err, stray 
Verdwaald, dto. wandered 
Verdwaaldbeid, v. error 
Verdwaaliflg, v. deviation 
Verdwaazeu, to. infaluate 
Verdwaasd, dtp, ittftUualtd 

VerdwaaMllicid, v. infafm- 

Verdweneo, dw, vanished 
Verdw^D, verdweea ~eode 

—en, vanish^ fade away 
Terdwijnbaar, verdwijnliik« 

be. transient 
yerdwHniDg, ». vanishing 
Veredelen, to. ennoble 
Veredeld. dw. enuoitled 
Vereeldea, to. enure, Murdem, 

become callous 
Vereeld, dw, hardened, cah 

Vereeldheid, v. callosity 
Vereeo, vereeoigeo, w. unite 
Vereen, VereenJgd, die. umi* 

Vereeeoiger, mi uniter 
Vereenigiiig, v, union 
Vereeren, to. present, kon- 
„ otr (noured 

Vereerd, dio. presented,- A«> 
Vercerder, m. donor 
Vereeriog, v. gift, present perpetuate, 

Vereeuwigd, dio. immmrUsU- 
„ zed [tion 

verseawigiDg,^*. perpetua- 
Vereffenen, w.9^^utt 
VercffeDd, dio/ adjusted, 

Vereffeniug, v, settlement 
Vereisctai o, demand, r«- 

guesti naar vereisch van 

zaken, as matters may 

Vereiscben, to* require 
Vereischiog, o. reguisitiot^ 
y'erei%cht,dw* required 
Verengen, w. narrow 
Verengd, dio. narrowed 
Verergereo, to. deteri^reUe, 

impair, grow worse 
Verergerd, dto. deteriorested 
Vererterlng, v. deterioratiom 
Veretteren, to. fester 
Veretterd, dto. festered 
Verettering, v. suppureHiom 
Verf^ v. potnt 
Verf — de, verveode, rerfca, 

VerfdooB—je, v. painting 6«x 
Verfkoopery-M. colettriR«» 
Vi-rfkwast — Je, v, painting- 
Verflaautren, w. slacken 
Verilaauwd, dto. slackened 
Verflaaawiog, v. abatement 
Verfmolen —tie, m, colour 

VerfoeiJen, «f. detest 
Verfoeid, dw. deUitcd, a^ 


Digitized by LjOOQIC 


Verblinden, w. blwd, ^Und- 

fold, dazzle 
Verblindheid, v. blindnesf 
Verbloemeo, to. embellish, 
disfuise [dispiised 

Vcrbloenul, dio. embellished, 
Terbloeminff, v. embellith- 

ment, disguise 
VerblaflFen, 10. haffie. confound 
VerblaffiDfrf v. bajling 
Verb! lift, dw, baffled 
Verbliidea, w. rejoice 
Verblfidlnr, v. rejoicing 
Verblijf-^, o. abode, resi- 
dence, compromise, arbitre- 

VerblHf, verbleef, verblU- 
▼enae, verblij ven, stavt tar- 
ry, abide, remain, refer 
Verblli}fhouder, m. residen- 

Vierbmrplaats, v. residence 
Verboo, o, prohibition 
Verbodcmen. w. tranship 
Verbodenid,ai0. transshipped 
Verboden, duf. forbidden 
Yerboeken, v>. transfer 
Verboekt, dw. transferred 
Verbolgeo, bv, angry, in- 
censed [lion 
Verbolgeoheid, v. indigna- 
VerbolgenBilk, bw. angrily 
Verbond, o. covenant, treaty , 

alliance, league 
Verbondbreker, verbond- 
schender, m, covenant- 
^ Verboodbrekinf, verbond- 
break, v. breach of cove- 
nant [ration 
Verbondbrief, m. bond, obli- 
\eTbonden,dw.bound, dressed 
Yerbootsen, 10. affect, imitate 
Verboouing, v. affectation 
Verboottt, dw, affected, imi- 

Verborgeo, dw. ^ bv, Mddeu, 

concealed, secret 
Yerborgenheid, o. mysterv, 
secret Iseeretly 

YerborgeoUjk, bw. htddenly, 
Yerbouwen, w. rebuild 
Yerbouwd, dw. rebuilt, re- 

Verbragt, dw. removed 
Yerbraadeo, w. bum, scorch. 



bv, combustible 
Yerbrander, m. burner 
Yerbrandbeid, v. aridity, ex- 

ustien, infioMmaiion 
Yerbrandiiif, v. bumimg, 

tcifrehinf [er 

Terbrecdep, nt^aUorge broad- 


YerbreediDg,v. enlargement 
Verbreken, w, breah, violate 
Verbreekbaar, Verbrekelijk, 

bv, violable 
Verbreker, m. breaher 
Verbrekin^, v. breahing 
Verbreiden, w. spread, pro- 
pagate, amplify 
Veroreider, m. spreader, pro- 
pagator [pagation 
Verbreng, Terbragt — eude 

en , remove 
VerbroddeDf w. mar, spoil 
Verbroeijen, tr. heat 
VerbToeid,dw. scalded, heated 
Verbroken, dw, brohen, vio- 
Yerbruijen, w. spoil 
Verbraid, dw.^ bv. marred, 

spoiled, confounded 
Verbraid, <tw«. the devil, con- 
Verbruikcn, 10. consume 
Verbruiker, im. consumer 
Verbruiking, o. consumption 
Verbraikt,dti;.coiM«iRe</, used 
VerbrHzelen, w. crush 
Verbrgzeld, dw» crushed 
Verbrijzeiing, v. etushing 
Verbufsd, bv.fkutdled 
VerbU stereo, v. confound, 

Verbuvterd, dw. perplexed 
Verbnsterheidy v, perplexity 
Verbijstering, v. confusion, 

VerbQt, verbeef — ende —en, 

decay, corrode 
Verdacht, dw. suspected ; op 
leta verdacbt z^n, to be 
prepared for a thing 
Verdacbtel^k, bw. suspi- 
Verdachtheid, v. euspicion 
Terdadlgen, w. defend 
Verdadlgd, dw, defended 
Verdadiger, m, vindicator 
Verdadiglng, v. vindication 
Verdaan, dw. spent 
Verdagvaarden, w, cite, sum- 
mon, arraign 
Verdagvaard, dw, cited, ar- 
Verdagvaardiging, v, mM- 

mons. arratgnmeni 
Verdedigen, to. defend 
Verdedigbaar, 6v. d^ensibU 
Verdedigd, dw, defended 
Verdedlger, m. defender 
Verdediging, v. defence 
Verdedigscnrift -\^,p,apoliogy 
Verdeeleo, w, divide 
Verdeelbaar, bv. divlsibU 
Venteeld, dw. divided 



Vardeeldheid, v, division, 

Verdeeier, m. divider 
Verdeeling, v. division 
Verdeelpunt, o. article 
Verdeemoedigcn, w, humble 
Verdeemoedigd, dw. humbled 
VerdeemRtereo, 10. darken 
Verdeerasterd, (fi0. darhened 
Verdek, •. deck 
Verdelgen, w, destroy 
Verdelgd, dw, destroyed 

Verdelg-engel, m. destroy- 
ing angel 
VerJelger, m, destroyer 
Verdelging, v. destruction 
Yerdenk, verdacbt -ende -eu, 

Yerdenking, V. suspicion 
Verder. 6v.4r bw.farther,more 
Verderr, o.ruin, destruction 
Verderf, Terdorf, verder- 
Tende, rerderven, ruin. 

spoil, corrupt 
bTerderfliik, bv, 


^ destructive, 


Verderflijkbeidp v. corrupti- 
bility, pernielousness 

Verder«, bw. further, more- 

Verderveling, m, reprobate 

Verdervenii, v, corruption, 
destruction, ruin 

Verderver, m. corrupter 

Verdervlng , v. corruption 

YerdlcbionfW. feign 

Veraicht, dw, feigned, in- 
vented i forger 

Verdlchter, m. inventor, 

Verdichtlng, v, feigning, for- 

vlrdilchtzel — ^e, v, fable, 

fiction, story 
Verdlcbtzelacbtig, bv, fabu- 
Verdieonen. 10. earn, deserve 
Verdiend, dw, deserved 
VerdieQst, v. merit, desert, 

wages, gain 
VerdieDtteiyk, Verdienstig, 

bv. meritorious 
Verdiepen,w. de^en 
Verdiept, dw, deepen^ 
Verdlkken, w, condense 
Verdikking, v. condensation 
Verdikt, dw. condensed 
Yerding, 0. agreement, bar- 

Yerdlog, T^rdoDg— ende— en, 

agree, borgain 
Verdobbelen, w. game away 
Verdobbeld, dw, gamed awajf 
Verdoe, verdeea —ode —a. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

242 VER 

▼eldkrekel — Ije, v. grut- 

Veldlecer, •. emmpt army 
Veldlied -ie, •. pmstarml 

Veldmais^e, wujltldmtmse 
Veldovertte, m. general 
Vt;ldpaap, veldpredlker, m, 

veldtlaa» v. gtmmll mUd 
Vcldslagr, m. bmttU 
Veld«l*ng, ». emlveriu 
Veldatnk -je» •. HeUpiec* 
VeldtMken, #. hammeTt ensign 
Veldtort, v,eampmitn 
Veldtufff, 0. ammnnUien 
Veldiuigmeester, m» mtaster 

of Ik* erdmmee 

VeldTlaf , V. entign 
Veidfluftiir* bv.JngUive 
VetdTrochten, mv. /mits of 

the earth 
Veldziek, 6v. Uproue 
Veidtiekte, v. leprosy 
Velren, w. turn, whirl 
Velye, V. felly 
Vellekooper, «. ftllmamger 
Velliff, bv. shinny 
*VeDda, •vendutle, v. «He- 

*Vendamet$^r, m^auetioneer 
* Veoereeren, w, venerate 
Tenexoen, m. venison 
Yenkel, v. fennel 
Venkelwater, o.fennelmater 
Veakelzaad, o.fennelseed 
Veoiter — qe, o. window 
Vensterga^ a. window » open- 

Veoiterwerk^. winiow^mork 
Vent — j«i "*• ftUow 
Venten, w. m2I, eapo$e to sale 
Venashair, o. mauienhair 
Venutnavel. «• pennyworl 
Venuskwaai, Tenutnekte, v. 

venereal disease 
Veoiin. o, venom 
▼ venomous 
Venijaleueid.o. venomonsneu 
\er,bw. far 
Veraangenaamen, w, aeespt 

or lake kindly 
Ver^arden, w. degenerate 
VeraaHipf , v. degeneration 
Verachtin. w. despise 
Yeracht, tfto. despised 
Verachteiyk, 60.4- 610. despi- 

cable, eontemptuous, despi- 

eably, eontemptuously 
Verachteiykheid, v.eontemp- 

Verachter, w.TerachUtfr, v. 

despiser, contemner 
VeracbUog, v. <^tempt 


get bekiUkand^ 
Teraduerd, dw . • eiarded 
VerackteriDg, v. reiardmtent 
Veradelea, w. nobUUaie 
VeradekU dw. notilitated 
Veraf|;el^«. remote 
VermrgelegeDhdd, v. remete- 
,*eu llurn 

VeraiMleren,«p. ekamge^Uer, 
VeraDderd,<(*. changed, al- 
tered ^ 
Veraoderinf , v. ekmnge, aU 

teratiom, varietyf menses 
VeraBderlast,* J«vff of variety 
Veranderliik, bv. ehangeable 
Veraiiderlii)kbekl, v. chmnge- 

Verantwoordeo, w. answer 
.,f^»J''*W9t vindicate 
Verantwoordelijk^. answer- 
able, responsible, aeeount- 
abU IsponsibHUy 

VerantwoordelUkbeidy v. re- 
Verantwoorder, jr. justUUr 
Verantwoording, v. vmJ^cu- 

tion, account 
VerarbeideD, w. consume 
VerariDen, w. impoverish 
Verarmd, dw. iwtpoverisked 
Verarmiog, v. impoverish- 
Verbaatd, dw, 4- bw. asto- 
nished, astonishingly 
Verbaa»deUjk, bw. amaxedly 
Verbanaen, w. banish, expel, 

excommunicate, proscribe 
Verband, dw. banished, ex- 
Verbaod— Je» 0. bond, obliga- 
tion, engagement, binding, 
Verbandbrlef— Je, m. bond, 

Verbaodhuis, 0. hospital 
Verbanner, m. proscrUter 
Verbaoniog. v. banishment, 

VerbatterdD, w, degenerate 
Verbasterd. dw. degenerated 
Verbasterdbeid,v.d4f en«racy 
Verbattering, v. degeneration 
Verbazen, w. astonuh, amaxe 
Verbazlng, v. surprisal 
Verbedden, «-. change beds 
Verbeeldeoy w. imagine^ re- 
^^ pre sent 
V^»Ml<Ung, V. imagination, 

npretentation^ idea 
Verbeeltenis, v. repruenla- 

Verbeeftten, w. embrute 
Verbeeten, dw. decayed 
Verb«id«o, «o. w»lt, txpeel \ 


Veibeidiiif, «. 


kide, conceml 
Verbergbaar, Vd 

bv. coneealaUe 
\erbcrglng, w. 
Verbeiereoy ar. 

reform, improve^ 
verbeteraar, w. mT 

rector, reformer 
Verbeterd, tf». e 

formed, impiot 
Verbeterhais, o. I 

reel ion 
VerbeteriQg, w. . 

correction, r^oi 

VerbcterUjk, bv. eorrigibU, 

Verbcuren, w. forfeit, e«M- 

fiseale, l^fl, raise ,• niecun 

Terbeurd^ «o harm dome 
Verbeurbaar, bv. eom/Uemble 
Verbeard, d«o. forfeited 
Verbeurdmakiog, v. r*i;/be«- 

Verbeuring, v. forfeiture 
Vcrbeurte, v. forfeiture, e«»- 

docation, puim, pemaUy 
Verbezigen, «. omplay 
Verbezigd, dw. employed 
Verbezigiag, v. employment 
Verbid,Terbad,— deode^dea, 

obtain by entreaty, deprt- 

VerblddelUk, bv. exorable 
Verbidding, v. deprecation • 
Verbied. verbood,— ende— ea, 

prohibit, forbid 
Verbieder, m. prohihitor 
Verbiedlng, v^prohibUien 
Verbiodf verbond— eade—ea, 

bind, engage, oblige, dress 
Verbiadlng, v. biue[t»g, obli- 
gation, pledging, drestiug 
Verbintenis— ie,<, enguef- 

ment, bond, obligation, al- 

Verbitteren, w- exasperate, 
incense, irritate, embitter, 
Verbltterd, dw. f bv, exaspe- 
rated, incensed, irritated, 
embittered, inveterate 
Verbltterdheid, Verbitterin;. 
V. exasperation, inveteracy 
Verblaaeo, w. blow away 
Verblazeo, dw. blown mway 
Verbleeken, w. grow omle 
Verbleeking. v. growing pale 
Verbieekt, aw. grown pate 
Verbiikkeb, w. eJUAf c, en"- 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


Vaster. «./««ur 

Vaftgebleven, rfw. stuck fast 
Vastgebonden, dw. fastened 
YastgeKrondjfrv. sureground: 

Vailjfelii'cht, dto. joined fast 
V as tKChoudeu, dto. held fast 
Vastgreknoopt, dw. tied fyst 
Vastjfelljmd, dw. glued fast 
Vastgcmaakt, dw. fastened 
Vastgenaatd, dw. sewed fast 
Vastgeraakt, (/to. stnehfast 
Vastgespeld, dw. pinned fast 
Vadlgespijkerd, dw. nailed 
fast [fixed 

Vastgesteld, dw. determined 
Va^tjgezet.aio. set fast, im- 

Vastgehecbten, w. join fast 
Vastueid. v.firmness. fastness 
VaiitbouaeD, to. holdfast 
Vasthoudepd, cito. tenacious 
Vasthoudendheid, v. tenacity 
Vastigbeid, v. firmness, fast- 
ness, surety, steadiness, for- 
tress Ibulton 
Vaatkooopen, to. tie fast, 
VastHjmen, to. glue fast 
Vastmaken, to. fasten 
Vdstmaking, v.faslening 
Vastnaaijeu, to. «eto fast 
Vastraken, to. slick fast, 

run aground 
Vasttipeldca, to. pin fast 
Vastdpiikeren, to. nai/ fast 
VastiiteTlea, to. resolve, de- 
termine, establish, fix^ ap- 
Vastetelling, t;. settlement, 
establish ment, res olution , 
Vastte, V. fastness, firmness 
Vastzetten, to. set fast, arrtst 
VastzitteD, to. sit fast, stick 
fast, be aground^ tein pri- 
Vst, V. cask, barrel, tun, ves- 
sel, dish, hold 
V^t — te,— tende— ten, take, 
catchf apprehend, compre* 
hand, contain 
VdtbdL^r, bv. capable, suscep- 
tible, capacious, compre- 
r^atbaarheid, v. capacity, sus- 
ceptibility, comprehension 
'dtebank — je, m. cupboard, 
^atenwasgcher, m. scuUUm 
^atael—^e, o. hold, handle 
^echtacbtig, bv. quarrelsome 
^echten, 10. fight 
recbteaderhaod, bw, tword 
in hand 
^ecbter — tje, m. amhatoMt 


Vechthaaa —^ 
Vechtgeweer, o.urms 
Vechiperk, 0. lisls 
Vecbtgraag, vecbtziek, hv. 

Vedel — tje, v.Jlddle 
Vedelaar, m. fiddler 
Vedelboog -je, v. fiddlestick 
Veder —tje, v. feather 
Vederachtig, bv. feathery 
Vederbed — je, 0. fealherled 
Vederbos — Je, 0. plume 
Vederioos, hv. feat her lest 
Vee, o. cattle, rabble 
Veedief — je, m. abactor 
VecdJeverij, t>. stealing of 

Veedrijver, m. herdsman 
Veeg — je, v, w'pe, gash 
Veeg, bv. fatal, about to die, 
veeg staaiiflo run great ha' 
\eegen,w.sweep,wipe, brush, 

Veeger — Ije, m. sweeper, wi- 
per, brush, broom 
Vetging, V. sweeping, wi- 
ping {knife 
Veegmes — je, 0. farrier *s 
Veegsel, 0. sweepings 
Veenoeder, m. herdsman 
VcehoediDg, v. keeping of 

Veel, bv. ^ bw. much, many 
Veel -de — ende —en, bear, 

Veeldragend, bv, multiferous 
Veeleer, 610. muck rather 
Veelerbande, veelerlel, (to. 
various, sundry, 0/ many 
Veelerleiheid, v. variety 
Veelgaatiicb, bv. foraminous 
Veelgegoed, bv. weallky 
Veelneid, v. abundance, mul- 
titude, quantity 
Veelboek, m. polygon 
Veelhoekig, bv. polygonal 
VeeUarig, bv. of many years 
Vcelilgt, bw.very likely 
Veelmaal, 610. often, many 

Veelregelig, bv, of many lines 
Veelte, v. abundance, quan- 

Veeltijds, 6to. often 
Veeivermogendef bv, multi- 
Veelverwlg, bv.many colour- 
ed ipus 
Veelvoet, m. muUipede,poly 
VeelToetig, bv, mullip^al 
Veelvormlg, bv. multiform 
Veelvoudig, VeeUa)<fig, bv. 

VEL 241 

manifold, multifarious, 
V»:eIvoudlgheld, VeeWnldig- 

heid, V. multiplicity 
Veeiwetend, bv. erudite 
Veelwljverij, v. polygamy 
Veelzin8,&io. many ways 
Veelzijdig, bv. mnlltlaleral 
\eemjLrkljV.niarket for cattle 
Veen, 0. fen, marshy land 
Veeugrond, v. fenny ground 
Veenlg, bv. fenny 
Veenlaud, 0. fen, marsh 
Veer -lie, v. feather, spring 
Veer —tje, 0. ferry . 
Vcerachtlg. bv. elastic 
Veergeld, Veerloon, 0, pas- 
sage-vmney {sage-boat 

Veerman, ». ferryman, pas- 
\eer»chip, o.passageboat 
Veeriicbipper, m. master v • 

Veerschult— je. v. ferryboat 
VeertieD, bv. fourteen 
Veerilende, bv, fourteeuth 
Veerlig, bv.forlv . . 
Veenigste, bv, fortieth 
Veerljk, bv. abounding tti^ 

cattle , , 

Veest — je, v, fizzle, fart 
Veesteo, w, fort ^ 
VeesUI, m, stable for cattle 
VecToeder, 0, fodder 
Veil, 0. ivy 
Veil, bv, liberal, generous, f 

be sold, venal 
Veilen, w. offer to sale 
Veiiig, 6t». safe, secure 
Veilig, Velliglljk, bw. safely, 

seer rely 
velUgen, 10. secure 
Velllgheid, u, safety, security 
VeiliDg, V. exposure to sate, 
auction . . . .^^ 

Veinaen, 10. dUsembU, feig^ 
Veinster, Veinzere», v. dis- 

sem bling woman . 

Velnzaard, Veinzer, «. «*- 

sembler . .. 

Veinzerij, v. dissimulatiou 
Veinzlog, t». dissembling 
Vel -letje, 0. skin, sheet 
Vellen, w,feU,level,sre}ent, 
Veid -5e, 0. field ? 
Veidcipret, v. grounOt 
Veldenaar, m. country^ — 
VelddeuD -t}e,«i. pastoral 
Veldgescbrd, 9. aterni 
Veldgewa«, 0, produce of tke 
Veidgod, m.faun \fi'^ 
Veldfodin, v. nymph 
Veldbeer, m. general . 

VeIdheerBchap,o. *<««t«?f*?' 
Veldhoen -^Je, v, l?ar«ruJg« 

Digitized by VjOOQ It 


240 VAD 

Vftandel — ^e, o.Jtagt entlgn 
VMBdrager, Vaaadri|r, m. 

Vaaoye, o. vane, weather' 

Vaar— ^e, m. father, dad 
Vaar, roer — ende— eo, navi- 
gate, sail, go by voater, be 
nnder tatt, go, enter, fare, 
he, thrive; ten oorloir va- 
ren, to serve in the navy ; 
ten baring varen, to go to 
the herring- fishery; ter 
belle Taren, to descend into 
hell,- laten varen, to let 
alone, to leave off, to desist 
from { hoe vaari gg, Aow do 
yok do; eene varende 
▼roaw, a nymph, enchan- 
tress, witch, strange wo- 
man, harlot 
¥aar -de — ende —en, put in 

fear, disorder, derange 
Vaarbaar, bv. navigable 
Vaarder, m. sailor, seaman, 

Vaardir, bv. ready, quick 
Vaardlr, vaardigiUV, bw, 

Vaardirheid, v. readiness, 

Vaare, bv. dry 
Vaars — ie, r. heifer 
Vaart —}e, v. canal, channel, 
navigatiM, passage by wa- 
ter, current, slrtam, speed. 
rate, pace, career, mu ; hlj 
is op 4e Taart, he is gone 
to sea i met een vaart, spee- 
Vaartulg — je, o. vessel 
Vaarwater, o. channel, pas- 
sage, navigable water 
Vaarwel, o. farewell, adieu 
Vaarwei. tuss.fareicell 
Vaatdoek — je, v. dithclolh 
Vaa^e, o. tittle barrel, firkin 
Vaatwater, o. dishwater 
Vaatwerk, o, puhtage 
♦Vacantie, v. vacation, % 

♦Vaceeren. w. sit 
Vacht, V. fleece, pelt 
' Vadepif M. fathom 
Vad«ir •— tje. m. father 
Vaderin — neije, v. mother 
Vaderland, o. native country, 

Vaderlander, iw. patriot 
Vaderland«cb, bv. patriotic, 
native, belonging to 9tie># 
native cotmtty 
Vaderloos, bvp/atherlest 
VadwUlk, »v./ai4erly 


Vaderlijkbeid, v.fatkerHnett 
Vadermoord, m. parricide 
Vaderinoorder, m. parricide 
Vaderons, o.lord*t prayer 
Vaderschap, o, patemtty 
Vadenla^, m. parrieide 
Vadze, v. drudge 
Vadxig. fro. lazy, retchtlefs 
VddriKheid, v. laziness 
Vaer« -je, o. verse 
Vaerze, v. heifer 
Vaerzevieesch, o. /lesh of a 

Vaeraemaker, m. versifier 
Vafebond, in. vagabond 

Varevuur, o. purgatory 
"at — je, 0. pace, place, 
titioH, branch, department 

Vvkerig. bv. drowzy, sleipy 
Vakerigbefd, i;. drowziness 
\d\,m.jalt,gr;ce, taste 
Val — letje, v. trap, vallence 
Val, viel -lende — len, fall, 
drop, happen, be, tack , 
van zicb zelven vallen, to 
Joint away i lastlg ▼alien, 
to importune; In de rede 
Tallen, to iuterrupt ; daar 
valt niett te zeggen, there 
is nothing to be said; bet 
valt mij in, I remember it 
*\%\ibti, bv.valid 
Valdeor — ije, v. trapdooa. 
Vaiei— tje,*. valley 
Vaihek— je, 0. purtatltis 
Valhoed — je, m. headroll 
«Valide, bv. valid 
•Vbijdeerea, w, value, avail 
Valien —je, o. portmanteau 
Valli — je, »i. hawh, falcon 
Valkejagt, talkeiij, v. fal- 
Vaikenest, o. /iawh*s nest 
Valkenet, o./a/coMf/ 
Valkenier —tie, m. falconer 
Vaipoort, V. portcullis 
Valreep, v. shtp^s ladder 
VaUcb, bv. false, counterfeit, 
foiged, perfidious, treache- 
VaUcbelUk, bw. falsely, trea- 
VaUcbbartfg, hv. falsehearted 
VilffcHba r Ugbeid,«.lrracA«ry 
Val»cbbeid, v, falsehood, 

treachery 1 perfidy 
Valstrik — je, in. snare 
•Valuatk,*. volnation 
*Valuecren, to. value 
^Valuta, V. value 
Van, vw. of, from, for, with, 
by, van avond, to-night; 
van daag, to-day ; bier van 


daan, henee; daar no 
daan, tbence, van does 
bebben, van noode hebbea, 
to want ; van lanicsaaBcr 
hand, gradually; van dea 
norgen, this momimg; raa 
de vreek. this week; va* 
yerre, afar off; van te vo- 
reu, before; van sijn leven, 
in his life; van vrefentt 
concerning, in beheUf ^ 
Vang, V. catch, curb 
Vang, vong — cbde— en, emtck 
Vanger, m. catcher 
Vangsl, V. catch, eaptwro 
•Vauteereu, to. vaitii( 
Var, varre, m.btUtock 
Varen, o.fem 

Varendgat t, varengexel, va- 
reaman, m, seaman, mmn- 
•Variatie. v. variation 
• varv 
Varken -de, o. Ug, pig, 

Varkenachtig, bo. koggisk 
Va^kendnj ver,varkennoeder, 

m, swineherd 
Varkeniuarkt, o. kog-msarktt 
Varkensafval, v. kogU karsM 
Varkensboratels, mv. keg'' 

Varkenobrood, o. sowbread 
Varkensdrek, m. hogU dmff 
Varkeurtgran. •. eenttnody 
Varkenskont, v. hog*t mual 
Varkenskot, o. kogslye . 
Varkendlager, m. p9rk-Ht- 

Varkenspoeling.v.AoirV math 
Varktfusreuzel, m.kog*stmrd 
Varkensiaart — je, ». pig't 

tail, worm 
Varkeniivenki I, v.sowfomnel 
Varkenvieeacb, o,porh 
Vailye, o. pig 
*Vabiiaal, m. vmosal 
\^A\.,hvfasi,fi<m, $wre,telU. 
steady, fixed, strong f va»w 
goederen, immooeabte pry 
Vaat, bw. fast, firmlg, stie- 
elmy, cef tatuly, meetnwkiU, 
daar is veel aan mat, muck 
■he.ongs to it ; vast g4sa> 
to depend 
Vaatbiiiden, m. kind fu(, 

Vastbiijven, w. oliekfatt 
Vastdag, m. faotdag 
Va»ielQk. bw./frmjy. sarHl 
Vasteu ,v.leni 
Vasteoavond, m. okrovelU* 
Vastendag , m,fmH4ay 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


ifSCtr* *•**"**'' ifveigh, 
V. falling outf 


\\tfegen,w,atoep out, wip* 
itveersel, o. tweepingi 
itverioopeii, w. sett off 
ItTerkoKi, dw. told off 
itverkoren. bv. ehoten, elect 
ntfierea, w. veer out 
'itrlndea, w. ftnd out, die- 
cover, invenl, contrive 
Itvinder, m. inventor 
itvindingr, v. invenHon 
ltvind«ter-Oe,». inventrest 
L'*'/°'**.*'-^Je. •• invention 
'Uvl88ch«D, 10. fish out 
ntvliegen, le.Jy out 
Itrioed, m. issue, stream 
itvioeisel, 0. ejtuvium 
iiTloeUen, to. usne, flow out 
itvloeijinff, v. /lowing out 
itvlufft — je, 0. subterfHgf 
U»oer, m. exportation 
'itvoerder/ m, exporter, 
performer, executor 
Itvoereo, w. export, ex- 
ecute, perform : de uitvoe- 
rende magt, the executive 

ritroerig^. bv. ample 
UtvoeriKUik, bv, amplp 
'itvoerin§r, v. exportation, 
performance, execution 
fitTorstcheo, w. investigate 
UtvorsbCbiog, V. iuvesttga- 

MUragen, to. interrogate, 
pump, cross-examine 
ruvreetcn, io.«o< out,oorrode 
Mtwaardtf, bv, outwhrds 
Titwaaast-meD, 10. evaporate 

lUwaaMemlng. «. evapora- 
tion, exhalation 
Fitwacht, V. outguard 
lUwandelen, 10. loa^A out ■- 
Utwann^D, 10. lOfUMoto 
Jitwas^ o. excrescence 
litwasfichen, to. fouA out 
ritwasbChing, v. washing out 
litwatseo. to. ^ roto otil 
lUwaMlng, V. growing out 
littrateren, to. issue 
7itwatering:, v. oulM, issue 
Jitweg. m, evasion, escape, 
expedient [gf*** 

ruwetdeo, w, expatiate, di- 
litweidiug, «. digression 
Jitweodig, bvi outward, ex- 

lltwendigbeld, v. exterior 
rttweDdigliJk, bw. outwardly 
htwerkeo, 10. effect, effectu- 
ate, perform, eloborate 


Ultwerker, m, effeeter, per- 
former, author 
Uitwerkiog, v. effect, effec- 
Uitwerkster, v, effeetrese 
Uitwerksel, 0. effect 
Uitwerpeling, m, outcast 
Uitwerp«D, 10. cast out, eject, 

reject, vomil, void 
Ultwerper, m. caster out 
Uitwerplog, «# Section, VO' 

Uitwefptel, •. outcast, ex- 
Uitweiden, to. to^d out 
Uitwjnnen, w. gain, get, save 
Uitwiogchen, 10. efface 
Uitwjssclen, to. exchange 
UitwiMseliDg, V. exchange 
Uitwringen, 10. wring out, 

Uitwringing, v. extortion 
UUwrijven, 10. rub out 
Uitwiikefiug, m. emigrant 
Uitwijkeu, 10. emigrate, de- 
viate Iviation 
UU«ijkiDg,v. emigration,de- 
Uitwijzeu, 10. cAfio, demon- 
strate, determimey pro- 
nounce, sentence ; naar 
uitw^zeir de« brier«, ac 
cording to the tenor of the 
Uitcakken, w.tink down 
UitzeileD, tD. sail out 
UiUeiliDg, o. tailing out 
UiUeudeiing, w». emissarv 
UiUendeo, 10. send out, dis- 
JJhieuAlng, V, sending out 
Uitzet, m. portion, dowry, 

Oiixetten, to. tet out, put 
out, remove, extend, tn- 
large, impose, put off, de- 
lap, protrude, swell, elate, 
give in marriage 
Uiizetiig, bv. eruptive 
UitxetUiig, V. setting ont, 

fmttiug out, enlargement, 
mpesuion, infiation, por- 
tion, dowry 
Uitsiften, to. sifi 
Ulixlgt, 0, prospect, view 
Uitzinoig. bv. insiine, frantic 
Uitzlantf heid, v. insanitv 
OUsinnigiyk, bw.franticly 
Uitzoekeo, w. select, choose 
Uitzoekiog, V. selection 
1 tzoDderen ,w.except, exempt 
Uitzooderiog, v. exception, 
exemption labte 

Uiizuigea, to. suck out 
UiUttigiDg, V. suction 

VAA 23^ 

Ultxuipen, «o. drink out 
UiUulveren, to. purify 
U itxmeeieii,w.exude, perspire 
Uitzwelieo, to. swell 
UiuwelUug, vUwellnur 
UitzUpelen, to. extU 
UltzHpeliog, V. extUlatiom 
Ulieden, vn. ye,you 
Ulk — je, m, polecat 
UUermarUn, m, ultramarine 
• Ultimo, m, ultimo 
*Vale, V, union 
•tf nieereo, to. unite 
•Uoirorm, 0, uniform 
•boiroriu, bv. uniform 
fUniversiteit, v. univertily 

Unier, m. ghost, spirit 

SUaJeren, to. conjure 
nierhoer, v. witch 

'^jzatie,v, usage 

*Useerea, to. use 

*V»o, 0. usance 

•Usurpeeren, to. usurp 

Uur -ge, 0, hour, hour's 
walk, league, about three 
miles and a hatfi een groot 
uar, mote than an hour, or 
ttaguci een klein oar. hss 
than an hour, or, league ; 
een oar, oneo*cloek{ tiree 
uureo, two o'clock , een 
uur gaans, an kourU walk; 
een uar ryden«, on kowrU 
ride i een uur varens. rnn 

UnrglAs, ckourglass 

Uurwerk-je, 0. clock. wateJk 

UurHerkmake^, m. cioekma- 
ker, watchmaker 

ynrfriSzer, m. hand of a dial 

Uw, Uwe, vn. your; de uwe , 

Dwent, vn. yotir ; om utreot 
wil, for your sake; tot 
uwent, at your house, at 
uour place 

Dijen —tie, v. ontow 

Cfler -(Je, m, udder 

▼ AAO, 9. prime, krush 
Vaak, V. sUepinvss,- vaak 

bebben, to be sleepy 
Vaak, frio. ^en 
Vaal, bv. faUbw mouseco- 

Vaalbeid, v. «otM«c0{0«r 

Vaam, v. fathom 

Vaan —tie, v.flpg, ensign, 

colours, basmtrs, company, 


Digitized by VjOOQ It ' 

238 iTlT 

VitroeUeo, w. extripat* 
OitroeUor, m. extirpalor 
Uitroe^iag, v. exitrpation 
Uitroep, m. outcrp, proclt- 

matioui by uitroep, by 

UUroepen, «0. cry out, ex- 

eiaiMf erjf, proclaim, tell 

by auction 
Vitroeper, m. cryer, auC' 

Uitroepini^, v. outcry ^ excla- 

maliun, ehoutf proclama- 
UUrolleo, to. roll out, unfurl 
Uitriikken, w. pull oul, root 

Ulirukkinf, v. pulling out 
Uitrusteo, 10. rest, rett tuf- 

ilclently, equip, fit out 
Ultrostiagy v. equipment 
UitrUdeu, w. ride out. Jade 
UlUcnaterea, to. burst out a 

laurhjng [load 

ViUCDepen, to. debarb, un- 
UiUcbeideo, 10. leave off, dt- 

Vlucbelden, w. abuse 
Uitscheppea, 10. draw up, 

take up 
UUscbeurea, 10. tear oul 
Uiupliieten, 10. shoot out, 

imunck out, disburse, eject, 

tut out, sort, sinote out 
Ulucliifien, to. single out, 

Uiucbikken, w. send out 
Uitiicbilderen^io- point, pour- 

Ciucb'itteren, w. thine forth 
UitAChitterliig, V. lustre 
Ultachot. 0. outthot, refute, 

Vitschraapeo, nitacbrabben, 

10. scratch out, erase 
diuchrabbing, v. erasure 
JUitachreeayrea, 10. cry out 
Oittcbrift, 0. copy 
Vittcbrijven, to. tDiif« out, 

eopu, proclaim 
VlUchryving.v. writing out, 

transcription, proclama- 

Vltschryver, m. copier 
IliUchuddeUf to. tnahe out, 

Vitactiuld, V. outstanding 

UitschUoen. to. shine forth 
VitschijaaelyO. shining forth, 

UiUlaau. to. beat out, strike 

out, throw out, break out, 

blurt out, grow mould f,' 

tell, deliver, give 


Ulttlar, m. isttte, event, tale, 
mouldinett, eruption, turn- 
Ditsllbberea, to. slip out 
Uitalooren, to. do one*i best, 

Uitiluiteo, to. exclude 
UitaluiUog, o. exclusion 
IHtaluiuel, o. decision 
UiCaliJteu, to. wear out, retail 
UiUlQter, nwetailer 
Uitsoieedea, w. hammer out 
Uitanultea, to.&^oto out, snuffs 

Uittniiden, 10. cut out 
Uitanfidiur, V. excliiion, sec- 
Oitspannen, to. stretch out 
extend, unbend, recreate, 
relax, unteam 
Ulttpanoiog, v. extention, 
recreation, relaxation, un- 
Uit«panaei, o.ftnmament 
Uiupatten, to. spur out, 

launch out 
UltHpiuea, to. dig out 
-Ultapoeiea. to. rinse 
Uiupoelkei, 0. washings 
UitaporlK, bv. exorbitant 
Uitapoiiifheid, v. egorln- 

tamce, extravagance 
Ultaporigl^k, 610. extrava- 

Uitapraak^ v. utterance, pro- 
nunciation, sentence, ver- 
dict, determination 
Citapreken, 10. speak out, 
pronounce, recite, express, 
(Jitaprekel^k, bv. utterable 
UUapreidea, to. spread out 
UitripriogeD, to. spring out 
Ultapruiten, 10. spring up, 
shoot out, bud, proceed, 
Uitapruitsel, 0. ihoot, sprig 
Vitapuigen, to. vomit, tx 

Ultapuigael, 0. spittle spit out, vomit 
Uitapuirael, 0. vomit 
UiUtaan, to. endure, sustain, 

UiUtaande, bv. outstanding 
Ultatampeu, to. stamp out, 

Oitflteeken, to. stretch out, 
thrust out, jut out, excel, 
surpass, engrave^ play even 
or odd 
Ditateekend, bv. exceeding, 

excellent . 
Uiuteekendheld, v. txeel- 
lenee, excess 


Ultiteeksel. o.inttw, hmteomy 
Uiutek-je, cjulty, balcony, 

UiUtel, o. delay 
Ulutelleo, 10. dolap, defer 
Uit^^teller, m. deUwer 
UitstelliDg, V. protraetimm 
Oitaterven, ao. die, beeonu 

UiUterving, «. extinction 
CJitatooten, to. expel, thrust 

Uitatooting, v. expmUiom 
Uitatorten, to. poiar out,9ke4 
Uitatorting, ». efutlam 
Uiutraaleu, to. beam 
Uitatrekkea, to. stretch, 

stretch forth, extend 
Oitatrekkiog, v. exlentiam 
Ui tatrooiseiy 0. report 
Uiutrooijeo,to.«(reio, spread, 

dtvutge, report 
Ultatrooiier, m. spreader 
UUatrooijiDg, v. divulgittg, 

UitatroomeD, to. stream forth 
UlUtrijkeo, to. smsooth, ireu 

out, trick out, blot otO^rc 

tatuurea, to. tend omi 
Ultaullen, to. slide omt 
Uittappen, '¥>. dram, dram 

UitUrten, w.defy, ehailenge 
Ufttarting, v. d^nce, ekai- 

Uitteekenen, to. delineate 
Uitteekeoiog, v. delineation 
Ultreereu, to. conenme, pine 
awau loot 

Uittelleo, to. eottnt-'Mii, tell 
Uittermate, bw. beyond mea- 

ing out, outgoing 
Ulttreeden, w. tread out, 

step out 
Uittrekken, 10. draw out, pull 
off, undress, march out, ex- 
Uittrekkiog, v. drawing out, 

marching out, extraction 
Uittreksel — t|e^ •. abstract, 
extract, abridgemseiU, tinc- 
ture, infusion 
UittrompetteD, w. trumpet 

Ulttroawea, to. give its mur- 

Ultrarea, to.M» emt.imoeigh 
Ditvariiig, v. inveitine 
Uitvaartp tr. funeral, obse- 
quies, departure 
UUval, m. saUy 
Uitrallea, if. faU out, tally. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


Ugraving, v, excavation 
itgrodljea, w. grow out 
itealpen, w.gush out, vomit 
ithaal— tie, v. drawer 
Uhaalbed-je, o. pressbed 
uhaalen, w. pull out, draw 
out, fetch out, get, draw, 
nve wajf, launch, elaborate, 
feast , seraleh out, nave 
ithaalder, m. br agger : dat 
is een oithaalder, that 
saves so much 
itbaallog, v. drawing 
itham, m. cape, point 
ithangbord —ye, o. sign 
itbaogen, w. hang out 
itbardeo, 10. endure, sus- 

itheemsch. bv.foi-eirn 
itheffen, w. lift out 
UhelpcB, to. help out, de- 

ithoek— je, m. outeomer, 
point of land, promontory 
Itboesteo, to. expectorate 
itboltea, w. hollow, exca- 

itboliing, V, excavation 
IthoDireren. w. famish 
•thougcrin;f , v. famishment 
itboolde, vw. on account, 

ithoozen, w. bale out 
itbouden, to. keep out, hold 
out, continue, single out 
ithouweD, w. carve 
Ithufclg, hv.from home 
ithawelijken, ulthuwen, to. 
rtve in marriage 
fthiljsseD, 10. hoisl out 
iting, V. utterance 
fitiagen, 10. expel 
iyaging, v, expulsion [a< 
iCjouweD, 10. ridicule, hoot 
itkammen, 10. comb out 
itkant, v. frontier, border 
itkeeren, ». turn out, ex- 
pend, disburse 
Itkiezeo, w. chuse, select 
Itkiezing, v. selection 
itkippen, to. hatch, pick, 

itkleeden, to. undress, strip 
'itkleedini^, v. undressing 
itkloppen, to. knock out 
itknagen, to. gnaw out 
itknypen, w. press out, ex- 

'itkomtt^ e. coming out, 
event, usue, produce, de- 

fitkondigen, to. proclaim 
ijtkomea, 10. come out, come 
forth, appear. Jail out,un- 
gUtytandg comprehend 


Uitkooken. to. decoct , 

Uitkooksef — tje, 0. decoction 
Uitkoop, V. sate, bargain, 

buying off 
Uitkoopen, to. buy off 
Uitkraameo, to. expose to sale 
Ukkraaijen, to. cry up 
Uitkrabbeo, w. scratch out, 

Uilkruipen, to. creep out 
UUkriiten, to. cry ont, decry 
Uilkijk, m. project, lookout, 

watchtower, balcony 
UUkljker.oi. looker-out ,scout 
Uitlaat, m. projection, bal- 
Ultlaten, to. let out, leave 
out, omit, express, explain 
Uitiatiiig, v. Utting out^ 

Uitlagchen, 10. deride, ridi- 

UUIagcher, ui. derider 
Uitlagchlng, t». derision 
Uitlander, m. foreigner 
Uitraodig, bv. abroad 
Uitiaiidigheid,v. being abroad 
Uillandtich, bv. foreign 
Uitlappen, to. blurt out 
Uifleegen, to. emptu 
Uitleeiider, m. lender 
Uitleenen, to. lend out 
UUIeven, w.ouilitie 
Uitleverea, to. produce, yield 
Ultlezen, to. read out, per- 
use, pick out, select 
(Jitleg, m. explanation, 

OlMeggeo, to. lay out. ex- 
pend, expose, expound, ex- 
Slain, enlarge 
leg^er, m. expounder, ex- 
posttor, guardship 
Ultie^ging, V. exposition, ex- 
planation, interpretation, 
enlargement, widtning 
Uitreg«ter, v. expoundress 
UUIeiden, to. lead out 
Uitiekken, to. leak ont, extU 
Uitlekkiog, v. leaking out 
Uitiesschen, to. quench 
UitlicbteUfto. shine out, light 

Uitlikken, 10. lick out 
Uitlokken, 10. allure, entice 
Oitloop, m. outlet, passage, 

Ditloopen, w.ran out, bud, 

break out, r ut to sea 
Ultfootsen, to. pilot out 
Uitlooven, to. bid. proffer 
UitluchteD,to. tail, scold at 
VJtmaken* to. make out, make 
upt suborn, appoint', rait 

TJit 237 

XJitmeten, to. measure cut,, 
exaggerate * 

Uitmeiken, to. milk, exhaust 
UitoitrgeluD, to. exhaust 
Uitmergeliiig, v. exhaustion 
UttmoDsteren, to. reject 
DitmuDten, to. excel, surpass 
UitmunieDd, bv. excellent, 

Uitmuntendbeid, v. excel- 
lence, eminetice 
Uitmunter, m.exceller 
Uitmunting, ». excelling 
Ui'tnemen, 10. take ont, ex- 
Uitnemend, bw. excellent, ex- 

Uitnemenheld, v. excellence, 

Uitnemer, m. exceptor 
Uitneming. v. exception 
IlUnemelijk,6o. exceptionable 
Uiiooodeo, to. invite out 
Uitnoodiging, v. invitation 
Vitperssen, to. press out, ex- 
Uitperssing, v. extorsion 
U tplkken,to./>tcA out, select 
Ultplulzen,to. pick, pick out, 

examine, discuss, sift 
UltpioiElng, V. discussion, 

Uitplukkeo, w. pluck out 
Uitplunderen, w. plunder 
U Uplund,ering, v. spoliation 
Uitpompen, 10. pump out 
Dlipuilen, to. fwell 
Uilpnileud. bv. protuberant 
Uitpuilendheid, r. protube- 
Uitpulling, r. swelling 
Uitbutteu, to. exhaust, draw 

Uitpatting, v. exhaustion 
Uitpuucen, 10. refne, extract 
DUraaffelen, to. ravel out 
Uitraakeo, w. get out, escape 
Ultrammelen, to. blurt out 
Uitredden, to. egctficale, de- 
Uitreeden, to. equip 
UitreeOing,«. equipment 
Uitreekeiieu, to. compute 

Uitreiken, 10. distribute 
UUreiker, »i. distributor 
UUreiking, v. distribution 
Uitreis, v. outward joumev 

or voyage 
Oltrekkeo, to. strttch out, 
\ '*»€'*^. protract 
{ Y,^}'r^^i'^K, V. prolraction 
I 5;1*'1k'«"» «»• perform, do 
1 mtri>ipen,w. belch out 
I Uitrocbgeleo, to. hauik out 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

236 UIT 

UltremiBt, 4w, excelled 
Uitgenomeo, bw. taken ontf 

Uitgenomeot Ho. except, save 
Ultfenood, dw. iuvittd out 
VHgepent, aw. expruted, 

extorted . 
UUffepikt, dw. selected 
Uitf eploiid. dw. picked, ex- 

•mined, it/led 
Uitgreplukt. dw. plucked out 
Ultjreplundered, dw, plum- 

deredf ransacked 
Ultgepompt, dw. pumped out 
Uitgepoild. dw. twolten 
Uitreput, aw. exhausted 
Uitf epaurd, dw. refined 
Ultgeraaffeld, dw. ravelled 
out [cave 

UitfferakeD, w. get out, es- 
Uitgeraakt, dw. got out, es- 
Uitf ered« dw. extricated 
Uitgereed, dw. equipped 
Uitfereden, dw, jaded, rid- 
den out 
Uitf ereekeod, dw. computed 
Uitfereikt dw. dUtributed 
Uitf erekt, dw. extended 
Ultferlgt, dw. performed, 

done, ejected 
Uitf eriapt, dw. beleked out 
Uitf erochfeld, dw. hawked 

Uitf eroeld, dw. exterminated 
Uitferoepen, dw. cried, pro- 

Ultf erold, dw. teUed out 
Ultfcrnkt, dw, pulled out 
Ultferaat, dw. equipped 
Uitf escheneo ,dwah«ne/orlh 
UitfMcheept, dw. debarked 
Uitf eBCbeidea, dw. desisted 
Uitf etchept, dw. draw« up 
Uitf etchetird, dw. torn out 
UitfeMhift, dw. singUd out 
Uitf eachlkt, dw. sent out 
Ultfeschilderd, dw. pow 

Ultfescbltterd, dw, shone 

Uit£e«choIdeD, dw. railed at» 

Uitf eschoten, dw. shot forth, 

disbursed, ejected, sorted 
Uitf eschnap t,aitfe«chral>d, 

dw, scratched out 
Ultgesclireeuwd, dw. cried 

0*<< Tout 

Ultfetchretra, dw. wri«<«ii 
Uitf eachud, dw. shaken out, 

Uitf ealaf en. dw. beaten out, 

Irreken out 
Uitf ealeteo, dw. retailed 


Ditf esUliberd, dw, slurped 

Uitf ealoten, dw. excluded 
Uitfesmeed, dw. hammered 

Uiifesoeden,dw. cut out 
Uitfeanoten, dw. snuffed out 
UitfeapanDen, dw. unbent, 

Uitgeapaty dw. launched out 
Uitf espit, dw. dug out 
Uitf ekpoeid, dw. riiM«d 
Uitfeapofen, dw. vomited, 

Uitfeapreid, dw. outspread 
Uitf eaproDf en, dw. vomited, 

expect 01 ated, sprung out 
Uitf esproken, dw. pronoun- 
Uitf esproten, dw. sprung up 
Uitfespuwd, dw. vomited, 

spit out 
Ultfeataan. dw. endured, 

Uitf eatampt. dw. exploded 
Uitf eateldy dw. delayed, sus- 


Itfea token, dw. stretched 

out, thrust out, engraved 

Uitf estoten, dw. pushed out. 

expelled ished 

Uitgeatort, dw, poured out, 

Uitfeatorven, dw. 4- bv, ex- 

Uitf eatraald, dw. beamed 
Uitf eatrekea, dw, smoothed, 

ironed out 
UitKeatrektfdw. 4- bv.strelch- 
ed out, extended, extensive 
Ultfcatrektbeid, v. extent, 
extension, bent', inclination 
Uitf eatroold, dw. divulged 
Ultfeatroomd^ dw. tlreoMed 

Uitfeataurd. dw. sent out 
Uitf eauid, dw. slid out 
Uitgetapt, dw. drawn dry 
Uitf etart, dw. defied 
Uitf eteekend. dw. delineated 
Ultfeieerd, dw. 4- bv, con- 
sumed, tabid 
Uitf eteld, dw. told out 
UitgeiOfCD, our, wtarehed 

Uitf etreden, dw. trodden out 
Uitfetrokken, dw. drawn 
out, stripped, extracted, 
marched out 
Uitf etrompetf dw. trumpet- 
ed out [marrtage 
Uitf etronwd, dw. givtn m 
Uitf evaren, dw. satled out 
UltfevaUen, dw, fallen out, 
ffrotapsed [ped out 
Ultfereefd, dw. swept, wi- 


Ultfevterd, dw. veered out 
Uitfeirisclit, dw. fished out 
Uitf evloeid. dw. flowed out 
Uitf eviofea, dw. ^ow« out 
Ultfevoerd, dw, exported, 
executed linvetted 

Uitf evonden, dap. found out, 
Uitf evorsclkt, dw, inuostiga- 
ted [ted 

Uitf erraaf d, dw. interrogO' 
Uitf evreten, dw. eaten out 
Uitfewaaaaemd, dw. evapo- 
Uitf ewand, dw. winnowed 
Uitfewaadeld, dw. walh 


Uitf ewaaachen, dw. washed 
Uitgewaaaen, dtr. grown out 
Uitfewaterd, dw. tssued 
Uitfeweken, dw.fied 
Uitfewezeo, dw. decided 
Uitf eweid, dw. expatiated 
Uitf ewer kt, dw. efected, etm- 

Uitfewled. dw. weeded out 
Uitf ewiacht. dw. effaced 
Uitf ewiaaeld, dw. exchetnged 
Uitfewonnen, dw. rainod. 
convicltd [ftjeetei 

UUfeworpen, dw. east out, 
Uitf ewreven, dw. rubbed out 
Uitfewronfen, dw. extorted 
Uitgezakt. dw. sunk dawn 
Uitfezefd, *w. accept 
Uitf ezelld, dw. sailed out 
Uiifezet, dw. set out, put 
out, entarged, delayed, ut- 
Uitf eiift, dw. sifted 
Uitgezof t,dw. 4- bv, selected, 

Uitf ezonden, dw. sent out 
Ult^ezondeoe, m. spy, amis' 

Uitfexooderd, dw. 4- bp, ex- 
cepted, exempted, ejrcto- 
ded, peculiar, distinct 
Uitfezonderd; bw, axcept, 

Ultfezofeu, dw. tucked out 
Uitf ezopen, dw. drank oiU 
Uitf ezuiverd, dw. putyied 
Uitfezwect* dw. ear«aMl««i 
Uitfezwoilen, dw. swoln 
UitfezUpeid, dw. extHUd 
Uitf ieien, w. pour out 
Uitf ietlof , V. eg^sion 
Uitfilt, ». expense, editi0m 
Uitglijden, w. slip out 
Uitf iQdinf , V. slipping out 
UiifooiUeD, w. throw out, 

Uitf (NHJinf , V. tkrowimg out 
Uitf raven, w, ifoesate, ex- 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

itdrinken, tp. drink out 
itdropgeuy v. drjf, dry up, 
exsiccate [hectic 

'ildroopend, bv. desiccaut, 
'iidrukkeUjk, bv.^ bw. ex- 

ftrttg. fxpresstff 
idrukken, to. express 
Fitdrukking, v. expression 
litdruipen, to. distil, extil 
JitdruipinfT, i;. distillation 
litdriiveti, w. expel . 
>ildrijviD|[^, V. expulsion 
Jitduideu, to. expound, sig- 

JitduidlngyV. explanation 
litduweo, to. eitpress 
Jildawing, v. expression 
Jitdijen, to. ttoe/l 
JitdQing, V. swelling 
J i tec ten, to. consume 
liteinde, 0. end 
riteindelijk, bw. finally 
litei«cben, to. challenge 
rileisching, v. challenge 
Jiteren, w.finedraw [nal 
Mterl^k, bv. outward, exier- 
}iterlijk, ito. outwardly, ut- 
terly, at the utmost 
literiijkheidy v. exterior 
liter maten, bw. excessively 
Jiter<ite^ o. extremityf ex- 
Jiterste, bv. utmost, ntter, 
last, extreme, extremest 
litgaan, to. go out, expire, 
finifh, proceed, issue, pub- 
lish [irard bound 
litgaande, bv. outward, out- 
titg^ave, V, expenditure, edi- 
litgalmen, to. sound forth 
}itg»iming,v. sounding forth 
rjrgan^t *«• outlet, egress, 
end, tssue, exit, death, de- 

fitgeademd, dto. respired 
ritgebalied, dw. baled out 
irgebannen, dto. banished 
litgebazuind, dto. trumpeted 
Jitgebeeid, dto. delineated 
Jitgebeten,dto. eorrodtd 
Jilgeblazen, dto. 6/oion out 
litgeblevea, dto. out, absent 
ri'.geblonken> dto. ixeelled 
litgeblu8cbt,dto. extinguish- 

litgeboend, dto. lAr««/ out 
iitgeboezemd, dto. disclosed, 

ri tgeboden, dto. challenged 
rjtgeboord. hw. bored out 
'itgeborreld, dto. bubbtfd out 
I itgeborsteoydto. bursten out 
litgebutydio. budded 
'itgebraakt, dto. vomited 


UUgebragt, dto. discovered 
UUgebrand, dio. 6trrn/ ot<( 
Vitgebreid.dto. 4- bv.enlarged, 

extended, extensive 
Uitgebroedydto. halchtd 
Uiigebroken, dw.broh^n out 
Uitgebulderd, dto. roared out 
Uitgecy fferd, dto. computed 
IHtgedaagd, dw.challenged 
Uitgedaan, dto. put out, can- 
Uitgediimpt, dto. evaporated 
Uitgedeeld, dto. dUtributed 
Uitgedelgd, die. extirpated 
Ditgedtend,dtp.4-iv. toont otil 
Uitgedolven, dto. efossated 
Uitgedodlp t,dto.r«/iit/ru is Atfd 
Uitgedoofd, dw. quenched 
Uitgedost, dto. attired 
Uitgedragen, dto. carried oti< 
Uitgedraaidfdto. screwed out 
UitgedreveD, dto. expelled 
VUgedrongen,dw.preised out 
Uiigcdronkeo, dto. drank out 
Uitgedroogd, dto. driid up 
Uitgedropen, dir« extilled. 
UitgedroKty dto. expressed 
Uitgeduidt dto. expounded 
Uitgeduwd, dto. expressed 
Uitgedijd. dto. swoln 
Uitgeeiscnt, dio. challenged 
Uitgeven, w. expend, give 
Mit, utter, propose, pub- 
' tish, deliver 
Ditgever,m. pvjtlisher, editor 
Uitgeving, V. expenditure, 
uttering, publication, de- 
livery ipired 
Uitgegaaa, dto. gone out, ex- 
Uitgegeten, dto. consumed 
Uitgegeven. d^. expended, 

published, delivered 
Uitgegleden, dto. slipped out 
Uitgegooid, dto. flung out 
Uitgegoten, dw.ppured out 
Uitgegraven, dto. dug out 
Vllgegroeid dw. grown out 
Uitgegulpt, d<p. gushed out 
Uitgvhaald, dio. drawn 
Ultgehangen dto. hung out 
Uitgehard, dio. endured 
Uitgeheft dio. lifted out 
Uitgehoest, dto. coughed out 
Uitgehold, dio. hullowid, 

Uitgeholpen, dto. delivered 
Ditgehongerd, dto. famished 
Uitxehootd, dto. bated out 
Ultgehoaden, dto. kept out, 

tgehooweDf dto. carved 
inigehuwd, ultgehuweiUkt, 

dto. given in marriage 
Uitgehijst, die. hoisted out 
Uitg^aagd, dw. expelled 


UIT 235 

^ Joavd, dto. ridiculed 
UltgelcaiQd, dto. combed out 
Uitgeke^rd, dto. returned, 
paid llected 

Uitgekipt, dio. hatched, sc- 
Vltgekleed, dio. stripped, 

,UUgekiopt, dto. beat out 
Uitgeknaagd, dtr. j^notcn out 
Uiigeknepen, dto. pressed 

Uitgekogt, dtr. bought out, 
bought off Ud 

Uitgekondigd, dto. proclaim' 
Uitgekookt, dto. decocted 
Uitgekomen, dio. come out 
Uitgekozen, dto. chosen, ce- 

Uitgekraaid, dio. crl«d up 
Uitgekraamd, dio. exposed to 

Uitgekrabd, dio. scratched 

out, erased 
Uitgekreten, dw. decried 
Uitgekropen, dto. crept out 
Uitgelaten, dto. 4* i". let out, 
omitted, excessive, extra- 
vagan t, insolent 
Ultgelateriheld, v. extrava- 

gance, insolence 
Uftgelagchen, dto. derided 
Uitgelapt. dto. blurted out 
Uitgeleefd.dto. ^ bv. decrepit 
I/itgeleegd, dw. emptied 
Uitgeteend, dto. lent out 
Uitgeleverd, die. delivered, 

Uftgelezen, dto. * bv. read 

out, chosen, select, chaise 
Ultgelezenheid, v. excellence 
Ui'gelezd, dto, explained, en- 
larged, widened 
Ultgelci, uitgelelde, v. con- 
duct! uitgelei doen, l0 ac- 
eompany out 
UMgeleld, dto. led out 
UitgeleideD, to. lead out, ac- 
company out 
UUgelekt, dto. leaked out 
Ultgclescnt, dto. quenched 
UitKeliclit, dto. lighted out 
Ultgelikt, dto. licked out 
Ultgelokt, d»o. enticed 
Uitgeloofd, dw. bid 
Uitgeloopi-n, dto. run out 
Uitgelootst, dto. piloted out 
Ultgeluchf, dw, railed at 
Uitgemaakt, dto. made out 
Uhgenieten, dto. measured ; 
breed ultgemeten, exagge- 
Ultgemergeld, dto. exhausted 
Uitgemolken, dtQ. milked, 

Ultgemonaterd, dw. rejected 

Digitized by VjOQQ It 

234 TIJ 

Twittgleriffheld. v. tUifimit^ 

mtas Jotulw 

Twi«t|rierifIIJk, hm. ht^- 
Twistmaker, m. im«kebal0 
Twiatredea, v. aUtTcmliom, 

TwUtrcAeaen, w. ditpnte 
Twiatredeoftar, m. dUputant 
TwUUcbeider, m. arbiter, 

TwisUcbrirt, B. eontroversf 
TtrUtstoker, at. makebate,iM- 

TVUuiek, twiatzacbtig, (v. 

eontentUui, quarrelsome 
Twlifel, m. doubt 
Twn feien , w. doubt 
TVyfelaar, m. doubter 
TwQreJacbdg, 6v. doubtful, 

dubious, equivocal 
TwilfelachtlKheld, v. doubt- 

fulnesit ambUuiiil 
Twlireidag, m, twilight 
rwflfeiiDg, V. doubt 
TwyrelmoedlK, bv. uneasy 
Tirflfelmoedigbeid, v.ttaeo- 

rwUrelslnulg, bv.doubl/ul 
Twflg — je, 9. oiler, twig 
TwAn, V. twine 
7\rfineo, t0. twine 
rwHnder. m. twister [mUl 

rg;«. tide 

"^•l— de— eode— en, betake, go 
laaker— tje, o< tide-anchor 
id, m, time, season, tense, 
eisure, opportunity ; met 
der tUd, in limei in der 
t^d, /or fAe lime being j 
ten t\)de, in (tme, m the 
titne ; na verloop ran tijd, 
in process of time; in ujd 
en wiJie,«ome time or •/ Aer^ 
sicb naar den t^d Toegen, 
to temporise 
T^dbegfn, o. era, epoch 
Tgdbeart, v. period of time 
^dboek, 0. chronicle 
Jji^elMi, bv. temporal 
7ndeli3k,6ie. betimes 
T'ildgenoot, m. contemporary 
TiidTg, bv. seasonable, timely, 


TOdregister, o. cAroaolof <caZ 

idigbeid, V. MMonaUeneM 
digl^k, bw. seasonably 
)ding, V. tiding, news 

jiing%ltk,bv.eagerfor news 

udkorting, v. mistime 

ndnaald, v. obelisk 

lidperk, 0. period 

IQdreekenaar, m, chronolo- 

T^dreekening, v. ekronclogy 

72ldachrift-je,o. cAroaefrai 
nWUttp, 0. period, epoch 
Tltdvaars -^e, o.cAroaof raai 

Idverdr^i, o. pastime, re- 

Ieatiou iloss of lime 

iverttes, Tljdverxotm, o. 
«Uzer — tje, m. almanSich 
•, teeg— ende— en, betahe, 
:er -tie, m. tiger [go 
:erin — netje, v. tigress 
:ervel, o. tiger's skin 
las, 0. hourglass 
:, 0. ticking 
DOS, V. yellow daffodil 
n, V. thyme 
eiijn, m. linsey-woolsey 
el— ije, a*, title 
eiblad, o. titlepage 
eipUat, V. frontitpleee 
elregt, o. litle, right 


9 Pa. fAee,voM,ire;aedele, 
yoM, yonrv u liedeil,«o«, ye 
Uil — ^e, ai. owl, moth 
Uilenspiegel,ai. wag 
Vil»koD-]e, m. blockhead 
UiUkuIken -tJe, m. owlet. 

Vlt, vs. 4- iv. o«l, from, by, 
fprth, at an end/ alt der 
mate, exceedingly ,- uit 
naam, in name ; oit de hand, 
by private contract i uit 
hebben, to finish, to have 
done; uit alie mgne magt, 
with all my power, (in com- 
poundverhs uit only accom- 
panies the verb in the inji- 
nitive mood and in the par- 
Uit— te— cde— ende-en, utter 
Uitademen, w. retpire 
Uitademing, v. « expiration 
Uitbalien, w. bale out 
Uitbannen, w. banish 
Uitbanning, v. banishment 
Uitbaraten, w. explode 
Ditbartling, v. explosion 
\]HbA7.aUten,w.trumpet forth 
Uitbeeldeu, to. delineate 
Uitbeelder, m. delineator 
Uitbeelding, «.re/>re«e«la(ioa 
Uitbeeldsel, o. portrait 
Uitbieden, w. challenge 
Uitblazen, w. blow out, sound 
forth (forth 

Uitblinken, to. excel, shine 
pitblusscben, w. extinguish 


Uitblosicher, m. quencher 
Uitblu«scbiog, «. extimtgnish- 

ment laksent 

UilbHJven, w. slay amt, be 
Uitboeaen, w. thmsi ami 
Uitbocsemen, w. bremthe out, 

ejaculate, disclose 
Uitboesemiog, «. dieeieamre, 
. ejaculation 

Uitbdreiing, m, foreigner 
Ultboren, w. exterebrate 
Uitborreleo, to. bubble ami 
Uitbotten, to. bud, frerwiimmie 
Ultbotting, V. germtna Si am 
Uitbraken, to. vomit, ^eet 
Uitbraking, v. vomitiam, 

Uitbraaks^I— ^e. a. vemU 
Uitbranden, to. bumi out 
Uitbnndlng, v. exnttion 
Uiibreken, to. 6reaA out 
Uitbreiden,«o. enlarge, extend 
Uitbreiding, v. enlargement, 

extension, paraphrase 
Uitbrengen, to. discamer 
Uitbroeden, to. hatch 
Uiibroeding, v. hatching 
Ultbroedsel, o. brood' 
Uitbulderen, to. rage, roar 
Uitbultend, bv. protuberant 
Uitbuiting, «. protuberance 
UitbUten,io. 6i/eoit(, corrode 
Uitcitiferen, to. eoaff>iUe 
Ultcijffering, v. caaiDiitariMi 
Uitdaagbrief -Je, ai. chal- 
Uitdagen, to. ehalUnge 
Uitdager, m. challiuger 
Uitdaging, V. challenge 
Uiidampeu,^. evaporate 
Uitdamplng, v. evaperatiem 
Ultdeelen, w. distrxbute 
Uitdeeler,ni. distributor 
Uiideeling, v. diolribwUiem, 

dividend [butrett 

UitdeelBtrr — Ue. v. Aistri- 
Uitdelicea, to. extirpate 
Uitdeiger, m. extirpator 
Uitdelvf n, to. efossaie 
Uitdieoen, lo. serve out put out, extiw 

guish, blot out, eaneet, ex- 

ildovenj to. extinmuit 
quench, darken, dull, tar- 

}itdompen, to. extinguii 
Uildovenj to. extingx 



Uitdof er, at. quencher 
U ildoving, v. erliagtiuAaual 
Uitdocseu, to. atlirt 
Uitdragen, w. carry out 
Uitdragetfio. altdraag«ter,v. 

UitdraaUeOftp, fcreio oti( 
Ultdringcn, to. press out 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


Tosft^ieogegaaD, dw, mtH- 

ated itervened 

TttsitcbeD gekoiDfn, dw. in- 

TusschengelMcbt, dw. inttf 

TttBScheDirelegent dw, inter' 

jaetnt, Mutrmtatate 
ToAscheoKemeDgd, dw. in- 
Itrmixed [terpoted 

TusscbeogeplaatBt, dw. in- 
TuMChengescbreTeD, dw. in- 
terlinei [eluded 

TosscbengesloteBi dw. inler- 
Tusscbeuf esDedeD,dw. inter- 
teeted [$pread 

Tiuscbeoirespreidydw. inters 
Tu8 tcbengeBpreky o. iutetlo- 
eution [tpersed 

Tusacbengesteld, dw. inter- 
posed Ivened 
T«»scbeDgevaUen, dw. inter- 
TuMcbengevoegd, dw. inter- 
polated iwoven 
Tusscbengeweveo, dw. inter- 
Tasscheoreworpea, dw, in- 

TuMChengezMldy dw. inter- 

TuMcbengezet, dw. inter- 
posed [sit ion 
Tosschenkomstf v. interpo- 
TusscbeokoiDeo,, w, inter- 
vent, mediate, interpose 
TusfcheDkoming. v. inter- 
vention K^f-i^t regent 
Tasschenkoning, m. inter- 
TustfcbenlassobeDf w. inter- 
polate [pototion 
Tusftcbenlastching. v. inter- 
TMsscbeoliggend, bv, inter- 
Jaeent [jaceney 
Tusschenligging, v. inter- 
Tatchenloo pen ,w.itUerm eate 
Totcbenlooping, v. intereur- 

Tusacbenplaau, «. interstice 
TaaxcbeDplaaUen, w. inter- 
pose [position 
TiM«cb«nplaatelng, v. intev 
TnsscbeDpoot— Je^v. interval 
To 8»cbenpozeDa» bv, inter- 
mittent [mission 
TuMcbeopozIng, «. inter- 
Tasscbenpaotingf v. inter- 
. punetatton 

Tusscbenrede, v, digression 
Tasf cheoregeering, v. inter- 
Tusscheoralmte, V. interval 
Tasscbenscbot, •. partition, 

Tusscbntchriijven, w. inter- 


TasicheDScbitJviDgfV. inter- 
lineation [elnde 
Tasccheoslaiten, w. tnter- 
TusscbensDJjdiDg^ v. inter'- 
seetum ^Inde 
Turscneospel — letje.o. t«rer- 
TuBftcbenspraak, «. tnterces- 

$ion, interlocHtion 
Tusschenspreken, w. inter- 
cede, converse [locutor 
TusRchenspreker, m. inter- 
TasscbeosprekiDg, v. inter- 
cession [spread 
Tusscbenspreiden. w. inter- 
TusscbensteUen, w.interpose 
TusscheDstelltogy v, interpo- 
sition [pose 
Tusschenstroo^eD, w. tnter- 
Tustctaentijd, m. inlet tm 
TuBKbenval, m. intervenient 

Ta^schenTallen, w. intervene 
TusscbcDToegen. w. inter- 
sperse, interpolate, interca- 
late [lotion 
TuMCheoToeging, v. intervo' 
interpolation [ture 
Tusscbeoweefsel, o. intertex- 
TuscbenweveD, w. inter- 
weave [mingle, interject 
Tasscheowerpen. w. inter- 
Tusacbenwerpttel — ^e,o« in- 
Tosscbenwijdie, v. interval 
Tusscbeozaa^eo, w. interse- 
minate [position 
TusMCheozettiDg, v. inter- 
TusBcbenzetel — Jje, o. inter- 
position, interjection 
Tuttel — ^e, m. tUtle 
Tnuren, w. gaze, stare 
Twaair. bv. twelve 
Twaalfde, bv. twelfth 
Twaalfderlel, bv, ef twelve 

Twaairmaal, bw. twelve times 
Twaalial, o. dozen 
Twaalfvoudlg, bv. duodecupU 
T^aalTe, «. twelve o*cloeh, 

Twanteieo, w. doubt 
Twee —tje,v. two, dues 
Twee, bv. two 
Tweebak. v. bUeuit 
Tweebladerig, bv. dipetotous 
Tweeboorling, v. twtn 
Tweegadig. bv. bidnan 
Tweedabbeid, bv. double 
Tweede, bv, second; ten 

tweede, secondly 
Tweedernande, tweederlai, 
bv, twofold, of two hinds, 
two difeient 

TWI 233 

iTweedragt. v. discord 
iTweedragdg, bv. disunited. 

discordant [disunion 

TweedragUgheld,v. variance, 
Tweedragtiglijk, bw, disn- 

Tweegevecbt, «. duel 
rweeheld, v. dnaliiy 
Tweeboofdig, bv. twoheaded 
rweehoornig, bv. bieomoms 
Tweejarig, bv, diennial 
TWeeklaiik, v. sound of • 

diphtheig ^ 

rweeklloker, «. diphthong 
Tweeledig, bv.dou6u,binarv 
Tweelicbt, o. twilight 
Tweeliog — je, m, twin, ge- 

TweeiyTlg, bv, bicorporal 
rweemaal, frw. twice 
Tweeman, m. dunmvir 
rweemanscbap, •. diniMvi- 

rweenamig, bv. binominai 
Tweeren, v. twine 
Tweeren, w. twine, twist 
rweeBnijdend, bv, twoedged 
rwecBpali, v.discord, conten- 
7weespalUg/&v. disunUed 
TweespleeUg, bv, byid 
TwecBpraak — Je, o. dialogur 

between two ftersons 
Tweesprong, m. crossway 
TweeBtrijd, m. duel 
Tweetairg, bv, bilingnai 
Tweetal, o. twain 
rweetODgig, bv, double- 


Tweeroudlg,' "bv','^'iiifold, 

rweevondigbeld, V. dnaHty 
rweeweg, m, erossway 
Tweewegig.frv. o/(wo w«y« 
Tweewerf. 6w. /wic« 
TweewUveiti, v. bigamy 
I;weczaiig, m, duet 
rweezins, bw, in two ways, 

both ways 
Twin tig, bv. twenty 
Twintlgdte, bv, twentiHk 
Twiotlgtal, 0. score 
TwiBt, V. strife, contentitn, 

dispute, discord 
Twisteo, w. dispute, contend, 

TwiBtachtig, twistlg', bv,.con- 

teniUms {p^t*r 

JwUter, m, quarreler, die- 
Twistgierig, bv, litigious, 


Digitized by LjOOQIC 

232 TRO 

Trokupel. •. billiards 
Troktafel — Ue, •". bHUard- 

Trom, trommel^Ue.v. drum 
TrommeleD, v. drum 
TrommeUlag, «. b*mi of 

Tronimehltger, w.drvMiiwr 
TrommeUtoK — je, m. drwm- 

jitirik [wale A 

Tronimelton, «. frarrcl o/* a 
TromnielvUes — Je, •. tfrnm 

«^/Ae tar 
Tromp — je, ». j«t*» l^orp, 

buglehorn, mouth 
Trompet — je, «. trumpet 
Trompetten, w, trumpet 
Trompetblazer, trompetter, 

m. trumpeter 
Trompetteng^eAcbel, «• sound 

of trumpets 
TroDie — ^je, v. vlsate,face 
Troniebeeld— je, o. hnid 
Tronk — je, m. trunk 
TrooD — ^je. m. throne 
Troonea, w. instigate 
TrooBt, m, comfort, consola- 
Trooiten, w. comfort, console 
Troostelooa, bv, comftrtless, 

Trootteloosheid, v. Iiicoii- 

TroosteUlk, 6v. consolatory 
Trooster, m. comforter , con- 

Troosteres— Je, v.eonsolatri* 
Troostrede, v. consolation 
Trop — je. V. troop, band. 

gang, Htt,flock, herd, skoal 
Tropswijze, bw» by troops, 

by flocks 
*Troqueeren, w. truck 
Tros — je, m.bunck, cluster, 

truss, trophy, baggage 
Trospaard, o. baggagekorse 
Trotn, bv. proud, haughty 
TroiseD. troUeereo, w. d^y, 

dare, brave 
Trofgeerlnjr, v. defiance 
Trottellik, bw, haughtily 
Trotsbeld, v. ktatghtiness, 

roableeren, w. trouble 

Trouw, V. trust, loyalty, ft- 
delity, faith, marriage, 
wedlock; terflroedertrouw, 
upon trust, tn good Jailh, 
faithfully ; op trouw, upon 
honour, upon one's word 

Trouwen, w. marry 

TroDwbaar,6v. marriageable 

Trouwbelofte, v. promue of 

Troawbrtfkend, bv. faithless 


Troawdae, m. weddingday 
Troawdicbt —\e, o. ^Ukalm- 

Troaweel —tie, m. trowel 
TroawelUk, 6i0./at<A/M IIm 
Trouweui, vw. indeed. Jot' 

Troawoartiff, bv.faitkful 
TrouwharUffbeld, v. faUk- 

Trouwbeid, troawigheid, v. 

Troawloos, bv. faithless 
TrouwIooBheid, v. perfidy, 

irtfidelUy, treaekery 
TrouwIooBl^k, bw. treacher' 

outly, perfidiously 
TrouwriDir — eUe, m. wed- 
Tronwscbat, v. dowry 
Trulj, V. sow 
Trijp 0. plush 
Tata, tuss. come on 
Tuberoos, v. tubtrose 
Tufsteen, a. sandstone 
Tu£ht. V. discipline, eor- 

TuchteliDg, m. prisoner tn 

the house of correction 
Tucbtbeer, tuobtmeester, m. 

Tucbtbais — je, o, house of 

Tacbtlgen, w. ckasilse, dis- 
cipline, correct 
Tucntiger, m. chastiser 
Tucbtiglog, V. chastisement 
Tucbmeeaierl^k, 610. eenso- 

Tai, V. amusement 
Talg-je, 0. tools, utensils, 
ammunition, rags, stuff, 
Tulgen, 10. testiry, rig 
Tuigbuia — je,o. magazine 
Tulswerklljk, bv. * 6w. me- 
chanical, mechanically 
Talffwerkkuude.t;. mechanics 
Tuii, m. caprice, whim 
Tuileo, w. follow one'« fancy 
TuUtje. o. nnstgay 
Tuimelen, w. tumble 
Tuimelaar— ije, m. tumbler 
Tulroelgeest, m. turbulent 

Tnlmelgeestig, bv. turbulent 
Tuimeuag, v. tumbling, tum- 
TulQ — tje, *». garden, court, 
yardiom den tiiia lelden, 
to amuse, to deceive 
TulDbed — je, o.rardenbed 
Tulnbonen, m«. beans 
Taindeui: — je, v.gardendoar 


TaiDhvia — J«f «• mmnur- 

Ttttnier — tje, ms. gmrdemer 
Tuinieren. w, garden 
Tuinierster— tje, «. genrdem- 

er*t wife 
Tninkers. v. cresset 
Tuinoian, m. gardener 
Tofupeuleo, wv. gmrd enpems e 
TuiDschaar —ye, v. garden 

Tuiavrucht, v. gardet^fruit 
TuiiiBcben, w. gaase, truck 
Tuisscber — ^e, a.^amM<rr, 


. , V. caprice, whim, 

pipe, spout, trese 
TuiteD,, tingle, pife, 

blow a horn 
Taltband — je, v. heUrband 
Tuithoorn— ge, m. buttekem 
TuitiDg, «. tingling 
Tuitkan — netje, v. tncJUmg" 

Tvdtpot-ie,v. pot wUAaspemt 
Tak,v. temper ^humour, breed, 

craft, fraud Idulent 

Tuk. bv. sly, cunning, /rem- 
Tukken, w. linger \6remst 
Takker— ^e, m. robin red- 
Tuileo, w. bowxe 
Tatbaod — je, v. turham 

Ta\p —le,v. tulip 
-" -pbor ' ' 

pperL ... ^. 

Tumsbloem, v.Jfriean 

Tnlpbol— le^e, o. tnUmreoi 
Tulpperk —je, o. tuUpCed 

Turelaur — ije, o. plover 
Turf — Je, r. turf, peat 
Turf— de, torvende, tarvctt, 

lay up turf, dig turf 
Tarracbag,6v. turfy 
Turf bak-je^ v. tur/bex 
Turf boer— ije, a. tnrfmsmn 
Turfdrager, m, turf-porler 
Turfhok— Je, •. tnrfhote 
Tu r(kool—tiefVu:iuder oftuff 
Turflaiid« 0. f^', turfgreund 
Tarfmand— j*:« <^« tmrfbmskH 
Turrmarkt« v. lurfmerhet 
TorfmoUea, tarfmul. v, turf- 
dust iturfbomt 
Turfiicbip, 0, tarfachnn. «. 
Turfiicbuar— ^e, v. turftmm 
Turfvttlder, in. turfruUttr, 

V. turfmeter 
Turfvnur— Ue» «• twrf-Jtre 
Turfzolder— Ue, a. turf-left 
Turk, m. Turk 
TurklD -netje, v. turhUh 

Turkoola-rje, v. turfuoi$e 
Tarkscb, bv, turkish 
TusBcben, vz. between ; ta«« 
Bchen beide, aM^liiM- 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


Traan, 0. trainail 
Traan — !je, v. tear 
TraankKvr — ^e, v. lachry- 
mal gland 
TraankooMr, m. dealer in 

Traanoog, m. bUar-eye 
Traanooren, w. thed tears 
Traanpijp, v.fl$tula 
TraanTle«— Je, v.laehrymo' 

Tracnten, w. endeavour 
" Trachter, m. endeavourer 
Tracbtine, v. endeavour 
♦Tractaat — je» •• irtaty, 

t real it e 
«Tractant, m. entertainer 
•Tracteereo, 10. entertain, 

•Tracteineot — je, o. treat, 

anlertainn%entj talaru 
*Traiiek v. trafie, trade 
•Traiiqae«ren» w. traffic, 

•Travedle, v. tragedy 
♦Traineereo, w. train^ trail 
Tralic— tie,*. btUice, grate 
Tralieiaik— je,o.fTa/ed hatch 
Tralievennter —tie, 0. lattice 
Traliewerk, 0. lahxceworh 
Tranen, 10. W0«p 
Traneodal, 0. valley of tears 
Tranig, hv. rank, trainu 
•Tranqall, hv. tranquil, easy 
*TranqullUeit, v. tranmuil- 
lity [qHillize 

•Tranqnllizeeren, w. trau' 
Tram— je, v. bakony, circle 
•Transactie, v. transaction 
•Tranafereeren, u>. transfer 
*TranttformaUe, . v. trans- 
•TraDsformeereo, w. trans- 

•Translaat— Je,0. translation 
•Traofilateeren, 10. translate 
•Translatenr, m. translator 
*TraDsmiUeereD, w. -trans- 
mit Iriage 
•Transport, 0. transfrr, car- 
•TranBporleeren, tc. trans- 
fer, transport 
Trant,v. pace, walk, method, 

manner, kind, strain 
Tranten, w. walk 
Trantelen, 10. loiter 
Tranteloov,6v. nnmethodieal 
Trap — Je, v. stair, stairs, 
staircase, step, stomp, kick 
Trappeo, w. trample, tread, 

Trap^ns. «i. hnstard 
Traptgfwiize. but. gradnalty 
Trapspreuk— je, v. elimof 


Tras, 0. briekdnst 
<»Travade, v.uihirlwind 
^Travailleeren, u>. work 
Trawaot, m. body-guard 
Trechter — ^je, m. funnel 
Tred — Je, m. step, pace 
Treed.trad —eDde—eD,f read, 

step, walk 
Trede, v. step 
Treedfe, 0. Itttte step 
Treefi — je, m. trivet 
Trcek — Je, •. trick 
Treffen, w. hit, strike, con- 
clude, make, meet, en- 
Treffelljk, bv.^bw,excellent, 
brave, -gallant, striking, 
konett. excellently, bravely 
TreffelijUheid, v. excellence, 

Treffen, 0. treffing, v. fight, 

convict, encounter 
Treilen, v. droio, tow 
TreiD, m. train, retinue, 

Trek — je, m. pull, lug, 
draught, dash, flourish, 
feature, trick, demand, 
appetite, inclination 
Trek, trok — kende -r-ken, 
draw, putt, tug, tow, flou- 
rish, recelte, reap, ab- 
stract, demand, ir^fuse, tuf. 
travel, march, go; draad 
trekken, to wiredraw : In 
twiifel trekken, to douH 
Trekbeest, 0. beast for draft 
Trekbrur, m. drawbridge 
Trekkebekken, w. bill 
Trekker, ••«. drawer 
Trekkinff, v. drawing, con- 
Trek lade, v. drawer 
Triklijn — tje, v. towrops 
Trekmnts — je, t>. mobcap 
Treknet — je, o. dragnet 
Trekpaard, 0. drafthorse 
Trekpieister, v, blister • 
Trtkpot — je, v. teapot 



Trekschult — je» •• drvwboat 
-rekiafel — Ue, v. ,/'-• - 


Trektangr — etje. v.fvreept 
Trekvaart, v. canal 
Treksel — Ije, 0. infusion 
•Tremblant— je, m, quaver 
*Trembleeren, tc. quaver 
Treniel, t. millkopper 
Titns — Je, V. loop 
Trentelen, w. loiter 
♦Trepaneeren, «r. trepan 
•Trtrpaneerboor, m. trepan 
•Tre«orle, v. treasury 
•Tresorler, m. treasurer 
Treureo, w, mourn 

Treurdicht,treargedic^t— j e 

o. elegy 
TreurKeestliT, bv. milancholy 
Treorgeestiipieid, v. met »• 


Trearrewaad, 0. mourning 
*" rir, bv. mow. 
row/ui, tragical 


, mournful, sor- 

Treurigheld, v. sorrowfulness 
Treurlgliik, bw. mournfully, 

Treuring, «. mourning 
Trearkleed— Je> 0. mourning 

Trieurlied —tje, 0. elegy 
Trearspeelder, m. tragedian 
Trenrspel, 0. tragedy 
Treurapeldicbter, m. tragic 

Treurtoneel, 0. tragic scene 
Triakel, m. Venice treacle 
Trianrei, m. triangle 
TrieUe, v. buckram 
Trll, m. gossiping 
Trillen, w. shiver, pant, 

TrioDif, V. triumph 
Trioinfboog, v. triumphal 

Trlomfeeren, tc. triumph 
Triomfeerder, m. triumpher 
Triomfeerlng. v. triumphing 
TrlomfelUk, bv. trinmhhally 
Triomflied, 0. epicinoid 
Trlomfpoort, v. triumphal 

arch [car 

Triomfwagen, «N. triumphal 
Trip — Je, V. slipper, wooden 

Trippen, tc. trip 
«TripUcaat, 0. triplicate 
Trippelen, w.trip mince, hop 
Trippelaar, m. tripper 
^Triumpheeren, w. triumph 
Troebel, 6v. muddy, troubled 
Troef — je, v, trump 
Troef •de,troevende,troeven, 

Troefblad, 0. trumpcard 
Troep — je, v. troop 
Troeteleo, 10. dandle, fondle 
Troetelaar —tje, m. fondlfr 
Troeteling, v. fondling 
Troetelklnd — je, «. darling, 

Trof, pret. 0/ treffeo 
Treffel —tje. m. trowel 
Trog — Je, V. trough 
Troggeien, 10. whredle 
Troggelaar, m. troggelaar- 

•ter, V. wheedter 
Tro^gelarij, v. wheedling 
TrokkeD,to. play at billiards 
Trokbal — letje, m. billiard- 


Digitized by Ln QOQ IC 



journey , voyage^ rtntrtk, 

bontf vent, draft of air, 

provisiifH*, pattirtn 
Tof tenaar, m. usufructuary 
Toglgtitf*. vent kote, spiracle 
Togitg, ov.miHdyt proud, SO' 

laciou$, luitful 
Tof tigfbeid, v. wlndineti, $a- 

lacity, rutting 
Tocrtpaard, o. su mpter horse 
Tokkelacbtig, bv. laicivious 
ToUiehngtV. Uuciviout irri- 

Tol — letje, m. top, tribute, 

toll, custom, dull! 
Tolleo, w. play u>Uh a top 
•Tolerantie ,v. toleratton 
^Tolereeren, w. tolerate 
1 olreveod, bv. tributary 
To\tfi\A, o. toll, tribute 
Tolbek — Je, o. turnpike 
Tolhois — Je. o. tollttooth 
Tolk, m. interpreter 
Tolken , w. interprtl 
ToHenaar, m. toltgatherer, 

Toilers, o.whirligig 
Tolmetscb, m. interpreter 
TolpH|rtiR> bv. tributary 
Tolvr^j, bv. scotfree, dutyfree 
Tombe, v. fomi ' 
Tommeling, bw, in a hurry, 

Ton — ne^e, v. cash, barrel, 

tun, bwty, hundred thou- 

sand gilders 
Tonne n, w. barrel 
T^ndel, t?. Under 
ToBdeldoosje, o, tinderbdx 
Toneel — ^e, <t. stage, scene, 

Toneeldicht — Je, •. dramatic 

Tooeeldichter, toneelspeel- 

dichter. m, dramatic goet 
Toneelgek, toneelsot, m.mer- 

ryandrew, buffoon 
ToneeJhemel, m. procenium 
Toneetklucbt —Je, v.faree 
Toneellaars— Je, V. bushin 
Toneelpop — je, v. puppet, 

Toneelscherm , o. scene 
ToneeUleraad, o, scenery, 

Toneeispel, o. play 
T6neeUpeler , tn . actor 
Toneelspeelster — ye, v. ac- 
Toneelsteller, m.sceneshifler 
Toneclstuk — Je,o.p<ay 
ToneeltaifC, o. Stare furniture 
Tonen, to. shew, indicate, de- 
monstrate i de tonende 

wijze, the indicative mood 

TOP ^ 

Toner, m. shewer, demon- 
strator [tion 
Toning, V. shewing, expoti- 
Tonfir --eUe, v. tongue, sols 
Tong«blad, o. horsttongue 
ToDReloos, bv. tongueless 
ToDgiR,6v. tougned 
Tongriem — pje, tn. tongue- 
Tongscnraap — ende — en,w. 
feeltke pulse, souud,\nheedle 
Tongi^chraper, m. wheedter 
TongBteen — tje,o. glossope- 

Tong^erk, 0. vocal pipe . 
Tonne, see ton; eea tonne 
goud,toiine achats, hundred 
thousand gilders 
ToniievUcb , w. salted cod 
Toiiijii, m. tunny 
Toog,m. counter 
Toogen.w. shets, march, go 
Tooi.m. fire, ornament 
Tooljea,v, tire, adorn 
TooiBter — tje, v. tirewoman 
Tooisel, 0. ornament, drest 
Toom,m. bridle, reins, team 
TQom^n,w. bridle, curb 
ToomelooB. bv. unbridled 
TooBielooiiheid,v.«Nru<ftieM, - 

Toomteel, o. reins 
Toon — ^e, m. tune, tone, 
voice, toe, shew ; ten toon, 
to view 
Toonbaar, ftv.// to be shewn, 

Toonbank — je, v. counter 
Toonbeeld , o. model 
Toonboord, o, sign 
Toonbroden, mv. shewbread 
Toouder, m. shewer, bearer 
T6orn, tn. wrath, anger 
Tporiien, w. be angry 
Toorulg, bv. angry, wrathful 
Toornigheid, v. wrathfulness 
ToorniglHk, bw. angrily 
ToorU — je, v. torch 
Toortsdrager — ye, m * torch- 

ToortBllcht, o. torchlight 
Toot — je, V. wry mouth 
Tootebei, v. beldam, square 

Top — je, fR^-lop, summit 
Toppen, w.<9p 
Topaan, a. topat 
Topboog, V. azimuth 

5opgewelf, 0. cupola 
ophuUel —tje, o. tophnot 
Topkriiig, in. vertical circle 
Toppemast, v. topgallant- 
Toppenant, v. lifts 
Toppunt, o.pinacle, xenUh 


Topstander, m. vane 
Topaeit — ^e, o. topgallant' 

Tor, V. beetle 

Toren — ^je, m. tower, steeple 
Toreoachlig, Irv. tovfery 
Torentje, o. turret, pinocle 
Toren wacbter, m. usslchman 

on a steeple 
Tormeotille, v. toriHentil 
Torn, m. pull, bout 
Tornen, w. puU, pluck, rip ^ 
Tors — je, v. bundle 
Torsseu, tr. earvy on the back 
Tortel — tJe, v. turtle 
Torteldulf — je, turtledove 
Tot, vz. at, to, tilt, fori tot 
onzent. at our house, at 
our place I tot in PersiS, 
as far as Persia ; tot der 
dood toe, til death ; tot 
op bet bemd to the shirt ; 
tot een duit toe, to the 
last farthing ; tot ou toe, 
tot hier toe, hitherto; 
. tot dien lyd toe, tiU 
then i tot nog to«, hitherto 
•Totaai, 0. total 
•Tataiitait, v. totality 
*Touchant, bv. touching 
•Toucheeren, w. touch 
•Toarmenteereo, w. torment 
*Toarnooi, •tournooispel, 0. 

Touter —tje, v. swing 
Touteren, w, swing 
Touw — tje,o.rope,eord, string 
Touwen, w. tan, curry 
Touwer, m. tanner 
Toawkooper, m. ropeseller 
Touwslager, m*ropemaker 
Touwwerk, o. cordage 
Toveren; w. enchant, charm, 

Toveraar, tovenaar — Ue, p. 
sorcerer, enchanter, mit- 
Toveres — je, v. enchantress 
ToTergodin:— neije, v. fairy 
Toverbeks — je, w. witch 
Toverkruid, 0. magic herb 
Toverkuost, V. sorcerjf 
Tovernimpf — je, v. /airy 
Toverring, m. talisman 
Toverteeken —tje, 0. magie 

Toverwoord, o. magic word 
Tovery —t^e, v. enchantment 
Toverzang, m. mafic song 
ToVerzuchtig, bv. fond of wuf 

Traag.fro. slow, heavy, dull 
Traagneid, v. slowness 
Traagiyk, bw. slowly, kfm- 

Digitize,d byLnOOQlC 



Toeleg — je, jw. purpote. in- 

teniioH, fee, gratuity 
ToeleyMD, w. $hut, cover, 
contribute, attow, add, de- 
sign, intent, aim, endeavour 
Toelicbteo, w. iradiate, light 
Toelonken, 10. glance, ogle 
ToelonkiD^, v. glance 
Toeloop, tw, concourse, eon- 

Toeloopen, 10. reeort 
Toeiuisteren, to. listen 
Toe\\xi%teTine,v. atueultation 
Toemakeo, 10. $hut, prepare 

ToemaklDg, v, preparing 
Toemaaty v. overplus 
ToemeteQ, y>. admeasure 

Toemetzeieo^ toemuureD, 

wall up 
Toen, bv. then, when ; toeo 

ter tijd, at that time 
Toenaayen, 10. sew up , 
Toenaaoi. m. surname, abjec- 
tion, nickname 
Toenamen, w. surname 
Toeoftgelen, w. naU, spike 
Toeoemen, w. increase, im- 
Toeneming, v. increase 
Toeoelgen, to. incline 
ToeDeiging, v. inclination 
Toenmaals, bw/then 
Toentjpeii, ir. pinch close, 

Toepaleo, w. impark 
Toepad, o. by-path 
Toepakkeo. w.pach up 
Toepasselnk, bv. applicable 
ToepasseliTkbeid, v. appli- 

ToepassiDg, v. application 
Toer — tje, v, tire, turn^our 
Toereekenea, w. impute 
Toereekening, v. imputation 
Toeregten, w. prepare 
Toeregting, v . preparation 
Toereikeo, w. reach, hand, 

Toer6iking, V. sufficienee 
Toerekeneo, 'w. cover wUh. 

Toeroep«D, w. call to 
Toerollen, w. roll up 
Toernkkeu, w. draw, puU 

close; rush on 
ToeruRteo, w, prepare, fur- 
nish, equip 
Toerustiog, v. preparation, 
equipage, equipment, arma- 
Toerijgen, w. lace [ment 
Toerijging. «. lacing 
Toescbieieu, w, resort, rush 
on, fire away, adf(fnce 
fhte su^enfif 


Toetchikken, ' i». addreis, 

send, femit 
Toeschreeuwea, »» call to 
Toeschrijven, w. ascrOe 
ToeschrflTlDg, v. ascription 
Toeschufveoy 10. draw, draw 

Toeschuit —ittV.coteredboat 
Toeschljoen, w. appear 
Toes laan, w. strike^on, strike 

awau, continue striking, 

strike, shut, throw to, clap 

Toe8laiten,w. close, shut 
Toesiaiting, v, closure, shut- 
ToefiDaaawen, w. snarl at 
Toespreken, 10. speak to 
Toes p ring en, w. leap up, 

rush on, aid 
ToespHkereo, to. Mail up 
Toespgg, v, greens, bread, 
fruU, corrective of meat, 
dessert Taid 

Toestaan, 10. permit, auow, 
Toestaod.m. state, suuation, 

aid, assistance 
Toesteken. w, ftretch forth, 

t each, give underhand 
Toestel, m. preparaty>n,fuT- 
^ nilure [trive 

Toestellen, to. prepare, con- 
Toestemmen, 10. conseiU, op- 

Toescemmer, m. assentor 
Toestemraingt v . consent, 

Toeitoten, w, shut, push to 
Toestoppeb, lo. stop up, stop 
Toestrikken, w, tie [gle 

Toeten, to. iloio a horn, tin- 
Toei3LkeleD,w. equip, rig 
Toetakeling, «. equipment 
Toetasteo, to. take, take hold 

of, help oHe*s-self 
Toetellen , w . tell, count 
Toeter, m. bl&wer of a horn 
Toethoorn —tje,m.buglehom 
Toetreden, w. approach 
Toetreding, v. approach, ac- 
Toetrekken, to. pull close 
ToeU— je, V. touch, aseay, 

test, proof 
ToetseD, to. try, touch 
Toetssteen — ^e, m, touch' 

Toeval — leije, m. accident, 

incident, symptom, event 

Toevallen, to. i^all. happen, 

fall to, succeed, shut of it*s 

se{f icasual 

Toevallig, kv, accidental, 

Toevalligheid, v. accident, 


"TOO 229 

Toeralliglijk, bw, accident' 

ally, casually 
TocTen, see toef, tarry 
Toering, «. tarrying, treat 
Toeverlaat, «•. refuge 
Toevertrouweo, w. entrust 
Toevertrouwd, dw. entrusted 

Toevliegen; to 
'^"- \oed, m. eonfli 


confluence, eon • 

Toevloeijen, to. resort, 'ajhix 
Toevloe^iog, v. concourse 
Toevlugt, V. refuse, recourse 
Toevlugtpiaats, v. asylum 
Toevoegen, 10. adjoin, add, 

Toevoeging, v. aiAunetion, 
coalition, addititm ' ' 
ToevoegUjk, bv. at^eetive 
TocToer, m. supply, passage 
Toevoerder, m. supplier 
Toevoercn, to. supply, import 
Toevoeriag, v. supply 
l^evouwen, w.fold up 
Toevriezeo, to. freete up 
Toevollen, w.jill up 
Toewailen, to. waif up 
Toewassen, to. close, heat 
Toewater, 0. frozen water,- 
bU toewater, when the har- 
bours are shut by the ice 
Toewelven, to. vault- 
Toeviendea,w. turn tewai'ds 
Toewenken, to. beckon to 
Toeweoneo, to. accustom 
Toewenficheo, to. toicA, im- 
Toewenscbing, 9. impreca- 

Toewerp, m. toewerping, v, 

Toewerpea, w. fling, toad- 
Toewigt, V ^overwe^ht 
Toewinden, to. torop up 
Toew^eo. to. consecrate, de- 
ToetrHf-^je, v, eoncudi^ne 
Toewijing, «. consecration 
To^trgzeo, to. adjudge,asslgtt 
Toewijting, v. assignment, 

Toezang, m, epods 
Toezeg — je, m. promise 
ToeiegeleD, to. seal 
Toezeggen, to. promise, 
Toezegging v. promise 
Toezeoden, w.send 
Toezien, w. overlook, super- 
intend, behold, take heed 
Toezieoer, m. spectator, be- 
holder, overseer, inspector ' 
Toezigt, V, regard, core 
Toffel— tje, V, slipper 
I Togt —ie, v. * expedilioi 

DigitizecJ'by VnOOQlt 

228 TOE 

ToennglUUieid, v. accttsi- 

ToegeoondeD^w. bound, tied 
Toegebngt, dw. amtributed 
Toeffedaan, 6*0. 4- frv. addfd. 
gkut. affectioHaU, itielintd 
Toefreaamd, dw. dammed up 
Toegedekt, dw, covered 
Toefedempt, dw. filled up 
Toefedicbt. dw. atcribea 
To«gediend,dto^diiiin istered 
ToegedreTen..<iw. imputed 
TQegedrakt,dw.pre$$ed close 
To^eefl^k, bv. indulgent , 

Toeffeeflijkheid, v. indul- 

genee. condeteension 
Toegeelgend, dw. appropri- 
ated, dedicated 
Toepeveu, w. yield, indulge, 
give into the bargain, to- 

Toegevend. bv. pteldinr 
Toegevendneid, v. condescen- 
sion, indulgence 
Toegever,«i, tndulger^yielder 
Toereving, v. tolerattohf in- 
Toegegaaji, dw. shut 
ToetegereD, dw. yielded, to- 
lerated ^ ^ ^, ^ 
Toeregespt, d». buckled 
Toegegoold, dw. thrown to 
Toegegraauwd,cfw.«itar/«<i at 
Toegegrepeo,dt0. laid hold of 
Toegegrendeld. dw. bolted 
Toegegroeld, aw. closed 
Toegehaakt. dw. clasped 
Toegehaald, dw. draum 
Toegeheeld, dw. cured, ciea- 
trite ' 


dw, devoted, 


dedicated , .. ^ 
Toegehoord, dw. lutened to 
Toeiejulcbd, dw. applauded 
ToegtkekeD, dtp. *«*f W 
Toegeklemd, dw. pinched 

close , ' , ,. . 

Toegeklonken, dw. rivUtd 
Toegekuepeo, dw. pinched 

Toegeknikt, dw. nodded to 
Toegeknoopt, dw. buttoned 
Toegekomeo, dw. happened 
rroegelaieo, dw. permUlfd, 
adJnitted [vpon 

Toegelagcben, dw. smiled 
Toegelakt. dw. sealed 
Toegelegd, dw* contributed 
Tocgel'cbt.dw. lighled 
Toegelonkt, dw. ogled 
Toeeeloopen, dw. resorted 
ToegeloUterd.rfw. Ihlened to 
TMgenaakt, dw. shut, pre- 


Toegcmetenufw. admeasurod 
Toegemetfleid, toegemuard, 

dw. walled up 
Toegenaaid, dw. sewn up 
Toegenaamd, dw. sumamed 
Toegeoageid, dw. nailed up 
Toegenegen, toegeDefgd, 
dw. 4> bv. inclined, affec- 
Toegenegefikeid, toegendgd- 
bdd, «. iuclination, affec- 
ToegenepcD, dw. pinched 

Toegeoomeo, dw. encreased 
Toegepaald, dw. imparked 
Toegepakt, dw. packed up 
Toegepftst, dw. applied 
Toegeregeo, dw. laced 
Toegereekend, dw. imputed 
Toegeregt, dw. prepared 
Toegereikt, dw. reached 
Toegerekend, dw. covered 

wuh ashes 
Toegeroepeo, dw. called to 
Toegerola, dw. rolled up 
Toegerukt, dw. pulled close 
Toegerust, dw. prepared, e- 

Toegescbeaen, dw, appeared 
Toegeschikt, dw. sent, re- 
Toegescboteiii dw. advanced 
Toegeschoven , dw. drawn 
Toegeschreeuwdj dw. called 

ToegeschreTen, dw. aeeribed 
Toegeslagen, dw. struck, 
slTut led 

Toegesloten, 'dw, shut, lock- 
Toegeiinaauwd, dw. snarled 

Toegespen, to. buckle 
Toegesproken , dw. spoken to 
Toegesprougen, dvf. sprung 

Toegespijkerd, dw. naUedup 
Toegestaao, dw. permitted 
Toegesteld, dw. prepared 
Toegestemd, dw. consented, 

agreed to 
Toegestoken, dw. reached 
Toegestoten.dw. pushed to 
Toegestopt, dw. stopped up 

?oegestrlkt, dw. titd 
oegetakeld, dw. equipped 
Toegetast, dw. taken 
Toegeteld, dw. told 
Toegetreden,dw. approached 
Toegetrokkea, dw. drawn 

ToegcvalleD, dw. befallen, 
fallen down 

Toegevloeid, dwp afftuxed 
Toe|eroegd, dm^adiointd 


Toegevoerd, dw. mdduetd, 

Toegevoawen, dw. folded up 
Toegevroaen. dw.nozeu mp 
Toegevuld, dw. filled mp 
Toegewald, dw. walled up 
Toegewasaen, dw. grvwn mp, 

Toegewezea, dw. adjudged 
Toegewelfd, dw. vaulted 
Toegewend, dw, turned ta- 

Toegeweod, dm. aecmstamed 
Toegewenkt. dw, beckoned to 
ToegeweiiBcht, dw. ufished 
Toegewondeo, dw. wrapped 

Toegeworpeo, dw. added 
Toegewijd, dw. consecrated 
Toegezegd. dw. promised 
Toegezegeld, dw. sealed mp 
Toegezien , dwauper intended 
Toegezonden, dw. sent 
Toegift. v. addition, overplus 
Toegooijen, w. throw to 
Toegraauwen, w. snarl at 
Toegrcudelen» w. boU 
Toegroeijen, w. close, heal 
Toegrijpen, w. lay fast hold 
Toebaken, w. ctatp 
Toehaleo, w, draw, pull to 

foebeelen, w. beat, cicatrize 
oeheiligen, w. dedicate 
Toeboorder, m. auditor 
Toebooren,w. tisien,hearkin 
to. appertain, belong to 

foehui* — Je, o. private house 
oeJuicben, w. applaud 
Toeluicher, m. applauder 
Toej uichlog, v,'>pplause,skout 
Toekeer, w. refuge 
Toeklemmen, w. pinch clost 
Toekllnken, w. rivet 
Toeknikken, w. nod to 

?oeknoopen, w. button, lie 
oeknijpeo, w. pinch close 
Toekomst, v. coming, adveni 
Toekomutig fbv. future 
Toekomen, w. happen, 6*- 
tong, be due to, suffice, have 
Toekomead, bv.f^ture^ nett 
Toekrnid. 0. hefbs, httcken 

Toekijker, m. spectator 
Toelaten, w. permit, suffer, 

allow, tolerate 
Toelater, m.alUnper 
Toelatingr v. permission, to- 
leration, leave, altowuuce 
Toelach — Je, v. smite 
Toelagcben, w. smile upon 
Toeiagcbiog, v.arrision 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


TesUbloein, v. eawmmm- 

Tet — je, V. tmbbp^leai 
Tets, tetsig, bv. doughy 
Tfeog — je, V, draught 
Teugel —ye, m. bridle, curb 
Teugelen, w. bridle 
Tta teren, w. shiver 
Tevens, bw. at once, together 
Tevredenheid.v. coM<enrtneitl 
Tewapenklank, v. alarm 
Text, m. text 
Thaos, 610. now 
•Theater, 0, theatre 
Thee, 9. tea 
XThee-boei, «. bohett'lea 
Th«^laadje^. little teaboard 
Theeblad.o. tea-board 
Theeboom— pje, m. tea-tree 
Theebiu— je, «. teaeannister 
Tbeedoek — je, m. teacloth 
teathing$t eup$ and saucers 
TbeeketeT — (je, m. teakettle 
TheeUst-r-te, v. teaehest 
Tbeekop — Je, «. teacup 
Theelepel — 0^* «• l*aspoon 
■ Theepot — je, v. teapot 
Theesobotel— tje, v. saucer 
Tbeetafel — je, v. teatable 
Tbeewater. o. water for tea 
. Tbeewlnkei-^e, m.teasbop 
•Tberoa, v. exercise 
•Theologaot, m. divine 
•Tbeologte, v, theology 
•Tbeologi8cb,6o. theological 
•Tbesaurie, v. treasury 
•Thesanrier, m. treasurer 
•Theorie, v. theory 
Tbaislieger, m. lodger 
Thlim,v. thyme 
Tien— Ije, v. oder, twig 
Tien, bv. ten 

Tiendaag!«che,&v. often days 
Tlende , bv. tmth ^ 
Tienden, mv. tithes 
Tienderhaode, tienderlei, bv. 

often sorts 
TlendheiTer, m. tUhingman 
Tiendabbeld, bv. decuple 
Tfe^jarlg, bv. decennial 
Tjenmaal, Tieowerf, bw, ten 

TIeoman, m. decemvir 
Tlenmanacha p ,o.(f Mew vira fe 
TieooTerman, nt. decurion 
Tleosnarig, bv. tenstringed 
Tlenite, bv. tenth ' 
Hental, 0. number of ten 
Tientaliiflr, bv. decimal 
TieDTOodig, bv. tenfold 
Tier, V. thriving^ cheer 
Tieren. w. thrive, bawl 
Tlgcbel -tie, m. tile, bl ick 
Tigchelbakker, m, tiler 


TlffcbdoTen — ge. v. tUekiln 

Tigchelwerk, 0. masonry 

Ttgte, V. crime 

Tik— je, V. pat, touch, tieh 

Tikkeo, w. pat, tich 

Tikuk, 0. ticking, bachgam- 
mon {table 

Tiktakbord, 0. bachgamnum' 

Til, m. lift, in til,iii agUation 

TiUen,w.tiU, heave 

Tilbaar, bv. Itfiabte, moveable 

Titbrug, v. arawbridge 

Timroer, 0. apartment 


Tininieraadje,o. buitaing 

Timmergereed&cbap, 0. ear- 
penter^s tools « 

Timoierhout, o. timber 

Timmcring, v. buildiur ling 

Tlinmerkaost,o. art ofbuila- 

Timmerman. m. carpenter 

Tiinmerwerr. v. carpenler*s 
yard, yard, dry doch 

Timmerwerk, 0. woodworh 

Timpje, o. buttercahe 

Tin, o. pewler, tin 

Tina«ch, v. pntty 

Tiuroijn, «./ii»mtne 

Tinne, bv. pewter 

Tinnegieter, m.pewlerer 

Tins, v.quitrtnt 

Tin9,Xitcx,m.lord of the manor 

Tint, o. tentwine 

Tintel, v. tinder 

Tintelen, w. tingle, sparhle 

TlnteJdoo«— je,i;. tinderbox 

Tinteling, «. tmiUiugy sparh- 

Tip— ie,v.tip,top, peak.point 

Tip pen, w. tip, top, clip 

Tiran, m. tyrant 

Tiraunig, tirannisch, bv. ty- 
rannic Ically 

Tirannigl^k, bw. tyrannt- 

Ttrannln, v. tyraness 

•Tirannizeereo,ir. tyrannize 

Tirannij, v. tyranny 

Tiras, o. cement 

Tittel — je, m. tittle, point 

•Titulair, bv. titulary 

•Tltulceren, w. title 

Tjalk-je, ».*«>> 

Tianken, w. howl 

'Tjilpen, w. chirp 

Tobbeu,w.toil,moil, tamper, 

Tobbe-tje, v. fw6 {dabbU 

Tocht, see togt 

Tod --je, V. rag, slut 

Tocb, dw. pray, why, to be 

Toe, vx. to, on, towards, in 
addition ; na toe, to ; (pre- 
fixed to verbs toe generally 
has a dative signtfication ; 
it sometimes denotes the 



reaUty of action, as toe- 
alaan. to beat m earnest ,• 
somett»es the continuation, 
as toeslaau, to continue 
beating i it has, however, 
various other arbitrary 
meanings-; as well as the 
adverb toe, il is only Joined 
to the verb in the infinitive 
mood, and in the partu- 

Toe. bw. shut, close to; (in 
compound verbs toe denotes 
likewise repletion,) 

Toebedlenaur, m, admini^ 

Toebedieneo, w. administer 


Toebehooren, o. toebehoorte, 
/. appurtenance, furniture 

Toebehooren, w. appertain, 

Toebeboord, dwu^pertained 

?oebereideD. w. prepare 
oebereid, aw. prepared < 
Toebereider, m. preparer 
Toebertiding, v. toebereid' 

«el, 0. preparation 
Toebetrouwen, w. entrust 
Toebetrouwd, dw. entrusted 
Toebinden, w. bind, tie 
Toeboel, v. concubine 
Toebreog^n, 10. contribute 
Toebreiiging, v. contribution 
Toedantnieo,i0. dam up 
Toedekken, w. cover 
Toedckking, v. covering 
Toedempen, w.filt up 
Toedemping, v. repletion 
Tordichten. «0. ascribe 
Toedienen, w. administer, 

Toedoen, o. aid, means 
Toedoen, w. add, aid, shut entertain ; lich 

toedi ftgen, to happen 
Toedriikken, w. press close 
Toedrukklng.v. close pressure 
TovdTii\9a,w.object, impute, 

Jloat towards 
Toed u wen. w. sq/meete elate, 

hit in the teeth 
Toeiiigenen, w. appropriate, 
assume, attribute,' ascribe, 
Toegigenbrief-^je, nt. epistle 

Toe«lgfning, v. appropria- 
tion, assumption, ascrip- 
tion, dedication 
Toef — de, toevende, toevta, 

tarry, stay, treat 
Toegaan, w. go on, close, shnt 
Toegang. m. access,avenue 
ToegangUjk, bv, accessible ' 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


226 TBM 

'feytoTMteUofen, tefeavoe- 
_ ters, mv. mil im0d«$ 
Tegenrryer, «. Hvnl 
Tcceuw«er, «. rethstmmet, de- 
Tefenwerkea,w. e^mmteraet 
TtfeowerklDg, v. c«iipr- 

Tcfeower^en, w. obh 
Teirenwerper, «. obi 
Tejfenwerpinjf, ». tegen- 

werpsel, 0. «6;cc(i«« 
Ttffenwlgt. •. eounterpoii* 
Tefeowlrtir, 6v. r9Mi«a/Ml 
TegenvU; v. eomtrarw wUl 
Teg«nwind, m. eomlrary 

Ttffeawoordir, 6v.4- bw.pre- 

aent, at present 
Tegeowoordigbekl, «. pre 

tenee [>em 

Tegenwoordiglijk^frw^t prt- 
Teflrenworcteilnr, v. coMhc- 

Teg euijver, m. rMtt/c/iffn 
Tegenzang, m. mntutrvpke 
TcfCQseKfeliik. &v.deifi«6/« 
Tereozeifgelljkiieid, v. denia- 
6ieneat {deny 

Tegeosegfen, «r. gatWy, 
regenz«gger, «. deni^ 
Tegetizeggiog, v. denial 
Tegenxetten, w. ««i againti. 

Teiioos, o. <fa/od<l 
Tdsteren, w. afriu^, shoUer. 

Tel, ». <4ifc, omfr/f, g«M/, 

mmbhng herae 
Tenen,«r. teU,number^aal up 
Te baar, frr. numerabU 
TeleuntelUog, v. diaap- 


Telgmoff, m. amM« 
Telganger, w . ambling horae 
TeljreDkwekeriit* V. nuraery 
TeHoor —ye, m, trencher 
Teljoorlikker, teUoorvrieod, 

m. treneherfritnd 
Telkens, 610. at every turn, 
_ again and again 
Ttlknost, V. arUhmetie 
Teller,' «. teller, numerator 
Teletter-ye,if». numeral 
Telling, v.nnmeration 
Tembaar, bv, tameable 
Temet, bw. aometimet 
Temmeloos, bv. untameabte 1 
Temmen, w. <aM«, 6rfaA,Hi6- i 

due I 

TammelHk, bv. tameable \ 
Teamer, m. tamer, aubduer | 


> taming, tub- 

Xempel ■ t^,m Jemple,ehurch 
Tempelier, m. templar 
Tempelftc bender, m. violator 

of Ike temple 
Tempelschendery, v. aaeri- 

Uge {tion 

•TemperameBt, 0. eonatitn- 
Temperen, w. temper, allay, 

Tempering, v. tempering, 

•Temporair, bv. temporary 
•Tempoieel, 6v. temporal 
•TempUtie, v. temptation, 

*Tempteeren, w. tempt, vex 
Ten,, to, per, in. at 
the, in the ; ten proof, a 
prey to i ten toyn •telleo, 
to expoae ; ten eer«ten, la- 
primia,Jirat, immediately ; 
e'en tweeden, aeeandly ; ten 
alien geluk,fry good luck ,• 
ten andereo, ntoreover, be- 
aidea: ten dage al« boven, 
the a/oreaaid day ; ten bet- 
ten , for the belt ; ten 
goeden, in good part / ten 
naasten bn, almost i ten 
ware, ten zlj, uuteaa 
•Tendeeren, w. tend 
Tenger. bv. slender, delicate 
Teogernekl, v. atendemeta 
Tent — je, v. lent 
Teoten, w. probe 
Tentemaker, «•. tentmaker 
Tentschult —je, v. fiUbomt 
TentHxrr — ^e, •• probe 
Tepei --^e, m. nipple 
Ter, vz. at, to, in, into, at 
<Ae .■ ter lUde, aaide i ter 
liefde fan n aar ,/or the lote 
of her,- ter dege, right, 
duty, properly, ter goeder 
truoWfiw good faith i ter 

Soeder uur, in iood time ; 
it kwader uur, unfortu- 
nately f ter loops, in a 
hurry, cursorily i ter ne- 
der letten, to aettle ; ter 
naauwer nood, hardly 
TeregtstelUng, v. trial 
Tergeii, 10. provoke 
Terger, an. provoker 
Tfrgin^, v. provocation 
Tergster. v. ineitreta 
TeTgaeifO, provocative 
•Ternilnatir,v. termination 
*Termlneerea, w. terminate ' 
•Teriuyn,m.((T«, inat^mtent 
Ter av6etieHiag,v. settlement 
Terpen (Hn, v. turpentine 
Terpent^nboom, m, turpen- 


tine-lree [ m e n t i me 

TerpentUaom, v. aU ^ tmr- 
•Terrat, v. lerrmee 
Terrltoir, »* territory 
Terstond. bw, direetlp, im- 

M ediately 
Terug, bv. back, backward 
Terogdeinien, «*. reireeu, re- 
TerogdrUTen, w* repel 
TerugeUichen, w. reclaim 
TenngnaLOjm.recedergo back 
Teraggedeln8d,4f«o. retreated 
Teruggedreveo, dm. repelled 
Teragsre^ischt^w. rectmimed 
Teruggegaan. dm. receded 
Teruggebaald, dm. fetched 

Terngrekomen, dw, returned 
Teruggeleid,4w. reconducted 
Teruggeroepen, da>. recalled 
Teruggestoteo, dw. repelled 
Teruggetrokken, dw, re- 
Ter uggeweken, dw. retreated 
Teraggexonden,rfwu(n« back 
Terugbnalen, w. fetch back 
Terugbouden, w. retain 
Tenigbouding, v. retention, 

secretion irijleet 

Temgkaatten, w. rebound, 
Terugka-auing, /. rejleetion 
Terugkeeren, w. return 
Teru^komst, v. return 
Terugkoiuen, w. return . 
Teruglelden, w. reconduct 
Terug rein. v. journey or w^ 

age hftwsewarda 
Terugroepen, «. reeali 
Terugroeplng, v. recall 
Terugstoten, w. repel 
TerugKtoUng, v. repulse 
Terugstulten, w.repercuae 
Terugtrukkeu, w. retract, re- 

ceth, pull back 
Terug«nken,w. recMk 
TerugwQklng, v. retroeeaaian 
Terugzeiiden, «. send back 
TerWyi, bw. whiU 
Teskenskriad, 0, shepherd*0 

Tett -Je, 9. xkaJlngdUk 
•Te<«taaient ^ie,oUeUamemt, 

wUl [arm 

•Testamenteel, bv.le$tmmemf- 
• Teatamentmaker, •teata* 

tenr, w. leatator 
•Testamentmaakster, otea* 

tatricc, V. teatatrita 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


Teemer. m. wkiner 
Teemenj, v. whining 
Teen — Qe, v. osier , twig 
Teen —tje, tn,toe 
Teenboompje, o. otter 
TeenboBch — je, o, osiery 
Teenriijs — Je, v. osierHwig 
Teer, v. tar^ pitch 
Teer, bv. lender 
Teeren, 10. pUch^ tart pinet 
VMute, congutne, digest^ 
prejft snbtittf/tOMt 
TeergeToellfff bv» tender, 

Teerhartiic,^* tenderkearted 
Teerbartif beid, vaentibilUp 
Teerbartiglijkf bw. eompt- 

Teerheid, v. tenderness 
Teerbuis — J^t 0, inn, tavern 
Tee rig, bv. tarry, pHehy 
Teeriiig' — je, v. digestion, 
consumption, expenditure 
Teerketel —tie, m. tarkettle 
Teerkleed — je, 0, tar pawling 
Teerkooper, m. dealer in tar 
Teerkost, r. provisions 
Teerkosten, mv, expenses Jor 

Teerkwaat — je» •• tarbrush 
Teerling — je* «*• <'<'» ^'> 

cube, square, check 
Teerlingwortel, m. cuberoot 
Teerties, 610. weaJUy, ten- 

?eerton — neije, v. tarbarrel 
effens, bw. at once 
Tegel —tie, v. tile 
Tegetbakker, m. tiler 
Tegelbakkerlj, v. tile-kUn 
Tegemoetkoming, «. eondtS' 

cension . 
TegenmoeUoeriDg, v. objst 

Tegea,bvMgainst, fojdaar en 
tegen, on the contrary, 
tegen d^ok, maugre,against 
one*s wilt i c*M compound 
verbs, tegeb »* always 
written aisjunelively , eX' 
eept in the in/initive mood 
and in the pmrlieiples 
Tegeablaffen , w. atlatrate 
T^enbedenkeiyk, frv. objec 

Tegeflbatterilj, v. coamter' 

TegenbedeAking, v. oiotetion 
Tefreobeeld* 0. aniUype 
f •gtnbelofie, V. cowsterpro- 
mioo (vice 

Te«eBberi«t, «. eomireu-y adr- 
Tegeobevel, o. eounter order 
'S«gcodeel, 0. eonlraey 
yegtBA»e\^i, bv, eomtrtrp 


Tegendinger, m. antagonist 
Tegendraad, m. cross thread 
Tegengaan, w. meet, obviate 
Tegeagalm, m. re-echo 
Tegeogalmeo, w, re-echo 
Tegeugang, m. obvenlion,op- 

Tegengeblaftidio. allairated 
Tegeogegaan, dw, nset, ob- 
TegeogegaImd,<ii0. re-echoed 
TegengegraveOfdw. counter- 
mined ' 
Tegengeboaden, evert- 
ed, stopped 
Tegengekaot, dw, opposed 
Tegengekomen, dw. met 
TegeDgeiaia,0. eountersound 
Tegengeoierkt, dw. counter- 

TEG 225 

Tegeunaar , v . eomiramure ' 
Tegeaopwegen, w, counter- 

Tcgeoopgewogen, dw. coun- 
terbatanced {opposite 

Tegenover, bw. over against, 

TegeaoTerstellen. w.eonlrost 

Tegenovergesteld, dw. con- 

TegenoTerstelling, v. con- 
trast, antithesis 

Tegen pand.o. pledge 

Tegenpart^, tegenpart{Jder, 
m. adversary 

Tegenpeatig, bv, anti-pesti- 

Tegenplao ,v. counter projec t 
Tegenredenaar, w. disputer 
Tegean,vz.again$t,by, ot 
Tegenschoeying, v. counter- 

Tegenttcbrtrt, 0, refutation 
Tegensmaak, v. disgust 
Tegenspoed, *•. adversity 
Tegenspoedig, bv. adverse 
TegensporreiiDg, v. relue- 

Tegenspreken, w, contradict 
Tegenspreker, m. contra- 
dictor [dictxm 

Tegengeaproken, dw. eon- 
tradtcted [resisttd 

Tegeogeataan, dw. oppostd, 
Tegeogeateld, dw. opposed 
Tegengeatemd, dw. voted, 

ed led 

Tegengeatreven, dw. resist- 
Tegeogeatribbeld, dw. strug- 
gled against 
Tegengewerkt, dw, counter- 
Tegeageworpen, dw. tweeted 
Tegengeaegd,dw. contradict- 
Tegengexet, dw. opposed 
Ttgengift. o. antidote 
TegengraTen, w. counter- 
mine [sity 
Tegenbeld.v.aver<ioi», aaver- 
Tegen boaden, w. hinder, 

Tegenboudiog, v, prevention 
Tt^genkaaten, w. oppose 
TeKenkaoting, «. opposition 
Tegenklaok, m, re-echo 
Tegenkomaty v. meeting, ob- 
vention {ate 

Tegenkomen, w. meet, obvi- 
Tegenkri't, m. antichrist 
Tegenkrittelijk, bv, anli- 


Tegenliefde, v. reciprocal 

love {stratagem 

TeRenliat — je, v, eounter- 

Tegenloopeu, w. run, conit- 

l.r, thwart 
Tegeumerk, •. oounterwwrh 
Tegenimerkea. w. eonnter- 

Te^enmlddel, •• antidoto 
I Tffff amorrlng, «. murmnr 

^ Digitized by LaOOgle 

Tegensprekiog, -. - 
Tegenataan, w. withstand, 

Tegenstand, m. resistance 
Teireiiatander, m. resister 
TejrenatelleB, w. oppose 
T. gensteller, m, opposer 
TegenatelUng, v. opposition, 

contradistinction, antilhc 

sis [gainst 

Tegen4temmeD, w. vote a- 
Tei$enatoot, m, opposition, 

Tegenstreefster, v, resisiress 
Tegeuatrerea, w. resist, op- 

Tegeoalrever, m. oppngner 
Tegea«tre«iag, •. resistance 
TegeoKtribbeien, w. ttruggle 

against . . 

Tegenetrild, m. opposM»n 
TegenatiijdeD, w. oppugn 
Te^eDatrtider, m, opponent 
Tegeastrfldig, bv. contradic- 
tory idietion 
Tegenatrijdigkcid, «. contra^ 
TegeMtriJdiglUki bw, con- 

TegeDtogt,v. cousUermarch 

Tegentovery, v. epuntev - 
\ charm ^^ 

TegeaTenyD, teg enrerfirt, •. 
I coimterpoisom 

224 TAN 

TafelkoMfoor — ^c^- «. eft«/<- 


'afeTlakeo— ti«» •• tmbU-elotk 
Tafelmes —\e, o. l«Me.*iii</« 
Tafelicbel-le^e, •. tmbU-itU 
TafeUckabner, au nmaffr 
Tafelsprel— tje, «. MUtovtr 
TareltMt-jc, V. ek^gtmgdiMk 
TafeUrieod, m. ImcAfr- 

Tafelsoat, o. UVUtaU 
Tafereel — U«» «• <«^» H^ 

Tak— 4e, «. homah, krumek 
Takel-tie, o. p«M<y. tmeMU 
Takelen, w. rig 

Takelarie, ». rtgging 
TakelbR* -.j«t •• < 
Takelmeetter, nr. r^cr 


Takeltonweo, iNv.lacTlrrMc« 
V. tranek 

Takeituiff, •. taeklimg 
Takkeboi-'- ^-- 

Takkeo, w. 

Takkiff, bv. branch^ 
Tal— lege, o.«Hm6er, la<« 
•Talent, o. talent, gettUu 
Talhovt, •. wood sold bp Iho 

tale, cudgel 
Talie -4e, «. $ixteenth pmrt 

of a Dutch ell, pullep 
Talirea, m. puliby apuUtf ; 

talie aan, pull away 
Talksreep, v. puUeprop* 
Tiling '~*e.m.Jeai 
Talk/^». lalUtw 
Talkacbtlff, bv. talUnoy 
Talkvadlg, bv, tjcpert in 

Talkandige, mutrithtmtician 
Talmeo, to, loiter, lineer, 

delap. waaer, be trretolnte 
Talmachtig, bv. tedlou$, lim- 

Talroerk— je, o, figure, cipher 
TaluerU.v. deiaif,Untering, 

Talrljk, 6v. numtroua 
TaUchrift, o. cryptography 
Talr^kh«Mf «• numeroutneot 
Tam, tanme, bv, tame 
TauaHnde, v. tamarind 
Tanarlschboom, m, tamarisk 
Tamboer'-t]'e« "*• drummer 
Tanboermdoor, «i. drum- 

TamelUk, frw. indifferently, 

TamelUkheld« «. indifference, 

midiocrUy ^ * 

Tambeld, v. tamenete 
Tand —Jet ">. tooth 
Taadeloos, bv, toothlat 
TandeorlJ, «. row of teath 
Tandeitrokcr— tje, m. tootk- 
■ pieh 


Taadpoeder, «. tooikpemder 
Tandp U D , f V. <•«( Aaciie 
Tandsw^xe, 6w. denticulated 
TandteripeD, v>. tantalize 
Taodterrtng, v. tantalizing 
Tandtrekker, m, tooth- 


Taodtrekkinf, e. tooihdraw- 

Tandvleescb, «. gum$ 

Taoeit, tanet, bv, dun, tawny 

Taaen, w. tan, eclipse 

Tang— etje» v. tongs, pair of 
<*"f '* pincers, pair qf pin- 

Tanlg, bv, tawny 

Tanlng, v. eclipse 

Tapt'in. tapt op den tap, 
tapped f bis deu tap, by 

Tappeot V* draw, tap, keep 
an alehouse or tavern 

Taphvit— J«> •• fphmmse, tap 

Tapje, #. tap. fosset 

Tappellngs, Aw. i» • stream 

Tapper, m. lopster 

Tapping, V. drawing 

Taptoe, V. tattoo 

TapUt — Je, o. carpet, kmrng^ 
tugs [weaver 

Tapytmaker, m, carpet- 

Tapetwerk, o, tapestry, car- 

Tapljtwerker,». embrtidtrer 

Tarren, w. tare 

Tarbot — jCt v. (Mr6o< 

•TardMreu, w, tmrry, Ustgmr 

Tarra, m, tare 

Tarten, w. ckallenge, pro- 
vnhe, defy 

Tanre, v. wkeat 

Tarwemeel, o, wkeatfiour 

Tarwenbrood — je, •. wkeat- 
bread, wkeat loaf 

Tas— Jer*** keap 

Tassen, w. keap 

Ti^h — je, V, purse, scrip, 

Taschen, w. pocket 

Tast, V, gripe, ealck,feel 

Tacten, w.fetl, grope, kan- 
die; ta>t aan, take koldj 
tast toe, help yourself 

Tasibaar. taatrlUk, bv, tan- 
g ible, palpable 

Tastelijkhed, v. tangibilUy 

TMter -tje,m, f.eler 

Tu ting, v./eeling, handling 

Tateren, «r. tattle 

Tatewaalen, w. litp 

•Tax, ». tax 

•Taxatic, v. taxation, ap- 
praisement, valuation 

Taxeeren, w. tax, assess, ap- 
praise, value 

•Taxeerder, m, appraiser 


Taxus, V, uxisboom, ai« 
yew tree 

Te, vz. at, to, a, b^, in, m/ 
tescbeep, a6r0atf; tekoop, 
to be sold, te hour, to m 
letf te niet doen, to am- 
nuli te gemoet komeii« 
to meet, to come dawn, to 
candeseeud ; te g^moeC 
gaan, to gotomeet; te ge- 
moet voeren, to object ; t« 
gemoet aien, to expect ; %o 
regt, rights te regt bren- 

' gen, to restore, to put in 
the right way, te binoea 
brengeo, to put in mind g 
te mij wards, (moer^ wu, 

V bttis, at home, hoase i 

V hiiU liggen, to lodgog 
te vergeelsr in vain; tm 
yonn, formerly I terredc, 
content ,- te gelljk, «U once ; 
te mets, someltmoo; to ga- 
der, te aauen, togetkarf 

V eeaemaal, wAoUy 
Te, bw. too 

Teder, bv, tender 
Tederbeid, «. te n d arneu 
TederiHk, bw, teudtrly 
Teef -je, v. bUck 
Teeken — ()e, «. sign, m 
token, proof, m6rmH«, pre- 
sage, accent 
Tedlenen. ww mmrh, aigu, 

draw, dettiUato 
Teekenaar — ^ m, sigmor, 


Teekening — Je. «. tignim[, 

signatmre, aeotgn, dramau, 

drawing ■ [im 

Teekenkaoat, v,airt of dkraw 

Teekenkanttenaar.r " 


Teekenkr^t, v. crmm 
Teekenmeeater, «. dramimg- 

Tefkenpen — im^,v. 
Teekeoichool -— «^ «. 

Teelen, w. beget, jmracreata 
Tedbal-ieUe, v. levtieU 
Teeldeel— ge»teeUld, o. parts 

of generation begetter,proereator 
Teeling, v. procreation - 
Teeliaud, CMrabte land 
Teclman, m. agrieulturor 
Teeister — ^)e, v. genitria 
Teelt — je, v. breed, brood, 

race, crop 
Teeltyd, vrrutling reason 
Teelzucnt, v. rut 
Teem, v. whime, cant 
Teemeo, w. whine 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


SubtisteaUe, v.tubsulenee 
bobstantie, v. subttanee 
bubstaotif, n. tubttantive 
Substitueereb, to. $ubslHule 
SubstUut, m. subsiUute 
Substltutie, v. substituliou 
Subvenleereo, w. provide, 

Succedeeren, w. tuccetd 
(Succes, o, tueeeta 
FSuccessie, v. nceetsion 
'Successeur, ra. $uceetsor ' 
^Succesgive. bv. succittive 
ifSucce«sivejyk, bio. aucca- 

Ivif, bv. duU, doling, giddy 
»uttea, w. dote, mop» 
Juffier— tje, in. dotard, moptr 
^nfferii,v. dotage ^ 

»S uffisaott&v .^^cienl, solid 
Suiker — tje,v. tvgarf sugar' 

|uikeren. w. tvgar, sweeten 
Suikerachtlg, bv, saceharlnt 
Buikerbakker.tA. eonfeetion- 

er, sugarbaker [finery 
BuikerbakkerU, v. sugar-re- 
Suikerbrood-Je, o. sugar loaf 
«aikerdoo» -je^r. sugarbox 
Suikerei, v, succory 
Suikerjfebak. v. confectionery 
SulkerMed, 0. »i»««*»M>a/* 
BaikerkUt-je, of sugar 
Bu kerko©k--je, ». sugar cake 
Bulkerlepei —lie, ». sugar 
^tpoon imitl 

Buikermolea rrOe, v. sugar- 
Sujkerplapiagle, v, svfar- 

Sujkerpot r-ie^ngar-bason 
Sulkerrtet -jg, o. sugareaue 
BnlkertsMi^ -eg*, v. sugar- 
tongs ^ • 
Boikerwortel, m. skirret 
Salkerzoet, Ifv.^weel <ft sugar 
Bulxeo, w. siuf, whii, tingle, 
buzz • ' • » 
•Suite, V. suite, consequence 
Buizebolleo, Stttoeieo,tc. grow 

Suizelinr, V. giddiness 
BnWng, V. tingling, buzzing 

Bakade,r. succaJe 
Sttkkeleo, tp. loiter, linger, 

shift, live poorly ' 

Sokkelaar -ije, m. loiterer, 

dotard, poor fellow, drudge 
Siikkelaardter,v. poor woman 
Sukk© arij,v^ri»rfjfery, shift 
S ukkeliDg, V. drudgery ^ 
Sal, w. simpltjon, mA 

Bullebaaa, y. slide 


tSumma, v. sum ; summa 

sommaruni, the Sum total 
^Superb, bv. superb 
•Superieur, bv. superior 
•SoperlaUf, bv. superlative . 
•SupersHUe, v, superstition 
•Suppedlteeren, ir. suppedi- 

•SuppleSeren, w. supply 
•Supplemeat, o. supplement 
•Suppliant, M.BUppllanle,/. 
petitioner [petition 

•Supplieeren, w- supplicate, 
•Supponeeren, w, suppose 
*Supporteeren,i». suppprt 
•SubpriQieeren. w, suppress 

•Surpaaseeren, w. surpass 
•Surpreneeren, to. surprize 
•Survlvance, «. survivifrskip 
Su», /«*«. mum, whisi, silence 
Sussen, w. quiet 
•Susciieereo, w. excite 
•Suspect, bv. suspected ■ 
•Suspecieeren, w. suspect 
•Suspeudeereo, w. suspend 
•Sttspensie, v. suspension 
•Sutipicie, V. suspicion 
•Sustenue, V. tenet, opinion 
•Sustineereff, w. maintain 
•Syilabe, v« syllable 
S^nagog^e, v. synagogm 
S J nope, v« synod 

X AM, bv. flexible, pliant, 
tongk,' viseous, clammy, 
stiehv, niggardly, tenaa- 
ons, hard 

Taalaard, m, niggard 

Taaibeld, v. flexmiUy^ vlsei- 
ditp, tenacity, toughness, 
clamMincss, neamets, close* 

Taak^^, v. task 

Taal, V. language, tongue, 
speech/ wQl ler twi^fiueut 
of speech i bU ffai taal 
nocb teeken, ^he neither 
spoke nor moved 

Taatbaar, bv. eloouent 

Taalkenner, m. linguist 

Taalkunde, t>« knowledge of 
languages, philology, crt* 

Taaikundlg, »v. skilled in 

Taalkunmge, m. linguist 
Taalkunst, v. grammar 
Taallievend, bv. philological 
Ta&lnt-Jin, nit interpreter 

TAF 223 

Taalmeester, m. mailer of 
^languMes ^ 

Taalrljk, bv, copious 
Taalschlkking, v. syntax 
Taalvitter, m. hypercritie 
Taalvluer'ij, v.'%percrUi. 

Taalvloed. m. fluency ^ 
Taalwaardlg. bv. memoraSlo 
Taa wooatheld, «. barbarism 
TaaUifter, m. critic 
Taamclijk, bv. tolerabh, 

potsable, indifferent, mid-^ 

Taanrond,*©. ecliptic 
Taanverwig, bv. tawny 
Taart ^^e, v. tart, pie 
TaarOg, bv. tart, acid 
1 aartpan— nege, v. tart-pon 
Taat-Je,m. tfod 
TaatJgheld, v. toughness^ 

viscidity * 

Tabak, v. tobacco 
Tabakhandei, m, tabaeeo- 

Tabakbaodelaar, tabakkoo- 

Pfdr, m. tobacconist 
Tabakplanter, m. cultivator 

of tobacco 
Tabakibladeo, mv, tobacco- 
leaves [blK 
Tabaksdoos — Je, v. tobaccc 
Tabakspljp — Je, v, tobacco- 
^pM' . Inist. 
TabakverkoQper, m. tobacco-' 
Tabbaard, tabbert — Je, m. 

gown, robe (man 

Tabbaarddrager, m. govmt-* 

tabbgn, 0. tabby 
Tabernakel ^Ue, m, taber- 
Tachtig, bv. eigkty 
Tacbtlgmaal.&w.eig/ify times 
Tachtigste, bv. eightieth 
Taf, V. taffely 
Tafel — ge, v. table, board, 

Tafeicq, w. sU al table 
Tafelberg. m. tablt-moMntoin 
Tarelboekje, o, tablebaok 
Tafelbord — j^i •* plate, 

Tafelbroer, m. sensualist 
Tafeldleuaari tal^lkneotit, m. 

Tafelgast, m. guest 
Tafelgeregt, o. service, oourso 
TafelgeveTi m, companion at 

Tafelgoed, 0. table-linen 
Tafelbouder, wi. keeper ofar^ 
\ Tafclkleed-je, o, table-clotfy 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

222 STE 

StrookH[e, v. ttrip, bandf 

ehUHrlin, rujh 
8trookorfH«> v« $trawbasket 

rittr; op stroon, affoai 
Strooneo, w. stremmf /Tow 
Stroomffod, m, riter god 
Stroonuoff, Vt tlreamii^, 

Btroomwater, *. riverwattr 
S troop. V. plnudtTf pUlegti 

UreaeUt een itreop doen, 

Jo pWage 
Stropende, w. ravagt, plun^ 

dpr.pHlmgef robp strip, turn 
Stroper .'tie, m. robbtr 
StroperU, v. ravagt, piUagt 
Stropkoatteo, mv, tpatter' 

Stroopnost, •. ne$t tf piratea 
8troowl«cb — Je» •• '»**>» */ 
8trooijer, «. itrewtr (ttraw 
8troo«sk "jOf 0, ttrow mah 

Strop— Je,v.AaIler,r«pf|#foeA 
8trot — le, V, throat 
8trotkl»pJe, 0. ovigiottU 
8tnilM«> 0. omUt,/*itttr 
8traik-Je. v. tmnk, stalk, 

stem, shrub, briar, thorn, 

Btruikbosch — Je, o, thicket 
Btmikolen. w. stumblt 
8truikelaar'tje,iii. stumbUr 
8tr\Mkelinf , v. stumbling 
Str«lk«Ut6«D, m. stumbling* 

bhck [»«## 

ttnikeltnchtfV* falling sloh- 
8trttUu%ver, m^highwopmau, 

rtbbtr .[«^?6*«y 

StrpikroTerlJ, v. highway- 
Stmlt JtrnUvogel, m.ostrioh 
8tnii«ei— tje, o. osirichU «fg 
8trol»ve«r -'tje, v, ottrtch't 

8trawelltn.mvJA<cJk«f I btakt 
8trlld, m.Jght, cembat,bat' 

ttt,eof\/fiet,9\ruggUi om* 

•trUd, rmuumsly 
8triJd.»treed'«Dde 'en.Jlght, 
' combat,strivOt oontendt dit- 

pute,eontradiet, contravtne 
nMidU9.n,v. lists 
StrUdbMr, bv, wHihe, moT' 

8ti^dbaarhei4t v. prowess 
tftrydeod, b9* contrary, con- 
tradictory, oppose, -mHi' 
Btrlldtr, mt combatant 
Btrfldiy, 6v. cotitrary, oppo- 
site, repugnant 
§ttmfhtid,v.dif*rsnce, dis- 
parity, repngnance 


StrUdtgliik, bw. eontrarily 

StrMdperk, o, lists ittntion 

Strfldprijs, v. prize of coh- 

Strtjk. streek, — eDde —en. 

stroke, strike, smooth, iron, 

rub, anoint^ slide, yield t 

vonnis Btrijken, to pro- 

nounce sentence 

Striker, M. stroker, smoother 

Strukhoek, m. angle of a bas- 

Strykinir, vMrohing, smooth- 
ing; Ironing, onotHtiug, 
striking [strop 

StrHklcer — t}e, 0. strop, 

StrflkHJn, V. /lank 

Strykster — ije/v.if 

Striikster —tie, v. ironer 
Strfikatok— Je.«M.yitfdi^-»/ 
Strijktarel— tje, v. irani; 



^. -. - . irming. 


Strijkweer, m. parapet 
Stritkljzer -tje, 0. irow 
Sirijp, streep, -r«Bde — ea, 

•SttMeereo, 10. stndy 
•Studeerkamec— tJe, 
•Stadent — i^ **• student. 

•Studie, V. study 
Stuf , bv. surly, morose 
Stugheld, V. surliness 
Stuif, fitoof, stutveude, stui- 
ren, fiy, rush, ratse or 
make a dust, be dusty 
fituifmeel, o. mittdust 
Btvlfaaud, o. dry sand 
Stuip — Je, v« convulsion 
Stuipen, 10. stoop, bow, 
8tuU— Je. V. rebound, rump 
StuUen, w*stop, rebound 
Staltbeen^lje, o. mmpbone 
Stuiter-'lje, m. stopper 
Stultfng. V. stopping, stop 
Btuttiitukr-Jp, 0. rump 
Stuiver •"tje^iii, penny, stiver 
Stak --Je, o. piece, part, mat* 
ter, business, volume, gun, 
picture, olay, paptr,patnt, 
piece v worhf bond era 
•taki Tcei a hundred kead^ 
, of cattle i Tap sijQ Btuk 
wi^U, to be at a nonplus i 
op xijn stuk Btaao blijven, 
to maintain ontfs opinion piectgoods 
Stukkend, bw,in pieces 
Stukawijze, bw, piecemeal, by 
Stalp, V, cover, shed [itarts 
Stalpen* w. covet 
Statteo, 19. pr6p, tupport 
Stutsel-'tjei o. prop, tupport 
Stauren.Mr. steer, send 
Stuurboord, 0. starboard 
Siiwrlleden, mv, steersmen 



Stuurman, m. steersman, pi- 

tot, male [,Aip 

Stuurmanschap, 0. geamam- 
Stuurmanskuatt, v. art of 

Stourplegt, V. steerage 
Stuar«cb, bv. stem, anster^, 
^ 'our rsourlu 

Sluur«chelI1k, bw. stemly, 
Stuarscbheld, «. stemmss, 
Stuwen, w. stow [»oiirHe.« 
Stuwagie, ti.«<«i0«fc 
Stuwer, m. slower 
fituvilag, V. stowing 
Smbv. stif, forced, hard 
SiXiUbw. hurdfjirnily, boldin. 

ttijiy ' - " 

St-jr— de, stijtende, gti}vea» 

stiffen, starch, strengthen, 

encourage, canjirm 
StUf held, V. itifHese 
SlMf hoofdig, Stlif konp|g,ei>. 

obstinate, heeutstrohr 
St^rhoofdigh«id, Stfjfkop- 

plffheid, V. obstinacy. '^ 

^ igk, bw. obttinately 
StUf iiekkig, bv. stijfnecked 
^~" ^^eid, V, iniracta- 

StUfiiekkig, I 


St^Jftter ^tfe, v. etarchor * 
Dtnrie, V. stiffness 
Stitr»el» 0. starch, pnsto 
St^fselnukeriJ, t», fiorcAnrc- 



..raiuoJgheid, v. obstinacy , 


Sti)uiDnig, &v, opiniatine 
SifraiuoJgheid, v. obstinacy, 
tonacuy Itanaei^Jti 

mount, ascend 
Bt^gbeugel~^C, tn. etirrup 

mfMvify order, wmnner of 

-^Unigteld, V. Uifneso 
StQrtag . V. stiffening, ttrtnm. 

thenmg. support 
•Snbdivfile,v. subdivitian 
•Sublet, bv. 4- bw. 9u4d*m. 

•Subject, m, subiact , faUew 
•8abject,6v. ««^c< 
•gutdugeemi. v. suUngate 
•Subiunctif, OP. <ii^iiM«(t«« 
•SabliQieeren, w. embiii^Mt^ 
•BobmUfete, V, tnbtnieaian 
•SobmlttMron, w, submit 
•8ub»crtbe«ren, p. tubserUo 
tSubdcriptle, v. subscription 
•fiubsidie, ». subsiity ^ 
•8ubsidieertn, 10. subsidix^ 
•Sub9isteere»i tc. suLtim 

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Stork, m. ttork 
Storm, m. storm, auouU 
Stormen, «o. storm, t agt 
StormacDtig, bv, stormy 
Stormbok, m. batttrimg ram 
Stormenderbaad, bw, bij 

StoriDnt, o. breach 
Stormboed — je, •• ktlmst 
Storm Iff, bv, stormy 
Stormklok, v. mlarum bell 
Stormladder, v, scaling lad- 
Stormpaal, m,palUsado 
Stormram, m, battering ram 
Storm wind, m. tempest 
Storten, w. «pU/, shedfpour, 

/all. tumble, rush 
Storting, V. spilliug, shed- 
ding, pouring* miscarriage 
Stortreeen, m, hard shower 

of rain 
StortwiJD, V. leak win* 
Stoten, w.piuh, thrust, hit, 

dash, strike, heat, pound 

Stoter — Ue> **• pusher, 

thruster, two-pence ho{f- 


Stotteren, 10. ttutter 

StOTing, «. stewing, fomeu- 

Stout, bv, bold, stout, tmucy, 

StovteiyL 610. boldly, stoutly 
Stouthartlg. bv^ stouthearted 
Stoutbartiffbeid, v. stoutness 
StoatbariiglUk, 610. stout- 
heartedly ^ fness 

Stoutbeid, V, boldness, siout- 
Stootigbeid, V. saueiness, 

Stoatmoedig. bv, courageous 
Stootmoedigheid, v. courage 
StoataioedlgiUk, bw» cimro- 

Straal — Ije, v. rau, beam 
Straalen, w. radiate, beam, 

Straat— Je, v. street, streight 
Straaten, ic. pave 
atraatdeoDije, 0. ballad 
Straatdeor— ye,v. streetdoor 
Straatemaker — ije, «. pa- 

Straatgeld, «. paving money 
Straatboer —tje, v. streei- 

StnaUe, 9* laue, alley 
StraaUongeo, m, vuljgar boy 
StraaUled -Je, a. ballad 
8txtMtmfkW,v,commom report 
Straatplkker—tie, «*< pichax 
Straattcheoden, w.breah the 

peote, commit ontrags upon 

the highway 


Straatscbeoder, m* breaker 

of the peace, highwayman 

Straatscbeoder^ , v. breaking 

of the peace, outrage 
Straatslfjper, m. idler 
Straat* tamper, ai. paviour*s 
beetle [stone 

Straatsteen— tje, to. paving 
Straattaal, bv, vulgar Ian* 

Straf — je, atraffe, v. punish- 
ment, penalty 
Strar, atraffe, bv, severe, 
stem, sour, heady, strong 
Straffen, w. pu»i»h, blame, 

Strafbaar, bv, punishable 
Straffeloos, bv, unpunished, 

Straffelootbeid, «. impunity 
Staffelijk, atraflttb, bw. se- 
verely ^ 
Straffer, w,punishor 
Straffing, v. punishing 
headiness [eeution 
Strafplaata, », place of ex- 
Strafplegiug, v. i^/Uclioi* 

of punishment 
Stranoaeel, o» scene of pu- 
Strafidtvoertng, «• exoeution 
StrafvergeldlBg, «. rstaliet- 

Strafwaardlg, bv, culpable 
Strafiwaard, •• «iP9rii «f 

Strak, bv, stiff, stretched, 

tight rigid 
Strak, atrakjea, straka, bw, 
presently, by and by. Just 
now fness 

Strakbdd, v. sHffkess, tight- 
Stram, *«. stiff, hard 
Stramheid, v. stiffness 
Strand, «. 4- 0, strand, shore 
Strandeu. w, strand 
Strandgeld, 0. shorage 
Strandneer, m. lord ^f the 

Stranding, v, stranding 
Strandregt,0. right offiotson 
Streef odetatreTendejatreven, 
alrive, stiuggle, aspire, 
Streek— ie, «. rhumb, course, 
latitude, quarter, wahe, 
irieh, prank, rub, region, 
country ; eena atrceka, di 
Strelen, w. stroke, caress, 
please {ress 

Streling — je, v, stroking, cO' 
Streep — je_^ v, ttroke, line, 



Strepen, w. reprim«md,stripe 
Strever, m.etriver, aspirer 
Streiiog, v. striving, aspiring 
Strekken, v. stretch, reaeh^ 

extend, tend, serve 
StrekkelUk, bv, extensive^ 

8tTtmnen,w%eurdle, coummU 

coagulate, ttop^ retara 
Slrenimelk, v. curdled milk 
Stremming, v. congelation^ 

coafutoHou, stoppage, in- 

Stremael, «. rennet 
Streag— clje, v. stringy shain 
Streng, bv. severe, rigidp 

Strengeien, w. twine 
Strengeling, v. twining 
buengeiyk, bw, severely, 

SttmgheMtVaeveritv, rigour 
S tribbelen,ioa< ruggle,tliehle, 


stickler, eaviller 
Strlbbeling, v. struggle, 

stiekUng:, cavilling 


:liiif , cavit 
I— pje, V. « 

wheal, stri 

cheat, rob 
Strik — je, m. knot, eneure, 

springe, leash 
Strtkken, wJi#, make a knot, 

snare, enenmre 
Strikredan, *. cavil 
Strikt, bv, predee, strict, 

StriktelUk, kw, procieOy, 

Strikthdd, 9, strictness, pre- 

Strikvraag — je, «. queotion 

iulendd to entrap 
Strook— j«» <". stalk, stwup^ 
Stronkelen, w. stumble 
Stronketaar— Oe, m.stumbler 
StroBt-je, V. turd, dung 
Stroniig, bv, shitten 
Strontkar— re^e, v. dvmgcert 
Strontpot, «• turdpot 
8troutraimer,m. r«r«iaMM 
Stroo — tje, o. straw 
Stroobed — j«» «• 'trasobod 
Stroodak -Je, a. thedcAod 

Stroohalm •^je.. «. Hrem 
Strooboed — jie, m. stramhot. 
Stroohat — je, v, cottage 
Stroolien. w, strew, scatter 
StrooMonker, m, brideman 
Str9<»[ael. o. that sohich U 

strewed, litter, straw 
Stroojonker— tje,m. beggerly 







Stikcel, o. iHitking 
Stikkieode, bv. pmrhtind 
SUksleiKUieid, v. shorttigh- 

StiksQde, v. $lUekiHg $Uk 
SUI — letje. V. clo$tsto9l 
StU. bv. $tm, ealm, gnietf ti- 

Unt; de stllle week, th* 

holy week 
StU, bw, Hitt, fuieti stll 

xwUfeOy io be silent 
Btii, lust, gilencet whM,imuM 
9mehtw,$tiUt fuiet,tUeHcef 

mppease, mUay^ lap 
Atilbeid, V. stillnese, calm- 

ue$a. filenee 
Stllletjes, bw. Milenth/,t9ftlf 
Stiileveprer, at. nigjktnutn 
8UllifffaeM, V. stiUnettitran- 

SUlstttnd, bv. stagnant 
SttUtaod, m. stand, rest. 

truce, calm ; eeo stilstftod 

^ van wapeneo, an armistiee 

SUIte^ V. HiUnets, calm, se- 

renUjf, silence, privacy, re- 

Stilzwijlir^Di 0. silence 
BmzflRgeJuX, bv. silent, ladd 
SUlzwijgende, ftilzwijgeDds, 

bw. tacitly 
Stilzwijreiidheid, v. silence. 

Stilzvrijglng. v. silenee 
Stink, stonk ->ende — en, 

stink : 8tinkende gouwe, 

Stinkaard, tn. stinkard 
Stlnkert — je, m. stinkard 
SUnklog, in. sink 
Stinknest, o. stinking kale 
Stinkpoel, vi stinking bog 
Stinkpot— je, m. stGthj>ot 
StJnkvelder, m. leatker- 

Stip— je,m.potn( 
Stippen, w. pahtt, prick 
Stippel ~tje, m. speckle 
Stippelen, to. speckle 
Stipt, bv. precise, punctual, 

Stiptelijk, bw. punctually 
Stiptheid, v.precisien 
•Stipaiatie, v. stipulation 
*Stipaleeren, w. stipulate 
Stod — de — jende —jm, 

romp, toy 
Stoeiacntig, bv. gamesome 
Stoelpartij — tje, v. romp 
, Stoeister -^Je, v, koyden 
8toeizlek,6«. romping, wan- 
Stoel "^e, m. ekair, teat, 
stool, pulpit, see, slosestool 
Stoelbroeder, m. colleague 


Stoeldoek, o. carpet 
Stoeidraaljer, m. turner 
Stoelemaker, m. ekairmaker 
Stoelemarkt.i;. ckatr-market 
Stoelematter, s». stoelemat- 

Bter, v.ckair-mender 
Stoelgang — e^je, m. stool 
Stoelkleed, o. ckair cover 
Stoelkussen — ^je, o. chair, 

Stoep —jetV.pavement, tkret- 

kold, steps 
Stoepjes, mv, city gwtrd 
Stoet, m. train, relimue 
Stoeterij, v. stud, kreed 
Stoeiier — tje, m. rofltp«r 
Stoeijerilj, v. romp, toying 
Stof, 0. dust, powder 
Stof, stoffe.v.ffH/; subject, 

matter,substaHee, material; 

kort van stof, irritative 
Stoffen, w. dust, boast 
Stofacbtig, &«.dMly 
Stoffagie, V. stuff 
Stoffeeren, w. Jumisk, de- 
vise, invent 
fftoffeerder, m. furnisker, 

Stoffeering, v./kmishing 
Stoffelijk, bv. material 
Stoflrelgkheid, v. materiality 
Stoner— tje, m. duster, brush, 

Stoffewinkel —ye, m. mer- 

cer^s shop 
StofrewinkeUer,m. mercer 
Stoffig. &r. dustv 
Stofiigbeld, v. dustiness 
StoQe, V. mote, grain, atom 
Stofmeel, m. mtudust 
Storregenen, w.drittle 
Stofregen. o. dizzling rain 
Stofscbelder, m. ekimist 
Sfoftcheiding, v. ehymistry 
Stofzand, o. dry sand 
Stoiscb, bv. stoical 
Stoken, v. kindle, make fire, 

stir the Jlre, bum'.provoke, 

incite, stir up. pick, distil 
Stokebrand, m. incendiary 
Stokebranden, w. kindle, in- 

ftame idistilUr 

Stoker, in. kindler, inciter, 
StokerU, v. dUHUerv 
Stok— 1e,m.«<ocik, stick, staff, 

auctioneer's hammer, roost 
Stokbeeld— -je* »• statue 
Stokbewaarder, in. gaoler 
Stokdrager; tn. constable 
Slokdweil —lie, m. mop 
Stoking, v.kiudling, distil- 

S tokklg, bv. stringy, voody 
Stoklautaarn— tje, v. cresset- 



Stoknar, m. mere fool 
Stokoiid, bv. very old, de- 

crepit (tude 

Stokouderdom, m. deerepi- 
Stokreeel —tje, w. maxim 
Stokroos — je, v. hoUyoak 
Stokslag, M. blow witk a 

StokstU, bv. atockstiU 
Stokaaiker, v. sugarcamdw 
Stokvigch. m. stochfisk 
Stokwaarder, m. gaoler 
Stol, V. piece, fragment 
Stollen, 10. clod, congeal 
StolUog, V. congeUUion 
Stoin, V. stum 
Stom, bv. dumb 
Stommen, w. stum 
Stomme, m. ^ v. dumb perfou 
Stommelen, w. bustle 
Stomp — je, m. stump ' 
Stomp, bv. blunt, dull, obtuse 
Stompen, to. stump, bUmt 
Stompbeid, v. blunineu, 

Stood, v.lime, kour,m0menl, 

turn; van stonden sao, 

Stond, pret. o/ataa 
Stonden, mv. mensee 
Stondig, bv. iimeous 
Stoof — je, o. stove 
^toof — de, stovende, sloven, 

stew, foment tpan 

Stoofpan — netje, v. stewtng- 
Stookoven —tie, o./umaee 
Stoop— Je, v.o^oKf twoqumrU 
Stoorder, m, disturber 
StoornlH, V. disturbance, of- 
„ fence [Hob 

Stoot — je, m. putk, tkrmst, 
Stootdegen, m. rapier 
Stootkant — je, v. kem 
StootTrij, bv. free from kmrm 
Stoof, V. stove, batk 
Stop -je,t». stopple, bung, 

Stopanker, o. sheetamchor 
Stopgaren, o. darning thread 
Stopnaald — je^ v. deaming 

Stoppel —tje, m. etubbU 
Stoppen, w. stop, prevent, 

ktuder, mend, dam, MU, 

satiate, give, bind, obstruct 
Stoppend, bv, binding, ob- 
Stopper —ye, m, stopper 
Stopping, V. stopping, ob- 

Stopverf, V. putty 
Stopwoord— je, o. expletive 
Stopsel, 0. bung, stopper 
Storen, w. disturb, offend, 

interrupt, vex 

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Steenhouwen, to. hev $timt 
ateealfottwer, m. stonecutttr 
SteeDlg,6i>. «ony 
Steeiiijf«D, w, $tone 
ffeenJgiiij, v. lapldation 
oteeoing', v. groaning 
Steeuka»k,r. limestone 
Steenklaver, v. nielilot 
8 teeDkolen, mv. pUcoal 
Steeakoolgruis, o. cnltn 
Stfenkooper, m. dealer in 

Steenkall, t.ttone-qwtrrf 
SteenoTeo, m. brickkiln 
Steenpokjet, mv. chiekenpox 
SteenpuUt — je,t>. &o« 
8teenraket,i;. blank- cfotsui 
SteenroUy v. rock 
Steenrait, v. rut 
Stceosiliper, m. tapidarg 
Steenantjder, m. stwecutter, 

operator/or the stone 
Steenstuk — je, o. pederaro 
steenvareD, v. hartstongue 
gteenull— Qe, tn.owl 
»<ee«i»aarder, steenwachter, 

m. goaler 
Stecnweg, m. paved road 
Steenworp, m. stoneslhrow 
ateenzager, f/i. stonecutter 
Steenzout, o. saltpetre 
Steenroogd, m, governor of a 

tovm or castle 
Steenvoogdij,!;. govemorskip 
Sttgel, sterelreep, m.stWrup 
Steiger— ye. m. stairs, step, 

quay, scaffold 
Sleigeren, to. raise, rise, 

rtiir, build, scaffolding 
Sleigerachti},', bv. rearing, 

Sieigering, v, rearing ,^rise, 

Stelger»chuit — je, w. pas- 

Steil, bv. steep 
SteilheldyV. steepness 
Steiioor — tje, »n. muls 
Steiloorig, bv. headstrong, 

Steilopgaande, bv. sleep 
Stfilte, v.iteepness, precipice 
Siel — letje, m. place, order, 

set i op Btel en gprong, in 

on instant 
Stelleu, w, set, place, put, 

tUHt, state, suppose} te 

vi^Gt f-XtWtn, to resist i le- 

geu stellen, to oppose; 
org'eiellen, to give bail; 
Ue wet Btelleo, to govern, 
to prescribe 
Stelkunet, v. algtbra 


Stelkunitlg, bv, algebrakal 
Stellaudje, v. scaffvld 
Steller, m. placer, supposer 
Stelling, V. proposUion, hy- 
pothesis, system, stand, 
Stelpen, w, stanch, stop, 

Stelping, V. stanching 
Stelregel.fv. algebra 
Stelregelkundige, in. alge- 
Stelt.v. $tiU 

Stelnel —tje, o. system, hy- 
pothesis, set 
Stem — nieije, v, voice, vote 
Stemmeii, to. vote, agree, 
grant, tune ^*r 

Stemguver, •temnu>r, m. vo- 
StemleidlDg, v. intonation 
Stemmeiootf^ bv. dumb, u>Hh- 

out a vote 
Stemtnelijk, bv. 4- 61O1 vacal, 

verbal, verbally 
Stemmig, bv. grave, sedate 
Stemmigheid, v. gravily 
Stemiuigltjk, bw. gravely 
Steniniiiig, v. voting, tuning 
StempeD, to. sianch 
Stempel —tje,m.mark,stamp 
Stempelen, 10. stawp, mark, 

imprint, coin 
Stempelaar, m. stamper 
Stempelslag, m. mark, stomp 
Stemval, v. cadence 
Stemverlieffiog, v. raising of 

the voice 
Steng, V. pote, perch, top- 
mast ; de groote steng, the 
maintopmast ,■ de fokke 
steng, theforetopmast ,• de 
bezaans ateng, the mizen- 
topmast ; de brainzell* 
steng, lAe topgallant Tuast 
Stengel— tje, m. stalk 
Ster, see star, and its deri- 
Sterf,8tierf, etorf,stervende, 

sterven, die 
Sterfbed,o. deathbed 
Sterfdag. m. dealh'tday 
Sterflijk, bv. mortal 
Sterflgkheid.o. mortality 
StcrfliuU, 0. house of the de- 
Sterriot, 0. manner of death i 
Sterfstond, v. sterfuur, 0. 

hour of death 
Sierfte, v. death, mortality 
Sterfval, m. death 
Sterk, Ov. strong, firm, hard, 
powerjul i kterk luaken, 
Sterken, 10. strengthen, for- 

STI 219 

Sterkheid, v..strenglh 
Sterking, v. strengthening 
Sterkjes, bw, strongishly 
Sterkte, v. strength, fortress 
Sterk water, o, aqnafortit 
Sterksel, 0. paste 
Sterne, v. front, forehead 
Sternlooa, bv, shameless 
SterTeUng,m.morla< ' 
Sterving, v, dying 
Steun —tje, tn. support "^ '^ 
Steaneo. to. support, test, 

lean, depend, groan 
Steuning, v, supporting 
SteunseT —tje, o, support, 

Steur. m. sturgeon 
Stearkrab, v. crayfish 
Stevel — ge, V. 600I 
Stevelen, to. boot 
Stevelknecbt, m. bootjack 
Steten, «. jiroto . stem, head ; 
over steren, /rout stem or 
Stevenen,to. steer, sail 
Stevig, bv, stiff, steady, solid 
Stevigheid, xf. stiffness, stea- 
diness, solidity 
Stichten, to. build, found, 
edify t brand stichten, to 
set on fire 
StichtelOk, bv, edifying 
Stichter, m. founder, edifier, 

StichtlBg, V. foundation, •• 

Stichtster, sticbtertche, «. 

Stlefbroeder, m, stepbrother 
Stierdochter — tJe, •. step- 
Sikfkind -Je> *>, stepchild 
Stiefmoeder, v. stepmother 
Stiefvader,**. stepjatker 
Stiefzoou —tje. m. stepson 
Stiefzuster -~tie, v. stepsister 
Stier, m, bull 
Stieren, to. steer, send 
Stiergevecht, m. bullfigt 
Stift, sticht, o. abbeu, diocese 
Stifien, to.jound, build, tit- 

Stifter, m. founder 
Stirling, V. foundation 
St\(ii«r,v. foundress • 

Stik-j«,m.«et, slip, stitch 
Stikken, v. stitch, stifle, 

choah, be stifled- 
S i\kdr A*d,v.stitching shread 
SUkker, m. stitcher 
Stikking, «. stitchingi sti- 
fling, suffocation 
Stiknaald, v. stitching needlo 
Stikster— tje, v. sempstress 
Stikwerk, v, embroidery 

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^18 STA 

Btadhoitwoord — je, o. !«»• 

Stadie, w ftirl&hf 
Stadtboek, o, cujf^ecordi 
Stadsbode, «. apparitor 
8tad«febled,o. eUp-JurUdlc' 

Stadadiraamr, m'. eomtabU 
Stadtreit, o. privilege •ftkt 

eitff, (Uf'iuritdienan 
StadsreffUter, o. eity-records 
SUdsecbrUTcr, m. tov>melerk 
"Sudswapeo, o. eilp'ormt 
Stadvoogd, M. govtmorqf a 

Staffier, m. tlaff-beorer 
S<ag, V. »tay$ i de fffoote 

•ta^, the mainslayt 
Stag^elen, ». «la»i/> 
Stagtonw, o. flay« 
Starxell — ge, o, slaytait 
Stal— leOe,ni. stable, itatt 
SuUen, w. «/aM«, «(at(, p«l 

StaThuur, alabte rent 
Stalkaart, v. toill-o^the-wlip 
SialkDecht, m. ostler, groom 
Sialkruid, o. restkarrow 
Stalling, V. ttable, stabling 
Stalmeester, m. master ^ 
_ tkf horse, slabtekeeper 
StAlp\*itn,v. stable 
Stalpoort, o. gateway 
Stam,M. Hem. aluck, trunk, 

treq, race, ttlbt 
Stammen, v. descend 
Stamboek, o. genealogy 
Stamboom, m. genealogical 

Stammeren,tB. stammtr 
^Ummeraar, m. stammtrer 
Stammering, v. stammering 
Stambuls, o. race, pedigree 
Stampen, w. stamp, ram, 

pound, lost, work 
Stampeijen, w. hector 
Stamper ->qe, m. stampei, 
rammer, pounder, pestle, 
^ beetle '^ * ^ [ing 

Stamppaarlen, mv. seedpearl 
Staropstooten, w. toss, work 
StaropToeteD,tp. stamp 
Stararader, m. ancestor 
Stand — f e , m. Hand, station, 
situation, eonditiou, state ; 
In stand blljven, to exist , 
stand houden, to subsist, to 
continue, to stand s stand' 
^ Jgri\pen. to take e feet 
Standaard, m. standard 
Staodaarddrager, m. stan- 

BtandbCild -je, o.statno 


Standelkruld, (o. aatyrioti 
Staoder — Oe, m. axle 
Standboudtng, v. continmamce 
StaDdpednlag, v. model 
Standplaau, v. stftndimg- 

place, Hation,situation 
Standsgelegeoheid v, situ- 
Staudvaatig. bv» eonstaui 
SUndTastlgneid.v. constancy 
Stang, V. perch, pole, twig 
Stanfc -je, m. stink' 
Stap — je, m. step,paC0. 
Stappen, w, step 
Supel --tje, m,pUe, stapU, 

Stapelen, w, heap, pile 
Stapelreden. v. sorltet 
Stapstee —tie, u./ootstep 
Stapvoets, bw, a footpace 
Star— retje, v. star 
Starllcht, 0. starlight 
Staroogen, w.^tare, par* 
Starrekunde, v. astronomy 
Starrekaodig, bv. astronomi- 
Starrekandige, starrekuoste- 

naar, m. astronomer 
Starrekandigmk, bw, astro- 

Starrekiiker, m. astrologer 
Starrekijker(j, ttarrekyk* 

kunde, V. aHrology 
Starrekijkkundig, bv, astro- 

Starrellcht, o. starlight 
Starrciichaus, v. pentc^onal 

Starre.chouw, r. starrezlgt, 

o. horoscope 
•Statueeren, w.ordahs 0/ stad 
Stee, stede, v. stead, place 
Stede, V. town ; hier te«tede, 

in this town 
Stedebouder, m.deputy, vicar 
Stedeken, steedtje, 0. little 

Stedeltng, m. townsman 
Stedelijk, steedvcb, bv, ur- 
ban, civic 
Steeds, bw. always, ever 
Stedewaardt, bw, toward^ 
the city m 

Steef, pret. of stijf 
Steeg — je, v. lane, alley 
Steeg, bv.nstive 
Steeg. />rW. o/stUg . 
Stegelreep — Je, v, Hirrup 
Stregbeid, v. resliveness 
SteeK— je, m. stitch, point, 
prick, stab, sting, pass. 

Wipe, twitch 
Sleek, -• 

stak — ende / 



stiMf.' stab, stick, priei, 

scorch, smart, nettle ^amek, 

PMti daar steekt reeo 

Kwaad in, there is no harm 

. tn i< ; na de kroon stdten, 

to via de gek steken, to 

play the fool; de moord 

iteken, to be murder' 

ed; de walif steken, to 

loath / run lands teken, to 

put to tea: de wind ateekt 

op, the wind enereaset 

Sterkan, m. about Ave gaUsms 

Steekbekken —lie, «. bedpan 

Steekdlcht — je, o. oallra 

Steli«bliod, bv.Mtoneblind 

Stekel — tje,m. stiug, vriekle, 

Stekelbaars — Je, v. minnow 
St ekeibe ale — tje, v. goost- 

Slekelfg, bt.priekty, sharp, 
satirical ' l*«r 

StekeUarken — tje, o.ktdgs- 
Steker — tje, m. stinger, 
- slabber 

Steklog, V. stinrimg, stab- 
bing, slUch 
Steckgeweer,o. itobbinr arms 
Steekpalm. v. holly oak 
Steekpenning, m, bribe, fee 
Steekpil — leije, v, supposi- 
tory [mfut 
Steekspel — lelje, 0, touma- 
Steekfry, bv.iuuutnerable 
Steekwerk,o. embroidery 
SteekUier — tje, o. bmrin 
Steel— tje, m. stalk, stem, 

Steel.Ktal— ende— en. steal 
Steelder, steler, m. thitf 
S teelleden , mv. t o wns people 
SteelswUxe, bu. ty stealth 
Steelziek, bv. thieviih 
Steemao, m, townsman 
Steen— fje. m. stone, hriek, 
prison ,- een steendes aao- 
Btoots, a stumbling block 
8teenen,ie. groan 
Steenachttg, bv. stony 
Steenbakker.nt. briekmaker 
Steenbakkerij.v. brickkiln 
Steenbok, m. wild goat, Ca- 
Sttfenbreek, v. saxifrage 
Sieenbrekend, bv, sacifra- 

Steenf , bv. stone 
Steenelke, m. ilix 
Steengraver, m, stonecutter 
Steengroeve, v. stoneguarrf 
Sleengrais. o. gravel 
Steengraistg, 6v. gravelly 
Siecnboop — je, m. heap v 
stones, or bricks 

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treakeliuir» v.sprinhliHg 
ireokvleescb, o. powdered 
&*</■ Isipelat 

irenkvnur, o. shituftet, ery- 
>renkwater, o. Am^ water 
>reuk — je, v, emymg^pro' 
9«rb s 

iriet — je, v. yard, bowsprit, 
javelin f spear 
>rietoogen, tr. pore upon 
i>riDg, V. spring, founiain 
prip/r, sprong — ende —en, 
*prtMg, leap, jump, burst, 
blow up, ship, chop ; In de 
bofft springen, to nwA in 
dsifsneei spriugend vuur, 

pringader, springbron, v. 
tfprtng, fouHtainhead 
prioger—^e, m. leaper 
pringhengitt, m. stallim 
pringkruTd, 9. spurge 
pringnet— Je, 0. springnet 
prlngHtok— je, m,poU 
priDgt^d, V. spring 
pringvloed, m. springtide 
i prink — je, v. knot 
•priokhaan — ije, m. grass- 

hopper,, locust 
'iproet -}e,v./reehle 
•proetachtig'— telig —t\g,bv. 

(proetigheid, o.Jrectleduess 
iprokkelmaand, v. Februarp 
$prokkelbloem — pje, v. ytlr 

low daffodil 
Jprong— tje, in. leap, jump, 

spring, caper 
Sprook — je,v./a{tf 
Sprot — Je, V. sprat 
Spruit— je, V. tprout, sprig 
Spruit, aproot —ende — eo, 

sprout, tpring, arise 
Spruitgewas, 0. plant 
Sprnitkool, v. eoUnoort 
Sprnw, V. thrush, pip 
Spu i — ^e, n. Sluice, loch, 

Spuig, spoog -eode -eny^pil, 

Spnit — je, V. spout, squirt 
Hpitten, V. spout, tquirt 
Spurgie, m. tpuige 
Sparrie, v. woodroee 
Spuwen,t0. spit, vomit 
Sptik, v.lspikenard 
SpQker — tje, m. noil, farm, 

SpijkereD, w. nail 

SpQkerboor — Ije, 0. gimlet 

Spijkerhandel, m.nail'itade 

SpUkerkooper, m. nail-mer- 

Spilkerniand,v.&a«Ae< of nails 

Spljkerachoeu, *a. clown 


SpUkervmH, m. nailor 
SpiJkerwinkel — ^e, m. nail- 

SpiikolH, V. oU of spike 
Spfll— tje. r. spar, bar 
Splta, V. food, meat 
Spijs — de ^-sende— xen/<«d, 

eat, dine 
SpUibereider, m. cook 
Spflskamer —tie, v. larder 
SpHskelder— ye, m.pantip 
Sphskooper, m. victualler 
Spflskramer, m. suttler 
Spgsmeeater, m. caterer; 
Spflatafel, v. diningtable 
Spfiarerzorger, m, purveyor 
Spijt,v. spite, vexation, grief ; 
— aandoeu, to vex; mij te 
— .lin spite of me I — zHn 
bakhuls,<n spUe of his teeth 
Spy t apeet —ende —en, vex, 
hurt, grieve, irk, displease, 

spUefkl, crass 
-- spitefulness 
. . „ - , .spitefully 

Spl zigeu, to. /red 

SpQaiging, v. feeding 

Staa, atond —ode — n, stand, 
stop, fit, suit, become,insist, 
cost, he about to: tk — toe, 
I allow; ataan bl^vcn, to 
stand, to continue: tekoop 
ataan, be exposed to sale ; 
te buor ataan. to let, to be 
leti >t aUat *er mee a la g ij 
zlet, it is at you see ; dat 
ati at.aan hem.f Aaf depends 
upon him: bet ataat m^ 
tpgen, / have an aversion 
totti na ataan, to aspire, 
to stand far; laten ataan, 
let alone, leave off; staande 
'bonden, 'to maintain ; op 
ataande Toet, immediately 

Staaf-Je,». 6ar 

Staaf — de, <taTende,ataTen , 

Staag, v. tack; over ataag 
amyten, to loch about 

Staag, bv. steady, constant 

Staagjeft-aan, bw, gently, 

ttaak — Je, m, stake, pott 
taken, 10. cease, leave off, 
end, iemtinale, forbear 

Staking, v. cessation, termi- 

Staal —tje, 0. steel, sample 

^Xzti\,bv, steel 

Staalen, to. steel, harden, 
dye, plumb 

Staalhard,6v. hard as steel 

Staalbartig, bv, tteelhearted 

Staalmeenter, m. aftiztr 

STA 5217 

Staande, bw, during 
Staanplaata, v. standing 

Staaren, w. stare, pore 
Staart —tje, r. tail, train, 

rear, remnant 
Staartelooa, bv. wUhont a 

Staartrlem — pje,m , crupper 
SUAeUtAT,v, comet 
Staat, m, state, situation, 

condition, quality, estate, 

establishment, calculation, 

statement, reffance 
Staatdame, v.maid of honour 
Statelijk. bv. 4- &i0. stately 
State mkheid, v,Jtateliness 
StatenSode, m. apparitor 
Statendom , 0, commonwealth 
Statenkamer, v. eounell ef 

state ^ 

Staatgierlg4 6v. arrogant, 

S tatig . bv. grave, statelr 
Statigfaeid, v, stateliness 
SUtlgiyk, bw. gravely 
Staatlonker.m. page 
Staauuffer.v. maid tff honour 
Staatkande, v. policy, po- 

Staatkandig, bv. political 
Staatkundlge, m. politician 
Staatkundigl^k, bw, poli- 
Staatsbediende, ataatadie- 
naar,m.«it^u/«r 0/ stale 
Staatbeatier, o. government 

of tke slate 
S taataie, v.eom^, procession 
Staatalegraf, 0. cenotaph 
Staatsregeerlng, v, govern- 
StaatsTeranderlng, ataats- 

wiaseling.v. revolution 
Staatavergadering, v. asemr 

of the state 
Staataverwant, m, colleague, 

Staatzttcht, v. ambition 
Staatzucbtig, bv. ambitious 
StaatszucbtlgUJk, 6tf. am- 
Staving, v. con^rmalion 
Stad — je, V. cUy, town 
S tade, V. stead ; te atade, in 

Stadgenoot, m, fellow-cilixen 
Stadbouder, m, etadholder 
Stadhouderiyk, bv, apper- 
taining to ithe stadtholder 
or his officer 
Stadbouderacbap, •. stadhol^ 

Stadbuis — Je, o,UsmkoiM* 

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8|rinrok, iphiitok — J«* «•• 

Spiatter —ye, v. tphuter 
Sptnt — Je, 0. peeA 
Spin tig, b», moMf toft 
SpiOD, m. <py, «efliw/ Jm- 
»pH-Je, o. $pU, fmek, spade, 

flpitten, V. «pif , dif 
Spitdraaijer, m. tumspU 
ftpltB— je, V. poivt, pinaele 

tpire. top, head 
Sptu, bv»point«d, tkarp 
Spitseo, w. point, impale 
Spitoboef— Je, m, rogne, com- 
Spiubroeder, m, comrade 
SpittbeldfV. tkarpneujtoinl- 

Spitsig, bo, pointed 
Bpluroede, v. twiteh,gmmt' 

SpiUTlndiirtieM, v. enbtUtp, 

guicknees o/comprekenHon 
SpitsTiDdiffUJk, bw.tubtty 
SpitsTlndif, ov, ^karp,tarea$- 

BplUTindirheid, v.skarpnen 
SpitsvindiglHk, 6r. sharply, 

Spitter — tje, m, detver 
8pleet-le, v. clejt, chink, 

slit, split, fissure 
Spleet, prH. of splUt 
Spletig, bv.futl of chinks 
Splint, 0. ready money 
Splinter— ye, M. splinter 
Spllntcren, «o. splinter 
Splinterif ,6v^lf of splinters 
Splinteriuew, bv. spick and 

span new 
BpiisseD, w. splice 
Splissing, V. splicing 
Splitraiter— ye, v. 

Bplltsen, w.divide, split 
Splitsing, V. division 
Splijt, spleet— ende— eOffplU 
SplftslDg, V. splUting 
Spoed, V. spetd, ka»te 
Spoeden, w. speed, hiuten 
Spoedig, bv, 4" bw, speedy, 

Spoedigbeid, v. speedlnes* 
Spoedigiyk, btp. speedily 
Spoel, V. ieeaver*s qnill 
Spoelen, w. loash^rinse, wind 
Spoelbak -Je, m. washimg-tiA 
SpoeliDg, V. washing, wash 
Spoelkom— aelje, ^, bason 
Bpoelwater, o. wash 
^pog, o.spUtle 
SpokerlJ, «. apparition 


•Spolleeren, w. despoil 
Sponde, v. bed, conchjbedtido 
Sponda— je, v. bung 
Spondsgat, o. bungkolo 
SponDltiff— Je, V. groove 
Spons— Je, V. spnnge, parek- 

Sponsea, w. sketch pounce 
Sponsachtig, bv, spungy, 

Sponsachtigheid, v. spungi' 

Spook— J e, o. ghost 
Spookeu, w. haunt, walk 
Spookgoden, mv, manes 
Spooksel. 0. spirit, ghost 
Spoor— tje, v.spur 
Spopr— tje, *. trace, track, 
footstep, 4road ; *t spoor b^- 
8ter, beside the mark, at a 
Spooreo. w. spur, perceive 
SpoorbiMter, bv. erorUtant 
SpoorbUaterheld, v. exorbi- 
SpoorbijsterlUk, bv, exorbi- 
Spoorbond, m. bloodkouud 
Spoorloos, bv. extravagant 
Spoor lootbeid, v. extrava- 
Spoormaker, m, spurrier 
Spoortlaags, bv. iu full gal- 
Sporrelen, w. wrestle 
Sporreliog, r. wre«l/iRf 
Sport— je, V. step 
Spot, M. moohi den spot 
drijren, to mahe game ; ten 
spot staan, to be a laugh- 
ing sloch 
Spotteo, w. mock, scqff, jeer, 

joke, ridicule 
Spotaebtig; bv, »co0lng,jecr- 

Spotooef — je, m, jester, wag 
Spotreden, v. scoff, jeer, 

Spotspraak, v. irony 
Spotftwtize, bw. lawghimgly, 

jeeriurly, ironically 
SpottelOk, bv. ^ bw, ridicu- 
lous, scomngly 
Spotter— ye, m. mocktr,scef- 

Spotternij, v. mockery.iest 
SpotTOgei— ye, m. mocking- 
bird, scoffer, jester 
Spotwooro, 0. scoff, taunt 
Spouwen, w. split, spit 
BpduwiDg,v. splUting 
Spraak, v. speeck, language 
Spraaksieraad, o, ornament 

of speech 
Sprakelijk, bv, affable 


Spraakgeleerdheid, v,fueuM 
dily ^ Itiam 

Spraakeelaid, o. prtmmmcfm- 
Spraakhoiiden ,o,dise 0m r a im g 
Spraakhouding, v,diseomrte, 

Spraakkandig, bv. okiUed i» 

SpraakkuDSt, v. grenmntar 
Spraakkanstenaar, as. fram~ 
marian it teal 

Spraakkonstig, &v. gramma- 
SpraakkuMiigiykftao. gram" 

Sprakeloo9, bv. speechUu 
Spraakmeester, a. smaater 

of languages 
SpraaktooD.m. tone, aeeam 
Spraakaitlng, v. dialect 
SpraakTerbeekUng, v. pro$9' 

Spraakw^xe, v. idtom 
Spraaktaam, bv, affable 
Spraakxaambeid,«. affability 
Spraakzaamlijk, bw.affiMjf 
Sprank- je, v. spark 
Sprankel— ye. v. spmkle 
Spreek,- sprak — ende —en, 
speak, say ; te na spreken, 
to slander; op zijn sprekeo 
letten, to mind wkat one 
saps; nademond sprekeo, 
to /tatter 
Spreekacbtig. fro. logmaeioms 
Spreekhais— je, o. auditory 
Spreekkamer— ye. v. parlour 
Spreekpiaats, v. forum 
Spreekster. v. speaker 
SDreekstoel, m. tribune, ros- 
SpreektroBipet— je, v. speak- 
ing trumpet 
Spreekwoord — je» o, proverb 
SpreekwoordeUjk, bv. ir bw, 

proverbial, proverbially 
Spreekwijxe, v.pkrate 
Spreekxaal— ye, v. auditory, 

Spreeaw -tie, v. ilarlimg, 

scoffer, jester 
Spreeawen, w. jest, scoff 
Sprecuwbecie, v.sorbappie 
Spreeuwbeiieboom, m. sorb- 
SpreQ— ye, v. coverlid 
Spreijen, spreld -de 

—en, spread 
Spreidlng, v, spreading 
Spreker —ye, m. speaker sprinktc M m d e r 
Sprenging, v. sprinkOng 
Sprengkwast— je, v. sprtntle 
Sprenkel -tie,mapot,sprinkle 
Sprenkelen, w, sprinkle, spot 
^prenk^lMr, m. sprinUer 

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BpeceriJ, v. $pUe 

Specbt — J«> V. \gwdpecUrt 

vSpeciaal. bv. tpecial 
«SpeclaaUijk, bw. tpeeiallp 
•Specie, V. tpecuSf tort, 

tpecie, cathf coin, money 
•Speciflcatie, r. tpeciftcation 
•Specificeeren, w. tpecify 
•Spectateur, m. speeMor 
•Spectatorteel, Ov. speelative 
«Speculatie, v. speculation 
•Specula Uef) bp. speculative 
•Speculeeren, w« speculate 
Speek — je, v. spoke 
Speek«el, o. spittle 
Speekselachtif , frtr. salivary 
Speeieo, to. play, act, allude, 

daUy, line, sparkle 
Speelacbti;, bv. playful 
5pe^lacbUgbeid» v. playfid- 

Speelacbtiglijk, be. playfuUy 
Speelbaan — 0«> «• ptaying' 

Speelda;, m. playday 
Speelder, upeeler — ^e* m. 

player, actor, gamester 
Speeremeljeoi w. pleasure 
Speeleeld* o. pinmoney, 

Speelgenoot — Je, m. play- 
Speel^evecht, ol mockjight 
Speelf oed, o. playthings 
Speelhof — je, o. pleasure- 
garden ibfothcl 
Speelhuis, 0. gamtnghoust, 
Speelhuisje, o. summerhouse 
ttpeeljacbt — Je, o.pleasure- 

Spcelkaart, v. playing-card 
8peelkindr-je, 0. bastard 
Speelkoecbt, m. brideman 
SpeelUeden, «n«. players, 

Speelmaagd, v. bridemaid 
Speelmakker — ^e, m. play- 
Speelman. nt. musician 
Speel^eid, Bpeelmeisje, v. 

bridemaid, plat/fellow 
Speelooot —Je, m. brideman, 

Speelpop— je, w. doll, puppet 
Speelrels — je, y, party of 

SpeeliCh, bv. playful, wan- 
ton, salacious, proud 
Speelschijf— Jei v. counter 
Speelster — tje, v. gamester, 

plover, actress 
Spee(tafel-tje, v. cardiable, 

gaming table 
Speeltoneel— ije, 0. stage 


Speeltnig , o.playtkingt, mu- 
/ sical instrument 
Speettuigmaker, «i. musical 

instrument maker • 
Speelwagen — ^e, m, open 

SpeelzieK, bv. gamesome 
Speen, v. udder, dug, piles 
SpeeneB. to. wean 
Speentng, 1;. weaning 
Speenkniid, o.figwort 
SpeenUng, m. weanling 
Speev —ye, v. spear 
Speerruiter, tn. lanceman 
S pee ten. to. broach 
Speetaaf, m. roasted etl 
Steelje, 0. skewer 
Spek, 0. pork, land, blubber, 

bacon ; gerookt tpek, bacon 

Spekken, to. lard, provide 
Spekklg, bv.fat, plump 
Spekprleni — pje, v, larding- 

Spekslager, m.porkbuteher 
Spckverkoopcr, m. porkman 
SpeKwlakel— tje, m.porksHop 
Spekxwoord, o. rind of pork 
Spel — letje, o. play, game 
Spellen, to. spell 
Speld— Je, V. pin ' 
Spelden, w. pin 
Speldebakie, 0. pinbasket 
Speldegeld, 0. pinmoney 
Speldekoker —tje, v. needle- 
case ^cushion 
Speldekudsen —tje, o. pin- 
Spekleiuaker, m. pinmaAer 
Speldewerk, o. bonelace ■ 
Speldewerken, to. makebone- 

Spelkuntt. v. ortkographv 
Spellrboek — je, o. spelling- 
Spelling, V. spelling 
Spelonk, t;, cave, de» 
Spelte, V. spelt 
Speltemaand, v. September 
•SpeDdeereo, 10. spend 
Sperreo, to. stretch open, 

Sperwer, m. sparkawh 
Speureo, to. perceive 
Speurhond— Je, m. bUodkmtd 
Spiauter, 0. tulenague 
Sple — Ue» V. peg, ventpeg 
Spi«de, w. spy 
Spiegaty 0. scupper hole, 

Spiegel— tje, o.tooking-glass, 

mirror, glass, example, 

Spiegelen, to. look in a look- 

ing-gUus, lake warning, 

take example 
Spiegelboog, m. stem 

SPI 215 

Spiegeldaad, v. exemplary 

Spiegelgerecht, Or mockfigkt 
Spiegelglad, bv. astmoolh as 

a loohing-gtass 
Spiegelglas, 0. plate glass 
Spie^elkooper, m. vcndtt of 

lookhig-g lasses 
Spifcgellijtt— fje, V. frame of 

a looking-glass 
Spiegelroaker, tn. maker of ^ 

SpiegeUchip, 0. square stern- 

ed vessel 
Spiegelvisci), v.johndorv 
Spiegel winkel —tje, m. look- 

ing- glass-shop 
Spier— Ije, v. muscle, spinal 

marrow , 

Spieracbiig, bv. musculous ■ 
Spiering — je, nt. smelt 
Spiervogel— tje, v. martin, 
Spierwit, bv. lUy-vohUe 
Spies — je, V. spear, javelin, 

Splesdrager, in. pikeman 
Spiesglas, 0. antimoiiy 
Spigtfg, bv. slender, tall,lank 
Spigtigheid; V. slendernets 
Spikkel —tje, m. speck, spot 
Spikkeien, to. speckle 
^pikkelig, bv. spUkled 
Spikspelder, bw. spick and 

Spit— letje, v. pivot, spindle, 

hinge, axis, capstan, focil 
SpiHen, to. waste, spend 
Spilbedde, v. keelson 
Spillebeenen,to. walk sham- 

Splllebeen, m. longshanks 
Splllemaag, m. maternal re- 
Spillezijde, v. mother's side 
Spilpeoning, m. spendthrift 
Spin, V. spider 
Spin, »pon — nende — utn, 

spin, fret 
Spmagie, v. spinage 
Spinde —tje, t;. cupboard, 

Spinder, m. spinner 
Spinet — je, o. spinet 
Spinbuis, 0. workhouse, house 

of correction 
Spinnejager, spinnekopvr- 
ger, m. long broom 

Splnnekop — je, m. spider 

Spinneverdriet, m. fretftU 

Splnneweb, v, cobweb 

Splnnewiel— tje, 0. spinning- 

Spiarag — je, v. cobweb 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

214^ SOB 

SnoodeUjk.ftw. teM/y, wiek- 

edty [uimf 

Snooaheid, v. batenefi, can 
Sonrreo, w. wkiz 
iinorkeD, w, snore, snorts va> 
. pour, swagger 
Snorker, n. $norer, twag- 

Snorkerij, v. rodomontadt 
SnorkiiifT, v. swaggering 
Snot, o. tnot 
Snotachtig, 60. mneous 
Sno^ongen, snotneos —Je, 

M. anoUy-Hosed boy 
Suot«chraper, m. barbtr 
flnottebel, v. tnot 
Snotterlr, tnottig, bv, tnotty 
Sootterlf bek), v. tnottinets 
Snuf— je, r. twang , scents 

SnafTen, w. leent 
Soiiffel -de —ende —en, 

tnnfift leardh, snujfflt 
Snuflfelaar— tje, m. tnHfier 
Snur, snugger, bv.tprightlp 
Sniirr -^je^tf. tnuff", pinch of 

Snuif -'de, snnivende, snul- 

ven. take tnvffi^nugF 
Snuirdoos — je, w, snuffbox 
Snuiftabak, v. snuff 
Siiuisterini, tDuisteitJ, «. 

toys, kntckknacks 
Snull — je, m. snout, trunk, 

probosci*,prnDf coarse fiax, 

Snuit,tnoot— ende— en, tnuff", 

nose, rook, blow oneU nosi 
Snuildoek — je, v. pocket 

Souiter — jCf w« pdr efsnvf- 

Jers, candlesnuffer 
Snuiterbak — je, m. tnuffer- 

Snuiting, V. snuffing, blowing 

of the nose 
Snuitsel, o.fftii/f 
Snuiver — ije, m. snufftaher 
Siiij, tneed — dende —den, 

cut, carve, engrave, etch , 

geld,suphistical€, cut up, 

impose upon 
SniWer — je, m. cntter,tailor 
Snijding, V. cutting, car- 
ving, sec^ion^ stanza, stop 
Suiidsel, o.cuttingtiClivpingit 
Siinkatner, v. surgeon*s hall 
SuijkunUc, V. anatomy 
S.iijnie* -rje^ v. carving- 
knife, pruHing-knife 
Snijtiiig, V. edged tools 
611 ij M erk, 0. carted tooik 
Sobvr, bv. poor, mean, spare, 

BobereereD,w. live sparingly \ 

Soberhdd, v. sobritty 
Soberiyk, sobertjei, 610* to- 

f>*Tly, poorly 
•Socieleit, v. toeiety 
Sodom ie, v. sodomy 
Sodomlet. m. sodomite 
Sodomietiscb, v. sodomitieal 
Soebatten, w. crouch, sub- 
mit basely, beg fawningty 
Sofijkruid,o. fiixwort 
Sok — je, V. soch 
Sollen, w. toss, fumble 
Soldaal — je, m. soldier 
Soldaier^i, v. soldtety 
•Soldeeren, w. soldier 
Sold^. v,pay 

SoldhKaotoor, 0. p^y-offiee 
Roldijmeestfr, m. paymaster 
<*Solemneel. bv. solemn 
•Solemniteit, v. solemnity 
Solfer, m. sulphur 
Solferachtig, bv. tulphui'ous 
*iioMe,bv. solid 
•SoMheU, v. solidity 
SoileboUen, w, tumble head 

over ears 
•Sollicitade, soUeUation 
"Solliciteeren, w. solicit 
Solliciteur m. attorney, 

proxy, solicitor 
-Som, 8omine— tje, 9. sum 
Somber, bv. melancholy, sad, 

dark, gioomy 
Somberbeid, v. gloom 
.*Soinmatie, v. summons 
*Sommeeren, w, summon 
Sominige, vn. some 
Somi^dH, gouwijien, 610. 

somt times 
Sondeeren, w. sound 
Soon —Ije, v. si.n, /.Ind 
Sorteeren, to. sort, assort; 

effect eorteeren, to take 

SorJee>lng, v. assortment — 
Sop — je, V. broth, porridge, 

Soppen, w. sop, dip 
Soppig, bv. juicy 
Sorbe, t>. sorbapple 
Sorbeoboora, m. sorbapple 

Sorbet, m. sherbet 
•SottUe, V. folly 
Souda, V. kali 
Soudeeren, w. solder 
Soudeering, v. soldering 
Soudeersel, 0. solder 
*Soulaas, tn, consolation, 

*Soulagecren, w. console 
•Soulagenjcat, 0. consolation 
^^SoutcoeercQ, w. sustain 
•Souvereln, m. sovereign 
jipaa, spade, v. spade 

.spaa, apade, bw, late 
Spaak— je* *« U^er^ spatr 

Spaakea, w. split 
Spaan— tje, 0. splinter, ekif, 

Spaander —tje, r. chip 
Spaarbenden. mv. reserve 
Spaarder —tje, m. sparer 
Spaargeld, 0. sparemaney 
Spaarpot— ie, v. christmaS" 

box, hoard 
SpaanaajB, bv, sparing, 

Spaaraaamheld, v. frugoUty 
Spaarzaaml^k, bwupartngfy 
Spaasteeken. w, quit 
SpaasteekiDg, v. quitting 
Spadeling, m. late fruit 
Spalk — Je, V. splint 
Spalkea, 10. splint, spread 

open, gape 
Spalking, v. splitting ,gmping 
Span, V. span 

Spaonen, w. stretch, span, 
tune, bend, cock, put h<,rs<» 
to a carriage, pinck i de 
▼lerscUaar cipaaneu, to as- 
semble a court of justice i 
de kroon spannen, to excel 
Spaubreed, o. spanks breadth 
Spange, v. sptmgle 
Spanning, v. stretching, ten- 
sion; bending f bar 
Spauriem, v. stirrup 
SpdMseercQ, «0. waih 
Spanseerder, th. walker 
Spanaeering, v. walking, 

Spant, V. rafter, joist 
Spantauw— tje, v, tigkt rope 
Spanzaag— je, v. framed taw 
Spanzel, 0. that which is 

Spar, v. spar, shingle 
Sparen, w. spare, save 
Spargie —tje, v. asparagus 
Spargiebooea mv'. Ptench 

Sparing, v- sparing, paving 
Sparreboom, v.firtree 
Sparrenbout, v.Hrwood 
Spartelen, w. ktUier, leap, 

wrestle, sparkle 
Sparielaar, m. fiutterer 
Spartelig, bv, fiuttering, 

Sparteltng, v. fluttering, 

leaping, colluetation 
Spat— je, V. spec, spot, pop- 
gun, spavin 
Spatten, w. spot 
Spatel —tje, m. spatula 
«Spaiie, V. space 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

'Bmetteiyk, bv, ewtagUmi 
Smealeo, w. tmoutder, toll - 
Smeuren, w. daubf dirty 
S mids, V. forget $mithery 
Smidt — Je, m. $mUh 
SmidUkooIen, mv.Mtacwul 
Smldsoren — ^o, o, forge 
Smidtswlnkel —ti^^m.fmithU 

thop r fellow 

Smfent — je. tn. widgeon, 
Smieaterlf, bv, beggarly 
Sini88e,o. emithery 
Smlt —ib,m. emith 
Sniodderen, w, $mut 
Smodderig, bv. smutty 
Snuoddermallen, 10. tmaek 
Smoddig»6v. natty, dirty 
Sraoel —tie, m. muzzle, 

month, face 
Smokkelen, 10. smuggle 
Smokkelaar — tje, m, tmiq[' 

gter, sharper 
Sinook, v^ smoke 
Stooordronken,bv.dead drunk 
SmooT\keet,bv. excessively hot 
Smoorpan.v. slewpan 
Smoken,w. smoke 
Smoker — tje» <"• *moker 
Smoren, w. smother, stifle. 

suppress, stow 
SmoTlnip, V. 

'8— ]e,i>. 


8 mots — 3e, v. trull 
Smous — je, m,jew 
Smonssen, w. cheat 
Smout, o.fat, grease, lard ni«M 
9mQig, bv. underkand ; ter 

sniuig, secretly 
Smuigea, id. do or eat in se- 
Smul. V. cheer, good cheer 
Small en, w. gormandize, eat 
Smnlbaard — je, m. gorman- 

Smallig, bv. greasy, nasty 
SmalpartU — Ue» v. junket' 

SmUdig, bv. malleable 
Smud\fen,w. soften 
Smtldigheld, v. malleability 
SmOt, sra'eet — ende —en, 

cast, throw, fling, smite 
8m f J ter, m. filnzer 
Snaak — je» "•• droll, fellow 
Snakerij — tje, v. drollery 
Snaakfcb, bv. droll, comical 
Snaar —tje, v. string, wire 
Snaar. bv. quick, llvely,hAty 
Snaarlied, o. psalm , hymn 
Snaarspeelder, m, cilnaust 
Snaaaw —tje, v. suatl, ri- 

proof, SHOW 
SaaaoWen, w, snarl, snap, 


Snaauwachtig, bv.narUng, 

Snaanwer, m. tnaaawiter, v. 

snarler, chider 
Soak — je, in. gasp 
Snakkeu, w. gasp, desire, 

long , aspire 
Snap — jc, V. snap, snatch 
Snap, o. chat, talk, tattle 
SaappeD, to. snap, snatch, 

chat, tattle 
SDapachtig, bv, tattling 
Snaphaan —tie, m. Jtrehek, 

fusee, fuHleer 
Snapper — ije, m. tattler, 
talker [tie 

Saapperij —tje, v. talk, tat- 
8 naps, o.lal* 
Soapgter — ^e, ». gossip, 

Snar. bv. snappish 
SDarbeid,t;. mordacity 
Soater —tje, m. mouth 
Snateren, to. chatter 
Snateraar —tje, m. talker 
Snaterachtig, spaterig, bv. 

Saatersnel snaTelsnel, 0. e- 

ternal talker 
Snavel —tje, m. snout 
~Sneb, V. bill, beak, snout 
Snebbig, bv, snappish 
Snee —tje, snede, v. cut, 
cleft, slice, edge, stroke, 
section, stm, division ; regt 
ter snee, just to the pur- 
Stked\g,bv. sharp, shrewd, 

Snedig, sncdigl^k, bw. 
shrewdly, attentively, 

swiftly, cleverly 
Snedigheid, v. shrewdness 
Sneer— de,8aevcnde. sncven, 

to. perish 
Sneeg — je.fii. cheat, sharper 
Snees, v. score 
Snee«— de, snezende, snezen, 

Sneenw, v. snow 
Sneeowen, to. snow 
Sneenwacbtig, sneeuwig, bv, 

Sneuwbal —let\e,m. snowball 
Sneeawvlok — Je, v, flake of 

Sneuwwater, 0. fuoioimiler 
Sneeuwwit, bv. snowwhite 
Snel, bv. sw\ft,nimble,quiek, 

Snenen,io.rt(n swiftly, hast en 
Snelbeid, 8nelIigheid,v.irtoVi(- 

neKS, rapidity 
Snelloopend, bv. rapid 
Sneliijk, (v. sw if tip f rapidly 



Snep — je, v. snipe 
Snerken, w.fry 
Snerpen, to. nip 
Snert, v. pease-porridge 
Sneakelen, to. frequent bro- 
thels , 
Sneovelen, w. perish, die 
Snibbe, v. shrew 
Snlk -je, v. gasp, sigh, tab 
Snikken, w, gasp, fob 
Snikbeet, bv, quite hot 
Snip — je, o. snipe 
Snlppeo, to. nip, snip 
Snippel —tje, v. snip,shred 
Snippelen, to. snip, clip 
Snlppeliug — je, v. clipping, 
shred [shred 

t nipper — ^e, m. snipper, 
nipsneeuw, t;. driven snow 
Snoef — de, sDoevende,8no«- 

ven, brag 
Saoei)en,io. lop, prune, clip 
Snoeime* — je, 0. pruning 
knife [.pings 

Snoeisel, o, toppings, clip- 
Snoek — je. m. pike, jack 
Snoepea,to. buy dainties or 
trinkets, eat dainties in 
secret, steal dainties,enjeiy 
any thing in a stolen way, 
take secret pleasure 
Snoepacbtig, bv, lickerish, 
thievish [ness 

Snoeper, m. snoepster— tie, 
V. sweettooth, dainty fel- 
low or wench, one that buys 
takes, eats, or enjoys for- 
bidden things in secret 
SiioeperU — tje. v. dainties, 

amour, intrigue 
SQoeprei<>je, o. party, of 

pleasure, intrigue, amour 
SQoep6Ch,ov.thievish, licker- 
Snoeptijd. v. fruit season 
Snoer —tje, v. Sf o. string, 
cord, lace, necklace, party, 
Snoerea, w. string, file, eou-> 
pie, tie ; iemand den mond 
snoeren, to silence one 
Snoesbaan —tje, m. bully 
Suoever —tje, m. boaster 
Snoererij —tje, v. vaunt, 
boast [pruner 

SnoeUer — ^je, m. topper, 
Snoeuing, v. lopping, ptu- 

ei—ie.v. dejtuxion, vent, 
scent, wind, fashion 
Snol — letje. v. trull, drab 
Snoo, »nooa,bv.cvHnt>ig,sub- 
lle, base, tordUt, wtcked, 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 



Slotvoogd, m. governor of a 

Slulf — je, V. stall, east, cover 
Sluik, bv. tUnder, (Am. lank 
Slulk, bw. nndtrhand ; ter 
sluik, nnderAandfPrivatilg 
SlulkeOf w. smvggU 

Sluikhandel, m. coatraband 

Sluikbandellar, m. contra- 
band trader 
Sluimeren, w. tlumber, doze 
Slaimeraar — fje, n. slum- 

Sluimarachti{r» tlulmcrig, bv, 

SlulmerlDg, v. tlumber 
Slaimerkooru, v. lethargy 
Slttlntervallif , bv, dozing 
Sluip, 6w. nndtrhand i ter 
slufp, under hatTd, tnrrep- 
Sluipcn, w. ttealf eneah 
Slaipdeur — Ije, r. private 

Slulper —tje,m. sneaker 
SlaipbareD, v. leeikore 
Slalplioek — je» m. •luipbol 
— leye. »,.hidingplaeef cor- 
ner fiuMerfvge 
Slvipinff, «. sneaking 
Sluipkoortij r. kectxe fever 
Slulppad, «. secret path 
Slal« — je, V. lock, sluice 
Sluisdear —tje, v.floo-ijgate 
Sluiswachter, m. Unicekeeper 
Siuit, iloot — ende— en, fAiu, 
lockt fit f close, stop, con- 
Sluitben —nttie, v. hamper 
Slultboonifiii. 6ar 
Sluiidoos — JCf V* latket 
Sluiter, M. turnkey 
Sluilgeld, o.goaler^sfees 
Sluiihek — je, o. fale 
Siaiting, v. shutting, locking 
SI uUkool —tje, ». I Mtud ca6- 
bage [le.'tuce 

Slaiikrop — je, v. edbbagt- 
StaUmand — je, «. hamper 
flJuUreden, v. syllogUm 
^loitxegel, m. sluitrijin, o. 

burthen of a sovg 
Slurp — jCt »»• dravght 
SlurpdraiiK— je, JN. syllabub 
Slurpen, v>,sip 
Siarpei — t^e, v. soft egg 
Slurper — tje,in.sfjt>/>er 
Slurping, w.*i/>/nn* 
Shiijer— ije, m.vttl, scarf 


SluljerkrooA-Ue, v. diadem, 

Sliik, V. »r o. dirt, mud, mire 
SlOkacbUg,«lljkig, frv.riirty, 

SlUkspoor — ^e, V. m/im 
SlQm, V. slime, phlegm 

bv.slii^y, clammy, pUuu 

SlUmachtigfaeld, lUJnerlg- 

beid, ■l^migbeid, v. slimi- 

ness, viscosUy 
Sl^p,8leep- ende— en. wJkfff, 

sharpen , grind, pohsk 
SlUpbord -je, o.knifeboard 
SlHper-ije, m. grinder, po- 
lisher liug 
SUjping, v.v)ketting,poltsk' 
Slijpmolen— ye, m, poUsh- 

Si^psteeD ^i}e,m,mk9tstome, 

t, 8leet — ende —en, wear 
out, pass, go off, consume, 
Siytaadje, v. wear and tear 
SUjjtacbtig, bv. soon wearing 

SUjter— ge,»B. retailer 
Sly ting, V. wearing away, 

consumption, retail-trade 
Smaad — je, v, reproach, dis- 
dain, scorn 
Smaden, «d. despise, scorn, 

disdain, reproach 
Smadelijk, (v. f bw, re- 
proachful, scontful, re- 
Smadig, bv. reproachful 
Smaadwoord, o, reproach 
Smaak — je, v. taste, rtlith 
Smaken, w, taste, savour, 

relish, please 
Smakelijk, bv, savoury, taste- 
fkl, fttasant, pleasing, dS" 
ticious, hearty 
Smakelijk, bw, heartily, with 

a sooa appetite 
Smaking, v.tasting, relishing 
Smakeioos, bv, tameless, in* 

Smakeloosheid, v. insipidity 
Smaaleii, w. revile, sneer 
Smaaldiuht — je, o. lampoom 
Smaalticbrift -Je, o. libel 
Smachten. tp. suffocate 
Smachterlg, bv. hungry 
Sniak — je, v. smack, hoy 
Smak — je, m. cast, throw 
Smakken, w. smack, cast, 
Siual, bv. narrow [throw 

Smaldeel —tje, o, subdivi- 
sion, sqwdrow 
Smaldeclen, tr. subdivide 



Smaldeeling, v. subdivisiais 
Smaldoek, o. sort cf linen 
Smalheer — ^je, m, subaltern 
Smatbeid, Binalligbeld, aaal- 

te, r. narrowness 
Smaragd — je, m. emerald j 
Smarotfien, w. Junket 
Smarotser, m. revet/er ' 
Smeeden, w. forge 
Smeedbaar,smeedig, bv, mal- 
Smeedbaarheld. w, meUlea- 

Smeeder. m. forger 
SmeedfcrO, v.smitkery 
Smeeding , », forging 
SmeekooTen, mv, seaeaat 
Smeekscbrirt — je, e. peti- 
tion, suppliculten 
Smeer, m, grease,fat, tallow 
Smeeren, w, grease, smtar, 

anoint. spread, grave, pay, 

feast, junket, clean 
Smeerachtig, bv. greasy 
Smeerig.ftw. greasy, lucrative 
Sraeerigheid, v, greasimess 
Smeering, v. greasing, %. 

nointing, feasting 
Smeermaand, v. NoveoAer 
Smeerscboeu, «. flatterer, 

Smecrscbonen, w, gaiter, 

Smeerwortel, m. eoestfrey 
Smeersel, o. anotnlmemt, 

Smeet — je, ». east, throw^f. o/smQt 
Smeken, w. beseech, entreat, 

SmekellDg, sm^er, tn. emp- 

pliant "^ 

Smeking, v. entreaty v 

Smelt.smolt— ende —eujoelt 
Smeltbaarheld, v.fmsibiUly 
Smelter, m. melter 
SmeherO, v, amelUrais, •• 

Smelting, v. meltimg, fnsim 
Smeitkroes — Je, v, crusWe 
Smeltoven ~ue, m. mmM- 

Smergel, m, tripali 
Smert— je, v. pain, tastnt, 

Smerten, w, smart ,9alm 
Smertelooabeid, v.imdoienejl 
Smertel^k, bv, paiiM 

Smerting, v. smartiist 
Smet — je, v.blemuh, tpat 
Smetten,fw. stain, defie 
Smetsen, w.formonaue 



9oft. supple, limber p fiaggjf, 
iappeu.te. «toc*en 
lapbartirheid, v. pusitani- 
mUy Tmouslu 

lapbarUgmk,fr«0. pusUant- 
Japheid, SUppigbeid, v. 
slackuui, weahtuu. Urn- 
bemet [MlacJUjt, *• *« 

Iapjes.6«.i0fal/y, limberlp, 
i^RPeliJk, bv, 4lacklg» rem 

lapeioos, 6v. tUepUtt . 
lapeloo»aeld,v. sUtpleitnus 
ijper— y e,m. sUrptr, logger 
laperlg. bv. tltepi/t drowzy 
lapertgheid, v. tieepineu 
larenhandel. m. tlave'lrade 
Uvenha«d«Uar, m, tlavc' 

laveomarkt, «. slavemarket 
lavernU* v. stoverp, bondage 
laria, —netje, v, ake'tlave, 

lecbt, 6i>* Aad, fl^ht, bote, 
mea»,Ut,plain, timpu,9iUM 
lecht, frw. 6ad/y, tii 
lechtco, 10. level, raze, de- 
molUh, decide {$ettrctljf 
tccbteiflk, 610. tlightly, 

MMf. HMomieM, p^ivneM 
lechrlng, v. demolition [ly 
w\k\i^,bto,*ligktly, scare f 
iechUf bw, only, mtrely, 

lee. bv, tour, sharp 
iMboom •'pje, ileedoorn 
—ye, m. sloe'trte 
le4e, V. «(«rif « , , , ^ 
loekoeu — je, v.eledge,hody 
of a eoaehjueed on a sledgt 

l««)paragcr, m. bleepdrMg- 
•ter, V. ira»»&(or«t' 
leepivet H^t *"• dragnet 
leapruim — fgo* ^'^ '^^'^ 
leepToet* »• sh^gler 
leepvoetep.w. .Att^ 
leet, V. ipear, cQntumplian, 
le«C, 6v. worn tml ivenl 

leenw, 69. ontage, blunted, 
thijMtd Ibluul, thin 

keaweot v. Ml on edge, 
Ickje, o. maU 
temp, V. g9if4 cheer 
lempen, w, revel, f east- 
lempiooper— tje,m. slemp- 
lo9P»tef — tjp, v. smtll' 
/'east {riotous feast 

lewpruaal —tje, mMbaucUf 


Slemper^, v. abligurition 
Sleoken, to. slinh, shrink 
SlvMiea, to.'fade 
Sleuter, m. custom, eourse 
Slenteren, w. follow, trail, 
loiter [draw 

Slepen, w. tram, trail, drag, 
Sleper — ^e, m. sledgeman 
Slepiag, V. drawing, trailing 
Slet — je, V. slut, ctout, rag 
Sleuf — Je,v. chamfer, gully 
Sleur, v^^uslom, course 
SleoreOfto. traii 
Sleutel —tje, m. hey 
Sleutelbeen — ^e, 0. clavicle 
Sieatelbioem *-pjiB, v. prim- 
Sleatelbos <-je, v. bunch of 

Sleuteidrager, ». bettrsr of 

the heye 
Sleatelgaa^e, sleatelgat, 0. 

SleU, V. malUt 
81ib,m. slime, mud, clay, 

SllbbereD , w. slide , slip 
Siibberachtig, »Ubt>€rig, bv. 

S.llep, pret, q/'sjaap 
Silk, V. 4- O'dtrt, mud 
SUkkeo, w.noa/Zoto 
SllkaruenlJ, v. electuary 
SlUUUff. »ldikerig, bv, dirty, 

Sliknat. bv, wet as mud 
Silkpoije, o, gallipot 
Slim, bvt sly, cunning, dif- 
ficult, hard, badi wry, 
Sllmbeld , o. slyness, wryness 
Slimnigbeld. v. slyness 
SUnden.w. devour 
SUndacbtig, bv, ravenous 
SUadkolk, m, whirlpool, 
gulph llum 

snQger>i-tje,». sling, pendu- 
SIlDgereo, w, sli^, swing, 
toes, stagger, be scattered 
SliQg«raar, m. tlinger 
Sltogeriagy v, slinging, toss- 
SUngeruurwerk, ^linger* 

werk, 0. pvndulumctock 
Slinktsr, bv. left 
Slinka, bw, Ufthandedly 
Slioktcb, bv, lefthanded, si- 
Sllnkscbbeid, v, false dealing 
Slip — je, V, skirt, lappet 
SUppeu, w.slip, escape 
SHppert, m. escape 
Slldsen, w. allay, quench, de- 




Sliising, V. decision 

Slobbe— tje,v. f<iU 

Slobberea, w. slubber 

Slodder — ^ e^loddervoa — je, 
m. sloven 

Slodderlg, b». slovenly 


Sloep — j«, V. shaltcp, boat, 

Sloepicblp, 0, sloop 

Sloeproeyer, m, boot-rower 

Sloeren, w. trail 

Sloerl, sloerlmoer, v, slat- 

Sloester —tje, m. hush, shell 

Sloestereo,«p. shell 

Slof — Je, V. old slipper, neg- 

Slof; bv. careless, negligent 

Slonen, w, neglect, go ship- 

Sloffigbeld, alofheld, v. neg -^ 
ligence, c<trelessnets 

S\ok.'-^}e,mMoaUow fraught, 

Slokken , 10 . twa Uow 

Slokacbtlgv^v. glutionaiue 

Slokdarm — pje» "•• gullet, 

Slokker —tje, m^ swollower, 

Slokklng, V. glutition 

Slokop. m. glutton, spend- 

Slokzucht, V. gluttony 

Slommer, tlommeriog, ^ v« 

SloDd, pret, 0/ sllnd 

Slons —je, v, slut, trollop 

Sioof — je, V. drudge, poor 
wench, poor girl, aprom. " 

Sloof ^e,8loTeode "-sloven, 
weary, toil 

Sloop — je, v.pillowbear 

Sloopen, 10. break up 

Sloor —tje, V. siUy wench 

Sloot H«. V. ditch 

Sloo^e, 0. little loch 

Slop — je, V. turnagain alley 

Siopkous^D, mv, speute%- 

Slordlg, bv. eltutish, sloven- 
ly, ^g^y> fx^'^, careless 

Slordigbeid, «. slovenltitess, 

Slot --je, 0. loch, castle, eon- 
elusion, settlemcHf, act,de- 

Slotemaker— je, m. locksmith 

Sloigat, 0. heynole 

Slotbaak — je, «, picklock 

Slotreden, v, peroration,CQH- 

Sloirljm, slotvaers, v. bur- 
then, or chorus of a sodg 

Digitized by VjOOQ It ' 



Seissen, w. moor 
Seising^, v. hawser 
Seisieii, v. $cythe 
S%k, V. $ack 
Sekreet — ie, o. privy 
♦Sekretans, m. secretary 
Seidery.v. celery 
^elUretuent, tuis. oddtbobi 
benebladeii, mv. senna 
Scuef roen, o. bugle 
*SfiniIbel, bv. sensible 
vSententio. *. sentence 
•Senteutieereu, tc. sentence 
>»:»eQtimt;at, v, sentiment, 
opinion ['a* 

*SeuttmentceI,6». serUimen- 
«SeparaUet v. separation 
»3epareerea, to. separate 
September, m. September 
«Seq u ester, in. assignee 
*Seque*lreeren, ip. sequester 
«Ser!?e iQt, m. sergeant 
S<txg\Q,v. setge 
Seringebloem, V. Itlae 
^crlngeboom — pje, w. lilt^' 
' Sefpent-je,o.i»rp««« itree 
Servet — je, o. napkin 
^ervetgoed, o. draper 
Servieo, o. set 

Seulen, to. drag ^ 

•Sexe, r. sex 
•Sfeer, t». «yAer« 
Sibbe, Sibscliap, o. rtlation- 
•SIbU, V. cvfrU [cAi/' 

Sldderen, re. tremble 
iidderiag, v. irembting 

fleraad, o. ornament 
ierlijk, bv. neat, elegant 
SierljjkUeid, v. elegance 
Siersel, o. ornamenf 
t^Signaiuur, v. signature. 
♦Signeeren, io.*vn 
•Signet — je, 0. w*' {.graver 
•SIgnctirnljder, m. seol-en- 
•Significatie, v.signification 
♦Signiaceren, td. signt/y 
ilkkel —lie, m, sickle 
Sikkelwagen, m. covin 
•Silentie, v. silence 
Sini, SJinme-tie, v. apt 
Sinipel. bv. silly, lunatic, 

simple, pla^n 
Simpelheid, r. silliness 
Simpelhuis— je, o. bedlam 
SimpclWik, bv>. simply 
•Simukereti, to. simulale, 

Sioauw, to. great saniele 
Singel, m. girth, girdle 
Singelen, to. sunowid 
•Sinjeur, nt, master 
Sint, HI. saint 
S\uX,bw. since 
Sippen, to. sip 
liirfeo, V. syten 


Siroop, V. syrup, treacle 
Sis8en,^to. kiss, whix 
SUser— tie, m. firework 
Sits, V. chintz 
•Situatie, v. situatkm 
•Situeeren, to. situate 
Sjarren, to. provoke 
Siarp— je,w.«a«A 
Sjouw, V. signal of distrestf 

piece o/fDorh 
Sjouwen, to. drudge, workp 

make a signal of distress 
Sjouwer, m. labonrer, drudge 
Slaa, Bloeg, -nde —O, beat, 
strike, knock, fight, slttugk- 
ter, kill, put, set, call, sing, 
chirp, cast, throv), duh, al- 
lude, coin, guess; net leger 
neer •lafln, to pitch the 
camp i zlcli neer slaan, to 
take up one's abode; door 
een doek alaan, to strain ; 
geluid sJaan, to give a 
sound; acht slaan, gade 
slaao, to regard, to mmd, 
in den wind slaan, to dis- 
regaid; touw slaaO} to 
make cordage. 
Slaaf ~je, m. slave, bondman 
Sjaaf — de, slavende, tlaven, 

SUafachtlg, sUafsch, bv. 

Slaafscltheld, v. servility 
Siaag, lit. beating, blows 
Slaagea, to', succeed 
Slaags, bw.tngaged, fighting 
Slaaken, to. releasCt slacken, 
foosen, shoot [ing 

Slaaking, v. release, slacKek' 
Slaap — je, m. sleep 
Slaap .— je, v. tsmplt 
Slaap, Bliep, ^ende —en, 

sleep, lie 
Slaapachtig. bv. sleepy 
iUapachtiKlyk, Itw. sleepily 
Slaapbaaa ^je, m. landlord 
Slaapbaitk — je, v.pressbed 
Slaapbol, v.j7o/)py 
Slaapdeuntje, u. lullaby-sang 
Slaapdrank — je, w. opiate 
SlaapdronRen. bv. drowzy 
Slaapgeld, o. lodging 
SlaapgO(Kl, tf. nightdress 
Slaapbuts — je, o. dotmitory 
Slaapkanier-ije, v.bed-cham' 

Slaapkoett — J«* v* ^^^'^ 
Slaapkooriu — je, t>. lethargy 
Slanpkruid, o. narcotic 
Slaaplakeii —t\e, o. shieet 
Slaaplust, V. Sleepiness 
SlaapmaU-'je, v. nightcap 
SJaapplMU — je, v, place to 


SUapstee, v. tod^iugkamte 
Siaapvertrek — je, e. ''"' 


Slaapzaal — ^e, v. derwUlary 
Slaapziek. Slaapaachtiff, bv. 
lethargic llethargy 

.Staapziekte, Slaapcacbt, v> 
Slab -j«. v.bib 
Slabben, to. slabber, lap 
Slabakken, to. slacken 
Slacb — je, o.sort, kind 
Slachteu, to. resemble 
Slag — je, m. stroke, blow, 
knock, lash, loss, kuaek, 
opportunity, battle, fight, 
trap Istroke. tentplt 

Slag — je, o. trace, rut, 
Slagader -^tje, v. arf«ryl 
Siagbal, *M. tennitbatl 
Slaj^boom, m. bar 
Slagdeur ~U«» ** wieket 
Slagtrr— tje, m. butcher > 
Slagboriogie — tje, o. repeat- 

ing voatch 

„ :ooi-ije, o. decoy , 
Slagnet— je, o.birdnet 
Siagorde, v. order of battle 
Slagregen, m. heavy shower 
Slagteu, 10. tktughter, hiU^ 

Slagtand, m. task 
Slagtbank, o. buteherf 
Siagtbeett -^ie, o, victim 
Slagter— je,tii.6K<c*«r, slayer 
Slagtbuit, o.butcherjf 
Slagting^ V. tlamgkter, hut' 

Slagtmaand, v. November 
Slagtme^, o. butcker*s knife 
Slagtoffer — ^e, o. viottm, 

Sla'gtofferaar, m. immolater 
S lag ttijd, V. season for k HUug 

cattle [batlu 

Slagvaardig, b^. realty Jor 
Stagveld, 0. field of battU 
SlagfWaard, o. two^hamded 

Slagz^de, v. lee-gage 
Slak — je, V. snail 
Slakhoorntje, o. snaiUkcU, 

Slampiimpen, to. revel 
Slampamper, m. reveller 
Slampamping, V. revelling 
Slang ^etie,v.*erpenl, snake, 

cujverin, Uathem tube or 

pipe, worm of a still, 
SlaogacUilg, 6v. snaky ^ $er- 

fieHtine [htstort 

ngekruld, ts snanei^eed, 
Siaugeatok, m. caducemt 
Slangetrek ~je, m. flourish 
Slanghandig, by. dextrous 
>,'bv, sQkki r' 


show, Weu\^ 



'enkellng, v. tprinkliMg 
renkvleetcb, o. powdered 
ttf IsiptUti 

■enkTaur, o. thiruftegf ery- 
'enkwater, o. Am^ water 
•euk — je, ». tmytnf, pr(h 

•let — je, V. yardf btnuprit, 
tvelin^ spear 
'ietoogen, tr. jfore upon 
ring, V. spriHgf fountain 
ipjf, sproDg -—eode —en, 
ortugf leap, jumpf buret, 
low up, tktp, chop ; in de 
ogt' 8prlO)fen, to ruth in 
efences tpriogend vuur, 

'invader, sprlnffbron, v. 
fringe fountainhead 
-ioger— ^e, m. leaptr 

loghenrMti m* etaUiem 

■ingkroTd, «. tpurge 

■ingaet— Je, o. tpringnet 

■ingittok— je, «i. poto 

■iof tijd, V. spring 

ingTloed, m. sprtngtid* 

•ink — je» •• hnot 

•iokhaan — ije, m. grass- 

opper,. loeusi 

•oet -je, v./reeAIe 

•oetachUg»— telig — tlg,6». 

•eciled . 

■oetigheid, o.Jreehlednets 

rokkelmaand, w. Februarv 

*okkelbloem — pje, v. ycf- 

910 daffodil 

•ong— tje, «i. leap, jump, 

pring, coper 

•ook — je, V. tale 

rot — je,w. sprat 

ruit — je, V. tprout, sprig 

ruit, tproot — ende —en, 

proul, spring, arise 

'uitgewas, o. plant 

'aitkool, V. eoHnoort 

•aw, V. thrush, pip 

iii — ^e, m. Sluice, lock, 


lig, spoog -eode -en, «pil, 


lit — je, V. spout, squirt 

tten, w. spout, squirt 

irgie, m. spuige 

irrie, v.tcoodrote 

)wen,t0. «p«, voinif 

ik, v.lspikenard 

jker — tje, m. noil, /arm, 


jkeren, w. nat2 

jkerboor —tje, o. gimlet 

jkerhandei, m. naU-irode 

Ikerkooper, «i. nail-mer- 


pierrmnd,v.baiket of nails 

jker^choeii, m, clown 


Spijker»mlt, m. nailor 
SpilkerwiDkel — ^e, m. nail- 

'■' "' iM of spike 
spar, bar 
, meat 
^„^ _ - ^-seode— xeUi/ecd, 
«a/. diiM 
SpUtbereider, m.cooh 
8p^ skamer —tie, ». torder 
8p^ skelder— ye, m . pantrp 
Spi skooper, m. victualler 
SpQtkramer, m. suttler 
Spnsmeester, m. caterer' 
SpHstafel, V, diningtable 
8p( sTerzorger, m, purveyor 
Spijt,v. $pUe, vexation^ grief; 
— aandoeu, to vex; mij te 
—Ain spite of met — zijn 
bakhuis,<ii spUe of his teeth 
SpQtspeet— ende— en, vex, 
hurt, grieve, irk, displease, 
Spiidg. bv, tpUeful, cross 
Spi^ ligfieid, V. spitejulness 
M^ff lUk, hw. spiiefuUg 
Spijzigeo, w. feed 
^f^tiging,v. feeding 
sua, ttond — nde — n, stand, 
stop, /It, suit, beeome,insist, 
cost, he.about to: Ik — toe, 
iaOow; Btaan bl^Tcn, to 
stand, to continue ! tp koop 
staan, be exposed to sale ; 
te haar ttaan, to let, to be 
leti 't ttaat *er meS a li g y 
aiet, it is at you see ; dat 
sta at.aan hem.that depends 
upon him: bet staat my 
tegen, / have an averstou 
to hi na Btaan, to aspire, 
to stand far; laten Btaan, 
let alone, leave off; staande 
'hoaden, 'to mainta^; op 
itaande roet, immediately 
Staaf— je,v. 6ar 
Staaf — de, <taTende,staTen , 

Staag, V. tack; over itaag 

smljten, to tack about 
Staag. bv. steady, constant 
Staasjefr>aan, bw, gently, 

ttaak — je, m. stake, post 
taken, w. cease, leave off, 
end, terminate, forbear 

Staking, v, cessation,- termi- 

Staal —tje, o. steel, sample 

8tzA\,hv. steel 

Staaien, w. steel, harden, 
dye, plumb 

Staalhard,6v. kard as steel 

Staalbartig, bv. tteelhearted 

Staalmee«ter, m. atsiztr 

STA 5217 

staande, bw. during 
Staanplaats, «. standing 

Staaren, w. stare, pore 
Staart —tje, v, tail, train, 
■ rear, remnant 
Staarteloo*, bv, wUhaut a 

Staartrtem — pje,m . crupper 
Staarutar, v.eoM« 
Staat, Ml. state, situatim, 

condition, quality, estate, 

establishment, ealculation, 

statement, reffance 
Staatdame, v.maid of honour 
Stateliik. bv. 4- bw. stately 
State inkheid, v.^iatelinese 
Statenoode, m. apparitor 
Statendoro , 0. eommouwealth 
Statenkamer, v. council of 


^'SSSSSr'' *•• •^^••"'' 
8 tatig . bv. grave, stateljt 
Statigbeid, v.slatelinese 
SUtiglQk, bw, gravely 
StaaUonker,a. page 
Staauuffer,v. maUfi^ honour 
Staatkiinde, v. poliey, vo- 

lUies *- '» r 

Stoatkandig, bv. political 
Staatkundlge , m. politician 
Staatkandlgiyk, ^. poli- 
Staatsbediende, etaattdie- 

naar,^u/«r 0/ stale 
Staatbestier, o. government 

of the state 
8 taatsie, v.eomp, procession 
StaatBiegraf, 0. cenotaph 
Staatsregeering, v. govern- 
StaatBverandering, slaats- 

wisseling.v. revolution 
Staatsvergadering, v. aeemr 

of the state 
Staatsverwant, m, colleague, 

Staatzucht, v. ambition 
StaaUuchtig, bv, aiMbitious 
Staatszachtigiyiiy bw, am-. 

Slaving. V. confirmation 
Stad - je, V. ctty, town 
S tade, V. stead ; te Btade, <» 

Stadgenoot, m, fellow-dtiten 
Stadhouder, m, stadholder 
Stadhouderiljk, bv. opper- 

taiaiug to ithe siadtholder 

or his officer 
Stadhouderscbap, •• stad^ol^ 

StadhuU -je, o../c;mi*«im# 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

2l6 SPO 

8|rinrok, tphigtok H«* «•. 

Spinster ~y«, v. tpHuter 
Spint — Je, e. peek 
Spintif, b», moisif toft 
SpiOD, m. tpy, get tint dog 
»ph-Je, 9, spitf fmek^tpwie, 

UpMen,w,tpU, dtf 
8pitdraaijer» m. turnspit 
ftplta — je, V. point, pinaele 

epire. top, head 
8plU» bv.pointedf thorp 
Spitteo, w. point fimpale 
Spitoboef— J«, m. rogue, com' 

Spiubroeder, m, eomrado 
Spitabeid,«. sharpness jtoint- 

Spittif » bo. pointed 
Spitaroede, v. «wifeA,f owM- 


SpiUTtDdlffhekl, v. snbtUtp, 

quickness of comprehension 
SpitSTiodlfflifk, bw, subtly 
Spitsrindif , ov. fharp,tareas- 

Bpltsyindiffheid, v, sharpness 
SpltsviDdlglijk, bv, sharply, 

•pitter —tie, m. detver 
8pleet-le, v. clf/t, chink, 

slit, split, Jlsswe 
8pleet,pr«(. o/'gplUt 
Spletig, bv.fuU of chinks 
Splint, 0, ready money 
Splinter— ye, ••. splinter 
Spllntcren. w. splinter 
Splinterif .iv^Hlf qf splinters 
SpUntermew, bv, spick and 

span new 
SpIisseD, w. splice 
Splissing, V. splicing 
Splitralter— ye, v. wowtan on 

Bplltsen, w. divide, split 
Splitsing. V. division 
Spill t, spleet— ende— en,«pli< 
8plUsing, V. splUling 
Spoed, V. speiit, haUe 
Spoeden, w. speed, hasten 
Spoedltr, bv, 4* bw» tptedy, 

Spoedirbeid, v. speediness 
Spoediglijk, btp. speedily 
8poely V. ioeaver*s quill 
Spoelen, w. loash^rinse, wind 
Spoelbak -je, in. washimg'tiA 
Spoeling, v. washing, wash 
Spoelkom— aelje, t>. bason 
Bpoelwater, o. wash 
^pot, o.spUtle , 
8pokerlJ, v. apparition 


•Spolleeren, w. desp^l 
Sponde, V. bed, cottchJbsdMc 
Sponds— Je, v. bung 
Spondngat, o. bunghole 
SpoDDlng— Je, V. groove 
Spona— Je, v, spunge, parch' 

Sponsen. w. sketch pounce 
Sponsacntig, bv, spungy, 

Sponsachtigheid, v. spungi' 

Spook— Je, o. ghost 
Spookeu, w. haunt, walk 
Spookgoden, mv. manes 
Spooksel. 0. spirit, ghost 
Spoor— ye, v.tpur 
Spnpr— ye, o. trace, track, 
footstepffroad; 'tapoorby- 
ater, beside the mark, at a 
Spooreo. w. tpnr, perceive 
Spoorbitater, bv. exorbitant 
Spoorbyaterheid, v. exorbi- 

Spoorbysteriyk, bv, exorbi- 
Spoorhond, m. bloodhound 
Spoorlooa. bv. extravagant 
Spoorlooaheid, v. extrava- 
Spoormaker, m, spurrier 
Spoorslaags, bv. in full gal- 
Sporrelen, w. wrestle 
Sporreling,v. irre«</inf 
Sport— Je, V. step 
Spot. M. moch; den spot 
driJTen, to make game j ten 
•pot ataan, to be a laugh' 
ing sloch 
Spotten, w. mock, scoff, jeer. 

Joke, ridicuU 
Spotaebtig,' bv. scoffing, jocT' 

Spotooef — Je, m, jester, wag 
Spotreden, v. seotT, jeer, 

Spotspraak, v. irony 
Spotftwyze, bw. laughingly, 

jeerinrly, ironically 
SpotteiykV bv. 4- bm. ridieU' 

Urns, scojtngly 
Spotter— ye, m. mockn,scef- 

Spotteroy, V. mockery, jest 
SpotTogeF- ye, m. mocking- 
bird, scoffer, jester 
Spotwoord, 0. scoff, lonnt 
Spouwen, w. split, spit 
Bpouwing, V. splitting 
Spraak, v. speech, language 
Spraaksieraad, o, ornament 

of speech 
Sprakeiyk, bv. affable 


Sprtakgeleerdheid, v.faenm ■ 

dUy^ ' ' Hi0m 

Spraakgeluid, o. promuncio' 
SpraakhoHden ,o.di*Co»rsing 
Spraakbonding, «,cU«eo«rsr, 

Spraakkandig, bv, skiUed in 

Spraakkunst, v, grtmunar 
Spraakkanitenanr, m. grnm- 

ntarimn [lical 

Spraakkaostig, &v. grrnmmw 
SpraakkaiutigUJk,Mo. grmi- 

Sprakeloor, bv. speechless 
Spraakmeeater, m. matter 

of languages 
Spraaktoon, in. tone, aeconi 
Spraakuitlng, v.ditueet 
Spraakverbeeldlng, v. prm^ 

Spraakwyxe, v. idiom 
Spraakaaam, bv. afabU 
Spraakaaambefd,«. affabinty 
Spraakzaamlljk, bw.afftkiy 
Sprank— Je,v. spark 
Sprankel— tje. v. spmkle 
Spreek,- aprak — ende —en, 
speak, lay ; te na spreken, 
to slander; op zijn spreken 
letten, to mind what ono 
says; na de mond spreken, 
to flatter 
Spreekacbtig, fro. loquacious 
Spreekhais— Je, o.auditory 
Spreekkamer— ye. v. parlour 
Spreekplaats, v. forum 
Spreekster. v. speaker 
SDreekatoel, m. tribune, ros- 
Spreektrompet— je, v. speak- 
ing trumpet 
Spreekwoord — je, o, proverb 
Spreekwoordeljjk, hv, «■ bw. 

proverbial, proverbiolty 
Spreekwijze, v. phrase 
Spreekzaal— ye, v. auditory, 

Spreeuw —ye, v. starling, 

scoffer, jester 
Spreeuwen, w. jest, scoff 
Spree uwbecie, v. sorbappit 
Spreeuwbeiieboom, m. cor6- 

SpreQ— ye, v. coverlid 
Spreyen, apreid — de —ende. 

—en, spread 
Sprekling, v. spreading 
Spreker —ye, m. speaker 
Sprengen,w. sprinkle,pomder 
Sprenging, v. sprinkUng 
Spreof kwaat— je, v, sprinKle 
Sprenkel -tie,m.spotjprinkle 
Sprenkelen, w. sprinkle, spot 
Sprenkflwr, m, sprinkfer 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


SpecerlJ, w. spiee 

Specbt — Je, v. w>odpecker, 

vSpectaal, bv. tpeeial 
«SpeclaaUijk, bw. speeiaUy 
•Specie, V. tpecittf tort, 

specie, cash, coin, money 
•Specificatie, v. tpecljleation 
•Specificeeren, to. tpeeify 
•Spectateur, m. spectator 
•Spectatorleel, bv. tpeclative 
«Speculatie. v. speculation 
*SpecalaUef) bp. speculative 
•Specaleeren, to. speculate 
Speek — je, v. spoke 
Speekoel, o. spittlt 
Speekselachtif , bv, salivarp 
Speeieo, to. plaj/,act,aUude, 

daily, line, sparkle 
Speelacbti;. bv. playful 
SpeelacbUgbeidf v. play/itl- 

Speelacbtiglijk, frv. play/uUy 
Speeibaan -^tie, v. playing- 

Speelda;, m. playday 
Speelder, upeeler — Oe» »»•• 

player, actor, gamester 
Speehemeijen, 10. pleasure 
Speeleeld* o. pinmaney, 

Speelgenoot — je, «. play- 

Speelf^evecht, ol moekjight 
Speelfoed, o. playthings 
Speelhof — je, e. pleasure- 
garden IbTothel 
Speelhuis, 9. gaminghouse, 
Speelhulsje, 0. summerhouse 
t»peeljacbt — je, 0. pleasure- 
Spielkaart, v. plmying-eard 
SpeelkiDd— je, 0. bastard 
Speelkoecht, m. britteman 
Speellieden, «no. players, 

Speelmaagd, v. bridemaid 
Speeimakker — tje, m. play- 
Speelman. m, musician 
Speel^eid, epeelmeisje, v. 

bridemaid, playfellow 
Speelnoot — je, m. brideman, 

Speelpop— je, v. doll, puppet 
Speelreis — je, y, party of 

SpeeliCh, bv. playful, wan- 
ton, salacious, proud 
Speelachijf— j£> »• counter 
Speeliler —t^e, v. gamester, 

player, aetrets 
Speeftarei-tjc, v, cardtable, 

gaming table 
Speeltoneel— ije, 0. stage 


Speeltaig , o.playthings, mu- 
, steal instrument 
Speettuigtnaker, m. musical 

instrument maker • 
Speelwagen — ije, m, open 

SpeelzieK, bv, gamesome 
Speen, v. udder, dug, piles 
Speeneti, to. wean 
Speening, v. weaning 
Speenkruid, o.figwort 
SpeenUng, m. weanling 
Speer — Qe, v. spear 
Speerruiter, m. lanceman 
S pee ten. w. broach 
Speetaaf, tit. roasted eel 
Steele, 0. skewer 
Spek, 0, pork, land, blubber, 
bacon; gerookt spek, bacon 
Spekkeo, tr. lard, provide 
Spekklg, bv.fat, plump 
Spekprleni — pje, v, larding- 

Spekslager, m,porkbutcher 
Spekverkoopcr, m. porkman 
SpeKwiakel— tje, m.vorkshop 
Spekxwoord, o. rind of pork 
Spel — letje, 0. play, game 
Spelien, 10. spell 
Speld— Je, v. pin ' 
Spelden, w. pin 
Speldebakie, 0. pinhasket 
Speldegeld, 0. pinmoney 
Speldekoker — tj«> '. needle- 
case Icushion 
Speldekunsen — Ue, o. pin- 
Spehleniaker, m. pinmaker 
Speld ewer k, o. bonelace > 
Speldewerken, IP. makeboiu- 

Spelkuntt. v. ortkography 
Spellfboek — je, 0. spelling- 
Spelling, V. spelling 
Spelonk, v. cave, de» 
Spelte, V. spelt 
Speltemaaud, v, September 
•spendeerea, to. spend 
Sperren, to. stretch open, 

Sperwer, w. sparhawh 
Speuren, to. perceive 
Spearhoad— je, m, bloodkoud 
Spiauter, 0. tutenague 
Sple —tje, V. peg, ventpeg 
Spiede, m. spy 
Spiegaty 0. scupper hole, 

vent hole 
Spiegel— tje, o.looking-glass, 
mirror, glass, example, 
Spiegelen, 10. look in a look- 
ing-glass, take warning, 
take example 
Spiegelboog, m. stem 

SPI 215 

Spiegeldaad, v. exemplary 

SpiegelgeTecht, 0. motkjight 
Spiegelglad, bv. as tmoolh as 

a toohing-gtass 
Spiegelglas, 0. plate glnss 
Spieg'elKooper, m. vender of 

Spifcgellij«t— fje, V. frame ot 

a tooking-glass 
piegel maker, m. 

maker of 

Spiegelschip, 0, square stern- 

ed vessel 
Spiegelvisch, v.johndory 
Spiegel i^inkel —tje, m. look- 
Spier— ije, t;. muscle, spinal 

marrow , 

Spieracbtiff, bv. musculous ■ 
Spiering -^e, m. smelt 
Spiervogel— tje, v. martin 
Spierwit, bv. lily-white 
Spies — je, w. spear, javeitn, 

Splesdrager, in. pikeman 
Spiesgla^, 0. antimony 
Spigtfg, bv. slender, tall,lank 
Spigtigheid; v. slendeniess 
Spikkel — tjc, m. speck, spot 
Spikkelen, 10. speckle 
^pikkelig, bv. spfckled 
Spikspelder, bw. fpick and 

Spil— letje, v.pit)ot, spindle, 
hinge, axis, capstan, focU 
Spillen, 10. vasle. spend 
Spilbcdde, v. keelson 
Spillebeenen, 10. walk sham- 

Splllfbeen, m. longshanks 
Splllemaag, /». maternal re- 
Spillezijdc, t;. mother's s id*, 
Spllpenning, m. spendthrift 
Spin, V. spider 
Spin, spon — nende —nun, 

spin, fret 
iplnagie, w, i. 
Spinde —tje, t;. cupboard, 

Splnder, m.spinntr 
Spinet — je, u. spinet 
SpinbuiB, 0. workhouse, house 

of correct ion 
Spinnejager, spinnekopvr- 

Ser, m. long broom 
nnekop — je, w». spider 
Spinneverdriet, m. freiftU 

Splnneweb, v. cobweb 
Spinnewiel— tje, 0. spinning- 
Spiarag — je, v. cobweb 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 



SnoodeUjk.ftw. te«ely, whk- 

edltt [wtof 

Snooaheid, v. batenetSf emu 
Saorreo, to. wkiz 
^iiorkeD, IP. tnoretsn0rt,va- 
■ pour, swagger 
Suorker, m. snorer, swag- 

SnorkeriJ, v. rodomontadt 
SnorkiufT, v. twaggering 
Snot. o. snot 
Snotachtig, bv. mucous 
Sno^oDgen, snotneos — Je, 

m. snotty-nosed boy 
Suotschraper, m. barbtr 
Snottebel.r. «n«< 
Snottarlg. •nottig, hv. snotty 
Sootterigbeid, v. snottiness 
Snuf— Je, V. twang f scent, 

SnafTen, w. scent 
Sonffei, -de — ende —en, 

. stuffier 

CNjUf, search, snvffii 
Snuflfelaar— tje, m. t 

Snug, snugger, bv.sprigkttv 

Sniirr — je,tf. snuf, pinch of 

Snuir^de, snoivende, «nul- 
yeo, take snuffj snuff 

Souifaoot —je, v, snuffbox 

Snaiftabak,v. «nt(/f 

Siiuisterini, tnuisteiij, «• 
toys, hntckknacks 

Snuh — je, m. snout, trunk, 
probosci»,pr9W, coarse flax, 

Snuit,8noot— ende— en, snvff, 
nose, rook, blow oneU nasi 

Snultdoek — je, v. pocket 

Snulter — je* »»• pair ofsnuf- 
Jers, caudUsuuffer 

Snuiierbak — je, m. snuffer- 

SnulUng, V. snuffing, blowing 
of the nose 

Snuitsel, o.«fite/f 

Snulver — ije, m. snufftaker 

SiilJ, «need — dende —den, 
cut, carve, engrave, etch , 
geld, sophisticate, cut up, 
impose upon 

Saijder — je, m. cntter,tailor 

Snijding, V. cutting, car- 
ving, section, stanza, stop 

Suijdsel, ccuttings^clippings 

Siiilkamer, v. surgeonU hall 

SuijkunUc, V. anatomy 

S.iijnie* -rje^ v. carving- 
knife, prumng-kHife 

Siiijtulg. v. edged tools 

Snijwerk, 0. carted work 

Sober, bv.pwr, mean, spare, 

Sobereeren,tr. live sparingly I 

Soberhdd, v. sobritty 
Soberl^k, sober^ei, bw, so- 

berly, poorly 
•Socielelt, V. society 
Sodomie, v. sodomy 
Sodomlet. m, sodomite 
Sodomietigcta, v. sodomitieal 
Soebatten, «e. crouch, sub- 

tnit basely, beg fawningty 
Sofijkruid,o. fiixwort 
Sok — je, V. soch 
^\Wn,w, toss, fumble 
Soldaal — je, m. soldier 
Soldaier^i, v. soldiery 
•Soldeeren, w, soldier 
Sold^i v,pay 

Soldgkaotoor, o. p^y-offiee 
Hoidijmeest^r, m. paymaster 
•SolemneeU bv. solemn 
•Solemniteit, v. solemnity 
Solfer, IN. sulphur 
Solferachtig, bv. sulphnrvns 
•Solid! teir,v.<o{ic/if.v 
SolleboUen, w, tumble head 

over ears 
•SollicitaUe, soUeUation 
*Solliciteereo, w, solicit 
Solliciteur m. attorney, 

proxy, solicitor 
'Som, soniine- tie, 9. sum 
Somber, 61;. melancholy, sad, 

darh, gioomji 
Sombertieid, v. gloom 
.*Soinmatie, v. summons 
*Soinmef ren, w. summon 
Somroige, vn. some 
Somtljds, Komwijlen, 610. 

somt times 
Sondeeren, w. sound 
Soort —tje, V. s<.ri, lind 
Sorleeren, w. sort, assort; 

effect eorteereu, to take 

Sorteering, v. assortment -^ 
Sop — je, V. broth, porridge, 

Sop pen, w. sop, dip 
Soppig, bv. juicy 
Sorbe, v. sorbapple 
SorbeobooiD, m. sorbapple- 

Sorbet, m. sherbet 
•SottUe, V. folly 
Souda, V. kali 
Soudeeren, w. solder 
Soudeering, v, soldering 
Soudeersel, 0. soldtr 
*Soulaas, m. eonsolalion, 

<^Soulagecren, IT. console 
•Soulagemcnt, 0. consotatton 
•SouJeneeren, to. sustain 
•Souvereln, m. sovereign 
jipaa, spade, v. spade 


.spaa, tpade, bw, late 
Spaak— je, v, Uwer^ ep<tt, 

Spaakea, w. split 
Spaan— (je, 0. splinter, chip, 

Spaander —tje, r. chip 
Spaarbenden. mv. reserve 
Spaarder —tje, m. sparer 
Spaargeld, 0. sparemonep 
Spaarpot — je, v. chrsstmas- 

box, hoard 
SpaanaajB, bv, sparing, 

Spaaraaamheid, v. frugalUy 
Spaarzaaml^k, bw,sparingCy 
Spaasteeken. w, quit 
Spaasteeking, v. quitting 
Spadeling, m. late fruit 
Spalk — je, V. splint 
Spalken, 10. splint, spread 

open, gape 
Spalking, v. splitting ,gaping 
Span, V. span 

Spannen, w, stretch, span, 
tune, bend, coch,put h<,rsfs 
to a carriage, pinch j de 
▼iertcUaar rpanoeu, to as- 
semble a court of justice; 
de kroon spannen, to excel 
Spaabreed, o. span's breadth 
Spange, v. spangle 
Spanning, v. stretching, ten- 
sion; bending, bar 
Spanriem^ v. stirrup 
SpaaseercQ, to. walk 
Spanseerder, rh. walker 
Spanseering, «. walking, 

Spant, V. rafter, joist 
Spantanw- tje, v, tigkt rope 
Spanraag— je, v. framed saw 
SpanzeU 0. that which is 

Spar, V. spar, shingle 
Sparen, w. spare, save 
Spargie —tje, v. asparagus 
Spitrgieboneu mv, Pitnch 

Sparing, v- sparing, saving 
Sparreboom, v.firtree 
Sparrenhout, v.Hrwood 
Spartelen, to. flutter, leap, 

wrestle, tparkle 
Spartelaar, m. flutterer 
Spartelig, bv, fluttering, 

Spartellng, ». fluttering, 

leaping, colluctation 
Spat— je, V. spec, spot, pop- 
gun, spavin 
Spatten, 10. spot 
Spatel —tje, m. spatula 
•Spaiie, V. space 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

SniettelQk,6v. cmaagima 
S raettlen, w. tmoulder, toil ' 
S meuren, w. 4m(6, iiirty 
S mids, V. fvrgtt snUtherg 
Smklt -Je. m, $mUk 
Smidtskoolen, mv.ttaeoal 
Smldsoven — Uo, o, forge 
SmldUwlnkel -^e,mamitkU 
thop [fellow 

Smlent — je. tn* widreon, 
SmIeDterif, bv.bfggar^ 
Smlsse, V. fmitkerv 
Smlt — J6,i)«. smith 
Smodderen, w. tmut 
Smodderlg, bv. tmutip 
SmoddermuileD, w. tmaek 
Smoddig,6v. natty , dirty 
Braoel — tje, m. wrnttU, 

month ffaeo 
Smokkelen, to. smuggle 
Smokkeiaar — ^e, m. smug- 
gler, sharper 
Smook. vi smoke 
Smoordron\ien,bv.dead drunk 
Smoorhectjfrv. excessively hot 
Smoorpaa.o. stetspan 
Svaoken,vt. smoke 
Smoker —lie, m, smoker 
Bmoren, w. smother^ stifle, 

suppress f stow 
SiDonn?, V. smolkeriMg, 

8 mots — je, v. trull 
Smous — je, m,jew 
SinousteD, w.cAraf 
Sroout, o.fat, grease, lard 
S mo a ten, w. melt 
^BQig, bv, uHderkand ; ter 

srouig, secretly 
Smuigea, id. do or eat in «<• 

Smul. V. cheer, good ekeer 
Smalfeti, w. gormandize, eat 
Smtilbaard — Je, m. gorman- 

Smalllg, bv, greasy, nasty 
SmalpartU — tje, v. junket- 
tin fr 
SmUdig, bv. malleable soften 
Smndigheid, v. malUabilUy 
SmOt, sitfeet — ende —en, 

east, tkrow.fiing, smite 
Smfjter, m. fii'i^ter 
Soaak — je» "•• uroll, fellow 
SDakeri) — tje, v. drollery 
Snaaktcb, bv, droll, cvmical 
Snaar — tje, v. string, wire 
Snaar, bv. quick, livety,liAty 
SDaarlied, o. psalm, hymn 
Snaarspeelder, m. cilnaust 
Snaanw — ^e, v. suarl, re- 
proof, SHOW 
SaaanWen, w, snarl, snap, 


Snaauwachtig, bv, tnarlbtg, 

Snaanwer, m. tnaaawiter, v. 

snarler, chider 
Soak — Je, m. gasp 
Snakkeu, w. gatp, desire, 

long , atpire 
Snap — Jc, V. snap, snatek 
Snap, 0. chat, talk, tattle 
Saappen, to. snapf tnateh, 

chat, tattle 
Snapacbtig, bv. tattling 
Snapbaan —Xi^, m. flreUek, 

fusee, fuHleer 
Snapper — ije, m. tattler, 
talker [tU 

Snappery ~tje, v. talk, tat- 
8 naps, o.faf* 
Snapster —tje, v. gossip, 

Snar, bv. snappish 
Snarneld,v. mordacity 
Snater — tje, m. motU/k 
Snateren, to. chatter 
Snateraar — tje, m. talker 
Snaterachtig, spaterig, bv, 

Snateranel snaTelsnel, o. e- 

ternal talker 
Snavel — 0«i *"• snout 
~Sneb, V, bill, beak, snout 
Snebbig, bv, snappish 
Snee — Ije, snede, v. cut, 
cleft, slice, edge, stroke, 
section, ttm, division ; regt 
ter snee, just to the pur- 
Snedlg, bv. sharp, shrewd, 

Snedlg, sncdlglUk, bw. 
shrewdly, attentively, 

swiftly, cleverly 
Snedigbeid, v. shrewdness 
Sneer— de,8nevende. sncreo, 

w. perish 
Sneei — Je,fii. cheat, sharper 
Snees, v. score 
Snee«— de, snezende, snezen, 

Sneeuw, v. snow 
Sneeuwen, w. snow 
Sneenwachtig, sneeawig, bv, 

Sneuwbal ^letie,m. snowball 
Sneeowvlok — je, v. /lake of 

Sneuwwater, *. snowwater 
Sneeuwwit, bv.snowwhile 
Snel, bv. sw\ft, nimble, quick, 

fast swiftly, hast en 
Snelheid, 8neUigheid,v.n0i/l- 

neis, rapidity 
SneUoopend, bv. rapid 
Snellijk, bv. swiftly^ rapidly 

sNo 2J3 

Snep — Je, v. snips 
Snerken, w.fry 
Snerpen, w. nip 
Snert, v.pease-fMnridge 
Sneakelen, w, frequent bro- 

Sneorelen, w. perish, die 
Snibbe, v. shrew 
Snik — Je, V. gasp, sigk, sob 
Snlkken, w, gasp,s<m 
Snikheet, bv, quite hot 
Snip — >Je, V. snips 
Snlppeo, w. nip, snip 
Snippet— tje, v. snip,shred 
Snippelen, w.snip, clip 
Snippeliug — Je, v. clipping. 

Snipper — ^e, m. snipper, 
Snipsneeuw, v. driven snow 
Snoef — de, 8Doevende,tnoe- 

ven. brag 
Saoei)en,i0. lop,pr%ne, clip 
Snoeimes — Je, o, pruning 
knife ipings 

Snoeitel, o, loppings, clip- 
Snoek — Je, m. pike, jack buy dainties or 
trinkets, eat dainties in 
secret, steal dainties, enjoy 
any thing in a stolen way, 
take secret pleasure 
Snuepacbtig, bv, lickerish, 
thievish {ness 

Snoeper, m. snoepster— tie, 
V. sweettooth, aainty fel- 
low or wench, one that buys 
takes, eats, or enjoys for- 
bidden things in secret 
Snoepery — ije. v. dainties, 

amour, intrigue 
Snoeprelstje, o. party, of 

pleasure, intrigue, amour 

Snoeptijd. v. fruit season 
Snoer — Ije, v, !f o. string, 
cord, lace, necklace, party, 
8aoereo,w. stritig, file, oou" 
pie, tie ; iemand den mond 
snoeren, to silence one 
Snoeshaan —tje, m. butty 
Suoever —tje, m. boaster 
SnoererlJ —tje, v. vaunt, 
boast Ipruner 

SnoeiJer —ye, »n. lopper, 
SiMLeging, v. lopping, pru- 

Swef—ie.v.defluxion, vent, 

scent, wind, fashion 
Snol — leije. v. trull, drab 
lie, base, sordid, wtched, 

Digitized byLnOOQlC 

212 ShV 

SlbtTonnis, 94Jinal iemtnet, 

81otvoogd«m. governor of a 

Sluff — je, V. itull, east, ecvtr 
Sluik, bv. tUnder, thin, Utnk 
Sluik, bw. uttderkand ; ter 

slnlk, wtderAandiprivattip 
SluikeOf w. smvggte 

Smkerii/p. imuggliZg 
Sluikhandel, m. coatraband 

Sluikbandellar, m. contra- 
band trader 
Sluimeren, to. ilumbert doze 
Slaimeraar — fje. nt, ilum- 

Sluimarachtigr. tluimcrig, bv» 

Sluimerfog, v, slumber 
SlaimerkoortB, v. lethargy 
SluimerkoorUlff,frt;./«« Aarfic 
SlulntervalliK, 60. dozing 
Sluip, 6w. nndtrhand { ter 
sluip, under haOd. surrep- 
Slufpcn, V. steal, sneak 
Slaipdeur —tje, v. private 

Sluipcr ^ije,m. sneaker 
SloiphaveD, v. leeshor* 
Slalpneek —it, m. •luiphol 
— lelje, a^hidingplaee,cor- 
Slvipinsr, «. sneaking 
SlaipkoortSj v. hectic fever 
Slulppad, a, secret path 
Slu1« — Je« «• '•<^'*« aluiee 
Sluisdear— ije, a. floodgate 
Sioiswachter, m. Uuiceheeper 
Sluft, tloot — ende— en, «At(< J 
lockt fit, closCt stop, eon- 
Slultben — netje, v. hamper 
SluitbooiD, m. bar 
Sluiidoog — je, V. laihH 
Slulter, m. tnmhey 
Sluilgeld, o.goalerUfees 
Siuithek -je, 0. fate 
Siaiting, v. shutting, locking 
' Sittitkool — tje, V. t uund cab- 
bage [lettuce 
Slaitkrop — je, v. edbbage- 
5laitmand — jc, v. hamper 
SiuUredeo, v. ttflloglim 
Kloltxegel, m. sluitrJjio, 0. 

burthen 0/ a song 
SJorp —jCt «• draught 
Slurpdrank— je, JN. syllabub 
Slurpen, w,sip 
Slurpei — tje, v. soft egg 
Slurper — tje,fn.«fjt>/>rr 
Slurping, w.*t/>//»nff 
ShiJjer — ije, m, vttl, scarf 


SlDijerkrooA— Ue, v. diadem, 

Sli|k,o.4-o. dirt,wud,mire 
SlljkMbtlg,flljkig, bv. dirty, 

SlUkspoor — tje, v.vatten 
SIQm. V. slime, phlegm 

bv. sliikg, clammy, pitup- 

SUjinachtigheld, alUnerlg- 

beld, slUuigbeid, vT slii^t- 

ness, viscosity 
SUjp,8leep- ende— en. ioA«#, 
^^eharpen, grind, pclisk 
SUjpbord — je, o.knifeboard 
Slijper — ^je, m.grinder, po- 
lisher Hug 
Slijping, V. whetting, poluh- 
slypmoleD— ye, m. polish' 

Siyptteen ^iSe,m,wktlstone, 

grindstone, hone 
Slijt, sieet — ende ->eD, wear 

out, pass, go off, consume, 

Smtaadje, V. wear and tear 
SlQtacbtig, bv. soon wearing 

Slijter— ge,in. retailer 

Sitting, V, wearing away, 

consumption, retail-trade 
Smaad — je, v, reproach, dis- 

dain, scorn 
Smadea, w. despise, scorn, 

disdain, reproach 
Smadelijk, bv. f bw. re- 
proachful, Kornful, re- 

Smadig, bv. reproaekfut 
Smaadwoord, 0. reproach 
Smaak — je> v. taete, rtttsh 
Smaken, to. taste, savour, 

relish, please 
Smakelijk, bv. fcrvonry, taotc 

fkl, pltasant, pleasing , do* 

licious, hearty 
Smakelijk, bw. heartily, with 

a food appetite 
Smaklng, v.tasting, relisking 
Smakeioos, (r. teoteless, iw 

Smakeloogheid, v. insipidity 
Smaaien, w. revile, eneer 
Smaaldlcht — je, 0. lampoom 
Sniaalbchrirt -je, o. libel 
Smachten, w, suffocate 
Smacbterfg, bv. hungry 
Smak — je, v. smack, hoy 
Smak — je, m. cast, throw 
Smakken, to. smack, cast, 
Su*al, bv. narrow [throw 

Smaldeel -^e, o. eubdivi- 

sion, sqnadronr 
Smaldeclen, w,subdUHda 


SmaldeellQg, v. mhdivUioM 
Smaldoek, o. sort of linen 
Smalheer —tie. m, subaltern 
Smalbeid, smalligbeid, anal- 

te, V, narfawnesa 
Smaragd — je, m. emereOdi 
Smarouen, w. junket 
Sm^rotatr, m. reveller ' 
Sneeden,w. forge 
Smeedbaar,8meedig, bu, mair 

Smeedbaarheid, v. mmlUa- 

Smeeder, m. forger 
SmeedfcrO, v. smithery 
SmeediBg , ». forging 
Smeekoolen. mv. seaeoat 
Smeekscbrin —je, o. peti- 

lion, supplication 
Smeer, m. grease, fat, tallow 
Smeeren, w, grease, smtar, 

anoint. spread, grave, pay, 

feast, junket, clean 
Smeeracbtig, bv. greaay 
Smeerlg,6v. greasy, lucrative 
Sroeerigheid, v. greasiuess 
Smeering, v. greasing, m- 

noin tin g,f tasting 
Smeermaand, v. Novamher 
Smeerschoeu, «. Jlatterer, 

Snecrschonen, w, fatter, 

Smeerwortel, m. eamfrey 
Smeersel, o. anotntmant, 

blacking ' 

Smeet — je , v. cast, throw 
Smeet.pret. o/smQt 
Smekebj w. beseech, entrtut, 

SmekeliDg, •mdker.m. «•»- 

pliant '^ 

Smeking, v. entreaty -^ 

Smelt.smoU— ende -^eujneU 
Smelti^ fusible ^^ 
Siiieltbaarheld, v.fmoikmty 
Smelter, M. milter 
Smeltery, v. aneltliiiis, •• 

Smelting, v. Mellliig, futiam 
Smeitkroes — Je, v. emsibta 
Smeltoven — Qe, m. — " 


Smergel. m. tr^^i 
•t— je, v, jMiii, 



Smerten, w. t 



Smerteloosbeld. v,imdolemty 

Smertel^k, «v. pminfij, 

Smertlng, v. tmartisif 
Smet -Je, v.btemUk, tpai 
Smetten.fw. slain, d^ie 
Smetsen, w,gormanduo 

Digitized by ioiOOQlC 

99ft. supple. Umber, fiagg^, 
t*ght; easj/, remit! 
Siapp«n, te. slacken 
> Bla.pha.rHg.bp.pusiUanim(ms 
Slaphartlgrheid, v. pusitani- 
mity [moutlji 

SlapbarUgU)k,6to. j^«iia»t. 

Auess, 1 
bemt»» Ttlaehly, *o so 

weakly, limberly, 

tilabheid,' Slapplgheid^ ,. 
slackuetSf weakaess, lim- 

Slapje«.6w , , , 

eiappolijk, tw, stachly, ro 

Blapeioos, bp, sleepless 
SlapelooBbeidyV. sUeples'snsss 
super— ge,in.«/tfrper, lo4ger 
Slaperlg. bv. sleepy, dromy 

tUperigheid, v. sleepiness 
lavenhaodel, m. ilavs'trade 
6Uv«nbaBd<!laar, m. slave- 

Slaveamarkt, «. stavemarket 
Blavern^, v slavery, bondage 
Slavio, — neij^i v* skcslave, 

B\echt, bv. bad, fllgkt, base, 

$nean,ill,plain, simplejsUly 
Blecht, 610. badly, ill 
blechteo» w. level, raze, de- 
molish, deeide [scarcely 
StechtelUk, Ate. slightly, 
Slecbtbefa, v. bndness, slight- 

mess, meanness, plainness 
Blechiing, v. dsmolUion {ly 
^V9eh\^^,bio,*iightly, scarce^ 
dlecht*. brp» only, nmely, 

Blee, bv. sour, sharp 
Slteboom — pje, sieedoorn 

— tjei m. sloc'tres 
SW«» V. sledgo 
Slcekoet* — Je, v. sledge,body 

of a coach fifed on a sltdgt 

tl««p4rager, m. bleepdraag- 
' •let, V. trainhearer 

8\e^9m -ie,,"*, dragnet 
leepruim — fue, v. slos 
fllMpvoet* «i* shuigler 
Sleep vMteVa »• huffie 
Sleet, V. vear, consnmption, 
81e«c, bv. worn out {vent 
9lB0t,pretfHf*nAt . . 

sj«fi-i5,*,wa*«(*dr« . 

Sieenw. bp, on tags, blunted, 

lAiWMtf \bluul, thin 

Skenwen, ip. ««< m tdge, 

Slemp. v.r9C!4cA<«r 

dlenpen, w. revet, /eafi- 

, Slemplooper~tje,m. ilemp- 

loQpster --lj,e, v. *mt«- 

/irait \jriQtous feasi 

Sienipioaal — tje, m.^eiaucAt 


SlemperU, v. aMgurition 
Sleoken, w. stink, shrink 
Sl«uter, m. custom, course 
Slenteren, ip. follow, trail, 

loiter [draw 

Slepeo, w. tram, trail, drag, 
Sleper ^tie, m. tUdgeman 
SlepiDg, v. drawing, trailing 
Slet — je, V. slut, clout, rag 
Sleuf — Je,v. chatufer, gully 
Slear, v.^t^lom, course 
3leurea,t0. trait 
Sieutel — ije, m. key 
Sleutelbeen — ^e, o.claoiele 
Sleutetbloem ''PjjB, v. prim- 
SleutelbOf — Je, v. bunek of 

Sleuteidrager, m. bearer of 

the keys 
Sleatelgaa^e, slentelgat, 0. 

SleU, V. mallet 
SUb,m. slime, mud, clay, 

SUbberea , w. slide, slip 
Sitbberachttg, slibberig, bv, 

Sllep, pret, q/'tlaap 
mk. V. ^ 0, dirt, mud 
SUkkeD, w. swallow 
SllkarueaiJ, v. electuary 
Slikkl^ vUUierig, bv, dirly, 

Sliknat. bv, wet as mud 
Silkpotje, o. gallipot 
Slim, bv, sly, cunning, dif- 
ficult, kordf badt wry, 
StbabetdyV. slyness, wry ness 
Sllmiolgheid, 9. slyness 
8llnden,«p. devour 
SUodacbtig, bv. ravenous 
Sliadkolk, m. whirlpool, 
Kutph Ituw 

SIlQger— tJe,M. sling, pendw- 
SIlDgereo, w. sling, swing, 
toss, stagger, be scattered 
Slingeraar, m, stinger 
Silageriagi v, slinging, toss- 
Stinger unrwerk, $lingcr' 

werk, 0. pendulum-clock 
Slinker. bv. left 
Slinks, bw, UjUandedly 
Sliokttcb, bv, leftkanded, si- 
Slinkscbbeid, v, false dealing 
Slip — j«, V, skirt, lappet 
SUppeu, w.slip, escape 
Slippert, m. escape 
SUiisen, to. allay, qutnch, dt- 


SLO 211 

Slltafng, V, decision 


Slobbereo, w. slubber 

Slodder — ^e^tloddervos — je, 
m. sloven 

Slodderig, bv. slovenly 


Sloep — Je, V. shallop, boat, 

Sloepicblp, 0. sloop 

Sloeproeuer, m, boot-rower 

Sloeren, w, trail 

Sioert, tloerimoer, v. slat- 

Sloester — tje, m. husk, shell 

Sloesteren, w. shell 

Slof — je, •. old slipper, neg- 

Slof; bv. careless, negligent 

Sloffen, w. neglect, go ship- 

Slofflgbeld, slofbeid, v. iieg* 
Ugence, carelessness 

S lo k— j e,mawallow,draugkt, 

Siokken, w, swallow 

Slokachtigv^p* gluttonous 

Slokdarm •^pjv» *••• gullet, 

Slokker — tJe, m, swollower, 

StokkiDg, V. glutilion 

Slokop. m. glutton, spend- 

Slokzacht, V. gluttony 

Siommer, slommeringi ^ v, 

SloDd, pret, of tlind 

Slons — je, V. slut, trollop 

Sloof -^e, V. drudge, poor 
wenck. poor girl, apron 

Sloof ««de,BloTeDde — iloTeoi 
weary, toil 

Sloop — Je, v.pUIowftear 

Sloopen, w, breaki^p 

Sloor —tje, V. silly wenek 

Sloot H«> V. dUek 

Stooge, 0. little lock 

Slop — je, V. turnagain alley 

Slopkou«^o, mv, spotted- 

Slordig, bv. sltUtish, sloven' 
ly, ugly, bad, careless 

Slordigbeid, v. slovenlittess, 

Slot — Je, 0, lock, castle, con- 
elusion, setllemenf, act,de- 

Slotemaker— Je, m. locksmith 

Slotgat, 0. keyhole 

Slotiiaak ^e, v^ picklock 

Slotreden, v. peroration,coH- 

Slolrijm, tlolvaers, v. bur- 
tken.or chorus of a sodg 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Selssen, to. moor 
Seising, v. hawser 
Sels«eii» V. scythe 
Siek, V, saeh 
Sekr«et — le, o. privy 
♦Sekretaris, at. secretary 
Seidery,f. celery 
Seldrement, tuu. oddsbobt 
beuebladeii, mv. senna 
Seuef roea, o. Imgte 
«Sensibel, bv. sensible 
•*Stinteatio, v. sentence 
•Senteutiecreu, tc. sentence 
«:>eDtiiQuat, v. sentiment, 
opinion ital 

*Senttinentcel,6r. sentimen- 
«Separatl(»t v. separation 
•3epareereo, to. separate 
September, iw. September 
*6enwetHtT, m, assignee 
' «Seque<itreeren, w. sequester 
«Serge iDt, m. sergeant 
Ser^^ie, r. setge 
Serini|^ebloem,v. lilac 
^erlngebooin — pje, w. lilac' 
Serpent— je,o.»#rp«n« [<rce 
Servet — je, o. naphin 
iServetgoed, o. diaper 

Svulcn, w. drag ^ 

•Sexe.r. sex 
•Sfeer, v. sphere 
Sibbe, Sib«cliap, v. relation- 
•SlbU, V. sybil [skip 

Sidderea, to. tremble 
Sidderiny, v. trembling 

fieraad, o. ornament 
iei-Iijk, bv. neat, elegant 
Sierlykbeid, v. elegance 
Siersei, o. ornamenf 
«diguatuur, v. signature, 
ffiigiieerea, w.sign 
♦Signet — je, 0. stal [graver 
«Signcl!tnlJder, w. stai-en- 
•Significatie, v.signification 

SSigDiiiccren, w. signify 
ikkel — tje, m. sickle 
Sikkelwagen, m. covin 
•Silootie, V. silence 
Sim, Slinoje— tje, r. ape 
Simpel. bv. stUy, lunatic, 

simple, pla^n 
Simpelheid, v. silliness 
Simpelhuii— je, o. bedlam 
Simpcilijk, bw. simply 
■»i>iinulceren, w. simulate, 

Sioauw, 10. grtat saniele 
Sfngel, m. girth, girdle 
Singelen, «o. surround 
*Siajeur, m, master 
Sint, m. soinf 
Slnt, bw. since 
Sippen, V. sip 
0irf«B, V. syren 


Siroop, V. syrup, treacle 
Sisien,'io. hiss, whix 
SUaer— tie, m. firework 
Sits, V. chintx 
•Sitoatie, v. situation 
•$itueereo, w. situate 
Sjarrea, w. provoke 
Siarp -'Je, v. sath 
.Sjouw, V. signal of distress, 

piece <tfwork 
Sjouwen, tr. drudge, work, 

make a sigualofaislrtss 
Sjouwer, m. labonrer, drudge 
Slaa, iloeg, — nde -^U, beat, 
strike, knock, fight, ttaugh- 
ter, k%U, put, set,caU,sing, 
chirp, cast, throw, duh, al- 
lude, coin, guess i net legrer 
neer slatn, to pitch the 
camp ; tich neer slaan, to 
take up one's abode ; door 
eea doek slaan, to strain ; 
gelnid claan, to give a 
sound; acht slaan, rade 
slaan, to regard, to mind, 
in den wind slaan, to dis- 
regaidi touw slaan, to 
make cordage. 
Siaaf ~je, nt. slave, bondman 
SJaaf -de, slavendC) slaren, 

Slaafachtlg, slaafsch, bv. 

SlaafscUheid, «. servilUy 
bUag, m. beating, blows 
blaagen , w. succeed 
Slaa^s, bw,engagod, fighting 
i>laaken, to. reUastt stacken, 
loosen, 4hoot [ing 

S aaklng, v. release, slache%' 
Slaap — je, m. sleep 
Slaap — je, ». temple 
Slaap, sliep, -i-endo -»en, 

sleep, tie 
Slaapachtig. bv. sleepy 
)il<tapachUKiiik, //to. sleepily 
Slaapbaas ^^je, m. landlord 
Slaapbaiik ^je, v.pressbed 
Slaapbol, v. poppy 
Slaapdeuntje, u. luUaby-song 
Slaapdrank — je, m. opiate 
Slaapdronken. bv. drovzy 
Slaapgeld, o. lodging 
Slaapgofid, «. nightdress 
Slaupbuls — je, o. doimitory 
Slaapkanier-ije, », frerf-cAam- 

SUapknets —Je, «. lUter 
SlaapkooriM — Je, v. lethargy 
Slaapkruid, o. narcotic 
Slaaplaketi — tje, o. sheet 
SlaaplaBt,v. sleepiness 
SiaapmaU-'je. v. nightcap 
SiaapplMto ~je, v. plaee to 
sleep im 


SItapstee, r. ladgmgkattss 
Slaapvertrek — je, «. bed- 
Slaapzaal ~tj«, «. dormitory 
Slaapzlek. Sttapaacfadg, bo. 
lethargic lUthargy 

Slaapslekte, Slaapxacbl, v. 
Stab — j«, v.bib '^ * 
Slabben, w. slabber, tap 
Slach ~Je, o.sort, kind 
Slachteu, 10. resembU 
Slag —je, m. stroke, blow, 
knock, task, loss, knack, 
opportunUy. battle, figkt„ 
trap [stroke . temple 

f •»» -Je, o. track, rut, 
Siagader —tje, v. arteryl 
Slagbal, m. tennitball 
Sla^fboom, m. bar 
Slagdcur — ^e, v. wicket 
Slager —tje, m, butcher > 
Slagborlogie— ge, a.repeat- 

ing watch 
Slagkooi<Oe, v. decoy 
Slagnet— je, a. birdnet 
Slagorde, v. order of boUls 
SUgregen, m. heavy shower 
Slagteu, to. slanghter, kiU. 

Slagtand, m. task 
Slagtbank, v. butchery 
$lagtbeeft — je> <*• victim 
Slagter-je,«.6iiloAer, slayer 
Slagtbttis, o.AiOcAM^y 
Sla£ting« V. siamgMter, but' 

Slagtmaand, r. November 
Slagtme*, 0. butcher*s knifs 
Slagioffer -^e, o, victim, 

Slagtofieraar, «. immolmtot 
Slagitljd, V. season for kilUng 
^oottk ibattu 

SUgvaardig, bit. ready tor 
SUgveld, o.fUld qf buttle 
SlagsWaardi 0. two-hmmded 

Slagz^de, «. lee-gags 
Slak — >Je, V. snail 
Siakhoornije, 0. snailtktU, 

Slampampen, to. revel 
SUoipamper, m. reveller 
Slampamping, v. revelliug 
SUng ^etic,v.serpjsnt, snake, 

c*>lverin, leathern tube or 

pipe, worm of a stUL 

Slaogacbtig, 6v. snaky, ter- 

£eHtine [btstort 

ngekruld, v^ snaaeweed. 

Siangestok, m. caducous 
Siaogetrek — Jb* "*• fionrisk 
I Slanghandig, by. dextrous 
I 91ap,'frV| sQkk, How, vrsj^ 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


SchriiveM. •. wrMmg, Utter 
SchFUrer —t^, m. wriier, 

ScbrUjfiDf , V. writing 
Scbab — M^e» v. tcate, spam- 

Scnuddeo, «. ikaht 
ScbuddeboUeo. w. wag the 

Sohuddloff->Je, V, thahlng 
Scbuif — je, V. drawer, $MHt' 

ter, iliie 
Schmf. scboof, icbniveude, 

schMvea, stitvef push, 

itide, draw 
Sehnlffelea, w. hits, whix 
SchgifTellng, v. tibiUation 
Schaifluio«p— je, v, running 

Schalflade» v. drawer 
Schuifraam — pje, v. toek' 

Schairtrompet— Je, v. takbut 
Schnlfvenster --tie, o,$a$h- 

SchaifUier —^e, o. h»U 

Wm tai . 

hide, skulk, lurk 

Schnil, bw. 
Scb alien. 

tftke wap 
take shelter, 

Schuilboek H«> "•• tnrking- 

hoU ring 

ScboiUng, 9, shelter, shelter- 
SchuUplaatf — je» v> shelter, 

refuge, asplum 
Scbaim. v. 4- •. seum, feam, 

freth dross, dregs 
Schalmeo, w, foam, froth, 

aemm, maniU, spunge, 

Scboiawcbtif , ho^frethif 
SchatmacbtlKheld, «. frothi- 

Bcbttimbekkea, w./baw 
SchafaBdrageod, bv, spumi' 

Schoitia\ig,ho, foamy, frothy 
Scbvlmlnr, v. foaming 
acbubnlooper— ^e, m. ipun- 

ScDaimiPaan — ^e, v. senm- 

our, skimmiitgdish, slide 
Scboio, bv. sloping, oblique 
SchnlDen, w. slope 
5chulnheM, schulnschbekl, v. 

slopingness. obliquity 
Schatiu,&v. slopingly, aslant, 

Sc b 1 n tc D, bvMopUtgtObliaue 
Scbuinte, v. slope, obliq^iUy, 

Scbuit — j«» V, boat 
SchuiteToerder,m. waterman 
Scbald —je, v. debt, fault, 
• guUt, tresspass 
ScbahlbekentenU — je» ". 


eei^ession ef faults or of 

Sc^ldbpek -Je, o, debtkooh, 

Schaidboetlof , v. atonewunt 
SchuldbrieT, m. bond 
SchnldefieDing,*. liquidation 
Scboldeloot, bo, faultless, 

Schaideiscber, scbnldheer, 

m. creditor 
Schuldenaar, m. sehaldenaa- 

rette, v. debtor 
Scbuld^r. bo. owingt indebt* 

ed,bound, obUgai^oundon, 

Sc^ldfgjijk. bw. gniUily 

Schakloffer^^, o.prmntia- 

ro offering 
Scbuldover«i|ji, o» 


Scbulp ~Je, V. sheU 
ScbulpvlMTh, m. shellfish 
ScholpzaDd, o. broken sheUs 
^cbarfd, bv, itchy, scabby, 

Scbarfdflieid, tcharftbeid, v. 

seurviness, scabbiness 
Scburfdig, scbnrrtlg, bo, 

scurfy, scabby 
Scburfdiffbeid, tcbarfOf beld, 

V. scabbiness 
SchurMkruid, schorftkraid, 

0. scabious 
Scborft, V. Uch, mdnge 
Scburk — Je, m, rofcM 
Scbarken, w. shrug 
Scbut— Je, 0, fence, screen 
Schatten, w. stop, hinder, 

keep out, prevent, defend. 

parry, fence, eonfine^pound 
Scbutbrief — Je, m. bill of 

protection, uaturaUzation 
Schntdeur — tje, v. floodgate 
Scbatgeaoot, m. client 
Schntgevaat, o. artillery 
Schutbok— Je, o. pound 
Scbatpoort — Je, v. porthole 
Scbotseogel, m, guardian 

angel {patron 

Schuubeer, m. protector. 
Schutsluia— je, v, sluice, lock 
SchutBvrouw, V, patroness 
Schutter r-ije, w. shooter, 

musqueteer, marksuutn, 

militiaman, volunteer, de- 
fender, sagttlaru 
ScbutteriJ, «. militia, armed 

Schutting, V. stopping, pre- 
vention, pales, inclosure, 

Sebutsel, o. fence, f]kfefn 
Scbaur — tje, v. bam 
Scbuureo, w. scour, rub 

SEI 20p 

Schatiring -*^e, v. scour tng 
Scbuorlap —je, «• rubber 
ScbuurKter — ije, s. scourer 
Schauruiad, o. scouring sand 
Scb artel, o. scouring stuff" 
Scbuw, bv. shy 
Scbuwen, w. shun, eschew 
Schawheld, v. skuness 
Scbuwinf , V. aootdanei 
SchuHer --tJe, m. brush 
Scbuljereo, w. brush 
ScbnQermaker, m, bmshma- 

Scmt—ie.v, slice, truckle, 

coit, fillet, draughtsotan, 

SchUn, m, appearance, shewt 

pretence splendour 
Scma, scbeen — eode ->en, 

shine, seem, appear 
ScbUobaar, bv, likely, oppa- 

ScbiJDbaarbeid, «. pro&aftj- 

lity, apparonce 
SehQDbaarliJk, bw, probably, 

Schljndeurd, v. kypocrisy 
Scb^ngelok, o, deceitful f^. 

ScbUDbelllg, bo. Apm-^lticai 
SchiiDbeiUge, m. hwecrite 
ScbijnbelUgUik, bw, hypo- 

orttically iseemtnt^ 

ScbiinHik.' bv. probobS, 
ScliflnlOkheid, v.probakiltti 
tfchQnreden, «. pretenee, 

Scbnaredeoaar, m, sophist 
ScbilawJJt, bv, seeming to bo 

wise [dour 

ScbUnsel, o. shining, jptot- 

Scbi terli, s. loosness, fiuM 
Scb( thub V. — je, boghouse 
Sch( tpot—Je, V. chamberpot 
Scbijven, mv. money 
•Seconde, m. second 
•Secondeeren, w, second 
•Secoureeren, w. succour 
•Secret^ris, m. secretary 
•Secreur^, v, secretary^ 

•Secreteerea, w, secrete 
•SectariB, m, sectary 
•Secte, V. sect 
•Securitelt, v. security 

•Secuur, bv. secure, safe, 
certain ' 

Sedert, bw. since 

Seffent, bw. at once 

SegrUn, o. skagreen 

Sein, o. signal 

Seioen. w. give a signal 

SelDiCDOot, nt. signal-gun 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

•208 SCH 

Schovwtoneel — tje, ». »t*g« 
Schraair-je, •. $mpport,trt$tU 
Scbraaren, w. suvporl 
Sebraal, hv, thin, sltndtr, 

moortjejunet teantjf, tearct, 

sharp, rarefltd 
Schraalen. to. fail 
Schraalheid, v. thinne$s, 

tlfndfrnestf seantinetM, 

teareitif, tkarpnetSf rare- 

Schraaltjes, bw, $Underljft 

Bchmap — j<, w. tcrateh 
Schnpen, v>. scrape , 

Schraapachtip, bv. teraping 
Schraapacbtigheid, v. eave- 

Schraper— tje, m. muer 
Sehraping, v. scraping 
Schraap4j»er-tje, o. scraper 
Sehraapsel, o. scrapings 
Scbraapzucbt, v. covetous- 

Schraapzuchtig, bv. covetous 
flcbrab, tchrara, v. tcrateh 
Schrabben, te. scratch 
Scbramcnen, to. scratch 
Schrander, bv. willy, clever, 

ingenious, aide, sagacious 
Schranderheid, v. wit inge- 
nuity, abililu,Jtagacily 
Schranderlijk, bw.wiltily, in- 

Senion sty, ably, tagacionsly 
rankelbcen, m. long- 
Schranssen, 10. eat heartily 
Schranser —tje, m, hearty 

8chrap-je,-t>.»^o<c», stroke, 

dash, accent a ready posture 
Scbrappen, 10. cross, erase, 

scratch, bar 
Scfarapsel, 0. scrapings 
8«braveelen, w. scratch 
Schrede, v. stride, pace, step 
Schreef — je, v. Itne, stroke, 

Schreef, pret. of «chrljf 
Schreeuw —tje, v. cry, shout 
Schreeuwen, w. shout, bawl 
8chreeu\f er —tje, m. bawler, 

Schreeuwing, v. bawling 
Schreilen, w. cry, weep 
Scbreijins, v.lachriimation 
Scbrib'beien, w- scrtbhle 
SchrJbbel.iar -tje,»n.«cii6ftZrtr 
8chrlfl~je, o. writing, writ, 

Schriftelljk, bw. 8r bv. writ- 
ten, in writing 
SthTiftgelperde, m. one ver- 
ted in the scriptures 


Schriftjteleerdheld, v. scrip- 
tural learning 
Schriftmatig, bv. scriptural 
Scbriftnur, v. scripture 
Schrirtnuri^k, bv. scriptural 
Schriituurplaata— je, v. text 


0/ scripture 
Schrik-je, m. fright, dread, 

terror, horror 
Scbrikken, w.fear, be fright- 

entd, startle 
Schrikachtig, bv. fearful 
Scbrikacbligheid, o. timo- 

Scbrikdier— tje, 0. monster 
Schrikgedrocht, 0. spectre 
Schrikkelen, w. pass bjf 
Schrikeldag, m. intercalary 

Schrikkeljaar. 0. lenpvear 
ScbrikkelmaAnd, v. February 
Schrikkelijk, Hchriklijk, bo. 
4- bw. dreadful, dreadfully 
SchrikkeiykheJd, schrlkUjk- 

beid, V. dread fulness 
Sc\ir\}LV\gybv. skittish 
Schrikkigbeid, v. skittithness 
Scbrikking, v. startling 
Schril, bv. astonished, thrill 
Schrob. m. reprimand 
Bchrobben, w. scrub chide 
Schrobber— ye,i«. scrubbing- 
brush , 
Schrobnet — Je, 0. dragnet 
Schrobster —tje, v. chairwo- 
Schrocf — je, v. screw 
Schroef -de, achroevende, 

8chroe«eDi icrtw 
Scbroefdraaljer —tje, m. 

Scbroeiien, 10, scorch 
Scbroeiljzer— ije, oaolaman- 

der, searing iron 
Schroeving, v. screwing 
Schroeijing, v. scorching 
Schrok — Je, schrokker —Ije, 

m. »wuef, glutton 
ScbrokkeD, w. eat glutton- 
Schrokdarm, m. glutton 
Schrollen, w. growl 
Schrompelig. bv. rugose 
SchrompeligDeid, v.' rvgose- 

Sdirpoijen, w. clip 
Schi-boisel, 0. clipping 
Schronken, tr. scotch 
Sc brooking, tf. scorching, 

SchrooDi, v.fear, scruple 
Schroooien, w. fear, scruple 


Schroomachtig, hv. fettrful, 

timoroMS, trrnpulotis 
Schroomacbtigbeid, r. timo- 

rousness, scrupulosity 
ScbroomacbiigKjk, bw. fear- 
fully, scrujmloustu 
Schroomelljk, bv.ft^ktful 
Schroouitrloos. bv. ftarless 
Schroomeloonield, r. fear- 
Utsness £hearted 

Schroomhartfg, bv. faiut- 
Schroomhartigheid, v, fmint- 


Schroomlg, bv. timorous, 

bashful, scrupulous 
Scbroomte, v.fear, timidity 
Schroot, 0. caseshot 
Schrupel— tje. 0. scruple 
Scbrijbt en -de — «Ade — eo, 
scbrijd, schreed -eade-en, 
stride, straddle 
Scbrijdeliogs, schrfjelioff, 

schrijiings, bw. astrids 
Scbrhaing, v. striding 
Scbrijf, Rcbreef, scbrgrendc, 

fichrijven, write 

Schriifboek — jo, 0. writing- 

booh labmeus 

Scbrljfbord — je, o. table, 

Schrijffout— Je, v. tUp of the 

Scbrijaokt, v. wrUing ink 
Schr^jfkamer— tje, v. study, 

count inghouse 
Schrijfknaap — je, nu clerk 
Scbrilrkoker— tje, ws,peneose 
SCbr^rkunst. v. literMnxe, 

art of writing 
SchrljflessenaAr— tje, m, wri- 

Schriiflelj— tje, v. slate 
Schruflust, V. love of writing 
SQbrljfmeester— tje, m. wrt- 

Schrljfpapler, o. writing- 
Schriifpen, v. writingpen 
Schrijfschool —tje, o. wri- 
Scbrnrstoffe, v. subject 
Schrfjfsliil. m. styts 
Schrfjftafef — tje. v. writing- 

table, tablebook' 
Schrijfteekea— tje, o.cAaroc- 
ter, letter {wrUisg 

Schrljfwijze, v, manner 0/ 
SchrQfziek, bv.foud of wri- 
ting rting 
Scbriifzocht, v. itch ofwri- 
Schrijn— tje, v. shrine, chett 
Schril 11 werk, 0. joinery 
Schriinwerker,' t/i. joiner, 

Digitized byLnOOQlC 


Scbofeerinf, v. ravhhmeut 
Sehoffel-ye, V. sli»vtl, hoe 
Schoffeleo, w. shovel, tkujfle, 

$kv9t, paddle, rake, hoe 
Seboft -it, nt, Shoulder, 
wilker, tarlet, knave, three 
ScbofiCD, w. retl, leave of 
storking for a lime, go to 
Schoftichtiir, bv. bmtal, i ude 
Schofttijd, 9. dinnerlime 
Schok -je, m. shock, bounce, 

ScDok, 0. Ikreescore, heap 
Scbokkea, w. jolt, shake, 

keap . 
8chokk^ba«l, fi. glutton 
Scbol —\ei\e,v. plaice 
Scboid, pret. of scbeld 
Scbolferty m. cormorant, 

Scbollevaar, m. cormorant 
8cbommelCD> w* tlir, shake, 

clean superficiallp 
Scbommeling, v. shaking 
Scbommelkokje, o. scullion 
Bchommeliueiije, «. charwo- 
Behoof el — tje, v swing 
Sobong'eleB, w. swing 
JcboDK — je, V. bone 
icbonk, prrt. of schenk 
Jchoof -— je, 9. skeaf 
icboof, prel, o/schulf 
icbooijen, w. beg 
icbooltter — ^e, r. woman 

cbool — ^e, «. 4- •. school, 
academy, shoal 
cbool, pret. of Mholl 
chooleo, w. Jloch together, 

choolboek— Je, o. sckoolbook 
cboolbord— Je, o. sehoolbox 
shoolgeid, o. schoolmonep 
iboolgeleerde,m. schoolman 
: bool^eleerdbekl,«.ieaniifi^ 
o/ the schools 
:hoolgrezel, m. eondiscipU 
'.hoolgoed, o. schoolthirngs 
:hooloeer. m»scholarch 
:boolh«ader, m, sehoolmas- 

:boolier— tje, m, MhooUer- 
Bter — Ue, v. scholar 
booUonreo, m. schoolboy 
boolmakker— tJe,fli^eAoo<- 
fetlow [mistrrss 

booJoBfttrM — je, v. sehool- 
boolmecster •4«,aMcA«»<- 

boolmeesteraeMlif, hv. 
tadmntie Ipedantrf 

hoolneMUrMbtirbcId, v. 


Scboolmeekterlijk, bw. pe- 

Schoolmeiiije, v. schoolgirl 
Schooltich, bv. scholastic 
Schooltyd, V. sckooUime 
Sc\iooUoogA, m. pi eeeplor 
Schoolvrouw — ije, ». school- 

Schoon, bv. clean, pure, fair, 

Jiue, kandfome, beautijul 
Schoon, bw.t hough, all hough 
Schooobroeder, m. brother- 

Scbooudocbter — 0^* *• 

Schoone, v. fair one 
Sctioongemaakt, dw. cleaned 
SchuongeiiotDen, bv, sup- 

poiing it be so 
Scbooiibfid, V. eleantust, 

fairness, beauty 
Scboonmakea, lo. clean 
Schooiimaking, «. cleaning 
Scboonftoaakitier — ije, v, 

Scboonmoeder, v, mother-in- 
Schoonschiinend.&v. specious 
Schooo»chyneDdUeid, v. spe- 

ciousutss [tng 

Scbooasprekend, bv. ftatitr- 
Scboonspreker, m. flattfrer 
Schoonte, v. beauty, fairness 
Scboonljet, bw, cleanly, 

cleverly [law 

ScboooTader, m, fatker-in- 
ScbooDiooo—Ue, m. son-in- 

Schoonsa«ter, •. sister-in-law 
Schoor— ^e, m, shore, prop 
Schoor,pret, o/'tcbecr 
Schooren, w. shore, pre» 
Schoortteen— iJe, m.chftnney 
Scboorsteeogeld, o. hearth- 
money [piece 
ScboorsteenlHst, «. mantle- 
Schoortfteeoplaat — je, v. 

hearth [ney 

Scboortr«enpijp— je,v.eAtM- 
Scboonteenveger — je, m* 

SchoorVoeten, w, be back- 

woid, hang back 
Schoonroeteode, bw» «iiwil- 

•School — Je, m, lap, bosom, 

womb, sheets, shoot, sprig, 

toot, bolt; de wboot vie- 

rea, to give way, to give a 

School, pret, o/tcblet 
Scboothoadje, 0. Iapd0^ ,. 
Scbootiff, bv, forward, tallt 

Hberal , , 

Scb«otaT«l» •* Uathtrn aprm 

SCH 207 

SchootvrU, 6ir. skolfire^ 
SchoveIiog« m. outcast 
Scboreneil, o. wutinsail 
SchooUer, m. beggrr 
Scbop—je, V, shove/, spade, 

scoop, hick, swing f de 

»chop geven, to dtsmissf 

de Bcbop krUfen, to be 

dismissed! echoppen aM« 

the ace af spades 
Scboppen, w. kick, shovel, 

scoop, bale, swing 
Schor. bv. hoaisf, harsh 
Schoriieid, v. hoarseness 
Schorploeo— tie, m, scorpion 
Scbors, V. bark 
Scborssen, w. suspend 
Schofkior, V. suspension 
Schort -^e, v, apron 
Schorten, w. ail, want, mo- 

pend, be wanting 
Scbortekleed —je, o, apron 
Scboriiiig, V. iraM< 
Schot — je, 0. wainscot, par- 

lilioH, icot, shot, fly 
Scboiel-tje, m,dUh,pUdter 

plate, saucer 
Schotelen, w'. disk 
Schoteldoek— je, o. di*keUtk 
Schotelrek — je, o, dresser 
Schotellikker— tje, m,sm«tt- 

Schotelwater, o. dithwaitr 
ScKotpoort, V. portcullio 
Scliot-chrifc — Je, •. liM, 

Scbotvlies — Je o. kymm 
Schouder — ge, v, shouldor 
Schouderea, w. shoulder 
Scbouderblad, o. skouUir- 

Schouderlap— Je,v. scapulmrp 
Schouderiiat, o. shouldtrknot 
Schondermaatel ~^e, ■». 

cloak, scapulary 
8cbout-Je, m. bailif, sktrif 
Scbont-bii-aacbl, vk, roar- 
Schootsambt, o. skerifskip 
SchonUcbap. o. skerQfally - 
Schotttediender, m. sherds 

oficer " 
Scbonw —tje, v, ftrryboot„ 

punt, chimney, inspeetiou, 

Schouwen, w, inspeef, fr- 

vey, view 
Scboawbarg —je, m. thtairt 
Scbouwing, V. tntptctiom 

Schoowplaatf — Je, v, pUwc 

0/ exhibUion,ompkiMhoatro 

ScDouwipeler— Qc, m. Mmgo* 


Scbouwtpel — U^f •. « 

play, tpoclacU, «i#Ai 

Digitized by-LjOOQlC 

S06 SCH 

Sckearea, «. tear, remd, Mt, 

teheariBg, v. temrimg, rent, 

tnptmre, Sfkism 
Scheanaaker, ai. iekiMmmlU 
fckearpaifior, •. wmstrpmper 
SdMSrscI, •. burttcmmtM 

irzicKf bm. $ekinunicmi 
kMM, M. t 

, --. unptrpmred 

MtkMi^k, bm. 4- *«. «ad4<«, 

SeUeUjUieid, v. tuddeu nets 
tckieaNiB, ai. bmattwaimU 

leUcrcilaMl —ie,0.p*nimsuU 
Scbiel, sckoot — ende — ea, 
$M0Qt, dmrtf tpend. shove, 
thifl, em$t, pmp ,- kail »cbie- 
tOD, I* spmwuf wortel 
•cUeteBy tc take r«ot i eca 
■ehot 'er voor tchleiea, to 
prevent ilt op de haod 
ackietea, to drmm omopaer, 
i» mpprotk i road fecbie- 
tea, to get round, to ahijt, 
to moke both endt meet ; 
te blnaen acbietea, loeome 
to mind , te kort ccbieten, 
tofmli skort, to muemrry ; 
CaMckea MbieteB, to ta- 
Urmix, to intertemve 
febleter —tie. at. tkomtor, 

tehietfat, «. porUkoU 
teUeif ewder, «. /Ire orau 
Sebieuat, v. cavalier 
Sebietlood, o. ptumtnet 
Scbieucbaos, v. balterf 
tcbietschuily v. barge 
tcbieupoci —tje, v. sknttle 
ScbleUaif t o, ftre armt 
Sebifteo, w. divide, dUtin- 
guiek, part, twm, fray, 
4iteUM, erilieize 
•cbifdaf , V. repartUion, dl- 
vieion, eurdfiug , turning, 
9c\Agi~-ie, m, dmrt,i«ateli» 
Scblglir, fr». thUtiik 
■eblf tigbeid, «. skUtUkneu 
•cblk. m. W<<«r; op zliDeo 
•cbikf <a orders vaa zQnea 
Mbtk, out of order: in lii- 
MB MTbik, pUatedi uit zy- 
BCB Mbik, out of order, 
dUploaeed, out ofknmour : 
foed Mbikt, with a good 
«cbik ~te— keade — kea, or- 
der, arrange, manage, di- 
recL fotlom, emit, bekave, 
$en4, move, make room 
iabikfdItBaa, mv. tkt dee- 


ScbikkrlUk, 6a. arderlg, do- 

ScUkkeliJkhcid, v. arderU- 

»••.», aeeeveg 
SchiklLtag, r. order, mrmge- 

mrmt, attpotUimm 
8chikaK>cr — 0e, ». hnsgbodv 
Scbil — leije, v. peti, rtmd, 

Schild -je, •. ghietd, eo- 

eutektou, eoat •/'•tmj- 
Scbilder— ^e, m.paimter 
SchUdereo, w. patmt, etamd, 

Scbilderarktig, bm, pietn- 
rteqme, beumtifut, preUg, 
Schilderbai«je, •. tentrfbox 
ScbiideriDg, v. path ling 
Schiiderbuast, v.«rl oj paini- 

Scbilderwerk, 0. paintinj 
ScbUderlU — tje, v. paintCig, 

ScbilderijluBiery a. eabimet 

of patutimg* 
Scbifdkiiaap, ai. esquire 
Scuiidpad -je, v. tortoise, 

Scbildpadde, bv. tortoiseskeli 
Scbildwarbt — je, m. centi- 

net i op scbildwachl staaa, 

to itamd »enlrp 
Schildwacbtsbaicje, 0. sen- 

Scbtldwapea, o. coat 0/ arms 
Scbilfer — tje, v, scale 
Scbil leren, tr. scale 
Scbiiferactatig. scbilfcrig, bv, 

Schilleo, lB.pare,peei 
Scliiai, V. skadow, gkost 
Scbinimel — ^e,m. grejf korse 
SrhiniBieU ». moutd 
ScbimmeleB. w.growmouldg 
Scbimmelacb Ug ^schiouneiig , 

bv. u. OH tap 
SchimBielbarIg, bv, grog- 

Scbinmelheid, v. vMmldiness 
Schimp — je, v, taunt, re- 

Scbimpea. w. scoff, taunt 
Scbimpuclitig, bv, totirieal 
Schimpdichi — je, o. satire 
ScbimpdicbUT, m, satirist 
ScbiBiper. la. scoffer 
Scbiniper^,a.<oMii<, reproach 
Scbiiupig, bv. scoffing 
SchinpiBg, «. scoffing 
Schimpluiit, V. latUteal vein 
Scbimpnaam, «. nicknt^nte 
Schlaipredeo. v. taunt 
Scblaiptcboor— i«,«. hUimg 



ScUapackrifk-je, o. mtire 
SchiMpachrijver, m. omtiriot 
Sekimptgcm^jve, bm, tmmnt- 

Scbi«p«praak, V. irwom 
S. hiaipvopel, m. scoffer 
Scbi«pwoor4^ a. tummi, re- 

promck [atMT 

Schlapsacbt. ». tatiriemlkm- 
Scbimazacbtig, bm. stiricat 
Schiuk, m.gammmm 
Scbtakel -tie, m, immekU, 

Scbip, o. ship, vessel 
Scbipbreak-ie, ». shipwreck 
Scbipbreakelfog, at. mmo thmt 

is thipwreckrd 
Scbipbrue. V. bridge efhaaU 
Scbipbaak -je, v. grmpplmg 

Scbipper — tje, ai. emptmim, 

master, tktpper 
ScbippeKB, w. tettte, or- 

range, »teer 
Scbippersluiecbt, at. harg^ 

man, hoatmam 
Scbipreeder, au shsff^a hus- 
Scbtpzand, o, baUast 
Scbltterea , w, shhu, gOtUr, 

dazzle, spmrkto 
Scbftteriag, 9. glUterimg, 

sparktimr lUgkt 

Scbiiterlicbt. o. gUtterh^ 
Schob -beije. ». scmU 
Scbobbeo, w. ptaf trmamt 
ScbobachUg, sckobbjr, hv. 

Scbobb^ak, achobbeid, m, 

scoundrel, rogue 
Scboef — Je, v, cape 
ScbodjcD, w, shoe, time 
Schoeisel, 0. shoeing 
ScboeUe, at. varlet, rogme 
Scboea — Qe, m. shoe 
Scboeuaantrekker — Qe, m. 

SchoenbaBd —ittVakoeotrimg 
Schoengesp -'ie,v,shoebuehU 
Scboenlapper ^tie.m,eobbter 
Scboeoleer, 9. shoHeatker 
dcboealeest, v. shoelma 
Scboealint — J«, o. sha er ihho m 
Scboenmaken, o,shoemahimg 
ScboeanMiker ^tit, at. thae- 

Scboeariem— pJcLBi. eekam- 

stroolOe, joi sehooiaichet 
Scboensaieer, a. HatM^, 

shot black 
Scboeawlnkcl— ^w. shoe- 
ma her* s shop 
Scbof, o. portemUio 
Schr'^- • 

Digitizecfby VnOOQlt^ . 


Scheidbrief, m. biU qf di- 

Seheider, m. divider, parter 
Schciding, V. separation, di' 

vision partition 
Scheidkundig, tchcikandi^, 

bv. chymieat 

tn. Shy mist ; 

Scheidmerk — Jei o. mark of 

Scheidpaal, schelpaal — tje, 

V. bound, boundary 
Scheldmiddel —tje, o. dissol- 
ScheidxHeden, mv. mediators 
Scheldsman, m. arbiter 
Schetdsmuur —tje, wi. parti' 

tion-wall [stone 

Scheidsteen, m. b-iundary 
Scheidsvroiiw, v. arbitress 
Scheidsel, o. separation, par- 
Sdieikunst, v.chymistry 
Scheiweg, m. crossway 
Schel -Tetje, t;. bell shrill 
ScbeSlen, w. rinr 
Scheld -de, sciiold — ende 

— CD, scold, rait, revile ; 

kwijt scbelden, to acquit ; 

vrij scbelden, to pardon 
Scheldnaaio, m. reproachful 

name, nickname 
Scheldschrift -je, o. libel 
Scheldwoorden, j)tv. abiuive 

Scheikllnkend, scbelluldend, 

bv. ihrUl, lonurous 
Schelkruid,o. great celandine 
Schell-ik, o. shellack 
Sctielling — je, v. thilling, 

Schclm — pje, m.rogue 
Schelinachtig. bv. roguish 
Scheimacbiig]0k,6io. villain- 

Schelmerij —tje, v. roguery 
Scbelinscb, bv, roguishi ras- 
Schelmstuk — je,d. piece of 

Schelp — je, v. shell 
Scbelpachtig, bv. testaceous 
Schelp '^w^jzetfrw. cochltated 
Schelprliieii, v. shellfish 
Scbeltrompet, v. clarion 
Schelvisch — je, m. haddock 
Sclieraeren.w. dazzle, dim 
Scbemerachtig, bv. darkish 
Scbemeravond, m, twilight 
Scbemerig, bv. dim 
Scbemering, v. dazzling, 

dimness, twilight 
Scheaerlicbt, 0. dim light 


Scbemertyd, v. twilighi 
Scheiiden, w. violate, spoil, 
damage, maim, dejfile, pro- 
fane, slander, revile 
Scheiidbrok — je, tn. calumr 

Scbenddaad, v. $acriUge,deed 

f violation 
Scbenddicht — je, 0. lampoon 
Schender, m. violator, trans- 
gressor, profaner, defamer 
Schenderlj, v.violation 
Scheudig, bv. shameful 
^cheiidiiig, v. violation, pro- 
fanation , defamation 
Schend»chrift — je, o. libel 
■Scheiidster— tje,t;. slanderess 
Scbendtong, «. slandering 

Schendzit'k, bv. slandering 
Schenk, scboiik — f nde —en, 

Jill, vour. give, present 
ScbenKaardje, v. gift 
Schenkbakje, o. diawer, tray 
Scheiikhlaadje, schenkbiad, 

scheukbord — je, n. waiter, 

salver Her, doner 

Schenker, m. cupbearer, but- 
SohenKing, v. donation • 
Scbenkkaii, v.. tankard 
Schenktafel —lie, v. sideboard 
Scheukte^oor, v. saucer 
Scbennis, v. violation, rape 
Schen^iek, bv. nefarious 
Schep — je. v. scoop 
Schep — te — peiide —pen, 

draw, S'-oop, take 
Schep, ficbiep- peade —pen, 

Schepel — tje, 0. bushel 
Schepea, m. alderman 
Schepeo, w.ship 
Scliepen, mv. 6bip 
Si'hepenkeniils, v. mortgage 
SebepeaKChap, o. alderman- 
ship [gage-deed 
Scbepenscbnidbriet, v. ntort- 
Scbi'pen^kaaier, v. court of 

Schepcnsrol, v. court-roll 
Schepnet — je, 0. scoo/jnet 
Schtppcr — tje,ni. scoop,crea- 

Scbepping, v. drawing of 

water, creation 
Schepriem — I'je, m. paddle 
Scbepter —tje, m. sceptre 
Schepvat, . scoop 
Scbepsel — tje, o. creature 
Scherf — je, v. shred, shiver, 

Scberf -de, schervende, 

"Scherven, shred, shiver 
Scberluia, m, knav(, acoun- 


SCH 205 

Scherm — pje, vakretnjenet, 

SchermeD , w. fence 
Scbermdegen — ye, m.foil 
S( bermer —tje, m. fencer 
ScberiDinkel— tje, m. Me<«- 

ton, scrag 

ScherininkelbuiBJe, 0. ehttr' 

nelhouse leinr 

Scbermkungt, v. art of fen" 

Scbermmeester —^e, m, 

fencing master 
Scberui8Chiid,o. buckler 
Scberoiscbool — ^e, o. ftn- 

cing school 
ScbenuAcbrirt — je,o.aB9/4W|f 
ScbermiUiieien, w. sktrmUH 
Scbermuueiing /-je, v, tkir^ 

Scherp, 0. shot, edge; met 
scberp besl^gea, froet- 
Scberp, *». sharp, aimie^art, 

strong, severe, strict 
Scberp, bw. scarce, skarply, 

narrowly, close 
Scberpen , 10. sharpen 
Scberpeiijk, bw. sharply, se» 

verelu, strictly 
Scberpbekl, sclierpigheid, «• 
sharpness, acuteuess, strict- 
Scberpregt, 0. criminal exe- 
Scberpregtfr, m. «x<e«u{0ii«r 
Scherpsnydend, bv» sharp, 

cutli'tg, trenchant 
Scherpte, v. sharpness, edge 
Sciu rpziende, bv. sharps 

Scberpzinnig. bv. acute, 
sharpwUted, tngenioeie, 
Scberpzinuigbeid, v. ac%Ue- 

nens, ingenufty, subtlety 
Scberpzinniglijk,&u;. acutely , 

Soberts — je, v. jeetj irowy 
Scberteen, w.Jest,joke 
Scberts^r, m. jester 
Schfrtserlj —tje, v. jesting. 

Scbertsreden, v. jest 
Sc\iertM9iiize,bu>. ironically 
Scbet8 —je,v.drottghtiSkeKh 
Scbetseu, to. sketch 
Scbeiser, m. sketeher 
Scbetsing, v. sketfiking 
Scbetskuiide, v. urt ofdtoim' 

Scbetteren, 10. chirp 
Scbeuir —tje, ». rent, sliti 
crack, cleft 
I Scheurbuik, v. scurvy 
\ Scbeurbuikig, bv^seotbeUie 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

204 SCH 

cbaJk, bv. Wf , cro/fy 
chalkheld, v. tlinett, craft 
Scludm --Pie, m, link 
ScTialm^ -tje, v. hoboy 
Schampen, w. graxt, ilip a* 

Schamper,6v.«coni/*i(|, abu- 
ihe, cutting Idain 

Schamperheld, v. scttrm, di«- 
Schamperlljk, bto.scort^/ntln 
Schampicboot — je, «. gra- 
fting shot ' 
•cbandaal -ye, m.ceandal, 
reproach, scaudalomtfeUew 
SGhande,v.tfAam«. dltgraee, 
•Vawy* teaudali ichande 
«andoen, to disgrace 
Schand^ljk. tchandlr, bv. 

*Aome/ti/, ignominimou* 
Scbaodeltik, bv. »kamefiUtv 
nestf ignominy 

Ichandioageo, in. eatemite 
Schandkoop. iw. dogckeap 
Schandslrar, 0. ignomintot 

Schandteeken, o, mark ofin- 

Scbanavlek -je, t». reproach 

Scbandvlekken. w. defame. 

brand, shame * 

Scbana -je, v. fort, castle, 

^cbansbogt, v. curtain 
Scbaoser, achansfraver. m. 

Sioneer * 

anikleeden.ww. nettings 
Schanskorf-je, V. gabion 
Schanelooper — tje, m. old 

horse, watchcoat 
Schappeiyk, bv. 4r bw. de- 
cent, aiscreet, decently, 
orderly "' 

SchappeTijkbeld, v. decency, 

ducretton, orderlintjti 
Scbappraai, v. cupboard 
ScharUken. schariakeorood, 
rio.Bcbarlakenkleur, v. scar- 
Scharlei, v. clary [Ut 

Scharnlcr -ije,©. hinge 

Scbarrebier, o. tmali beer 
gcharrebord. o. praUery 
•cjjwreien. v>. straddle,skuf- 

Scharrelbenen, v. shvOta 

Schatbcwaarder.M. ireoAursr 

-''«"'T./a«^A atoMd^'"^' 

Scbaiterinjf, ». /ok^ Jaw.*. 

^r, ctatt,riM,, re,otSSiSg 


Schatkamer. v. treasury 
8chalki«t-je, v. exchrguer 
Schatmeester, m. treasurer 
Schatine*^8ier»chap, e. trea- 

Sobatr^k, bw. very rich • 
Scbatten, w. tax, assess, rate, 

prtze, value 
Schattingr, v. tax, tribute 
Schauinggeld^. contribution 
Schattiiigscbuldig^frv. tribu- 
Schatzucht, o. avarice 
ScbaveelcD, tchavleien, to. 

make room, yield, shift 
Schavo t — je, o.scaffold 
Schavotteeren^ w. punish up- 
on a scaffold 
Schavult — je, m. varlet 
Scbedel — ije,OT.**wii 
Schee— tje, 8cbede,v.<A«a/A, 

Scbedeloot, ftp. without a 

Scbee^ bv. wry, crooked 
ScheefhalB — je, "». wryneck 
Scheefbeid.scbeefte, v.crook- 

ScbeeHes, bv. crookedly, aunry 
acheefsboek, m.obtigne angle 
Scheefshoekfg, *». with ob- 
lique angles 
Scheej —rje, v.eyelash, sknil 
acneel, bv. squinting, • schcel 
zien, to squint ; cfe Hchele 
hoordpijn, the niegyims 
Scheeien, us differ, ail,want, 
*crape, comb ; what 
KChei It bet u, what is it to 
you; 'I kan mij nlet scliee- 
len, «/ is the same tome 
Scbeeibaar, o. hair of the 

Scbeelbeid, v. tquintingness 
Scheelnaald -je, v. hairpin 
Scbeeii,v. shin 
Scheen, pret. o/scbijn 
Scbeenbeen —tje, o. scheen- 
_ PiJP — je, •• shinbone 
.ScDeenpIaten mv. greaves 
Schtenscbu tje, o . Jireskreen 
Scheenzadel, m. joannri 
Scbeep, bw. aboard 
Scbeepeaiig, m. (mbarkation 
Scbeepje, o. little *hip, small 
vessel Ipioviiions 

Scheepsbeboefte, v. ship- 
Scheep8beecbuU,v. seabiscuit 
Scbeepsbestler.o. navigation 
Scheepsboord, o. shipboard 
Scbeepubouw, ni. navai ar- 
8cbeepHch,6»^ava^ nautical 
Scheepscbgereedscbap, o. 


SchoepschgeTecht,o. teafigkl 
Scheepsjongen, m. ahipboy 
Scheepekapiein, m, seacap- 

Scheepskok, m. sktp*s cook 
Scheep.>krooD,t;. naval crown 
Scbeepsladiiig^ — je, v. cargo 
Scheepsloon, o. freight 
Scheepsmagt, v. naval farce 
Scheepsonkosten, mv. shtp*s 

Scbeep80ver«te, m. admiral 
Scheepgpluige, v. sailorU 

ScheepspompjW. skip*spump 
ScheepsKtrijd, m, seafight 
Scbeepstimmcrwerf, v.docl- 


ScheepstimiBerman, m. skip 

Scbeepstoerosting, v, equ^ 

went of ihips , 

Scheepstouwen, mv. rigging 
Scbeepslucbt, v. navaldisctr 

Scbeepgvloot, v. navy, fieet 
Scbeepsvolk, o. shiph crew 
Scbeepsvoogd,m.coM HI oilier 

of a ship 
Scneepsvragt. v. shipload 
Scbeepswooro, o. naval term 
Scbeepvaan, v. navigation 
Scbeer -de, schoor — ende 
—en, shove, shear, banter, 
stietch, warp, sheer ,• de 
gek ecbeer^o, to play the 
Scheerbekken —tje, o. bar- 
ber's baton 
Scbeerder, m.barber, shearer 
Scbeerdooi- je, ». shaving- 
Scheerdraad, V. warp 
Scbeer«oed,o. shaving tkingt 
ScheerTng, v. shaving, 
shearing [ease 

Scheerkoker -tje, iti. raxor- 
Scheerling, v. hemlock 
Scfaef rmes — je, o. razor 
ScheermoieQ —tje, m. tear- 
pi w^ niifl 
Scheerwiiikel — ^c, m, bar- 
ber* s shop 
Scbeerwol,v. shorn wool 
Scbeersel, o. ehavings, shea- 
Scheet — je, v. fart 
Scbei, icbeide — de ^ende 
— eu, separate, dividc^part, 
depart ^*stinguUh,Mv9reei 
Qitdeneriug scheideo, to 
Ifve offtri'de 
Scheibaar. scbeidbaar, scbei- 
deiyk, bv. separable, dis- 
timgmuhaUe, sHsttla 

Digitfzed byLnOOQlC 

' SCH 

»S«laeer«o, w. salute, greet 
»SaIut, TM, salute, salutation 
*SalveereD, to. save 
•Salvo, o. satnte, salvo 
Samaar — tje, v. sack 
Samen, see Zamea 
Sammelen, w. loiter, linger 
Sammelaar, m. Sammelaar- 

Bter, V. toilet er 
Sammelin^r, «• loitering 
Samt, bio. together with, alto 
«Sancti6ceereD, to. sanctify 
Sandelhout, o. sandal-wuod 
Sanikel. v. saniele 
SantoriJ, v. cenluarg 
Sap, o. sap, jnice, gravy 
Sapif roen, o. tapgretn 
Sappenhout. «, sapanwood 
Sappeloos, bv. sapless 
f appjg, bO' sappy^uicy 
Sappipheid, v. juiciness 
Barren, to. provoke 
Sardlja- ge, v. sardine jprat 
Sas— Je, V. sluice 
Sassefras, o. sassefras • 
Satan, m. Satan 
Sater — tJe, m. satyr 
•satlsfacde, v. satisfaction 
Saturdag, m. Saturday 
Satijn, o. satin 
Sau* — je, V. sause 
Sausbakje, eausiertje, o, 

Sauskom — me^e, «. butter- 
Sanspan —netje, v. sausepan 
Sausijs — je, v. sausage 
Sausijsbrcodje, o. sausage 

•Sauvpearde, v, safeguard 
Savooijkool —tje, v. savoy- 
Scammooinm, m. scammony 
Scbaden, to. damage, hurt, 

Scbade, v. damage, loss, pre- 
judice, harm 
Schadeloog, bv. undamaged, 
indemnifitd, useltss, un- 
Schadeloosheid. v. indemnity 
Scbadelooshoiming, v. in- 

Schadelgk, bv. hurtful 
SchadelQkheid, v. hurtful- 

Schaaf— ie, v. plane 
gchaar— de, scbavende, scha- 
ven, plane, shave, polish, 
rub, chafe, graze, fray, 
Scliaafiiel, o. shavings 
Schaak. v. check 
Scbaak •te-ende-eD, play at 
thtss, ravuh, slacken, vetr 


Schaakbord— je»o> chessboard 
Schaker— ^e, m.ehessplayer, 

Schaking, v. rope 
Schaakmat, v. checkmate 
Schaakspel, o. game of chess 
Schaaksluk — je, o. chetsman 
Scliaai — tje, v. scale, scales, 
pair ofieates, bowl, saucer, 
dish, shell 
Schalig, bv. testaceous 
SchaaUiiiCh, v. shelfish 
Scliaain -de-ende -en, shame; 
xicb Bchauen, to be asha- 
Schaamachtig. bv. bashful 
Scbaamachligheid, v. bash- 
Schaamacbtigliik, bv, bmsh- 

Schaainbeea, o, os pubis 
Schaamdeel,o. privy member 
Schaniel. bv. poor 
Schamelheid — je, v. poverty, 
privy parts 
' - A, • 

• lid, 0. vr _ 
Scbaamrood, hv. yerecund, 

Scbamefijk, 610. poorly 

II lid, 0. vrivy member 


oshamedizl} wierd scbaam- 
rood, «.4r6/tt#A«({/</r shame 
Schaamroodbeid, v. blush 
Scbaamte. v. shame, modesty 
Schaamtefoos, bv. shameless 
Schaaniteloosheidj v. shame- 
tetsness [fensly 

Schaamtelooslijk, bw. shame- 
Schaap — je, o. sheep, lamb, 

Schaprkooi, V. shcepfold 
Schapeleer, 0. sheepskin 
Scbapeniarkt,v. sheepmarket 
Schapemelk, v. sht-epsmitk 
Srhapenat, o. mutton broth 
Sch ape II band — je, v. sheep- 

stiu binding " 
Scliapenbout ->je, v. leg oj 

Schapenbok— je, 0. sheepscote 
Scbapenotnloop, m, shtep*s 

Schapensvieescb, 0. mutton 
Scliapetong,v. sheep^s tongue 
Schapevei, 0. multonfat 
Scbapewol, v. sheep^s wool 
Schaapberder— tje, m. shep- 
Schaapberderin — nc^e, v. 

Scliaapscheeren, w. shear 
sl^rp [sheerer 

Schaaptcbeerder, m. sheep- 
ScbaapscbeerlDg, v. sheep- 
shearing [head 
Scbaapfhoofd, o. sheep*s 

SCH 203 

Schaapskooi— Ue|V>«AMj»AM 
Shaapsleer, «. sheepskin 
Schaapsvngt, v. fleece 
SchaapBvei — le^e, 0. sheep- 
Schaar -\li,vacissaTS, pmir of 
scissors, shears, notck,elaw 
Scbaren.w. tmbottte,9ssembl* 
Scbare, v. troop, multitude 
Schaart, bw. scarce, scarcely 
Scbaaricb, bv. scarce, scanty 
Scbaarschbeld, v. scarcity, 

Scbaarsjes, Scbaanlijk, bw, 

scareely, scantily 
Scliaats — je, v. sktite 
Scbaatitrijder — tje, m. tkatsr 
Sciiaveling, v. skaving 
Schaver, m. planer 
Schavin?, v. planing 
Schaverhaal, 0. •cbaverha- 
]ing, V. indemnification, re-^ 
Schabbeeowen, w. vilify 
ScbabbeKelje, o.jointstcol 
Schabbig. bo. shultby 
Schabblgheid, v. shabbines* 
Schabrak— je, v. ho/using 
Schachgereo, 10. gain disho- 
Schachgeraar— tje, m, usn- 

rer, cheat 
Schachgerij, v.dishonesl,gaim 
Schadiiw— tje, v. shade, sha- 
dow, type 
Schaduwen, w. shade, sha- 
dow, typify 
Schaduwacbtig, bv. shady, 
typical [diness 

Scbaduwacbtigbeid, v. shm- 
Schaduwriik, bv. shadowy 
Schaduwwijzer'-tje, m. hand 

of a sundial 
Schaffea, w. dish up, give, 
provide, dine, eat, procure 
Schaffer, m, provider 
Schatmeester, m. purveyor ' 
Schaft, fichacbt —je, v, gnil, 

shaft, pole, yota 
Schafteling, m. eel 
Schaftkoker— tje,fii. peneust 
Schaft^d, V. dinnertime 
Schakeert-n, w. variegate 
Scliakeering, v. variegation 
Scbakel —tje, m. link, mesh 
Schakelen, w. link. 
Scbakeling, v. linking, con- 
catenation ' 
Schakeluet— je, o,tramm»h' 

Schallen, w, sound 
Sehalbijter —tje, m. beeih 
Schalie —tje, v. slate 
Srhaiiedak. 0. slated roof 
ScbaUt-dekkeri m. sMmr 

Digitized by VjOOQIL 



Rapt — 4«, V. eaterpiUat 
Raireel, «. red arsenic 
i« — je, V, rest, gniet, re- 


steeft tranquillilp, 
.^..1^; de groote rust, 
IA« mninckaiut 
ftaaten, v. rest, repose, sleep 
settU, depend ' 

Eustbaak — je, v. eouck 
Ruitbed —)«, 0. pallel-bed 
WMftdzg, m, dety of test , ho- 
Enttdrank — Je, m. opiate 
Raitelooa.6v. restless, uneasy 
Rasteloosheid, «. restlessness 
RuBtif^, bv. vigorous, bravef 

rude, bnxom 
RutiKheid, v. vigour 
Ruftigl^k, bw. vigorously 
Rustiag, V. armour, cadence, 

Ruvtkoets, V. couch, daybed 
Rastplaau — j*! »• resting- 
Rattstoel—tje, m. easy-chair 
Rustwater, o. opiate 
Raw, bv. rough, rude, rugged 
Rowaard, tn. governor, sheriff 
Ruwelijk,6io.itt(i^2v, roughly 
Ruwheid, ruwigheid. v. 
roughness, rudeness, rug- 
Ruijing. V. moulting 
Ruzle, V. trouble, tjuarrtl 
. Iwj — Ut, V. row, ridge, set, 
series, file 
Rijbaan — tje, v. race, career 
RJlJd, reed — ende —en, ride, 
spawn i op schaatsen rij- 
oen, to skate 
R^der —tie, m, horseman, 

rider, skater 
RUf — je, t?. grater 
Rijf — de, riivcnde, rijvea, 
. irate 

Ruffelen, w. raffle 
RUffelaar,!!!. dicer 
Rilffelbord, o. hazardtable 
Ruffeliog, V. raffling 
Ruffelkraam,o.faMtnj' 6oo<A 
RQffelspel, o. hazard 
Kjjg, reeg — eude —en, lace. 

Hie , 
RyKinjr, V. lacing 
RQglUf— Je, 0. bodice slays 
RQgnaald, v. lag, bodhin 
Rugsnoer, rijgveter, «. lace 
Rijk, 0. empire, realm, king- 
dom {_ous 
Rnk, bv. rich, wealthy, copi- 
ILaktiiTd, m. rich fellow 
Rflkdom, m. wealth 
Rljkelljk, bw. richly, largely, 
abundantly, picnti/ull\f, 


Ri}kelOkhrid, r. abundance 
KUkgel9dea,hv.rielily loaden 
R Jkoeu — Je, v. coach 
Rijkitapprl, m. imperial globe 
Rijkiibe«tier, rykibewiiid, o. 
admiuislration of the tm- 

5 ire 
kgfiieraad, m. imperial 

RUkMlaalder, m. rixdoUar 
Rijk^dag, m. diet 
Rijksgebieil, o. jurisdiction 

of the empire 
RUKsgepoot, m. co-emperor, 

associate tit the realm 
R^ksgeaag, o. sovereignty 
RijkHkamerheer, m. nreh- 

chamberlain vf he empire 
Rijkskrt iu, v. eirele of the 

'BA\kt>\iroon,v, imperial crown 
R'JksleeOjO.yfi/o/ the empire 
Ruksraad, m. auliccuun$ra^^ 
RQli«regeering, v. govern- 

ment of the rtalm 
RUksscbatmeester, m. arch- 
treasurer of the empire 
RijkBstad, V. imperial city 
R^ksstaf, V. imperial sceptre 
Rijk«troepea, mv, troops of 

the empire [diet 

fibksvergadering, v^mperial 
Rnksvoogd, m. regent 
Rnks voogdes, v. queen regent 
Rijktvorsl, jm. prince of the 

empire [pality 

Rijksvontendom, o. princi- 
Rijkunst, V. equitation 
Rykzionig, bv. pathetic 
Rijui, V. hoar-frost, rime 
Rhm — pje, o. rhyme 
Rilmader, v. poetical vein 
RijiDaotel —tje, m, riding 

Rijrodichter, m. poet 
Rijmelaar — U«» m, paltry 



Rijnier —tje, m. rhymer 

men. w. rhyme 

mkUnk, m. rhyi 
nikunst, v. art ot' rhyming 
mlooB, bv. blank, prosed 
mluBt, V. poetic fancy 
mslag, m. rhyme 
p— je, V. caterpillar, rime 
p, bv. ripe, mature 

i pen, w. ripen 

' paard— je, o. saddlehorse 
pelijk, bw. ripely, ma- 

turtlu irity 

fpheid, V. ripeness, maltt*' 
ping, v. ripening 
rok-je, m. ridingcoat 
s — je, 0. broom, brush- 
wood, birch, twig, switch 


RMBbexem -pje, m. MreA 

Rji^^boB— je. cbundte ofbireh 
Rij»chcH>l— je, o. ridiugschool 
RlUpoor— ije, o. rui 
Rilxt, «. rife 
Rijstenbr^, v. rietmitk 
Rnten, w. tear, split 
Rntiiig — je, o. eairiafe 
Rijtijd, V. spauming seatam 
RQweg — je, w. road 
Rnzen, w. rise 
Ri]/endbeid, v. keadhstu 
Rijzing, V. rising 
Riizig, bv. tall 
Rijzigheid, v. tallnest 

N. B. Woorden door Yelea 
met een S geapeld, en tffe 
bier niet staitn, moetea op 
de Z gezort worden. Par 
words Spelt by iMoav with 
an S and not founa Acr«. 
vide Z, 

^A, tuss, come on, eoureigt 

Saal, V. serge 
Saaijet, v. f o. worsted 
Sabbar, m. sabbath 
Sabbaidag , m. sabbeUk-dmy 
Sabel— tje, v. hanger, euUma, 

sable, tippet 
Sabelen, w. cut down 
•Sacrifieeren, w. saeriUca 
*Sacristie, v. sacristy 
Saducfe, m. saducee 
Saduceesch, bv. sadueeun 
Saffier — ^e, m. saphiro 
Saffloers, o. safflower 
Saffraan. v. saffron 
Saffraaiibl >ein, v. erorus 
Saffraaogeel, bv. sagfrom 
S.iffranfg, bv. eroceous 
Salsoen — tjf, •• season 
Sala<ie, v. salad 
Salamander -tje, m, tala- 

*S41ariceren, w. pension 
fSaiaris— je, o. salary, wages 
•S-ildeeren, w. baUmee, close 
•Saldo, 0. balance 
Salet — je, o. parlour, «f 

sembly. rout 
Saleljonker— tje, m.beau,fop 
Sale^uffer -^e, Saletpop -Je, 
- V. fine lady 
Salie. V. sage 

Sal peter, m. saltpetre, nitre 
Salpeierachtig, nUpettric, 

bv» nitrous 

Digitized by VjOOQ It 


Rot — je, 0. ereto, »el, com- 

Rotten, to. rot, putj/tj, at- 

9embte, gather logiilttr 
Rotachtigt liv. somtw/ial rot- 
RotgftOf — Je, m. wild goose 
Rotgezel, m. eomitule 
Rotmeeater, m. corporal 
Rots — ie. V. rock 
Rotsachug, rotsig, bv. roekp 
Rottlg, Ov. roHtn, nasty 
Rottigbeid, o. rottenness, 

Rotting — je, m. ran* 
Rolzak— je, m. dirtp filloif 
Roastooker, m. gin-aistUler 
•Roate, V.' route 
Rouw, V. mourning, distress, 
sadness,- rouw bedrijven, 
to mourn ; de rouw bekla- 
geo. to condole 
Rouwoand— je, m. mourning 

Rouwbek)agiDg,v. condolence 
Roawdicht, Touwgediclit, o. 

Rouwdrager, m . mourner 
Rouwen, w. mourn, repent, 

be in muumiitg 
Roowgebuil, o. tamtntaiion 
Rouwgewaad, rouwgoed, o. 

Roawig, bv. mournful, sorry 
Ronwkap — je, rouwkaper 

— ije, V. mourning hood 
Rouwklagt-je,«M en/aiion, 

Roawkleed— je, o. mourning 
. dress 
Roawkoet«, v. mourning 

Rouwkoop, m. regret for 
having made a bad oar ga in; 
roowkoop bebben, to re- 
pent one*t bargatn; hoe 
veei wilt gij voor rouwkoop 
geren, kiw much will you 
give to breah the bargain 
Rouwmantei, m. muurning 
cloak « ieession 

Rouwstaatsie, v./untralpro- 
Rouwwinkel ---Ije, m. mim^- 
, tmher's skoar 
Rouwwiukelier, m. under- 

•Ro^aal, bv, royal 
Rover— ije, m. robber, pirate 
Roverij, V. robbery, piracy 
Rovig, bv. scui-Jy, kcabby 
•Ko^eer-de -eaae-en,eaNcei 
Rozeoladeo, mv, ro*eleuves 
Roxeboon -pje, roulsar>ije, 

m. rosetree 
fiozeknop— je, v. roMebud 


Rozekmna— je, v. garland of 

ro*(n, rosary 
Rozeniaand, v. June 
Kozemariju, v. rosemary 
Roztniiraard. v. rotegardtn 
Rozenbbcl, m. lose-nubet 
Uo^enolij, v. oil oj'rons 
Kozerood, bv. roteeoloured, 

Rozewater, o. rosewater 
Rozezalf, v. salve of roses 
Rozija — ljf>, 0. raisin 
Rozijiiebaard, m. eruption 
. round the mouth ana nos- 

Rozijnewijn, v. raisin wine 
Rozijnkorf — je, m. frail 
RucUgcien, to. bray 
Ruchgeling, .v. braying 
Rug — geye, V. back 
Rug been, ruggebeen— tje, o. 

riig^fraat,— je, v. backbone 
Ruggelingc, Ov. backwaids, 

buck to back 
Rnggepijn, v. pain iin the 

Ruggestuk, rugstuk — je, o. 

Chine, f addle 
Rugrieni — pje, m. crupper 
Rugtiteun, m. support 
Rugtbaar. bv. public 
Rugibaarlieid, v. publicity 
Ruidig. bv. scurjy", scabby 
Ruidigheid, v. scurjiness 
Rwif — j«. ruiffel — je, v. rack 
Ruig, bv. kaiiy, rough, tkag' 

gy, harth,ruUe,Jout 
ftuigbaarlg, 69. hirtule 
Ruigbeid, v. roughness, 

Ruigscha^en, w. roughhew 
Ruigie, V. ronghnesM^ hairi- 
ness, thicket 
Ruijen, w. mtw, moult 
Ruikf n, 10. smell, scent ; rui- 

kend goed, perfumes 
Riiikbal— kije, m. pomander 
Ruiker — ije, m. smeller, 

Ruilen, 10. change, barter 
Ruilebuiten, w. barter 
Ruilebuiier— tje, m. batterer 
Rulieouitster -tje,v.irnckster 
Riiiliiig, V. change, barter 
Roim, 0. hold, void, vacuity, 

Ruim, bv. large, wide, spa- 
cious, open, lull i de hao- 
den rutin bebben, to be at 
, teiture 

ffiRuim, bw. above, beyond, 
more than, lull, largely, 
Ruimbaan, 9. room 
Ruioietijk, 610. largely, fully 

HUM 201 

Ruimen, vt. evacuate, empty, 

make room, go oM of o» 

away from, remove 
Ruiming, v. evacuation, emp- 
tying {tedious 
RuiuiKchoolig, bv. diffuse, 
RaimicUoois, bw. freely, be- 

Jore the wind 
Rulm«praak, m. exagrera- 

tioH, hyperbole llictU 

Raimgprakig, bv. hyper^o- 
Ruimte, V. room, largeness, 

capacity, abundance, start 
Ruiaiweiaig, >'V. prolix 
Ruimweidigheid, v. prolixUp 
Ruin —Ije, nf. gelding 
Ruiiien, 10. getd 
*Ruiue, V. ruin 
*Ruiueeren, 10. ruin 
Ruis, V. random ; bij de raU, 

at landum 
Ruiscbeo, w. murmur, putl, 

whi»tle, tingle, raor 
RuiBchbeek — Je, v. purling 

Ruiscbing, v. murmur, purl- 
ing, wnispering, tinglingg 

Rulschpljp — je, «. bagpipe 
RuifCbp^per, m. bagpiper 
Ruit — je, V. square, lozenge, 

diamond', pane 
Ruit, ruite, v. me 
RuHen, 10. pillage 
Ruiier — tje, m. trooper 
Ruiterin -neije, v. noriewe- 

Ruiterbende, v.troop of horse 
RuiteriicbaHr, v.hoatf of horse 
Ruiternkruid, o. houseleeh 
RuUervaan— ije, v. standard, 

troop of hone 
Ruiterwacht, v. korteguard 
RuitfriJ, V. cavalry 
Ruiuwijze, 610. rhomboidal 
Ruic^d. V. moulting season 
Ruk — je, m. pull, haul, tug, 

Rukkcn, w. pull, Ing, tear, 

jerk, snatch, towze, //ush 
Riikking, V. pulling, push- 
. ing, huatchinj, convulsion 
Rukwiod-je, m. whirlwind 
•Ruoioer — 0«» <>• rumour^ 

Run, V. barkoak 
Ruiiiieu, w. curdle 
Rund, m. runddieri o. heef, 

/»x, cow^ bull 
Kuiidtsreu, mv. hine, oxen, 

betms {hina 

Ruudvee, «. black cuttle, 
Rundvleesch, o. beef 
Kunmoieu, m. tanmill 
Ruuael, 9. rent, net 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

200 ROM 

Rper — ^c, «. rudder, helm, 

Pt$t*, guntjlrthek 
Roerbasr, roerelijk, kv, 

Roerder, w. merer 
Roerdomp, w. buzzard 
Roeren, w. ttir, move, ioueh, 

affect, eoneerui roereade 

goederen, per$onal estate*, 

RAerekMf, 6v. motiatUees 
J^o^Df —JC) *• molion 
fLodrloo;Sv,wthout a rudder 
-Roermaktr •>tje, tn. fwn- 

Roerom, «. kodgepedge 
Roencboot — Je, m. mutquet' 

Aoertpaan— ^e, «. epaluta 
Rpcnriok >-je, -v, deeoybird, 

Row— je. M. bomber, heap 
Roett — je» V. roott 
Roest, V. 4- o. rust 
Roesten, w. roost, r^st 
Roeftachtig, bv, ferrnghtons 
Rocstiff, bv, rusty, hoarse, 
' harsh 
RoMtlghekl, V, rustlntss 
Roet, «. soot, talUno 
RoeUchtlr,6v. sooty, taU&my 
Ro«Uer— ^ a^.rower, gang er 
Roexemoesen. «p. bustte, 

Rtfestoi ^ tip*9 
RoffeH m. rough plane, reveil 
Rofelen, w. rough hev>, bun- 

Roffelaar— tjc> "*• bangler 
RoffiuDf m. pander, pimp 
Rogf e. V. rye 
KofgrebioeD.v. cornflower 
Rofff eobrooa, o. ryebread 
Roigemneely o. ryemeaf 
Rok— Je, «. coo/, gown, pet' 

RokkeD>-Ue, v. dixfa/* 
Rokkenaar, in. plotter 
Rol~lege, v,roU, scroll, lUt, 

roller, sheet, part, truckle 
Rolbaan -HJe, v. bolinggreen 
Rdlbed-je, o. trucklebed 
Rolbroek* «• trunkhose 
RoUioiider, rolmeevter, m. 

master oftke rolls 
Rolton. «p. roll 
R«l^bBeo >-tJe, lii. cylinder, 

RoUtoel -iittmArmehleehair 
Rolstok — je, ni. roUingpin 
Rolpaard — |e, o. carriage 
Rolwaf en — qe, «». gocart 
Ronan, v. novel, romance 
Roaiaoaclitif . b». romantic 
^RMiaawkf bv. romanHe 


Rommeleii, v. rumbte 
Rommeler^, v. lumber 
Rommeiiof , v. rumbling 
Rommelseo — |je, v. metHity, 
farrago.rkapsody, various 
kinds oj/lsh boiled together 
Romp— je, m. trunh, carcass, 

Rompelen, «. rumble 
Rompelig, bv. puckered 
Rood— Je, «. rouud, circle 
Rood, bv. 4 bof. round ; een 
roDdjaar, a whole year; 
goed rond, downright ;. 
rood icbtetcn, to make 
both ends meet 
RoDden, w. round 
RondacDtig, bv. roundish 
Roadachtlgbeid, v.roundish- 

Rondas — je, v. bmckler • 
Rondboni^, bv. candid, 

Rondboritlgheid, v. candour, 

Rondborstigiyk, bw. candid- 
ly, frankly 
Roade, v, rounds 
RoDdeel — Qe. o. round bas- 
tion, round tower, amphi- 
theatre, roundelay 
RoDdel^k, bw. roundly, 

RoBdemaat, «. drymeasure 
RoDdbeld, rondigiieid, v. 
roundnus, rotundity, in. 
Ropdhoat, o. standing timber 
Rondhuis— je, o. roundhouse 
RoDdom, bw. round about 
Rondpantlg, bv. obtuse, tur- 
Rondte, v, round, roundness, 

Rondolt — je, v. redoubt 
RoDdidt, bv. frank ly, plainly 
Roodaitheid, v. frankness 
Ronken. w. snore, pur 
Roukerd, m. snorer 
Roiikiag,v. snoring, purring 
Rood, bv. red * 

Koodaarde, v.redlead,ruddle 
Roodacbtig, bv. reddish, 

Roodbora^e, o. redbreast 
Roodeloop, V. bloody flux 
Roodhaarlg, bv. redhalred 
Roodheld, v. redntst 
Koodkopef, 0. copper 
Roodkr^t, t. redlead, red- 
R«odataarU«. o. redstart 
Roodverwlg, bv. red, ruddy 
Roodnmk *.i««A ' ' 
"•of — je, v. scab, scurf 


RooL m. prey, booty, phmdef 
Roor -de, rovende, rofts, 

rob, ravage, » poll, plunder, 

Roofachtig, bv. ravafing, 
Roofgierig, bv. rapacious 
Roorgierigheid, v. rapacity 
Roofgieriglijk, bw. rapacU 

Roofgoed, o. *poil, booty 
Roofiiuil, m. den of robbers 
Rooflooper, m. marauder, 

Roofiiesl, It. nest of robbers 
Roofsctiip, o. pirate, corsair 
Roof:>peloak, «. den ofrokhers 
Roofii ler — ijc, «. spoliatrix 
Roofvogel, m. bird of prey 
Roofzidc, roofzucbtig, 6v* 

Roofzucbt, V* rapacity 
Rooij V. regular order, rule 
Rooijen, w. hit, order regu- 
Rooiuiee«ter, m. surveyor 
Rook— je, m. smoke, hayriek 
, Rook, pret. of Tuik 
Rooken, w. tmoke, reek 
Rookiichtig, rookerig, bv. 

Rooker — tje» nt. smoker 
Rookerat, o. funnel rf a 

chikmey, smoky roam or 

Rookverwig, bv. fulighumt 
Rooki leefcb, o. smohe-berf 
Rookvat, 0. censer 
Rookwerk, o. incense 
Room, V. cream 
Hooiuen, w. cream 
Roomkaas, v. crtamcheese 
Roomsch, bv. roman, roman- 

caikolie Ithotic 

Rooroschgezind, v.r '" 

Root — je, V. rose, i 

titiw, rrytiuely 
Rootachtig, bv. erysipetalemt 
Roosten, w. broil, roast,toaM 
Rooster — tje, m. gridirou, 

gtate [tug 

Roofttcrwerk, o. grate, grat- 
Roo8verwig,2»v. lisecoloMred, 

Rooswater, o. rosewater 
Rott — j«, «. stttd [6^ 

Ros, bo. red, ruddy, rutsei, 
Ro^achtig, bv.redduh, russei 
Rosbaar— (je, r. horseliuer 
Roahaarig, bv. redhaired 
Reakani, v. currycomb 
RotfkaiBmttn, w, eitfry 
Roamar^in, #. rasrmmrp 
Roimolen, m. Morstmul 
Roa«ea, to. bang, bemi 
Roat^iaacaer, im» Jockw 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


•Retrmncheereo, w. retrench 
•RetrantcbemeDtf 0. re- 

Reo — tie,^, he 
Reok -Je, v. tmell odonr, 
*reni, name, fame, reputa- 
Reukaltaar.o. altar o/incente 
Reukbal — IetJe,iR./>om«tt(/er 
Reokdooaje, o. perfume-box 
Reukloon, bv. tcentteet 
Reakvat, «. censer 
ReukvleMe, «. smelling bottle 
Reokwerk, 0. ineeuse, per- 
Reukwerker, m. perfumer 
Reua, m.fiant 
•Reusseeren. w. succeed 
Rctttel, V. rattle in the throat 
Reatelen, w. rattle 
Reoxel, m. tard,fat. suet 
Reuienbeek!^ 0. eolossut 
Reosio, «. giantess 
•Reveille, v. rcveil 
Revelen, w. rave, dole 
Revelaar, m. t aver, dotard 
Reveling, v. raving, doting 
•Revenue, v.reveHue, income 
•Reverteeren, w. revert 
*Re*iseeren, w. f-evise 
^RevMe, v.revisal 
•Revolte, v. revolt 
•Revolteeren, v. revolt 
*Revolutie, v. revotutUm 
*Revoqueeren, w. revohe 
•Rlietorica, •rbetoryk, v. 

Rib — betle, v. rib, rafter , 
Ribbezakkeo, to. urge 
Ribxliik -je, 0. rib 
Richf el — ge, m. ridge,shelf, 

Ridder —tie, m. hnight 
Rfdderlljk. bv. huightly 
Ridderorde,«.«r<i«r of knight- 
hood [nobtlilv 
Ridderachap, o. hnightkooa, 
Riddera^el, 0. ear ou^al, tour- 

Ridderaporen, mv. tarhsaur 
Ridd»rteektn, 0. insignta of 

hnight hood 
R'ted, pret, of r»zd 
Kieken, w. smell 
Riem -pje, m. throng, strap, 

girdle, oar, ream 
Rfemtrekker, m. rower 
Riep. pret, o/roep 
Riet— je» *• reed,eane, rush, 

t hatch 
Rlftboacb, v. reedv marsh 
Rietdak — le, 9. thatched 

Rietdekker, m. thaleher 
Sietdttit — Je, v. oatcnpipt 


Bietgras, «. reedgrass 
RiftpUp — je, V. oatenpipe 
RietKDip — Je, ». «i«*j»« 
Riet»taf, rietntok, m. reed, 

Cine, switch 
Rieiveld, o. reedground 
Rif— je. o, reej, sand^car' 

cass, sheteton 
Rigteo, to. direct, order 
Riglinoer — ije. m. citrpen- 

ter** line, rule, example, 

modi I, guide 
Rillen, w. shiver 
RiiliOK, V. shivering 
Rimpel -^e, m. wrinhlejplait 
Rimpelea, 10. wrinhtc, plait, 

freeze slifhttjf 
Rimpelachtig. rimpeiiff, bv. 

wrinhled, pucherrd 
RImpelliig, V. wrinkling, 

puchering iferule 

Riug— elje,M> ring, circle, 
Rlngpii, w. ring 
Riugbord, o. cymbal 
RiD^duif, riDgelduif — Je» c. 

RiDgeiniii8ch--Je, v. sparrow 
Riiitfelooren. to. henpech, 

rule, lead hg the not" 
Riiigetwortei, m. sunflower 
Ria^fkas — je, v. bexil 
Riiigkraag -je, v, gorget 
KiiiKloop, m. earowsal 
Ring shtot, V. circular drain 
Riogwijze, 610. circutartg 
Riiigvinger, y. ring-finger 
Rinicwuriu, m. lichen 
Riokeleii, to. gingle 
Rinkelboin v. tabor 
Riiikeltiiig. «. gifgliug toy 
Riakelroogen, 10. revel, not, 

Rinkeirooister, «. riiikelrool- 

jtT, m. rt-veller 
Rinkelwerk, o.fcstoon-worh' 
Kiiikiukea, 10. gingle, clatter 
Rill III keu, to. neigh 
Rin^cb, bv, tart, a^id 
Kini^chheid, v. tartness 
Riool — tje, o. siuh, stwer 
• llisico, 0. tish 
•Ri«k.eerien. to. rish 
RiHpeo, 10. belch 
Ri liber, jm. belcher 
Rink— je, t;. bnnch , set, chain, 

rope, row, string, series 
Ritmee«(er, m* captain oj 

Rit«eleD, to. rustle 
Ri(«eliiig, V. lustting 
Bitt^igtbo.lecherout, salacious 
Riti>i)(beid. v,techtrg,salacilg 
Rivier — ije, t>. ricer 
Rivierkreeft — je, v. crayflsh 
Rivierpaard, o,hipp4potamus 



Rhrlervisch, v. rivtrflsh 
Rivlerwater. 0. riverwater 
Rob, m. seal, paunch, maw 
Robbevel, o. seaUhin 
Robbeli^, bv. rugged 
Roliyn —tje, m. rubg ^ 
Roch — je, m. thcmbaei 
Rochifebel, v. phlegm 
Rocbgelen, to. AotoA 

V one that hawks up phlegm 
RocligeJpot -\e,v.sptttingpat, 

spUling fellow 
Roe —tje, roede, v, rod, 

pearch, wand, yard, verge, 

gauntlet, district 
Roef — je, V. cabin 
Roeijeii, to. roto, gauge 
Roeibaiik,v. bench /br rowers 
Roeijagt, V. barge 
Roeiscliip, 0. galteu 
Roeischop —ie,v. paddle 
Roelschuit -je» »• rowboat, 

Roeispaan- ^Je, •. oar 
Koeki'looa, bv, rask 
Roekeloosheid, v. rashness 
Roekeioosiijk.&i;. rMAfy 
Roeni, M. glory, renown, 

Roemeii, to. glory, vaunt, 

boast, praise, brag, tell, 

count ^ 

Roemachtig^ bv, vannitng 
Roenier —ye, in. vamnter, 

wiutgtass, rummer 
Roemgierig, bv. ambitious 
Roempierlgheid, v. ambition 
Roenigieriglljk, bw, ambUi- 

Roemruchtig, roemryk, bv, 

gtoiions, renowned 
Roemrucbtighcid, v. renown 
Roenirucbtigiijk, 6to. glori- 

Roeniwaardig, bv. praise' 

worthy, meiitorUms, glo- 

rious • 

RoeiDwaardigbeid, v. merit, 

Roemwaardiglijk, 6to. glo, 

riuusly, praiseworthily, 

Roemzucht, v. vainglory, 

Roep, V. call, cry, clamour, 

report ' 

Roep, rlep — ende —en, coll. 

cry, summon 
Roepead, bv. vocative 
Roeper-ije, m. cryer, speak- 

itig trumpet, vocative 
Roeplng, V. call, rallUtg, no- 

cation, crying, voc\feralWn 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

Ids BEL 

B«lrersboach, o. kernery 
^iC, v.reaek 
ReikeD, w. reach : de hand 
reiken. to shake hand* i 
iemaad de hand reikea. to 
lend one a helping hand 
Acikhalzen, tt. detire em- 
gerlv, stretch forth the 
neck to look 
Reikhalzlng, v. eager desire 
MklogfV. reaching [chaste 
Rein, 6v. pure f sound t clea»i 
Reinette, v. goat's beard 
Reinevaar, v. tansy 
Keiai^en, w. cleanse, purify 
Reini^heid, v. purity 
Reioi7in«r. V. puriftcmtion 
Reiniglijk, Reiayet, hw. 

Reinif water, o. lustral water 
Reia — je. v. journey, voyage, 
timei de reU aanuemen,<o 
depart; reia op tela, over 
and over again 
R«lxen, w. travel, sail 
Retsbaar, bv. fit for travelling 
ReiBbeschrijving— Je, V. «c- 
count of a voyage or travels 
Reiitbode, m. courier 
ReUboek — je,«. book of tra- 
vels, itinerary 
Reiabroeder, RelRrezel, Reia- 
^makker, m.fellow-traveUer 
Reiageld, o. travelling ex- 
Reiaeoed, o. baggage 
Relakleed, o. traveUing dress 
Rdakoffer, Reiamale, v.poH- 

Reiamaatel, m. great eaut 
Reisrok, m. traveUing coat 
Relatofft — je, v. voyage 
Keiatulg, o. baggage [,out 
RiSlaTaardig, bv. ready to set 
Retazak — je, m.eloalihag 
Reizer. Relziger, m. traveller 
Rek — je, •. roc*, stretch 
Rekkea, 10. stretch, drawl, 

prolong, lengthen 
Rekel, m. cur. dog 
Rekelacbtig, bv. currish 
Rekenen, to. rake 
Rckkeiijk, bv. indulgent, 

complying, mild 
Rekkelijkheid. v. indulgence, 

mildness, pliability 
RekklDg. V. t4retchtng, pro- 

Rel, V. course, run 
Rellea, w, jabber 
'•Relaaa, «. relation 
•ReUtif, bv. relative 
•Relaxatie,*. relaxation 
•Relftxeeren,ir. relaa 


Relleije, •. pun, qulMU 
Reimuii — j«, v. Jietdmoust 
* remark 
•RembouTtfeerea, to. r«iM- 
bnrse \bursement 

•RdiQbnaraement, o. reim- 
*Reinedie, «. remedy 
*Reinedieerea, to. remedy 
•Remise, v. remittaHce 
• remit 
•Remittent, m. remitter 
*RemoD8tr«at, m. remon- 
strator, Arminian [slrance 
•Remonatrantie, v. reman- 
•Remooatraotsch, bv. Armi- 
•RemoDatreeren, to. r^moa- 
strale [depose 

•Removeeran, to. remove, 
Ren, M. run, course, gallop 
Renaen, to. ntn, course 
Renbaao — ije, o. race,career, 

lists, raeeground 
•Rencontreerea, to. eneoti»> 

tfr, met I 
•Reudeeren, 10. render 
•Renegaat, m. renegade 
•Renommeereu, w. render 

•Renoi^ceeren, to. renounce 
•Renonclatie, o. renunciation 
Reoonkel — ije, o, ranunculus 
•RenouvelieereD, to. renew 
*Renovatie, v. renovation 
•Reooveeren, to. rtnovatt 
Renpaard, o. racehorse, 
Renperk, o. raeeground 
Renitpeer, v. lance [reusal 
Reaapel, 0. tournament, ca- 
Rente, 1;. interest, rent, an- 
nuity, revenue 
Rentebrief —ie,m.exckequer- 

bill, mortgage 
Renteeeld, o.interest money 
RenteiooA, bv. without in- 

tertsl; revenuelets 
Rentenier, m. one that lives 
upon the interett of his 
Reatenierea, to. live upon the 

tn/ereW of one's money 
ReiitiiefTer, m, receiver of re- 
venues llreoiurer 
Ren'Qiee-iter, m. steward, 
Reotmeeaterschap, 0. sttw- 

• Henvogeeren, w. refer 
Rep, V. ktir; io rep en roer, 

in a bustle, alarmed 
Reppeu, 10. make haste, hur- 
ry, tttr, mention 
•Reparabel, bv, repairable 
•Reparatie, v. repairs, repa- 

•Repareeren, w, repair 


•Repartitie, tr. repmrtUiam, 

Repel, m. brake 
Rfftelen, w. brake ,deeortitate 

• Repeteeren, to. repeat 

• Repetitie, tr. repetition 
•Repllcatie, v. reply 
•Repliceeren, io« reply 
•Repouiiseereii, to. reputsa 
•Rcpresuille, v. reprisat 
•Repreoentatie, v. represent 

•Reprot-heercn, to. repromeh 
•Republiek— je, v. repmblie 
•Repiibiikein, Republieks- 

ffcfzinde, m. republiean 
•RepubUkeinach, 6v. repaid 

•Reputabel, bv. reputabla 
•Reputatie, v. reputation 
•Reputeeren, to. repute 
•Request, 0. petition 
•Requestreerea, to. petition 
•Requirant, m. plaintiff 
•Requireereo, to. require, 

•Reqiii«ltie, v. requlsitiem 
*Re«ervatle, v. reservation 
•Reaerveereo, to. reserve 
•Residceren, w. reside 

• Ke»ideQt. m. resident 
•RexideDtie, v. residence 
•Re^ignatie, v.resignation 
•Re^igaeereo, to. resign 
•Reslateeren, to. resist 
•Resi-itentie, v. resistmneo 
•Reaolat, bv. resolute 
•Resolutie, v. resolution 
•Resolvecren, to. resolve 
•Resort, o. province, juris- 

•Reaorteereo, to. belong to 
•Respect, o. respect, regard 
•Respccteeren, to. respect 
•Respective, be. respective 
•RespUl, 0. respite, delay 
•Reapijtdag, m. day of grace 
•Rest — je, V. rest, remnant 
•Resiant — je, o. remainder, 

remnant, fragment 
•Restaareereo, to. restore 
•Resteeren, to. remain 

• Restitueereo, to. restore 
•Restittuie, v. restitution 
•Reiitrictie, v. restriciiom 
•Reaulteeren, to. result 
•Re<iumeerea, to. resume 
•Reaiimptie, tr. resumption 
•Retardeereo, to. retart 
•Retour, m. return 
•Ketourneereo, w. return 
•Retoiirachip, m, homemard 

•Retracteercn, lOt retmck 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



l9 become eot^/Uaed ; slaaf k 
Taken, le come to batlU 
lUkende, vw. r-tpeeiing 
Raklnf , r. touehf loucking 
Rakei —je, o. racket 
R;tkker -^e, m. bum bailif 
Raliea, w. jabber 
Ralle, V. gottip 
XaiD, m. ram 

•RamaRAeeren, w. ateembU 
RammrijeD, to. ram^ batter 
Rammelen, 10. rattU 
Raramelaar —lie, m. rattle, 

rattler, buckrabbit 
Ramm«lkous — je, m, chat- 
terer Iradith 
Rammenas — je, v, black 
Ramp — Jc. m. ditaeter 
Rampspoed. »«. advertity 
Rampspoedtg:. bv. d'uattrout 
Rampspoedlgujk, bw, die- 

RampvalUsr, rampzalig, bn. 

wretched, fatal 
Rampvalli^held, rampxalir- 
held, V* wretckednets, /a- 
tatity [ly, fatally 

RampzalijrlUk, bw.wretckea- 
Ramihoofa, 0. ram''* head 
RaiDnboorD, v. ram's horn 
Kaod — ie, m. brim, margin, 

edge, brink 
Raodsuil, m. great owl 
Rang, m, rank, rate 
•Raiigeeren, w. range 
Rank — je, v. branch, twig, 

trick, plank 
Rank. bv. lank, tlender 
Rankneld, v. lankneu, elen- 

Ranonkel, m. ranunculus 
Ranuoen — lje» •• ransom, 

ration, jilt 
RanUoengeld, o. ransom 
R^DtBoeneeren. iff. ransom 
' Rap, bv.nimhle, quick i Jan 
ran en z<Jn maat, the mob 
• Rappei, o. rtcall 
•Rappelleeren, w. recall, 

Rappig, bv, scabby 
Rappigfieid, v. scabbiness 
4»Rapport, 0. report, return, 

•Rapporteeren, w. report, 

return, respect 
Rapi, bv. nimble, quick 
Raps held, v. agility 
Rarekiekkac — Je^ v. raree- 
Rartgheid. v. rareness, rarif 
ty, curiosity, oddity, 
•Rarlteit — je, v. rarity, cu- 


•Raritetlkamer. v. musemm 
Ra*, •. race, breed, whirl- 

Ras, bw. quick, fast 
RaiiCh, bv. quick 
Raochheid, v. quickness 
•Ra»eereo, w. raze, reduce, 

Ra»Je(^ bw. quickly, soon 
Radp — Je v. rasp, grater 
Ra«peu. to. ratp, grate 
Rafphu/s — je, 0. house of 

correction, bridewel 
Rat — je, V. rat 
Ratel — ije, m. rattle, mill- 


Rateleo, w. rattle 

Ratelaar, m, aspen-tree, ren- 
tier ' [walchman 

Ratelmaq, ratelwacht, m. 

RateUlang, m. rattlesnake 

•Raiiflcatie, v. ratification 

•Ratiticeeren, to. ratify 

Rattekruid, 0. arsenic 

Ratleval, m. rat-lra^ 

Rat^n, 0. ratteen 

*Ravageerea, 10. ravage 

*Ravagie, v. ravage 

Rave, raven, v. raven 

Raveien, w. ravel 

Rave^jn — tje, 0. ravelint 

Ravolten. 10. romp 

Razend, dw. tr bv, raging, 
raving, mad 

Razernij -(je>v> r*gf, phrensy 

• RealisaUe, v. realuation 
•ReaUteereii, 10. realize 
•Rebel, m. rebel 
•Rebelleeren, 10. rebel 
*Rebellie, v. rebellion 
•Rebelllg, 60. rebellious 
•Recapiiulatie, v. recapitu- 

talion Itulate 

•Recapitulecren, 10. recapi- 

•Recensie. v. leview 

*Recepi8— Je, w. receipt, de- 

•Recept — je, 0. rectjte 

• Receptie, v, recrptton 
•Recherche, v. research 
•Rechercheeren, 10. seek 

• Rcciproque, bv. reciprocal 
•Recliatie, v. recitation 
•Reciteereo, to. recite, re- 

•Reclamant, m. claimer ' 
•Reclamatie, v. claim [claim 
•Reclaineeren, to. reclaim, 
•Recognitie, v. recognizance, 

recognitioH., duty, tribute 
•Recommaudatie, o. recoa- 

•RecommaDdeeren, 10. re- 

•Recompeaa, v. recompense 


•Recompenaetrea, w. rt- 

eanspense [em \ 

•Reconcilieereo, to. rccM* 1 
•RecooM, 0. rtcourse 
•Recoovreeren, w. reeoosr 

• RecoaTrement, o,reetoery 

• Rerral, m. reerutt \ 
•Recruteeren, to. recruit 1 
•R(ictificeeren,io.r«<><iry 1 
Redden, to. rescue, retrieve, | 

Reddelooa, bv. irretrievable, 

sad, disabled,skattered 
Redder, m. retriever, deli- 
verer, saviour, executor 
Redderen, to. clear, rid 
Reddering, v. clearance, rid- 
Redding, v. rescue, delivery 
Rede. v. speech, discourte 
Redeloos, bv.speechlas 
Redeiiik, bv. rational, rea- 
sonable, nioderale, tolerable 
Redelijk, bw. rationally, rea- 
sonably, moderately, pretty 
Reden, r. reason, argument 
Redenaar, m. orator [course 
Redeneftren, 10. reason, dis- 
Redeneerder,m. reatoner 
Redeneering, v. reeuoning, 
argumntt [Icunde, v. lM[ic 
Redeneerkunst, redeoeer- 
Redeneerkundig, bv. logical 
RedenkaDclen,to. argue 
Redenkavelaar, m. rtasoner 
Redenkaveleud, Redenkave- 

liir, bv. ratiocmalive 
Redeakundige, redenkunste- 

naar, m. rhetoriciam 
Redenkunst. v. rhetoric 
Redenkunsiig, bv. rhttarieal 
Redenkunstigliik. bvo. rh€- 

Redenloos. bv. krratioiusl 
Redenmatig. bv. reatomabla 
Redenmaiignekl, v. reasaw' 

Reden rijker, m. rhetorieimss^ 

poet, player 
Rcdenrijkkungt, v.rketoriel 
Redensiersel, o. rAe<oric«l 

Redenitoring, v. tnterrmpii»n 
Redenstryd, mi. R^eatwUt, 

v. dispute 
Redentwisten, to. dispute 
Redent«ri«ter, m, dlspmtar 
Redentwister, v. disputation ' 
Redenvoeren, to. hareuegwm 
Redenvoerder, m. orator 
Redenvoeriog, «. speoch, 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 



ranSatiuer, v, tonnre-room 
Punloos, l>v. toithoul pcin, 

PUnloosheid, v. exemption 
^from pain, indolency 
W^n\i] painful 
Punlijkheid, v,painfulnett 
PijnttilleDd, bv. alleviating 
Pup — je, V. pipe ftvbet funnel, 
^oone, nozzle, stick 
PUpen, w. pipe 
Pupaard, v. pipeclay 
Pupduigen, mv. pipeatavet 
PQper— ije, m.|»i>er 
Pilpka D-netje, v.«ticiliiir6o</|« 
PUpkoraal, o. artificial coral 
PiTpkruid, 0. hemlock 


JUADRAAT, m. sguare 
•QuadruplicMt, o. guadru- 

plictHe * 

•^alificalie, v. gnati^eatUm 
•fkualificeercD, w. qualify, 

•Quaiileit. «. qnality 
•aaanUieit— je, v. quantity 
•Quaraniaine, r. quaranltne 
•Quart— Je,«. quarter, barrel 
•Qaaterteaiper, m. season 
•Qaariier— ge, o. giutrler 
•Qnartiermeester, m. quar* 

•Quarto, v. qnarie 
•Qneatie, v. question, de- 

bate, quarrel 
•Quibu*-je. m. simpleton 
•Quidam, m. strange felUm 
•auioa, •Quinquina, v. je- 

mil's bark 
•Quint, w.Jlflh, trick,whim 
•Qttlntaal, m. quinlal 
•Quintappel -Ue, m, eoto- 

•Qultantie-^e, v.reeeipt 
•Quiteeren, «. acquit, quit 
•Quota, 9, quota, contingent 
•Qnedsatie, v. quotizalion 
•Qaotiteeren, w. assign a 



AA, V. yard, saliyard 


ttme4y, meant, eomneil, 
senate, eouMsetlor, senator ; 
ik vreet wel raad met hero, 
/ , know what to do with 
kim i te raad worden, to 
resolve, to think Jt 
Raadgever, m, counsellor 
Raadgeving v,counsei, advice 
Raadbuis— je, o. senalekouse 
Raadkamer —tie, v. eountel- 
chamber {pensionary 

Raadpensionaris, m. grand 
Raadplegen, w. contnlt, de- 
Raadplcging.t;. consultation, 

Raadsbesluit, o. decree, act 
Raadschrijver, m. secretary 

oj the sonncil 
Raadsbeer —tje, m, eoun- 

settor, sfnatur 
Raadii|)eerlUk, bv, senatorial 
Raadaheersaoibt, raads- 
heerscbap, o. raadn- 
heersplaats, v, office, pliee, 
or dignity of a counsellor, 
or senator 
Raadolagen, w. consnlt 
Raadiilag, m. consultation 
Raadoiieden, mv. counsellors 
Raaddlot, V. determination, 

RaadAuan, m. raadsvronw, 

V. advistr, counsellor 
Raadsiem, »._ vole of the 

Raadsvergadering. v. council 
Raadzaani. bv. adoisable 
Raadzaambeid, v. expedience 
Raadsei — ^e, o. riddle 
Raadselacbtlg, bv. enigma- 
Raaf — je» v. raven 
Raaffelen, to. ravel 
Raagen. w. sweep 
Raagbol— letje, v. broom 
Raagstok -Je, m. broomstick 
Raak — Je, v. bit 
Raakiyn, v. tangent 
Rftam— pje, v. frame, win- 
dow, aim 
RaaiDen,i«. conjecture, guess, 

aim, cuntriv*, conclude 
Raamine, v« aim, scops 
Raap — je, v. turnip 
Raapen, w. (a*« up, gather, 
nap, pick up, Itjt up, 
rough cost [field 

Raapakker — ^e, m. tumip- 
RaapolU. y* rapeseed-oil 
Raapkoek — je, v. rapessed- 

Raapxaad, o. rapeseed 
Raar, bv. rare, unusual, ex- 
traordinary, strange, odd 

RAK ip 

Raazen, w, rave, rage, roar, 
bli^ster, trake a noise 

Raa-cbip, o. square-rigged 

vessel ■ 

Raaskallen, w. rave 
Raaskalierij, Raaskalliac, ». 

r living "' 

Raat -je, v. honeycomb 
Kaanw, bv. raw, etude 
Raauwelijk, Aw. rawlv 
Raauwheid, Raauwigbeld. ». 

rawness, crudity 
RaareH,©. square saU,sqmar9, 

RaLarber, m. rhubarb 
•Rabat— je. o. rebate, dis- 

etiunt, deduction, border, 

•Rabatteeren, w. abate, de- 

dvet ' 

Raabaow, raboat, ni. rogue, 

Rabbelen, w. rattle 
Rabbelaar, m. rabbelaarater. 

V. rotttiT 
RabbelarU, rabbeUnr, v. 

rattling ** 

RabbeiKchrift, o. scrawl 
Rabbeltaai, v. rattling talk 
Raboord, v. bulrush 
Rabraken. w. break upon the 
^ wheel, break 
RabUn, m. rafbi 
RabQuije, o. linnet 
Rad -je, o. wheel 
Rad, bw. nimhly, swiftly 

n»u, raaae, ov. ntmbte, swifi 
Raddight id.radheld, v.quick- 

ness, swift Hess 
Radeiuaker — ^e, w. wheel- 
Radeniakery — ^e, v, wksel^ 

manti factory 
Raden, w, counsel, advice, 

Radetoog, hv. desperatt 
Radt-looilield, v. desperation 
Rader -je, v. wheel 
Raderwerk, o. wheelwork 
Radnave, v. nave 
Radiicheen, ». wheelband 
Radspeek — J«» »• *p9ke of a 

whet I 
Radvelge, v./«2;y 
Ra^jg -U,v.rSdish 
Raffflen, w. raMe 
•Raffineeren, w, rejhts 
«d^..tJ®» *• ffobweb 
•Railleeren, w. rally 
• Rainonneeren, w, reason 
Raken, w. Ail, touch, afeat, 
concern, vex, hurt get. bs- 
€omsi Tan zQn ttukrakM, 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

194 PRI 

•PropiieUris, m. pf'0prietor 
•Propriisteit, v. propertp 
Proptrekker — tje, m. worm 
*FrorogeereDy w. ftrorogut 
•Pro**, V. pro$« 
•Proiecutle, v. proseeutiom 
•Protpereereo, w. prosper 
*Proaperlteit, v.prosperitp 
*Protectie, v. protection 
•Protectear, m. protector 
*Protegeeren, w. protect 
■ ^Protect, 0. protetl 
'Protectant, m. protestant 
•Protegtantscb,^. protettmnt 
•Ppotestatie, v. protetlalion 
•Protetteeren, w. prote$t 
•Protocol, V. register 
•ProtocoUeeren, w. register 
Prove, V. prebendf living 
•ProveDieeren, tr. proceed 
•Provenu. o. proceeds 
•Proviand, o. piovLsion 
•Proviandeereo, w. victual, 
provide [veyor 

vProvtandmeester, m. pur- 

IProTlandtcbiP, o. victualler 
Provinciaai, ov. provincial 
•Provincie — ^je, v.ptovtnce 
*Provisie — tje, v. provision, 

store, commission 
•Pro visiekamer — tje, 
toom [cellar 

•Provlaiekelder — ^e,v. store- 
*Provoo«t, m. provost 
Proik — je. v. wig 
Pruikemaker— tJe, m. perri- 
wi%maker, barOer, kair' 
Fralleo, v. fret, pout 
Prullachtif , 6». jrtt/ul 
YrtUler, m. Pr\i\Uier,vJretter 
Pmilpot -je» m» fretful eh ild 
Fraim— pje,v. plum, ptune, 

Pralmen, w. chew tobacco 
Pmimeboom -picm-ptumlree 
Prulmel, v.pruHetlo [ment 
Pniisseo, w, froth, foam, fer- 
Praigslog. v.fertiientoiiun 
Prvl — leije, v. triflfj bowble, 
gewgaw, trash,»fff, • ubbuh 
Pruldkbter — ije. m.- scrib- 
bler, sonneteer 
Pmllekooper, «. ragseller 
Prvllemaker, Pruilefchr^ 
ver, m, scribbler, pamphle- 
teer [nothing 
pTUlllg, bv. trijling, good fw 
Fr«lwerk, o.trasu, rubbish 
Prat, V. curdltd mim, ittieh 
Pfrridge [lOfnch 
FnitV. carrion; earean ,bo<to, 
Frukea. w. shew, bi ag 
Fry« — je, m. priee,raie,f 


premium, praise; on prijs, 

€ HI %iOH$iw 

Prg«lijk. 6v. toudabU 
Pr^swaardig, Prijtenswaar- 

dig, bv. praittworthy 
Prijzen, w. praise 
Priljzer, m. praiser 
Prijziog, V. praising 
Poalm — pje, w. psalm 
Psaloiboek — je, o. psalter 
Ptaimdichter, PcalmiKt, m. 

Psalmxaog, o. song of 'psalms 
•Publicatie, v. puUicalion, 

edict, proclamation 
•Pobliceereu, «. ptUtlisk, 

•Publiek. bv.publie 
Piiffeo, w.puff 
Puik. bp. choice, excellent; 

paik* puik, most excellent 
PuIk — je,, best,fiower 
Piiikjaweel, o. fiow^r 
Pttikstuk -je, o. exetUent piece 
Pnilen, w. »well 
Puiloog, o,swtlting eye 
Puiiu, m. pumice 
Puim»teen, m. pumieestone 
Pain , 0. rubbish, ruins 
PuiDberr, Puiaboop, m. heap 

of ruSbuh, heap of rums, 

PuUt— je» V. wheal, pimple 
Pultftacbiig. Paistig, bv.full 

Puitaal, o. eelpowt 
Pul — letje, v.Jug,cruet^tone 

PHllebroer, m, tippler 
•Pulver. o.gunpoioder 
•Puiverioeeren, w, powder, 

•Punctueel, bv. punctual 
*Puaieereu,w. punish 
Punt — je. Ml. 4- o. point, ar- 
ticle, voar depuDt einicben, 

to challenge i punt bieden, 

to resist, to fight 
Puntlen, to. point, sharpen 
Pitn^achlfg, bv. pointed 
Puntdichl — je, o. epigram 
PuMtdicbter, m. epigramatist 
Punteeren, w. point, mahe 

Vvxnie\oo;bv.obtuse^^int less 
Pun tig, bv. pointea, sharp, 

quaint, accurate, exacts 

neat, spruce 
Puniigbeid, v. sharpness, 

poiHtedness, quaintntss, ex- 

actnett, neatness 
Puutiglljk, bw. pointedly, 

Puutrede, Puntspreuk, v.^Mf 
Puntaw^ie, bw. pointwis§ 


Pargatle — (Je, •• pmrgt 
PargeereOfW. purge 
Purgeerdrank — je, m. purge 
Purgeerjurk — je, v. mominf^ 



•Purificatle, v. puriieatum^ 
• Puridceeren, w. purify 
Purper. bw. purple 
Purperachtig, bv. purplish 
Purperverwig, bv. purple 
Purperviscb, m. murex 
Put— je, e. wea,pit, hole 
Potemmer — ^e, m. Sueiei 
Putgraver. la. weUdigger 
Putbaak -je, V. huckct-k 
Putier, m. whoremonger 
Putierig, bv. whorish 
Putje, 0. littU hole, dimpie 
Putoor —tje, m. bittern 
Put* — je, •. Lucket 
Putsen, 10. draw water 
PuUeOfW.draw water, draim, 

Patter -Ije, m. dramer ef 

water, got^/lnck 
Puttingx. Mv. shrouds 
Putwater, o. spring waier 
Pour, bv. 4- bw. pure, wtere, 

merely, quite, stark 
Puuren, w. refine 
Puureteken, bw. quite, stark 
Puy —tie, ». front 
PiJ, V. loose coat,fr9eh 
Pijewant, v. thick gleue 
Pijl —tje, m. arrow, kUa, 

PHlaar - tJe , m. pillar JBolumu 
P^iaa rblj ter — Ue,m.PMlaar- 

bij titer —tje, v. bigot, 

hypocrite {pocrism 

FljIaarbUterU, v. bigotry, kg- 
Pulaargebouw. o. peristyle 
Puiaarkap, P^laarkrajB, v. 

chapter of a pMar 
Ptjlaar»chacht, V. sks^fl 
Pi|iaarvdet, m. ba*e, pedt 
Pmaken, «. coarse elotk 
Pijidragw, m^ javeUn^kearer 
Pjilkoker — ^e, m. quiuer 
PQUcboot — je, e. rcocA V 

an arrow, " ' ' 

Pyiicbatter, m, areker] 
PQUUart— je, V. tropic Hr* 
Pillwerper, m. darter 
Piin. V. pain,aeke, troubia 
Hjnen, w. trouble, acke 
POnappcl ^Ije, .m. pimea pp h 
P^oappelboon —tie, wt,pme^ 
appteiree \pimetree 

PUnboom —pje, m. ptaib 
Pu nbank — je, v . rack, Urtmre 

Pijnigen, w. tt 

POnigerf ">* * 

Digitized byLnOOQlC 

•FreMBt, bv. ^ bw, prtnaU, 

being present 
4^Preseutalie, v. preseiUation 
•PreseDteeren, [w, pretent, 

•Presentie, v. pretence 
•Pre«er.vatie,t>. preservation 
•Pre8cr»atlf, o. preservative 
•Prcierveerfn, w. preserve 
•Preses, *pre«ideDt, w. pre- 
•Pre«ideeren, to. preside 
•Precidentie. v. presidence 
•Presidenlacuap, 0. presi- 

Pre«)mee8ter, m. pressoffierr 
*Pres8ant, bv. pressing 
• Presseeren, w. j»rf««, nrge 
•Prcstaiie," t». JuljUmtnt, 

•Pre»teerea, w. falfili take, 

♦PresuDieeren, to. presume 
•PrefrUmptie, v. pretumption 
•Preteadeeren, w. pretend, 

claim, require 
•Pretense, /iv. pretended 
•Pretensie — tje, v, preten- 
tion, claim 
Preutelen,t0. grumble, mutter 
Preutelaar, m. preutelaar- 
8ter, v. grumbler, mullerer 
Freutclxeld, 0, small mouey 
Preatelig, bv. grumbling, 

Fr«»telln?, V. muttering, 

grumbling proud,' prudish 
Preatscbheid, v, pride, pru- 
•Preuve, 0. proof 
Prevelen, w • mutter 
Prevelins^, v. muttering 
•PrevenieereD, to. prevent 
Prleel —tje, 0. summerkoute 
Priegelen, w.Jlog 
PrieiB — pje, m. pin, bodkin, 

dagger, spike, iron 
Priemen, w, stab, pierce 
Primelnaakt,^v. siarknaked 
Priemer, m. assassin 
Prlemgeld, 0. harbourduet 
Pries ter — tje, m. priest 
Prie^teranibt, priesterdom. 
priesterschap.o. priesthood 
Prlesttres, priesterhi, v. 

Priesterlijk, bv. priestly 
Prlk — je, wi. prtck, almond, 

Prikken, w. prick 
Prikkel — ^»;, »i. prickle, 

sting, spur, incitement 
Prlkkelen,to. prick, prickle, 


PrikkelMr, m, imeUor 
Prikkelinr, v. prUkting, in- 

Prikker —tje, prikatok — je, 

m. goad 
Priktol — letje, m. top 
•Prlniaat, m. primmle 
•Prlniaauchap, 0. primescy 
•Prinio, bw. in tke first place 
•Piinclpaal, m, master jtrin- 
eipal Ichie/ 

•Principaal, bv. prineipai, 
•Principe, v. principle 
Print —)e, m. prince 
Priasdom — metje, o. prirtci- 

Priasemk, bv. princely 
Prinsennof. 0. prince^a court 
Pnniiei — je, v. princess 
Print -je, v. print, cut 
Printeboek — je, 0. picture' 

Printwlnkel —tje, «•. print- 
•Prioor, m. prior 
•Pnoorscliap, 0. priory 

• Prisatie, «. appraisement 
•Priseeren, v. appraise 
*Prlvaat, bv. private 
*Priveeren , to. deprit;« 
♦Prevliigie, v. prtvilefe 
•PTeviligieeren, to. prtvlHgt 
Probeeren, 10. try 
«Procedeeren,io. sue 
•Proces — j*! o» l^tosuit 
•Processle, v. procession 
*PtQc\9.ra3.t\i:,v. proclamation 

• Proclameeren, to. proclaim 
*Procuratie, v.;>oi0er,poi»er 

of attorney ,proty 
•Procurear, m. solicitor, at- 
torney I 
•Produceeren, to. produce 
•Product, 0, produce 
Proef — je, v» proof, taste, 
sample, trial, essay, test, 
TToeiArA^eT,mjprintet^s devil 
Proerdruk,m./ir«( impression 
Proefjaar ,o.year of probation 
Proeftlot. o.doubtetock 
Proef^pel, 0. overture 
Proef!iteei)->je,m. touchstone 
Proefstuk — je, o. masterpirce 
Proeftijd, v. appretiliceship, 

Proesien, w. sneeze 
Proeve, v. essay 
Proeveling, m. probationer 
Proeven,w/. taste, try 
Proever, m. taster 
Proeving, v. tasting 
•Profaneeren, to. arcane 
♦Profecy,*. prophecy 

PKO 195 

•Frofect, m. prophet 
•Profeetisch, bv. prophetic 
•Profeteereo, w.propkecp 
•Professie, v. profession 
•Professor— tje,^. profeMor 
•Profltabel, bv. profitable 
•ProOteeren, to. proflt, entail 
•Proflueeren, to.>f«w from 
•Profijt— j«, o. profit, gain 
•Profijtelijfk, bv. fbw.projit- 

able, profitably 
•Profijtelijkheid, •. pritfita- 

•Profijter — ^je, m.eavean. 
•Probibeeren, to. prohUtit 

• ProbibiUe, v. prvhibition 
•Prolongatip,v. proUmgatioi^ 

• Prolong eeren, to. prolong 
Prommelsoep, v. gtbtetsoup 
•Prtfmotie, v. promotion 
•PronioTeercn, to. promote 
Pconk — Ic, V, show, oetenlw 

tion, finery, ornament 
Pronkaard, pronker, m. fine 

fellow, J op, coxcomb 
Pronkb^d. o. bed of elate 
ProDkbeeld, 0. statue 
Pronkdeken—^e, v. ecunter- 

Pronkertje, 0. fop, bemn 
Pronken, to. shine, etrut, be 

adorned, parade 
Pronker^, v. pomp, parade 
Pronkgewnad, o. dtetsefHatt 
Proukgraf, o. cenotaph 
Pronkiuweel, o.>eto«< 
Proukkieed, o. robe of state 
Pronkmuts, v. mitre 
Proukpaard, 0. led horse 
Pronk penning, m. meeUl 
Pronkpyiaar, v. obetish 
Pronksieraad— je,e.omaiii«n( 
Pronkstuk — je, 0. ornament 
Prooi —ye, v. prey . 
Proosd^ , Prooitd^, v. priory 

Proost, m, prior, f 
Proostscbap, •• priorship, 

Prop —je,vMopple,buMg,wad 
Propdarm, m. glutton 
Proper, bv. handsome,neat 
Properneld, v. neatness 
Properlijk, Proper^es, *to. 

•Froponeeren, to. propose 
•Proponent— je.m. balchelor 

of divinity, candidate 
•Propoost, o.tlueourse, toy 

ing, purpose 
•Proportle, v, proportion 

• Proper tioneel, *o« propor- 
tional ition 

• Proportloneerca t V' pi^vpor* 

• ProposlUe, v.propoMion 
P«oppen, w. cram, ram 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

192 POT 

PoppekrftmerU, v«<«f« 
Poppetpel, •. /»»«/»P5<*»<J» 
Po9!fet)9,o, puppet, doll 
Poppewerk, o. flight work 
poppewinkel -0«. »•• toythoP 
P«rcelUn, •. china 
PorceiTjnka* — je, ». closet for 

China C«Aop 

Porflentteen, w. porphyry 
Porren, w. iN«<V«^e, rxcWe, 

Porrlng.r. iwWil'-'ion 
Porsel«iii. •• pwr*ta»e 
Port, Porto, «. TO$tagt 

• Por tepee, v. utordbtU 
•Portle —ye, v. portion, 

thare, par I, commons jitate, 

•Porlret — je, m. portrait 
•PoiiUe, V. posUon, tnppo' 

sUion . 
«Po«itlef, 1>v. positive 
•Potsessie, v. possession 
Po»t— je, iw. po**» station, 

ojice, article, stage 
Po»tbedieDde,«t. clerk of the 

Poitbode, m. postman 
Postdag, m.postday 
•Potieeren, w. pott [office 
PostertJ, •, Po»lbal«, o. post- 
Poitgeld, o. postage ■ 

Potthoorn, m. postboy*s horn 
Postkales — je» »• postchaise 
Postkantoor, o.postoffice 
Postlooper, m. postman 
Postmeester, m. postmaster 
Pa«tinee«tcracbap, #. post- 
Pof tpaard, o. posthorse 
PfMtV^i^rfO. post paper 
PoatrUder, m. postboy 
•PoslscrlptuiD, 0. postscript 
PoatOJdlns, ». news, news- 

paper ishape 

•Postuur -Ije, 0. postvre, 
Potiwagen, in. postcoach ■ 
Pot— ie,v. pot, stake, hoard / 

de pot trekken, i« sweep 

stakes, to be scolded 
Potten, ie. hoard 
Potaard, «. pottei's cjoy 
Potaard«werk,o. eartheniiHire 
•Potagle , •. pottage ; j an po- 

t%g\e, jack pudaing 
JNMaHCh , ». potashks 
Potdektel -tie, o, pallid 
•Potentaal, w. potentate 
Potceld, 0. hoarded money 
Potbemrnel —^t, o. pothook 
PothaU -je, «. staU 


PotiCbenliDg, V. omimeul p^d-^ 

Potlepel -^,M.«OMleti spoon 
Potlood, o. Iflacklead 
Potlood — je, Potloodpeo, v. 

btacktead pencil, pencil 
PotpeaniDg — je, piece o/ coin 

hoarded up 
PotBCherf — je, o. potthard 
Potpasiei, v. mincepic 
Potipijs,v. pottage 
Pot« — je, V. tricii,pranh 
Potsea,w.trim, shave 
Potsaciiiig, bv. waggish 
Potsemaker —Ije, m. wag^ 

Potvemakerij, v. buffoonery 
Potsuiker, v. dab sugar 
Pottebakker — tje, m. potter 
PottebakkerU, v. pottery 
Pottebauk — je, v. cupboard, 

shelf, dresser, large bosom 
Pottekraam, v. potiewiukd, 

m. earthenware-shoft 
• Poursnite, v. pursuU 
•PourtreiteereM,w. pourtray 
*Pou88eeren, w. push, urge 
♦Pover, bv. poor 
Praal, v. pomp, magnificence 
Praailea. w. ginry, shtne 
Praalbed. o. bed of state 
Praalbeeld, o. statue 
Praalboor, v. trtumphalarch 
Praaidictat — je, o. tpicinoid 
Praalgrewaad, o. robes of state 
Praalgrar — je, 9. mausoleum 
Praalkoets — je^ v. triumphal 
car \.lry 

Praalvertonlng, w. pageau' 
Przlum, v. punt 
Pniamen, w. prtss, urge, op- 
press, pinch 
Praat— je, v. talk, tattle, story 
Praatacbtig. hv. talkative 
Praatacbtlgbeid, «. loquacity 
Praatal, m. great talker 
Praatmoer, praatcter —tje, 
V. talker, chatterer, gosttp 
Praauw — ge,v. pirogue 
Pracbgen, w. beg, wheedle 
Prachger, m. bvggar 
Pracbgerij, v. hegging, 

*Practi8f>eren,«i. practise 
•PractizUn, m. lawyer 
Pracbt. in. pomp, magnifi- 
Pracbtif, bo, magnificent, 
sumptuous Caetjr 

Pracbtigheid. v. nanptuous- 
Praktijk, o. practice 
Pram — melje, v. teat, bubby 
Prang, m. pineh.cotifinement 
Praogen, w. pinch, prusp 

sgu^rze , aeil pranf^tn, to 
bear awujf under a pret^ of 
Prahger — Up» »»»• pinclerf, 

caveton, tfaruucU, collar 
Prangiitg, v. pic*sute, oppo- 
Prang wortel, m. restfutrrew 
Prat, bv. proud, arrogant 
Prateo, w. talk 
Prater —tje, m. prater, 

Praterij — ^je, v. talk, prat- 
Pratien, w.fret 
Prataickte, v.meagrimt 
*PreadviJ!i, o. preadvice 
•Prealabbi , bv. prior, pre- 

♦Precautie, v. precauliou 
•Precle», bv. ^ 6»c. preeitr, 

•Precieobeid, r. preeistness 
*Precleu8,frv. precious 
•PredesUaaiie, v. predesti- 
nation {tinmte 
•Predeitineeren, w. predet- 
Predikeu, w. preach 
Predikambt, o. pastoral offict 
Predikant — je, im. preaener, 

winihter, parson 
Predikatie — ije. v^ sermon 
Predikdieost, m. tervjct of 

the church 
Prediker, m. preacher 
Predikiag, v. preaching 
Predikstoel, preekaioei— tje, 

m. putpit 
Pretk ~je, v. eongregatioa, 

meeting , sermon 
Preeken, w. preach 
Preti.pret. o/'prijaen 
*Preferentie, v. preference 
•Prefereereo, w. prefer 
Prei —tje, v. leek 
Preii^ hail 
*Prtgudicie, v. prejudice 
*PrejudlcieereD,w. pnyudice 
*Prelaat, m. prelate 
*Prelaat8C^ap, o.prtlacy 
•Prelimlnair, bv.preliiuimarp 
^Premedlteerea, w. preme- 
•Premie, v. premium 
Preut — je,«.p#tiif,se« pitat 
Pfentea, w. iatprint 
Prenter, m. printer 
•Preparatie, v. preparatiou 
• Preparatoir,{rv. praparatory 
•Prepareeren, w. prepare 
•Prepoattie, «. prtposUivn 
Preasen, «o. presa 
Presenniog, «. tarpawUm, 

•Pre«eBt — 4«, o. frooent 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


PtoefkoQlcr, m.plomMhthare 
Ploef lind , 0. armble land 
Ploef man, m. ploughman 
Ploegvoore, v, furrow 
Pioer'jzt:r — ije, o. plough- 

tekare « 

Ploffen, w. thump 
PlomD, Iv. elamniih, rude, 

Piompen. w. plump, phtngt 
Plonpe. V. waleriUjf 
Piompeiyk, bie. duwnhhtif 
Plompert, m. c/«vii 
Plompheid, v.elownishnf$9 
Plooi— ^ie, v^plaiitfoU. in 

zijne pi )oi , in good order , 

>na ott xijne plooi, it U out 

of order 

square ^ 

PloKHjing. v.plaitiur, folding 
Plotiiy bv. keavg.duCitlumpiah 
Plotaen,io./a/< down tuddenlu 
Plouelinf, Plotselijk, bw. 

tmddentK, headlong 
Pluf — Je, m.rahft debauchee 
Pluff , Fluefe, v. ;>/m^, bung 
PlalMi — pje, v.plumet feather 
Plnimen. w, plume 
IMuimachtix, bv, plumy 
Pluimalnin, o. athestot 
Plulrobos — >e. 0. 9i«m« 
Pinimeloos, bv. fiat her lest 
Plulmgedierte, •. feathered 

race [pouUerer 

Plaimgraaf, m. chief fowler ^ 
Plulmstrijken, wjlatler 
Pliiiai«trifker,<N.Pluia: atriik- 

•ter —lie, v. flallrrtr 
Piaimstrijkerij, v. ftatttry 
Plitis — je, v.Jluoh, loch, nap, 

plush i by la nfet ptois, he 

is net as h*! ought to be 
Plaixeu, w. frau, fret, pich, 

aarp, drain, fleece 
Pluizer, m. plcherf carper 
Plolaig, bv.ifuU af fioehs 
Ptulziug, v,piehingf carping 
Pluk — je, m. catch, gripe, 

Aandjul, pluck, crop 
Piukken, w. pluck of, gal her, 

plume , reapfflecce, pull 
riakflrraan, o. pulse 
Fluknaarej), w. fight 
Plukhaarlje, a. quarrel, fight 
Piiikker, m. gatherer, reaper 
Pivktel, 0. liftt 
PlnBdereD, w. plunder 
IMundaraar, m. plunderer, 

robber, plagiary ipUUige 
Piaoderin;, v. plunderin%, 
Plaoje, V. fiothes, baggag* 
0P\urzll*, 9, plural 
PlaTier — tj(, «i. ^aur 


Pode^ra, v. rout 
Pode^reu^, bv. fomty 
Po4d«baar. •. down 
Poeder — tje, o. powder 
Pocdereo, w. powder 
Foeet — Je, m. poet 
Poeetiscli, bv. poetical 
Poel —tie, SI. marsh, pool, 

slomgh, gulpk, abyss, take 
Poelf Dip — je,». snips 
Poepen. w.fart 
Poea -le, v.puit,fur'tipptt, 

girl, harUl, kiss 
Poe«ten, w, puf, steal 
Poeder— tje, m. powder 
Poeileren, w. powder 
Poeijerdooa — je,r. powderbox 
PoeijerkaB»er — ije, v. dres- 
sing-room {der puff 
Poeijerkwaat — je, v. pow- 
Poeijersuiker, v. powder- 
Poeaelig. bv, plnmp, crummy 
Poezellgheid, v. plumpnets 
Poni^.v. poetry 
Poi — je, V. bounce 
Poffca, w. bounce, puff, huff 
Pofliaan — tje, m. bragrer 
Pofzak — je, w. pauncAbelly 
Pofclien, to. boatt 
Pogcliel, 0. hach, shoulders 
Pogcher —tje, m. boaster 
Poffcherij — tje, r. boa$ling 
Pok — je, V. poch 
Pokkeo,i0. have the smallpox 
Pokdaal,Pokput — Je, v. poih- 

Pokdal!g,&v. pockmarked 
Pokhout, o. guoicum-wood 
Pokjea, mv. smallpox 
Pokken, mv. French pox 
Pukkif , bv. pochy 
Pol, n. whoremonger, bully 
Polder —Ije, m. drained 
marsh, low landsurronndtd 
by banhs [ny-royal 

Pofet, r. Poleikruid, o. pen- 
•Police, Polb, V. policy 
*i*o\i\\vi,v. police 
*Poi\tiA.,hv.politlc, political 
PoU — je, m. pulse, pole 
PuUen, ir. feel the pulse, 

sound, examine 
Polaader — Oe, v. arttry 
PoUtok — je. V, sounding pole 
PoliJateD. w. polUk 
•Polict, bv. polite, smooth 
•Pomade, «. pomatum ' 
Pomp -Je, v,pump,siphon 
Pompboor,v. ftMfe 
Pompelmoea, v. shaddock 
Pompemmertje, o. piston 
Pomper, m. pumper 
Pempbartj*, •. sucker 

POP I91 

Pomplnf . V. pumping 
Pompipaker, m. pumpmahor 
Pom poen — 0*» v,j^mphin, 
gourd ^ •- » 

Pompput V. well . 
Pooipitok —}e,v,pumpkandtt 
Pompwater, o.pumpwaler 
Pond — je, •. ponnd 
PoDdgaarder, m.comfactor 
Poodgareu, 0. coarse thread 
Pondi^eld, o. poundage 
Ponditapior, 0. waste paper 
•PoiOaard— je, m. poniard 
Pong, V. punch 
Pon«;glaB, 0. punchglass 
Ponshaia — je, 0'. punchhouse 
Pontikom -xi\iivit,v.punchfn,wi 
Pouiilt pel —Ije, v.punchladlt 
1?.°^ TjJ®* *• ^rryAwr/. punt 
•PoniilTcaal, bv. pontifical 
Ponikamer, v. CHMtumhouse 
•Pouton, m. pontoon 
PontToerder, m. ferryman 
Pogen, w. endeavour 
Poglug— je, V. endeavour 
Pooijen. w. bowce 
Pook — je, m. dagger 
Pool, m. poles de poote 

boogie, the elevation ef the 
, pole, the latitude 
Poolatar. o. polestar 
Poort — je, v. gale, porthoh 
Poortaarde,. v. ordure 
Poorter, m, citizen, freeman 
Poorieracbap, 0. ciiizenship, 

Poorttreld, o. toll [eisy 

PooriKraal', m. governor ofm 
Poortler, m. gateheeper, par- 

Poorlkl«k,v.f«(e heU 
Poorl^lee^ter, m. mayor 
Poortregt, 0. fr/edom, eUH. 

zenthtp [turn, interval 
Poos -je* 0. white,pause,time, 
Pooatu, w* pause 
Pool ~Je^ V, paw, foot, leg, 

twig, offiet 
Pootuu, to. sft, plant 
Pootaarde, t^. soil 
Pooije.o. foul 
Pop -Je, v.doll,pupptt,baby, 

chtytalis, female of small 

birds, button of a foil, hept 

Poppen, tr. play wUh dolts 

lu with 
Popelen, io» quiver, throb 
•Popeiay, ». patsy, apoplotry 
Populier, PopuUerbooBi, m. 

Popp^onker, m, coxeomh 
Poppearaaoi, v. togstall 
Popp«kraa«r, m, toyman 

Digitized by VjOOQIL 



Pittoolkoker — tie, m.holsltr 
PUioolriCboot — Je, ». put0l' 

Pif xoBt, 0. aat omm&mimc 
Pii -If,*, ierrelipith, wiek 
•Plioljabcl, Iv. puiful- 
Pitcjaren, w. give a signal 

for eouiittg 9n board 
Plupreuk — Je, r. pithy sen- 
Platf —\e,v.plagvetveralion 
Plaat — je, V. plate, dial,eutf 

shoal, sand 
Plaatdrukker^M. copperplate- 

atdrukkerij, v. copper - 
Pfaaieiser, w. engraver 
Plaatt — Je, v. placet room, 
stead, coHHtryseal, employ- 
ment, office, living, parso- 
nage, court, yard 
Plaatsen, w. place, set, put 
Plaalsbeschrljtlng, v. topo- 
Piaathelljk, hv. local 
PlaaUer, m. placer 
PUatghood, m, housedog 
PlaaUhouder, m. dtpnty 
Plaatbing, v. placing 
Plant«Hjper, w. polUhtf of 

^lAal^niJdcn, o. calcography 
Plaattnljder, m. engraver 
Plaattvatlln^, o. tuppUmenI 
Plaat«ilrer. o. silver plate 
PladiJa, V. plaice 
Itageu', tr. plague, vex 
Plager, m. tormentor 
PUffing, r. tormenting 
Plagge, V, turf, greensvard 
Plak -Je, m. ferula 
Plakkcn, w. paste, stick 
Ptakaat — Je, o. proclamation 
PlakbrieQe, o. ttitl, potting 

Plakker, mi paster, slicker 
Plamooten, ir. handle, fum- 
ble, tumble 
Plan, 0. plan, scheme 
Planeercn, w. plane, smoo- 

PIftneet — Je, v, planet 
PUneetkenner, m. astronomer 
Planeetkuiide, v. astronomy 
Planeetlezer,fN. astrologer 
Plank— Jc,v. plank, t/uard, 

Plant — Je, v. plant, sols 
plaBtaarde, r. s<.kl 
plaotttgie, V. plantation, co- 
tony, fhiatc 
Plaoten, to. plant, setlle 
PlaRlvr, ni, planter 


Plantari), v. plantation 
4*lantbor — Je,^m. planikwee- 
kerij — tje, v. nursery, #e- 

minary • 

PlantiDf ,r. pf anting, $ettUng 
Plaotoutblootliiff, V. ubloque- 

alion • 
Pianuoen, v. young plant 
PlantsoenbOacn, o.nnrury 
Plan -Je, V. puddle 
Pracaen. w. plash ' 

Plasdauk — Je, m. /tattering 
thanks; eeneo piasda'uk 
bebakn, to pick thanki 
Pla^regen, m. hard shower 
Pla«regeiien, «. rain hard 
Pla»«i|r , hv. plashy 
Plat -oe, 0. leads, flat roof 
Plat, piatte, 6r. fiat, broad, 
plain; de platte grond, 
the plain, bet platte land, 
the country 
Plat, bw.ftat, flatly 
Plataan, m. planttree 
Platboomd, op. Jlathotlomed 
Platbroek -Je, m.etinuck 
Pia^e, 0. young rogue 
Pljtiuia — Je, V. crablouse, 

poung rogue 
Platneuzig, bv.Jlatnosed 
Platteel, o. rartheuware 
Platteelbakker, m. potter 
PlatteetbakkeriJ -tje, v.pot- 

Platviscb, r. flat fish 
PlatToet, »i. broad-foot 
Platvoeten, w. pat, walk vp 
and down, cool one's htets 
PlatToetig, 6». broadfooted 
Plareijeii, v. pave 
PlaveistefeD —tje, »». paving 

Plaveifel, o. pavement 
Maveijer, m.paviour 
Piave))in^, v. paring 
Pieeg, plag — ende —en, use, 

be u:ont,be accustomed 
Pleeg — de — code— en, com- 
mit, exercise 
Pleegvudcr. »<. tutor, guar- 
dian ■* 
Pleger, m. doer, committer 
Pleglug,v. doing, committing 
Plegt — je, ». quarterdeck, 

Piegtanker — tje,o. theetan- 

PIrgieHjk, plegtig, bv. so- 
li mn, ilcKly, ctrrmouial 
Plegligbeld, v.solcmnily, ce- 

rrmouv, rite 
P'PSlit,''«jk, bK. solemnly ' 
'VPteidoul, 0. /'lea, tvil 
I'leln — tjv, 0. plain, ^qnare, 

9 i>i,o 

Ple^ttcf -tie, M. pMtUt* 
patch iUit 

PieUteren, w. plmlster, 
Plefitterasr. m.paUterer 
PleUterplaau — Je, v,haUimg 

isterwerk, o. plaisterh'g 
Plelt — Je, 0. plea, proetu, 

suit llaw 

.Pleiteo. V. plead, sue, go to 
Pleitbexorger, m. soitcitor, 

attorney, lawyer 
Pleitdag, m. oessianday 
Pifiter, m. pleitster, v. plea* 

Pleitgcding, e. pleltzaak, v. 

Pleiibof. o.eowrt of justice 
Pieiting, V. pleading 
Pleitkamer, pleitaaal —tje, 

court of audience 
Pl«iiziek, pleitzuchtig, hv. 

Pleltziekte, pleiUachi, v. U- 

tigiousness [nsmr 

PleF/ler —tje, o.pteasure,fa- 
Pleizicren, w. please, favour, 

pleasure [*4»g 

Pfeixierlg. bv. pleasant, plea- 
PUsierrelH — Je, v. party sf 

Piek — Je, V. spot 
Pleiigen, to. shed, spill 
Pienglng, v. shedding, spil' 

Plengoffer, o. libatiam 
Pleak^, to. ramble 
Ptenker, m. rambler 
Plencsen, to. splash 
Pletieu, m. flatten f braid 
Pietteren, tr. brutsr, crush ,• 

te pietteren, crushed to 

PiearU — Je, v. pleurisy 
Pligt— Je, m; duty, mortgage 
PUgUticKgiug, V. jM'Jitmeul 

of duty 
PUgtbetraebteod, hv. mind- 
ful of duty 
PiigtelooH, bv. nndutiful 
PligtmaUg, bv.dutihtl 
PUgtpleg*-nd, ^. ojiriout 
Pligtplegtng. V. compliment 
Pllgtschiildig, beautiful 
Pligt«halve, dw. officially, in 

PiUit,v. plinth ' 
Plueg — je,iii. pUmth, plane, 

$ang, botkbindLtM^t hnl^e 
Pioe^ea , to. vlaugh 
Ploegbaar, bv. arable 
Pioc>;er, m. glomghmnH, 

Ploegeael, m. plodder 
Ploeglug, *. aratU0n 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


Teperkoekbftkker, tR. f titf «i^- 

Peperkorrel— ^e, «i. pepptt' 

Peperkrald, 0. dUtander 
Peperwortel, M. korstradiMk 
Perdoeo, 0. baekstags 
•Perfect, bv, perfect 
•Perfeclle, v. perfeetUm 
•PerfecUoneeren, v. per/eel 
•Periode, v. paragraph 
Perk— Je» o.park, pale, bound 
Perkemeat, 0. parchment' 
Perkementmaker, m. pareh- 

Perket, m. xfainf, scrape 
•Permanent^ bv. permanent 
*PeriBi«aie, v. permission 
•Perniitteeren, w, permit 
•Perpendi^alair, bv.perpen- 

•Perpeireeren, w. perpetrate 
•Perpetaeel, 6t>. perpetual 
Pert — Je, w. ;>reM 
Persten. w. press, squeeze, 

smooth, crowd, constrain 
•Persecuteeren, w. persecute 
vPenecutie, v. persecution 

• Persisteeren, «. persist 
»Per»omgie, m. personage, 

ertoaeel, be, personal 
Persoon — ge, m. person 
Penoonbooisiag v, prosopo- 
Pertoonlijk, bv.pertonali bte, 

in person 
*Perspectief, v. perspective 
Pensem, m. usurp 
Pensemcr, at, uturer 

fenser, m. presier 
ersaiagf v. pressure 
•Peruiadeereq, w, persuade 
Per* vat, m, pressing tub 
Penljaer —ye, o, pressing 

Peniik — je, v. wif 
Peruiketuaker, m.perriwig' 

• Periikel, 0. peril, danger 
•Perykeleoi, to. perilous, 

Peneokrakl, 0. pertlearia 
Persik— je, m. peach 
Penikboom — pje, m. peach' 

PenikOf «• rataja 
Peraiksteeo, m,peaekstome 
Pent, V. pU^tu, pest, pesti- 

Peethais. 0. lazaretto 
Petllk. ov. pestilent 
Peetiieocfe, v. pestilence 


iiiiiB, V* peiuton 
ke\—t\e,v. pimple 
\kellg,lv,/tSl of pimples 
il-ge, v.hnsk,e9d, shell. 

PetttUd, V. time efpeslUeHee 
Peuxlekte, v. peetuemee 
•Peihie, V. petition 
Peukel -' - 



pea Ipulse 

Peuiakker -^e, m. /eld of 
Peuldop — je. m. peascod 
Peulerwct— Je, v. green pea 
PealT^ttcht, V. pulse 
Peuluw, V. bolster, pillow 
Pear en, w. betahe one's self 
Peuteren, w, finger, fumble, 

Peoxelen, w. pick, piddle 
Peozelaar — Oe> "•• piddler 
Peuselary, v. picking, pid- 
Peazeiyrzrk,o,piddling work 
Philosooph — je, m. philoso- 
pher Lp**« 
Philosophiscb, bv. phUoso- 
•Philotopheereo, w. philo- 

• Ri?lo«opble, 9. philosophy 
•Pbisionomie, v. phisiogno- 

•Phij/lca, P. phpnies 
Piauier, m. pewter 
Piek — je. v. pihe 
Piekdraxer, piekenler — ^e, 

m. pihieman 
Piekntok He» m, pikestaff 
Piekljzer— ge, o.piiekead 
Piepen, w.pipe, eh trpaqueah 
Pieper — ge, m. whistle 
Piepinf , V. chirping, squeak- 

Pi^oDf, bv. very foung 
Pier, plerworm, v. earth- 
worm i zo , dood al« eea 
pier, stone dead 
Pleren, to. cheat, deceive 
PiereweyeD, v. play the 

truant, idle 
Pleterselie, v. parsley 

Pik, m. pique, grudge, pech, 

POL, 0. pitch 
Pikboom, m.pitehtree 
Pikbroek — je,m. seainan.tar 
Plkdonker, bv. dark as pitch 
Pikdraad, «. packed twine 
•Plkeerea, w. pinh 
Pikenr, m.horseman.joehty 
Pikken, w. j»ecA, pick, pitch 
Plkkmns, v. petard 
Vikreep,v. pitched rope 
Piktoo -netje,v. fitcAftarrei 
Piktoaw , 0. pitched cord 
Pikawart, frv. biaeh as pilch 

Pink • 

la m. lUtteJlmgi 
|e, V. pinh, fisk 


PIS 189 

•Pllleeren. i«. pillage 
Piilefift, V. present to a god- 

Piment, 0. pimento 

PIrapet —\\e,m.pimple,dramm 

Pimpelen ,w, tipple 
Pimpelmees — ie, v. titmoittf 
Pimpelpaart, ov. black and 

PIraperbooro .m.pislachiotree 
Plmpernoot — Je, v. pi*i-i- 

chio-uut [burnrl 

Pimpernel, v. pimpernel. 
Pin — ne^e,*. peg 
PlnsLat, m. spur 
Plna* — Je, v. pinnace 
Pli^oor, V. nightrail 

"'""rls: ■•■■' 

—i, heifer 
PinkiD, w. wink, leer 
Plnknet— je, 0. flshingnet 
Pinkooff, in. leerer, ogler 
PiDkoo;en,i0.miMA, leer, ogle 
Pinkooflny, v. leering, « 

P^k<ter, m. whitsuntida 
Plnkaieravond, m. whiisws' 

Plnksterdaff, m.whitsunday 
Pinkslerbloem, v. flag 
Plnksterdicbt -Je« 0. wkit^ 

Pinkiterfeett, 0. penlecost^ 
Piaksteraakel —\^e,' 

PinkstertUd, v. whifsuniide 
Pink«terweek,v. whitsunweeh 
Plot— i; v. pint 
PioKiat, 0. pinttvoeaer, 

m. pint glass 
Pip, V. pip 

Plbpelinr — je, m. piPPin 
*Piramide, v. pyramid 
Pis, v.pis,ur lite,- koode pit, 

Plsbak — je. •• Jordan 
Plibexleader, m. waterdoctor 
Plibiaas — je* »• bladder 
Piiibroek — je, m. pitbrseeh 
Pisbuis, piiieider, v. ureter 
Pl8K<it — je> «• pi'tobed 
riailat, 0. vrtftol 
Plahoek — Je, m. pissingplace 
PlekUker, m. waterdoctor 
Piapot -)e, V. chamberpot 
Plapraagea, aiv.M0M0iM« 
PUvt\Ukg*, bw. in atorren 
Pltfsen, w.piss 
Piatatje, o. pistatio 
PUtool — Ue, ai. pistol, pie. 


Digitized by LjOOQIC 



t0 auitt be eonvtnient, he 
priper, come in go^d urn- 
tVHt be senicembUf ceme lo 
poM$; te pas brengen, to 
opply at-an example, l» in- 
troduce ; regt yarn pas, ex- 
»etlp to the purpose^ in 
pnddiug time ; daar 't pas 
gar. where it u>a$JU; w«I 
te pas, in good Aeattk 
Pas, bw. scarce, hardly, just 
Fassen, w.Jil^trv, lake care, 
•»««rf, wait upon, tend, 
give exact change, make 
ready, past 
Patbaan, t». gaming table 
Pasgang , m. amble 
Pasgaoger, m. ambling h4irte 
Pa8peld,s.maM money 
^skaart, t,. chart 
Paiiood, 0. plummet, level 
Paspoort— Jc, v. pass, past- 
^Port, clearance 
o*"W.-'«»Je» •• i*»POon 
Pasknillemaker, m. Urn- 
Passaaiwlnd. m, tradetoind 
•Passabel, bv. tolerable 
Passagie, v. passage 
rA»mgiege\6,o./are, passage 
Passagier— Ije, m. passenger 
*Passanr, in, passenger ; in 

passant, Ay (Ae way 
*P3Lsatito, M. ultimo 
•Passeeren, w, pass 
Passelljk, bv. 4- hw, tolerabU, 

indifferent, indifferentlp 
Passemeat, o. galloon, lace 
Pasgementwerker, m. lace- 
^»9her Ipasses 

Passer -ge, m. pair o/com- 
*Pa«8ie. V. passion 
•Paswiebloem, v. passUm- 

Pastel, V. wood, crauon 
Pastel —t\e, v. pasty, pie 
Pasteibakker, m. pastrycook 
Pasteibakkery, v. pastry- 
cook's shop 
Pasteikorst, r. piecrust 
•Pastoor, M. prUst, parson 
•Pastorll, V. parsonage 
•Patent, o. potent 
•jjjter— ye, m, superior, fa- 

•Paternoster, o. paternoster 
•Patient, m. patient 
♦Patientle, v. patience 
P*tlg, V. wild s-trrel 
*S*i".°'-J«f »•• patriot 
♦Patrlottisch, bv. patriotic 
Patronaatsehap, o. advowson 
ratroon, ». patron, protec- 
tor, tutelary saint, master, 


Patroon — Ue, «. p»tltr%, 

sample, eartridgt 
PAtroones — Je, v. patronete 
Patroonmaker, patroontrek- 

k«r, m. patterudrmmer 
PatrooDlas— tje,«. corWHte- 

box, wallet 
•Patronille, v. palsrol 
•Patrottilleren, w. patrol 
Patrijs — je* »• partridge 
Patrfjshond— je« m, spaniel 
Patrljsjagt, v. parltidge- 

f looting 
Pauk, V. kettledrum 
Fauker, m. ketlUdrummer 
Paus, N*. pope 
Pauftdom, o. popaey, papery 
•Pause, V. pavse 
•Pauseeren, w. pause 
Pausgezinde, in. pt^ist 
Paasscbap, o. papacy 
Pattssemk, bv.papeU 
Pavei. m. rammer 
Paveiien, t>. pave 
Pavlljoen —tje, o. tent, pa- 

vUlum, slaleroom, cabin 
•PayenteDt, o. small money 
Peel, peelland, o. marshy 

Peeo— ye, %, carrot 
•Peene, v. pain,puniskateut, 

Peenzaad, •. cmrretteed 
Peer —ye, v. pear 
Peerdrank, peerendrank, m. 

perry [peartree 

Pereboom, peerelaar, m. 
Pees — Je, v, tendon, pixxle, 

l*ee«achtig,6v./«U of tendons 
Peesrik— je, v. pitzle 
Peet, peetemoei, v. god- 
moiker {fatker 

Peter, peetoom, in. god- 
Peterschap, o. compatertUty 
Pegel, m. gauge, assize 
Pegelen, w. gauge 
Pefl, V. gauge, scale, UMrk 
Peilen, le. gauge, sound, take 
Peilder, peUer, «. pUot, 

Ikonpas, o. seacompass 
PeiUood, o, sonndittgliad 
Peillootf m, pilot 
Peilroede, v. pellstok, m, 

Peluzeo, IS. tkink, medUate, 

Peinsachtig, bv. Ikougkt/ul, 

Peinzing, «. thinking, me- 

Fok9l,Vppickte^brit*ei io de 
pekel iaien, to leetoe in Ike 


Pekelen, «d. pickU 
PekelbarlBg, r. pUUeker- 

ring, merrpandrew 
Pekeliag, v, pickling 
Pekelaat, o. &rin« 
Pekelplas. o. pekelschvla, 

pekelveld, o, brinu deep 
Pekelvleesch, o. sattmen* 
Pekelaoode. v. old sin 
Pellea, «. peel 
•Pelgrim, w. pilgrim 
•Pelgrimagie, v. pilgrimage 
Pelikaan, m. pelican 
Pelle, V. pall, diaper 
Pels — Je. V. fir, furred 

gown or cloak 
Pelsrok— Je, v.fureo^ 
Pelster, m.'furrier 
Pelterii, v. skins, furs 
Pelawe. v. boUter, pMow 
Peluwsloop — je, m. pillam' 

Pen, penne-jei «f'.pe»» P*g 
•Penetreeren, w, penetrate 
•Peneteoiie, v. ^en«<e«cr, 

Pennebal, v. hard hall 
Penaekoker —ye, m,penease 
Pennekrijg, m. literary dis- 
Penneknnst, v.pemmanskip 
Penneiikker —ye, m, clerk^ 

brother of the qniU 
Pennemes — je, «. penkmfe 
Peoneschacbt— je, «. guUl 
Peoniag—i^,m.penny fourth 
part of a farikiug money, 
coin, medal i tegena den 
penning tuintlg, at JSot per 
cent,; de twintigste pen- 
ning, five per cent*; de 
hotiderdste pen nine, cm 
per ceni 
Penningmeester, ai. frcwv 
rer, receiver ' [tripe 

Pens— je, v. paunek, mum, 
Penseelbloem, v, pansy 
Penseel— ye, o, pencil, hmsk 
Penseelmaker, m, pemeU- 

•Pensioea, a. pension 
•Pensionaris, m. pentiomor, 

Pensmarkt, v. tripery 
Pensverkoper, m. trlpeutqm 
Pensw^r, o, tripewomsmm 
Peonie, «. peony 
Peper, v. pepper 
Pepcreu, w, peppor 
Peperboom, at. peppor-plmaU 
Peperbtts, peperdoos —je, r. 

Pcperbuis — je« o. ea^ljs of 

f eperkoek, m, gingerhromd 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Paerlkruid, o. groanoell 
Paerlechulp-je>«.;>far/ shell 
PaerUnoer — tje, v. pearl- 
necklace {fishery 

Paerlvi«»cherij, v. pearl- 
PaO bv. dull, ttuggish 
•Pa^ioa, V, page 
I'ak— je, o. pack, parcel, bun- 
dle, burlhen, load, suit 
Pak — te — kende —k.eo, pack 
vp, heap up ; pak u weg, 
gel you gone 
Pakdoek, o. packcloik ' 
Pakdrager, m. porter 
Pakhuitf— Je, o. warehouse 
Pakkaadje, o. baggage, lug- 

Pakkas— je, Pakkl»t— je, ». 

Pakkekler — tje, v. cellar 
Pakker-tje, m. packir 
Pakkerij, v. place where goods 

rrre packed 
Pakket— Je, o. packet, parM 
Pakketboot — je, o. packet- 
Pakmand — je, v. hamper 
Paknaald — je, v. packing 

Pakpaard— je, o. packhorse 
Pakpapier, o. packing paper 
. Paktouw, 0. packthread 
Pakz idpl — tje, o. pa^ksaddle 
J>akzolder — ije, m, upper 

story of a warehouse 
Pal, hw. firm, firmly; pal 

cetlen,./o nonplus t te pal 

komen', to meet wilk ob- 
- stacles 

Palatiln, m. palatine 
Palaiijnschap, o. palatinate 
Paleereu. w. atiire, adorn 
Paleer«trr, o. tirewoman 
Paleersei. o. ornament, attire 
Paleis — je, o. palace 
Paiet— je, o.phllef, battledore 
Paletten, w. piay at shutile^ 

Paley. •• rack, torture 
• Palireiiier —tje, m. groom, 

Paling — je, m, eel 
Palm, 9. box.palm^ hand 
Palraen, w. palm 
PalmbooiD — ^e, m. boxtree, 

patmtree ^ ' 

Paimboach— jc, o. palm grove 
Palaienhout, o. boxwood 
Palmit, m.patmeto,datitree 
Palonag, m. blow wUk tke 

jfimt oftke kand 
PaliOiak — je, m.palmbnnch 
Palnweek, «. pastiou-week 


Paln(iw\)n, «. palmwine 
Paimiondar, nttpatmsunday 
Palirok — je, m. pilgrim's 

coat i'laff 

Palnterttok— je, m.pilprim^s 
Palt9graaf, m. count palatine 
Paltsgraafncbap, o. county 

PaitgcraviD, v. countett pa- 

Pan ^netje, e. part, Jryiug. 

pan, skillet, pot, tile, 

skull; in de'pan febakt, 

cut to pieces 
Panboor —tje, v. trepan ■. 
Pand — Je, o. pawn, pltdge, 

forfeit ^ earnest, storehouse, 

magazine, sh*rl,Jlap 
Panden, w, pawn 
Pandneiner, m. pawnbroker 
Pandhaling, v. distraint 
Pandnlieden, mv. hostages 
Paudsman, m. hostage 
Paiidiipel, o. forfeits 
Paneei — ije, o.pane. pannel 
Panluring^, v. fresh herring 
Panllkken, w. spungt 
Panllkker —tje, m. spunger, 

Paniikkerij, v. spunring 
Panne —tie, r. pantile 
Pannebakker, m. tiler 
PaniiebakkerU, v. kil» for 

Panned <<k — je, o. tiled roof 
Pannedeliker, m. liter 
Paniiekoek — je, «. pancake 
Pannekoeken, w. dally 
Pannekooper, m. titer 
Pannevlies -ie,o.perieraninm 
Panther, m. pantberdier, o. 

Pantoffel —tje, v. slipper 
Pantsier, m. armour 
Pdntsiermaker, m. armourer i 
Panvltcb, v. fried fish 
Pap, V. pap, porridge, paste, | 

ponltice, caliplism.p tying . 
Papebloeoi, m. dandelion \ 
Papekuliekea^, mv. wake- , 

Papeuhout, o. prickword | 
Papery, v. popery 
Papegaai — ije, u>. parrot 
■ Papier —ije, o. paper 
Papierekind, 0. wrkiing,work 
Papierkooper, m, papersetftr 
Papiirkunst, v. prints, en- 

Papiermaker^ w. papermaker 
Papiermolen — iJe, «. paper- 

Paplerwinkel -tje, itt. sta- 

tioueT*s shop 
Papje, 0. pouttietf caUpUum 

PAS 187 

Paplepel— tje, v paptpoon 
Pappeil>oooi, ffl. puplartree 
Pappen, ir. paste, stiffen, 
^par, grave 
Fappot— Je, V. pappai 
Pap«piJs, tf. tpoonmeat 
Paptel, o. paste, stiffening 
•Parade, v. parade 
Paradijs — je, o. paradise 
Paradgskoorn, o. cardamom 
ParadiJAvorel —tje, m. bird 

of paradise , 

•Paragrapbe, v. paragraph 
*P^raXel, bv. parallel 
*Parapheeren, w. sign 
Parasol, v. parasol 
•Parate, bv. immtdlate 
Parceel— tje, o. p'eee, parcel 
*Pardonabel, bv. pardonable 
*Pardoneereu, «. pardon 
*Pareeren,w. decorate, parry 
•Parfum, v. perfume 
*Partumecren, w. perfume 
•Parfumeerder, iw. perfumer 
Parket, m. strait 

• Parieir.eot, o. pqrliamenl 

• ParlementHberr, m. mem- 

ber of parliament 
Pariementahnis, o. house of 

Parmaulifr, bo. proud 
Parocbiaau, m. parithioner, 


• Parochie —tje, p. parish 
*ParochlekerK, r. parigk- 

Part — Je, v. part, portiou, 

share,' trick, prank 
Parten, w. share 

• PartageereD, to. divide 

• Pariiclpani, m. proprietor 

• P AT ticip^Ue.v. panic I patten 
*Participeeren, v.partictpate 

• Purticulariteii, v. particu- 

•Panicnller, m. private per* 

son, particular 
•Particuiier, bv. private, 

pariiciilar -. 

Party —tje, v. party, adver- 
sary, parcel, faction, side 
PartUdiir, bfl. partial 
Partijdigheid, V. partiality 
Part h ganger, m. partLan 
ParcijiiChap, v. animosity, 

par I iality, spirit of parly 
Paruik — je, v. wig 
Pan — je, pace, step 
Pa« — je, m. passage, d^le, 

ttrait, pass, passport, re- 

Pa«, 0. time, season ; van pas, 

Jit^ fitting, convenient, pal. 

timet niet te pas, »«- 

Bpat ko«Ma, 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

186 OVE 

Oi erwejr, bw. mJvng tht road 
*>rerwfl, 'r. vtrp veil 
OrerwekUi^en) vt. opereomif, 

conquer, fvfct 
Overweldljid, dye* werfme 
OvcrwckUirer, m. comjnerer 
OferwekUiting, r. eonqufsl 
Overwelf -de, overwefTcnde, 

OTcrwelven, «««/'• 'tck 
0\ erwerk, 0. work ofsnpere- 

Overwerken, «. overwork 
Overwerkt, dw. ovetwot htd 
OTerwerpcD, w. throw cptr 
Overwigt« o« ovmeeigkt 
OrerwigUg, bv. overweighly, 

mtrff iarp»r/aMt 
OTfrwigtlghiid, v. great im- 

portance [quert suhdne, get 
Ovcrwinucluk, &». SHpermbltf 

OrerwinDiiar, m. conqueror 
OTcrwinning, r. vir/or jr, con- 

Ofei wiDst, V. iurplut 
Overwinster, v. eonqneress 
Ovcrwloterren, w, v inter 
Overumicrd, dw, wlutei-ed 
Overwiiiteriug, r. wintering 
<>Tf rwoniieii, dw, conquered 
Orerwogcn, dw. conAderidp 

OterwUti, attignment 
Ovcrwfis, hv. veiy wise 
Orerwllzen, w. r^er, aisign 
(KfirwljrJng, v, reference, at- 

Overijien, to. prtcipitqte 
Oxerijid, dtc. precipildted 
UverijIinfTf v,»rectfiilalio» 
Orerzee, bw. bryond era 
Orerue»cb, bv. transmarine 
OvcTieggen, w. ref^oit, rtptat 
OverzeUeo, ic. run down 
Overzeild, dw. run down 
Ovemi\w,w. t'til over 
(Verzeiiden, w. send over, 

OrerzetieDyW. Iran late 
Orerzettea, ic. fe*ry over, 

transpose [trunslatar 

Orerielter, ». ferry man , 
Orerzcttii^, V. translation 
Overzlen, w. oversee, review, 
' revise, overlook 
OverxhdcQ, w. toil over 
Overslener, m, overseer, re- 
viser [view 
Orrvnleulng, v. revlsal, re- 
Overzilverea, «r. silv*r 
Or vnU^frdfdw. silvered 
Overzing^. w. resign 
^•nout, bv. too 



Orrrz»lk«,«i0. tkorefere 
Overzwaar, bv, very heavy] 
Overzwari, bv. slygian 
Over/wemmen. w. »wim over 
Overzenniing,!^. swimming 

Ovtrtij^, V, other side 
Oxel — tje, w. armpit 
Oxeitchroei — tje, • gutset 
Oxboofd, 0*. hogshead 

-■' AAI, m. dotard 
Paaijeo, w. appease, talis/y, 
JPoj/t ran en 
Paaf— tje, m. post, pile, 

pole,paUisade,Umit, bound, 

Paalen, w. border upon 
Paalgeld, 0. harbourmoney 
Paaloieester, m. harbowr- 
• master [stone 

Paalstern — tjr, m. boundary 
Paalwerk — ie, o. pal'i»ode 
Haander — tje, v. shuttle, 

pannier [rate 

Paap, m. priest, parson, cu- 
Paapjp, 0, chrysalis 
Paaitsclu hr. popi h 
Paar —tje, 0, pair, couple, 

match ; paar aan paar, two 

Paarcn, v. couple, match 
Pa:ud — je, 0. hnrst; te 

paard, on horseback 
Paardel>erijder, m. korse- 

Paard fbloem, v. dandelion 
Paanleboonen, mv. horse- 

Paarc'cdief, m. horsestealer 
Paardtdrank— Je, tn, horse- 

Paardehair, 0. hvsfhair 

Paardf handel, m.jofkeyship 

-tje, V. 


Paardekam, r. currycomb 
Paardiklaauw — ije,v.A0r«e*« 

hoof , 

Paardekleed-Je, o. horsecloth 
Paardekooper, m.kotsedealer 
Paardekre\el, v. hippomanes 
Haardelast, m. hvtseload 
Paardeloop —ie,M. horserace 
Paardeman, m. centaur 
Paardemarkt, v. horsemar- 

ket, horse/air l4heJtorse 
Paardeme^ster, m., master ^ 
Paardemetti v. koiicdnng 


ptngs ^ 

PaarderlMen. o. korte-iding 
Paardenjfder-ye, «. kord- 


P«arderijd»ter-tje,r. hortt- 

P^«^«taart ~/e, r. korte- 

^rdealftl, m. korteetahU 
niardeatronr, r. kertedung 
P»*»^^<eelN "•. 'tmd, race, VI 

breed ef hnr set 
PaardetooiscI, o, kortelrap- 

Paardetulascher, m.Joeiew 
Paardcrlleg — Je. »• kors^y, 

gottbee ' 

Paardevoer, o, fon,€,fodda 
Paardevolk, 0. eavulrw 
PaardeTragi, r. korehHsd 
Paardevijir, v. kertedung 
Paardewerk 0. korse*t vSnk 
Paardewci-ie, 0. horsepomd 
Paardje, o. HtiU korec^ok- 
* by horse 

Paard-klaanw, v. coltsfoot 
Paari. bv. purtite 
Paa»rh* paavchen, •. easter 
Paaticharond, m. easier-eve 
Paaschbloemen, m». moon- 
wort {tc^f 
Paaschbrood —je, «. eoeter- 
Paaschdag, m. easterdoy 
Paai'Chfeest, 0. pattover 
Paa«chlam; 0. patekml lamk 
Paa.«rhinaand, r. April 
Paa«chtijd, v. easter 
Paaschweek, v. easterweek 
Paaow —tje, m. ueaettck 
Paanweftaart — je, v. pro- 

eork*s tail 
Paauweveer— tje.v. ptmcockU 

Paanwin— netje, v.pemhen 
Pacht -je, V. farm, impost, 

duty, rent 
Pachten, w. farm 
Pachter, m. farmer 
Pachthoere, v. farm 
Parhlhunr, 0. rent 
i*acbtiDg, V. farming 
Pad— je, o.patk ; op een pad 

ziln, to be abroad 
Pad, padde, v. toad 
Paddebloem, r. wild ckomo- 

Paddcvteen, m. toadttom* 
Paddeatof I -tje, i. Ivdstool 
Paerl —lie, v. pearl, purl, 

cataract Tpeart 

Paerlcmoer, v. mettker-etf- 
Patrigrur*, 0. teedpearl 
Paerlklear v. pearUetomr 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

- OVE 

Orerpeinzeo, w.pouder^ me- 
ditate, re/feet 
Overpeinsd, dto. pondered 
Overpeinztng, v. medUatitm 
Overpldegen, to.reploHgh 
Overprlesier, m. highprkeet 
Overraken, w. get over 
Overreden, «?. persuade 
Overreden, d». pertnaded ; 

overriddeUf overrun 
Overreder,tin. persuader 
Overreding, v, persuasion 
OrerreekeDen, tr. re-reckon 
Overreeke»jlng, v. reeotupw- 
tation Ihamd t,ver 

Overreikeoy to. reach over, 
Overrelnfbv. very pure 
Overrcizen, tc. travel over 
Orerrenoea, v. overrun 
Overrok — je, m.jfteat coat 
Overrompeien, w. surprize 
Overrompeid, dw. surprised 
OrerroupelingyV. surprised 
Overrugii, bie. backward 
Overrljden, w. override 
Overgcbaduwen, w. oversha- 
dow {thadowed 

Overschaduwd, dw, over' 
Overs^bftduwing, v. oversha- 
Orerdchatten, w,-^ overvedue, 

Over«ckatler, m, extortioner 
Overschattiog, v. extortion 
Of erscheaen^c/w. irradiated 
O ver^cbepeu, w. • transship, 
ahip [ment 

Ovencheping, r. transship- 
O verse bieten, w. remain 
Over«chikken, w. transmit 
OverscbildereOfW.paiji/ over decant 
Oirer«cbooa, bv. beautiful 
Overscbot— je^o. remainder, 

remnant, residue, surplus 
OveriiCibouwlng, ». review 
Overiclaeden,dw. overstrid- 

OverscbreeaweD, w. outcry 
0*erscbreeuwd,(it<'< outcried 
Overccbrydea, w. ooerjtride, 

surpass, exceed 
Oye»cbriJveB, 10. write 
word, write aver, transfer, 
Ov»riC]iTUver,m, transcriber 
Ovencbri^jvlng, v, transcrip- 
OYenchijnen, w. Irradiate 
Overscbijoing, v. irradiation 
Overslaan. w, omit, pats by, 

miss, caleulate, guess 
Orertlaniagt v, omission 
Orer»lag, m. guess, eeUcula- 
tiais, computation, estimate 


Overalepen, w. drag over 
Overgioerpn, w. spread over 
Oirer#iBijten, to. throw over 
Orerfloaakscb, 60. very droll 
Overtnoeven, w. hector, bully 
Oversnood, bv. villainous 
Overtoorken, w. outbrave, 

hector, bully 
Overanorkt, dw. outbraved 
Overspeler, m. adulterer 
Over»pelere8, Overspeelster, 
. V. adulteress 
Overspelig, bv. adulterous 
Orerspel, 0; adultery 
Over«preiden, w. overspread 
Overspreidlng, v. overspread- 
Over«prengen, w. besprinkle 
Overspringeo, w. leap over 
Overgtaan, o. presence 
Overstad, v. uppe* town 
Overstallig, bv. excessive 
O V ers ta 1 1 igb eid 2 n . excess 
Overiitappen, w. pass over 
OverKtapping, V. transition 
Overste, m. chief , superior, 
captain, governor, general 
Oversteken, w. pass over, 
tranship, transvasate, de- 
Overatellen, w. set over 
Overstelpen, w. overwhelm 
Orerstetpt, aw. overwhelmed 
Overstemmeu, to. outvote, 

persuade, overrule 
Overgtemd, dto. outvoted 
Overgterk, bo. very strong 
Overstil, bv. very quiet 
Overgiorten, to. pour upon 

overspread, trans/use 
Overstorting, r. transjnsion 
Overstrooijeii, to. bestrew 
Overstroold, dw. bestrewn 
OverstrooineD, to. over/low 
Over^troomd, dw. overflown 
Overstroomiog, v.inttntfaltoN 
Overgtrijden, 10. impute 
OverstrijkeD, to. rub over 
Over«turea, 10. send over, 

steer over 
Overtal, o.snrplus 
Overtappen, to. transfuse , 

Overiellen, to. retell, tell over 
Qverteltiog, 0. retelling 
Overteekenea, 10. transscrib* 
Overtogt — je, m. passage 
Overtollig, bv. superfluous 
OvertoUigtareid, v. superfluity 
OvertoUigiiJk, bw, tuptrjlw 

OVE 185 

Overtoftn, bv, covered, over- 
Overtreden, to. transgress 
Overlreden, dw, transgressed 
Overtreder, m. transgressor 
O vertredlng, ». iratwgi e«xt»» 
Overtreffen, 10. surpass,tran- 

srend, excel 
Overtreffing. v. exeelliug 
OvertreffeiUk, bv.^ hw, tran- 
scendent, excellent, tran- 

sceudenily Iseendenee 

OvertreffelQkbeld. v. traw 
Overirek — je, 0. case, cover, 

scabbard, frock 
Overtrekken, to.cooer ; march 

over, pass over 
Overtrekking, v. covering, 

passing over 
Overtrektel — UCr •• *»Hri 

Overtroffen, dw. surpussed 
Overtrokkcn, dw. covered 
Overtuigeo,to. e«M0«iie«, coi»- 

viol iconvieted 

Overtuigdy dw. convinced 
Overtuiger, m. eonvincer 
Overtuij^iiig, v. convictinn 
Overvareb, w.tranmavigiUo, 

pass over 
Overvaring, v. trantgection 
Overvaarty v. passage 
Orerval — ietje, o. surprise, 

attack. Jit itaeh, ovtrtaka 
Overvalieo, to. surprise, at- 
Overvallen, dto. surprised, 

Orcrveef, 6to. too muck 
Oververwen, to. dye again 
Overvet, bv. very fat, adipose 
Overviiioig, bv.very sharp 
Overviiegeu, 10. fly over 
Overvlleger, m. highflier 
Overrloed, m. •6tmdaiic«, 

Overvloedig, 60. ^undant, 

plentiful, copious [anct 
Orervloedigheid, v. ofrund- 
OvervloedigUjk, bw, eAund" 

antly, plenl ifutly ,eopieu*l]f 
OvervToeijen, to. overflow 
OrervloejiDg, v. overflowing 

port, carry over 
Overvoering, v. eonveyanco 
OvervriexeQ» to. freeze up 
Overwaardlg, bv. very worthy 
Overwaayen, to. ttlow ever 
Orerwarui, bv. very warm 
OV%rwa4, 0, excrescence 
Overwegen, to. eonsidor, . 

weigh, ovtrweigh 
Overwegen, 10. re weigh 
Overw czeodlUk, bv, tnpemof- 


Digitized by LjOOQIC 

184 OVE 

Over^etiof* «. trmiu/iisUn 
Orerf oed, br, very g00d, to» 

Ofergoten, 4w. traus/k$ed 
Of ei^rocHen , «. tmrrgrvm 
Overcrodd, dw. ovtrgrown 
Overf root, bv. immeH$e 
Ovcrgrootbeid, v. imtmeutitp 
Overf rootmoeder, 9. great- 

Ovetgrootfader, «. great- 

Overriild, bv, ^ .„ 
Orerbaal, m,Jerrp 


Orerbalen, w. fer., ..„, 

felek over f pult over, eock, 

overpoise, rebnke, distil 
Overbaler, m./errgman 
Overbaattea, w. ever hasten, 

Overbaagtif , bv, very hasty 
O verb and, ». upperhaiid.vic 

Overbandtg, bv. vietorioits 
Overhaadji, 6«(. hy tMr4* 
OTerbandigeo, yo.deliott 
Overbandigd, dw. delivered 
Overbangeu, w. hang over 
Overheea , bw. over {reign 
Overbeer, m, master, sove- 
OTerheeren, w. vaster, am- 

qntr, sttbdue 
Overheerd, dw. mastered 
Overbeerliig, v. eomguest 
Overbeeri^k, bv. suberb 
Oinrrbeer^chen, w.overmU, 

Orerbeencber, «. rultr 
Overbeertcbiaf , v. domin^- 

Orerheenchtf dw. ovnruled 
Oferbeet, bv. overhot 
Qrerheld, v.fovernment 
Qverbellen, to. overhang, in- 

elime, propend, protrude 
Overbelling.o. protrusion 
Overboeks, bw, awry, trans- 

Overho«kgcb, bv, transverse 
Overboofd,*. ehi^, superior 
Qrerboofdmao, m. command- 

er in chi^ 
Orerboop.iw.iii a heap, in 

eonfluion, tumvUuonsly,at 

variance : overboopwer- 

pen, to demolish 
Overboopwerplog, v, demo' 

QveThooTen,w.hear, overhear 
Overiioorig. bv. disobedient 
Overboorigbeidi v, disobe 

Overboaden, w, keep, have 

Ojtrigfbv, remaining t bet 


OTcrfffe, the remainderj 
OTeriirblijveu. overig alio, 
to beUfl, to remain 
Orerigbekl, v. magistracy 
Oreriaard, bv. inveterate 
Overjarig, bv. more than a 

year old, superanuated 
0«erkant, ». other side 
Overkant. bwk obliqueCy 
Overkeurig. bv. too nice 
Overkleed, •. turtout, great 
coat, surplice, pinetoth, 
OverkleedeiifW. clothe 
OverkieiN.60. tiny 
Overklimmeo.w. climb over 
OverkUicbiig, bv. very droU 
Overkonwt, v. arrival 
Overkookeii, w. boHaver 
Overkomeu, w. overcome, 

surmount, befall, overtake 
Overkoud, bv. very cold 
Orerkracbtigyftv. verypow- 
^ «'/«' \£orge 

Overkroppen, w.gtut, cram, 
Overkaiittig, bv, most inge- 
Overk^ken, w. overlook 
Overkijker, m, overseer 
Orerladen, w, overload, over- 

Overladen, dv. overloaden 
Overladiag, v. overlmrthen- 

Overlatea, w. transfer, re- 
sign, leave, let pass 
Overlang, bv. very long, very 

Overlaag, bw, long ago 
Oreriangeo. v. hand over 
Overlaogt, bw. lengthwise 
Overlangzaam, bv. very stow 
Overlast, m. importunity, 

trouble, plague, vexation 
OrerlasUg, bv, importunate, 

Overleden, dw. f bv, decea- 

sed,dead,d^nnet, departed, 

Overleef -de, overlevende, 

orerleven, omtlive, survive 
Overleefd, dw. outlived 
Ovcrleer —{je, 0. upperlem* 

Overleeren, w. relearn 
Overleveren, w. deliver, sur- 
render, hand down 
Overlevering, v, delivery, 

Overieving, v. survivorship, 

Overlezeof w. peruse 
Orerlcg, v. eonsideruliem, 

detiberatiem, judgment, m* • 



OTerleg, overlag -^«««« 

— ren,eaiuider» deliberate, 

Overiegd, dw, eemsidered 
Overjeggen, w. Uy aver 

deliberation, c^gits^timu, 
Overlekker, bv. toa daUiM 
Overlieden, mv. mmsters 
Oyer loon, o. gratuity, vails 
Overlooaen, w. overpay 
Overloond, dw. overpaid 
Overloop, M. overjlowin^^er- 

lo9, deckfpassage, landing 

Orerloopen, w. run over, e- 
^ ver0uw, desert 
Overlooper, m. deserter 
Overioouing, V. ouerMowimg, 

OveriiUd, bw. aloud 
Overliiden, w. die 
Overlq ten, o. decease, demise 
Overlijf, o. thorax 
Overaiaken, w. make over, 

Overinaat, v. ovfrplue, «jw 

cess, superabundance 
Ovemiatig, bv. exetsstve 
Overmatigiijkt^w. erceMMdIf 
0««nnagt, v. superior power 
Overman, m. master 
Overmaauen, w. overmatch 
Overmaiid, dw. overmatched 
Overmecstereo, w. master 
Overmec^terd, dw. mastered 
Overmeien, w:remeasure 
Overmiaden, be/, tkromgh 

the middle 
Overralid, bv. profuse 
Overmlu, vw. $ince,whrreu$ 
Overau>ed, m. presumption, 

pride, arrogance 
Overoioedlg, bv. preeumpiw 

ous arrogant 
OveriBOTgea, frw. the doff 

q/ter to-morrow 
Overmouw —t^e, v, falto 

Overoaad, v. whip-seam 
Overnaum, m. «iinMai« 
Overnachten, w. st^y the 

Overoataartandef is, wula- 

OTernataarkundig, bv, me- 

taphyticut inalural 

Overnaianrlijk, bv, euptr- 
Overuemen, w.take over 
Overneming, V. taking over 
Overoud, bo. very ancient 
Overoeder. m. aneeetor 
Ovterouderiyk, *«. ancestnt 
Orerpad, v.erosspatk 
Orerpakkens w. refmek 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


Overdragen, w. eaiiry over, 
make over, tran*/er, trant' 
portf translate f report 
OveiHrager, m. rtpurter 
Ovct^aping, r. Irani fcr, 
transportation, rrmwal, 
reporting translation 
Oterdrajft, r. tranimisiion, 
mignation, conveyance ^ 
translation, metaphor 
derdrt^tbrltf, i>. deed q/" 

OrcTdragliif, bv, metapho- 
Orerdiingen, ir. iwpartune, 

obtiHifion [sad 

Orerdroe^-ig, bv. ■dismal, very 
Ovei ATongKVk,dw.importune)d 
Ovcrdurlng, *•. pn duration 
Overduurzaain, fit.perdura- 

OverdwaaNch, bv, exorbitant 
OTerdwaahcbheM, r. fjr»r- 
l.ilance [acr»st 

Oterdward, bvo. al/ivait, 
Overdwar««en, w. thwart 
Overdwar«ch, Ijv. cress 
Overdwarst, d-w. thwarted 
Ovcreen.ftir. agrfed,(igre«ipg reconcile 
Ovencnbrengelijk, bv. re- 


Overccnbrenglug, r. recon- 

cilia I foil [cited 

Over«ensebragt, dw. fecon^ 

Of ercengekonien,ni ereebge- 

stcmd, dto.agricd, ecncur- 


OverecnkoiUfct, ovcreenkoni- 

•tighcid, V. agreement^ con- 

furtnilv, cingruittf 
9Tf^rienKom8(rg, Iv. a 
able . 

Of ercenkometlglijk, 6ir. con- 
Overt-cniioinen, w. agree 
Orerecitkomelijk, Iv. 4- bw. 

agreeable, vii^rtahfy 
Ovrreenkoniclijklieid, v. a- 

Overeenstemmen, ir. agree, 

OrereeostemnilDg, v. rovent- 

renee, agreement, harmony 
Overeergitfieren, bw. three 

days ago lovera.-k 

Overeltchcn, ir, ovirrale, 
QirerelfChlng, v. i>vetasliing 
Overeiitcbt.f/w. overrated 
Overend, 69.011 end, vpright, 

•p fovei eitt 

.Overeer, overat — ende —en, 
Ovextxen, dw. overeaten 


Overfnal, bv. very kandtcme 
Ovfrgaan, tr. pass over, de- 
sert, snneuder', ceeue 
OvergaarcD, to. save 
Overgaard, dw. sav^d 
Ofergai>g, m. transition, de- 
Overgave, r. surrender 
Orergeb\tft'\\, dw. remained , 

left, remaining 
Overgebrgt n, dw. rccnrvfted 
Overgebragt. dto .transferred 
Overgebritfu. dw. betrayed 
Overgedaan,rfw. redonr,made 

over, transferred 
Orergedragt n, dv>, trarufcT' 

red, reported 
Overgre^tig, tv. most witty 
OvergCA en, ir. yield, surren- 
der, resign, reach, deliver, 
give up, vomit, reprobate 
Overgcving, v. surrender, 

delivery , resignation 
Overgfgaan, dm. deserted, 
surrendered, resigned, gi- 
ven up, reprobate 
OverRegevenheld, v. resig- 

Overgo t«D, rfir. transfused 
Orergehaald, dw. ftrried 
over, fetched over, cocktd, 
0\ erjrehangen.cfw.AtfN/r over 
Orergtfhoord, dw. overheard 
Overjtehoi.den, dw. kept, left 
Overgi kekrn, du-. cverlooked 
OvcrgeklomDien, dw. climb- 
ed ever 
0\ergekookf, dw.boiled ever 
Overgekoh en, dw. overcome, 

Ovcrgeiaten, dw. resigned, 

0\ crgelangd.dv.Aattfff (f over 
Overgelterd, dw. rrlearnt 
Overgeieveid, dw. delivered, 
surrendered, handed down 
Overgtlezen^ dw. perused 
Overgelegd, dw. laid over 
Overgeloof, o. bigotry 
Overgeloopen, dw. run over, 

o\ei flown, deserted 
Overgeloovlg. m. bigoted 
Overgeloovighdd, v. bifolru 
Ovei'gemaakt, dw. remitted, 

trade ever 
Orergeaoeg. br. too much 
Overgenoniea. dw.token aver 
Overgepakt, dw. repacked 
Overgeploegd, aw. re- 
Over^eraaktj dw, gotten over 
Ovrrgereekrad, aw. re-re- 

OVE 183 

Orergereikt,i/ir. delivered 
Overgcrend, dw. overrun 
Overgeieisd, dw. travilled 

over {.shipped 

Overgescl.eept, dw. trons- 
Overgcschikr, dw. transmit' 

tep [over 

Overge^childerd, dtr.patntcd 
OrergeKChonkeii, dip. pour- 
ed aver .decanted 
Of erge!«cnoten, dw. remain- 
ed, remain irg 
Overgescbre^ en, dw. written 

over, transferred 
Orergexlagen, dw. omitted, 

calculatt d lover 

Orergeslcept, dw. dragged 
Otergesmeerd, dw.. spread 

over [over 

Overge^eten, dw. thrown 
Orergesnoefd, dw. hectored, 

buttled [ovf 

Overge«prongen, dw. leaped 
OfCTgesiapi, dw.passedover 
Overgetteld, dw. set over 
Overge8tokeD,c/ir. Iransthip- 

pea, decanted 
Overgettredefl, rfir. imputed 
Orergestrckcn, dw. rubbed 

OvergeatourJ, dw. sent over, 

sttered over 
Overgetapt, dw. trant'vsed ^ 

decanted Ibed 

Orcrgeteekend, dw.tronseri- 
Orergeleld, dw. r it old 
O verge trokken. dxo. drawn 

over, passed over 
Ofergcvaren, dw. trarsna- 

Overgeverwdfiftr. dyed again 
Overgevlodd, dw. ovtrjlown 
Overgevlogen,rfw./oirn over 
Over^evotrd. dw. conveyed, 

t tan sported 
Overgevrozen, dw. frozen up 
OvergewaaldiC/io. blown over 
Otergcwezen, dw. referred 
Overgewlgt, 0. overplus 

Overgewogen, dtp. rewelghid 
Overgeworpen, du: thrown 

over Ipi'aied 

Orergexegd, dw.reporird,re- 
Orergezeild, dw. mn down 
Orergezet, dw. ferried over, 

transposed, translated 
Overgezien. dw, overlooked 
Overgezonden, dw. sent over, 

Overgezongen, dw. retung 
Ov crgezodcn, dw. beilled over 
Ofrrgeiwonimen, </to. swum 

over {cant 

1 Ovcrgieten, 10. tronffvse,de- 



Opz welling, v. tumefaetiom 
Or»kel, 0. craete 
Orauje, o. «ri*ga 
Oranjeappel— tje, m.oramgt 
OrauJeboom-p|e, m.oraiif «• 

Orai^eklenr, r. orangt colour 
Oranlery— tje, v. orangery 
Oranlescbil, v.orang0peeling 
Oranjevaan, v. orange Jlag 
Oranjewater, o. orangewater 
♦Oracle, ». oration 
Orbt T, m. frugal use 
Orberen. w. use thrift llu 
Orberi^fc, 610. thriftily, /fru- 
Ordp, order, t>, order, rank, 

method, ditpoeitivn 
Ordening, «. order, ordain- 

meut, dispctition 
Ordentiyk, 61;. 4- bv, right, 

l^roper. orderljf 
Ojdentl^jklield, v. propriety, 

Ordinaotie, ordlnatie, v. or- 

dainment, order, decree 
•Ordinarlg— je, v, ordinary 
♦Ordlnarlg, bv. ordinary 
•Ordineeren, w. ordain 
♦Ordonnantie, v. decree 
*Ordonneeren,ie. drder, rf«- 

*Qr4re, v.'order, commission 
Orego, V. organy, wild mar- 
Orgel —ye. m, organ 
Orfelblaier, m. urganblover 
Orgeligt, orgchpeelder, m. 

Orfi^elmaker, m. organbuilder 

*OrleoUal, bv. onenlal 
*Orlgineel, bv, original 
Oriyet— je, ». earring 
Orkaan, m. hurricane 
•Ornament —je, 0. oruameut 
* Oribograpbie, v.. orthogra- 
Oii— Je, m. ox, bullath 
0$9edr4?er,m. oxdriver 
Ofcsehoofd, o. oasekop, m. 

bullochshead ' 
Ossehoid, v. oxhide 
Oggejagt, V. bull-hunting 
OgiieKOoper, m. giazter 
Ogseleer, 0. neaPs teat her 
Oggemarkt, v. ox-market 
Ogflectai, m. cowhouse 
OssetoDg, V. neal*s tongue, 

OAfceVet, o. suet 
. Ossovlecgch, o.beef 
o»seweid«r, m. neatherd, 

<ntcr — ije, M. otter 


*OiibUeereD, w, forget 
Oubolllf , bv. facetiSus, bur- 

Utfue, strange, absurd 
Oubolligbeid. v. absurdity 
Oud, bo. ancient, aged, stale, 
otd. obsolete f former i van 
ondg, of old 
Ondi^biig ,bvMldish , elderly 
Oudbttkkea, bv. state, old- 
Oudtfiffen, 0, quit-rent 
OudelQk, bw. oldty,ancienlly 
Ouden , mv, ancients 
Onder, bv. older, ancitnt 
Ouderdom, m.age, old age; 
mannei\)ke ouderdoDi,iNcm- 
Ouderlinf , m. elder 
Ouderlinj^scbap. 0. eldership 
Ouderloog, bv. fatherless 
Ouderloogbeld, v. orphecn 

Ouderg, mv. parents 
Oaderwetgcb, bo. old fashion- 
ed, ancient, antique 
Oudgrootmoeder, v, ^great- 

Oudgrootvader, m . great- 
Oudbeid — je, r. oldness, an- 

cientness, antiquity 
Oadbeidslitfheboer; oud- 
hddgonderxoeker, tn, anti- 
Oudmoti,v. great aunt 
Oudoom, m. g^eat uncle 
Oudovergrootmoeder, t. 
" great-great-grandmolher 
O uio\tTgrootvdiAer,m.grtMt- 

Oudgcbap, 0. age, old age 
Oud8te, bv. eldest, oldest 
Oudvader, m. patriarch 
Outaar — ije, 0. altar 
Ouwaardig, bv. peevish 
Ouwaardiglljk, bw. peevishly 
Ouwel — tje, m. wajer, hotf 
Oaweldoo^ — je, v.waferbox 
Oawelkas, v.p{;x 
•Ovaal. bv. oval [kiln 

Oren — tje, m. oven, furnace, 
Ovengebak, 0. cake 
-Over,»*. 4- 610. over, beyond, 
' by, above, atongy about, op- 
posite to, again, past, too, 
exclusively ; beden over 
acbt dageii,<Au day seven- 
night t lOTer het middag- 
niaal, af dinner, over ee- 
nigea tijd, some time ago-. 
over een week, a wiek 
hence, a week ago { over 
en weer, /• andfio, back- 


wards and foi wards ; iht 
compound verls over is 
somettmes writtm eonnee- 
lively throughout, .and 
sometimes solely in the in- 
finitive mood anel iu the 
OveraarcUch, bv. snpramun- 

Overat.frtp. every where 
Overaltegeowoordlg, bv. om- 

Overaitegenwoordlgheid, v. 

OverarbeideD, w. overwork 
Overarm, bv. very poor 
Overbeleefd, bv. too polite, 

Overbergscb, bv. tramontane 
Overblazen, to. overblow j['ld 
Overblazer, m. gilder 
Overbluffen, w. discourage. 

OverMuft, dw. baJHed 
Overb>iide, bv. overjoyed 
Overblijfsel— tje, o. remain- 

dcr, rtmnant, relic 
Oierblijven, to. remain 
Overbodig, bv. supereroga- 
tory, more than necessary 
O verbodighekl.v. supereroga- 
Overboord, 6a0. overboard 
Overbrengen, 10. transfer, 
transport, carry over, tett 
tales [furmtr 

Overbreuger, m. telltale, tn- 
OverbreiigiDg, r. transfer, 

Overbrie\eD, ir. betray, in- 
form by tetter 
Overbriever, m. betrayer 
Overbuigen, to. overhang, re- 

Overbaik. v. tpigeutrium 
Overdaad, v. excess, suptr- 

Overdadig. bv. tuper/iuovs 
O^ erdadlgfietd,«. superfluity', 

OvcrdadlgUjk, bw. exceosivt- 

ly, superfluously 
Overdacbt, dw. considered 
Overdek. 0. cover 
Overdekken, 10. cover 
Overdeken.m. chief warde 
Oierdekt, dto. covered 
Overdeksel — tje« 0. cover, 

covering, tilt 
Overdeuk, overdacb^ —cade 

^en, consider, reflect 
Overdeaking,o.coiuu(<r«ltoM , 
Orerdoen,i0. redo, make over, 
tranter, transmit, vvsign 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 


Optptvrtn, w. di4e99*rt Jl»d 

OptpUten, w. dif up 
OptplUten, to. $pUi 
Opippelea. to. wash up 
Opspraak, v. r<eproachfilam( 
Opitprakelijk, bv. 4r« t^> 

blamtabitt blamembljf 
-Op»pringen, v. JMtmp up, 
spring up, burst ope»t be 
btoirn HP 
Opipriuging, o. sprimging 

up, blowing up 
OptpruUen, w, spring up 
Optpuweo. ao. tpU up 
Opsuae, w. rise, arise 
Opttmniag, v. rising 
Opttal, M. superstructure, 

premises, outhouses 
OpKtand, M. htsutrectieu, 

OptUnder, m. insurgent 
Op«Unding, v. insurrection 
Opttapeku, IP. heap up, pile 

np, mceuMulate 
Op«tekea, w. stick on, upli/l, 
li/t up, pick, tap, pierce, 
sheath, put MO, rite, light 
Optteker, m. pici lock, light- 
er, dagger 
Op«teigeren, v. rise 
Opstei, o. draught, scheme, 
• plan, system, composition 
Opstellen, v. erect, impose, 

compose, compile, write 
Opsteller, m. author 
Op«telllag, V. erection, com- 
Opstemmeo, w. rtiolve 
OpitemmlDg^, «. resolution 
Opttokeo, w, iucUe,instigate 
Opstoker, m. inciter, iusti- 

Opstoklag, V. inttige^iem 
Opttoten, w.push ^en, start 
Opttovoo, «. stew up, warm 
Opstoppea, w. stop up, fiU 
OpttoppiDg, V. ttoppagr, rC' 

Opstrikken, w. tie up 
Opttroopen, w. turn up 
OpOrljden.iP. impute,eharge 

upon, insist upon 
" ■ . tron, smooth. 

stroke up 
Opstniven, w./Ty »p, /Ty out 
Op«tUgen, w. mount, ascend 
OpstlOfiogi V. ascension, kg' 

Opukelen, w. rig 
QiK«ekenaar, m. recorder 
Opteekeoeu, tp. record 
OpicdMBing, V. recording, 

etuMOtat ion 
OpiMTM, tOi eontume, spend 


Optellen, w. east np, add 
9pceller, m. caoter up 
OpIdUoir* •• caeting up, ad- 

tUtion, enumeration 
•Optica, V. optics 
•Optie, V, choice, apiion 

Optnieo. w. lift up 
OpUIUof , V. U/Ung up 
Opiimmeren, w. build tij 

Optimmering, v. buildiuf up 
Optogi, I*. uiareh,expedttimn 
Optoobel, o.eUtite 
OptooHen, ao. attire, adorn, 
OptooijlBg, V. mdommeni 
Optm'Qeo, up, ripopem 
Opirekkeo, w. draw up, at- 
tract, run up, train up, 
edurale, exercise, ooareh, 
clear up, diteipate, rtvrl, 
Optrckbrag, v. drawbridga 
Optrekker, m. recetter, rtater 
Optrekking, r. atlraetUm, 
atareh, dusipation, remei- 
Optygeo, w. ia^fute 
Opvaren, 10. ascend, go up 1 
Opvariog, v. aeceudmg 
Opvaart, v, aseenskou 
Opvalieod, &». euperineldent 
Opraagen, w. catch up, in- 
Opvaoger, «. interceptor 
Opvanging, v. interception 
Opvattea, 10. lohe up, ap- 
prehend, entertain 
Opratting, v* apprehension , 

Opvriien, «. expose to sale 
Opveiler, m. auctioneer 
Opyeiling, e. seUe, auction 
OpvUscheu, up 
Opyiieton,w.iyup,flg out. 

Jail out, be blown up 
Opvoeden, ao. bring up, nou- 
Opvoeder, at. uourisher 
Opvoediag, t>. edueatiom 
OpToedsier, v. educatrix, 

Opvoeren, w. emrry up 
Opvolgen, w. follow, succeed 
Opvolger, M. follower, sue 

Opvolgiag, Vmsuccessiom 
Opuoum^fl, w,Md up 
Opvreten, to. devour 
Opvreter, m. devourer 
Opvreilng, o. devouring 
Opvullen, w./ill up, etam 
Opviil«el, •. etujfing 
OpvUzelen, w.vamp up, ex- 
Opvljaeling, v. extolling 
Opwaken,i0. aioaiU 

opz 181 

Opwaardi, bw, upwards 
Opwaaijf I), to. blow ^p 
Opwachieo, to. aoail upoUt 

Opii*armen» 10. toarm up 
Oiiwasseh, w. grow up 
OpwegeD,\«o. coHuterbalance 
Opw«kkea, to. awake, raise, 

excite, provoke 
Optrekker, m, exciter, pro 

Opwekkiag, «. awakening 
OpMrekkelijk, bv. provoking 

excUing, edlffiug ■ 
Opirelleu, to. spring up, bub- 

bU up, Itoil up 
Opweluog, V. ebuUitlon 
Opwrpen, w, tbrow up 
Opwerpiujr, v. throwiuf up 
Opirerp«eI, «. that which is 

thrown up 
Optviodea, to. wind^ upt 

wrap up 
Opzamelen, w. gather, collect 
Opzamelingy v. collection 
Oiizeggea. to. rehearse, say, 

ricUe, give warning 
Opzegger, m. reciifr, re- 
Opzfgging, V. rehearsal, re- 

c til, getting warning 
Opzeilea, to. sail up 
Opzenden, w. tend up 
Opztit.'V. design, intenticu, 

OpEetteHjk, bv, ♦ bw, de- 
signed, designedly 
Opxetcen, w. put o«, impose, 
set up, set open, incite, ex- 
OpzeUlag, V. impotltiou, 

telling up, incitement 
OpzeidtfD, to. boil up 
Opzieding. v. decoction 
Opzien, to. took upon, look 
up, regard [rector 

Opxiender, m. overseer, dt- 
Opxigt, 0. oversight, inspec- 
tion, direction, regard, 
respect, reference, relation; 
tea iij"«n opzigie, respect- 
ing him 
Opzigil>ebber, m. overseer 
Opzigtel\)k. opzigUg, bv. 
shewy, Jtatby, re*pective, 
OpzigieUjkheid, o. relation 
Opziuen, w. sit up, mount 
Opsoeken, to. seek 
Opzo«klng, V. search 
Opzoideren, 10. lay up la a 

Opauipen, to. drlvkin • 
Opz«velgeD,to.a6«or&, tngulph 
OpzwelkCQ, «r. ewell, inflate 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

180 cypp 

Opperberelliebber, m. com- 

monder in chief 
Opperbewind, •. chief ma- 
Opperdeel, o. higher region 
Opperpebied, o. chiej go- 
vernment [levdant 
Opper^ieder, m. tuperin- 
Oppergeregt, o. svpreme 
court [ihurUji 
Opperiresai^, o, sHpreme c«» 
Opperheer, m. $ovri eign ,lord 

paramouHtf diciator 
Opperheerschiippij, v. $0- 

OpperBcertcber,iR. sovereign 
Opperhofy o. h-gkrr eonrt 
OpperhoofJ, o. chief 
Opperhoofdlg^heid, c. supre- 
macy (lain 
Opperkamerliag, m^ehaMber- 
OppprkerkverraderingjV. sy- 

HMdf oecumenical council 

Op^erkleedfO. upper garment 

Oppe^koopmnn, m. svper- 

eargt f ihief factor, senior 

merchant [governor 

Opperlandvoogd, m. chitf 

^'Opperincht, v. ether 

Opperl^r, 0. upper port of 

the body 
Oppermag t,it. supreme power 
Qppermagtig', bv. sovereign 
Opperman, m. hodman 
Oppermeester, m. grand- 
immster [vereignty 

Oppermogendheld , r. so- 
Opperprie«ter,m. nigh priest 
Opperregter, »«. cUiff justice 
Oppencneiiker, m. chief 

Oppenrhout, «i. high sheriff 
Opperftalmeester,m. masttr 

of the horse 

OpoerBte, *v. uppermost, 

highest [.mate 

OpperBtunriRan, m, chief 

Opperveldbeer, m. general in 

chief [perjices 

Oppervlakt«, v. surjace, su- 

Opperviies, o. epidermis 


Oppervorst. m. sovereign 

prince {reign principality 

Oppervorstendom, 0. sovt- 

OppervorsUii, v. •ov«re/gn 

Opperwal. m. weather shore 
Opperzaal .tje, v. upper room 
Oppikkeo, w- peck up 
(}aploegen,w. plough up 
•Oppoteereii, v. oppose 
•Oppoiitle, v. opposition 
OppotftCD, «. trim up 


*Oppret«eereo, w. oppress 
•Oppreasie, v. oppression 
OpproDken, w. adorn, em- 
bellish, trick out 
Opproakiog,v. embellishment 
Opproppea. to. Jill, glut, cram 
Oppropplng, V. cramming 
Oppuifen, 10. swell \sumed 
Opr»ken, w. bespent,be can-^lcftii/', take up 

forge, tevjf 
Opregt, bv. upright, just, 

sinttre, true, genuine 
Opregteirk, bv, uprighlly, 

tin cere ttf . 
Opregtheld,opregtigbeId, «. 
uprightness, sif-CerUy, ge- 
Opreddereo, w. clear up 
OpredderiDg, v. riddance 
Opreekenen, w. compute 
Opreekeningt v. computation 
Oprigten, w. erect, raise, 

Oprigtiag, V, erection 
Optlspen, to.' eructate 
Opri«piag, v. eructation 
Oprochpeien, u:, hawk up 
Oproepen,w.caU up, summon 
Oproeping. v. summoning 
Oproer —tie,d.uproar,tumull 
Oproerig, iv. tumultuous, se- 
ditious, turbulent, mutinous 
Oproerigheld, v. turbulence, 
lumuUuousneM, sedltious- 
OproerigllJk, bv, turbulently, 

tumutiuousiy, seditiously 
Oproermaker, m. rioter 
Oprokkeaaar, m. instigator 
Oprokkeoen, w, instigate, 

OprokkeDlng, v. instigation 
Oproiien, if. roll up 
Oproldng, V, involution 
OprooijeOfto. excite, instigate 
Oproolier, m. instigator 
Oprooijing, v. instigation 
Opniimeu, w. clear, make 
~ room, break up, be gone 
OprukkeD, w. pull open 
Oprijten» w, tear open 
OprQzen, w. rise,get up,arise 
Oprijzing, v, rise 
Opschanea, w. dish up, serve 
Opsubepeii, w> embark, die- 

OpscheppeDi w, take up 
Opschepper— tje, m. ladle 
Opscberpeo, w. sharpen, pro- 
Optchearen, w. tear open 
Opscbietep, w.shoot up, grow 

up, coil, appear 
Optcblk, m. finery, trappings 


Opt chlkken, 10. tiff M, aiotn^ 

trim, trick out, make room 
Opscbikker, nu adomer 
Opschikking, v. adomwuni 
Opgchoffelen, w. thovel up 
OpscbommeieD, «r. dnd out 
Opschoppea, w. shcvel mp^ 

scoop away kick open 
OpscUorien, 10. suspend, dm- 

lay, prorogue, adjourtt, 

luck vp 
Opscbortiag, v. suspensiam, 

delay, adjournment 
Opschotelea, w. disk up 
Op$chrabben, w. screuck open 
Opscbrift — Je, o. superscrip- 
tion, inscription, direction 
Opscbrobbeu, 10. scrub 
Opschroeven, w, screw up 
OpscbiiJveD, to. write down, 

Opscbr^ver. m. writer, atn- 

notator, clerk 
Opschr^ viag, v. amuotation, 

enlisting, census 
Opscbnddea, w, tkaka up, 

stir up 
Oprcbuddlng, v. shaking up, 

stir, bustie, tumult, rtot 
Opscbuiming, v, spuaiatUm ■ 
Opschulveo, «0. skove open, 

sU closer 
Opsieren, w. trim, adorn 
Opftiering, v. embeUiskment 
Opslaao, w. beat up, brat 

open, raise, pitek, strike, 

tui-n, turn up, open, rise 
Opalag, m. stroke, fancy, 

took, rise, rising, raising, 

encrease, weedt 
Opslokkea, «r. swatltw up 
Opulokker, m, glutton 
Op»\okklag,v,t Wallowing up 
Opilttiten, w. litck up, con- 

fine, conceal, hide, umlock 
Opsluiting, V. locking up, 

concealment, unlockina 
Opslurpeo, w. lick up, absork 
Opslurpingy t . absorption 
Opsmakken, w. trick out 
OpmutjteD, w.fiing up 
Opsnappen, w. snap up, de- 
Opsnapper, m. spendthrift 
OpsnulTelen, «0. seek out 
Opanulven, w. snuff up 
Opaoijden, w. cut up, tut 
open, cut, carve, boost , brag 
Opsnijder, m. 6«<u(«r 
OpsnOeriJ, v. gasconade 
Opipalken, w. stretck open 
Opspannen, w, bend, strmim, 

Op»peldea, «. pin up 
Opaperren, «. stretch opan 

Digitized byLnOOQlC 


Opfcxopeo, tfw. droMh up 
Opgawmgc, dw. abtvrhtd 
Onrrxwonc^, dm^gwoHtnfim' 

Opctrt.v. topt, example 
Op^tXtHtW. ferment 
Opj^ktlof , n.fermentation 
Opgootteu, w. throw up 
Opgorden, v. gird up 
Opgording, v. girding up 
OpKraYeo,tP. dignp 
Opgraver, m. suiaralor 
OpgraYlne, v. digging up 
Opgrabbelcn, w. $cratHi>lt 
Opiprabb ling, v. scrambling 
Opgrotljen, le. grow 
Opgr^pfcn, w, lake up 
Oprijen, w.fxrl 
Opiiaaibrug — gelje, r. druw' 

Opbalen, to. draw upi fetch 

up, hoist, shrng up. repair f 

receive, gather, relate, re- 
new, run np, build, coun- 

terbaiance, equal, rend, 

Ophaler, m.reeelverfgathtrer 
Opliailng, r. collection 
Ophangen, w. hang vp 
OpUc(—ie,m,ri%e, lijt,thew, 

noise [raise 

OphefTen, w. lift up, uplift, 
UpheffiQf , V. elevation, rai- 

Ophelderen, w. clear up, it- 

Ittttrate, explain, elucidate 
Opheideriiig. r. iltustralion, 

Ophelpen, «. help up, auist$ 

\ Ophelper, m. raUer 
Ophemelen, v. heighten 
Opbenreleu, w. raUe 
Opbitien, tr. incite, instigate 
Opbit*erf m. inciter, itihti- 

OphlttlDg, V. incitement 
Opbitater, *. incitress 
'Opboogen, w.heighttn, raise 
Ophooglng, V. reusing 
Opboopen, w. accumulate 
QphoopiDg, V. accumulation 
Ophouden.w. hold, hold up, 

fnaintain. sustain, keejj, 
' stoptdetatn, retain pM^tfoum, 

live, tease 
Opbottder, III. maintainer 
OpboodUig, V. sustaining, 

stoppage, detention, retew 

tion, cessation 
Opbouen, w. coif 
opboUelCD, ir. huddle 
OpbHMCn, w. hoist 
(.»pbyMing, V. hoisting 
*(>puti; 9. opinio* 


Opjafca, w. enkanee, drhst 

«/>, start, rouse 
Opklaren, w.elear vpiexpluin 
Opklarlng, v: explanation 
Opklauteren,l0. climb up 
Opkleeden, w. dress up [cend 
OpklimmPD, w. climb up, as- 
Opklimming,.v. atcenf 
Opkloppen, tr. knock up 
OpkoappeD, w. eat up 
Opknoopen, tp. truss up 
Opkoestei;po, w. cherish 
Opkomit, V. rise, origin, re- 

Opkooken, tb, boil up 
Opkookiag, 9. ebuUttion 
Opkooien, w. eome up, rise, 
arise, thrive, appear, re- 
Opkomeliug. m. upstart,riser 
Opkomlng, v. rise,oppearaneo 
Opkoop, m, monopoly 
Opkoopeo, tP. fvresial, mo> 

Opkooper, m. monopolizer, 
regrater, wholesale dealer 
OpkoopiDg, V. monopoly 
Opkoppeleiif IP. tuck vp 
Opkorten, tP. ^raip in, draw 

close together, sweep 
Opkorter, m. dustman, sca- 
venger [camp 
Opkra'mcn, tr. break up, de- 
Opkraming, v. decamping 
Opkrabben»ip. scratch open 
Opkrabbiug, «. scratching 
open [contract 
Opkrim^en,- tp. **Hii* up, 
Opkrlmplng, v. contraction 
Opkruipeo, tp. creep up 
Opkrnllen, w.fritztef curl up 
Opkweeken, ip. cheruh, edu- 

<^«" . . . 

Opkweeker, m. eheruher 
Opkweek!Dg» v. education 
Opktrrekster, v. nurse 
Opkwikkeiif tP. trick out 
Opiezeo, tP. recitit, read, 

glean, pick, gather 
Oplner, m. reciter, reader 
OplexiDg, V. recital, gltaning 
Oplpggen, tp. lay ujt, provide, 
impose, add, inflict, board, 
enjoin, c/targe 
OitUgf^g, w.providlug, im- 
position, infliction, injunc- 
Opietden, tP. conduct, educate 
Opletteii, ip> observe, mind, 

Opleitend. b». attentive [nets 
Opletteiidh«id, v. aftenlive- 
Opletter, m. vbservtr 
Opl^cting, V. attenliort, 9b- 



intercept ,iHrpri 



^piifit an up, 

'ise, carry of 

V. surprisal, Im* 

Opioop JCi m. tumult 
Opioopen, IP. run np, find 
ont, run down, swell, » i*r, 
chafe, fume, riot 
Opioopend. bv, passionate 
Opioopeuheid, v. partion, 

Oplooplng, V. running up, 
swelling, turn efhrtion, riot • 
Opiossen, ir. solve. etpiain 
Oplosslng, V, solutUfw, ex- 

l lunation ^ open 
Opluisteren, w.brigTUen, po- 
lish. iUustr ate 
Opmaken, tp. moke up, maLe, 
make out, each, open, in- 
stigate, suborn, »pend,Make 
ready ^ 
Opmaking, v. arrangtmeut 
Opmerkeii, ip. remarn, mind 
Opuierkend, l>v. attentive 
Opmerkeudbuid, v. alteutive- 

Opmcrker, m, observer 
Opmerkiog, «. observaiion, 
attention ["pccvla'int 

Opmerkelljk, *r. remarkable, 
OpmetriVleu, 10. build up. 
wallop ^ '^' 

Opaav^en, w. stitch up 
Opiieiueii, ie. lakt up, 4Ui:- 

ceed, diy,cle.<n 
Opneemdwek. — je, v. clout 
Opnenieling, m. foundling 
Opofferen. w. offer up, satri- 

jice, devote , 

Opofferiug, r. sacrifice, dr- 

dieatunt, consccraton 
Opbntbie en, w. summon 
Opontboden, dw. snmmaned 
Opootboud, V. abode 
Oppakkeo, ip. pack vp 
Oppaaseo, to. wait on, take 
care of^ attend to, teud 
wait, squire ' 

Oppasaer, m. waiter, ser- 
vant, suitor, gentteaiau- 

OppattiDg. V. tendivg 
Opper— tje m. haycock 
Opper, bv. upper, chitf 
Oppcreo, IP. euvry, ca>t.-y « 
hod, letch and Carry, make 
hay, propose, move, prom ise 
Opper admlraaJ, m. admiral in 
chief irei^n 

Opperbartier, m. chhj tnr- 
Opperbtittier, o. supreme di- 
Opp«rb«v«l, 9.chief command 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

178 OPG 

Op^ekrabt, dw, ser^teMtd 

<W'** ... 

Op^ekrompeo.'fir.xAriiiiA up 
Opfcekropen, die. crept up 
Op^ekrnid. dw. frizzUd 
Opgekweekt, dw. educated 
Opgekwikt, aw. tricktd, out 

gpffeld. 0. p/emiumt agio 
pgelegd, <fw. laid up, Im- 
j/osedf i^/lieledf hoarded, 
OpgeWtea, dw. read, recited 
Opgeleld, dw. ted up 
Op;elet, dw. observed 
Opgeligt, dw. vpli/led, in- 
tercepted, tarprUed 
Opgeloken, dw. opened 
Opi^eloopen, dw, run vp, 

swollen . 

Opielost, dw.platned 

Opqreniaakt, dw. made up,, 
opened, instigated, suborn- 
ed, spent , . ^ ^ 
Opiremerkt, dw, minded, re- 
garded (walled up 
Opsemetscld, dw hutU vp, 
opgenaaiU, dw. stitched up 
Opgpnesteld, dw. titd »p 
Op^eooinen, dw. taken up 
OogeoflTered, dw. offered up 
/ dpgepakt, dw. packed up 
Opgepastj dtr. waited on, 
taken care of, altmded to, 
tendtd ^ ^ 
Opvepikt, dw. packed up 
Opreploetcd, dw. ploughed 
OpRepoUt, dw. trimmed up 
ODffeproDKt, dw. adorned, 

t?nbeauhed, tricked out 
Qpgcpropt; dw. filled, cram- 

* Opsrepulld, dw. swollen 
Opreraakt, dw. consumed 
Opgeraapt, did. picked up, 

new raised 
Opeeredder d , dto . cleaved up 
Op|ereckeod,dt9. computed, 

cast up 
Opeereeten, dw. torn open 
Oprereteo. dw. arisen 
Opgerlgt, dw. erected 
OpserUpt, dw. belched 
Opgerocbgeld, dw, hawked 

Opf eroepen, dw, callrd up. 
■ $mmmoned ' [excited 

OipgerokkenA, dw.stirred up, 
' Opgerold, rfw. rolled up 
Opgerooid, dw. excited 
OngeruJmd, dw. cttartd 
Opr^rukt.tfw. pulled open 
Opgeschtn, dw. served 
0^>g«#cUei»t, tfor. embarked 


Oprescbcpt, dw. taken up 
Opfeficherpt. (fir. sharpened 
0(igedClieurd, dw. torn open 
Op)ce«chikt, dw.aiovned 
Opgescboffcld, die. shovelled 

up \out 

Opgeschoromeld, dw.f>i»nd 
Opgescboten, dw. shot up, 

grown up 
Opge^choven, dw. shoved 

Opfcescbort, dw . suspended, 

delayed, prorogued, tuck- 
ed vp 
Opgescboteld.efw. disked vp 
Opgescbrabd, dw. scralched 

Opge-^cbreveii, dw. written 

down, enlisted 
Opgescnrobt, dw. scrubbed 
Oj»geiebrotfd, dw. scrawcd 

Opgescbiid, dw.shak'^n 

Opgeslagen, dw. pitched, 

struck, turned, opened, 

risen [up 

Opgeitlokt, dw. tw'illovted 

Opgesloten, dw. locked up, 

confined, hidden, unlocked 

Opgeslurpt, dw. licked up 

Opgesmeten, dw. flung up 

Opgesmukt, dw. tricked put 

Opgesnapi, dw. snapt up. 

spent [carved 

Opgesaeden, dw. cut up, 

Opg^anoveu, dw. snuffed up 

Opfi^esnuflfeid, dw. sought out 

Opgespilki, dw. stretched 

Opgespannea, dw. bent 
Opgegpeid. dw. pinned up 
Opgeiheuri, dw. discovered 
Opgeapilfdw.dHg up ' 
Op,;e«pletea, dw. split 
Opgespoeld, dw, washed up 
Opgesprongea, dw, jumped 

Opgesproten, Jtp. sprung up 
Opge«pu«d, dw. spit up 
Opgestaan, dw. risen 
Opgestapeld, dii;. heaped up 
Opgestegen, dw. ascended 
Opgesteigerd, dw. risen 
Opgeateld, d9. erected, com- 
Opgestemdf dw. agreed upon 
Opgeitokeo, dw. upl\fied, 
tapped, pierced, sk^a(htd, 

Opgestoofd, dw. shewed 
Opge*tookt. dw. insfi^ated 

^pgestoteu, dw. push 
Qpf estopt, dw. sloppeOiMp 
Opi^stredca, dw. xnsputvH , 


Opfestreken, dw. iramedf, 

stroked up 
Opg9*tTikt, dw. tied up 
Opgestroopt, dm. turned up 
Opicetakeld, dw, rigged 
Opgetet:keu4, dw. recorded 
Opgeieerd, dw. spent 
Opgeteld, dw. east up 
OpgetiM, dw. lifted up 
OpKeiiniiuerd» dtr. built mp 
Opfeiogcii, be. drawn up, 

marched away, rmmUeked. 

amused, surprized, trmintd 

up, educated, exalted 
Op^etogenheld, v. ravlsk- 

tment, amazement, rapture 
0[metooid , dw. adorned 
Opgetornd, dw. ripped mp 
Opgetrokken, dw. drawn up, 

attracted , trained up, eda- 

cmted, exercised, marektd, 

Op^etijgd, die. impnled 
Opgevaren, dn^avceitded 
Opgevangen, dw. comght up 
Opgevat, dw. ttthen up, en- 
Opgeveild, dw. exposed to 

OpgevUcbt, dw. fished up 
Opgevlogen, dw. Jtowt* up, 

blown up 
Opgevoed, dw. edttcetttd, 

brough t up 
Opgevoerd, dw. carried up^ 
Opgevolgd, dw. followed 
Opgevoavrea , dw. folded up 
Opgevretei), dw. devmired 
Opgevold, dw. filled up 
Opgeriitckl, dur. vamped mp, 

Opgewaakt,dto. awakened 
Opgewaa id, dw . blown up 
Opgewacbt. dw. waited upon 
Opgewarmdt dm, wmrmeiup 
Opgewassen, dw. grown mp 
Opgewekt, dw, awmkened, 

Opgewonden, dw. wound «p 
OpgewoK«n, dw. counterba- 

Opgeworpen, dw. thrown up 
Opgezameid, dw. gathered, 

Opgeiegd, dw. resiled, re- 
' hearsed, given warning of 
Opgeieiklydw. soUed up 
Opgezet dw. put on,impased, 

set up. extolled, set open, 

Opgetien, dw. lookedupom 
Opgesogt, dw. sought 
Opgezolderd, dw. komaad 
. Opget(wden* dw.semt np 
Opgezoden, dw.M^4l.M«k«. . 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

176 ooR 

Ooitatf m, kmrvett, erop 
Ooftlen, tt. rtap 
OoK»tm>iand, i». Augutt 
Ooftttyd, V. hmrvtfitime 
Oog^^taiKl, m. tyefofh 
Oof vol, «. mor$et, drpp 
Oo;;watei^ o. eyewater 
Ooyweiik— Je, «. wink 
Oof wit« o. «co>r, aim 
Oof lalf, V. eyeMlvf 
OoKieer, o. pain i« IA« #y' 
Ooffslckte, V. 9pklhatmff 
OofxleuHjk,6». Uktlf, sight- 

Ooi — je, V, «W0 
Oollam— me^e, e. ewttamb - 
Ooil, 6w, ever 

Ook, ri0. alto, too, VkewUe, 

moteotMTi noeh «ok, mot 

either [«/« 

Ooliik. 6v. Murvy, r««A, ill, 

Oolijkkeid, v. scmrvimest, 

Oom — pje, "I. i»«c/e 
Oomiklnd, o. eousiH-germen 
Oor 'tje, «. ear, handle, 
dog tear, tranmlon ; Id *t 
oor biueo, i* smggeat; op 
een oor na fedaan hebbeD, 
to have almott done: ooren 
Aaonaaijeii, to deceive 
Oorbaar. bv. exprdlent 
Oorbaarheid, v. expedience 
Oorbaarl^k, 610. exptdienllt/ 
Oorbafffe, ». ear jewel, ear- 
• ring lear 

> Oorb&Dd —je, m. box on the 
Oorbiecht, v. amritular eon- 

Oorblaser; m. tnggeiter 
OorbUiiiif , V. tnggetlion 
Oorboir, m. nlUUy, umo 
Oord— je* m. place, country, 
rfgion, gnarter, J\mrlh, 
Oordeel, «. jndgment, sen- 
tence, under slanding, opi- 
nion f mUaa oordeel*, w 
my opinion 
Oordeelen, w.judre 
Oordeelaar, m. judge 
Oordeelinr, v.jHdging 
Oordeelkaode, v. erituiavt 
OordeelkuDdir, bv. critical 
Oorderlkaodige. m. crittc 
OordcelkaodtgUik, bw. eri- 
tically [meni 

OordeelMrar. ofjudg- 
Oorfrat, o. hole of the ear 
OorxeitinUde, 0. earjewel 
OofKetttlge, M. earwUmesa 
OurKCzwel, o. twelling in 

the tar < 
Oorhaaa —X^v. m. woodeoeh 
Oorbangel —tie, •. prndant 

borkuasea —tico.piUow 
Oorlapje, oorteile^, o. ear- 

Oorlepel — ^e, m.earpieher 
Oorlof, m, leave 
OorlofCT M. war ; oorlog^ Toe^ 
r«n, to make war ,-4en oor- 
lo; aandoen, to make war 
against , tern oorlog raren, 
to serve in the navy 
Oorlogtfii, w, make war, war 
OorlogiibaDier, o. banner of 
war {war 

Oorlogsbatuin, v. tmmuetof 
Oorlogsbedc^, 0. exploU 
Oorlofsbehoefte, v. ammu- 
OoriofBbende,v. troop 
Oorlofsbode, m, herald of 
war [like 

Oorlogrscb, bo. martial f war- 
Oorlogcdaad, *. metrttal a- 
ehievemenl [virtue 

Oorlogsdeugd, «. warlike 
Onrlogsgebruik, 0. miUlary 

Oorlo^s^ereedscbap, o. war- 
like ttttlrummlt [arwu 
Oorlog«gcweld, o. force of 
OorlogsgeielriM. toldier 
Oorlogsgexind, bo. warlike 
Ourlogiigod, m. god of war 
Oorlogsgcdin, v. goddess of 

Oorlogsgoed, 0. frooiy 
Oorlogsheldioorlogrtiuan, m. 
warrier [mall 

Oorlog»koldcr, m. coat of 
Oorlogtfkande, v. tactics 
Oarlog^lUt, V. stratugtin 
OnrlO)(iiin-4gt, V. army 
Oorlogsmoid. m, heroism 
Ooriognpaaruy 0. warharte 
Oorlogfrert, o. martial law 
OorlogKroem, m. martial re- 
Oorlogst»chip, 0. Ni«n of war 
OorlognK-gt, V, military ex- 
pedition [voar 
Oorlogiitoorts, 9. torch of 
Oorlogilijd, V. time of war 
Oorlogst aan,v.&tf'Mntt- of war 
Oorlogavloot, v. fleet aj men 

Oorlnggx I»m, v^orlogBvuur, 

o. ftame of war 

OoriogBYOik, 0. soldiery, 

troopt [affairs 

Oorlogszaken, mv. military 

OorlogKtwaard, «. sword oj 

OorlooR, bv. earless- 
Oorparel —t]c, v. ptarl pm- 

Ourpandf v. tarring 


OorpUa^v. pain is Ike *mr 
OorpQp, v,trumpet ^Iktear 
Oorraad,*. outward emr 
Oorrlag — etj«, m . omrriMg 
Oor»lftraad, oortiMrself«.c«r* - 

Oortmeer,e. earwax 
Ooraprong, m. origin, rise, 

Oor»prookemk,6v4' bw.origi- 
nat, derived, descended, ra- 
dical, originally 
OorsproukelOkbddf v.origP 

Oortip, V. earlap 
Oortuitlog, V. ttngliug in the 
ear fger 

Oorvioger — U«« «•• lUtUJm- 
Oorvijg — Je, ». bo* •• Ika ear 
Oorworm — pJe, m. earwig 
Oorzaak — je, vMiuse, origin 
Ooraaker, m. author, emuter 
Oortaklng, bv. causal 
Oof-t, oo«ten, o. east 
Oosternch, bv. eastern, ori^' 
ental [east 

Ooalboordooat, 0. eatt-nvrth- 
Ooai«7Urder,«. Baltic trader 
Ooatwaardi, bw. eattvcard 
Oostzuidootr, o. ^ptl-soutk- 

Ootmoed, r.hnmilily 
Qotmoedigffrr. kuotbte 
OotDioedigeii, «/. AhmM« 
Ootmoedigheid, v. knmilUy 
OotnioedigiiJk,fr«D. humblg 
Ooyevaar — tje» *•• slork, upon, up, a/, t«, 
about i op een nur na,«*lA- 
in anjutur; op Dieuws, «- 
new; op lieden, to-day i 09 
df o arond, about utght ,- 
op aija eiigeUch, •» the 
englt^h way; op 't ater* 
vea. <i( the point of death; 
op i-eo ambacht gaan, to 
leat n a trade ; op da^ in 
order that, that, Cfu couk- 
pouiidvnbt op it only used 
conuectlvety in the infinite 
mood and in Ih* 'partici- 
Op, bw. open 
Opaaisteeo, m. opal 
Opbakeren, w. twmlk* * 
Opbarstea, w. burtt open 
Opbarating, v. bursting open 

OpbeitTen,w. elevate, ^/l up 
Opbeuring, V. lifted ^up, ele- 
vation, encouragement 

Opbinden, w, tie up 
Opblodlug, r. retlgalion 
Opblateu. W.blow up, inJlaU 
Opblaaing, v. in/lalton 



Oa«*aracbUg, itv. fiiUe 

Ouwaard, frv. unvtortky 
Ouwa»rd«, v. invafidily, 

nmtiUp, worthlettneu 
Onwaardeeilijk, bv, inesti- 
mable tnwrt- 

O D waardelij k . &a>.r(wtror/Ai/y 
Onwaardtg, (jv. unworthy 
Ouwaardigbeid, v. UH-Wbithi- 
^nru It my 

Onwaardiglijk, bic. unwor- 
Ouwaarhe:d, v. untruth 
OMwaarKchijiilijk. bv, impro- 

bable [probubUitu 

OttwaarschJjHUjkhold, v. im- 
OnwaadelUauri&t;. impaxtable 
OawankeU)aar, bv. tmmove- 

abie [biiily 

Oitwtiikelbaarheid, v. tmmo- 
Onwankeibaariljk, bw. im- 

movtably [aSte 

Onwederkeerlijk, bv.itremov- 
Oiiw«derkr^gHjk, bv. irreco- 
verable [gable 
Onvrederirf iUk, bv. irre/ra^ 
Onwedcrlefiriijkheid, v. irre- 

fragibiMy [cable 

Onwederroepeliik, tfv.urevo- 
Onwederroepeiijkbeid, v. ir- 

Oowedersprekelijk, bv. nu- 

Oiiwederfiprekclijkheid, v. 

irrtfra^abUH y ^ 

Onwtiderstaanbaar, onvtt- 

dentaanlijk, bv. iAetis- 

Oiiwederstaanhaarheid, oii- 

wedeMta&iiUjkheid, v. ir- 

Oaweer, o. storm, temprfi, 

lAvuitersform, thundet 
Oovreeren, w.Hti>rm, thuuder 
Ouweerbaar, bv. dcjeticeUss 
Oinr«*er8hooftl, o. touterspout 
Onwetendi 6r. 4> bw. iguo' 

rvHt, unJtnowivg, unknvtc- 

Oaw«teiidbcfd, v. ignorance 
Oiiweeteiidiijk, oiiweeteD/i, 

bio. iguorunlly, nnknow- 

_««;r'y {queni 

OiiwerM)>rekend, bv, tiulo- 
Ohwerktuiglijk, bv, inorga- 

Oawettelljk, oniretttg, bv. 

untaufjut, ill-gut, ittegiti- 

Ouwcttlslijk, bw. HhgaHy 
Onwcttl^Hieid; tj. illegality 

Onwif, V. 



OnwilUi?, bv. uHwitling, tit- 

OnwHIigheid, v. unwilling' 

OnwilIi|fl\jk, l-w.UMwilliugly 
Oiiwinbaar, bo. impregnabli 
OiuTinbaiirhvld, v. iiMpreg- 

nabitily , [able 

Onwiniielijk, bv. unconquer- 
Oiiwis. bo. uncertain 
OiiwUbeld. V. uncertainty 
Oawisselijk, bw. uncertainly 
Onwoonbaar, hv. uninhabd- 

Ouwraakruchtlg, bv. unre^ 

Oiiwraakzucbtigheid, v. 

Onwrikbiar, bv. irnmovealUe 
Onwiikbaarheid, v. uui/iake- 

Onwiistisr, ir. ignorant 
Qiiwjijs, bv. uuwire 
Onwijjheid, v. jolly 
Onwij^UJk, tiw. unwisely 
Oozaclit, 61;. hard, rude, 

OnzaclitheW, v. hardness, 

Onzachtnioedig, bv. ungentle 
Oiizachtiuoediglieid, v. un- 

genlleness [gently 

Oiizachtmoediglijk, bw. un- 
Onzalig', bv. unhappy, mise- 
Oiualiglijk, bw. wr^^tehedly 
Onze, v/i. onr 
Onzedig, bv, immodest 
Onzedi^heid, r. immodesty 
Oazt.-di«liiJk, bw. tmmode^tly 
Onzeglijk,6t'. nitspeakable 
Onztiilbaai, bv. nunavigable 
Oiiziker, bv, uncertain, un- 
Onzekefbeid, v.vncertninty 
Onzckcrlijk,f/U7. uucerlainly 
Unzeiil, vn. our i totonzeni, 

't onzeiit, at our houte, al 

onr pluci'i onzeiit balve, 

as for vs, fur Our &uhe ; 

van ohzeut we^e, in our 

Onzienlljk, oozlgtbaar, bv. 

invisiiiU. nasty, unsightly 
Onziunljjklieid, uiizigiuaar- 

heid, V, invisibitUy, «»• 

Onzijftbaarlijk, bto. invisibly 
OnziudeIilk,6p. uneltanly 
OnZiiidelQkheld, v. unclean - 

Ouziuiiig'. bv. distracted 
Oi»iniiigheid, v. distraction 
UatiitnigUik, btp.dittraclidly 
Oazoet, bv. unpleaitiit 

008 175 

Onzondciijk, bv.^impeccahi4 
Onzuudig bv. nnsinfnl, inno- 
Oiizorgtijk, bv. safe 
Oiizorgvuidig, bv. careless 
Onzorgviildighcid, v. core- 
leainets [Icssly 

Ouzorjjvuldiglijk, in;. coi«- 
Oiizui\er.6f. tt^t clean, uupuit 
Oiizinverneid, i: luipuitty 
Oiizuivertijk, frw. impuret^ 
Oiizwaar, bv. light, vusy 
OiizMivibaar, bo.unyietding 
Ouzvvjg-tbaarlieid, v. unt/ieid- 
inguess {irdl 

Onz)jdig, bv, impirtial, uem- 
Oiuijdighcid, v. iuipartitt- 

tity, niutratiiy 
Oiir.ijdigiijk, bw. impartially 
Ooft, o. J nut 

Oofiboom— pje, m.firuittrew 

Ooftdiageud, be. pumiftrous 

OoilriJK, be. puMuceous 

Oog — jc, 0. eye, ffoiut, spoti 

in 't oog loopeii, to be ap- 

pottnl i een oog in li zeit 

houdcn, to tie watchjul; 

voor oogen iioudeu, to keep 

in miudi bet met goede 

oogen aiwzieii, %iot to suy 

any thing against it,- on« 

der vier oogea, tele-a tete, 

without wttntsses, in pti- 

vale; ietuaod iiaar de 

oogeii zieo, to stand in am 

of one 

Oogf II, w. eye 

Oogapnel — tje, m. eyeball, 

Oogual— lelje, r. eyelwU 
Ooffbraauw— ye, v.eybyuw 
<)ogdek«el ~tje, o.cyttia 
Oogelijn, «. pigtneye 
OOf^tfiiblik — je, o. lunufni 
Oj^cnbJikktlJJk, Ov.mviutnt- 

Oogeudienaar, m. eytservant 
Ou^endieiieiid, bo.eyeserving 
Oogeudiciijit, Ml. eytgervicu 
Do^eiiiet, o. lutty 
Oog\;nkroontje, v. iris 
Oogunscli^ii, nu aaparance 
OogeuBcbijnlijk, hv tf, bw. 

'apparent, apparently 
Oogeimplegel, r. spectacles 
Oogen;roa«t, v. eyebrixht 
Ooggetuice, m. eyewitness 
Oogiid --je, o. eyeltd 
Ooginiktfii, i04 etmnive 
Oogluiking, V. connivance 
Oogiueester, m. oculist 
Ou^'merk ~ie,v,a'm,iHlen- 

Oog.iiiddcl-tje, 0. eynal^e 
OOif#Cll«vl — Ijir, 0. eytinXt 

Digitized by VjOOQ It 

174 OKV 

OoTerteefd, Jhr. umdigtiitd, 
mmefntnmrdt untpeui 

Oovertelbaar, *r. umiptak- 

Onrerteld. ftv* unfld 

Oovertiera, 6«. mm$old . 

Onverttarbaar, ftr. inttnU- 

Onvertimmerd, ftv. umrt- 
Onverdnd, 60. ir«(lifM«rf 
Onvertolkt, 6«. Nniiil«r^r«lAI 
OtiTertreden, ^. i»0l tntddtn 

OnvertrooHt, hv. Hncvmfprttd 
OuTertroottelUk,„6r. iHCon- 

Oiiv<rr.<aafd, bv. undrnnnted^ 

Onversaafdcliik, bv> intre- 
pidly ^ [dUy 
Ouversaagdb(>id, v. intrepi- 
Oavervaard. *r. uHterriJIcdf 
. umdaHHteJ 
OovervaardelUk, bt. utidaun' 

trdly [edneu 

OoverVaardbeid, *. unduunt- 
Onverraardifd, bv. nnpre- 

pared [fewnlne 

OnversvaUcbt, bv. pure, 
Onveraverscht, bo. mnre- 

dnvervorderd, bv. unfor- 

vomedf uMadvemeed 
OoTenrreemd, bv. untiien- 

Oa?enrald, bv, HnfnlfilUd 
Oaverwaaod, bv, uneoHceited 
Ooverwacbt, bv. unerpecttd 
Ouverwachts, bw, unexpeet- 

Oarerward, bv, ument«ngUd 
Onverwarmd^ b^v. mnwmimed 
Onverwecrbaar, br. defence- 

OnverW«erd* bv. mndvf ended 
OnverwL'ten, bv. nnreviied 
OoYerwrexeu, bv, uHcvndvm' 

ned [ed 

Oaverweldi;d, bv.nueonqmer' 
OaYerwelM, bv nnroufed^ 

n9t vauited 
Ouverwelkbaar, trnverwel- 

kehjk, bv. immmrteeeible 
Onrerwelkt, bv. nnfaded 
Ooverwerplijk, bv. irrecKta- 

Onverwinlijk, bv. imvineible, 

impretnabUt irrecoverable 
Onverwi««cld, bv. unekamged 
OnTcrwoDBen, bv, uncom- 

Ouverwrikbaar, onverwrlk- 

lijk, bv. imunovabU 
Oaverwrikt, bv. emmevrd 
Oaver«ror|»«u, bv, mnrejreHd 1 


OamrifU, bv, MmhUptd, 

Oavenrljtelijk, bv. irrf 

Onveraaad, onvenadigd, bv, 

Onrerxadeliik. bv. itteaiiebie 
OnYvrzadelijkheid, v. utM- 
■ tiatenese 

OnverzHchtelljk.frr. it{/lexible 
Onverzanield, />«. vmotlti-eted 
Oaverzeerbaar. bv. invutne- 

Ooverzeerb-aarhekl, v. iitvNi- 

Oaveneerd, 6b. unhurt 
Oaverzeg^eld, bv unsettled 
Onrerzeld, bv. unaeeumpu- 

Onverzet, bv. unremaved 
Onverzettelijk, &r. iMtmovm- 

bfe, obstinate 
Oiiverzettelijkbeid, v. obstl- 


Onteneoend, fctf. unreeoneited 
OiiverzocDliJk, bv. irreeon- 

nliaiiti, implacable 
Ooverzoeiiiijkheid, v. impia- 

Onverznet, bv. unsweetened 
Oirvrrzocht, bv. nntrietl, un- 

invited, unsulicUed 
Onverzochtheid, v. inexpe- 

OavenorgA, bv. unprovided 
Onverzwaard, bv. unuggra- 

voted [ed 

OnverzwereB, hv.unevneeol- 
OnviiidfUjk, bv. vot to be 

Ontliit, tf. lazineee 
OnrUiUf, bv. lazy, negligent 
On-.nezi'uar, bv. tittatiapied 
OiivoegLjk, *». improfter, ht- 

deceut [sniable 

Onvoegzaim, bv. unfit, un- 
Onvolbouwd, be. unfinished 
f'nvolbrag;!, ^«. unperformed 
Onvoldaaoj bv. umdtisfied, 

Onvoldoeni^k^frr. unsatlable, 

Onroldrag'en. hv. abortive 
Onvoleindlgd, bv. unfinished 
Oorotkonieii, 61;. itnper/ettt, 


pleleness, imptrfeetion 
OuvolkoDiealijk, frw* ineom- 
pletely L'^f''^'' 

OoYolladeo, bv. not ,Mty 
OovolraaakC, bv. imperfect 
OnYolmaakteiijk, bw. imper- 
fectly [tion 
OnvolniaakiheSd, v.imjterfev 


OavoUtaadff . br. incvmstmmt 
Onvolatandig-betd, r. titcvif 
- stmncp I 

OaroUtrekt, bv. limited 
Oavoiftrekten)k, bw. timH- 

tdhf I 

OnYolUlHf , bv.incomphte ' 

OnvoUooid, bv, ineamimlete, 

i m per fed , wit if it ifhcdT 
Onroltrokken, bv. unfinished 

OiirolYoerd, bv. ni\fulfiHed 
OiiYolwatsen, bv. unripe 
Onvoordacht, bv. unpremt- 

dilated, inconsiderate 
Oaroordacbtelijki bw. inron- 

OuvooTdtcttg, bv, diradvn- 

tageoMs, mnprofitable 
Onvoordeclig:beid« v. dUad- 

vantage, nuprftfitablenets 
Oiivoor.«p<;edig', bw, tcicnic^ 

On?oorspoeiHfbeid, v. we- 

OnvtforHpot^iiflgk, bv. mn- 

Onvoorzien, bv, uffforeseen, \ 

Ouvnorzieus, bw. unexpect- 
OnvoorzigtifiT, bv. imprudeiU 
Onvoorzi^iigh^df v, imprw 

Hence [den^ty 

OnTOorziirtiglijkfbw. *H»^ni- 
Ouvrede,r. «/rt/<r, vmrimscci 

l' ODYrede, discontented 

Onvrcdig, bv. eowtentimis 
On^ reedzaani, bv. wnptoet- 
able, lurbulent, reotUss 

Ouvreedzaamheid, v. twrbm- 
tence [pencettbty 

Ouvreedzaamlijk, bw. wi- ¥ 
Onvrlend, at. en^my 
Oiivrleiidel^k, bo. 4- bw. un- 
OaTrien<h!li}khefd, r. ««• 

Onvrteiid-fchap, v. emmitw 
Oiivrned, bv. u,wi»e,fomsh 
Oiivroedzaani.fro. imprudent 
Onrroedzaamheid, v. i mpm - 
dence {dently 

OnvroedzaamlUk, fr».tMi]»r«- 
Oiivrooni, bv. dishonest 
OnYroomlieid, v. dishonesty 
Onvnichtbaar, bv. ut^mit- 

ful, barren 
Onvruch:baarkeid,r. AanYii- 

ness. slerititu 
On% rrj, bv. unfrecy unsnfe 
Onvrijhcid, v. c^mvtralnt , 

nnyafety \ 

OawaMdb»;ir, bv. umweMWrte 
Onwaar, 6r. nntrne 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


Oaverf olden, bv. unrewarded 
OoTergramd, 6». nnofandtd 
Oorergl-oot, bv. untnlarged, 

OnverguM, bv, ungiU 
Onvereuud. bv. ungranttd 
Ooverbaald. bv. nnrelated 
Onverhard, bv. unhardeHed 
ODTerbeipeliJk, 6v. irrepara- 
OnrerhindeixLAv. unhindered 
OnverboedeUJk,6r. inevitable 
Oorerholen, bv, uneoncealed 
Onverhoopt, bv, unexpected 
Onverboord, bv. nnexamined 
Onverliuiiid, bv.unrtttioved 
Onrerhaurd, bv, unlet 
Onverjaagrd, bv. unexpelled 
Onverkeerd, bv, unaCtvred 
Onverklaarbaaj-, hv. unex- 

Onverklaardf&v. unexplained 
Onverkleed, bv, undugnited 
Onvericnocht, bv. diiunited 
Onrerkoochtbeid.v. dituninn 
Onverkogt, bv. untold 
OoTerkondugd, bv, unpro- 

Oiiverkoopbaar, onrerkoop- 
lijk, bv, unsaleable, inven" 
Onverkorr, bv. uncurtailed 
Onverkregen, bv, unobtained 
Onverkreukt, bv, mtcridw* 

OnverkrUgbaar, oovfrkr^g- 

lijk, bv, unobtainable 
Onverlateb, bv.unabandoned 
Onverlakt, bv. un.varni»hed 
Onverlegen, bv. ready, for- 
ward lunvithered 
Onverlept. bv, uushrivelled, 
Onverlet, ov.unhindered 
Onverlet, vn, notwithstand- 
Onvcrleid, bv. unteduced 
OoYerliefa, 6v. not in love 
Onverliefdbeid, v. apaihy, 
coldness Uiote 
OarerUetfbaar, bv, inadmis- 
Onverloofd, bv, not belrothid 
Onverlosbaar, bv, unredeeiti- 
able lunrelieved 
On?eriost, bv, nn redeem ed, 
Onvermaak, o, displeasure 
OBTermaakbaar, bv, impa- 

Onfermakeliik, bv, irrepa- 
rable, unpleoMani 
Onvtrmaketijkbeid, v, uu- 

Ooverniaard, bv, imgloriou^t 


Onvermaardbeid, v.obseurUg 
Oavernield, bv. uHmenlioued 
QQvermttiigd, bv. unmixed 
Onvermelci, onvermetea,frv. 

Oavernieteuieid, v. diffidence 
Onverinetenlijk, bv. diffi- 
dently [nished 
Onverminderd, l>v. undimi- 
Onvereiinderd. bw. saving 
Onvermiaderlijk, 61;. undi- 

OnTerminkt, hv. unmaimed 
Onvermoed, bv. unexpeettd 
Ouvcrnioedelijk, bw. unex- 
Onvermoeid, bv. unwearied 
Onvermoejdneld, v. unwea- 
riedntSM igable 

Oav«rnio«{Jeink,frt;. ind^aii- 
Onvermomd, bv. unmasked, 

OnreriDogen, 0. inability 
Onvermogend, bv, unable, 

Ouvermogendheid, v. impo- 
tence, inability 
OnTermurwelijk; bv, unre- 

lenltug, in flexible 
Onveroiudolijk. bv, unavoid- 
able, tnevitaole, indispen- 
Ouvero>tJdelUkbeid, v. in- 
evitability, inditpatsabU- 
Onvernugeld, bv. unspiked 
On«eriiederd, bu, unabated 
Onveroietigbaar, bv. iuUeJea- 

Oaveruieuwd, bv. unrenewed 
ODverauft. o. stupidity 
Ooveraurtig, bv. irrational, 

brute, stupid, dull 
Onvernuftigheid, v. dullnes*, 

Oaverouftigliik, bv. stupidly 
Onveroordeeld, bv, nncon- 

Onveroorzaakt, bv, uncaused 
Onverootmoedigd, bv, un- 

Oiiverouderd, bv. uninvete- 
rate, not advanced in ytars 
Oiiveroverd, bv. uncomquered 
Onverpacht, bv, unlarmed 
OaverpHUd, 61;. nnmortgaged 
Oiiverplaatitt, bv. unremovrd 
Onverplaot, bv, untians- 

Ouverplet, bv: nnbruisrd 
Oiirerpligt, bv. tupereroga- 
tory [ed 

Onver poosd,6t;. uninterrupt- 
Oaverraat, bv, umnrprtzed 
Oorerre, be^near 

ONV 173 

OoTerrigr, bv. undone, un- 
performed i on?erri(ter 
7.ak«, without effect 
OiiTerrlgtelijk, 6».un/>«r«iW« 
Oaverroest, bvt unrnsly 
Onvenijkt, bu. unenriched 
Ooversehaald. bv, not fiat 
Oi)v,er8Cbau6d, bv, unjorti- 

Onverschelend, bv. not dn- 
Ooveriicbeiden, hv, not d&. 

fir en t ^ 

OnverBcheidenlijk, bv. not 

differently '* 

On\ erschfuriijk, bv, illaee- 

OnverftchilUg, bv, indifferent . 
Oa»er*chilligheid, i». indif- 
ference [ferent/v 
OuverschUIiglijk, bw, iudil 
Onveracboonbaar, onver- 

scbooniyk, bv. tnexeutable 
Ollve^^choond, bv.unexeused 
OoverscbpoDiOkbeid, v. jn. 

Onverschrikt, bv, unterrijl^d 
OiivcrAchrokkeo, bv, vn. 

OBverscbrokkenbeid, v. in- 



nnshrunh * 

On^ eralagen, bv. undefeated, 

nnappalled, undismayed, 

undejtcttd * 

Onrerslapt. bv, unslaeken. d 

Oiiver*leten, bv. nut worn out 

Ouversleokt, bv, unwithered 

Onvertlimmerd, bv. nndeit" 

riorated Isumable 

Onver-lljtelljk, bv, uncon- 

Onveriuiuad, bv, undespited 

Onverhmolteu, bv. uttmelled 

Ouveraneden, bv. not cut to 

pieces, uncut unmended 
Ouverstaald, bv, not edged 
ODverstaan, bv. not under-' 


l^jk, bv, uniHlelligibte 
OuversUiiuiijk, bv, uninlel- 

OiivenUud, 0. ignorance 
Onveritandelijk, bv» unintel- 
Onver«iandig, bv. ignorant. 
duU,/ooli»M * 

Ouver«(aitdigliik, 61;. igno* 

Onver«tt:rlbaar, bv.immortol 
OiMer!«terkt,6v. unstrengtk- 

ened, unfvftiArd 
OnTer«U>ord ,bv,undistHrbtd, 

Oarer taald, bv, uh!i amlatid 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 



9tdt atttnitked, \tmaztd; 
depvtrd {verer 

Onlietter, w. rtlirrtr, deli- 
OnuettlDg^. V. relirviug, dt- 
UfHry, dismissal, drpoti- 
livn, astonifhmatt. tr/rc- 
IJMf, dtMial 
■ OntxMen,w. exanimate, kill 
OnUleld, dtp. etattimatrd 
Ontxieliuir. v. exaniumtion 
Ontsieu, w. rt^ere, respect, 
fear, stand in atce of, stick 
at, spare (sptcted 

OnUien. dw. revered, re- 
Ooixteninf , r. respect, fear 
OnUlnken, w. sink, fait 
Unltinniff, bv. distracted 
Onuondi^en, w. expiate 
OntsondlKd, dv>. expiated 
OnUoDfitging. V. expiation 
Onliookeii, dw. sunk, failed 
OoUuiYeren. *o. «oi/, vitiate. 

Outzuiverd, dw* vitiated 
OuixwAKtelen, to. unswathe, 

unfold, displajf 
Onitwarleld^cfto. nnswathtd, 

unfolded, explained 
Ontiwaf leUng, r. unfolding, 

OnUvremmf.n, w. swim o- 

wap, escape 
OutBWeiiiiDln(r,0. ttcape 
Ontxwommen, aw. escaped 
Onuilblusschemk, bv, ttn^x. 

OottUbniischelUkbeid. v. un- 

OnuitdrukkeUjk, bv. inex- 
prusible [cided 

Onaltrewexen, bv. unde* 
Onuitkomei^k, bv. inextri- 
cable [cuble 
OdnitlpjgrelHk, bv. iutxpli. 
Ouuitputtel^, bv. inexhaus- 
tible ihausliblenttt 
Oaoltputtel^kbeid, «. inex- 
Ooaitroeibaar, ouuitroeilijk, 

bv, inextertuinable 
ODultiprekcliJk, bv. unut- 

OnuItToerUJk. bv. infeatibtt 
Oaraarbaar, bv. unnavfgable 
OnYaardi^, bv. unready 
Oayast,fro. unsure, unsolid, 

ekaugtable l,olidilu 

Oovattheld. v. 
OarmUig it, nnsafe, inse- 

ctrr*-. dangerous 
Oovelhffbea, v, inseeurUy, 

danger ' ' 

OuraillKiyk, 6t». insecurely, 



OhTcranderd, bf. unfkanged 
OnveraadcrHjk, bvt unalter- 
able, immtUable, inUtcti* 
Oorerandfrl!jkheid,v. immu- 

OoTerantvroordeliJk, Iv. in- 
exeusaltle, unaerau^^ahle, 
not retponsible, unanswer- 
Onverantwoordeiykheld, v. 
inexcfisableness, unanswer- 
Onrerbaatd, bv. undaunted 
Onverbaatdeiyk, bw. un- 
dauntedly [rated 
Onverbasterd, bv. undtgen*' 
Oiiverbeid, bv. unexpected 
Onrerbergriyk, bv. uneon- 
cealoble [gible 
OnTerbeterbaac, bv. incorri- 
Onv'erbeterd, bp. uucurrected 
Onverbeterl^k; bv. ^ hw. ex- 
cellent, not admitting of a' 
wendment, excrlleutly 
Ooverbiddc'lijk, bv. 4- 

oxorahte, infxorahlj/ 
'OoverbiddeHJkheid, v. tnrx* 

Oaverbloemd. bv.unadorued, 

Onverboodcn, bv. not bound t 

unengaged, undressed 
Onverboden, bv. unforbidden 
ODverhrand, bv, unburnt 
Oorerbreekbanr, bv, invlo- 

table . 
Onverbrekelljk, bv. 4- bw. in- 
violable, inviolably 
Onverbryzeld, bv. uAbruised 
Oarerdacbt.Ao, unsmtpeeled, 

ODverdarliteiyk, bv. tiMjr. 
pectfdly ifensibU 

Ooverdediitbaar, hv. inde- 
Onverdedlgd, bv. undefended 
Oaverdeelbaarneid, v. indi- 
visibility lunanimous 

Onverdeeld, bv. undivided, 
Onrerdeeldneid, v. unity, 

Onverdeigd.frv. undestroyed 
Oo\ erderdlik, bv. incorrup- 
tible [ruptibilUy 
Ooverderflijkbeld, v. incor- 
Onverdleno, bv, undeserved 
Onverdonkerd, bv. undar- 


Ooverdorveo, bv. unspoiled 

Oiiverduwllik, bv. indlgfsii- 

ble " [tihtity 

Oaverduwiykbeid^v. tndiges- 


Ooverdraagbaar, onrcrdra- 
felijk. hv. insufferable, ta> 
tottrable, intupportabU 
Oaverdrat«lUJ^* ^« *■<•&• 


Onverdraffelijkbeid, v. isst^- 

lerabUneis, insupportmtt*- 

nes$ Ui*nt 

Onrerdraagxaam, bv. imm: 

Onverdraayaa a mh e id, r. »■»- 

Onverdriet, •• conleui 
OiirerdrietelQk. bv. pUaommi 
Onverdrletifft bv, f>tnuant, 

Oii\erdroord,&v.n*f dried mp 
Ouverdr^AOk* ^* i««r^ii«- 

Onverdubterd.'fv. usuiin kern- 
ed, unhidden {ed 
OoTerdweii^D.frv. not vanixA- 
Onverdwljnlijk.frv. not owa- 
netcent [disjoined 
Oovereenlgd, bv. ununited, 
Onvererrcrd, bv. undelerio- 
rated [nished 
OuTerflaauwd, b». uudiimi- 
Ou verir^derd. be. unemUoeted 
OnverKanfiyki bv.uuptrisk- 

mbte, permanent 

OaYer§ranglUkbeid, t;. par- 

tnanenee [•*!« 

Oovergeeililk, bv. umpmrdom- 

OavergeeilQkbeid, v. tiMjNrr- 

Oavergefen, bv. uuforgtUn 
Onvrrgetelvki bv. never la bo 

OnYergeren, bv, unpmrdonod 
OnTergeldeluk, bo, uurf 

OnYergel^kelOk, bv. 4- *•• 
ineomparabUf incompara- 
OnvergelUkelUkheid, v. m- 

OnYergrnoegd, bv. nnmlis- 
Jledf unhappy, dioemntented 
Oorergenoegdlield, v. dis- 

g, V.rfM 

OavergCDoeglDg, v. dttsatio' 
Onvergeuoegxaain, bv. tiu«- 

tiable, un»atiiJi«M* 
OuYergeDoegcaamheid,v. i»- 

OoTergenoegaaamUlk, bi*« 

OoYcrgeseUcbApt, bv. mstmc* 

Oaverglaasd, bv. ungtmxed 
Ouvergtxfd, bv. unrepmired, 

not made good {bte 

Onvergocdclijk,6v. trrcpara- 
Onrergoeiykt, bv. unembtl' 


Digitized by LjOOQIC 


Onttoomd, dw. unbridled 
Onttoraen, w. unrip 
Onltornd, dw. unripped 
Onttovercn, w. disenchant 
Onttoverd, dw. diimchanUd 
Onttoveriog, v. diteuchanl- 

ment iwithhold 

Onttrekken, to. withdraw, 
Ontrekkiof', v. wUhdrawing, 

wUhhmldiHg * 

Oiittrokken, dtc.viilhdrawn , 

withheld [divorce 

Onltrouwen, ic. nnmarry, 
Onttrou'wd, die. divorced 
Onttuijen. w. uinuour 
Oattnid, ate. nnwoored 
OnltwiiiKMi, w. untwist 
Oiutwijnd, dw. untwisted 
OiUuc \il,v.incoHtinenct ,liwd- 

OntuchtiSf^v. lewd, lascit'ous 
OiitnchtiKbaar, bv. incurri- 

Oiituchtighe'd, v. lewduett 
Outacliiiglijk, bw. lewdly 
Outuig', </. (r-i«/i 
Oittvaren, tr. outsail, escape 
Ontvaren, dw, out soiled 
■ Ootvariiig,v.f«ro/>e 
Oatvallen,i0. slip away, drop, 

Outvalien, dw. d''opptd 
OntTaog, oatvangiit, m. re- 
■ ceipt, reception 
Ontvangen, tc. receive, con- 
ceive [ receivable 
Oiitvaiigen. dw. recetvrd 
OuUangenl!!, v. coueeptioH 
Ootvanger, m. receiver 
Oiitvanging, v. receival 
On Iveinzcn, w. discemble 
OutreiuBd, dw. dissembled 
Ontvcinzer, iw. dissembier 
Outveiiiziiig, v. dissemtling 
Ontverwen, lo, discolour 
Oiitverwd, dw. discoloured 
Ontvesten, w. dismantle 
OHtvei»t, dw. dismantltd 
OotTctereu.w. untie 
ODtveterd, dw. untied 
Out\\»taaiea, w. flume out , 
Ontvlarod, dw.fiamed out 
OntvIechteAy to . disentangle, 

dishevel [<<"# 

Ontvlecbting, v, disentaug' 
Ontvlieden, w, eseapt 
Ontvlieding, v. escape 
Ouvlipgen, w. fiu away 
OnTiieglng, v. flight 
4>atvloeijea, w. flow away 
Outvloeid, dw,flowed away 
Oatvlocbteo, duo. ditentan- 

gted, dishevelled 
Outvlodea, die, escaped 


Ontvlogen, dw. flown away 
Ontvlochten, w.Jlyfrom, «*- 

Ontvluchting, v. flight 
Oatvoeren, w, carry away, 

rob, ravish 
Ootvoerd, dw. carried away, 

Oiitvoering, v. carrying a- 

way, rape 
Ontvolkeii, w. depopulate 
Ontvolking, v. depopulaiinn 
Ontvolkr, dw. depopulated 
Ouivoiikeu, w. tindle 
Ontvoiikiiig, V. kindling 
Onvonkt, dw. kindled, in- 

flamed [explain 

Ontvouwd, dw. unfolded 
OntfOiiwing, v. unfolding, 

explanation [embezzle 

Oiitvrteiiiden, tr. alienate, 
Oiilvreenid, dw. alienated, 

Ontvrecniding, v. alitnalion, 

Outvr iezen, to. thaw 
OiKwaadt-n^ w. undress 
Ontwaaijcn, IP. 6^010 away 
Ontwaai(J,dio. bloicnaway 
Ontwaken, to. awaken 
Ontwakiiig, v. awakeninr 
Outwaaki, dw. awokenea 
Ontwaar, bw. aware 
Oiitwarea, w. discover 
Oatwaard, dw. discovered 
Ontwailen, w. dismantle 
OotvfViM, aw. diswaullcd 
Oiitwapenen, w. ditarm 
Ontwapend, tlw. disarmed 
Oatwapening. v. duarmiug 
Onwarren, to. disentangle, 

Ontward, dw, disentangled 
Ontwasaen, to. outgrow 
Ootwasaea, dw. outgrown 
Ontweken, dw. avoided, es- 

Ooiwfven, to. unweave 
Ont\veijmi,fo.4rcrto, eviicerate 
Ontweid, dw. drawn, tvis- 

ceratt d wrest,ext»rt 
Oatweldigd^ dw, wrested, ex- 
Ootweldiger, m. extorter, 

Outweldiging, v. wresting 
Ontwenntsn,jio. disuse 
Oiilweiid.dto. disuntd 
Ontwennin/r, v. disuse 
Ouivtcrp—}e,o.draugkt, plan 
Ontwerpeii , to. plan 
Outwerpiug, v.plan,sehtme 



Ontwinden, to. unwind, un- 
furl, display, unravel 
Oatwioding, v. unwinding, 

display, unravelling 
Oatwolkt, bv. serene, clear 
Ontwonden, dw. unwound, 

OatwordfDyio.fre annihilated 
Ontworden, rfw. annihUaUd 
ODtworpen, dw. planned 
Ontworstelen, w.etcape 
Oiunorrileid, dj}. escaped 
Ontwortelei), to. extirpate 
Ontwortehl, d;r. extirpated 
Oivtwoi'teling, v. extifpatiou 
Ontwringon, w. wrtst, ex- 

Ontwrlnpi'lnp, v. wresltn^ 
Ontwroiigea, dw. extorted 
Onivii)t\\ ,w.projane , degrade 
Oiitwijil, dw. projaacd, de 

Outwijing, t*. profunatiou, 

Outwljfelbaar, oiitwijfelijk, 
bv. indubitable [Ivstm-is 
Ontwijfelbaaiiieid, v. doubt- 
Oiitwyken, w. avoid, shun, 
excope [ing 

Ontwiiking, v. escapc,avoid 
Onti^d, V. unseasonable time 
OiitijdeUng, m. premature 

Ontijdig, bv. untimely, un- 
seusouablf,premalnre, abor- 
tive I utss 
Ontgdi;;beid, v-unteasonaMe- 
Ontildiglijk, bw. unseason- 

Ontijg, 6r. nasty 
Outzadelen, to. unsaddle 
Outzadc'ld, dtc. unsaddled 
OtiUag, o.awe, reverence 
OuUagiiJk, 6o. 4> bw. awful, 

ternbtt. terribly 
Or.tzaglijkheid, v. awfulness 
Onizeggen, to. refuse, re- 
nounce, unsay ^interdict 
Omi:gd,dw.reJused, unsaid 
OotzeKek-h, to. unseat 
Ontzegeld , dw. unsealed 
OutzegeliDg, v.untealing 
OnUeggiD;;, v. refusal, de- 
nial, interdiction {t*pe 
Ontzeilen, to. sail away, e*- 
OiKzeilii, dw. escaped 
UiilzeuuwcD, to. enervate 
Ontzenuwd, dto. enervated 
Oiizeuuwing, V. fnervation 
Ootzet, o. relief, delivery 
Onuetten, to. relieve, de- 
yprive, despoil, astonish, 
amaze, startle, dismi*s, de- 
Ontzet, tfip. nlirved, depri- 

Digiti_zed byLnOOQlC 



Ontplaimd, dw» plucked 

OnipoorJercn, w. vmtlaw 
Ontpoorterd, die. atitlmmtfd 
Ontj^oorlerin^, r. outlawry 
<)ntprjit«D, m.dusuade 
Ontpratinf , v. distnation 
OiitradeD, w. ditadvlte 
Ontraden, dw. disad*'ued 
Od trader, v. ditntader 
OnXvjLA\n%, V. diisnasltn 
•Ontramnnneerd, bv, that- 

lered, iomngtd 
Ootravclen, n. unravel 
Ommveld, dtp. unravriled 
Ontredderen, w.dixobUf de- 
range [deranfd 
Ontreddenl. dw. dinaMed, 
Ootrtdderdheid, r. disorder 
Onlreden, dw. oulriddi n 
ODireejjea, dw. unlmced 
Ontreiiiigen, w.poHnlt 
Onirelnijfd, dw. paUuied 
'>ntTelnijrlnff, v. ^olluiion 
Oiitrennen, ter. ontrunj nut 
Otiirciid, dw. outrun [ridi 
Ontrieven, w. deprive 
OnirlRfd. rffo. deprlvfd 
Ontrieineu, tr. nn^ird 
f>nirieaid, dv, migirded 
Ontrleiinif, v. privation 
Ontroeren, tp. ditturft, trou- 
ble, perturb, a feet 
Ontrotrd, dw. irtmMed, dit- 


pertnrh,it fan 
Ontroerlnjf, v, trouble, per- 
turbation, dlUurbance 
OnlroeUcn, w. outrow 
Onlroefd. dw. outrowed 
Ontrollen, w. outrvll, un- 
roll, nn/url, filch, uxtfold 
Oairold, dw. unfurled 
Ontrolling, v. ix/danation 
Dfitroven, w. deprive 
OntrooTd, dw. deprived 
Ontroofster. v. spoHatrix 
Ontroosteiyk, bw, inconso- 
On trover, w. depriver 
On|ro»lnj?, w, dtprivatton 
Ontrouw, r. ifjideltp 
Uatroaw, 6». un/'aitAful, dis- 
Oatrouweltik, ontrouwifflljk, 

bw. un rah h fully 
Ontrouwhi id,oiiiroawi)fheld , 
Ont. uimen, w.eva uaie 
Ontruimd, dw. tvaenated 
Ontraimliijf, r. evneuattan 
Onlrukkeii, w. gualcAawnv 
OntrnkkiHjf, ». ereplion 
OntruBten, w. disturb, trou- 
ble, harass 


Ontruster, m. diiturber 
Ontrasting', v. disturbance, 

Ontrl^deit,w. on/ricle 
Ootrijiren> w. utUace 
Ontechakelen, w. unlink 
Ontschitkeld, dw, unlinked 
Ontocbepen, w. unship, dis- 
embark Iment 
Ootscbepiog'. V. disembark- 
Oiitf'Clieept, dw. disembarked 
Oottcbieteo, w. escape ^ a- 

OuliichiK^en, 10 . derange 
Ontsclioeijen^w. diteatceale 
Oiitschoeid, dw. discalceated 
Oiitfchoeijiug, v. discuteea- 

Ontschnten, dw. escaped 
Ontschikt, dw. deranged 
Ont8ciiors«ea, wt decitrlieate 
Ont>scbor88ltif, r. decortica- 
Ontitchorst, dm. decorticated 
OntAcbuldi^n, w.exeuse,jMS- 
lify [justified 

Ontitrbuldif^d, dw, excusett, 
Oatschuldiger, j m. excuser, 

Ontocnuld^in^, v. excuse, 

defence, j nsi ification 
Ontsieren, w. deface 
Ontiierd, dw. de focal, disfi- 
gured [gnring 
Ontsierin^, v. defacing, disfi- 
Oolslt'in, tc. discharge, re- 
lea xe, acquit, absolve 
OnttUven, 10. free 
Ontftlaafd. dw. freed - 
OntMliiken, w. release 
ODtiilaking, v.releqse 
Ontsl-Aakt, dw. released 
OntsJaiiiog, V.' discharge, 

Ontfilapen, 10. die, disease 
Oiitfilapeii, dw. deceased 
Ont>l><ping, V. decease 
Onrslag', o.di*ckarge,release, 

di vrnsalion 
Ontslagen, dw. discharged, 

released, obs--lved 
OntsUppen, w. slip away 
Ont^lipt, dif. hlijtped away 
OiiNi'iopcn, K>. diMulve 
Ontsloopcn, dw. evaded 
OiiiNlooping^. r. dusotutioH 
Ootdoopt, dw. distolv'd 
Onisloten, dw. unlocked, 

Onislnipen, «r. evade 
OntiilHipinf^, v.Tvasion 
OnUluien, w. unlock, open 
Onthiuiier, m.opener 
OnUluiting^, v. unlocking, 


Onttiuitsel, 0. solnHon 
Ontcnjippeo, w. escape 
OacsoappinfT, v, escape 
Ontiiiiapt, dw. escaped 
Onunoereu, w. tatstring 
OnUnoerd, dw. unstrmmg 
Outspannen, w. unbent, re- 
lax, undo llaxed 
Onupaonen, dw. unbent, re- 
Onupanniug', v. relaxation 
Ontspartelen, 10. struggle, 

lot^e, etcape 
Ontiiparteld, dw. escaped 
Ontf>parteliQf(, v. escape 
Ootspeldeii, w. unpin 
Onupriug^en, w^jump aooagt 

escape, start up, spring, 

Omspring\t\g, v. escape 
OnUproof^ea, dw. escaped 
Onuproten, dw, sprung 
OnUpruiten, w. spiing 
Ontspljkereo, ir. uunait 
Oatspijkerd, dw. unuaiUd 
Onutaan, to. arrise, proeoti 
Ontstaan, dw. proceeded 
Ontsteken, w. kindle, Ugkt, 

infect, provoke finflame 
ODtsteken. dw. kindled, lit, 

infected, provoked, i^/lgMed 
Onsleking, v. kindling, in- 

fiamation, infection 
OntHtelen, w. rob 
Ontsteling, v. robbery 
Ousteilen^ w. disturb, trou* 

ble, disorder, derange, •• 

maze, astonish, frighten, 

Oni*H:\di,dw.kbt .disturbed, 

troubled, amazed, frighten- 
- ed, out of order, ont of tune 
OatRtelllnff, v. disturbing, 

Onuteltenio, ontsteldheM.v. 

disturbance, surprize, as- 

tonishmentf peturbation 
OnUtenteois, v. default 
Onuticbtea, u>. o^end, gio* 

offence, unedify 
Oiiuticbt, dw. untd^ed 
Onlxticbleiijk, bv.nnedifying 
Ontstoken, dw. kindled, in- 

On (stolen, dw. robbed 
Ontittoppcn. w, unstop 
On totopping, r. opening 

8n(8topt. dw. unstopped 
ntritrikken, w, untie 
Ooistrikt. dw.MiM'Mf 
Oiittakelen, w. unrig 
Oiittakeld. dw. unrtgged 
Oiittakelinf, v. unrigging 
Oiitiogea, w. withdraw 
Otittojcen, dw. mithdravn 
Onttoinea, «p. umbridU 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

Oathdofd, dw, bektaded 
Onthoofder, m. beheader 
Oatboofdliif , v. decapitaliom 
Onthoopen, %b. despair 
Oathoopt, dw. dtspairtd 
Oathoud, o. remembrauee'f 

Onthoudea, w.wUhholdt re> 

strain f'relaim^ remember, 

abstaiMf forbear, sojuur*, 

abide, remain, live 
Oaiboud«D, dw. wUhkeld, 

retained, remembered 
Oatboadend, Jw. 4- bv. re- 

memberinr, abstinent 
Oothoudcndlieid, v. absti- 

Ontbouder, w. wilkkotder, 

OntboadiDf , v. vitkkoldlng, 
reservation, retention, rt- 
tlnence, abode 
Onthutselen, tr. discompose 
OnthoUeld, dw. di»eomposed 
OnthttUelinf , • v. discompo- 
Onibuttt, bv. eon/used 
Ontilbaari bv. unliflable, un- 
Ontjagen, w. intercept 
Ongaagd, dw. intercepted 
OntTeugdea, 10. grvw old 
Ontleugd, dw. grown old 
Ontkennea, w. deny, disown 
Ontkenbar,oiitkeaneiyk, bv. 
deniable [owned 

Ontkead, dw. denied, dis 
ODtkenner, m. denier 
Ontkeoolng, v. denial, nega- 
Ootkerkeren, tp. rtleaso 
Ontkerkerd, dw. released 
Onlkerkerlng, v. release 
Ootketeoen, w. unchain 
Ontketend, dw, unchained 
Ootkleedcn, w. undress 
Ontkleeding, r. undressing 
Ootkleeven. w. separate 
Ontklecft, dw. separated 
OntkUmmen, tp. escape by 

Ontkionioien, dw. escaped 

by climbing 
Oatkiuisterea, 10. unfetter 
OnlkluUterd, dw. unfettered 
OutkDOopen, w. unbutton, 

untie, unravel 
Oatknooping, v. unbutton- 
ing, unravelling 
OntKuoopt, dw. unbuttoned, 

untied, unravelled 
Outkonlugen, v. unking 
OutkoDlngd, dw. unkinged 
OfltkoMcD, w, escape, av*id 


Ootkomen, dw. etcaptd, a- 

Ontkoding, r. escape 
Ontkoppeleo, w. disjoin 
Oiitkoppeld, dw. disjoined 
Outkopp«Ung, V. dis/unetion 
Onikracbdgen, w. enervate 
Oiitkracbtlgd, dw. enervated 
Oaikrnoneii, w . uncrown 
Ootkroood, dw. uncrowned 
Ontkropeo, dw. crept away 
Ontkraip» ontkroop, —ende 

—en, creep away 
Ootkndping, v. creplation 
Out laden, w. unload 
Oatiadeii, dw. unloaden 
Oiitladiug, r. unloading ■ 
Outlasrsvu, w. full itjf Ike 

boots, nnboot 
Ontlaarsd, dw. unbooted 
Ontlalen, w. dissolve, melt, 
thaw, temper [meUed 

Ontiaten, dm. di*»olved, 
Oiitlasten.w. di»ckarge,ease, 

free, unhurt hen, dugorge 
Ontlasting, v. discharge, ease 
Outledigen, w. empty, occu' 
py, amuse [mused 

Outledigd, dw. emptied, a- 
OaUedlging, v. tvactuition, 

occupation, amusement 
O a tied en, 10. dissect, dit- 
mtmber, carve, discuss, 
OiiUeder, «•» anatomist 
On tledmgf v. disiectiou, ana- 
tomy, dttcussion, analysis 
Ontleedkunde, v. anatomy 
Ontleedkuudig, bv. anatomi' 
cat [tomically 

Outleedkandiglijk, 610. ana- 
Oatleenen, w. burow, derive 
Oatlecnd, dw. borrowed, de- 
Oatleeaing, v. borrowing, 

Ontleeren, w. unlearn 
Ontleerd, dw. unltamed 
Ontleggen, w. evade 
Outlegd. dw. evaded 
Ontloeren, w.purlion 
Oatloerd. dw. purloined 
OntlocriDg, v. purloining 
Ootloken, dw. opened 
Oatloopea, w. out run, 0- 
vade, escape, leave, run a- 
way from [ped 

OntloopcD, dw. outrun, esea- 
Ondooping, v. escape,evasion 
Ondoasen, w. solve, loosen, 
unload [loading 

Ontlotslng, V. solution, un- 
Ontlott, dw .solved, unloaden 
OntlaikfODtlook,— ende —en, 


Ontlalking, v. opening 
OntinktereB, ic. »9il 
OntinUtcrd, dw. soiled 
Outlubteriug, v.soilurt 
Ontiiiten, w. kilt 
Ontlflfd, aw. liilld 


OntlijTiiig, V. hilling 
Ontmaagden. w. depuciUato 
Outmaagd, aw. depncellattd 
Oulmakcn, w. unmade, un- 
do, disinherit [inherited 
Onloiaakl, dw. uhmude, di*- 
Ontniagtigeii^, w. unuerve. 
wrest, ejctort [tjctorted 
Ontuiagtigd, dw. unnerved, 
Ontmanuen, w. KMMan, un- 
people, castrate, efeminat* 
Outmand, dw, unntanned, 

castrated, effeminate 
Ontmanniikg, v. uMmamuing, 

Oatmantelen, w. dismantla 
OninianteUl, dw. dismanteled 
Ontniaikeren, w. unmash 
Ontmaskerd, dw. unmasked 
Onunameu, w. dismast 
Ontmenscben, w. render, 
inhuman . [ma» 

Ontmenftcbtydw. f bv, inhu- 
Ontmergeld, dw. exhausted 
Ontmoeien, w. me*t,encoun- '- 

ttr, occur 
Outiuoetiug, V. meeting, en- 
counter, occurrence 
OotuaaUeu, w. unstitch 
Ooinaaid, dw. unstitched 
Ontuemeu, w. tahe away, 

ritb, deprive 
OnVneipiiig, v. deurivation 
Ontnettelen, w. dislodge 
Outnetteld, dw. dislodged 
Ontiiomeu, dw. lahen away, 

Outnachteren, w. break/ast 
Ontnocbterd, dw.breahfast. d 
Ontnucbtering, v.&rtahfast 
Outoeganglijk, bv. inacctsti- 
ble^ [i-eistbieness 

OnioeganslHkbe.d, v. iuac- 
OmoegeeBiik, ontoegc^end^ 

bv. unyielding 

UJkbeid, «. i^/lexibiU$y 
Ouipaaren, w. ummatch 
Ontpaard, dw. unmatched 
Oatpakken, w. unpach 
Onipakking.o. unpacking 
Ontpakt, dw. unpacked 
Ontpanden, w. redeem 
OntpUntea. w. displant 
Oniplooijcn, w.unjotd 
Ontplouid, dw. unfolded 
Ontplooijiug, V. unfolding 
Ontplukmeo, w.ptuck 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

168 ONT 

OottnffCiiJkheld, «. Hamf 

OMtriidbtar, ftv. iiff«Pffr{IA«f 
Ooatafmif , bv, tempe»tu9ui, 
ttorMjf, tfitter9%$t turbu- 
OoatulmiKheid, v. haUterout" 

ntet, turbulence 
OiMtuimigiyk, 610. bolster- 

^UMlff, turbulently 
Ontaail, v. bnrbarUm 
Ontaliir, bv. barbarous 
Ontaardeu. tr. degenerate 
Ootxard, dw.- degenerated 
Oataardbeld, v. degemtraey 
OntaaiidiDy, v. degeneration 
OiitadeleD, w, deprive 0/ no- 
OatallMk. bv. innunurpble 
Oatal.ijktatdd, v. innumerous- 

OotaDkeren, w. unmoor 
Ontbaiten, V. decorticate 
Ontbeenen, w. exouate 
Ontbeeren, w. want, mlt$ 
Ontbeerinp, vt^want 
OatbRiden, w. wait for 
Oatbied, ootbood— eade— eo, 

order, lummon 
Oatbleder, m. orderer, turn- 

Ontblediog, v. ordering 
Outblnd, ontbond— ende— en, 
mnlief looten, dissolve, re- 
OntbindelUk, bv. dissolvable 
Ontbiodiaj;, v. release^ ac- 

Xuitlanee, divorce, disso- 
ttUm^ solution 
Oatbladerd, frv. uuleaved 
Ootblindea, w. unblind 
Ootblindin^, v. uublinding 
Ootbioemen, te. defi ur 
Ootbloemd, dw. de/lourtd 
Ontblooteii, 10. strip, un- 
cover, deprive, denudale 
Ontbloot, aw. 4- bv, stripped, 
uncovered, deprived, bare, 
naked, destitute 
Oqtblooting', V. denudation, 

Ootboeijen, w. unfetter 
Ontboeid, dw. un/itlered 
OnlbolBteren, w. enucleate 
Oatbolsterd, dw. enucleated 
OntboiaCeriUg. V. luucleatlon 
Ontbonden, dw. loosened, 
dissotvsd [summoned 

Oatbodea, tiw. ordered, 
Ontbranden, 10. inAume 
Oatbreek, ontbrak — ende 
• ''^a,wmnt,niiss,be wanting 
Ontbrektbri «>• »unl, priva- 


I unbridtt 
OatbrtUtUidw. Unbridled 
Outbiit — Je, «. breakfast 
Ontbiiten, «. breakfast 
Ontcufferen, 10. decipher 
Oatcnfferd, dw. deciphered 
OatcijfferiDff, v. deciphering 
Ontdaan, dw. Whdone, dU- 

Oiitdariqeo, w. eviscerate 
Ontdarmd, dw. eviscerated 
Ontdekkeo, w. discovet , un- 
Ontdekbaar, bv. discoverable 
Outdekklnf, v. discovery, 
uncovering [covered 

Ontdekt, dw. discovered, tm. 
Outdoen, w. undo, disen- 

Ontdoenlnp, v. disencumber- 

inr, undoing 
Ontdonkeren, w. elucidate 
Ontdotikerd, dw. elucidated 
Oiitdokeo, dw, evaded 
Oatdooijen. w. thaw 
Ontdootd, dw, thawed 
OntdragCD, w. dispoil 
Ontdrageo, dw. Mspoiled 
OTilAt%giikg,v.dispoliation - 
OatdraaUeo, w, extort 
Ontdraaldi dw. extorted 
Ontdraaijlng, v. extortion 
Ontduikeo, w, evade . 
Onteerea, dishontmr, de/IU 
Oateerd, dw. dishonoured 
Onteerder, mi dishonourer 
Oateerinr, «. dishonouring, 

OnteKenzegreliik, bv. irre- 
Onteigenen, w, alienate 
Ooreigeod, dw, alienated 
Ontetbaar. bv, innumerable 
Ontelbaartieid, v, innume- 

ODtembaar, ontemmeiykj bv, 

Onterven, w. disinherit 
Oaterfd, dw, disiiikerited 
Outerving, v. disinherison 
Ootfermen, w. yearn ; zlch 
-ontrermeo. tocommtseratt 
Oatrermeiyit, ontfermhar- 

t\g, bv, compassionate 
Ontierming, v. pity, com- 
OatfronseOfOntftroDtaleDi w, 

Outfrooseld, ontfronst, dw, 

Ontfutseien, w. filch 
Ontfut^eld, dw, filched 
Ontgaan, v. avoid, escape, 

OotgaaD,4w^voi4f«4, escaped 


Ontgeveo,. V. yield, deeiei 
OatgereB, Uw. yielded, 
OntgeldiDff, v, satisfmeiiass 
Ootge«pea, w, unbuekt* 
Ou tgeapiBg, v. umbuekUng 
Ontgespt, dm. unbucAUd 
OatgiAaen, w. begin upon 
Oorg'ledeo, dw. escaped 
Ootglippeo, w. escape 
Outglipt, aw. escaped 
OQigiiJdeo. w. slip ««My* 

Ontgoeden, w, disinherii 
ODtgoed, dw. If bv. disinhe- 
rited, destitute 
Ontgoiioen, dw. begun etpem 
Onigordeo, w. umgird 
Outgurding, r. ungirdimg 
Oatgraaf, oatgroef, ontfn- 
Tende, oatgraven, exhu- 
OnticrateD, w.bome, exastaie 
OnlgraTeu, dw.texhumtmted 
Oa^repen, dw. snatched 

Oatgrendelen. w. unbolt 
OMgreadtld, dw, unbolted 
Ontgrendeiiiig, v. unbolting 
OntgrilpeD, w, snatch ernof 
antbakeo, to. unhook 
ODihaking, v. unhooking 
Oothaakt, dw, unh—hed 
Ootbaal —%^9,o, treat, treat- 
ment, entertainment, re* 
cent ton 
OotDaalen, w. treat, epter- 

tain, receive 
Onthaald, dw, treated, en- 
Onthaler, m. entertainer 
Qatbaliog, v. entertainment, 

reception, treatment 
Outharen, w, depHate 
Oatbaard, dw. depilated 
Ontbaring, v. deptlatien 
Ontbalseo, w.aeeollate 
OathaUd, dw. decollated 
Oatbalzer, m, beheader 
Ontbalaing, v. deeoUotion < 
Ontbeffeo> WMuburthen, ease 
Oothefiing, v. etuing 
Oothefty dw, unbmrthened 

OolbeiligeD, w. profane 
Ontheillgd, dw, profaned 
Outb«ilirer, m. prof oner 
Ontheilighif. v. profanation 
ODtbeagteleOy w. unhinge 
Onthengseld, dw. unhinged 
OothelpeD, «ff. hinder 
Ontbelping, r. hindering* 
OotbeveD,'^6v. unbarthenod 
Oattiolpeo, dip. hindered 
Outbooitko, w. behead 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Onnoodl^, bv. uselfss, ««»«<• 

eestary Ismry 

Onnoodzakellik, bv. unneeet- 

Oi»i»6od2akeUjkheid,». need- 

Ounoozel,A<7. iiutoceM(,4crM»- 

less, thuplet silly 
Oonoozelbeidy v. tttnoceiice, 

timpUcilj/, sUlinrss 
Oniiut— tig, bv. need lets ^ute' 
test [UssHtst 

Oiinutheid — tifrheid, v. use- 
Onnutelijk--Uglljk,6ir. use- 
less Iv 
Onombuigrnjk. bv. iuflexibU 
Onoragekeerd. fti;. unturned 
Ononigckog-t. bv. uiibribed 


< inoDizckofft. 6t7. 1 
Onomkooplyk, bv. 

Onomzettelijk, bv.Mnpersua- 


Oitoutbeerlijk^v. indispens' 

able Ktuble 

Ooontbindelijk . bv. iMdisto- 

Ononikuoopelijk, bv. iudis- 


Onontneinel^k, bv.'uMdeprio- 

able [sible 

Onontslaaubaar, bv. intUfea- 

Onontwor»telbaar — I^k, bv. 

itunrm OH nl able 
Onontzeir'uk; bv. undenimble 
OnooKeoHCliijulijk^&v. unap- 

Ouop^eroaakt, bv. umfi»isk- 

ed, unmade 
Oiiopsrcproukt — g^etooid, bv. 

Onophoudrlijk, 60. 4- bw, in- 

eessaut, iuccssantly 
Onophottdel^kheld, v. c«h- 

ODoplettend, bv. inattentive 
OnoplettBndbeid, v. inatten^ 
tion {soluble 

Oooplosbttdr — •elljk, 
Onopregt, bt. unfair, disin- 
genuous, unjust, syuriout 
Onopre^incid, v. Miugenui' 

tp, injnitice.tpuriousness 
ODurdeiitlUk.ot;. dlssordsrtjf, 

improper, ungenleet . 
Onordeutlijkheid, v. irregu- 

Onov«rdekt, bv. uncovered 
Onovereenkomttig — komendi 

6v. inconsifleut, unequal 
Onoverkomelijk, bv. insur* 

Onpverwinl^k, bp. uncou- 
ipterahle [qured 

OnoverweoneB, h», uhcpU' 
Onpaar. Uv. odd 
O opaarbftar^. unmmtekatU 


Oapartijdig, l»t, inMmrtial 
OabartQdiibe id»v. «M^artia. 

Onpartijdiglijk, bw. impar- 

Onpai, 0. inctmveuiencei t* 

9npa8, inconvenient, amiss 
Onpatiielijk. bv. indisposed 
OoDdMelijkueid, V. indispo- 

Onpellbaar, bv, ^n/atkom- 

able ableness 

OapleUlerif. bv. unpUasenl 
OuprofUieiijk, bv. unnrofit- 

aole TfilabUness 

OnprofiUeiykheid; V. mii;^o- 
Onprijslijk, bv. ilUiuduble 
Onraad,m.n>i(. harm, treason 
Onraadzaam. 011. unadviiable 
Oiiraadzaaraheid, v. uuudvi- 

Oaraakbaar, bv.intantible 
Onregt, 0, injustice, wrong f 

onregl hebbea, lo be in Ine 

wroujt { V onregt, ut^juslljf 
On re:;/, bv. unjust 
Onregtiuatig, hv, - 

able, unjust 
Oaregtmaligbeld, v. injustice 
OareguaaU{flijk, bv. u)\iu$tljt 
Onregtvaardig, bv, unrigh- 
teous, unjust 
Ouregtvaardigheid, v. uu- 

righteousness, injustice, 

Ooregtvaardl^lijl^ bw, un- 

lighleously, unjusUy 
OareddeiUk, bv. frrelAevabU 
Oarede. v. irrationality 
Onredelyk, bv. unreifsouablct 

Onredelukhcid, «. iiMre«(oi>> 

ablenes, irrationality 
Oardsrclinatig. bv. irregular 
Onregelmatigbeid, v, irregu- 

tarily [gnlarly 

Onregelmatiglijk. bw. irre- 
Ooreia. bv, unclean , itnpuro 
Onreiiibeid, oureinif heid, v. 

uncUannosSf impurity 
Onreiniglijkt 6rr. impurely 
Oaroerlijk, [bv, immovable 
Oiirooiuscb, oorooiBAgesind, 

bv. protest aut 
Onrulm, bv. narrtno 
Onru4i, V. unjust, trouble, 
. disquietude 
Onruct, 0. pendulum, Jlyer 
Oaraitig.bvl unquiet, rettlest 
Onrufttigheid, v. rosllessuets 
Onruatigajk, bw, restUsliy 
OBriiai, 0. prose 
0»rQp, b9, %mript 

ONS 167 

Oariipheid, v. unripeness 

On«, vn. us, our 

Ors— ie, 0. ounce 

Onschadeliik, bv. harmless 

OiiscbadelOkbeid, v. harm- 

, Ussnets 

Ouschappel^k. bv.disorderly 

Oaschappelijkheid, v.irre§u» 

Onscbatbaar, ooscbattek^, 
bv. inestimable 

Onscheidbatfr, oDscheidelUk* 
bv. inseparable 

Oaseheidelijkbeid, v. inse^- 

Onscbendbaar, onscbende* 
iijk, bv. inviotabte 

Oosch^udelijkbeid, v. invio- 

Oufcberp, bv. blunt 

Ont'cbeiirbaar, ouscbeurlijk, 
bv, illacerable '' 

Oa»cbikkeliJk, bv, inordi- 
nate, immodeft 

ODachikkelUkbeid, «. irregu- 
larity, immodesty 

Onfchoon, bv. nndoan, un- 

Oiischuld. V. innocence 

ODschuldig, bv. innocent 

Onscbuldiglijk, bw. inno- 
cently [akie 

Ooschawelijk, bv unnvoi/t^ 

Ooccbynbaar, bv. untikelif, 

Oncch^nbaarhcid. v. i,mpro^ 
babiltly [clisagreeaMe 

Ontmakeli)k,'&v. unsavoury, 

Ouamakeiijkbeid, r. unsa- 

Ootpoed, V. adversity 

Oimpraakzaam bv, taiiitmm 

Onstade. v. damage, hmr-t ; 

^ t' onKtade komen, to come 

Onataadvutig, bv, imecn- 
stanl, unstable 

Onatandvastigheid, v.ineon- 
staney [stanily 

Oustandvastiglijk, bw.incan* 

Oiisteraiik, bv. tmmorlai 

Onuteraflkbeld, v. immmrta- 

Oasterk, bv. weak 

Ooitticbtelljk, bv. efensive, 

Oaaticbtel^jkheid, v. offmC- 
tiveness, tmrnndesty 

OnittiUe. v, unquietntts. 

OnstoaUk, bv. immmttriml 

Oaaioaijkheid, v, immsUt- 
riaHty (sMr 

Oastrafbaar, bv, mnpunish- 

Onstrafbaarbeld.v. impunity 

Onttraffelijk, bv, blameless 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

l66 ONH 

On^ezwafft«ld, bv. nttswuted 
OiiSezwoilen, bv. unsvoin 
Onfcezwnrvu, bv. ifnsun/rii 
Oitf^lad, 6^ rough 
Ong'ofi; lu. idol 
On^odist, m. atbt^ht 
OngO(tiKt«^rr, r. atlttum 
OiigoddelUk. bv. ungodly 
<)i)godd«ilijkb€ld,v. ungodli- 
Ongodsdieast, m. itlolatry 
Ong'odiidieiigUg, bv. irrtli- 

gums ^liigion 

Oogodsdienstigbeid, v. trre- 
Oiijfod&diensUglijk, bm. irre- 

Ongodvruclilig, bv. tmpious 
On^odvruoluigheid, r. im- 

picly [ously 

Oiigodvruchtigt^k, kfv. impt- 
Ongodzalig, bv. hulivoui 
Ongoeiijk, bv. uHha«'f*nme 
Ongiiost, ». di'graee, disnf- 

feciioH ^ • ' 

Onganslijr, bv. disaffected, 


t/bte, iulriictablr, untpiefdy 
Oiihandig, bv^^jun/iaudy 
Onha udt ffUeid. V. mi hand in f ft 
Onliaitdzaani, bv, iiUractable, 

Oi)Iiebbel()k,&v.c2«im«v« rude, 

uncleanijf, unmannerly 
Onhebbelijk^»«id, v. slvvenli- 

Onheelbaar, bv. incurable 
Onheil, u. mischief, hurta 
Ooheiiig, bv. unholy, profane 
Onbeili^tieid, v. unbuli'ness, 

profaueneit [profanely 
Onheilisli'ik, bw. unhoUly, 
0Qhe11zaaiu,/>v. ttnwA«</r«OM<r 
"Oheipelijk.ftp. irremediable 
Onherbergzaani,6tf. iuhofpi- 

Onherbergzsvaaiheld, v. in- 

hospitalUy {rial 

Ooherd«HkeUiik,6». immemo- 
Onherdocnlijk,6t>. unreslara- 

ble [verable 

Oiilierkrijgbaar, bv. trrcco- 
Oiihurrbepclijk, bv. irrtvoca- 

ble [ble 

Oiiherstelbaar, bv.irretrieva- 
Otiheugbaar — Ijjk, bv. im- 

Onhea!icb,Av. vQcivi/, unfair 
OubiHachheid, v. incivititpf 

unfair nets 
Onbeudchlijk, bv, uneivllly. 

unfairlv [cial 

Onbiiidcriijk, bo. unprejudi- 
Oiiboflijk, bv. UHCOurlly, un- 


Onhoflykheid, v. uneattrlU' 

Onhul^liik, bv. prodigal 
Ouhuislijkheid.ff. prodigaiHf 
Ouhuwbaar, bv. unmarrigea- 

Onliibeeldfelijk, hv. un'umor 

Oniiidnclilig, bv. unmindful 
OniDgcNaaid, bv. uustiUked, 

in ske,ts 
Oningetogen, bw, restless, un- 
Oniiikonielijk^r. vnenlercAle 
Oiiin^chikkelijk, bv. uncan- 

seniing, unacconiodaling 
Onkenbaal-— lijk, bv. irrecog- 

Oiiklaur, bv. muddy, thich, 

dull, dim, out of order 
Onkiaarhcid, v.. muddiness, 

OnkoHtea, mv, nhargts, ex- 

Onkreiikbaar, bv. unviolabli 
Oakristeliik, bv. unchrittian 
Onkristelijkheid,v. uncArist- 

(i an ness 
Onkriild, a. wetds,6t-. unattainable 
Onkuuch^. unchuste^jttHmo^ 

Oiikuiccblijk, bw. unchasltly 
Onkunde, r. igtioroMce 
Oiikundigj bv. igntranl, un- 
skilful [ness 

Otikundigbcid, v. UHxhitfut- 
Onkuadigiijk, bw. ignormntty 
Oii)ang«), Lw. lately 
Onledig, bv. busy, occupied 
Onledigheid, v. uclivily 
Onleerzaaiu, bv. indocile 
Oiileerzaambeid, v.iudvciUty 
r>nleestar, bv. ilh-gible 
Oiileschbaar -^schelijk, bv, 

Oj^leverbaar, bv, unfit to be 
deliverfd, unmerchantable 
Oa\\efli\k,bv. unpleasant 
OnlieAijkbeid, v. unpleasant' 
ness [recU 

Otttif^cliameink. bv. incorpc 
Outigciiamei|jkheid,v. incor- 

Onloagk,&t>. inglorious 
Onioocbenbaar, bv. undenia- 
Oitlosbaar, be, unredeemable 
Oiiiosmakelljk, (v. indissolu- 
ble i'lrife 
Onluiit, r. trouble, animosity, 
OQlijdeltjk, bv. iutoltrabla 


OniJjdelijkheifl, •. inUierm- 

Oolijdzaani.M;. impatient 
Onlijdzaamiyic, btc. impa- 

titntly [intemperate 

Oninatig, bv. immoderatf, 
OnDiatiglieid.v. immod*rt>i'- 

nets, tuteatperance [ly 

Oauiatiglijk,6K>. immndtratt' 
OiiDiagI, V. weakness, ina- 
bility .sfpoon [lent^ligr, bv. nnahify impr- 
OauiagtiglOk,&fc. impotently 
Onoian, ui. euuuck 
Oiimn\i'\e\\y)k,bv. unmannerly 
Oniuaitierlijklieidy v. unman- 

Onmanlijk, bv. unmanly 
OunMfdcdeelbaar, bv. issaom- 

Onmedelijdendy bv.ineompas' 

Onmededooirend, bv. pililets 
Oaiuededoogendbeid, v. un. 

Oaiueetboar onmetelijk. &r. 

immense, immensMreamte 
Onmcteliijkbeid,v. immetsHy 
Oaraeoricheli^k. bv, inhumaat 
OamenscheH}kb«idy r. inbu- 

Onmiddelijk, bv, 4- to. imme- 
diate, immrdiattly [ey 
Oniniddelijkbeid, v.immfdim- 
Oaniin. v. enmity, hatred 
OumiuUik, be, nuamiabte 
Oilminlijklteid, v.uuamiabU- 

Oiimiuzaam, bv. unkind 
Onwiuzaamheid, «. uukimd- 

uess [age 

Onmondigifrv. minor, viMlrr 
Oamondige, m. miumr 
Onmoudigbeid, v. mimariif, 

Ouniogelijk, bv, tr itr. impos- 
sible, impotsibly 
ODinogelijkbeid, v. impossi- 

Oiu>4deeliff.&e* unprefudieial 
Onaadoeaiilk — makelijk, bv. 

inimitable [able 

OaDa«poorlijk,6v.w(«ci utable 
OnnaspnorUjkbeid, v. inscru- 

Onnatuurlijk, bv. unuatural 
Onaatuurlijkheid, v. • «»tM- 

Onnavolgelijk, bv. tMimkitable 
OnnaTragelijk,6*. umseeurch- 

OnnemclUk, 6v. imtpregnable 
Oanoemlijk, frv« unutitrabU 

Digitized by L3 OOQ IC 


On^rettddheid, v. iuditpori- 

tton - 
OoKCtteiDd, Inh unvoted. 

mntuntd ltd 

ODgestempeld, 6r. nntlamp- 
Ooe^ettcmpt, 6r. nnstanched 
Ougreaterkt, 6i?, wmtitngth- 

OngesteTeld, bv. nnbooted 
Oagresteven. bv.vmtifenedf 


Qnge^tildf bv. nnappeated 
CmK«»tofl'eerd,&9. unjumitk- 

Oogettolen, bv. u^tlolen 
Qngestoord, bv. undUturbed, 

■ UHO fmded 
OngMtoten, bv, unbr%i$td, 

On^ttopt, bv,un»lopped 
Ongntraft, bv, unptinu/ted 
Oagestraftheid, v. impunity 
Uogectrooid, bv. nnstrewn 
OngMtuwd, bv. nnstowed 
Oogetaand. bv. nntanned 
Ougetakeldj tgo. unrigged 
OageUpt, bv. 'undrawn 
Oogetast, bv, ukftU, unhttH' 

died J ' r* 

OngeUckeDd, bv. unsigned 
Ongeteld, bv, untold 
Ongetemd. bv, untamed 
Ong^temdheld, if, untdnett 
Opgetemperd, bv. intempe- 
rate, uulempered 
Oogetemperdlieid, v, intem- 

Onget^rKd, bv, unprovoked 
Oageleugeld, bv. unbridled 
Ongetioimerd, bv. unbuitt 
Ongeteetct, bv, untried 
Ongetoomd, bv. unbridled 
Ougetoond, bv. nnsheum 
Ongetornd. bv. not unripped 
Ongetouwa, bv. untanned 
•OngetraoHfereerd, bv, un- 
- transferred 
•ODgetrantporteerdi bv, not 

carried over, untrmnsferred 
Ongetreden, bv.uuirodden 
Ongetroffen, bv. unhit 
Ongetrokken.&v. undrawn 
Ongetroo«t, bv. uneom/orted 
Ongetrouw, bv.ui\faiikjul 
On|etrottwelijk, bw.un/aitk- 

O o get roaw held, oogetrou- 

Mlgtieid, V. unf alt h fulness, 

Oogetronwd, (v. unmarried 
Ougeiucbtigd, bv. unchos- 



Ongetw^ffeld, bv, k bw, un- 
doubted, doubtless 
Ongevfar^ bw. abnut 
Ongevaarlijk, bv. not dan- 
gerous Ichonce 
Ongeral. o.misfortuHe, mis- 
Oiigevaliig, bv. unhappy 
Ongevalligheid, v. tiislike, 

Ongevederd, bv, unfledged 
Oogeveegd, bv. untwept , 
OngeTeiid, bv. not put up to 

OngevelaB6,bv. unfeigned 
OageveiDsdeiyk>6ic. uufeign- 
ealy [edntst 

OogeTeincdheid, v. unfe^n- 
Oiigeverfd.frv. unpainted 
Ongeverga, bv, unrequired 
Oiigererwd, bv. unstained 
Ongevestigd, bv, unestablish- 

ed, unsettled • 
Ongevlerd, bv, uncelebrated 
Oiigevild, 6v. unskinned 
Ongevlakt, bv. unspotted 
Ongevloekt, bv. ufteursed 
Ongevlogteo, bv, untwisted, 

Ongevoed, bv. unfed 
ODgevocglHk, bv. unsuitable 
OngeToeglQkbeid, v. mnsuit- 

Ongeroelig. bv. insensible 
OogeToeligbeid, v. instnsi- 

OngeToellgliik. bv. insensibly 
Ongevoerd, bv. unlined 
Oogevondeu. bv. unfonnd 
OagevoDDl8d.6v. unsenteneed 
Oogevorderd, bv, unadvan- 

ced, undtmanded 
Ongevoawen, bv. unfolded 
Ohgerraagd, bv, unasked 
Ongevre«8d, bv. un/'eared 
Onge?uld, bv. unfilled, empty 
Ongewaa>deerd,&v. unvalued 
Ongewaartcbouwd, bv. ttii- 

Ongewacht, bv% unwaited 
Oogewapend, bv, unarmid 
Ongewarmd, bt. unwarmed 
OugewasscUen, bv.unwashtd 
Ougewascht, bv, unwared 
Ongevrasoeu, bv, ungrown 
Ongewatcrd, bv, unwalered 
Ongeweekt, bv. untoaked 
Ougcweten, bv. unknown 
Ongeweren, bv. unwoven 
Oi gewelgerd, bv, unrefused 
Ongeweitdifrv. unaccustomed, 

Ongewenscht, bv, unwisked 
Ongewerkt, bv.unwrvugkt 
Ongewet, bv. unskarptned 
Ongewrld, bv.unwueded 

ONO )()5 

Oogewiegd, bv,mot rocked 
Ongewigtig, bv. ligkt _ 
Ougewiid, bv. unaeceplabU 
Oogewjllig, tiv.imBiHing 
Oogewilligbeid^v. UHviHlint' 

ness Uifgiy 

ODgewilligliJk. bw, unwit- Nncrr/ain 
Oogewisbeid, V. uncettainly 
Ongewbseld, bv, unekanged 
OngewUteiyk, t/w.uncertuin- 

OngemH, bv. unwkitened 
Ongewood» bv. unwouuded 
Ongewooden, bv. unwound 
Ougewoon, bv. unusual, un. 

Ongewoonbeid, v, unutual- 

Oogewooniyk, bw. untisualty 
OogewooDte, v. dituse 
Oogewoiteld) bv. not rooted 
Ongewreveo, bv. unruibed 
Ongewrocbt, M unwrougki 
Oiigewroogea, bv. unwtung 
OngewrokeD, bv, unrevenged 
Ongewurgd, Ar, unstrangted 
Oogewijd, bv, unhallowedi 

OogeUkt, hv, not astized 
Oiigesaagd. bv, unsown 
Ongezaaid, bv. unsown 
Ongezadeld. bv. unsaddled 
Ongexalfd, bv. unannointed 
Ongezegd, bv. unspoken 
Ongezegeld^bv. unseaUdJun- 

Oogecegend, bv, unblessed, 

Ongezeggelijkneld^v. intrac- 

Ongtzelllg, bv, unsociable 
Ongezeiligneid, v, uneocia- 

OngezelUgliik, bv, unsociably 
Ongezien, Iv. unseen, un- 

ODgezirt.i6v. unsifted 
Oogexind, bv. unmtentioned 
Ongezogt, l>v. unsougkt, UHkeaUhy,HH- 

Ongeiooden, bv. unsent 
Ongezondheid, v, unktaltki- 

ness, unwkotesomeness 
Oogezonken^ftVf unsunk 
Oogezoden, bv. unboiled 
Ongezoogfd, bv. untuelaed ' 
Ongezogeo, Itv. untucked 
Ougezoomd, 6v. unkttamed 
ODgezouten, bv. unsalted, 

Jresk, insipid 
Ongexuiverd, bv. unpurified 
ODgczuurd, bv, nnltuvened 

Digitized by VjOOQIL 

\64, ON6 

OngenoegxMinKJk, bw, in- 

Onffenoeiml^^. i»i«iMi»i*rf 

OaBrenood7>lffd,frv. nmbidden 
OnirenoodsMkt» bv. uneou- 

Onsrenoteo, be. umeujoj/ed 
Oiii^enot. •. ii*ii-«v#jfiii«il 
•Onfeooteerd,^. untfted 
•Ongeobterveerd, bv, «ii«6« 

•OnreobUneerd, 6». un»b- 

ODgeoeffieiid,6r. uaerereited, 

OngeoogAt, b9. mnremped. 
Onfceoordeeld, bv. unjudfed 
OiiKeoorloofd, bv. mOamfml 
Oageop«nbtL^T^f^bv, unre- 

Ongeopend, bv. un0pt^u>d 
•Ongeordonaetrd, bv. unor- 
, Onj^epaaid, bv. untaiisfied 
'>ngepaard, bv, nntrntitehed 
Ongepakt, bv. unpacked 
Ongepatt, bv, unfit 
Ong»pekeld,6«. unpickled 
Ofigepeld, 6i>. unpetled, un- 

Ongepeperd, bv. unptppered 
♦OngeperiulUcerd, bv. unal- 

Ongepertt, bv, unpre$$ed, 

Ougeplaagd. bv, nnplagued 
Ongeplant, bv, unplonted 
ODgepleegd»6«. mneommitled 
OogepleUterd, bv. unptai*' 

Ongeplekt, bv, «<mm//m( 
Ongeploegd, bv,untillai 
Ongeploofd, bv, unptailed 
Ongeplvinouj, bv , featkerless 
OnReplakt, bv. unfathered, 

Ongepluoderdy bv, unplun- 

dered k. (ed 

Ongepo«Uerd, bv. uMpowder- 
OngepolUi't, bv.uMootished 
Ongepoot, bv, uuplanted 
Ongepreien, hv. unpraifd 
•Ongepreparcerd, bv, wm- 

prepated [ried 

^Ohgepre^teerd, 5v. uukur- 
Oiigeprnb« erd. bv, untried 
Ongflproefd, t'V. nmtosted 
• Oiigeiirote«t«:erd| bv.unpro- 

Icecrd, Iv.wnpub- 

Oag<!punt,6v. blunt 
0«^epljnlgd, bv. untortured 

• Oozepublii 

•Ongequaiiaceerd, bt. un- 

oualijted {ted 

•Onge iuiteerd,bv. unoetiHit- 

Ongeraadeoy bv. uuadvisedt 

inexpedient, nolfuested 
Ongeraakt, bv. untopclud 
fOngeraageerd, bv, unar- 

Oogerattpt, bv.unratped 
OagerefTtlg, bv. unjust 
Ongeregtigd, bv.untHtilltd 
Ongeregtigheid, v. injustice 
Ongeregtigilik.&w. uujusttg 
^Oagereclameerd, bv. «a- 

•Ongerecomroaodeerd, bv, 

•Oogerecouvreerd, bv, un- 
recovered [orderlg 

Ongered, bv. unsaved, die- 
Ongerfdderd, bv. confuted 
Ongereed, bv, unreadg, un- 

Oagereedheid, «■ nnreodinoss 
Ong«regea,6o. unlaced 
Oage reekeiMl,6 V .» m eompn ted 
OngtTfsen, bv. unleavened 
•Ongereformeerd, bv, unre- 

Ongeregeerd, hv.ungoverned 
Ongeregeld, bv. unruly, dis- 
Ongeregeldheid. v. disorder 
Onfferegeldlijk,6w. unrulily, 

Oog«regiatreerd| bv. unre» 

Ongereinied, bv. uncleansed 
*OngereDibour«eerd, M. un- 
repaid Ui/led 

•Ongeremedieerd, bv. unree- 
•Ongeremitteerd, bv. unrt- 
milted [paired 

*Oagerepareerd, bv. nnre- 
*Ongere«erT«erd, bv. unre- 
Ongerief. o, imconvenience 
Ongerieflyk,6r. inconvenientt 

OngerieflUkbeid, v. ^nemvf- 

Ongerinipeld,6v. unwrinUed 
Oageroepen. bv, uneatlrd 
Ongeroerd, bv,MHstirredf un- 
Ong^rold, bv. unrolled 
Ongeronnea,6r. uncoagulated 
Ougenut, bv. unquiet, uncus y 
OiigertutelUk, bio. uHouietly 
Oogerustheid, v, inquietude, 

Ongerijuid, bv, abmrd 
OngerQmdeiyk, 6w. obturdly 


ODgerlJmdheld. «. mbourditif 
Oagesvhaakt. ov. unrmvitked 
Ongetchapen, 6v. unereated 
Oogeacbeept, bv, untkipped 
OngMCbeidea, bv, umoeparm- 

ted ^td 

Ongescherpt. bv. unskmrpen- 
Oagescbeurd, bv. untor;^ 
Oagetcbikt, bv, improper,im' 

OngescbikUiyic, bw. impro- 
perly, imvMdettly 
Oage«chiktheid. r. imfro- 

priety, immodesty 
Ongei>chM,bo.unyeet€d, »■. 

shinufd, unsAeUtd 
Oogeacbiiderd, bv. ui^miuUd 

unhurt, unde/Ued, unmtmi. 

Onge«cboren, bv, umshorm 
Oagetchraapt, bv. umsaraped 
Ouge«chreveD. bv.umwriitem 
Ongeacbroerd, bv. umeerewed 
OngMcbroeid, bv. um^ia^ed 
*OngeseBareerd, bv. unso- 

•C>age«lgaeerd,%v. untigm^ 
Ongetlagen, bv. unbeaten 
Onge>lagt,6v. unkUted 
Oneeslepeo. £r. unpolished^ 

bJuttI, artless 
OogetlUt, bv. undecided 
OnKesinee«r. bv, ui^orged 
Ongeaoieerd, bv. unsmemred 
Ongesroolteo. ftr. unwuUed 
Ongetrieden, ftv. uneut 
Ongeanoeid. bv. unprumed 
Oageaaocrd.ft*. ttii<jei<,«a. 

curbed, unstrung 
•Ongesorteerd, bv. unsorted 
ODgeapano«B, bv, slack, urn- 

b*ut [ciMad 

*0nge8peclficecrd,frv. untpo- 
Oage^p«eIMl.6v. uot ireoued 
Ongeaplkkeld, bv, unspotted 
Ouge^pleten, bv. uncl^ 
OngeapoDoen, bv. unspmn 
ODge«prekl. bv. unspread 
Ongeapreokeld, 6v. unsprim* 

Ongeaproken, bv. unspoken 
Ongeapijad, bv. uujrd 
Oiige«tadig, bv, unsteady, 

ineonttaot [neu 

Oageatadighrld, r. unsteadi- 
0))geaUdigiUk,ftv. unsteadHy 
Ongeatalie, V. ill shape, de- 

genmacy, distemper 
Ongeataltig, bv. mushispem 
Oogestampt. &v. unpounded 
OiigeaUueld, 6v. unpiled 
OniceateM, bv, indiepooed, 


Digitized by LjOOQIC 


OnfCkamd — kemd, ffrf. um^ 

e^mbint [undremtit 

Ooirekapt, *r. mmehopptd, 
Oiifekeerd, At;. nHtHmed 
Oufekend, be, Knkaawm 
Oiif ekerfd, hv. uhcmI 
Oiij^eketend, bv. nuehained 
Ong-eileed, bo. umcMhedfUn- 

On^ckliefd— IooAl,6v. unrU>/t 
Ougeklonterd,6v. not clodded 
Oiigeklnnt, &e. unbealen 
Ongeklui stent, bv.tmfetlered 
Ougeknaagd. hv. unguavm 
Ong eknaawd, bv. unchewrd 
Oiigekneed, bo.uukHtaded 
Ongekneusd, bv. "Hnbruited 
Ongeknoopt, bv. nniled, wn- 

buttoued led 

Oiigekoe^itf rdffrr. HHeherUh' 
Offgekogt, bv. unpurchased 
On^kookt, bv. unboiled 
OngekoppeM, fro. uneoupUd 
Ougekorteu, bv. uncul 
Oiigekouflt, bv. barelegged 
Ougekrabd — kratst, frv. un- 

tcratcAed [tHJureii 

Oa<((-kreiikt, Ttv. unknrt, im- 
Oitgekreukt, bv. unrumpied 
Oiiffekromd, bv. straight 
Ongekroinpen, bv.,unthrunk' 

Oiigekroond, bv. nnerowmed 

• Ong«knild, be. nneurled 

• OngekiisctrtfAc. nnkisted 
Ongekweld, bv. unvtxed 
Ongekwtftst, bv. nuwounded 
OiMfel, o. suet [ly 
On^elastkr, bv. UKcentured 
Ongeluartit, bv. nvbooted 
Oii^baten, bv. malapert, 

wanton, unbied 
Oagelateuheid,!;. wantouMess 
Oiigel-achtig, hv. snety 
Oiigel.ikt, bt. unsealid 
Onifelapt, bv. unpatched 
•Ongelardeerd, bv. unlardtd 
Ongeiaitcht, l>v. nmplieed 
OHgelaiit, bv. nncommanded 
OiiKelaalerd.ip. unglandered 
Oiigelilen, mv. e/targei, ex- 

PKHsetf' taxes 
Oiijffleerd, bv. unleomed 
Onreleerdtilijk, bw. UHUarn- 

Oogeieerdheid, v. ifrnorance 
OiigHegen, bv. mcoiicenieutf 

Oiigeiegeahchl, r. JiieoNve- 

Ongeleverd, bv. undelivered 
Oa^eirzcn, bv., unread. ««• 

Oiigelvitcrd, bv. ilUltrate 


OngelelterdhukI, r. iUila- 

Ongelfefd, bv. unbelavrd 
Oiiguilkt, bv. HHliehed 
•On^eilnleerd. bv. umrmled, 
•Ongeliqaid«erd,6v. unliqui- 

Ongeloof, 0. Htibrliff 
Ofigelodfbaar— lgk,6i;. in*re- 

atnie [bility 

Ongelo^iViJkli^d, v. iaeredt- 
OngelooHd, bv. unnwardfd 
On^eloovif , 6-. nnbetieviitg, 

Ongcloovige, m. unbeliever, 

infidel [lUy 

Ongeiooviglicid^ v. incredn- 
Ohgeloovjglijk, frip. incredn- 

Oiigcloiit, bv. Hnrfiseharged 
Ongcluk, «. ttii»/ortmne, ill- 
hap, accident 
Ongclnkklg, bv, unhappy, 

un/oi'' nniite, uMlnchy 
Ongelukkigiijk, frw. nnfortu- 

Ongeliikzalig, bv. wrelcbed 
Ongeliikzaligticid, r. wretch- 

edncss i^dly 

Ongelljk, o. injury, wrong ; 

ougflijK iiubb«a. to be in 

the wrung ; oBgelijk geven, 

to I'lnmr 

On^elgk, hv. nneqnal, uneven 
Oagelijkulijk, k0>. nuequttlly 
Ongeii.ikhtfin, v. inequality 
Oan^elijkiiiiai^f^r. ditpropoi- 

Ou;eli!k!tiat;g!ieid, v. dis 


OngclljkvorHiig, bo. umeon- 

furmahic Ipurify 

On-^elijktoiinigheid, r. di»- 
Ou^eiiimd, Im. uuglurd 
OngclMnd, hv. nnrnhd 
Oiigelijst, bv. un/ramed 
Ongetiia lid, ba. Hmnincn 
Ongciii ;.ikl, 'tv. Hnmude,nn' 

o/ffeled. eMiif, free 
OiigcniauktliLidft;. taseJYee- 

Oii^eiualeo. Iv. ttnground 
Ongtiiiiatiyd. bv. intemnerate 
Uugematiifdheid, v, intem- 

pt ranee 
Oiigf.-ntiktigdiijk.frw. iulempe- 

ratcly [rized 

Oiigem.igtigit, bv. nmautho- 
0.i;feniiik — j«, e. ineonoeul. 

euce, hard%kip, disHtse, in» 

fii-mttv, Occident ; oiigciuak 

auiid<ycn, todixtarb 

ONG 163 

OntcmakkelUk, bo. unoasv, 

Otigeoiakkelijkheid, r. nnea- 

tmet.1, difficulty, ironbte-^ 

Ongemand, bv. unmanned 
Oiige.ii.iiil«!rd,frtf. unmanutrd 
Oni^ciuiiiiierdheid, v. utiman- 

_ uerlinrss 
Oiig«fiBa»kerd, bv. uumothed 
Onjfeiiieeii, bv. uncommon 
Ongemacnd, bv. not meant 
OiijfeiuccadlivJd, v. rarity 
OngcmeenHJk, bv. uncom- 
OnsfCDieenxaain, be. un/aini- 

Ongemeten, At;, ummeasurfd 
Ongcueid, bv. unntentioned 
Uagciuuugd, he. nnmijced 
•OngciueritecTdyfrtf, unmeril- 

''^ , . [nnmarhed 
Ougeaifrkt, bo. unperecived, 
Oiig«me»t, bv, uumtntttred, 

Oiigrinikt, bv. mtaimed 
Ou^t>iuiii«lerd, bv. uudimi- 

Hishd IscicnabU 

Oiiscemoedeliik, bv. uncon- 
Oagemo««lelijkbeId,r. uveon- 

Oiigentoeid, be. nnlroubled T 
•Oogemolesteerd, bo. tinmo. 

Ongemolken, bv. unniUkod 
^OiigemuiiteerJ, bv. kh. 

uionnttd, dismounted 
Oiig«aiani,6tf. uueoiued 
OageiDiiiirii,fri>. unwatled 
Ong«iiaaid, bv. uuMownt 
Oayenaukbaar, bv. iuaecessi- 

Ougeiiade, v. dUgraee, dis* 

(►.igfiiadig, f.w. nmmercifal 
<.>i»i;i:uadignjk, btc. unmerei- 

/««y [disaffected 

Oiigcin-ifen, bv. disincllnsd, 
Oogfijcgeuhtld, V. disincli- 
nation, diuijfection 
Otigenepeu, frv^ tutuinched 
(>u;ff uee«t>aiu- - lyk, bv. in- 

cnrahfc [blefitss 

Oiigrcii<W:«iijkiie!d, v. incura- 
OMgeoozetif bv.uucured 
Oiigeiieuplijk, bv. mtpleasaut 
Ong«iieughjkhe!d,r. uitpUa.- 

Oiig«iiu«g«fn, o. displeasure 
OogeaocgJiik, fro. unpUasing 
Oiigettoegte, V. dissnti.'/ac- 

't^w [ci>nt 

Ohgcuoeg«aain, bv. insujH 
Oiig.'uoegaaaiuheni, v. intuf. 


Digitized by LjOOQIC 

l6^ ONO 

vOnceannuileerd, b^.umcan- 
ceOsd ipr»vtd 

Oofe»ppr«»beerdl| hv, uump' 
•Oaf Mrntofcerdi bv. «n«> 
rmmged [nired 

•OareMsareerd, bv. uHi»- 
Oogebaand, 6v. unbeaten 
0«teba«rd, bv, beardlet$ 
OoKebakerd. (v. tuuw^hed 
Oofebakeu, Av. tinfroA«d 
Qofeballast, bv. unbaliailed 
OoffebaUeBd, 6». unembmlm- 
Onfebeden, 6v. mnatked [ed 
Ongebeeid, hv. UMjignred 
Oaf ebeteo, />v. im6W(«M 
Ongefaetera, ht. umcHrtd^ «ii- 

On^Bbeukt, bv. wniecden 
Oogebeuriijk, bv. impcttible 
Osfebeuriiikheid, v. impoe- 

Ongcbeziffd, bv. unemptaped 
Oogeblecht, bv, nmcunfeuvd 
Oogebladerd, hv.leoflt* 
Ongeblanket, bv. unpointed 
Oagebleekt, bv. nubUacked 
Ong«blocmd, bv. piaitt 
Ongebluscbt, bv, unqntneked 
Oageboeit, *», unfettered 
Oaf dbofkt, bv, uttimtked 
ODsebooden, bv. nnbotatd, 
au»9lute {lutentte 

Oageboodeiiheid, r. dietc 
OagebOBdeulijk, bw. dieso- 
luUtp [ed 

Ougebodeo, bv.uneommand- 
Oogeboreo, 6«.-n«Aor» ~ 
Onf«boTd«iurd, bv. nnem- 

br Older ed 
Oaf eborsten. bv. unerncbed 
Ougeboterd, bv. unbutten d 
Ongcbouwd, bv. unbuUt 
Oi^ebr<tdeii, bv, unritastrd 
OuirebraQd, bv. uubumt 
Oog«brekietd, bv. unbridled 
Oogebrekke^k, bv. perfect 
OocebrekkslQkkeid, v. per- 

QogebrokAn* bv. unbroken 
OAgebridk, o.dUvee 
Ongebrnikelfik. bv. unusual 
ODgebruikellJkiieid, v, «»• 

Ongebroikt, bv. ntuued 
Oofcteolaeerd, bv, unlurn- 
i^hed . f'rf 

Ofif ec»chatt««rd» bv, mnsemi- 
Oagetlerd, bv. uttadomed 
ed Uized 

*Oag«civiU«eerd,A0. uncivU- 
•OiMceealkUioiBMrd, bv.. «m- 
«^^tected Teonjirmed 

*Oogecopleerd, bv.nneopied 
•Ongecorrlg<*erd, bv. mne-r- 

Ongedaagd, oiigedagfaard, 

bv. MiMMjwmowed 
Ongeda4nj b», undone, nw 

graeefml, pe^e, undre»»ed 
Ongedaanheid, v. paleness 
Oiigedachdg,- bt.unmindfut 
Ongedagteekeud, •ongeda- 

teerd. bv. datHess 
•OngeaeckieerJ, bv, undeei* 

Ongedeeld, bv. undivided 
Ongedekt, bv, uncovered 
OngcdieiMtig) bv. uncomplai- 

OngedioiHtigbeid, v.uncom- 

Oagedlerte, o. vermin 
•Oiigedivponeerd, bv.undis' 
posed [ned 

On^edoerad, bv. un^'ondsm- 
Ouged9<Kl. bv. tmhill^d 
Ongedoogaaain,Air. imyaiitMl 
Ongedoopt^ bv. nnbaplited 
Oogcdopt, bv.unskelitd 
Oiigedraaidj hv. untwisted 
Oiigedrevea, bv.plaiH 
•Oagedresteerd, bv. undis- 
Onfedrongea,bv.nol eroufded 
Oiigadroogd, bv, undried 
Ougcdrokt, bv. uuprinted, 

Oogadnld, o. impatienfre 
Ougeduldig, be. impiUient ■ 
Ongeduldlgbeid, «. impn- 
tiertce [timily 

OngedaldiglUk, btv. impa- 
Oiidurfg, bv. inconstant 
Ongedwee. bv. inflexible 
Oiigedweebeid, v. tn/leribUi' 
ty istrained 

Ongedwoagen. bv, nncov' 
Oiigeecht, bv. unmarried 
Ongel&rd. bv.not honoured 
•Oareeffectueerd, bv, unful- 

OagdkStnA.kv, unsettled 
Onge&tudigd, I'V. unjinisked 
Onge«i«cbt, bv. unatked 
•OngeftinbaUeerd, ^0. uneat- 
batm>^ [ploped 

•OngftDiploijevrd, bv. unem- 
•OogetodorBCvrd, 6r. unen- 
dorstd Ci — " 

•Ongedn^ageerd, 6r. di»en- 
Oiig«iirgerd, bv. unmfended 
Ongeo*iig,\bv, insip^wiUfs$ 
*OageC.%aaliue«rd, 6v. tmrx- 
aminnt [rvted 


OngefAtMCnccrd* bv. unft- 

vOugefaveriseerd, bv, utfs- 

*Oagefingeerd^. unfotgned 
•Oiigedaiteerd,^. un^atUr- 

•O II sefoiideerd ,fcr.«ir/imierfitf 
•OugcforllflceonJ, bv. unfvr- 

Ongcfrons^t, '»»". vntarlnkled 
Onge;:et>«iield, ttv.mnwkipped 
Oiigegeten, ^v. uneaten 
Ong<-ge«)>t,6r. unbuckted 
Omfegot'd, bv. poor 
Ongcsord, bv. uugirded 
Oiigegni\*vn,ftt*. undnm 
Oiigesrendelil, bv. unbolted 
Ongegroefd, bv. uuckamfered 
Oiigegroet, bv. ^inalnted 
Ongpgroiid, bv. ungrounded 
Oiigegrondheid, r. gromnd- 
le»siiets [grvi^rd 

Onge<,'Uiid, bv. uug^nonled, 
Oiigt-liankt, bv. *tnkM:ked 
OiiKfliaat, hv. unkated 
Ongetiaard. *c. hairiest 
Ongeh >kt, bv. unckopped 
OnKCh'.indeld, bv. unkandied 
Ougehaiidhaafd, bv. untnoin' 

Oiigelkceld, hv. nncured 
Oogfheten, /•». unbidden 
Ongchecht, '.e. unfastened 
OiigehcIHgd, bv. unsanetitied 
On)(ehik«ld,A«. unkalekttedt 

»1 Irial 

Ongehcogbnar, bv. immemo' 
Ongehin<ic'rd,&v. unkinderrd 
Ougehold, bv. unkollou^ed 
Oii>;cholpeii, bv. ntfaesUted 
Ongchoopt, bv. unhoped 
Oii^ehoondj bv. uninjarfd 
Ongelioord, bv, unprectdemt- 

eti, ttnkeurd-of 
Ongehoornd, bv, witkoml 
kor»s [ditid 

Ongehoorzaam, hv, disobe- 
On!;e>inoraa'tmen, vt. ditobey 
ODgehoorz-aamd,rfie. uisvhey 

ed ^ 

OngehoonaambeM, v, dis- 
Oogeboona<<nlijk, bw, dis- 

Qugehoudcn, bv, nai bound 
OogehuUd. bv, uMkonted 
Ongelumrd, bv, unkired 
Ongeliuwd, bv. unmarriei 
•Ougebijpothckeent, bt, ««• 

Ongejaaird, hv. vat knnttd 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


Ondersetteo, w» set dnonfitt 
Onderietgel, o.prop, ba$e 


Ooderzockend^if. irnqnltUiv* 
Undenoeker, m. enquiur 
Ouderioeklng, «. enquiry 
ODdertoeklu»t, r. iuouistive. 

Onderaoekttcr, v. indagalrtx 
Ooderxofft, dw, examined 
ODdepgd, ».»ic#, mucklef 
OndetiedelUk. frw. ©icioia- 
^ ty, wickedly 
OudeagdeHjkheld, v. vielout- 

Oodeoffcnd, &«. viciout, 

•amfhty vieked, bad 
Ondengrcndhcid, ». 6adneM, 

iplcArd«. w, i,aHghtiHe>$ 
Ondlcht, 0. //TMe 
Ondien«t -Je,*. distefvire 
Oiidieoiitbaar, bv, nntervice- 

'^oltf %uelett. free 
Ondieostbaarbefd, «. unser- 

vieeableuess, freedom 
Ondieustelijk, ondlenstir, 

ov. veriest 
Oiidiep, bv.tkuttow 
Oi»die|itc, if. MhalUno, that- 

Ondier —tje, m, monster 
9"4'**>* *"• ^'f^ltytiuose, open 
Oadoebbaiir, ondoeiilijk, 61;. 

Ondoenlljkbeld, v. imprac 
■ Oudoorboord, 6w. unpiereed 
Ondoorboorlj^jk, ondoordriit« 

KeHjk, /;». impenetrable 

Ondoordriugend, bv» unpe- 

nttrating [posstbte 

Ondoorg.iDkeHJk, fif. im- 

OiidoorKankei^kheid. v. m- 

Oudoorgrondelijk, bv. wn- 

seai enable, impenetrable 
Oodoorgrondeiykheid, v.nn- 

OirdoorkMneliik, bv, in- 

Ondoorlczeo, bv, unperusrd 
Ondoorluchtig. bv. ubscure 
OndoorluchtiKbeid, v. ob- 

Ondooriicbtjo«od, bv, un- 
transparent icitv 

OndoonhUnendheid, v.opa' i 
Ondoomtfafbaar, oiid'>or I 
wprdtelbaar, bv, insuper- 
Oodoorwroet, bv, unsearched 


Ondoorxogt. bv. nnsearehrd 
Oodraagbaar. ondrageiyk, i 

bv. intolerable, intuff^iraOle 
Oadragelljkheid', v. ?««/#" 

Oodriakbaar, iv. not potable 
Oodroog, bv. moist, wet 
Ouducblw. bv, uu/earful 
ODduidelflk, bv. indistinct, 

CO >i fused 
OadHlster, &v.c{«ar 
Oiidnidteriieid, v, clearness 
J>nd«ti«erUjk,Wc/*flW«';. intolerable 
Ondaunaain. bv, peristable 
Oiiduurzdamheid, v, nnper- 

Onecht, 0. ameubinafs 
Onecht, bv. iUegUimate, 

Onechteling, m. bastard 
Onecbtel Jk, 6». iUegUimate- 
Onedel, bv, ignobU r/« 

Onedt held. v. ignobleness 
Onedelmoedjg, bv. ungene- 
rous, base 
Oaeelijk, bv. unmarried 
Oaeeodracbtig. oneeoig. bv. 

ducisrdant, disunited 
held, V. discord * 

ODeendrachtiglijk, bw. dis- 
cordantlp fjereHt 

Ooeenparrg.6r. unequal, dif- 
Oaeenparlgfieid,^. Ineq'uali- 

ty, disparity 
Ooeeot, bw. at variance 
Ooeer, v. dishonour,disgeaee 
Oneerba^r, bv. dishonest, im- 
Oueerbaarbeid, v. dishones- 
ty, immodesty 
Onfeerbaariyk, i.w. dlskonesi- 

Ifft immoaetUy 
Ooeerbiedig, bv. irrrverenl 
OBeerbiedlghcId, v. Urever- 

oJIerbiedlgllJk.Aw. i}r!'Jt?. 
Oneergierig i,v. unambitiout 
Oneerglengheid, v. uuam- 

OneerglerigHjk, bw.unamhi. 

Ooeerigk, 6». 4- bw. disho- 

^onest, dugraee/ul,shaoie- 

fnl, immodest, Uishoneitly, 

ditgraeefuUy "* 

OncerlUkheid, v, dishonesty, 

disgrace, immodesty 
Oneirrwaardig, bv. unrrve- 

rend Irene e 

Ooeerwaardlgheld, r. trrere- 
OueerwatrdigUjk, 6«. uure 

.Onoeraoclitij, bv. intmulous 

ONO 161 

Oneerxuchtlgheld, v. inemu- 

Ooeetbaar, bv. uneatable 
Oneffea, bv. uneven, odd 
Oneffenheld, v.unevenness 
Onelgeo, bv. improper 
Oaeigeub^lig, bv. tfUinteret- 

goeigenheld. v. impropriety 
Oneigenlljk, bv. tm^oper, 
Jlr'^rattvf, mttaptiorieal 
Oneindelijk, bv.^Sw. endless, 
infinite, infinitely 

Oaelndijr, b». infinite 
Oneindlgheld, v. infinitude 
Oaein^mk,bw. infinitely 
OoerflljL bv. not hereditary 
O.iergerlUk, bv, inoffensive 
Onergerlijkheld, v. inoffen- 
oiL'"?*"2 .. {USged • 

Onerkeod, 6». unachnew- 
Onerkenielbk, bv.ungratefnl 

Onerlangd, bv. unobtaimd 
Ouerji^iin,bv. unexperienced 
Onervarcuheid, v. inexperi- 

Oaefea, bv, uneven, odd 
Ouevenmatig, ooeveoredir. 
^bv. di*prowortional ^* 

^f"J"?."»*'*J^» onrven- 
redl:rhell, v. disproportion 

r^aigli^k,bw.aupropoition . 

Onfaalbaar, bv, infaUiUe 
Onfat«oe«l{jk, bv. Ljashion- 

ablt , unmannerly 
Onratsoeul^kbuid, r. unman- 

0»(ei\hzir.l.v, infallible 
Oareilbaarheld, v. infalUbi- 

Onfraui, bv. unhandsome 
Oagaa f, ougaosch, bw, un- 
Oayaafheid, v,uusoundntss 
Oujjaanbaar, 61;. imposs ble 
Ongaar, bv. underdone 
Onjraarne, bv. unwiltinglu 
Ongaiigbaar. 61;. incurrent iahospittSle 
O°;a;tvr0heid, v, Sihoipi- 

•Oagiccepteerd, bi'Zat 
Ongeacbt, bo. diseste^med 
Ungeacht, vw,notwithstand- 

•Oageaddresaeerd, bv. undl- 

•Ongewlrtseerd, bv, j)tM<r* 

'Digitized by VjOOQ It 

l60 OND 

Onderleffffen, «r. lajr vnder, 

OtiderUgging, 9, laying »n- 

deVf uuaerlukiiig 
Onderliggen, w. tie under, 

be wot»tedf be situated in 
OiiderUg^KeF,m. hutk^ tighter 
Ouderliirging, v. lyittg under 
Onderliiig, bv. mutual 
ODderlin){0» bw. mutually 
ODderlip — je, v. underlip 
Oi>dcrloopeii,w. br uwid^jWn 
Oi)derlon[ting, v. iuuudatiou 
<H|flerUjr— je, o. lower part 

of the bud.y 
OhdermaaB8cb, fro^uft/Mnary 
Oiiderme«itt«r, «. ruArr, 

tnrgeon** mate 
Ondermengea, w. intermin- 
gle [gled 
OudermcDgd, dw, inteimin- 
Ondermerk, o. boundery 
Ondermiiiien, «d. undermine 
Oodertuljad, duuundtr mined 
Onderniijoer, m. underminer 
Ondcrmljiiing, v. undermi- 
Ondernemen, w. undertake 
Oudernemei', *n. undertaker 
Ooderneming^ o. uadii ta- 
ODdernomen, dir, undertaken 
Oaderofficier, m. iuhatlern 
Onderpachtt-r, m. subtenant 
Onderpand, o. pltdner 
OaderpaDden w.impignrtrule 
Oaderpapdigg, v. tmpigno- 

Ondcrregter, m. adjutor 
Onderrigtea, w. imtruct, in- 
Ouderrigt, dw. instructed, 

Onderrigter, m. instructor 
Onderrigtiag, v. imtruciion, 

in format ivH 
Oaderroercn,tr. intermix 
Onderrok — Je, m, undercoat, 

Ondertictiatmeester, m, vice- 
Ooderscbeid, o, difference, 

Ooderscbeideni w. dtstin- 

guistt, »eparate,ditce)n 
Ooderscheidea, dw, dntm- 
gntshed, dilferent, diilinct 
Oudemcheideaheid, v. differ- 
Ondcrscbeidenlljk, bw. dif- 
ferently, dtsuncily 
OiidersoUeider, m. dihtin- 

Ond«racheiding, v. distirc- 
livn, discermuent 


Onderscheppen, w. intercept 
Oiiderschepper, m. intercep- 
tor [tion 
Ondcrschepping, V. inlercep- 
Oiidfr(<chept,</«;. inteiceptcd 
Oiiderschikken, w.subttuule, 

place under 
Onderschikklng, i>. sulistitu- 

tiun, subordination 
Onderrichikt,<^w. substituted, 

Oiider>ichout,m. undersheriff 
Ondcrscliragen. IT. support 
Ouder»cltradgd,dio. support- 
Oadersfhrager, m. supporter 
Oiiderticlireven, dw, ^ubtcri- 

Onderschrift, o. subscription 
.Oaderschrijven, w.subscribe^ 

Oiiderschr^jver, maubscriber 
OdderHchry viD^, v. subscrip- 
tion, signature 
Onderspit, o. misfortune 
OudiTritaau, to. undertake,- 

Oiider»iaan,-dio. undertaken 
Ondi-rstaau, o. undertaking, 

aid, assistance 
Ondei-staan, be. be subject, be 
undtr i de oiidersiaande 
reekeiiiug) the account 
hereundi r 
Oiidertitaiid^eld, o. subsidy 
OddcrstHUkli^, bv. suh>idiary 
Ondcrste, ov, undermost; 
iK-t oade^ite boveu, upside 
Oudervteek. m. supplanting; 
ondersieek do«u, to sup- 
Oiiderstekcn, w. intermix, 
pnt under, incorporate, 
Oader^ttkeling, m. suppo- 
sititious child 
Ondersteklng, v, intermix- 
ture, incorporalioH 
Ouderstek, o. g round- stoitjf 
Onderstei, o.fonudation 
Oiiderslellen, to. suppose 
O.ider^teld, dw. suppond 
Ouderstelliiig.t;. supposition, 

Oiidersteuuen, w. support 
Onderstcuiid, lito. supfjorted 
Oiidersteuner, in .supporter 
Oiidersteuniug, v. support 
Otideriittruitiiil, o. support, 


Oiider^troo^iug, v. intcr- 

sjjcrsian [port 

Oud»r«tutt€n, w, //r(>/>, sup- 


Onderstat, dw, supportsd, 
Onderstutter, m. npp'orier 
Onderstutting, v. supporlimg 
Onderf tuUei-, 6. prop 
Ouderstuurmao, m, tee0u4 

Ondertasten, w. enquire int; 

Ondertdst, dw. scrutinized 
Oiidtrtasting, v. scrutiny 
Oiiderteekeueo, *q. subscribe, 

''gn [bed 

Odderteekend, dw. tubseri- 
OuderteekeniDg, v. subscrip- 
tion, signature {pousal 
Ond«rtrouw,tt. contract, eg- 
Oiidertroaweo, te. cqnsracl, 

Oudertrouwd, <ft«. betrotked 
Onderiuascbea, 610. im tkt 

mean time tskort 

Ondervangea, tp. intercept. 
O 'dtr\*ntrea,dw.iniercepte0t 

OndervindeD, w. experience 
Oiidertiadel^ky bv» expert- 

Oudei vioder, m. experieneer 
Oudertiiidili{f, v. experience 
Oiidt:r9oadea, bw.exprrieuced 
OnJervragen, m. examine,im- 

Ondervraagd, dw. examined 
Oodervrd>;er, m. examiner 
OuderWarif?, Lv. tubject 
Oniierwezen.dio. taught 
Ondt-rwege, bw. by the way 
OiiJcrweip— je, o. su'^ect 
Oudcrwerpeu, w, subject, 

subdue, tubthit , 
Oaderwerpiiig, v. tubjectims, 

Onderwind, 0, nnployvntnt 
Oad ruiDdeii, 10. unaerlake 
Oudcrwond^ii, dw, jsnderf- 

OudcrwerpeD, dw. subjected, 

subdued, 'ubmHled 
Oaderworpeabeid, r. «*- 

Onderwijien, bw. meanwhiU 
Oud»rwijs,o. instruction 
O'lderwijzeu, w. insirmet, 

OndiTwijster, v. prere'ptresa 
Oudurwg/cliiig, iM.duci/'/t , 
Ouderuijzer, m. tnstiucior 
Oiid»Twijzinjf, V. f,strnctiom. 
Oiiderz.ial —lic,v.towerro»m 
Oiidei-zaat^ m, subject 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


OabiykbMr, ooblljkelijk, bo. 

unavparent [pareney 

OobUlikhaarbeld, v. unau- 
OoblQkbaarUjk, 6w. unap- 

OoboetvaarcUg, hw. impeni' 

Ouboetraardlgbeld, v. im- 
penitence [nilenlly 
Onboetvaardigltjk, IwAmpe- 
Onbreekbaar, bv. infrangible 
Onbruikbaar, bv, nniervice- 

Oubraikbaarheid, v, unser- 

Onbaiffiyk. oobaifrzaam, bv, 

injleiible, indeclinable 
OnbulgBaambeid, v. in/lexi- 
bility my 

Onbuigzaamliik, bto. in/leni- 
OnbJijbeUch, bv. apocryphal 
Once, V. ounce 
On>ieraad, «. deformity 
Oniiiermk, bv. inelegant 
OncijDtbaar, bv.nntribntary^ 

Oodaad, V. misdeed 
Oodadig, bv. mitdoing 
Oadank. m. discontent 
Ondankbaar, bv, nnerate/ul 
Oodankbaarheid, v. ingrati- 
tude [fully 
ODdankbaarliJk, btOtungrale- 
Oodanks, bto.maugre; zijns 

ondaok*, in spile of him 
Oodeeg. bv. nnwell 
Ondeerlijk, bv, unfair 
ODdeelacbtif, bv, mnparla- 

Ondeelbaar, bv. indivisible 
Ondeelbaarneid, «. indiviti- 

OndeerUjk, bv, unhurtful 
Oiider, vx. under, doum, a* 
mongf during, upon, with: 
coder een, together ; onder 
vier oogeo. uiUhout wii- 
messet ; onder m^, in my 
keeping ; onder aan» uh- 
derneath , van onderen, 
from the bottom, stand out 
0f the way ; onder mal- 
kander, pell-melt , onder 
handen, in hand 
Ooderaardtich, bv, subterra- 
neous, infernal 
Oaderadmiraal, m, vicead- 

Oiiderbaaa, m. pedestal, base, 
f&reman imate 

Ooderbarbler, m. sur grants 
Ouderbed — je, o. mulrets 
Onderbrengen, to. subdue' 
OoderbreD^er, M. subduer 
i>aderbr«agiog| v. conquest 


Onderbroek — je, v. drawers 
Onderbaigen, w, submit 
OnderbuHc, m. abdomen 
consul iday 

Onderdaags, bw. the other 
Ooderdaan, bv. subject, sub- 
missive, obedient - 
Ouderdanigheid, v. submis- 
sion, bbtdienee 
Onderdaoiglijk, bw. submis- 
sively [uHtrden 
Onderdeken , m . subaean,snb- 
Onderdeken — tje, v. under- 

Onderdoen, w. knock under 
Onderdompelen, to. submerge 
Onderdompeling, v. submer- 
Onderdrnkken, w. oppress, 

Onderdrukker, n». oppressor 
Onderdrukking, v.oppression 
Otuierdrakt, aw. oppressed 
Oiiderdaiken, IT. dioe 
Oiiderduweu, w. thrust down 
Ondergaan, w. undergo ; 

sink, go down 
Ondergaan, dw. undergone 
Oudergang,m. dvwnful, ruin, 

deslruetion, setting 
Onderrebouw, o. lower 

Ondergebogen, dw.submitt€d 
Onder;<ebragt, dw. subdued 
Oudergfdompjcld, dto. sub- 
Ondergedoken, dw. dived 
Oodergeduwd, dw. thrust 
down [down 

Ondergegaan. dw. set, gone 
Ondergehaalai dw. pulled 
down {down 

Ondergchouden. dw. kept 
Oudcrgelegd, dw. laid under 
Ondergelegen,(/io. tain under 
Oiiderge loopett,(/io.«v<'r/7uton 
Ondergeroerd, dto. in(<^fnJx- 
ed [dencritten 

Ondergeschreveni dir. ttn- 
Ondergestoken, dw. 4- bv. 
supposititious {spersed 
Ondergestrooid, dto. inter- 
Ondergewas, o. subcrescenee 
Ondergezet. (/to. /aid unda- 
Ondergraafl m. viscount 
OnJergraat — groef — gra- 
vundc-graveu, undermine 
Ondergraaf«cbap, o. vis- 
county [ued 
Oadergraven, <fto. undermi- 
Ondergraver, m. nnderiHiner 
Ondergravin, v. viscountess 
Onderj^raviug. v. undermi' 

ONB 159 

Onderlialen, w, undertint, 
overtake ioverlaken 

Ooderbaald, tfio. underlined, 
Onflerhalen,io.7>M/i under 
Onderhaudelen, «r. treat, no. 

Onder h$ndeid,cho. negotiated 
Onderhaudeling, v, treaty , 

Ouderher ig .bv.snbJFctJiabh 
Onderbcvi^heid, v. liablenesa 
Oiiderbebbend, bv. -subordi- 
Onderhemd, — Je.o. undet' 

shiit or shift 
Onderhoufdman, onderhop- 

man, m. lieutenant 
Onderhoorig, bv, snbjeet, 
snburdinate [nation 

Onderhoorigbvid, i;. subordi- 
Ooderhoud,. o. maintenance, 
support, converstUion, dis- 
Onderbooden, to. support, 
maintain, keep in repair, 
Ouderhouden, to. keopunder, 

Ondfrhoader,m, mainlalner 
Onderhoudiog, v. mainto. 

nance, enltttainment 
Onderhuit — Je,o. tower part 

of a house, basement story 
Onderkam, v giU 
Oiiderkancelier, m.vieeckan* 

Oudcrkaptein, m. lieutenant 
Onderkenaen, to. discern 
Ouderkend, oto. discerned 
Onderkeurs — je, v. under- 
petticoat {chin 

Onderkin — nelje, r. double- 
Oiiderkleed, o. undergarmeni 
Oudefkok, m. cook's mule 
Ouderkonlng. m. viceroy 
Oiidcrkoiiingin, v. viceqneen 
Onderkonlugiicbap, o, vie^ 

Onderkoopman, m. undor- 

factor, junior merchant 
Ouderkous — je, v, under- 
stocking [ed 
Oiiderkropen, dw. supplant- 
Ondcrkrulpen, w, supplant, 

Ouderkruipi'r,m. supplanter 
Onderkruiping, ». supplant' 

Onderlaai^, v. downfall, de- 
feat, lower tier, concubine 
Onderlaten,io. omit, inter in il 
Onderlatcn, dw. omitted 
Ondermveitter, w. subpre- 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

158 ONB 

OabMpot, b». uureplled 
Oabeapratkt. 6v. imetoquent 
OnbMpraaktbeid, v. intlo- 

quence [ltd 

Oabeiprenkt, (v. nnsprtnk- 
Oubesproeid, bv. umwatered 
ODbe«|>rukt;n, bv. blameteit, 

mnberpoke led 

•obesproQffen, iv. nnallack- 
Oobetftaaniljk, bv, iucomU- 

OnbestandifTf bv. inconstant 
Oobestied, hv. UHtxpeuded, 

mnplactd unordered 

Onbesteld, bv. nndeliveredf 
Onbettemd, bv. unappoiuteU 
Onbestendiff, bvh nnttabUf 

Onbestendigbeid, r. intlabi- 

liljf, iuconslanee 
Odbesteodigiijk, bvt, unsla- 

blp, inetmsianllg 
OnbeiUerbaar, bv. nnmana- 

OatjMBttierd, bv. nnmanaged 
Oobestornid, bv. unMlormed 
Onbentraald, bv. unentigk- 

Oabestraat. bv. unpaved 
Oabe«traAijk. bv. blainrle$$ 
Oubestraflijkheid, v. blamt- 

Onbeiitraft, bv. unrensured 
Ottbestredeni bv. uneneonn' 

ttred [ed 

QNibestreken, bv. nnplaitler' 
Qobestrooid, bv. nntirewit 
0iibe«uiiid, bv. tatk. Mare- 
Onbe«uiidelHk, bw. rathly 
Ou)»e>U!sdl>eid, v. ims/mett 
Qabetaalbaar, be. unpajfoble, 

Onbetauld, bv. unpaid 
Oabeuniclgk, bv. iudecent, 

unbecoming, undue, umea- 

Oabetamelijkheid, «. indc- 

eence, UHitOiOnablenets 
Onbeteuid, bv. untamed 
Qobcteugeldheid, v. unreM- 

Oabeteuterd, bv. resolute, 

undaunted [nets 

Oabeteuterdheid, v.rtinlutc- 
OjibetteUt, bv. unaceufcd 
Onbetlmroerd, b». unbuilt 
Ctabetoord, bv. undemon- 

ttrated: iatrabU 

OnbetoogUjk, bv. undemon- 
Oahetooind, ov. unbridled 
Oubetoomdbeld, v. licenti- 



Oobetoond, bv. untkewn 
Onbetoverd, bv. umenehanted 
Oiibetracht, bv. unt$saytd 
Onbetrapt, bv. untrodden, 

Onbetreden, hv. untrodden 
Onbetreard, bv. unlamented 
Onbetrokkeii, bv.uot drawn 

upon, clear, uncloudtd 
Onbetrouwd, hv. uncowfided 
Oiibeiuigd, 6v. unatutled 
Oabetwiiit bv. uHdltpultd 
Oubetwitftelijk, bv. indispu- 

OnbetwisteHjkbdd, v. indis- 

pulabteness [gable 

Oiibevaarbaar, bv. uunavi- 
Oitbevaren, bv, unexploied, 
' unexperienced 
Oabevallig. bv. ungraceful 
Onbevaliigbeid, v. ungrace- 

fulness [fully 

Oiibevallifflijk, bu>. ungrace- 
OnbevatiA;;. uncomprehended 
Onbevatlellljk, bw. inconceie 

able [prehensibility 

Onbevattelijkbeid, v. incom- 
OubeTe8ligd.''V. unconfirmed 
Oubevlekt, bv. unspotted 
Oiibeviektheid, r. purity 
Oobevoegd. bv. incompetent 
Oubevoegdheid, v. tncoi/i- 

potenct [lered 

Oiibevochten, bv. uneneoun- 
Oubevochtigd, bv, uumois 

O abevo ten, bv,nneom manded 
Onbevolkt, bv. uninhabited 
Oabevoorregt, bv, unj,rivi' 

Oaberormd, bv. unformed 
0.ibe\r4st, t»v. umhartered 
Oabevredigd,J^«. unappeated 
Oabe\teeHd,btt. undaunted 
Oitbetreesdei^k, bw, un- 

dauntedly l««4« 

Oaberree^dheid, v, fearless- 
Oubevriesbaar, bv. uncon- 

Oobevroed, bv. unpereeived 
Onbevroedelijk, be, unper- 

ceivable [dent 

Onberroedzaam. bv, impru- 
Oiibevroedzauoibeid, v, im- 

Oabevrordzaaml^k, 6w. im- 
prudently ' 
Oubevrorcii, onbevrozeo, bv, 

Oabevrucbt.6v. not pregnant 
Onbevrijd, bv. unfrred 
Oiibewaukt, bt. unguarded 
Onbewaard, bv. unpreserved 
Qubewald, ^r. unwaUid 


Onbewandeld, hv, mnfrt- 

Onbejvaterd^ bv. nnwatered 
Onbewejrelijk. hv.immovahU 
Oiibewegelijkjieid, V. mmm- 

Oobeweeod, bv, unwept 
Oiibeweenlijk, bv. unUmem- 

Oabeweerd, bv. nudrftnded 
Onbewerkt, bv. unutrougkt 
Oiibewiiligd. bv. unconsented 
Oabewimpeld, bv, undit- . 

Oobewimpeldheid, v. op<»> 

Oiibewogeo. bv. unmoved 
Onbewolkr, bv. unclouded 
Onbewooobaar, onbewooo* 

lijk, bv. uniukabitdMe 
OnbewQpnd, bv. uninkahtted 
Oiibewrogt, 60. unwrougkt 
Onbewust, bv. unacquatnttdf 

ignorant, uuknonvn 
Onoewiisthefd. v. ignorance 
Oabewjjslijk, bv, unprovable ' 
Onbezaaid, bv, unsowu 
Onbezadigd, bv. unappeased, 

un staid 
Oabezadigdbeld, v. keedkm- 

Onbezeerd, bv. unhurt 
Onbezegeld, bv, unsealed 
Oobezec, bv, unbeset, ■»> 

guarded, ungarrisoned 
Oobezleld, A«. inanimate 
Oobeziea, oabezigUgi^ bv, 

Onbeziod, bv. nnconeidered 
Onbczoedeld, bv. undefiUd 
Oobezogt, bv. unfrequented, 

Oiibezoldigd, bv. unpaid 
Oii!)ez3niieu, 6r. incmuide' 
^ rate [deratenets 

Onbezonnenheidf ». inconei- 
Onbezorgd,6w. reekUts^eart' 

Onbetorgdelijkfbv, carelessly 
Oabezorgdbeid, r. caruless^ 

ness y 

Onbexwaard, bv,unbnrtkene4 
Oubezwangerd, bv, unun- 

Onbezwekea, bv, unskaken 
Oabezweet, bv. not sweaty 
Oobczwjjkbaar, onbezwQk- 

lijk, bo. unmoveable 
OnbccwykelUkhcid, 9. sUad- 

Oabeivroren,bv. unsworn 
Onhillijk, bv. unjust 
Onhiilijkheid, v. iinusilce 
Onbloedig, bv. unltoody 
Oabondig, 6r. inefe<imak 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


Onbekeerd , bv. unconverted 
Onbekeerdheid, v. unconver- 
sion lobslinale 

ODbekeerliJk,Ai>. impenitent, 
Onbekeeriijkheid, v. impeni- 
tence, obttinaey 
Oobekend, bv. unknown 
Onbekendbeid, v. obscurity , 
Onbekl-aagd. bv. unlamented ^ 
Oubekiageiyki bv. not to be 

Onbeklad, bv. unstained 
Onbeklapt, bv. unbetrayed 
Oabckleed, bv. uninvested 
Onbckliiumelijk, 61;. viacces- 


Onbekommerdheld, v. uncon- 
cern ■ [ble 
Onbekoracn)k,:6v. unatiaiua- 
Oohckoorllik,hv. inaltraclive 
Onbekracbiigd, bv.uucoujir- 

OobekreoDd. bv. unconcerned 
O.obekrorapeu/'tf. uncovjined 
O'nbekrornpenlieid, V. Ulura- 

littf, largenest 
Onbekwaam. 61;. incapable 
Oabekwaainheid^f . incapaci' 

Onbekwamelijk, 6tf. unjittly 
Oiibeladen, 6r. uuloadtd 
Onbelacbiyk, bv. not ridicu- 
Onbflatit, bv. unburthentd, 
untaxed, unloaded, unchar- 
Oabeledc-ii, bv. unconfessed 
Onbeleedigd, 6«. unhurt, un- 

Oooeleefd, bv. unelcil 
Oubeleefdeliik, bvo, uncivilly 
Onbeleef<iheid, v. incivility 
Onbeleeiid, bv. unmortgaged 
Onbclezen, bv. unlearned 
Oubelegerd, bv. unheseiged 
Onbeli-miovrd, bv, unencum- 
bered lne»s 
Oubelemmerdheid, v. free- 
Onbelet, bv. unhindired 
ODbelicbgaamd, bv. incorpo- 
Onbeloerd, bv. nnwatched 
Oabelommerd, bv. unshaded 
Oubclogen, bv. nntlavdered 
Onbeloond, bv. unrewarded 
Onbelu»t, bv. undesirout 
Onb«lu8theid, v. tcaal of de- 
Onbema^tigd, bv.unsubdued, 

Oubemandy bv. unmanntd 


Onheittiiid, bv. nnheloved 
Onlieminuelijk.fry. nuamiable 
Oribeiuur«t, ^v. vnsoUed 
OabeiuiDird, bv.unwalled 
Oabeiiaar^itigd, bv. unattend- 
ed to [ted 
Oiibenaast, bv, unappro/jria- 
Oabenadeeld, bv. unprejw 
■• diced [bte 
Onbenemeiijk,6i>. undepriva- 
Oubeuuveld, bv. utuli/uded, 

Onbeiieveldheid, v. cleamesa 
Oiibenoeiiid, bv. unnamed 
Oabenijd, bv. unenvied 
Onbepaald, bv. unlimited,- 

indeAuitt; injinitive 

edly, indejuiitely 
Onbei<aaldbt id, vi unbound- 

ediitas, iudiJi'tilenefS 
Oiibept-ild, l>v. uiifai homed 
Oabepiant. bv, unptanted, 

Onbepleit, bv. unpleaded 
Otibepl')egJ, bv. untitled 
Oiibepluiitid, bv. unfledged 
Onbeproefd, bv. untriid 
OuberaJen, oiiberaadza^m, 

bv. inconsiderate 
Oabcreileu, bv. uubacbid 
Oubertid, bv. unready, un- 

pn pared, undresied, raw 
OobereidbeUl, r. unprepared' 

Onbereikbaar, onberelkelUk> 

bo. nuatlainabte 
Onbcreikt, bv. nnattained 
Oiibereiabaar, bv. iaipiacti- 

cable ' 
Oiibereisd, bv. untravelled 
Oiiiierigt, bv. uninformed 
Onberi-pelijk, bv. irrtpre- 
hensit'le [lesstteea 

Ooberispelijkheid, v. blame- 
Oiibeii'^pt, bo. unblamed 
Otiberurmd, 61;. unreiiowncd 
Ouberocmdueid, v. ob^cnrily 
Oaueroerit, bo. unmoved 
Oiiberoerlijk, bv. immovable 
OaberoofJ, 00. undeprived; 
ouberoofJe uieekrap, om- 
hio ma<iaer 
Ouberookt, bv. unsmoked 
Onberoiiw, v. iiupeuilenct 
Otiuerouwelijk, bv. not to be 

OnberoHwlg^At;. impenitent 
Onberuci»i, bv.unretiotvned 
OD»enichtb('id, v. vbtcurily 
Oubescbdald, bv. tude, t»»- 

po tithed, uHcivilized 
Oub«6cUaafdeUjk, bw, rudely 

ONB 157 . 

Oobeschadfdheidt v.rudenete, 

Onbeschaamd, bv, skameteu 
Oiiiie.ochaamdelijk, btv. 

shaihftfsUy "- [dene4 

Oiibekchaanulbeld. v. impn-. 
Onbeitcbanst, bv.unfottUied 
Onbescheid, 0. indiscreiion. 
Oiibe^cheiden, bv.inditereet, 

confused, uninvited 
OnbescheideDheid, v. indis' 

Onbe^cheideniyk, Aw. indie- 

crettiy, confusedly 
Onbeiicbimmeld, bv. M»t 

Onbexcboft, bv. 6lumt, rude. 

UHcoHth. unwieldy . 
Oabe«chorteiyk, bv. rudely, 

uncoil I hlv 
Onbeschoftheid, v. fudeneee. 

Oiibt-Hchonken. bv. sober ~ 
Oube:ichonkeniieid» c eobri^ 

Onbe8choren,'6t;. unshorn 
Oiibeschreven, bo. undeecrt- 

bcd, unwritten, unsnm' 

Onbe^chreid, bv. unwept 
. OHbeAchroomd,bv.uniiaunted • 
Oiibebcbroomdelijk, bw. bold- 

i» (nes* 

Oabeschroomdheld, v. bold- 
Oubeschrijfl^k, bo. inexpret- 

•uble [sfd 

OnbeKchnldlgd, bv. uuaeeu- 
On!,e^ohitt, Ov. unprotected 
Oabencffeiijk, bv. incomprt' 

Onbesetfeiijkheid, v. ineom- 

Oiibeslapen, bv. undrflonred 
Onb<i:»lagcii, bv. uuseixed, 

Onbe-list, bv. nndrtetmined 
Uube-<loicii, bv. unconcluded, 

un walled 
Onbesiiiet. bv. undefiled. Kit- 

infected, unspotted 
Oabe:i»ietteiljk, bv. unin- 
fect to us 
Oiibesraettelijkheid, v. unln- 

Onb4>!inieurd, onbesmud, bv. 

unsoiltd [deeir 

On'>esneden, bv. uncircnm- 
Oiibesnedeubeid, v. uHctr- 

cumciiii n 
Oabesnoeid. bv. nnprvned 

Oiiberipaard, bv. nmpared 


0(ibe»pie<<, bv. uuetpied 

Oube*i>oii\d,bv, unwuthed 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

156 ONB 

Ooaannemelijkheid, v. inere- 

dibilUy I 

Onaansprekelijk, hv. not to 
be spoken tn, not anstDeralle 
Onaanstotelijklield, v. inof- 
fentivenetsi [al-le 

OBaauzienliik.ftv. {nconstdtr- 
Onaanzieniijkheld, v. iucon- 

Onaardig, bv. ungentlr, nn- 
handiome, intlegani ,slnpid 
Onaardlghefd, v. tnelrgancr 
Onaardlglijk.frw. inelegantly 
Oirachtbaar, 6v. Hnrevereud 
Onachtbaarheid, v. unreve- 

Onachtzaam. hv. careless 
Onacbuaamheid, ». careless- 
nss$ m [/y 

Onacbtzaainlijk, bw. eareltts- 
ODadelljk, bv. unuofUe 
^Onafbetaald, bv. vvpaid 
Onafbiddelljk,|/>«. i»exorable 
Onafi^ebrand, bo. uM6tii-n/ 
Oaafi^ebroken, bv. uninter- 
Onafi^edaan, bv. unfinished 
Onafgedankti bv, undisbund- 

Onafpeladen, Av. not shipped 
Ooargvlezen, bv. unproclaim- 



unrelieved [nae 

Onafjfepaald, bv. indetermi- 

Onaf^epliikt, 61;. uv gathered 

Onan(e8leten,&i;.»o/iiror» out 

Ooaij^esnedf^, bv. not cut of 

- Onaf^etrokken, bv. uwh- 

straeted, undeducted 

Onafhanglijk -hanklijk, bv. 

OaafiiangUjkheid -haDkelijk- 

heid, V. independence 
Onaflosselijk, 61;. unredeema- 
- Onnfknetelijk, bv. immeasur- 
able {sity 
Onafmetelijkheid, v. immen- 
Oaafscheid«l|jk,<'t>. instpam- 
ble [sep<trabil>ty 
Onafscbeidelijkbeid, v. in- 
Oaafzienbaar, bv. viewless 
Onarbeidzaam, bv. indolent 
Onarbeidzaamlieid, v. indo- 
lence [hntly 
Onarbeidzaamlijk, bv. indo- 
Onarglistigheld.v. simplicity 
Onh^9.rdlg. bv. beardlfss 
Oobaatzucutiflr, Av. disinter- 
ested X 
Oobaatzticbtlglield, v. disiu- 


Onbandig, hv. unruly 
Onbandisrheid, v. unruliness 
OnbandigMjk, buy. unrnlily 
Qiibarmbarti^, bo. uutmerri- 
fi.l \cifnlnns 

OiibarmhartTjfheid.r. unmer- 
Oiibarmhaniglijk.'.v. unmer- 

Onbe.ingst — igd, bv. vnnp- 

paVed [swered 

Oitheintwnord, bv. unan- 
Onbeantwnordeliik, bv. i»n- 

Onhemeid, bw. undabnrate 
Oiibebaaiid, bv. nn'rodden 
Onbt'bloed, bv.nnl'liody 
Oiibebouwd, bv. unlilled, un- 

built ^ 

Onbrdaagd. hv. not old 
Onbeda-agdheld, v. ynuth 
Oiibeddard, bv. i'mpalientf 

wild •> 

Onbed'iardheid, v, impa- 
tience, agitation 
Onbedacbt, hv. unthinhingf 

rush [deralely 

Onbedachtelijk, bv. inconsi- 
Oiibcctacbthc-id— zaaraheidjO. 

inroiisidfraleness, rashness 
Oiibedachtzaam. bv. iacomi- 

derate ' 

8obedeesd, '»p. dauntless 
nbedeesdeiijkjbto. intrepid' 

Oiibrd) kl,/7t> nnrvve red, open 
OnbedrkU lijk, hw. openly 
Uiibtdektbtid, v. openness, 


nbl' , immeiHorial 
Onbed^nkelijkheid, v. incon- 

cnv if Ui)e»s [hie 

Oiibederrtiik, bv, incorrvptt- 
Oubedild.ii;. uncensured 
Onbcdoiigen, bv. uncondi- 

On'nd')Tven,hv. undamaged 
Onbedreven, '-V- unerpmen- 

cnl,uni,kiti'ul, uncommitted 
Onb(^drevenheid, V. inexperi- 
Onbedrleglijk, 61;. ii^allihU, 

Onh*drie?lijkheld, v. infat- 

tihiliitt, nncerity 
Oiibeilrogen, hv. not deceived 
Onl)ediiclit. I>v. unfearing 
Oitbed'ichtbeid, v. confidence 
Oiibeduid, bo. undemanstra- 

Oabt-duldeHJk, bv. inerplica- 

hie, insign>ficnnt 
0nb«>dnidelij'khe«d, v. inex- 
^ plicableness, instgnifieance 


Onbedwelmd, bv. cleetr 
Oiihedwelmdheid,v. deamess 

nnruly, invincible 
Oiibcdwinglijkheid, v. kb- 

Onbedwnngen, bv. untamed 
Oiibedijkt, Int. rinembfinked 
Onbreedigd, hp. unsworn 
Oitbefanmd, hr. unrenoumed 
Oiib«raamdheid, v. o>seurilf 
Oiibe^^aard. bv. ungi/ted 
Oiibega^rdheid, v. tiirapadty 
Oubegaan,A». untrodden,u*- 

rom milted 
Oiibegaugen, bv, untfoddeu 
Onbe!ran>j:lijk, bv. impansabk 
Onbegeerd,bv. unilesired 
Onbe^eerlffj bw. uncov^aua 
Onbe?e« rHjk,bv. Undesirable, 

nudes ir in z 
ODbegeerKjkheid, v, nndetir- 

iibleness. nndestringness 
Onbe/eerte, v. listlessness 
Oiibegeven, l-v. vndisposedof 
Onbegenidigd, bo. ungraeed 
Oi)begifii}>:d, bv. unendowed 
Onbf gonneo, bv. uuconuuu- 

Onbegotcn, hv. unwatered 
Onbi-graven, bv. unburied 
Oiibegrepen, bv. exclusive 
Otibei;ren«dy bv, unlimited 
Oiibegroet, hv, unsatuted 
Onbesfroot, bv. nncomputed 
Onbegriiplijk, bv. incomprt- 

heusible n 

Onbegriiplijkbeid, v. imc9»- 

OitbHbaaglijk, bo. unpleasiug 
Oiibehaaglijkiieid,v. umplemt- 


Onbebandelbaar, bv, «u»a«- 

Onbehandeld, hv,'unhandled 
Oitbt>hHndi)(d.'>o. undelivered 
Oiibehangen,bo. unhung, mii* 

OiibehelpzaaiD* bv, unhelpfwil 
Oiibehendfg. hv. unhandy 
Ojibehendigheid, v, unhaudi- 

nrss lly 

Onbeh^adiglijk,'>«v. unhand:- 
Oiibeboeltig, bv.un'distresstd 
Oiil^hoorljjk, bv, improper, 

Onbe'ioorlijkheM, «. impn- 

pri-^ty , indccence, injustice 
Onbehbuwen, bv, uuhtwa, 

uitmnnnerli/ [ed 

Oiibehuixraad,b«. un/umuh- 
Onbeiaard, bv. young 
Onbetaardheid, v. youth 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


Omsebantt, dto.foriifitd 
Omschanzing, v. Hreumval- 

Omschenen, dw. irradiated 
Omechomroelen,t«.*/it about 
Oottchoppen, ip. kickduvjn 
Omtchreven, dtc. iummontdf 

Omschrirt, *. exergue 
Omtcbrijveii, tr. periphratf, 
write round, SH/nmonf cir- 
Omscbrijvin;,o. eireumlocu- 

tion. ctreuiHScription 
Omschudden, 10. shake to- 
Omschijnen, w. irradiate 
Omachijning, v. irrudialion 
OiUriingelen, turrvund 
Omsiugeld, dw. iurroundtd 
Ooitingeliog, v. eHCompast 

tug . 
Omslaan, to. heat doion,over' 
throw, turn up, fare, turn, 
tnrn over, Ihr-.w on, put on, 
overturn, hem, ovtrtet 
Oiuslag — je, M. hem, cover, 
case, Ivrninf, facing, ap- 

furtenancefiroubte, encum- 
ranee, estmiate 
Omsllngeren, w. swing about 
Omslingering, v. swinging 
OiDsoiakkeii, umsmijten, w, 

east down, overturn 
Omsmyting, v. overthrow 
Omspitteu, w. dig up 
Onispiuer, m. dniver 
OmcpilUng, V. digging up 
Omspoelea,t0. wath, rinse 
Oaispoeliag, v. washiHg,rin- 

sing ' 
Oatpraak, v. clrcumloculion 
OiDbprakelijk, bv, eircumlo- 

Omcpringen, w. tump abont,- 

laat tnij 'er mee omsprin* 

geok iei me manage il 
OiDstaan, 10. stand about 
Omstaaiuler onisitander, m. 

OmBiaodig, bv. eircumttan- 

lial [stance 

Omstaudigheid, v. ctrcum- 
Omstandigiijk, 610. circum- 

Oin«toten,io. over throw, over- 
turn, frustrate, subvert 
Omstotelijkj bv. tubveriible 
OmttoUngy V, subversion 
Omttorteu, if. ovtrturn 
Omstortiugf v. overturning 
Oin8tulp«u» t0. turn upside 

- Omttmmeren, w. build round 
OffiUaidterd, att . built round 


Omtrek— Je. m. compasi, eir- 

cumfermee, eotitonr 
Omtrekken, w. pnlt down, 
March about, encompass, 
Offitre nt, bw. about, near, al- 
most, rehpeeiihg with re- 
gard to Ibout 
OmiroDimelen, 10. drum a- 
Omtronipetten, w. trumpet 

Ototaimelen, w. tumble down 
Omtniiiieling, v. foiling down 
Oaituinen, 10. inipar ft, enclose 
Omtuiiid, dw. impnrked 
Omtuining.v. enclosure 
Oiiivaarder, mi. circumnavi- 
gator circumnavigate 
Omvaring — vaart, t>. cir. 

Omvadeinen, w. fathom about 
Oiiivai -letiv.'n -failing down 
Omralli-n, w. fall down 
Omvang, >/<• compass 
Omvaogeit, w. encompasM 
Oiuvan.ifeii, dw. encompassed 
Omvaiten, w. embrace 
Ouivcr— re, bw. down 
Omvliei;eD, to. circumvolate 
Omvloegeu, w. ftuw round 
Oiiivloeijiiig,t'. cireumfiuence 
Onivoeren, w. carry about 
Omvoering, v. eircnmvection 
Oiuvouweii, w.fuld round 
O.iivra-ag, ». question 
Omwaaijen, w. btmo down 
Omwaaijiug, v.btowing down 
Oiuwrfileiit w.circnmmure 
Oiuwald. dw. circnmmured 
Oinwandelen, to. circumam- 
Omwandelingf v. eircumam' 

Omwaterd, bv. tmrrouuded 

with water 
Ooiweg —ye., m. way about, 
compass, subterfuge, elr- 
Omwelid, bv. vaulted 
Omweiiden, ip. turn, luck 
Oiuweiiding, v. turn, lack 
Omweuteltii, 10. turn 
Oiuvventeliiig, v. revolution 
Omwerpeii, 10. overturn, turn 

ovr, oversit, throw down 
■Omwerpuig, 0. overthrowing 
Ouwtuiien,i0. envelop,inwrap 
Oinwiading, v. enveloping 
Oiuwiiidsel, 0. cover, wiapprr 
Oiuwoiideu, dw. wiapped np 
Oiuwuuertf, 010. circuiHJaceut 
" lunabitantB 

Oinwoaiiig, v. eircumjaeeney 
Oaiwroeteu, ip« root up 

ONA 155 

Omxeoden, 10. send about 
OmzendlDg, 0. sending about- 
Oin^etteo, 10. turn about, »t« 

round f turn, border 
Omzien, w. look ahoul, regard 
Omzigtig, ^«. circumspect 
Omzigtigheidi v. circum*pe»' 
tton Ispeettp 

OmzigtigHjk, 610. cireum" 
Omzwaaijen, 10. swiug round 
Omzwaaijiiig, v. swinging 

Omzwachtelen, 10. swaddit 
Omzwachteld, cit0. swaddUd 
Om^weeven, 10. hover round 
Oiiizweiik«n,t0. wheel, tnm 
Ooizweiikina:, v. wheeling a- 

Omiwerven , 10. wander a&onf 
Omzwervlt^g, v. ramble, cir- 

Omzwikken, 10. lam round, 

wrench, spraiis 
OnaaubiUdelUk, bv. unador^- 

Ooaandacbtig.frv. inattentive 
Otiaandachtigliei'J, «. inat- 
Onaaadachtigl^k, hw. tii«/- 
tentiveiy inata 

Onajngeboren, bv. not in- 
Oiiaangegrepen, bv. unseixtd 
Onaaugeklaagd^<<0. uiw>ec»- 

Ouaaiigekleed, hv.uudrested 
Oiiaangelegen, bv. unimpor- 
tant [porlane* 
Onaangelegenheid, v. unim- 
Onaaag«nurkt,~^v. unt^sar- 

ved'unl withstanding 
OnaaDgenaani,6«. disagrees- * 

OaaaDgeaaamheid, r. distt^ 

Onaaagcuaamlljk, frv. disa- 
greeably \,ed 
Onaao4t:ra»kt,frv. untouched 
Ouiaiigeciiud, bo. unallaeked 
Oiiaangeroepea, bv,nninvi^ 

Oudangeroerd,bv. nntoueked 
Onaaiigejicbouwd, 69. liiifrf 

Onaange^^lagen, bv. unseixed 
Oiiaaiigevocaieii/ ^v. mnaf 

Onaangetast, bv, nntoueked 
OaaaDge£i«n, bv. 4- bw. uar«- 

gardid, notwithstanding 
0»A»ageioc\it, ttv.unsolictted 
Ouaautiierkel^k, bv, incvnsi- 

OaaanuemelUk,6». unacc^t-^ 

ablef incredi^te 

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OmgehMild, dw. jmlled down 
Oi f ebaktfOBf ebouwen, dw. 

fetUd llogHker 

Omfehutseld. dw. huddled 
4joif uaagd, dw. driven abovt 
OoigtlLaMUt, dw. lp$%ed back 
OBfekant, dw. overset 
Ouncekeerd, omgekenterd, 

dw. omerlnruedf mined 
Omgeklonken, dw. riveited 
omgekof t, dw, bribed, eor- 

Ongekomen, dw, killed 
Oaigf kronid, dw, beni round 
Omgekraid,dw.howked about 
Oingelegeu,(li0. circumjacent 
OmgeleKd, dw, bordered 
Oag«ieid. dw. eircHmdnced 
Omgenaaid, dw. bordered 
Omgeredeo, dw. ridden 

OmgiireitA,dw.travelled over 
Omgeroepen, dw. cried 
Omgeroerd, dw. stirred 
OmgeBchommeld, dwMirred 

Omgevrhud, dw. shaken 

turned up [about 

Omgeiinngerd, dw. swung 
Oiugesmakt, omgetmeteo, 
, dw. overlkroWHf thrown 

OmgeiipU, dw. dug vp 
Otmgespoeld, dw, washed. 

Omgettoten* dw. overthrown 
Omgestort, dw, overturned 
Omgestulpt, dw. turned over 
Oaigetrokken, dw. pulled 

down, theiched 
Omgetrommeld, dw, drum- 
med about [about 
Oogetrompet, dw,truuipeted 
OfflgeluimelJ, dw. tumbled 

down [vigated 

Qmgevareii, dw. circumua- 
(Imgevademd, dw. Jothomed 
Omgev»Ui:u,dw./oileu down, 

overth%6wn, overset 
Oiugevat, dw. embraced 
Omgevoerd, dw. carried 

about [round 

Ooigevoowen, dw. folded 
Omgewaakl, dw, blown down 
Qmgewandeld, dw. perom- 

buiaud [ed 

Omgeweod, dw. turned. lath' 
Otageneauihi, dw. lurntU 
Ongewoudeu, aw. enveloped 

8 Omgtwor i)ea,aw,overlhruWH 
nigewroet, aw. rooted up 
mgezet, dw, turned, for- 


Omgnondeir, dw. stnt about 
Omgczwaaid, dw. *wung 

round [rouiut 

Onigezwenkty dw. wheeled 
Ouigczwikt, dw, wrenched, 

Oinrezworvea,di0. wandered 

Onigooijen, w, overturn 
Omgorueo, w, gird 
Omgord, dw. girt 
Ooigraven, w. intrench, cir- 

eumvallate, dig up 
Omgraveoy dw, circii«tMi<- 

lated [lion 

Ooigraving, v. eireumvalla- 
Omgrepea, dw, compassed 
Owmrijpen,w. compass, clasp 
Omhaien, w, pnll down 
Omhaliag, v. pulling down 
OmliakkeD. w.fell, cut down 
OmhakkiDg, v. culling down 
Omhangen, w. cireumpend, 

put on, hang round, en- 
Oiubangeo, dw. hung round 
Omhanging, v. envetopement 
Oniliaugrok. v. loose great- 

coat [about 

Omheen, bw, about, there- 
Ombeineii, w, encircle, hedge 
Ombeind, dw. encircled 
Omlieining, v. inclosure 
Omhelzcn, w. embrace 
OnibeUd, dw, embraced 
Dmh«lziug, v, embrace 
Ombong, ow.alojl, oh high 
Ombouwen, w. cut down 
OmYioviWinifV. cutting down 
OuihuiseleDy w, loss about, 

•Oiiii.^eie, V. omission 
•Omitteeren, w. omit 
Omjagen, w. drive about 
Omkaauea, w. toss bach 
Omkanten, w. overset 
Omkeer, m. <«ni, turning 
Omkeeren, w. turn oboui, 

overturn, subvert, turn 
Omkcerinjir, v. subversion 
Oitikvuteren, w. overturn 
Omkieed, o. surplice^ surtout 
Oiiikleedeii, w, clothe 
Omkleed, dw. clothed 
Omkliiiken^ w. rivet 
OmkliDkiiig, V. rivetting 
Omkomen, w. come about, 

coute round, be killed 
Omkoopen, w. bribe, corrupt 
Oinkooper, m. briber, subor- 
Oiiikooping, r. subornation, 

Omkoopster, v. corruplres* 
Oaikrcdts, v. circuit 


Omkriog, m. compttf «ir- 

cult, circumference 
OmkrommeD, w, bend rommd 
OmkroHeQ, to. whool roumdp 

hawh tbout 
Omkyken, w. Uoh fund, 

attend to 
Omlaagy bw, below, domn, 

down stairs i na omltaf, 

Omleggea, to. turn,edre,deat 
Omlegtel, «. edging, border 
Omliggea, w. be overset, ^ 
' overthrown, lie round 
Omllggend, 6*. eireumfoeeitt 
Om leiden, to. circumduct 
Omleidiag, v. eircMmduetion 
Omlbop, m, revolution, cif 

eulation,, eireumrotatiom, 

battlement, gallery, bateomg 
OmIoopeD. to. eireulate, to- 

volve, turn round, tmm 

round, veer 
Omiooper, m, pedUtr 
Om looping. V. eirculatiom, 

Omme, see Om 
Ommegang, m. protes$ltm, 

conversation, batttemtemts, 

•mmelanden, mv. ciremn^ia- 

cent countrg 
Ominezieii, o. moment 
Ommuureu, to. circummuro 
Oarauiird, dw. circumwtmed 
OniiiaaHeOy w. edge, otHM 

OiH|>aaleD,w.<a(paIf, 'M^rA 
Onpaald, dw. tmpated, te« 

Omrede. v, pofiphraee 
Omrelt — |e, e. turn, taur 
Omrelzen, w. Iraoei oboui 
Omreizer, at. traveller 
Omreiziog.v. travelling mbomi 
Omring, m. circuit 
Omrlngen, w, surround 
Oinringd, dw, surrounded 
Omriiiging.v. surrounding 
Omroepen, w. crjf about 
Omroeper, m, erter 
Omroepingy v.crffing about 
Omroereo, w. sttr 
Omroeriag, v. sttring 
Omrollen,w. iiivo<o« 
Omrold, aw. involved 
Omrolling, v. involution 
Onirljden, w. ride about 
Omi»c htLduwta,w.overshadam 

Omichadawd, dto. oversha- 
dowed, odnmbrlHed 
Ouitcbaauwiof, v. adumbr^ 

OmichaDsseo, w. forti/f 

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•Occapatie. v. oeenpation 
•Occupecren, w. occupy 
•Oceaan, m. ocean 
Ocb, ttus. ail, eUa* 
Ochtend, m.^iHurning 
Ocbteiidujaal ^tje, o, break 
fast [lime 

Ochtendstond, m. mominfr. 
*Octaaf, o. eighth, octavo, 

diapason, octavo 
October, m. October ' 
♦Octrooiy o. grant, patent 
•OctrooUeeren, 10. grant, 

•Oculatie, V, grafting 
•Oca leer eu, w. grefl - 
«Ocnlist, m. occulisl 
Odief, Iff. plane 
•Oeconoaiie, v^aconomy 
^Oeconoiniscb, bv. acono- 

Ovffeaen,w^xercise, practice 
Oeffena^r, m. exerciser 
Oeffening, v. exercise, voca^ 
Hon, practice, conventicle, 
OeffeiipraatB, v* place of ex- 
•reiee, study [demy 

Oeffeaachool, 0. school, aca- 
Oegter — ijcj m. oyster 
Oeitterbak— je, «. oyslerditk 
Oesterbuis— je,o. oyslerhoase 
Oeslerman, m. oysterman 
Oestermes— je,o. oyslerknife 
Oesterplaat — je, v. oyster- 
Oesterpat, v. oysterpit 
Oesierscbuit — je, v. oyster- 
boat [shell 
Oesterschulp— je, v. oyster- 
Oesterton — nttje, v. oyster- 
■ barrel 

Oever, m% shori, bank 
Oeyeraas, o. ephemerm 
Of, vv. or, either, if, vhe- 

ther, but 
•Often seeren^ 10. off^end 
•Offensif, bv. offensive 
Offer — 'Ijc, 0. offer, proffer, 

offering, s'itcrifice 
"Offeren, w. offer 
Offcraar, m,offerer,aaerifictr 
Offerbeest, offerdier, 0. vic- 
Offerbrood, 0. cake, or bread 

that it offered 
Offerdienst, m. sacrifice 
•Offereeren, m.offtr > 
Offeri^eid, 0. money that is 


Offerffod, m. idot \ 

Offernande, v. sacrifice 
Offer lti»l, V. poorU box 
Offermet — je, 0. sacerdotal 
. knife 

Offerpenninif , v. offering 
Offerplaats, v. place of offer- 
Offerpriester, m, sacrifieer 
OfTtfrwicligelaar, m. aruspex 
OfTerwicligelaarij, tr. arus- 

♦Officiant, m. officiator 
•Officie.w. office, employment 
• Officieeren, w. ojficiate 
•Officier —ye, «. officer 
Ofte, vn, or, see Of 
Og, tuts, afi, alas 
Oir. o, heir, issue 
Oirkonde, V. witness i »toir- 
kondej dezet, in witness 
Oir«cbap, 0. heritage 
Oker, V. uher 

OkkeriM)ot —}e, v. walnut 
Oksel, see Oxel 
Oli. olie. oM, v. oil 
Olien, 10. ait, onoint 
Oilfant, m. elephant 
Ollen. 7nv. nonseuse 
Oiin, olinboora, m. elm 
Oiijachtiir, Itv. viiy 
Olijdcbtit^beid, v. oiliness 
OlijdroesBein, in. lees of oil 
Olij f —je, v.o/iw 
Olijfboom— pje, m. olivetrre 
Olijjlbergf, m, monnt of olives 
Olijftak— je, v. olivebranch 
Olijrolij, V. oil of olivet 
OU^iAGl, o. unction 
Olijk, bv. sty, wretched 
Oiijkan— netje, v. oilbottle 
Olijklieid, v.slyncs*, wretch- 
OUjkock — je, V. oilcake 
Oliikooper, m. oilman 
Oii^iuaat, v. oilmeatnre 
Olgmoleu, v. oilmili 
Olijpop, V. oHjar 
Oliiidager, m. oilmaktr 
OlgsteHQ— tje, m. hone 
Oilivat. o.oUcask 
Oiiivtrkooper, tn. oi/nttfr- 

Olyverf, v. oilcolourt 
Om, vz. about^ for, to, - in 
order to, of, oni eens om 
de drie weken, once in 
three weeks-; om den aa- 
deren dag,f very other day ; 
om 't leven kom'en, to lose 
ontUlif^i oa\ dzl, becdutCi 
qm en bij, near about ; om 
en om, roundabout, about, 
Circa, om baU raken, to 

{ ft killed J oni slrijd, e/Nto- 
ittsty i om ver, down 
Omarbeiden, w. turn up 
Omarmen, w, embrace 
Omarmd, dw. tmbraced 

OM6 153 

Omarmingr, v. embrace 
OaabazuiDen, w. proclaim 

Ombiiiden, m. tie about 
Omboorden. w. edge, lace 
Ombonrdetil, o.edgtvg^bordeir 
Ombra.ssen, w.brace, truss up 
Ombrenaren, to. pats, kilif 

Ombrcnxer, m. slayer 
OinbreiiKing, v. slaying 
Ombuigen, t0. bend round 
OmbiiiKi<*k> v. bending 
Ombiiileleu, to. tumble dow 
Onibuileling, v. tumble 
Omdeeien, tr. distribute 
Omdeeler, m. distributor 
Oindelven, ir. dUf up 
Omdoen,w.put on, put round 
Omdoolen, to. wander about 
Onidonliiig, v. waudering 
OmdragKU, 10. carry about 
Omdraaijen, to. tttrn about, 

turn Ition 

Omdraaijing, v. circumrota- 
Oiiidragt, m. carrying about 
OcudriaKen, to. drtnk about 
Omdwaleu, 10. wander about 
Omdwarlc'D, to. whirl round 
Offlgaan, to. go about, go 

round, go tu procession, 

converge, be conversant 

with, happen 
Omgaug, m. procession, eir- 

ctiit, conversation, be ha- 

Omgearbeid. dw. dug up 
Ooigebazuind, dw. proclaim- 
ed [ mured 
Omgebolwt^rkt, dto. circum- 
Onigebonden, ato. tiedround 
Oin|^ei)0|?en, dw. bent romM< 
OmKeboord, dto. edged 
Omgebragt, dw. killed 
Ouigebrartt, dw. braced 
Omgebuiteld, dw. tumbled 

dow I 
Oiugedeeld, dw. distributed 
Omgedolven, dw. dug up 
Ooigedoold, dw. wandered 

about fabout 

Onigedcagen, dw. carried 
Ouigcdraaid, dio. turned 
Omgi'dronkeu, dw. drunk 

round [eihmtt 

Omgedwaald, dio. wandered 
Oiugedwarld, dto. whirled 

Omg*iv en, w. distribute f deal, 

Onigevea, dw. surrowtded 
Omgegooid, dw. overthrown 
OmgexoTd, dw. girded 
Oujgegraven, dw. dug up 

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Moff, bto. yttf slitt, also, bt' 
' 9iae$f again, fwih^r; nog 
wat, somt morei wacht iio^ 
Vat, $tmy a littt,- vthilt 
iongeti nog zao rijk, fvr 
' 49 rick i nog eeuB zoo veel, 
«« much agan i tot OO^ 
toe, hitherto 
Mognfaals. bw. again 
Vofftans, 610. f el, never IlifUss 
Wok. v. hiccough, yardarm 
Mokkeoi 10. yex, sob 
*Noininatie, v. nominatvm 
•Nominalir, v. nomiuatice 
*NoniiHeert:n, w. nominate 
Mommcr — ^e, v. nmuber 
Hommeren, to. number 
Hon — netje, v.nun 
Monaenklootter, 0. nunnery 
Nood, ». need, neeessity, dan - 
ftr, dittri'ts, want; de.4 
■oodSy if need be i tvr 
naauwer uood, nnrroudt/; 
van Doode, needful,- van 
Boode bebben, to stand i* 
need of [one'* needi 

Nooden, w. invitt, bid, do 
Noodborg, m. pUdge 
IkMddrult, V. neerstaries, 

necetiHiet, livelihood ■ 
Nooddrurtig, bv.Heedy,nece$- 

Nooddruftigheid, v.needineit 
Mooddwanfir, m. vvnsirnint 
Noode. bw. loth, nnunllingly 
Moodelooi, bu>. needless 
Moodelootfheid, v. nttdlesnet* 
Mooder, tn. inviler 
Moodhalp, m. mctt-help, oc- 
cmtionai help i/„i 

Moodig^, bv. necessary f nttd- 
hoodigen. w. iuvUe 
Noodigheid, v. needfulness 
NoiyUging, v, invUaium 
NtfodkJok, V. alai-nibell 
Moodlot, o.fate, destiny 
Moodlottig, bv. fatal 
4foodiDd«nd, bv. sufering, 

Moodmiint, «. money of HI' 
tte wr no intrinsic value 
etAned on an emengency 
Moodsehikkiog. v. dtsUly 
Noodsdhikkelijk, bv. Jatal 
Noodweer, v. terrible storm, 

nett*0ary\ defence 
ttaodwendlg, bv. necessary 
Noodwendighekl, «. ntees- 

aarq, necersity 
Noodwendigiijk, bw. neces- 
Mopdaaken,^ w. necessitate, 

Constrain, force 
lUodzakelljk, bv.^bto, ueea- 
«ar|r, nscsssariiy 

- NOT 

No<tdzakciijkbe{d, v.neeessity 
N'tolieid, V. rcf/uguaiiee 
Nooit, bw. never 
Nnopeii, «r. spur, goad, en- 

couragcf invite, incilef 

Noopende. «z. concerning 
Noopnzer— Ije, 0. goad 
Hoard, V. nurlh; om de 

Doord, north about ; Doord 

a-tn. towirds the north 
Nonrde, bv. north, norlhem 
Noordeiijk, bv. northern 
Noordeii, u. north 
Noorder, bv. northern 
NonrdunordooBt, o. north' 

noith-eusf Inorth-west 

Noordnoordwe4t, 0. ii«r/A- 
NoordooAt, Boordooiiteii, o. 
' vorth-emst {ea^terltf 

Noo/doOH7eliJk, bv. north- 
Nnord«ch, bv. northern 
Noord^iar, v. norihutar 
N(>ord>teea. m. loadstone 
Noordvaartier, ». trader to 

tne north 
Noordwe^t, noordwe«ieii, 0. 

uorti-wsl Iwester'y 

Noordwegtelijk, bv. north 
Noonizijde, v. north side 
Noormaii — aetje, m. skelty, 

Nool— je, v. nut, walnut, fiU 

herd, nutmeg, unte ; man- 

netjes nooten, wild nut- 

m<jis ' 
N'/oieboom — pje, m. walnul- 

Nootebonnienliout, «« wal' 

Nootedop, m. nutshell 
Nooiekraker — Oe» *•• »«'- 

Nootfiaar. m. walnut-tree 
Nooieiuu>kaar— je,«. nutmeg 
Nop, V. napf w«i iu dc nop- 

peii, wtU drtssed 
Noppeii, to. nap 
Nop pig, 60. nappy 
Non», bw, sternly, f)r»wHing- 

NorRch, bv. stern, frowning 
NorHcliheUi, v. stetnuess 
•Not*, v.nmtf^ mark, remark 
• Noiariecl, bv. notavialjltga I 
*N woMry. tcrioener 
•Notaiie, r. notation 
•Noieercii, w. note 
•Notidcatir, v. .notification 
♦Noilrteereo, w. notify 
*No(Uie, c. note, list, memo- 

ratututn . 
•Noiitieboek — je, «• Moao* 


*Noto!r, bv. notorious 
• Notule, t{. note, journal 
Noveuiber, v. Itopember 
Nu, bwi now; Du Toortas* 

Nutje, V. conctited girl 
Nncliler, bv. fasting, Miber, 

Nuchierhekl, v. sobriety 
Nuk— ie,v./re«*. whim,trie^ 
Niil— letje, 1;. nought 
Nui, bv.nnll 
•Nulliteit, V. nutlUg 
•NuHierittie, V. nnnteratiom 
•Numero, v. number 
Nut, 0. ute.jiVnU, benejU 
Nut, uBtte, bv. useful, ser- 

Nutten, w. take, avail 
Nutbair, bv. profitable 
Naueiooifbv.tteedless, uselm 
NutteiooB. Iiw. in vain 
Nuitelnoiheid, v. uselessness 
Nuilelijk, bv. useful, pro/li- 
1itiueiijkheU,v.usefuhtets . 
Nuiiig, bv, useful, profiteMe 
Nuttigen, w. u»e, take, avail, 

eat or drink 
Ntuti;(heid, v. profilabUnet$ 
NuiUging,«. eating or drink' 

d, 1;. envy, grudgt, 
den, w. eniy 

N^dig. 6tf. envious f maliciomt 
Nijuig^tart, m. envtous person 
Nijdigheid, v. envy, miatice 
Ngnagel— ije. m. hangnaU 
Nijp, neep— eode— en, pinch 
Nitpei^-lje, ♦/». pineher 
Kiipiafr, V. pinching 
Nijptang — etje, v. pair of 
p ncets itrioms 

Nfiver, njiverig, bv,_indu$' 
Nijverigbeid, v. industry 


9 lust, ok, ah 
•Object 0. object 
•Uolectie, v. objection 
•Oolie, v. wafer 
•Obligiiiie, V. bond, oMige^ 

•Obiigeeren, w. oblige 
•Obscuur, bv. obscure 
•Obiiervatie, v.obseraeUio^ 
•Observeereuy to. observe 
^Obslruc'ie, v. obstructiom 
•Obiintfcren, 10. obtain 
•Occasie, v. occasiom, oppor* 

•OccasloneertOt w. occasiom 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Oodersetlen, «. set dovsmjbet 
Oaderseuel, o.prop, bast 
Oadenock — Je. 9. sui/uirp 
Ovdenoek,oiAvrzogt -^ende 
--^a, enfuirrf examimtf 
OodenockendfAv. imqulsUive 
Ondenoekori m. enquiur 
Oadenoekinir, v. enquiry 
ODderioekluct, v. itmuUtive- 

Ondenoekttcr, v. indagalrix 
OadersMt, dw, examiiud 
Oadeuf a, «. vicet mischief 
OodeujrJelUl^f bw. vieioto- 

ln, wiekedlM 
Oudeuf delijkbeld, v. vicioiu- 

Oodeoffond, ft«. vicioM, 

naughty, wickedt bod 
Ondeugendbeid, «. badnessj 

wiekedufstt noHghliHCts 
Ondlcht, Of prtss 
Oadienst — J^t'* disservice 
Oiidieoittbaar, frr. untervice- 

able, uselesSf fret 
Ondieuitbaarbeid, «. Niu«r> 
vieetMeuess, firetdom 
. Ondieustelljk, ondieastif , 

bv. vstlest 
O n diens t Igh elAf'v.useletsuets 
Otidiep, bv.shuttow 
Ondiepte, 0. skalloWt skal- 

Oudier —t}e. m, monster 
Oiidi;^ bv. leaky flutsf, open 
Oadoenbaur, ondoeulijk, bv. 

ODdo«Dlijkb?id, v. imprae- 
■ Oudoorboord. bv, unp'tererd 
Oodoorboorlyk, ondoordria> 

{(eiyk, '.V. impenettabte 
Ondoordringeod, bv, un pe- 
netrating [DOSttblt 
OadoorK-iukell^k, uh, im- 
OiidooricankelOkDckl. v. itn- 

Oudoorgroadelljk, bv. vn- 

seat citable, impenelrablt 
OodoorgroDdeiykbeid, v,un- 

OffdoorkMDelilk, bv, in- 

Ondoorlexeo, bv. unperused 

godoorluchtiff. bv. vbtewre 
odoorlucbtlKneid, v, ob- 

OadooriM:bitoeod, bv, 
transparent [city 

ODdoorchUnendheld, v. opu' 

Ondoorntrafbaar. ondtor 
wor<telbaar, bv, iusmper- 

Oodoorwroett bv, unstarched 


Ondoonottt bv, nnsevreh' d 

Oodraafbaar. ond rs ge\ij k , 

bv, ivUolerable, in»uferaLlt 

OodraKelijkbekl, v, Intoler- 

Oudrinkliaar, 6v. not potable 
Ondroog, bv, moist, wet 
Ondacbtiir, bv, Huftarful 
ODduidelQk, bv, iudistinet, 

CO 'I fused 
Oadulster,bv. clear 
OudoUterueid, v. eleamus 
OndaiHierlijk, 6v. cltarly 
Oa(!uidelijk,M>. intolerable 
Ondaanaam. bv, perishable 
Ooduursdambeidy v, unptr- 

Onecbt, o. eoneubinage 
Oaecht, bv, iUtgUimatt, 

sp arums 
Oaecbtelinr, m. bastard 
ODechteliJk,6w. iUegUimatt- 
Ooedel, bv. ignobU [ly 

Onedtlheld, v. ign^Uness 
Onedelmoedif , bv. ungens' 

rous, base 
Oaeeliik, bv. unmarried 
Oaeeodracbtlf.ooeeiiif , 6r. 

dis<^rdant, disunited 

beld, V. discord 
One^ndrachtiglijk, bw, dis- 
cordantlp [ftrtnt 

OaeeDparff ,6v. untaualt dif~ 
Oaeeoparifh«ld,v. inequali- 
ty, disparUy 
ODeen*, 610. at variance 
Oneer. v. dishonour,disgraet 
Oneerbayr, bv. dishonest, im- 
Oueerbaarbeld, v. dishonts- 

ty, immodtsty 
Onfeerbaarl^k, /<w. dishonest- 
ly, immotteMy 
OueerbiediiT, bv. irrrverent 
Oaeerbiedigbeid, v. irrever- 
ence [entiy 
Oneerbiediglijk, bw. irrtvtr- 
Oneergierig. ttv. unambitiuut 
Oa«ergierigheid, v. uuam- 

OaeergieriglUk, bw.unamTn- 


Ooeeriqk, bv. 4- bw. disho- 

honesl, ditgra^eful,shaine- 

fnl, immodest, UishoneUly, 

. ditgraeefuUy 

Onteriykheid, v. dishonesty, 

disgrace, immodtsty 

Oiietcrwaardig, bv. unrrve- 

rend {rence 

Oaeerwaardigheidy v. irrete- 

Oueerwatrdigiyk, bw.uure 

/Onv«irsociitUr» bv, intmulous 



Oaeetbaar, bv. uneatable 
Oneffen. bv. uneven, odd 



Onelgeo, bv. improper 
Oneigeabaiig, bv, disinttres- 

Oneigeobeid, v. impropritty 
Ooeigcniijk, bv. improper, 

ftguralivf, mttaphorieal 
Oneindelijk, bvJrbw. endless, 

inAnite, ittfinittly 
OnelDdelijkheid, v. infinity 
Oaeindi?, bv. inflnitt 
OaeiDdigheid, v. inflnitudt 
Ooeindigigk, bw. infinitely 
Ooerflljk, bv. not hereditary 
Oiiergerliik, bv. inoffensive 
Onergarlljkheid, v. iuoffen- 

siveness [ledgtd 

Onerkend, bv. unachnow- 
Onerkeotelijk, bv.ungratefvt 
On«rkeDte«3kbeld, v.ingra- 

Oneriangd, bv, unebtaintd 
Ooervareo,6v. unexperienced 
Ooervareiibttid, v. inexperi- 
OneveD, bv. uneven, odd 
Ottevenmatig, oaeveocedig, 

bv. duprimorlional 
Oaevenmatfgheid, onrven* 

redi.;hri'l, v. disproportion 
OneTenmati^l^ik, oneven* 

rediglijk,6iP.c( i#pro/>orf ton • 

Oofdalbaar, bv. imfaUiUe 
Ooratkoenlijk, bv. u^fashion- 

abl- , unmannerly 
Onratsoeulijkbvid, v. unman- 

Oiifeilbaar, Iv, infallible 
ODfeilbaarheld, v. infallibi- 

Oiifeilbaarlijk, bv, infallibly 
Onfra;;iy bv. unhandsome 
Ougaif, ODgaatcb, bw.un- 

Ongaafheld, v.nns^undntss 
Ou^aunbaar, bv. impassblt 
Ongaar, bv.umdtrdone 
Oniraarne, bv, unwillingly 
Ongaiigbaar. bv. ineurrent 
Oiigastvrij.6v. inhospitMe 


.^ spitabU 
^ leld, v, inhospi- 
lalUy ieepted 

•OngMCcepteerd, bv, unae- 
Ongeacbty tto. disest^med 
Oageacbl, vw.notwithstamd- 

Oiigfachtbeid, v. disotteem 
•OageaddressMrd, bv. undi- 
rected [mited 
♦OngeadTlteerdy bv, nn^-k 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

160 OND 

Otaderlegffen, w. <ajr rmder, 

Ottderleggliig^, ». toying un- 

der, %tuaertukiitg 
Onderiig^i-n, w. lie undn-f 

bt wortledf be tilttaled in 
OnderligrgeFyMi. kulk, tighter 
Ouderlifrging, v. lyiNg tinder 
Onderliiig, bv. mutual 
OnderiiD^», t/w. mutuuUy 
Ooderllp — je, v. underlip 
Oi)derloopei),t0. br uwiA.jwn 
Onderlooping, v.iitunaatiou 
Ottderiijf — je, o. lower part 

of the body 
0^ienaa.»n»ch, bv.tublunary 
Ondermeester, m. uther, 

ntrgeonU male 
OndermeDgen, to. intermin- 
gle [gted 
Oudermengd, dw, interuttH- 
Ondernierk, 0. boundery 
OndermUiien, to. undermine 
Oodermtjnd, dtc.undtr mined 
Ondermijaer, m. nnderminer 
Ondcrmijtiiiig, v. under mi- 
Oodernemen, w. undertake 
ODdernemef , »«. undertaker 
Oodernemiogi r. nadir La- 
Ondernomen, dvr, undertaken 
Uoderofficler, m. iuhallrrn 
Onderpacbti-r, m. tiiblcnant 
Onderpand, 0. pUdgrr 
Oaderpandcn w.iinpi^nnrate 
Ooderpapdigg, v. imytgno- 

Onderregter, m. adjutor 
Onderrigteo, w. imtruct, in- 
Ouderrigt, dw. instructed, 

Onderrigter, m. instructor 
Onderrigtiag, v. imtruclion, 

Ooderroercn,tc. intermix 
Onderrok — j«, in, undercoat, 

Ondcriichatmf e»ter, m. vice- 
Onderscheid, 0. difference, 

Oaderscbeiden, w. dtstin- 

guith, separate, diicetn 
Ooderscbeiden, dw. diitm- 
guishedf different, diatiuct 
Ooderscheidenheid, v. differ- 
Ondcrscbeldeiilijk, bw. dif- 
ferently, dtfltnctty 
Onderaobeider, m. ditlin- 

Onderscheidlng, v, distirc- 
luin, discermiient 


Ondericheppen, v. intercept 
Otider»chepper, m. intercep- 
tor Ition 
OnderBchepping, o. inlercep- 
Oiidfr<>chept,<^ti>. inteicepiut 
Oiiderschikkeo, wanbstitute, 

place under 
OnderscbikkiQg, if. sufiftitu- 

tiun, subordination 
Onder>ichikt,</i0. substituted, 

Onderiicbouiytn. underskeriff 
OnderiicUragen. tr. suppoi t 
Oadrrscbraagd,dio. support- 
Ondersfhrager, m. supporter 
OiiderMcbreveo, dw, subscri- 
Onderschrift, 0. subscription 
.OiiUerscbrijven, w. subscribe^ 

Oiiderscbrtiver, maubseriber 
OiiderAcbrjjviDg, v. subscrip- 
tion, signature 
Ondergpit, 0. misfortune 
Otidcrtfuaa, to. undertake, ■ 

Oiidcr»taan, dtp. nnder/a^«n 
OudtTBtaan, 0. undertaking, 

aid, atsisiance 
Onderstaan, be. be subject, be 
uiidfr ; de oiiderstaande 
reekeiiiug) the account 
OiiderKtaudgcld, 0. subsidy 
OiiderstHiiili^, bv. subsidiary 
Oiiderste, ov. undermost; 
bi-t onde^:ite boveu, upside 
Ouder^teek. m. supplanting; 
ondersteek doeii, to sup- 
Oiidorsteken, to. intermix, 
put under, tttcoiporate, 
OadenUkeUng, m. suppo- 

siiiiious child 
Oiideriiteking, f. intermix- 
ture, incotpoiation 
Ouderstek, 0. ground- stopy 
Onderstel. o. foundation 
Onder^tellen, w. suppose 
Glider's teld( dw. supposed 
Oiiderstelliiig.v. suppotitioUf 

Oiidersteuuen, w. support 
Ondcrgifuud, liw. supported 
Oiider.-lt'uner, wj .supporter 
OiidersteuDitig, i'. support 
Oiideriiti;uiidi.I, 0. support, 


Oijdcrgtrooij«n,«»»jp«r«f I 

Oiiilt-rstrooijiDg, v. intcr- 

spirsioH [port 

Oudt-rttutten, to, prop, sup- I 


Onderstot, dse.suppofU^ 
Onderii tatter, m. nppvrter 
Onderstutting, v. supporling 
Onder^tutitei, o.prop 
Ouderstuurman, m. seeamd 

Ondertasten, to. enquire imip, 

Ondertast. dw. scrutinized 
Ondtrtasting, p.scrutiny 
Glider teekeueo, to. subscribe, 
*ig»' [bed 

Oiiderteekend, dw. subseri- 
Ouderteekeaiog, v. subscrip- 
tion. Signature {ponsal 
Ond«rtrouw,t|. eontraetf et- 
Ondertrouwen. to. contract. 

Oiidertrouwd, <ft«. betrothed 
Ondertusscbea, 610. in tkt 
^^^an time iskeet 

Ondervangen, m>. intercept. 
Ondervaiigiug,v.iiif erc«|>/i«« 

Ondervinden, w, experience 
OiideruiideUjk, bv, experi- 
Oudervinder, m. experiencer 
Oiidertiudili^, v.experiente 
^adur^oaden fbw.ex perieneed 
Ondervragen, to. examine,in- 

Ondcrvraagd, dto. examined 
OudervraKer, m. examiner 
Oiiderwarif,', Lv. subject 
Oniierwezeii.dto. t ought 
OndiTwege, bio. by the way 
OiiJurweip-je, o. *uiy«-cl 
Uuderwerpen, 10. suOitct, 

subdue, subihit . 
Ouderwerpiiig, v. subjecting 

Onderwind, 0, nnptoytittnt 
Olid rvviuden, to. unaertake 
OndLrwis>t Uug.v.wicwsi/Brfe 
Oudjirwoadeu, dw. jsnderta- 

krn " 

Oiidcrworpeo, dw. subjected, 

subdued, -ubmilted 
Onderworpeabeid, r. «*- 

feet ion 
Ondervvi^len, /;ic. meanwhiU 
Oudirwij>i, tf. instruction 
Oiidcrwijzeo, to. insiruct, 

Oiidcrwijster, v. preceptress 
Ondcrwi^/eliug, m. disciple , 
Omlerwijzer, m. tnstiuctor 
Oii«l»TWijzm^, V. instruction 
Oiiderzaal —\]c,v.lower rooj^ 
Oiidei-zaai,^ m, subject 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


Oabl^kbaar, onblijkelijk, bv. 

unappareut Iparencg 

Oablnkhaarheld. v. una/j- 

OoblQkbaarlUk, bw. nnap- 

Ooboetvaardig, bto, impeni- 

Ouboetraardlffbeld, v. im- 
penitene* [nitenlly 

OaboetraardiirlUk, InoAmpe- 
Onbreekbaar, bv. infrangible 
Onbruikbaar, bv, untervice- 

Oubraikbaarhdd, v. unser' 

Onbuifl^k, onbairzaam, bv, 

inJlexibU, indeclinable 
Onbttigaaaiabeld, v, in/lexi- 
bilitp rblu 

OnbuigsaamlHk, bw. in/lex- 
OnbyMUch, 00. apocryphal 
Once, V. ounce 
On^ieraad, o. deformity 
OortierlUk, bv. ineUgant 
Oncijnsbaar, bv.uutributary, 

Ondaad, v. misdeed 
Oodadlg, bv. misdoing 
Oodank. M. discontent 
Ondankbaar, bv. ungrateful 
Oodankbaarbeid, v. tngrati- 
ludt Ifutlj/ 

Oodankbaariyk, bwtungrate' 
Oodanksy bw.maugrej zijos 

ondaoks, in spite qfkim 
Ondeeg, bv. unwell 
Ondeeclijk, bv, unfair 
ODdeelacbtiff, bv. tmjMir/a- 

Ondeelbatr, bv. indivUibU 
Oodeelbasrneld, v, indivisi' 

OndeerlQk, bv, unhurtj^l 
Under, vz. under, dotcn, a- 
moag, during, upon, wilh{ 
ooder een, togetker .- onder 
vler oogen, without wtl* 
•e«>M; ooder m^, in my 
keeping : ooder aao, uw 
derntath , van onderen, 
from the boUom, stand out 
of the way ; ooder mal- 
kander, pell-mell, ouder 
bmnden, in hand 
Oaderaardnch, bv, subterra- 
neous, infernal 
OaderadmirAal, m, vieead- 

Onderbaaa, m, pedestal, base, 
foreman \mate 

Ouderbarbter, m. snrgron's 
Ouderbed — je, 0. maireis 
ODderbrengeo, to. subdue- 
Oaderbren]fer,iN. subduer 
Oaderbreof lojf, v. couqutst 


Onderbroek — Je, v. drawers 
Ooderbuiren, w, submit 
Onderbuik, m. abdomen 
Oaderbargermeetier, m. pro- 
consul {day 
Ouderdaagt, bw, the other 
Ouderdaan, bv. subject, sub' 

mi^$ive, obedient 
Ouderdanigheid, v. submis' 

sion, bbcdienee 
Ooderdaniglijk, bw, submis- 
sively [warden 
Ooderdekeo, m.subaean,SHb- 
Onderdekea— tie, ». under- 

Oaderdoen, w.hnoch under 
Onderdompelen, to. tubmerge 
ODderdompeling, v. submer- 
Onderdrakken, w. oppress, 

Onderdrukker, m, oppressor 
Onderdrukking, v.oppression 
Onderdrukl, aw. oppressed 
Oiiderduiken, w. dtve 
Oiiderduweu, w. thrust down 
Ondergaao. to. undergo ; 

sinh, go down 
Ondergaan, dto. undergone 
Oudergang,iii. dvwnful, ruin, 

drslruetion, setting 
Onderrebouw, o, lower 

Ondergebogen, dw.submHt€d 
Ooder^ebragt, dto. subdued 
Ondergfdompcld, dw. tub- 
Ondergedoken, dto. dived 
Oodergeduwd, dw, thrust 
difwn [down 

Oodergegaan. dto. set, gone 
Ondergeuaald, dw, pulled 
down [down 

Oodergchouden. dw. hept 
Oudcfgelei^d, dto. laid under 
Oodergelegen,(^io. tain nnder 
Oiidergeloopeu,dio.«o< r^uioM 
Oodergerocrd , dw. intermix- 
ed Idtr writ ten 
Ondergeschreveo, die. tin- 
Ondergeiitoken, dio. t bv. 
supposuitiout [spersed 
Oodergetitrooid, dio. inter- 
Ondergewas, 0. subcreseence 
Oiidergezet, dto. /aid under 
Ondergratfl m. viscount 
OoJergraar — groef — gra- 
vendc-graveu, undermine 
Oitdergraaracliap, 0, vis- 
county [ned 
Oailergraveo, dto. undermi- 
Oadergraver, m. HMdermiuet 
Ondergravio, v. viscountess 
Oader}(ravIug. v. undermi' 

ONB 15J> 

Onderbaleo, w, underlino, 

overtake {overlohen 

Ooderhaald, dto. underlined, 
Onderbalen, w.pull under 
Onderhaadeleo, w, treat, no- 

Onderh^ndeld.dw. negotiated 
OnderhaudeliDg, v. treaty , 

Onderbcvi^hcid, v. liableneso 
Oiiderbebbeud, bv. jubordi' 

Onder hemd, — Je,o. undoT' 

shiit or shift 
Onderboufdroan, onderhop- 

man, m. lieutenant 
Onderlioorig, bv. subjett, 

snbiirdinute [natioU 

Onderboorighfid, v. subordi- 
Ooderboud,. o. maintenauee, 

support, conversation, dis- 
OnderhondeD. 10. support , 

maintain, kerp in tepair, 

Ouiierboaden, to. heop under, 

Ondi-rhoader, m. mainlainer 
OiiderhouUitig, v. maint^ 

uance,entti tainment 
Onderbuit — Je.o. lower part 

of a house, basement story 
Ooderkam, v giU 
Oiiderkancelier, m.vieechmw 

Oudcrkaptein, m. lieutenaui 
OnderkeDBcn. to. discern 
Ouderkend, dto. discerned 
Onderkeuri — je, •. under- 

petticoat [chiu 

Onderkin — netje, r. doubte- 
Oiiderkleed, 0. undergarment 
OuderkcA, m. cook's unite 
Ouderkoning. m. viceroy 
Oiiderkoiiingin, v. viceqneeu 
OnderkoniDgitcbap, 0. 9ieo- 

Oiiderkoopman, m. undor- 

factor, junior merchant 
Ouderkout — je, v. under- 

slocking [td 

Oiiderkropen, dio. supplant- 
Ondcrkrtiipen, to. supplant, 

Ouderkriiipcr,!!). supplanler 
Onderkruipiog, v. supplant- 
Onderlaaif , v. downfall, de- 

feni, tower tier, concubine 

OnderlMru, w. omitfintermtt 

Onderiatvii, dto. om tiled 

Ondermt'eatur, m. subprc^ 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

158 ONB 

Mpot, ft*. umrtvlUd 


Onbetpraakt, A*. iHetoauent 
OBbe*praaJith«id, v. iHelo- 

quence Hed 

Oubesprenkt, ftv. untprinh- 
Oube«|>roeid, bv, nnwtttered 
Oiibe*i>ruk«;n, bv. blametess, 

mnbefpoke [ed 

•nbetprouiren, 6v. unattack- 
OabeiUannjk, bv, incoufU- 

Onbettandi{f, bv. inconstant 
Onbeatied, bv. UHexpruded. 

mnplaced unordered 

Oabeateld, bv. vndeliveredf 
Onbestema, bv. UMappointea 
Onbestendir, bvi mtttabU, 

•nbestendigbeid, v. inslabi- 

iily, ineoMstttnee 
Odbesteodiglijk, Uvf, un$ta- 

bty, inemtttanlljf 
Onbestierbaar, bv. nnntana' 

Oabestierd, bv. nnmanaged 
Oobestoriud, bv. unilormed 
Onbeatraald, bv. unentigk- 

Oobestraat, bv. unpaved 
Oabe«traAijk. bv. btamttett 
Oubestrafiijkheid, v. blame- 

Oobeiitraft, bv. uncensured 
^bestreden, bv. uneneoun- 

ttred [ed 

Oabe«treken, bv. unplaUter- 
Qobectrooid, bv. unurewn 
0abeiiut»d, bv. rathf hare- 
€hibe«uisdelHk, bw. rashly 
Oabe*kiis(tI>eid, v. tashness 
•obetaatbaar, 61;. unpayable^ 

Onbetauld, bv. unpaid 
OvbeUmcliJk, bv. indecent, 

unbfcoming, unduef uureo' 

Oabetamelijkheid, «. indc- 

eenee, UHitaiOnablenets 
Onbeteind, bv. untamed 
ODbeteugeldbeid, v. unres- 
Oobeteuterd, bv. resolute, 

undaunted [nets 

Qabeteaterdheid, v. rtaolule- 
Ojibetiebt, bv. unaccused 
Onbetimmerd, bv. unbuitt 
Oabetoofd, bv. undemon' 

stratea i»trabie 

gnbetoogliik, bv. undemon' 
obetoouid, ov. unbridled 
Oobetoomdbeidf v, Uetnti- 
amsneis " 


Onbetoond. bv. unshewn 
OobetOTerd, bv. unenekanted 
Onbetracht, bv. unessayed 
Onbetrapt, bv. untrodden, 

Onbetr(^en> bv. untrodden 
Oiibetreard, bv. unlamemted 
Onbetrokkeu, bv.uot drawn 

upon, clear, unclouded 
Onbetrouwd. hv. unconftded 
Oiibeiuigd, bv. unatlrsted 
ODbetwist bv. undispHted 
OubelwlAtelljk, bv. indispu- 

OnbetwisleUjkbeld, v. indis- 

putabteness [gable 

Oiibevaarbaar, bv. uunovi- 
Oiibevaren, bv, unerptoied, 
' UHtxperienced 
Onbevallig. bv. ungraceful 
Onbevaiiigbeid, v. ungrace- 

fulness , [fully 

Oiibevalliglijk, bu>. ungracc' 
Onbevat,A V. uncomprehended 
Onbevaiteiyk, bv. inconceiv 

able [prekensibility 

Onbevatteiijkbeid, v. iHcom- 
Oiibeve8(igd.'>v. unconfirmed 
Oubevlekt, bv. nntpotted 
Oiibevlektheid, r. purity 
Onbevoegd. bv. incoMpetent 
Oubevoegdheid, v. incoui- 

potence [tered 

Oiibevochten, b». unencoun- 
Oabevochtigd, bv, uumois 

Onbevolkt, bv. uninhabited 
Oabevoorregt, bv, uHfrivi- 

Oabevornid. bv. unformed 
0..bevrdKty hv. umhartered 
Oabevredigdffrv. unappeated 
Oabe\reetid,bo. undaunted 
Oiibetreesdel^k, 610. «n- 

dauntedlu [nets 

Oabevreesdheid, r. feartesS' 
Onbevriesbaar, bv. uncon- 

Onbevroed, bv. unpereeived 
Onbevroedelijk, bv, unper- 

ceivable [dent 

Oiibevroedzaam, bv. impru- 
Oiibevroedzaaiukeid, «. im- 

Onbevroedzaamlijk, bw. im- 
prudently ' 
Oubevrorc-ii, oabevroieo, bv. 

Onbevriicht.6v. not pregnant 
Onbevrljd, bv. unfrred 
Onbewaakt, bv. unguarded 
Onbew-aard, bv. unpreserved 
Qubewaid, tfv, unwalltd 


Onbewandeld, bv, unfr§- 

Onbeyraterd^ bv. unwatered 
Onbewe^eiijk. bv. immovahU 
Oiibewegelijkbeid, v. iimma- 

Oabevreeod, bv, unwept 
Oabeweenlijk, bv. uniautem' 

Onbeweerd, bv, undefended 
Onbewerkt, bv. unwrought 
Oiibewilligd. bv. unconsented 
Oabewimpeld, bv, undU- . 

Onbewimpeldheid, v. opem 

OnbewogCD. bv. unmoutd 
Onbewolkr, bv. unclouded 
Onbewooabaar, onbewooa* 

lijk, bv. uninkabUdbie 
OnbewQpnd, bv. uninhabited 
Onbewrogt, bv. unwromgkt 
Oabewust. bv, nnacquamted, 

ignorant, unknown 
Onbewiistheid. v. ignorance 
OobeM jjslijk, bv. unprovable 
Onbezaaid, bv, unsowu 
Oabezadigd, bv. unappeased, 

Un stall 
Oabezadigdbeld, v. ketdlm- 

Onbezeerd, bv. unhurt 
Onbezegeld, bv, unseated 
Oabezet, bv, unbeset, ■»• 

guarded, ungarrisoned 
Oobezieid, Av. inanimate 
Oobezieo, oabezigUgd. bv, 

OabeziDd, bv. unconsidered 
Onbczoedeid, bv. undefiUd 
Onbezogt, bv, unfrequttUed^ 

Oiibezoldigd, bv. unpaid 
Oitbezanueu, bv. inemuide- 
_ rate [drrateness 

Onbezonnenheid, v. incoue^ 
Oiibezorgtl,6w. reckteas,€ar^ 

Onbezorgdemk^. careUssty 
Onbezorgdbekl, r. caruless-^ 

ness y 

Onbezwaard, bv.unburtkened 
Oubezwangerd, bv, unim- 

Onbez^ekea, bv. unskaken 
Onbezweet, Ov. not sweatm 
Oobczwijkbaar, onbezwQk* 

lijk, 61;. unmoveoble 
OnbCBwykelUkhcId, v. $Ued- 

OnbezworeOffrr. unsworn 
Onbilliik, bv. unjust 
OnbilUjkhcid, v, bniustlce 
Oabloedig, hv. unltoody 
Oabondig, br. incftiinedc 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


Onbekeerd , bv. unconverted 
Onbekeerdheid, v. unconver- 
sion [obslinale 

Onbekeerliik.&P. impenitent, 
ODbekeerlijkheid,v. tm^^eHt- 

tence, obstinacy 
Oobekend, bv. unknown 
Onbekendbeid, v. obscurity 
Onbekl'diigd, bv. unlamented^ 
Oubeklageiyk, bv. not to be 

Onbeklad, bv. unstained 
Onbeklapt, bv. unbetrayed 
Onbckleed, bv. uninvested 
Onbckijiumeiijk, 61;. inacces- 

Onbekommerdheid, v. uncon- 
cern [ble 
Onbekoraeliik.'&v. unattaina- 
Otihc)i.oov\^\i.,hv Analtraclive 
OnbekracbUgd, bv.unconjir- 

Onbekreand. bv. unconcerned 
Onbekrompeu,''!;. unconjined 
Onbekrornpenlieid, V. lihtra- 

tily, largeness 
OnbekwAam, bv. incapable 
ODbekwaamheid,!;. incapaci- 

OnDekwameUjk, bv. unfilily 
Onbeladen, 6r. uiiloaUtd 
ODbelachl\)k, bv. not ridicu- 
Onbelast. bv. unburthenfd, 
untaxed, unloaded, unchar- 
Oabeledcn, bv. uneonfessed 
Onbeleedigd, 60. unhurtfUn- 

Onoeleefd, bv. uncivil 
OiibeleefdelUk, bw. uncivilly 
Onbcleefiiheld, v. incivility 
Onbeleetid, bv. unmortgaged 
Onbelezen, bv. unlearned 
Oubeiegerd, bv. unheseiged 
Onbelcmmerd, 61;. unencum- 
bered [ness 
Oubelemiaerdheid, v. free- 
Onbelet, bv. unhindered 
ODbelichgaamd, bv. incorpo- 
Onbeloerd, hv. nnwatched 
Onbelouimerd, bv. unshaded 
Onbelogen, bv. nnslandered 
Onbeloond, bv. unrewarded 
Onbetust. bv. undesirous 
Onbelu»theid, v. icanl 0/ de- 
Onbemagtlgd, bv.unsubdued, 

Oubemand, bv, unmanned 


Onhenliiid, hv. unbeloved 
Onl/eitiinuelijk,&v. mtainiable 
Onbemoriit, bv. uvsoiled 
Onbeiuuitrd^ bv.unwalied 
Oiibeiiaarsitigd, bv. unattend- 
ed to ited 
OiibeQaast, bv, unappropria- 
Onbc.Dade«ld, bv. unprejw 
^ diced [ble 
Onbenemelijk,6v. undepriva- 
Oabeueveld, bv, uncli/uded, 

Onbeiieveld)ieid, r. clearness 
Oiibenoenid, hv. unnamed 
Oobeuijd, <>v. unenvied 
Onhepaald, bv. unlimitedf' 

indejinite, in/in it ive 
Oahep3.ii\(iei\jk,bw. unbound- 
edly, iiidrjiiiitely 
Onbe(laaldh( id, vt unbound- 

edntss, iiidfjiniieneas 
Oabept-ild, hv. unfai homed 
Oiibeplant. bv, unplanted, 

unset I ltd 
Onbepleit, bv. unpleaded 
Oiibepl'iegd, 61;. untilled 
Oiibepiuiiiid, bv. unfledged 
Onbeproefd, bv. untried 
Ouberaden, onberaadza^m, 

bv. inconsideraie 
Oobereilen, bv. unbacked 
Oubcriid, bv. unready, un- 

pvtpared, undressed, raw 
Onbereidlieid, v. unprepared- 

Onbereikbaar, onbereikeljjk, 

bv. nnallahiabte 
Onbereikt, bv, unaltained 
Oabereisba-^r, bv, impiacli- 

cable ' 
Oiibereisd, bv. unlravelled 
Onberigt, bv. uninformed 
Onberi-pelijk, bv. irrtpre- 
hensil'le [tessnees 

Ooberispelijkheid, r. blame- 
Oiibciispt, bv. unblamrd 
Ojiberotrmd, bv. unreuowned 
Ooberoerudueid, ». obbcurily 
Onoeroerilj bv. unmoved 
Oiiberoerltjk, bv. immovable 
OaberoofJ, bv. undeprivcd; j 
oaberoofJe lueekrap, om' 
bio madder 
Oaberookt, bv, unsmohed ■ 
Onberonw, v. impenitence 
Ouuerouwelijk, bv. not to be 

Onberoiiwig^fct). Impenlient 
Oubcruchi, hv. unreuowned 
Oni'erucbthcid, v. obscurity 
On\ie!iC\rAdi^d,bv. undamaged 
Oubescliaald, bv. tude, un- 
polished, uncivilized 
OnbescUaafdemk, bw, rudely 

ONB 157 , 

Onbeschaafdheld, v.rudenets, 

Onbeschaamd, bv, shameless 
Ouiie>chHamdelijk, bw. 

shamelfssly -■ [dene4 

Oiibeiichaamdheid. v. ti»/>K> 
Oiibefclianst, bv.unfoitified 
Onbescheid, 0. indiscretuns 
Oiibe:>cheiden, bv. indisereU, 

confused, uninvited 
Onbescheidenheid, v. indis- 

Oubekcheidenli^k, bw, indU- 

creeliy, conjusedly 
Onbe^bermdtbv. undefended 
ODbe^chimmeld, bv. not' 

Oobeschoft, bv. olunt, rude. 

uncoHtfk. unwieldy. 
OnbeschoftelUk, bv. rudely, 

uncoil iklv 
Onbeschoftheid, v. tudeness^ 

unwieldiness ' 

Oiibfschonken. bv. sober " 
Oiibeschonkenneld, v, sobrt. 

Onbe8Choreo«~6tf. unthom 
Onbeschreven^ bv. undescri- 

bed, unwritten, «iu«in- 

Oobevchreid, bv. unwept 
Oiibe!n:hroo\ad,bvMndeutnted ' 
Onbeacbroomdelijk, bw. bold- 

Onbe»chroomdhe!d, v. bold- 
Onbeschrjjflijk, bv. luexpret' 
fible [t*:d 

Onbei^clinldigd, bv, uuaeeu- 
Onbeachut, Ov. unprotected 
Oubeseffeiijk, bv. incomprf- 

Onbeselfeiijkbeid, v. incom- 

Otibeslapen, bv. undrfioured 
Onbe:<iageii, bv. unseized, 

Onbeslist, bv. undetermined 
Uabe-ilolcii, 61;. unconcluded, 

Onbeginet, bv. undefiled, un- 
infected, unspotted 
Oobesiuettelijk, bv. vnin- 

Onbcsmettelijkbeid, «. twii». 
I fecliousness 

Onb4>!imeurd, onbesmud, bv. 

I unsoiled [cised 

On'iesneden, bv. uncircnm- 

Oiibesnedeiilieid, v. uncir. 

Onbi^enoeid, bv. unprvned 
Oiibeijpaard, bv. umpared 
OiibCiipieii, bv. unetpted 
Oa\iK*v^ti\d,b». unwashed 

Digitized by L3OOQ IC 

156 ONB 

ODaanoemeliJkbeid, v. incre- 
dibility I 
Onaangprekelijk, bv. not to 
Onaanstotelijkueid, v. ivof- 
fentiven^ssi (al-le 
Oaaauzlenlijk.Av. {neonstdir- 
Onaanzieniijkheld, v. iucon- 

Onaardi^, bv, nngentlr, wn- 
handiome, itulegant ,stnpid 
Onaardig'hefd, v. inelrgance 
Onaardi^lijk,6to. inelegantly 
Onachtbaar, nv . uftrevereiid 
Onachtbaarheid, ». unreve- 

Onachtzaam, bv. earelets 
Onacbtzaamheid, v. careless- 
ness m [!y 
Ooachtzaanilijk, 610. careltis- 
Oaadeiijk. bv. unuohle 
Onafbetaald, bv. unpaid 
Ooafbiddelijk,|/<v. iuerorahle 
Ona^ebrand, bv. unbumt 
Oaafgebroken, bv. uninter- 
Onari^edaan, bv. unfinished 
Ooafgedankt, bv. undisband- 

Ona^eladen, 6v. not shipped 
Ooargtlezeo, bv. unproctaim- 



unrelieved [woe 

Onafj^paald, bv. indetrrmi- 

Ona^ephtkt, bv. uugatkered 

Onugeileien,bv.not[worn out 

Ooafj^esnedclfi, 61;. not cut ujf 

. Onafgetrokken, bv. unah- 

stracted, .undeducted 

Onafhanglijk — hanklijk, bv. 

Oaafhangttjkheid -hankelljk- 

heidi V. independence 
Onaflosselijk, bv. unredeema- 
' Onntaetelijk, bv. immeasur- 
able L'''.v 
Onaftnetelijkheid, v. immeu- 
Oaafscheiaelijk,fct;. inst para- 
ble [septirability 
Onafscheidelijkbeid, «. in- 
Onafzienbaar, bv. viewless 
Onarbeidzaam, bv. indolent 
Onarbeidzaamheid, v. indn- 
lence [l^ntly 
Onarbeidzaamiyk, bv. indo- 
Ofiargll8tiK,M>. guileless 
Onargli«stigheid,v. simplicity 
Onbaardig.fttf. beardttss 
Onbaatzucbtlg, /v. disinter- 
ested « 
Onbaatziichttfrhdd, v. disin- 


Onbaodig, bv. unruly 
Onbandigrheid. v. unruliness 
Onhandiglijkj hw. unrnlily 
Oiibarmhartiif. bv. uumerei- 
f»t Icifntnets 

Oiibarmharttgheld.p. unmer- 
Oiibarmhariiglijk,'.v. unmer- 


Onbe.tngsl —igd, bv. unnp- 

pnlf.rd [swered 

Oiiheintwnord, bv. unan 

Onbeantwnordelijk, bv. un- 

answer a^<le 
Onbeiri eid, bw. undabnrate 
Oiibebaand, bv. nnfrodden 
Onbebloed, bv. uni'li ody 
Oiibebouwd, bv. unlilted, un- 
Oiibrdaagd. hv. not old 
OnbedaHgdneid, v. youth 
Oiibedaaid, 6r. impatient, 

wild " 

Onhed'iardheid, v, impa- 
tience, an Hat ion 
Onbedacht, bv. unlhinking, 
rash [deralety 

Oiibedachlelijk, bv. inronst- 
Oiibcitaclithtld— zaaraheid,©. 
inrinisidrrateness, raslmtss 
Oiibedachlzaam. bv. inconsi- 
derate * 
8nbedeesd, '■»». dnnnlless 
i)bedeesdeiijk,()to. intrepid - 
Onhvi\eG^A\ie\d.,v. intrepidity 
Oiibrdt kt,^t» nncvvered,optn 
Onbcdi-ktt li^k, I'W. openly 
Onbi dektheul, v. openness, 


nbt'-, immeiunrial 
Onbedeiikelijkheid, v. incou- 

ciiv illf-tess [hie 

Oiibederrtijk, bi\ incorrwplt- 
Oiibedild, 00. UHcensured 
Onbc'doiigen, bv. uncondi- 

Oii'>(drirven,fct>. undamaged 
Oiibedreven,_''V. unexpenen- 

ctil,HHskilful, uncommitted 
Onbedrevenheid, v. inexperi- 
Onbedrieglijk, bv. infallible, 

si lire re 
Onh^diie:rlijkheld, v. infal- 

tibilily, itncerily 
Oiibeilrogen, hv. not deceived 
Onbedjclit. l/v. unfearing 
Oiibed'iclitlieid, v. confidence 
Oitbeduld, 60. undemunstra- 

Oiibf duidelijk, bv. intxplica- 

bte, insigv'ficant 
Onbfidiiidelij'kheid, v. inex- 

plicttbleness, insignificance 


OnbedweUnd. bv. clear 
Onbedwelmdheid,0. eleamen 

unruly, invincible 
Onbedwinglijkbeid, «. n«- 

Onbedwnngen, bv. untamed 
Oiibcdijkt, bv. tmembfinked 
OnbvetdtgH, bo. unsworn 
Oitbefaamd, hr. unrenowned 
Onberaamdheid, v. o>scuriiy 
Oubetfaafd, bu. ungifled 
Oiibega^fdheid, V. iHcapacity,Air. untrodaen,u»- 

Oiibegaiigeo, bv. unttodden 
Onbe<faii!?lijk, bv. inipojssabii 
Onbegeerd.frp. undesired 
Onbejeerig, bv. uncovi'toua 
Onbegei rlijk,6i;. undesirable, 

OnbcgeerHjkbeid^ v. undesir- 

ableness, nudesiringness 
Onbe^eerte, v. lisllessnest 
Onbegeven, /'V. rndisposed of 
Onbegeti'tdigd, fro. uugrmcem 
Otibegifiigd, 61;. unendowed 
Onbegoiineu, bv. uucommtu- 

Onbegotcn, bv. unwatered 
Onbegraven, bv, unburied 
Oabpgrepen, bv. erclnsive 
Oiibe:;ren«d,frv, unlimited 
Onbegroet, hv, unsaluted 
Onbesroot, bv, uncomputed 
Onbegrijplijk, bv, incompre- 


Onbegan^t\gd, bv.unfavcured 
Oiibi'haagiiik. bv. unpleasing 
Onbehaaglijklieid,v. unplems- 


Onbebaiidelbaar, bv. «m«<- 


Onbehandeld, bv.unhandUd 
Oiibt'handfgd.'>0. undelivtred 
Onbehangen,6t7.«nA«iif, «m- 

Oiibebelpzaaro, bv, unhelpful 
OnbeheDdig. hv. unhandy 
Ojubeheiidigbeid, v. unhmmdi- 

ness riy 

Onbeh«ndiglijk,'>«». wwAntf;- 
OiihehoeUig, bv.un'distressed 
Onh^hoorljjk, bv, improper, 

in decent 
Onbeboorlijkheid, v, impro* 

priHy , indceence, iitjmstie* 
Onbehbuwen, fro. unheum, 

uumnnnerli/ [ea 

Oiibehui!<raad,fr«. «ii/tiriiuA* 
Onbcjaard, bv. jfoung 
Onbe^aardlieid, ». vmUh 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


Omtehantty dto.fortijltd 
Omschaozing, v. circumval- 

Omschenen, dw. irradiated 
Om8chommeien,ur.A/ti about 
Oaicclioppei), tr, kickduwi 
Omfchrevtffi. du>. summontdf 

Omschrift, o. exergue periphratf, 
wrile round, tummo»f cir- 
OmBcbrijving.v. eireumlocU' 

tion. circumscription 
Omschudilen, w. sUake to- 
OmschMnen, 10. irradiate 
Omachijnin^, v. irradiation 
Oiusingelen, surround 
Omslugeld, du). surrounded 
Omcingeling, v. encompass 

iug , 
Omslaan, w. heat down^over' 
tAroWf turn up, fai'e, turn, 
turn over, thr-.w on, put on, 
overturn, hem, ovirset 
Ooislag ^je, in. hem, cover, 
case, turning, facing, ap- 
purteiiancefiroublr, encum- 
brance, estimate 
Omsllngerdn, to. swing about 
Omtlingering, v. swinging 
Oin»makken, omdmijien, to. 

east down, overturn 
Omsmy ting, v. overthrow 
Omtpiueu, IT. dig up 
Omspitter, m. daiver 
Oni«pUUng, V. digging up 
Omspoelen, to. wash, rinse 
Uai!$poeUng, v. washiHg,rin- 

sing ' 
Omtpraak. v. eircumtoeulion 
Oaibprakelijk, bv. circumlo- 
Offisprfngen, w. jump about ; 
laat Diij 'er mee ontAprin- 
geoi lei me manage it 
OiDstaan, to. stand about 
Omstaaiitier oin»un(ler, m. 

Omstaadlg, bv. circumstan- 
tial Islance 
Omstaudigheid, v. circum- 
Omstandigiijk, 610. cireum- 

Oinstoten,i0. over throw, over- 
turn, frustrate, subvert 
Offlstoiel^k, bv. subverlible 
Omctotiug, V. subversion 
Onictortea, tr. oviTlurn 
Offlstorting, 1;. overturning 
Onutuipeii, to. turn upsule 
- Ota\Xmmtttii,w. build round 
OiuUia(u«rd|aw. fruiM round 


Omtrek— Je. m. compost, eir. 

cmnffrinee, eontonr 
Omtrekken, w. pall down, 
III arch about, encompa»s, 
Otstrent, 610. ahout,nrar, al- 
most, re>pecting with ri- 
gardto {bout 

Omirootmelea, to. drum a- 
Omtrompetten, to. trumpet 

Omtuimelen, 10. tumble down 
Omtninieling, v.falling down 
Omtuinen, 10. impartt, enclose 
Oattuiiid, dw. inipnrked 
Omtuiiiing, v. enclosure 
Oiiivaarder, m. circumnavi- 
gator circumnavigate 
Omvariog — vaart, v. cir- 

OmvademKn, to. fathom about 
Oaival -letiv. m.falling down 
Omvallon, w.fatt down 
Omvang, Vm. compass 
Onivargen,to. encompass 
Oiuvauifeii, dw. encompassed 
Omvalten, 10. embrace 
Omver— re, bw. down 
Omvlie^en, to. eircumvolate 
Omvloeijeu, w. Jlnw round 
OaivloeijiiigfC. circumfiuence 
Ooivoeren, to. carry about 
Omvoering, v. cireamvection 
Omvouweii, w.fold round 
O.iivraag, 0. gntstion 
Omwaaijen, w. hitno down 
Otnwaa\jiug, v.blowing down 
Oiuwiiilen, w. cireummure 
Oiuwald. dw. circummured 
Oinwanat:len, 10. eircumam- 

Omwandelingj v. circumam- 

Omwaterd, bv. surrounded 

with water 
Ooiweg —}e, m. way about, 
compass, subterfuge, etr- 
cuiii locution 
Omwelid, bv. vaulted 
Omweiideii, ir. turn, tack 
Oinwetiding, v. turn, lack 
Ooiweiitelcii, 10. turn 
Omwenteliiig, v. revolution 
Omwerpen, to. overt urn, turn 

uvir, oversit, throw down 
.Omwerpuig, 0. overthrowing 
Oiiwiiuiea,to. envelop, in wrap 
Oinwindiog, 0. enveloping 
Oaiwiudsei, 0. cover, wtapper 
Oiuwoiideu, dw. wiapped up 
Oiuwuuerii, tno. circumjacent 
" tn/iabilauts 

Omwooiiif , V. circumjaeencff 
Oiawroeteu, lOi root up 

OKA 153 

OmXeBden, 10. send about 
Omzeiiding, v. sending about- 
Om^etteo, 10. iMm about, oof 

round, turn, border 
Omzien, 10. took a/tout, regard 
Oiuzigtig, bv- circumspect 
Omzigtigheid, v. circumspt^ 

tit.n [speetljf 

Omzigtiglljk, 6to. cireum' 
Ouzwaaijen, to. swinground 
Oiuzwaaijitig, 1;. swinging 

Oiuzwachtelen, to. swaddU 
Onizwacbteld, dw. swaddltd 
Omaweeven, to. hover round 
Onizweiik«n,io. .wheel, turn 
Omzweuklng, v. wheeling a- 

Omzwerven , to. wander about 
Omzwerviog, v. ramble, cir- 

Onizwikken, to. turn round, 

wrench, sprain 
Onaaubiddelijk, bv. unadora- 

Ouaandachtig,6v. inattentiue 
OuaandachligUei'J, «. inai- 

Oaaandacbtiglijk, bw, tnest- 

lentiveiy inate 

Onaangeboren, bv. notiu' 
Oiiaangegrepen, bv. unseixtd 
Onaaiigeklaagdr^r. unatew- 

Oiiaangekleed, bv.uudresstd 
Oiiaangelegea, bv. unimpof" 

tant Iportttnee 

Onaangelegenheid, v. unim- 
OnaaD;$«aiiTkt,~//v. untibser- 

ved'uot withstanding 
Onaangenaani,/!>v. disagreea- * 

Onaangenaamheid, r. diia-> 

Onaangciiaami^k, frv. disa^ 

greealtly i«d 

Onaau^eraakt.ov. untouched 
Ouiaiigeraud, bo. unattached 
Oiiaaogeroepea, bv» nninm^ 

Oitaaageroerd,&o. untovieked 
Onaaiigeacbouwd, bv. unbf 

Onaaageslagea, bv, unstixtd 
Oiiaaiigevocuieii* bv, unat* 

Onaangetast, bv, untouched 
Onaaug«ai«ii, bv, tr bw. unrf 

garUtd, notwithstanding 
Oitaangezocht^Atr. tinto<tci/«d 
Oi^aaiiuierkel^k, bv, inconsi- 

OaaaDiiemelijk,6o. unoco^l* 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

154 OMG 

OmfebMldy dw. nulled dawn 
Ok rebaktfOBifebouweo, dw. 

feiUd [together 

Omfehutseld. dw. huddled 
OiDf uaagd, dw. driven about 
Ooif < kaMUt, dw. Ifitted back 
OmgekaQt, dw. overset 
Ouugekeerd, omgekenterd, 

dw. overturned f tutned 
Omgeklonken, dw. rivetted 
Omgvkoftt dw, bribed, ear- 

Oaf ekomen, dw. killed 
Onigf kromd, dw, beirt round 
Oaigrekruid,<<M'.Aaii'A<-d about 
Omgeleg eu,dw. circumjacent 
Omgelegd. dw. bordered 
Oaf aleld. dw. elrcHmdueed 
Omg enaaid, dw. bordered 
Oaferedeo, dw, ridden 

Omgereitd,dw.travelled over 
Omferoepen, dw, cried 
Oaf eroerd, dw. stirred 
Oafeachoaaeld, dw.stirred 

Oaf esrhud, dw. shaken 

turned up [a bout 

Omge«linferd, dw. swung 
Owfesmakt, oiufesaeten, 
, dw. overthrown, thrown 

Omgeopit, dw. dug up 
Omgespoeld, dw, wasMed, 

Oafeatoten, dw, overthrown 
Oaf estort, dw. overturned 
Oafestulpt, dw. turned over 
Oafetrokken, dw. pulled 

down, sketched 
Omfetrommeld, dw. drum- 

mrd about [afrottt 

Oaf etrompet, dw,truuipeled 
OafetuimelJ, dw. tumbled 

down ivigated 

Oaferareii, dw. cUcumua' 
Oaf evadead, dw. jathomed 
Omgevuiita^aw./allen down. 

overthrown, overset 
Oiuf evat, dw. embraced 
Oafevoetd, dw, carried 

about IrounU 

Ooifevouwen, dw. folded 
Oaf ewaaid, dw, blown down 
Oafewandeld, dw. peram- 

buiaud [erf 

Oinf ewend, dw. turned Jatk- 
Omfewcnliild, dw. lurntd 
Oaf ewondeu, dw. enveloped 

nif ewroet. aw. rooted up 
mgaat, dw. turned, for- 


Oaf rtonden, dw. stnt about 
Oafczwaaid, dw. swung 

round {round 

Oafezwenkt, dw. wheeled 
Oafrzwikt, dw. wreneked, 

Oinf esworveo,dw. wandered 

Ontf ooijen, w. overturn 
Oinf oraen, w. gird 
Oaf ord, dw. girl 
Oagraven, w. tntrenek, cir- 

cumvaltale,dlg up 
Omgnvea, dw* eircMmval- 

latfd [(ton 

Omf raving , r. eircumvalla- 
Oaf repen, dvh. compassed 
OmgrgpeD,w.compa«, clasp 
Omhaien, w.pnll down 
Omhaliof, v. pulling down 
Oaliakken, w.fell, cut down 
Omhakkinf , v. cutting down 
OmhangeD, w. cireuaipend, 

put on, hang round, en- 

Oruhaof en , dw. kung round 
Omhaugingy v.envetopement 
Oniliaiif rok, v. toots great- 
coat labout 
Oaheen, bw. about, there- 
Oaheineii, w, encircle, kedge 
Oaheind, dw. encircled 
Oaheiolng , v, inclosurs 
Oahelzen, w. embrace 
Oiiihel»d, dw, embraced 
OmheUiuf, v. embrace 
Oahoof , DW. alojt, on high 
Oahoiiwen, w. cut down 
Omhouwinf , V. eii((iiif down 
Owhuueleu, w. toss about, 

*Oiiii.-i«ie, V. omission 
•Oaiueeren, w. omit 
Omjaf en, w. drive about 
Omkaatiiea, w. toss back 
Offlkanien, w. overset 
Oakeer, m. tum^ turning 
Oakeeren, w. (Km about, 

vveriuru, subvert, turn 
Oakcerlnf , v. subversion 
Onikeiiteren, w. overturn 
Omkleed, o. surplice, surtout 
Oiitkleedeii, w, cloths 
Omkltied, dw. clothed 
Omkliiiken, w. rivet 
Omklinking, v. rtteltlng 
Oakoaen, w, come about, 

com'e round, be killed 
Omkoopen, w. bribe, corrupt 
Oiokooperi m. briber, subor- 
Oiiikooping, V, subornation, 

Omkoopcter, t». eorruplrest 
Oakrcdtsi v. circuil 

Oakriof, m. eompoMs, «lr^ 

cuit, eiteumfertne* 
Omkroamen, w. bfHd rMmd 
Oakruijen, w. wktH romud, 

kawk bbout 

boA rMmd; 

Oakyken, w, 

attend to 
Omiaaf, bw, 

down stairs i d» omltsf, 

Oaleg f en, w. turnyet^e,4tal 
Oalefsel, •. edging, border 
Oaliffen, w. be overset, U 
' ooertArown, lie remmd 
Omliffeod, bv. eiremmfmeent 
Ova leiden, w. eircumduei 
Oiuleidlaf , v, Hreumduettan 
Oalbop, m, revoiutiam, eir- 

eutalion,^ cireumrotatien, 

battlement, gallery, baUeng 
Omioopen, w. eireuUtte, re- 
volve, turn round, ram 

round, veer 
Oalooper, m, pedtmr 
Oa looping. V. eircnlafln, 

Omme,seo Om 
Oaaefanf. at. proeestieu, 

eonversatien, baitleuumls, 

gaiter If 
•aaelandeo, mv, eiramO^ 

cent countrf 
Oaaezien, o. moment 
Omauuren» w. eircummure- 
Oaauiird, dw. cirenmutured 
OaiiaaHtfD, w. edge, etbok 

Oiw|>aaleD,w.i«|wlr, 'a^arA 
Onpaald, dw, impaled, ia- 

Oarede. v. periphrase 
OmreJ* — |e, r. turn, tour 
Omreizen, w. travel aiteut 
Oareizeryim. traveller 
Orareiziof ,v. travelling about 
OnirlDf, m. circuit 
Omrinfen, w. mrrottiid 
Omringd, dw. *«rroiiiided 
OmriiifinfiV. surrounding 
Omroepen, w. cry about 
Omroeper, m, ener 
Omroepinf , v. crying abeml 
Omroereo, w. tar 
Oaroerinf , v. stiring 
Omrollen, w. involve 
Omroid, dw. involved 
Oiorollinf » v. iitvolNli^n 
Oinrijden, w. ride about 

Oatcluduwd, dw. over«A*- 

dcwed. adumbrated 
Oinschaauwinf , v. adumbr^ 

Omtchaotaen, ». fortifg 

Digitized byLnOOQlC 


•Occapatie, v.'oecttpation 
•Occupeeren, to. occupy 
•Oc«aan, m. ocean 
Ocb, ttut, ah, alat 
Ochtend, m.\morning 
Ocbteitduiaal -»tje, o. break 
fast [time 

OcfatendstOnd, m. mornings 
♦OcUaf, o. eighth, octavo, 

diapason, octavo . 

October, «. October 
•Octrool, 0. grant, patent 
•Octroo^jeeren, w. grant, 

•Oculatie, v. grafting 
•Ocaleereu, to. graft • 
•Oculist, m. occutist 
Odief, t». piane 
•Oecoooniie, v^aconomy 
•Oeconoiuiscb, 60. tecono- 

€>9tfeaea,to.exercite, practice 
Oeffena^r, m. exerciter 
Oeffening, v, exerclte, voco" 
tion, practice, conventicle, 
Oeffenpfaat*, v. place of ex- 
•reice, study [demy 

OeffeHBChool, 0. school, aca- 
OcBter — tje, in. oyster 
Oeaterbak-je, 9. oytterdisk 
Oesterhuw— je,o. oytlerhoase 
Oesterman, m. oysierman 
Oestermes— je,o. oystei knife 
Oesterplaat — je, v, oyster- 

Oesterput, v. oysterpit 
Oeater&chuit — je, «. oyster- 
boat Ishell 
Oesterschulp— je, v. oynler- 
Oesterton — D«tje, v. oyster- 
■ barrel 

Oever, m* shore, bank 
Oeyeraas, o. epkemerst 
or, vw. or, either, if, ^whe- 
ther, but 
•Oftenseeren* w. ofend 
•Offlensif, bv, offensive 
Offer —'tje, o. offer, proffer, 

offering, sitcri/tce 
"Xifferen, tr. offer 
OflFeraar, m.offerer, saerifictr 
Offerbeest, ofiertiier, 0. vic- 
Offerbrood, 0. cake, or bread 

that is offered 
OfTerdiensti m. sacrijlee 
•Offereeren, m. offtr • 
Offeri^eld, 0. mvaey that is 

Offergod, m. idoi \ 

Offerhande, v. sacrifice 
Offerklsf, V. poor*s box 
Offermeg — je, 0. saeerdofal 

OfTerpenniDf^, v. offering 
Offerplaatfl, v. place of offer- 
Offerpriester, m.saerificer 
Offerwichgelaar, m. aruspex 
Offerwlchgelaarij, rr. arus- 

•Officiant, m. officiator 
•Officie.t;. office, employment 
• Officieereii, w. ojficiate 
•Officier — ije, m, officer 
Otte, vn. or, see Of 
Og, tuss. ah, alas 
Oir. o, heir, issue 
Oirkox^c, V. witness i »toir- 
kondej deaes, in witness 
Oir«chap, 0. heritage 
Oker, V. uker 

OkkeriH)ot — je, v. walnut 
Oksel, see Oxel 
OH. olie, olij,v. oil 
Oiien, w. oil, anoint 
Ollfant, m. elephant 
Otien. mv. nonsense 
Oiin, oluiboom, m. elm 
OliJHchti;, />t7. oiiy 
Oiijdcbtlgheid, v. oiliness 
OlQdroe&tfem, in. lees of oil 
Olijf — je, V. olive 
Olgfboom— pje, m. olivetree 
OUjlberg, iw. mount of olives 
Olijftak— je, v. olivebranch 
Olijlolij, v. oil of olivet 
OUjfsef, o. unction 
Olijk, bv. sly, wretched 
Olijkan— netje, v. oilbottle 
Olijklieid, v. slyness, wretch- 
Olijkof k — je, v. oilcake 
Oliikooper, m. oilman 
OiiJ[iuaat, v. oilmeasure 
Olgmoteii, v. oilmill 
Oiijpop, «. oHjar 
Olijifiager, m. oilmaker 
Olijxtee.Q— Ue, in. hone 
OlQvsit, 0. oilcash 
Olijvtrkooper, m. oilmer- 

Olijverf^ V. oitcolours 
Om, vz. about ^ for, to, ■- in 
order to, of, onf eens oni 
de dric weken, once in 
three weeks-; oui den aa- 
deren dag^rvery other day ; 
om 't leven komen, to lose 
ont'ilifei omAzi, because; 
qm en bij, near about ; om 
en om, roundabout, about, 
circa J om bals raken, to 
g't hilled; om strijd, <'/Ni»- 
lonsly i om ver, down 
Omarbeiden, 10. turn up 
Omarmea, 10. eo^race 
Omarmd, dio, embraced 

OMG 153 

Omarming, v. embrace 
Ombazuiaea, w. proclaim 

Ombiiiden, m. tie about 
Omboorden, 10. edge, lace 
O mbonrdsel, o. edg tngybordet 
Ombrvinaea, w. brace, truss up 
Ombren?en, w. pass, kilt, 

Omb render, m. stayer 
OinbretiKing, v. slaying 
Ombuigen, to. bend round 
Ombnigiiig, v. bending 
Ombuiteieu, w. tumble dtmm 
OiubuiteHng, v. tumble 
Onideek-n, w. distribute 
Omdeekr, m. distributor 
Oindelven, 10. di^ up 
Omdoen,w.put on, put round 
Omdoolen, 10. wander i^out 
Ouidonliiig, V. wandering 
OmdragKu, to. carry about 
Onidraaijeu, to. turn about, 
turn Itio* 

Omdraaijing, t*. circumrota- 
Oaidragt, m. carrying about 
Onidrinken, 10. drtnk about 
Onidwaleti, to. wander about 
Omdwarlcn,' to. irAiW round 
Omgaan, to. go about, go 
round, go i» procession, 
converse, he conversant 
with, happen 
Omgang, m. procession, cir- 
cuit, conversation, beha- 
Omgearbeid. dw. dug up 
Oaigebazoind, dw. proclaim- 
ed [ mured 
Omgebnlwfrkt, dto. circum- 
Onigebonden, dw. tied round 
Oin^ebogen, dw. bent round 
Om^eboord, dio. edged 
Omgebragt, dw. killed 
Ouigebraiit, dw. braced 
Omgebuiteid, dw. tumHed 

Omgedeeld, dw. distributed 
Omgedolven, <^io. dug up 
Onigedoold, dto. wandered 
about (about 

Omgedcagen, dw. carried 
Owgodraaid, dio. turned 
Omgedroiikeu, dto. drunk 
round [«Aow< 

Omgedwaald, dw, wandered 
Omgedwarid, dw. whirled 


Omgeven, 10. distribute, deal, 

Onigeveo, dw. surrounded 
Omgegooid, dw. overthrown 
Omgegord, dw. girded 
Oojgegraven, dw. dug up 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 



Moff. bw, ytt, still, aim, be- 
■ widftf again, funhfr; nng 
wat, some tMorei wacht iio); 
^rat, $tay a litUr white 
loHger i nog' zoo rijk, evr 
«» ricA ; nog eeuB zooveei, 
«« much agan ; tot Do^ 
•oe, hitherto 
Mof niaais, bw. again 
iN>rtaa8, bw. i/et ,nevertheleas 
Mok, V, hiccough, yardarnt 
Mokken, w. yex, tub 
•Nominatie, v. nominalism 
*NoiDiDa(if, V. no'tiiuatice 
*NoniiHeeri:n, w. nominate 
Mommcr— tje, v. number 
Mommereny to. number 
Mon — netj«, v. nun 
Nonneaklootter, o. nunnery 
Hood, o. need, neersiity, Uan - 
fer, distretSf want; des 
Boodfly if need be; tt-r 
naauwer uood, nnrrotdt/; 
van Doode, needful,- van 
Boode hebben, totland U 
need of [one^s nrfdi, 

llooden, w. invitf, bid, do 
Moodborf^. m. pUdge 
Nooddrult, v. necessaries, 

necesiities, livelihood 
Nooddruftig^ bv. needy, neces- 


Noeddraftigheid, v. neediness 
NooddwaniCi m, conxfraiat 
Noode. bw.loth, nnwiUiHgly 
Ifoodeloos, bu>, needless 
Moodeloo^eid, «. n*tdlesnets 
Hooder, m. inviler 
Moodhalp, m. mett-helf, oc- 

cmsionai help [ful 

Moodlg, bv. necessary, nccd- 
Noodiffien, w. invite 
Moodigheid, «. needfulness 
NoqdiRlngi V. invUaitan 
NaodWok, v. alat-mbell 
Hoodiot, o.fate, destiny 
■ Moodlotttg, hv. fatal 
tioodltjdvnd, bv. suffering, 

MoodnMint, «. m0ii<>j^ of lU. 

tte vr no intrinsic value 

et/ined on an emergency 
Woodsotaikkinir, v. dtsiity 
Noo486hikkeliJk» bv. Jaial 
Ifoodweer, «. terrible storm, 

nete*tary% defence 
Mvodwindii;, bv. necessary 
Noodwendiflrheid, v. neces- 

aarq, neeensity 
Noodweodiffiljk, 610. ueees- 

Moodstiken,^ w. necessitate, 

constrain, force 
NMdzakelUk, bv.^bto. nec^- 

targt utcessarHy 

- NOT 
NoOdcakclijkheid, v.neeessity 
Noolieid, v. tcpuguauee 
Nooit, bw. never 
Nnopeii, vf. spur, goad, en- 

couragef invite, incile, 

Noopende. vz. concerning 
Noopijzer— tje, o. goad 
Noardf V. north; om de 

noord, north about ; noord 

aan. toyairds the north 
Nonrde, bv. north, northern 
Noordeiijk, bv. northern 
Nooideii, o. north 
Nnonier, bv. northern 
Noordunordooiit, o. north- 
north-east [north-ttest 
Nnordnoordwe«t, 0. north- 
NoordooAt, nooi'doosleii, o. 
' nortlt-easl ieatterly 
NoojrdoOHielijk, bv. north- 
Noord^ch, bv. northern 
Noordntar, v, northstar 
Noord'iteea. m. loadstone 
NoordvaarUer, m. trader to 

tne north 
Noordwef>t, noordwe«ieii, o. 

uotth-wtst [wesier'y 

NoordwfsteJijk, ho. north 
Noord zijde, v. north side 
Nooroiaii — neije, m. skelty,^ 

Nool— je, V. nut, walnut, fit- 

fifrd, nutmeg, nnte ; man- 

neijes nooten, wiltl uut- 

N»oiebooin — pje, m. «Mte«f- 

NootcbooHienliout, «. wal- 

Nooiedop, m. nutshell 
Nooickraker — ^je, m. nul- 

Nootfiaar. m. u>alnul-tree 
Nooteniuskaat— je,v. nutmeg 
Nop, V. nap i w«i lu de nop- 

pe»,weU drts^ed 
Noppeii, w. nap 
Noppig, bv. nappy 
Nor*, bto. sternly, frawning- 

Nomeh, bv. stern, frowning 
Nortichheid, v. sternness 
•Noia, v.note^ mark, remark 

• Notarieel, bv. Motarialtttga I 
*S<it^riik,m.notnryf icrivener 

• Nolaiie, r. notation 
*Noi«*ereti, w. note 
*Notldc»tif, o ..notification 
♦Notilieeren, w. notify 
*Noiiiie. V. note, list, memo- 

raiuiuta . 
•Noiitielioek — je, ». 


•No loir, bv. notoriaut 
• Notule, t;. note, journal 
Noveuiber, t>. November 
Nu, bwk news n\x TOortaa, 

Nulje, V. eonctiled girl 
Niicliter, bv, fasting, veker, 

Nncbierhekl, v. sobriety 
fiak—ie,v, freak, wAtm, trtei 
Niil— leije, V. nought 
Nul. bv.nnll 
*Nulliteit, V. nullity 
*Nuraeratie, v. nnnteratiam 
*Nainero, v. number 
Nul, o. uge,javuU, bene/U 
Nut, untie, bv. usefuii, ser- 

Nutien, to. take, avail 
Niitbair, bv. profitable 
li»He\ioo*,bv.needless, uselem 
Nutlfloos. bw. in vain 
Nuitelon«neid, v. uselrssnese 
Nuttelijk, bv. useful, profit- 
Ntitielijkheid, v.««e/iilweM . 
Nutiig, bv. useful, prqfitabte 
Nuttigen, 10. u*e, take, avail, 

rat or drink 
Niitti^heid, v. pro/UabUnes$ 
fivntigiag,v. eating or drink' 

Nijd, 0. envy, grudge, 
Nijden, 10. eitiry 
Ni](lig. bv. enviouSf maliciome 
Nqilig^iart, m. envMus person 
Nijdlgheid, v. envy, malice 
Ntiuagel— ije. m. hangnail 
Nijp, iieep— ende— en, pmch 
Nitper— tje, mi. pineher 
Nijping, V. pinching 
Nljptaiig — etje, r. pair ef 

pnceis [triems 

Nmer, njiverig, bv.^indut- 
Nijverigheid, v. industry 


9 lust, ok, ah 
•Object o. object 
•Oolectie, v. objection - 
*Ooli«i, V. wafer 
•Obligatie, V. bond, obligm- 

•Oblifreeren, to. oblige 
•Ob*cuur, bv. obscure 
•Observatie, v.obseramlia^ 
•Obiierveereii, to. observe 
^Obairuciie, v.obiiruciiam 
*Obiiaeeren, to. obtain 
•Occasie, v. occasion, •ppor' 

•Qccasioaeercoa w* tcctiam 

Digitized byLnOOQlC 


Mefenoof, v. iamprep 
wetenUi. o. novenary 
Nefenulftg, bv, novtnorf 
NefenUen, bv,nintteen - 
Ne^eniiende, bp. nineleenlh 
Negentig, bv. Hiutty 
JJegentigae, bv. ninetieth 
Negenvoudi;, bv. nime/'otd 

•2*if"K««ereu, w. neglect 
•Negotiant, m. merchant 
•Njjotitatie, tf. negotiation, 

•Negotie, V. trade, commerce 
Negotieerea, w. tiade, nego- 

Neigeo,tr. ineline,bov,CHrt9y 
Mek-fe. m.necA, tecA o/ihe 

neck, hmek 
Werf, V. grain of leather 
*•*(?«>», bw. nowhere, no- 

thing i he/geof om ge^en, 

U care for nothing 
JJe«ch, hv. son, walerji ' 

Netlcebol, m. ninny 
^^}' rJ*» •• **»'• **«n«/, 
^birth, bed, hole 
Me»ti«, 0. nett-egg 
Jiegtel-ge, v. point, tag, 

kttehed, strap 
Metfelea, w. itcffje 
Nestelgat, o, eyUlhoU 
metteiing, v. nettltHg, lace, 

Mectelknooper, m. conjurer 
ffettveeren, mv, down 
Vet —ie, 0. net, net, eavol 
'iet, Deite, bv, neat, quaint, 

spruce, clean, exact, accu- 

Vet, bw. neatly, exactly , 

net van pas, in the nich of 

Metel — tJe, v. nettle 
Meteiboccbj o. nettle-bush 
If eteldoek, o. muslin 
Metelig, bv. thorny, difflevll, 

erittcol, tichlish, peevish 
Neieligbeid, v. i^tncmcy, 

liekftshness, peevithness 
Metbetd, v. neatness, quaint' 

if etjeiu bw. neatly 
NeUwijze, bw. retiform 
Mettenwerk, netwerk, o. net- 

Mettigheid, v. ii«4(ii«m 
•Netio, bw. neat, nett 
Neas — 'Je, v.nose, prow ; op 

de oeu« kijken, to be disap' 

poiniedi eta ueut kr^geo, 

19 be refuted 
■eusen, w. mm 

Neatbaeo — tje, o. cmrtHage 

of the note 
Neocdoek — je. v. handher- 

chief, pockrt- handkerchief 
Nea«Kaatje, Neusgat, «. not- 

Neushaar — tje, 0. hair in the 

Neusboorn, m, rhinoceros 

Neuslog, o. notlril 

/Veu«praager, m. caveton 

NeuriW^ii. bv. conceited 

NeuswijNheid, v. telfconceit 

Ntutelen, to. trifle 

Neutelaar, m, neutelaarster, 
V. trifter 

NeuteiarU, v. trifling 

•Neulraai, bt. neutral 

Neutraalheid, v.neutrality 

*NeutralUati«, v. neutraliza- 
tion ' \lite 

• NeutralUeeren, w. neutra- 

•Neatrallteli, v. neulraliiy 

Neuzelen, w. trifle 

Nevel, m. cloud, fog 

NeveleOfW. be foggy 

Meveiacbiig, uevellg, be, ne- 
butoMt, foggy 

o. ntbulocity , t'ofgiHe»t 

Neven*, 610. besides, with, 
together with, next 

Nevensgaaude, bv. inclosed, 

Nibb<>len, w. nibble, cavil 

Nibbeiaar, m. nibbler, ca- 

Nicht, o. niece,to*tin 

Nie, bw. never 

Niemand, vn. nobody 

Nirmeudal, 610. nothing at 

Nier — tje, v. hidney, loin 

Mentuk '-je, 0, loin, tirtoin 

Niervet, o. suet 

Nies«n, to. iueezt 

Nie«kruid, 0. nie»wortel, m, 

Njekiniddel, ulespoeder, 9. 
ster'nulatury puwUer 

Niespeaboom, «u otpentree 

Niel — ie, v. nothing . nought, 
nothingness, blauif iutty i 
niet niet al, nothing at all 

Niet, bw. not, m«,- le aiei 
doeu^ toauHihilate,abottsh, 
te Diet doeolDg, annthitu- 

Nieiig, bv. vain, good for no- 
thing, null (Hullity 

Nietiglieid, v, nothiuguet*, 

Nievi,bv. nothing 

Nieiiegeosuanae, vw, not- 

Niettenia, 610. nevtrtheUu 

NOE 151 

Nietwaardig, bv. worthiest 
Nieusr,, curiout ; vf 

uieuws, anew 
Nieuw, bw. newly, strangelg, 

with astonishment i bet 

doet mU nieiiw, / wmdar 

at it i Let u*l mU QieMW 

doen of, / vn^nder whether 
Nieuwacbtig, bv. newish 
Nieuwbakkeo, bo. new, new- 

bahed [verUed . 

Nteuwbedacht, bv. nevely in- 
Nieuwgesmeed, bv. ntwfaw 

fltd [married 

Nieuwgetrouwd, bv. new- 
NieuwgttTormd, bv. new 

moulded ' 
HienmeUog,m^ novice 
Nieoweiing*, DieuirelUkt,Aw. 

NieuweilDgschap.v. novieiai€ 
NieuwerweUcb. bv, moderug 

Nienwigaeid, v. noveUy, iS' 

Nleuwjaar, 0. newytar. 
Nieu«rjaarsdag,M. newyewrH 

day -. 

Nieuwjaarcdicht, 0. poem am 

the newyear 
Nieuwjaar«Rift, v. newyewr't 

gift, [ntivetiy 

Nieaws, o. newt, anp thing, 
Nieuribegeerlg, bv, Uving nb 

velties [novelty 

Nieuwubeyeerte, v. tooe of 
Nieuwgitgledg, bv. curiout 
Nieuwsgierigbeid, v, eun 

osity [Ig 

Nieuwagieriyk, bw. eurtamt' 
Nieuwtje, 0. novelty 
Niewers, 610. nuwhere 
Niciiiig, V. sneezing 
Nikken, 10. beckon, nod 
Nikker— tje, m. imp,Jlemd 
Nioif — je, V. nymph 
Nimnier, bw. never 
Niuimeriueer, bw. never moM 
Nippe, V. cat*s mint 
Ni» — je, V. ittcAe 
NUch, bv. soft, watetff 
«Nobei, bv. noble 
• Nobletiiie, v. nobility 
Nocii, VM. neither, nor 
Noemen, w. name, cuU 
Noeiueiid, bv. nominative 
Noeoier, m.namer, nvmki0- 

tive, tie nominator 
Noeming, r. tienomiuatiom 
NoeiiiiUk, be. namefsbU 
Noei), ui. nuon 
Noeuoiaal— tJe, 0. dinner 
Notfurottt, V. iMeridiativu 
Noect. uoe«tig, bv. dUtgtmt 
Noealigbeid, v. diligence 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

150 NED 

Mederrebaald, die. tlmek 
Pedergehakr, dw.felUd 
Hederfebanren, dvr. hung 

Wederireheld, dw. sloped 
Medergehouden, dw. kept 

under (down, /•H<d 

Medergehooweu, dw. emt 
Medergekrken, dw. looked 

down [teended 

NedergeklnmmeD, dw. de- 
Iieiiergekn\e\d, iiw.prottraied 
NedericekropeD, dw. ermwled 

MedergeUten, dw. let down 
H edergelrgen, dw. lain down 
Redergelcgd. dw. laid down 
If edergeoMakt, dir. kilted 
If edergeregt, o. lower court 
If edertferold, dw, rolled down 
Nedergesabcld, dw. cut down 
Medergeclagen, dw. tirnek 

down, turned dowUfdeircted 
Hedrrgeslokt, dw. $wulUwed 
If eder^e«ni<rteDy(f v.c<i«/ down 
Nedergestampt, Uw. rammed 

Nedergesteld, dw. put down 
Hedergestoien, dw. pushed 

Ifedergestort, dw, /alien 

nown, split 
K edergeslreken, dw. lowered 
Nedergevtroopt, dw.stripped 

down [down 

Nedergevaren, dw, sailed 
Medergeralien, dw, sailed 

fallen down 
Hedergeveld, dw. Mled 
Pedergevloeid, dw, Mowed 

down \down 

Hedcrgevlogen, dw. ftbwn 
lf^ergeworpen,d«. tkrown 

Jledf>rgezakt, dw. sunken 
lfederge/.^gcn,dip.««iiA down 
Nedergezet, dw. set down 
Nedergezeten, dw. settled 
Nedergezonken, dw. sunk 
V9dtiT)(ooijen,w. ilirow down 
Hederhaleii, u>. ttrike hwer 
Nederhakken, w. fell, cut 

down [down 

Wederhakking. v. cuuiug 
Nederbangeii, w. hang down 
If eaerheUeo, w. bend, slope 
Nederbelliug, v. bending, 

fltederbof. o. lower court 
fffiderhoudrn, w. ketn down 
Mederhoudingt v. keeping 

Noderhoawen, w, cut down. 


eut in pieces, put to the 
Nederbouwiog, «. cutting 
^, down [story 

Nederhnis — Je, o. btuement 
Nederig, bv. humble 
Nedcrigneid, r. hHmilHy 
Nederkanier —ije, v. lower 

Nederkiimmen, w. descend 
Ni-derkUmmiog, v. descent 
Neilerkuielen, w. kneel down 
Nt-derkaklingy v.pfottraiion 
Ni'derkomeii, w. descend, 

come down 
Nederkruipen, «o. crofo/ down 
Nederk^keUy . w. look down 
Neiierlaag, v. defeat, over- 
throw, koimicide, man- 
Nederiaten, w. let down 
NederlatiDg) v. letting dtwn 
N ede r leggen ,w.lay down ,kitt 
Nvderlegging, v. laying 

Nederligzing, v. tying down 
NedermakzQfW.itt/r, dwpatck 
Nedertiicgen, w. lie down 
Nederrollen, w. roll down 
Nedersabeleo, to. cut down, 

put to the sword 

Nederslaaa. w. strike down, 

cast down, turn down, 

fitch, •encamp, sit down 

Ntderslikkeu, w, swallow 

Nederiiinliten, w. east down 
Nederspriagcu, w. Jump 

Nederatampen, ir. ram down 
Nedt r«te, hv. lowest, under. 

Nederstelleo, w.put down 
Neder»toteB, w. thru»t down 
Nedertitorien, w. fall down, 

Nederstortlng, v. falling 

down, spitting 
Nederstrekken, w.prostrate 
Ntfderstropen, w.striv down 
Nederstrijkeii, wMrike, low- 
er, alight, swoop, stroke 
Nedervaren, 10. sail down 
Nederval, m. down/al 
Nedervailea, u-.fall down 
Nedervalilog, v. (ailing 
down ^dowu 

Nedervellen, it. fell, strike 
Nederveiliug, v.ftUing 
Ni'der\liej$eu, v.yfv down 
Nedervloeijea, w.ftow dawn 
Nederwerppo, ir. cast down, 
ptostrate, overtkrow 


Nederwcrplng, p. proslrm 

lion, ovtrthiuwing 
Ne<ler«aal— ije, v. lou erroem 
NederzukkcD, w. sink 
Nederzetlen, w. set down, 

Nedt netting, v. settling 
Nederzieu, w. look down 
Nederzinken, ir. sink 
Nederzinking, v. sinking 
Ntfderzittei), w.^it down 
NeJerzitting, v. sitting down 
N< derzijgen, w. droop, sink 

Neef — jc, m. cousin, nephew 
Neefschap, 0. nepotism, cog- 

Neem, nam, — ende —tu, 

take; in 't goede ncmeo, 

to lake in good part ; ge- 

noegen neueu, to aetjniesee 
Neeniaar, bw. nay,moreesrr, 

btit, but on tkeeontrary 
Nemtr, m. taker, captor 
Neming) v. taking, capture 
Neen, bw, no, nag; neen zeg- 

gen, to refuse ; ik wed »a« 

neen, / will lay it U h#I so 
Necnen, w. negativa 
Nepp -je, V. pinch 
Ncer, see Neder 
Nccr, V. reflux 
Neering, v. trade, enstom; 

nceriiig doen, to keep a 

shop ' llom. tradetets 

Neeringloos. bv. witheutcus- 
NeeriDgloosheid. v. want of 

CHttom, I'ifS 0/ trade 
Neeringr^k, bv. full of trade, 

wt ll-accu»towed 
Neerlag, v. deftaf, komieids 
Neentlachtig, f/v. dejected 
Neerslacbtigluk, bw, dejsc- 

Neerstlk— je, e, tucker 
Neel — je, v. nit 
Neetachtlg, Neetig, bv.fuU 

of nits [eon-k 

Neetekam, r. smaU toothed- 
Neffen*, bw. besides, with. 

together with, next, as woU 

as, as much as 
*Ncgatir, V. negative 
*Negeeretu, w. deny 
Negen, bv. nine [dial 

Negendaagscbe, bv. novem- 
Negende, negenste, bv. ninth 
Nf !;enboek, v. enneagon 
Negenhoekig. 61;. enneagomol 
Negeniarig, bv. novenntat 
Negenkuil, v. chuckfarlhing 
Negeninaal, bw.nine times 
Negeauaandis, ^tnoviwu^ 


Digitized by LjOOQIC 


Nariehtftigy v. inttnii;fiou 
Naroepen, to. eatl after, re- 
•Nareeren, w. narrate 
^arrekap — Je, v. foot's cap 
Narrepots, v. foolish trick 
Narreglee — tje. w. iee-sUdge 
Narrip, bv. JooMh, fautat- 

tical . 
Naschllderen, w. paint after 
Naschreeawen, w. call after 
f9A»c\irin,o. postscript, copy 
Naschrfiven, 10. copp 
Naschrijver, m. copier 
Naschrijving, v. copying 
NaBlaan, to. guess at, ^oun- 

Naslajjf, m. counterfeit coin 
Nasleep, m. train 
Nasleepeo, to.' train, tow 
Nasmaak, v. after-ta>te 
Naspooren, to. trace investi- 
Naspoorinjr, v. investigation 
Naspoorlijk.fto. iuvestigabte 
Natpoorlijkheid, v, investi- 

NadpraaK, m. report, blame 
tiaeprekeatU) . rtpeat , mock 
Nastaatifto. aspire, sue for 
Nastander, m. candidate 
Na^tappen, lo. slrpnfifr 
Nasluaren, to. send alter 
Nat, 0. llqnor, liquid, broth 
Nat, bv. wet 
"Natten, to. wet 
Nataal,m. report 
Nataieo, to. dtsire, tong-for, 

Nataling, v. ettqntry 
Natkchiir, bv. moist 
Nateekenen. to. delineate 
Nat^Jeriir, bv. bibarious 
Naifflcrigheld, o. hibacity 
NatnaU, — je^ m. toper, tip^ 

Nathalzen, to. tipple 
Natheid,«. wetness 
Naterwortel, t^. snakeweed 
*Nalie, o. nation 
•Naiif, bv. native 
Wationaal. t>v. national 
NatinaklDgi v. irrigation 
Nalrachteu, to. endeavour 
Natreden, w. follow 
Natrekken, tr./>ur«i(«, march 

ajter, go after 
Nattig, bv. moist, wet 
Nattigheid,v. moisture, wet- 
nes* [zatinn 

• Naturalisatie, v. naimili- 
•N^iturallzeeren, to. natura- 
4>Haiurel, o. nature 
Jfatuor, V. ualute, universe, 


world, temper, humour 
temperament, sperm; ult 
de natuur, naturally 
Natuurkenner, natuurkundi* 
ge, m. naturalist, natural 
NatuurkennU, natnurkunde, 
V. natural philosophy, phy- 
sics I 
Natuarknndig, bv. physical 
NatuurkubdigUjk, bw. phy- 

Natuurlijk, bv. 4- bio. iia/»ra2, 

Natuurlijkheid, v. natural- 

nest, stmplicitu 
^Aviknren,w.sail after, follow' 
Nave. o. nave 
Navel — ije, m. naval 
Navelbiind — je, v. belly band 
Navflareuk, o. rupture of 

the uavel 
Navelkroidf 0, Venus'* s navel- 
Navelstreng, o. navelstring 
Naveriellen. to. repeal, tell 
Naverieid, aio. repented 
Naverwant, m. relation 
Naverwantschap, 0, relation- 

*Nav igatle ,0. navigation 
*Navi((et'ren, to. navigate 
Niivlie^eu, to. /7y after 
fidvovrett, w.^earry after imitate, follow, 

Navolger, m. navolgster, v. 
foltoiper,imitator, succe^tsor 
N<i%olging, V. ituitation, fol- 
lowing, succession 
Navorochen, to. examine 
Navoriicber, m. scrutinizer 
NavorKching, V. invtstigation 
Navraag, navraging, v. en- 
Navragen, to. enquire, de- 
mauii, search after, mind, 
Navragelijk, bv. tnqnirable 
Nivriead, m. iiavrieadin, v. 

near relation 
Navrieu<l(«chap, v. consan- 

Nawaadelen, 10. walk after 
NawL-i D, MV. afterpaiiis 
NawecH — Je, m. posthumous 

Nawin'er, m. latter pari of 

Nawijien, to. point after 
Naijter, m. tmulattun, Jew 

Naijveraar, m. emulator 
Nail veren, 10. emulate 
Naijverig,bv. emulous Jealou* 

NED 149 

Nazaat, m . snccessor, pos- 
Nazaat«cbap, 0. succession 
Nazang, m. concluding song 
Na/.eegeD,to. repeat 
Nazeflen, to. sail after 
Nazendea, to. send after 
NazetteD, to. pursue 
Nazien, to. examine, revleHs, 
rtvlse, overlook [miner 
Nazienei*. m. revisor, .«*•- 
Naziening, v. revisal, exa- 

Na'.oek — je, r. search 
Nazoiken, to. search, svh 
Nazomer, m. latter part if 

the summer 
Neb, v. bill, beak, «»oal 
Nebbeling, v. eel - 
• NeccHsaire, bt;. necessarf 
*Necc88iteerea,'to. neeesH- 

•Necessiteit, r. necessity 
Nechtlg, bv. diligent 
Necbtigheld, 1;. diligenee 
Neder, 610. aotOM, unde^, h»- 
low, (often written by ••- 
breviation neer, as well a- 
lone as compounded nfith a 
verb, in which latter ea$e 
it ischie/ly used connecttve- 
ly iu the infinitive mood 
and in the porticiples) 
Neder, bo. iotofr , 
Nedera«.punt, o. nadir 
Nederbuigen, to. bow doton 
Nederbuiging.o.botoiitj' down > 
Nederoukken,to. stoop 
Ncderdaleo, to. descend 
Nederdaling, v. descent 
Nederdnikken, 10. depress 

Nederdmipen, to. dropdown 
Nederduiken, 10. dive, stoop 
Ne lerduiking, v. diving 
Nederduwen, to. thrust doiMi 
Nedurduwing, v. depression 
Nederend; o. lower end 
Nedergaan, 10. go down, d4- 

Yedergang. r. descent 
Neilergebogeo, dio. ' 


Nedersrebukt, <fto. stoophtsr 
Nedergedaald. dw. descended 
Nederged'ikeii, die. dived 
Nidergedropeu, dw. dropped 

Nedert;e«h'iikt,dto. depressed 
NiMlergeduwd, dto. thrust 
down {scended 

Nedersreraan, rfio. set, de- 
Ne.ergegooid, dw. thrcwn 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

14S NAG 

Madrukkelljk, bv^ empMati- 

eal, imprfSfive, forcible 
Nftdrukkelijkbeid, v. impress 

Niidrukkcn, to, reprint svr- 

Nadruksel, o. reimprestion 
Nafeest, m. second feast 
Ntgaan , w.foUotv, traee^keep 

an eye upon 
Ifftfaande, bv. suspicions, 

Magalm, m. echo 
Nagalweo, w. resound 
Nagang. w. Irucing 
Naganger, m. follower 
Mageaapt, </»• imitaied 
Nagebaauwd, dw. mocked 
Hagebakken, dw. imilaltd 
Nageboren, bv. poti humous 
Nageboorte.v. ajlerldrlh 
Nagebootst, nagtdaan, die. 

imitated . 

Ragedacht, dto. considered 
Nagedachte; v. medilation, 

Kagcdrukt, dw.^ printed sur- 
reptitiously (>«'« 
Nageven, w. report of, im- 
Mageving, v. impulaliun 
Vagegaan, dw. tract d 
Nagebaakt, dw. dei, i red 
Wageiaagd, dw. j)uisned 
Kagejouwd, dw. niockea 
NageVlad, dtv. ill copied 
Nageklapt, dw. rtptaied 
Nagekoruen, dw. obaei ced 
Nagcl— tie, m. nuiL clovft 

Wagelen, w, nail 
Nagelaien, aw. omitted, left 
Nagelbloem -pje, v. g>lu- 

jiower . , 

VagcUiamer -tje, r. mullet 
HagelkorlseJ, w. rtr^'ii^ "J 

Vzgelkruld, a. avens 
Wageluiaa^i.w.sftfn/* covsin 
Nageloopen, aw. pursued, 

fifllvwed ., - 

V»reUa\U,m. vaUer^^ 
Mageiva^l, bv.fasltned wtth 

nails , 

Kagelvicndjm.jtft'ew/n com^n 
JIagemaakt, f/«;.co»tH<MyiEi/<d 
Nagenieiett, dw. reuuaivrtd 
l^ageDomcu, <iw. taken to 

Vageoogd, dir.ctrd 
HageoogBt, dtv. gleaned 
Magepraai, dw. rrpeotcd 
Jlagereekend, 'Iw. examined 
Wag«i'egt — jc, 0. dcsicrt 


Nageechilderd, dw. painted 

Nageschreven, dw. copied 
Nageslacbt, o. posterity 
Nageslagea, dw. guessed at, 

Nagesleppt, dw. towed 
'Nagesponrd, dw. traced 
Nage«proken, dw. repeated 
Nagestaan, aw. aspired to, 

sued for 
Nage«tuurd, dw. sent after 
Nagetaald, dw. desired 
Nagateekend, dw. copied 
Nagetracbtydw. endeavoured 
Nagetrokken, dw. pursued, 

Nagevaren, dw. followed 
Nagevlogea, dw.Jlown after 
Nagevoerd, dw. carried ajter 
Nagevolgd.dtc. carried after, 

J allowed, imitated 
Nagevorscnt, dw. examined 
Nagevraagdy dw. enquired 

after ^ 

Nagewezcn, dw. pointed at 
Nageijverd, dw. emulated 
Nageiegd, dw, repeated, re- 

Nagezeild, dw. sailed after 
Nagezet, dw. pursued 
Nagezlen, dw. revised, exa- 

Nagezogt, dw. examined 
Nagezooden, dw. ieut after 
Najjras, o. aftennatis 
Nah.ikeir,w. desire 
Nabaking, v. desiring 
Nahool, ». aftcrmatfi 
Naiagen, w. pursue, hunt 
:er, m. pursuer 

jaging, najagt, v. pursuit 
Najaagiier —tje, v. pursuer. 



Naiaar,o. autumn 

Naiouwen, w.mock 

Nakind, o. c/iild by a second 
or after marriage 

Naklagen,^. naklaging, na- 
klagte, V. ajler complaint 

Nakladden,w.cojoy dawbingly 

Naklaiik, v. echo 

Naklappen, w. repeat by tote 

Nakoiust, V. coming after- 
wards ipostertty 

Nakome Hng,»w.fow,€i/fi;;riM/r, 


' Nakomen, u: follow, observf. 

perform, obey, fulfil, offend 

NakoroenJ, bv. tvsiring, next 

Kakoming, v. obsetvancc, 
t>.l/iiment, performance 

Nalaten, tp. leave, leave be- 
hind, leave of, omit, ne- 


Nalatenschap, v. imheritanee 
Naktig, bv. negligent 
Nalatiifheid, v. negligence 
Nalatiglijk, bw, negligentlff . 
N.iiatiug.v. omisiiom 
Vulezen, w.veruse,reperu$e, 

glean, cull, pick 
HileziagfV. perusal, reperw 

satf gleaning, picking 
NaliDgy m. nearest relation 
Nalingscbap, v. nearest rela- 
tionship , 
Naloop, m. eoncoufse; hjH 

beeftgrotea naioop, he is 

much followed 
Naloopeu, w. pursue, /Mow 
Natooper, m. follower, Uic- 

Nalooplngy v. following 
Naniaag, m. near relation 
Naniaagiichapy 0. eonsan- 

guint y 
Namaaisel, 0. a^flermatk 
NamakeD, 10. tmitate, eo««< 

ter/eit, forge 
Namaker, m. counterfeiter 
Namaking, v. imitation 
Namaaksei, o. tmilation, 

cow n I erf t( , forgery 
Namaals, bw. afterwards 
Namaniug, v. after-warning 
Nameieii, w^^remeasure 
Nameting, v. rrmeasurement 
Namiddag,fR. afternoon 
Namiddagmaal, 0. afiemoom 

•NamptUatie, v. *nampti«' 

cenitnt, 0. sequestration 
.*Naniptii>eeren,it>. sequester 
Nanaclir, w. lalltr part of 

the vight 
Naneer, m. nephew, grand" 

ton, posterity 
Naiieinen, w. take to heart 
Nanoen, m. afternoon 
Naoogen, w.eye, trfltreye 
Naooging, v. eyeing 
Naoog«i, m. altercrop 
Naoogsten ,w. g lean 
Naoogsiiag, v. gleaning 
Nap — je, v. cup, bowl 
Napraat, m. talk < 
NaprateH, w. mock, repemt 
Nar, ni.fool 

Naraad, m. aftercounsel 
NaradiDg, v. guessing 
Narcis — je, v. narcissus 
Nardm, tn. spikenard 
Nareekenen, w. recompmtei 

e • am iue, compute again 
NareekcDing, v. recomputa- 

Nareniieis tP. run after 
Naricht, 0. 4- v. informaiiom, 

intelligence, instruction 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


Kaar, »r. accordingto, after j 

-naar suan, to asfjire lOf to 

be a eaiuliiiatejin- 
K»ar, bv, ghasili/ifriffhlfHl, 

uisMialflottetQiite ; V naarsi 

Tan den nackt, ihe dead of 

the night 
Kaardien, vto. tlHcCy seeing 
Vaarheid, v. ghaitliittut, 

frightfutHnt. tottfsoMeuets 
Kaarstlg, bv.dUigent- 
NaarHtigheid, v. diligence 
Kaari»ti;;lijk. bv. diligently 
Maart, bw. next,ueareft .-vik 

dcnk \oor »t naasl, / am 

motl inclintd to think ,• lea 

naasteo bij, atoiost 
Kaasten, w. appropriate 
Naa*t-aan,/>tr. nex/fveare*t to 
Kaavtaajgelegren, bv. mrtt 

Maastaaukomende-^staan le, 

bv. next eusuing 
Kaaftte —en, tm ueigh'-our 
Naaating, «. approuriation 
NaaittkonicrDde -voljende^v. 

next following 
Kaivtlaatste, bv. penultimate 

bit. last 
Ka.iuw, bv. narroVf clnsef 

Mtrici, nrofy stingy i in -*! 

naauw zijit, to be at pinch; 

tct oauuvTer nooAtUarrovoly 
Naauw„6te. narrowly,ueatlyf 

sparingly, ttriellyi die 

diogen iuUlereu heel 

Baauw, those matltrs are 

very jtelicate ; naauw diu> 

fen, to haggle hard y Jiet 
ontt so naauw niet, */ i$ 

no gieut mutter, it does not 

tiifiJV«i0 [gordly 
Naauwbexet, /<v. near, nig- 
Naiiuwbetelueid, v. niggard- 

Naaovreiyks — wUJks, 6v. 

scarcely [eed 

Naauwgeregen, bv. slrauia- 
Maauugeaet, bv. pnnclual, 

exact, contcienliout 
Maauwgeaetbeid, v. punelv- 

ality. conscientiodsntts 
Kftauwbeid, v, narrowness, 

straitness. nearness 
Naa.uvkeurlg, b», exact, ac^ 

curate [rocjr 

Naanwkearigbeid, v. occw 
MaauwkenrigJIjk, bw. accu- 
Naauwte, v. stta'tghi, nar> 

rawness , straltucts, dejtle 
Kaaawijes, bxc. narrowly 
^taaawzleod, d». tapHons 


Naaijer, tn. tailor, dragonfly 
Nabaauwen, w, mock, Juimtc 
finbsiffea, w.atlntrate 
Nabakken, to. imitate 
Nabedenken, o. reconsidera- 
Naberouw, o. regret 
Nabesiaande, tu. relation, 

Nabloedverwant, nabloed 

vriend, m. Utar relation 
N J bloed i erwantscbapfO.nnrr 

Naboreling, m. posthumous 

child, pL pustnity 
NabootiieD, w. imitate, conn- 

NabooUer, m. imUator,conn- 

lerfeiler v. 

Nabootsing, v. imitation 
Nabuur — tje,«n. neighbonr 
Nabuarig, bv. neigkbonring 
NabuurKcbap, v. neighbour- 
Nabij, bw, hard by, near 
Nabijiieid, o. nearness, proxi- 

vtily, vicinity 
Nacbt — je, m. night ; »s 

uachts, by night, in the 

Nacbtbraken,w. toil or revel 

by night, watch ^ 

Nachtdlef —\e,m.nighl robber 
NaclitdiererC, v. uightrob- 

Naciitceten, o. tapper 
NactiiCgaal — ^e, m. night' 

linguJe ■ 
NdclilevenLng, r., e<iuinox 
Nachtgast^ m. lodger, nigh l- 

Naclitgebaar, o. night-ievel- 

lings [spectrt 

Naciitgedrocht, o. nocturnal 
NacbigcesX, m.ghost,nodl»r- 

nal spirit 
Ndcbtgeroep» o. night-cry 
NacbtgetuUeu^ mv. noctmnt 
Nachtgewaad, o. nightdress 
Nachtgezigt, o. nocturnal 

Naciitgoed, o. nightctothes 
NachtbaUdoek —\e,v. night' 

Nachthuis — ie» o. steerage 
Nachtjak— je, v. night-jacket 
Nachtkrekel -gep v. cricket 
Nachtkroeger, m. one that 

passis the night in a tavern 
NacUilooper, m. reveller 
Nacbiiooptiter, r. nighlwal- 

ker, proSlilute 
Naclitlijfje, v. nighl-Ja.'ket 
Nacliiaiaal, o. couimuuion 

NAD 147 

Nachtmaalgaoger, m. cmh 

Nachtmantei, m. night-rail 
Nachtoierrie, v.Hightmart 
Nacblmoeder, v. inculms 
Nacbtmuts — je, v. nightcap 
Nachtraaf, m. nighl-ravem, 

Nachlravenen, to. toorA ot 

rivel in the night 
Nachtrok — je, to. nigkl-gowm 
NachtruBt, v. night*s rest 
Nacbtscfaade, v. nighlshadH ^ 
Nacbtscbuit, v. night boat 
Ndchtsiot, o. doHbleljck 
Ka.chtnpo6k,o.ghast, haunter 
Nacbtitudien, mv, nightstW' 

NachtUbberd,m. night-gowm 
Nacbtuil -tje, «i. •«;* 
Naclitvogel, m. nightrerelttr 
Nachtvruuw, v. spirit in tltv 

shape of a woman 
Naditwsuk, v.walch,night' 

Nacbtwaker, m. watchman 
Nacbtwacbt, r. watch bg 

night, vaichman 
Nacbtwandetaar, ta. night- 
walker, noctambnlist 
Nachtwerk, o. nightwork 
Nacbtwerker. rit.nightman 
Nachtwormpje^ o. glowworm 
Nacbtwijaer— tje, m. noctur- 
Nadeel — tje, o. prejudiet, 

hurt, loss, detriment 
Nadeelig, bv. prejudicial, 
disadvantageous, detrt- 
Nadeeligbc-ld,t7. di«aiftMm<af r 
Nadezeii, bw. hereafter 
Naderaaai,frio.^tucc', whereat 
Nadenken, o. consideration, 
tprculation, umbrage, sus- 
picion {fit si 
Nddenken, «r. consider, rtf- 
Nadenking, v. consideration, 

Nader, bv. 4> bw. nearer, 

Nader^^ w, approach 
Naduriiaud, bw. afterwards 
Naderheid, v. nearness 
Naderlog, v. approach 
Niidernii. v. approach, trenek 
Nadien, bw.ajicr that 
Nadi^cb, m. de«««r< 
Nadoeu, w.imitate 
^Adot6t,m,thirst after drum- 

Nadori.tig,ftt>. given lo drimk 
Nadruk, m. impression, em-^ 
phasis, energy, surrepl*- 
tious, impress ion 

■ Digitized byLnOOQlC 

146 MIJ 

llanler, m. Minfr 
Huntreietdicbap, o. coining 

ittU ihamuer 

Maothamer— tje, «. etintr^s 
If anting, v. eo'miuf 
Muntkamrr, «. mtnt 
Cuntmeestcr, tn. minlmuMter 
MuBUpecie/v. eoin^Bpecit 
If anltt'iffe, v. mini-metat 
Mantituk-Je, m. m»utk 
^Murmureeren.w. murmnr 
•M urmureerder, m. murmu- 

•Mormureering,*. mnrming 
Murw, 6p. $ofi, tender 
■nrwachtig, bv. *n/iish 
Marwheid — te, v. <o/ln«M, 
'iendtrneu, mollowueu 

Sarwije!i,6i0. $o/Uy,tendtrlif 
o«ch— je, V, sparrow 
•Moken, mv. mnsts 
•M««iceereo, w. plapmutie 
, Moakaat— je, v. nutmeg 
Sukaatbloem, v. mace 
■uakaatboom, in. nntmegtrte 
■vakadel, «. muMeadel 
Maskel, r. muscle 
M«»ket— je, o. musguot 
iKatketkoirel —lie, m. mus- 

Hutkeuchoot — Je, «. mus- 

Muaketier, m. musqueteer 
Maakut. m. mutk > 
■uakaabal— Ieije,v.mic*i6af< 
MvLUv-quantitfi b^ da mot, 

in ptentv 
Ma4«, •• tit I het hutjenet 

bet mutje, the whole Mit 
Mata— Je, v. cap, bonnetfhat ; 

op a(|u ioata kri^en, to be 

beaten i alt s^n mata oiet 

«el aUat. when he is out, 

qf humour 
Mataftard— jei m. faggot 
MaUje, 0. quartetn 
♦Mutueel, Cv. mutual 
Muur— tje,m. waU ; tuaechen 
^Tl«r muren, tn prison 
Muur.v. — kr iiid,a. chickweed 
■uuranker, «. crampirou 
■unrband, m. cope 
Muarbloem.v. walljtower 
Maurbreker.m. batleringraw^ 
■uargevaart, 0. higk wall 
Mttarkroon, «r, wral crown 
Hunrpeper, ». wallpepper 
Mourwerk, o. walls, masimry 

Siulek oiuzUk, v. music 
usl«kmeeatvr, in. music- 
Mailekatuk — Je» 0. piece of 

Sadkaiit, m. musician 
ii, »M. me, myscif 


Myden, w. auoid, )fkun, ei' 
ckrmi ticb Bijden, to alb' 
Mtidel\ik,b9. avoidable 
Mijder, m. avoider, esekewcr 
MQdiiig, V. avoiding 
Mljdzaam, bv. careful, attend 

Mul, V. miU, league 
Mi ipaal, V. utile' stone 
M{ meren, w. dote 
Mi meraari m. dotard 
Mgmering, v. doling, dotage 
Mijn, «M. my, Mtiic , net my- 

ne, mine 
Miin— ^e, V. mlnr 
Milnen, w. mine, buy at pub- 

tic sale 
MUndeiver, m. miner 
Mijiteereo, w. mine, under- 
Mynent, vn,my; totmUnent, 
at my kouse; van mlinent 
wege, in my bekalf, in my 
namei om uiyneot wil,/tfr 
my sake 
Miiner,m. iniii«r 
Mnnheer— t}e, m. <tr,my lord 
M(jD«, #«». oA* mtjn; mijns 
btdaanew^cnrding to my 
Judgment ; ttASm welcna 
nict, not tkal 1 know 0/ 
MUaatoffe, v. mineral^ ore 
•MUiterle, «. mystery 
•Mijttiek, bv. mystic 
fM\i—ie, V. mite, pile 
Mifter— ge, m. mitre 
Miiterd rarer, m. prelate 
MijterUjk,.6v. mitral 


A, nasr, vz. fa, for, af- 
ter, again, over again, near, 
behind ; naar boven, up- 
stairs, vpwards; naar be- 
neden,d«wit, downstairs , 
op twee na, all but two ; 
naar raden, to tuess at; 
(in eompoumd veros, na,fift« 
otker prepositions is ohIu 
written eonneclively wit\ 
tke verb in the in/lnitivc 
mood and in tke partici- 
Na-napcn, w, imitate, coun- 
Na-aapiDg, v. imitation 
Na-aardeu, w, resemble, take 

Naad — Je, m. seam, future, 
Naa^cn, w, sew, sirvke 


]f aaiiraren, 0. sewing tkremS 
Naaikan*t,v. art of sewing 
Naaikofrsen— ^e,a.c«<Aio» f 

sew on 
Naaimanri— je, basket 
Naaioiaireii — je, v. mistresa 

of a sewing school 
Naairoeiije.v.g'irnAal lemva 

to SfW 

Naainaald '}e,v.sewingneedle 
Naairlng, r. tailor*9 tkimtbia 
Naaischool— tje, «. sewing 

Naaister ~tje, v. sempstress 
Naaiwerk, 0. sewing work 
Naaisel. 0. seam, sewing 
Naaizijde, «. sewing siiM 

Baa ken, w, approach 
aakiugy v.appromch 
Naakt, 60. naked, bare 
Naakteiyk, bv. nakedly,»rem- 


Naaktbetd, «. nakedssess 

Naaktmaking, v. nudatiom 
NaHld — je, V. needle, tag, 

todkin,tpire, obelisk 
Naaldekervel, v. serandrim 
Naaidekoker— ^e, m. meedio- 

Naaldemaker- tje,m. needle- 
ma her, "dragonfly, karse- 
Naaldewerk, o. needlework 
;<iaaklewinkel -^e, m. needle- 
skop {nauM 

Naam— pje,iit. name, rennwn, 
Naambulging-, «. declination 
VtAmce9l-tyc,v.lisl of names 
Naamcijffer, v, cypher, initi- 

Naamdag, m. name^my 
NaamdlCDt— je, 0. acroaii 
Naaaelljk, bw. namelg 

.^_, tela 

Naamgeving, *. Mamwy 
Naamgenoot, m. namesake 
Naamhafilg, bv. renowned 
Na4rulooa|.6v. nameless 
Naamiytt naaoirol, v. inder, 

catalogue, directory 
hza,nii[ovead,bv. defamatory '■ 
Naamrover, m. dtfam/tr 
Naamrucbtig. fr». renowned 
Naanimcbtirheid, v. reneimm 
Naanischenuen, w. defame 
Naamac header, m. defamer 
Naamacbendinf, v, itjnmta- 

Naamval, m. ease 
NaamwUaelinr, r. melmiymy 
Naaoiwoord — Jc, o. «t««ii 
Naamwiizer — Oe. m. dirtc 

torv, wndex, red Irttok 
Naamzlek, qf m n^me i 
Maai^e, •. dwarf 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


Mooriii-Detje,v. woman-moor 
Moorman — neije, m. moor, 

Moorsch, bv. moorish, mor<sk 
Moot -,ie, V. thick slice 
t^ — 3«, V. mobrap, coif, 
brick, ginnerbftad'Hut 
moppen, w. grumble, poul; 

Mopmuts— je, v. mobcap 
Moppet, m. — flter, v. grum- 
bler, pouter 
Morreii, w. murmur 
•Moraal, moreel, bv. moral 
Morel, V. morel-cherry 
Morifen — ^e, m. morning, 
about twaacrei of land ; vail 
den Diorgeii, tlt%» momiugi 
•s morgens, in the morning 
Morgen, bw. to-morrow 
Morgengebed, 0. morning- 

Morgendrank, m. morning 

Mpreengaa f, m. pinmoney 
Morgengroet, «. morning-sa- 
Morgen kost, v. brenkfast 
MorgenlandeDj.iMP. oriental 

Morgenlied — je, o, luornivg 

Morgenmaal—tje,o. &r«a/}/af/ 
Morgen pradtje!<, mc, little 

Morgenrood, 0. daybreak 
Morgenstar — ster, v. mor- 
ning star 
Morgenstond, m. morning 
MorgeaweLker, m. alarm- 

Morgemmg ,m .momingsong 
Morgenzon, v. morningsun 
Moriaaa— l}e, m, moor 
Moriljv, V. morel 
Mori, morrelen, w. bungle 
Morrig, bv. grumbling, pee- 

Morring, v.'^rumbling, m%r- 

Mor»,bw. guile 
Morgen, w. dirt, puddle, du 
tiastUy, mane a nasliitess 
Itlorsbeer, v. dirty slut 
Morsebel, v. puzzle, slut 
Moniffibv. nasty, dirty, siut' 

Mor:»jgheM,v. nastiness 
Alorsiglijk, bw. nattily 
Morspot,v. iloven 
*Mortalltcit, v. mortality 
Mortel, V. marlar, piece of 
rr f t$h ; te morufl Bkian, 
to veat to pieces 

Mortelbak. v. hod 
Morieli^. bv. crHmbling 
♦Moi"tfcpaai, m. moripay, sol- 
dier ill ordinary pay dur- 

MorJier— ije, in. morlar 
Mortierketel, v. m-.rtar 
*'SloT[if\CAKi*:,r. murtifical ion 
•MoriiHceeren, w. mortify 
Moizei — ije, ». morsel, hit 
Morst len, w. break, beat to 

M08, V. moss 

Moskwil, m. petard, mallet 
Mohkee, 1;. masque 
Moi^se, V. n,aidseivani 
Mo7.gel— tje,»n. muscle 
Mosseloaan.nt, mau tkat sells 

Mosseischuit, v. muscle-boat 
MogseUcbulp— je.v. muscle- 

Most, m. must, new wine 
Mostaard, m. mustard 
Mostaardpot,— je,.». mustard 

put [sauce 

Montaardsaus, «. mustard- 
M>8taciilig. ho . uu/'trmented 
Moi—je.v. moth, whore 
Moiteii,— regeiicn, w. drizzle 
Motiiuis— je, o. buxcdy house 
*Motif, V. mutive * 

Motregen. v, drizzle 
Mutlig, &t>. drizzling, moth- 

eolen, pilled with the small 


Mo lull, r. large sized moth 
♦Moustache, v. whisker 
Mout— je, r. tray, trough 

Mom Mauicn, w. make malt 
Moil erniaker, tn. mailer 
Mouierij, v. mabkiln 
*Mouvement, 0. movement 
Mbuw — tje, V. sleiva, shift ; tuouw »peklen,/o;tm- 
pute upoHi lit t acbter de 
niouw tiebben, to deceive 
♦Mo^eeren, to. vicve 
Muddf, V. tiieufure of about 

Join bxishtls 
Mil f— fig, bv. mnsly 
Muffen, w. he musty 
Miiffigueid niuflieid, v. mus- 

Mug— je, V. gnat 
MugK«i>eet — je, v, g-nathite 
Mtiggebijter,iii. cav'Ulir,hy- 

Mufrgeziften, ir. cavil > 
Mug^ezit'ier, m. caviller, ca- 
pricious bigut, puritan 

MUN. 145 

Mugffezlfttrij-zlfting, r. em- 

vtiiiiig H 
Muii— ijayw. mule, muztk, 

sniiul. mouth 
Miiil — tje,w. slipper 
Miij|i)ai.d'-je, m. mtisztf 
Muilbahdeii, w. muzzle 
M>iilbaiidin<r> v. muzzling 
WuMdf ijver, m. muleteer 
Muilezel--je, m.mule 
Mulpeer-tje, m.' bo* on the 

ear, cuff 
MiJilprany, v. muilijzer, 0. 

MuU — je, m. mouse, muscla 

of the hand 
Muizen,to. Mo««« 
Mui^doorn, muizendoorn, •. 

bnlchfr^s, broom . 
Miiiiihond, I//, wtosel 
Muiskoorn, o, hordeum. 
Muisvaal, 6t/. mousecoloureA 
Miiiieii, w. mutiny, revolt, 

rebil. mtw, moult; aan *t 

muiterv liliiati, to mutiny 
Miiilaciitig, ifv. stditious.mM^ 

tinous . 

Muitagtigiijk, bw. sedition*- 

ty, ntutiiiously 
M\i'ne,v. cage r^M 

Muiie iiaker,/n. seditious per^ 
MiiiiLling, muiter, »i, »ii«i- 

hter, rebel 
Muiterij, v. rebellion, stdi^ 

tion, mnliny 
Miiitwillig — ziek — ancUtlo, 

bv.srdu lavs, mutinous ■ 

Muizekemcl —tje, m, moystt. 

thuig, sugarplum 
MaizfcmaaUyd,v. meal with'. 

out driuk Icrotchst 

Mijizeiiest— je, o, mousenest, 
Mujztnliol - ie\ie,o.mousehate 
M iiizex al- \ei'ie,in.mousetram 
Mui/evaiiger, >«. mou«cT,ra/v 
' catcher 

Miiizevel— letje,o. mouseshin 
Mul, V. diisi,dut, refuse 
Mill, mulle, hv. soft, dusty 
Mulen, w. crumble 
M\ill,g,bv. sandy, dusty 
*Muliiplicaiie, v, muttiplif 

cat tun 
♦MiiltipHceeren,tc. multiply 
*Muuicipaal, bv. muuicipai 
*Municipaliieit,v. muHicipa>- 

lily - *^ 

*Munieeren, w. provide 
*MunUie,,v. munition 
Miint, V. mint, coin ; kr;ut» 

of nivQt, crosA' cr //t/e 
Muuten, w. coin^ mint. aim, 

doien [coins 

Muntbeeldenaar, ni. imkleo/ 
Miinibriefje, 0. ea^k'nott 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

144 MOL 

Moernarelen,m|>. teed- f loves 
MoenieE, moerxot, mv, mo- 

thertick ^ [tauce 

Moes. 0. porruQe. greent, 
Moesjanken, to. gallant 
iloesjanker — tje. m. btau, 

Moe<iie, o.j9a/cA 
McM«sK^tel — tje^ V. hoilir 
Mocskoppen, v, maraud 
Moe^kopper, m. marauder 
MoKcskr uid, o.potherbs^reens 
Moetmanger, m. herbwau 
Moespot — je , V . porrin^fr 
Moeatuin — tje, «. kUeheu' 

MoeavTuc\it,v. green*, herbt 
Moet, niofc«t — ende —en, 

mutt, be forced, be obliged 
Moezei — ^e, v. bagpipe 
Mof — je, V. muff, green- 


Jtnch, lout, clowm 
noffelen, w. . mpj 


pUfer, cheat, Milt, ditpaieh 
Moflfelaar, m. moffelaarster, 

•. sharper 
MofTelarij, V. sharping 
»f o^elijk. b». 4r bto. pouibie, 

possibly; bet ii oi^ nict* 

mofceluk, ii it impostible 

for me 
MojelUkbeM, v. possibilitp 
Mogeod. bv. mighty 
Mog^endneid, v. muhtines* 
Mogt, pret, ofmoog, miglil 

Mok , V. erownscab 
Moker, m. great hammer 
Mol — letje, m, mole 
Moi, V. a sort of beer 
Moien — tie, m. mill 
Moleaaar — tje, m. miller, 

may bug, sort of sprat 
Moleaaarster— ye,». miller's 

Moleuat— je, o. axle of a mill 
Molenberir — je, »». loind- 

Molenpaard, o. millhorse 
Molearad, o> wheel of a mill 
Moiensteea —tje, m. mUl- 

Moleuwiuk, v. sail of a milt 
^^.Vloleit, o. molest; molest 

aandoen, to molest 
*Moletftatle, v. molestation 
• Molcijteercn, to. molest 
Molik — je. in. scareeruw 
Mollekruid, o.patmachristi 
Molleoi, mnlsUfin. moulder- 
ing wood, caties, dry rot 
MoUen, w. kill 
Molleva( — letje, m. molttrap 
Mollerangcr. m. moUcutcher 
Moilig^, t/v. soft, crummy 


MolUgbeJd, v. tm0ethnest. 

Moiin, molsemeD,io.«oitI<{<r, 
MolmachtiK, bu. mouldering, 

Moloiworm, tn. tenia 
Moischoop — je, m. molehiU 
Mom, m. mum 
Mow, bv. disguised 
Mooiaauzigt, Mombakbui0,tf. 

mash, vizard 
Momboir, m. guardian ,tutor 
*Momeut, o. momepl 
Momglati, o. aleglass 
Momiuedans, m. masquerade 
Mommelen. to* mumble 
MoBimeJi, to. mash 
Momoier, m. tnitiiinMr, mas- 

MommerU, v. mummery 
Moinpeleo, to. mumble 
Moiupelaar,m. mumbler 
Mompeliog, 0. mumbling 
Itlooa -je, m. mouth, orifice; 

eea vuileo taorui,fuul lan- 

g uage ; zij is op baar mond 
, niet gevallen, she can talk 

well ; op den mood klop- 

pen, to recant ; dea mond 

opboudea, to feed; naar 

den moud braten, to flatter 
Moudbeboerte, v. provisions 
Moudeliug, ba. verbal 
Moudeling, niondellogs, bw. 

vet bally, bv word of month 
Mondelooi, bv. mouihless 
Mondelijk, bv. oral, verbal, 
Moodgat, 0. orifice [vocal 
MondgemeeiMCbap, 0. con- 

lUoitdgesprek, 0. eonverso' 

tion, parley 
Mouduouty o. privet 
Mondtg, bv. Of age, talkative, 

rioh tasteful 
Mondigheid, P. majority 
Moudkost, V. victuals 
Mondstopper, m.gag 
Moiidstuk — Je, o. bU, monlh' , 

Moodterging, v. tantalizing 
Mondrol, w. mouthful 
Moodvroet, bv. modest iu 

Monnik —}e,m.n^k, friar, 

warming pan 
MonuikachUg, hv. monhiah, 

monastic U'ry 

Mouaikenkloo8ter,o. munas- 
MoouikschaPtO. tnftnkey,nio- 

«Monopolle, v. monopoly 
*Alonsteur, m. mister, gaffer 
Moniler — ^e^ Ok monsterf 

SuMpU I 


Monttere}^, 10. shew, exhibit^ 

compare, muster, rtritw 
Monsterdler -tje, o. monster 
Monstcrbeer, m. musterutat' 
ter {view 

Moostering, v. muster, re- 
MonsterplaatSjir . rendezvous 
Monsterrol, v. musterroU 
Monsterteromer, m. tan- 

Suisher of monster* 
onteeren, to. mount, face 
*Monteering, v. uni/orm,fm- 

eingf mounting 
^Monument, o. moiitiaieiBi 
Moog, otogt, — ende —en, bt 
' able, have leave, may, like; 
niet mngen lijden, to dis- 
like, to grudge; see most 
Mooi, bv. tr ow. handtom**, 

pretty, fine,Hneltf 
Mooibeid, moolie.v. fineness, 

handsomeness, beauty 
Mo\)aard, m. fine fellow^ 
Mooiljes^ bw.finely, prtttUf 
Moor —tje, m. moor 
Moor, V. mohair 
Moord — je, m, murder 
Moordbraoder, m.tuurderer 

and incendiary 
Moorddadig, bv. murderous, 

Moorddadlgbetd, v. barbari- 
ty, butchery 
MoorddadiglQk, bw» murder- 

OHslp, barUarousljf 
Mooroen, to. murder 
Muordenaar, moorder, m. 

murderer - 
Moo^deressc, v. murderess 
Moorderij, v. massaers 
Moordgeroep, moordgc- 

scbrel, o. cry of murder 
Moordgevaart,- o. scens of 
murder [arms 

Moordgeweer, o. murdering 
Moordgierig, bv. sanguinary 
Moordgicrigheid, v. blooJ- 

MoordgieriglHk, 610. blood- 
Moord) aar, 0. climaeterie 
Moordklok, v. alarmbeU 
Moordkuil, m. den 0/ mur- 
Moordpriem, m. daggtf 
Moordprleuier, m. assassin 
Moordrol, v. part of a mur- 

^\ootA%\^g,m.murder, petard 
Moordwapen, 0. a*sassim*s 

Mooreolftad, 0. cottn^iry iff 

the moors 
Noorealaoder, m. moo^ 

Digitized by VnOOQ IC 


Mcsthok— je, o. f aginary 
Menthoop — je, vi, dunghill 
Mesting, v. fattening, /manu- 
Me«tkalf— je, o. fatted calf 
Mestkar— retJBjV. dungrart 
Mestpoel.tDCAtpnt V. laystall 
Mestvarken--4je, Q.Jaitmed 

Me!4twa^en, m. dungcarl 
*Me«nre, v. mt-astire 
*Mesureeren. w. mtasnre 
Met, vw.with, also, log ethtTf 
hy ; met den eerstcn, di- 
rectly f met der daad, in- 
deed, in fact ; met der tljd, 
intime^ in process of time,. 
la at ntilj met vrede, let me 
. aUme , met een, at once, at 

the same time; <» Mede 
Metaal, o metnl, brats 
Metale, f>v. metal, brass 
Meter, mi. measurer, meter 
Meting', V. measuring ; drle- 
boeks tiiet\x\g, trigonometry 
Meter— tje, v.godmoiher 
Uetgrrzel, m. welgezelin, v. 

companion, consort 
Metgezellig, bv. sociable 
Metpezlnd, bv, of the same 

*Methode, v. method 
Metve), metzcleu, to. mason, 

wall,, repair, bu'td 
Metselaar, metzelaar, m. 

masoii, hrickUtyer 
Metyelaarijj, metzelaarJJ, ». 

masotiary, bricklttying 
Met!<el«teen, metzel9teen,m. 

Mettiolwerk, metzelwerk, o, 

tnasonary, Orickwcrk 
Metten, mv. matins ; de met- 
ten voorlfzcujf oreprimand 
Metworst, r. thick sausage 
Metverwant, wi. accomplice, 

• Meuliel —tje, o. moveable, 
piece of furniture 

• Meiibllaire, bv. moveal-le 
Meug, WI. liking,; tcgons 

bi-uff en meug, against the 
Menglljk,6tr. henriily 
Meugveel, m.glullon 
Meuken, to. so/ltn, mitigate 
Mevrouw, — ije, r. lady, ma- 
dam, ladyship, my lady, 
Kkistre&s ; nievrouw de ko- 
nlngin, hfr majesty ike 
quitn ; merrouw de priu- 
se.*, her highness Xhepriu- 
cess; mixrouw de herto- 
gln, her grace the dutchess; 
nievrouw de gravin, my 


lady the countess; mc- 
yrovvr L., Mrs. L — 
Mcii,'r. May 
Mel^er, ni. mayor, shtrijf 
Meijer«chap, o. mayoralty 

Meijerij, v. mayoralty, she- 


•MicroKCOop, 0. microscope 

Middag, m. noon, midday , 

voor deu midday, before 

^ noon ; na den middag, in 

the afteruoon 
Middagklaar, bv. as clear as 

thesnn at noonday 
Middaglijn, middagslija, v. 

Middagmaal —tje, o. dinner; 
niiddagmaal honden, to 
Miditactnalen, w. dine 
Midda^rniit, v. — siaapje, o. 

weridial ion 
Middagsch, fto. meridional 
Middagnur, 0. noontide 
Middagzon, v. noontide sun 
Middel— tje,A. Wfans,remedy, 

mediuvi, expedient 
Middel— tje, o. middle, tcaist 
Middeleii, uf. mediate 
Midiiel '.ar- tje, m. mediator 
Middelaareft— je,t'. mediatrix 
Middelaar8i-hap,o. mtdiatwr- 
ship [nean 

Middeiland«ch,Ar. meditetra- 
Middelbaar, Ov. moderate, 

Middelen, mv. estate, riches, 
substance, means, property 
Mlddelertijd— vfijl,&i0. mean- 
Mlddeling, v. mediation 
Middelijk, /*v.>n«<^l(/fr, inter- 

Mlddellijf-Je, o.middle,ieaist 
Middellijn, v. dtamety, equa- 
Middel ijni;r, bv. diametrical 
Middi'liuaat, v. mtdium 
Middelmatig. bv. middling, 

iniUfferen t 

Middelmatlgheld, v. medio- 

critii [rcntly 

Middelmatlg'ljk, bw. tndiffe- 

Middelaiuiir — ije, m. patti- 

Middelpnnt — Je, o. center 
IMiddelpunttj,',^!-. centrical 
Middel rif I, o. niidrifT 
Middelschot— je,o. partition, 
midriff [sort 

Midde\f\ich—}e,m. middling 
Middc'.slach, bv. middling, 

MWdeisoort, v. mtddU-aixe 


I 41 

Middelste, bv. middlemost 
Mtddeltogt — 0«» »• middle- 
_ passage Ifinger 

Mlddelringcr-tje. r. middle 
Middelweg— Je, fN. midway. 

middle way, means 
Midden, o. middle, midst 
Midden, bw. in the middle 
Middernacbt, nt. midnight 
Mie. miede.v. news, tidings 
Miebrenger, m. bring er of 

Mier— tje,r. ant,pis:nire 
Mierenncst— Je, o. anthill 
Mieredikwortel mierikwor- 

tel, V. horseradish 
Miezeten', «r. drizzle 
MiezeUng, v. drizzlinr 

Mlk— je*v.gi66el,aiw 

Mikkcn,v. aim 

MMkkvr, m. aimer 

Mikking, v. aiming 

Mild, bv. liberal, bounliful, 
generous, mild, soft ' 

Mtlddadlg. bv. bountiful 

Milddadlgheld, v. bounty je- 
veroHty ' " 


•Militalr, i»i. soldier 
•MilHair, bv. miUtarv 
•Mllitle, V. soldiery, mililia 
M ioen, 0. million 

Si J*'.''"J**» "• fiartstongve 
Mlltziek ~zachiig,Ar.*ttpo- 

chondriac, splenetic 
Mlltziekte— zocbr, V. hypo- 
Mln, v. love, nurse,wel nurse 
Mln.t/ip. lest; al zo mia alt 

of, no more than if 
Mianen, w. love 
Minder, bv. Uss, inferior, 

Mlnderen, w. lessen 
Mludering, v. diminution 
Minderiarlg, bv. minor 
MInderJarlgbeld,v, minority 

•Mine, v. mien, countenance, 

face, appearance, shew 
Mineriai, 6. minrral 
MiuerAal, bv. m'netal 

• Mineur, m. miner 
Mingod— Je, f«. gud of love 
MIngodlti, v. goddess of 
*Miniatuur, o. miuiaturt 

• Miniitor, »». minister 
*Miiii»terIe. v. minUtry 
Minken.irr. maim 
Mingijzer— tje, o. caltrop 
Miuaaar— tje, m. lvv<r 

. Digitized by LjOOQIC 

140 MEN 

• Melaochoiie, v. melancholy 
•MelaiicboUek, by, mtlan- 
Melden,». TiK-nrton icholic 
Melder, m. menlioHer 
Melding, V. mention 
Me.iloiteu, iijv. nielilot 
MelUse, v. balm 
Jlejuoi D, o, dy$entary 

Me ken, w. milk 

Me kaobiijf, bv. milky 

Me kader -tje^ v. lacteal vein 

Me kboer-ye, m. milkman 

Melkboeria-uege, «. milk' 

MelkdisUe, m. white tittle 
Me kemmer-ije, m.milkpail 

^e kf elt, V. milchgoat 
Me kfugr, V. tnilkiur 

Me kkoe-Ue, v. milcheow 
Melkmaat, v, vtilkmeature 
Melkmarkt, v. mitkmarktt 
Mdkmdd, V. Melkmeiye. o. 
milkmaid ^ ' 

MeJkooi, V. milchewe 
Mejkpap, V. milkporridge 
Me kruiisel. ,. curd, * 
MelkBp^ja, V. white meat 
J!^^«ter--ye, v. milker 

Melkvrouw -tje, ». MeUtwijf. milkwoman 
lis . Jf^' "»•««** way 
*Meiodieu8. bv. melodious 
Me oen -jje, ». wetoH 
Me oeubed, a. melonbed 
Meloeukooper, «i. melon- 
■ motiger {den 

MeloentuIn-|je,t». melouga,: 
Mem - meijc, w. MoiwOTtf 
Meinel - tje. v. mile 
' Meeanietjeskruld, e. wood- 
« £*"*'» honeysuckle 
•Memorabel, bv. memorable 
'*T*»emorlaaHJe,o. wastebvok, 

memorandum book 
*Meiaorle-y e,p. memory, re- 
membrance, memorial 
•^lefDorlebook — je, memo- 

Men, vn. one; Can indijlnite 
P^nonal pronoun, used 
WMA the third person siu- 
^^*V "/*•"■**. and render- 
*a by various pronominal 
pnrases,as: men zegl, it is 
*aidi wat zai meu z^agen. 

must be said; mea moet. 
wt must, they must, peo- 
ple mu$t, one muu ,■ aj» 


men bet doen kan, i/ one 

can do it ; men beefl bet 

mij verteld. it was told 

nit; men beeft bet gedaan, 

tt has been done ,■ men be- 

mint hem, he is beloved, • 

men dansi 'er, there is 

dancing J men zai voor u 

ZQrgeu, you wilt be taken 

care oj ,• laat men; zeggen 

wat meu wil, let them say 

^ what thty pleast, <-c). 

Meunen, to. di iae, guide 

♦ Meiiageereu, w.aoo{d,tipare 

♦Menagerie —tje, v. mena- 


Mengen, to. mix, allay, tern' 

per, meddle, biend 
Mengel, o. quart 
Mengelen, tc. mingle 
Mengel^chteu,mv. mitetl- 

lauenous poems 
Mengelklonip, m. chaos 
Mengelinoes, o. medley, mix- 
ture, hodgfpudge 
MengeUtoflfc, v. miscellany 
Mengel werken,M v. misCella- 
Meager, m. mixer [nit* 

Menging,iDengellug, v. mix- 
Mengel — fje, o. mixture 
Meuie, v. realtad 
Mcnig, vn. many 
Meiiigerbaiid, menigerlel, bv. 

manifold, various 
Menigmaal, menigrciii, 6tr. 

many times, otltn 
Meoigre, r. mutiitude, abun- 
dance, frequency, f/nantUy 
Meulgvoudi^', uieuigvuldig, 
bv. manifold, frequtut, a- 
Menigvuldigoii, ic. multiply 
Menigt^uldigheid, v. mullt- 
plicily, frtKjutncy, abun- 
Menigvuldiglng, v. encrease 
Meiiigvuldlglyk, bv. mani- 

Menlgwerf, bw, many times 
Mentkt — je, »<. anabaptist 
Menner, m. driver 
Mennlng, v. driving 
Mensch ge, m. human being, 
man, woman, person, body 
Menscndooi, o. launhind 
Menscboillik, bv. human 
Menschclijkhcid, v. humoni- 
^ty {blood 

Meuschenbloed, m. human 
M enschendief, m. kidnapptr I 
Menscheneeter, m. cannibal 
Menichenhaat, m. mlsau. 
thropy ' Ithrope 

Meoichenhuier, rA. mitan- ' 


Meaichgewordeu , bv. htcar- 
nate [manify 

- Meuschbeid, v. manhood, A»- 
MenschiieTead, bv. philan- 
thropic a I 
Men-chUevendheid, v. phi- 
Menschwording, r. incarna- 
♦Mentle, v. mfntion 
♦Meutioneeren, w, mtntiott 
Mercuur, m. mercury 
Merg, 0. marrow 
MergDeen — «je, o. mergpllp 

~je,v. marrowbone 
Mergel, o. mark 
Mcrgelen, 10. marl, exhaust, 

Mergfilkuil — tje, c. marlpU 
•Merldiaan, i«. w*ei i^ian 
•Merite, v. merit 
•MeriJeeren, ic. m^rit 
Merk — je, o. mark, sign, 

Merken, to. mark, sign, nale, 

remark , perceive 
Merkbeeltenis, v.chatitcter 
Merker, m.marker, remarkar 
Mcrkletter, v. characttristie 
Mt-rkiyk, bv. 4- bw. remark- 
able, considerable, remark- 
ably, considerably 
Merkpaal, v. limit, boundary 
Merksteeu, m.boundarysione 
Merkteeken —tje, o. sign, 

ntarh, token, character 
Merkteekenen, tc. character' 

Mcrkieckenkunde, o. art of 

Merkwaardig, bv. remarka- 
ble, cousiUerable 
Merkwaardigheid.v. remark,' 
ableness [iron 

Merkyzcr— ye, 0. marking 
Merlaan —tje, »«. blackbird 
Merrie— tje, v. mare 
Me* — jCj 0. knife 
♦Messagier, m. messenger 
Messekoker-tje, m. knijeease 
Mt>ssemaker — ije, m. cutler 
Mesitemakery, v. cutlery 
Messewinkel— tje,iM. cutler*s 

Mes8iaii, m. Mrstiah 
Mcitsiug, V. brass 
Meiit, Vi dung, manuia 
Mesteu, to. itung, tnanwrt, 

fatten, cram, pamper 
MestLak —je, m. laystall 
Wesidier, 0. fattened animal 
Mesigaflel -je, v. pitchfork 
Me«:g-(in$ — je, wi, cram*mtd 
goo he 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


Mcdegevoel, o. jdlow/eeling i 
Medegezei, m. DiedeeezelUn, I 

V. companion, eonsort I 

Medehandelaar, m. copartner 
Medebelper, m. coadjutor 
Medeheipsier, v.cuadjutrix 
Medekeizer, m. coemprror 

r. consonance 
Medekliaker^i/. consonant 
McdeleerliiiKt nt. condiseipU 
Medeluideud, bv, eonsputnt 
Medeiijdeu, o. compassion. 


ttedeUJdend, bv, compas- 
sionate {sion 
Medelijdendheid, v.eowpas- 
Medemaat, roedemakker, in. 

copartner, companion 
MedepiiDnaar, xm. medemln- 

naares, «. rival 
Medenenien, to. take with 
Medeneiging, v. sympathy 
Medeooriiprongiyk, bw. of 

the same origin 
Sfedepleger, medepligtige, 

m. abettor, accomplice 
MMepiigtig, bv. accessory 
Medep rater, m. interlocutor 

Mederegter, m. f Mow judge 
"-1e»Jaaf, m. "^ • "f ^ 

Medeslaaf, m. M^destavj 


Medestander, m. partner, a- 
bettor [agree 

Medestemmen, w, consent, 
Medeatemmer, m.consenler 
Medestemming, v. consent 
Mede8tri|d, m. competition 
Medestsiider, mjellowsoldier 
Medestrerer, m. competitor 
Medevoogd, m. fellowguar- 

Medevrljer, m. medevrUster, 

V, rival 
MedevrijerU, v. rivalry 
Medeweten, o. conscience, 

coHseioHsnets, privity 
Medeweter, m. one that is 

privy to any thing 
Medewastig, bv, conscious, 

Miedezogeling, m. fosterbro- 

ther or sister 
•Mediaan, o. folio, middle 

sized paper 
•Medicament, 0. •medjcijn, 

V. medicine, physic 
•Mediciaaal, bv, medicinal 
•Mediciaeereo, w. medicine 
•Medidatie, v. meditation 
•M editeeren, w. meditate 
Mee, vw. with, see mede 
Mee, raedc, v. maddet 
9if^de,.v. mead, met heglin 
Mcedoifeis o* compauion 


Meedogond.&t. com/: (Mxiona/c 
Meedogendbeid, v. compas- 
Meedogenloos, bv. pitiless 
Meegaand, bv,indnlgent. fa- 
cile [facility 
Meegaandheic1,v. indntgtnce, 
Meegevend, bv. pliant 
Meeifuvendheid, v.pliantnets 
Meekrap, v. madder 
Meel, 0. weal, flower 
Meelachttg, mec\\s,bv.mtaly 
Meelkoek, v. nitalcake 
Meclkooper, m. meatman 
Meelkivt, v. mealchtst 
Meelpap, v. hastypuddimg 
Meelton, r. miallub 
Meeltrog, v. kneading trough 
Meelworm, m, mile 
Meekak — je, m. mealbag 
Meenen, w. mean, intend, 
. s-ui'j ose, think 
Mcener, m..opiner, thinker 
Meeuing — je, v. opinion, 

meaning, intent ion, mind 
Meuut> V. common 
Meep«.6r. wtakty, wan 
Meer, tv. more 
Meer, v. mare 
Meer — tje, o lake, mere 
Meeraal, m. conger-eel 
Meerblad, o. waierlily 
Meerder, m. superior 
Meerder,-6v. more, superior 
Meerderen, w, augment 
Meerderbeld, v. plurality, 

Meerderlng. v. augmentation 
Meerderjarlg.fct;. of age 
Meerderj a righeid,v.fn o/'oH/y 
Meerdertijds, bw, mostly, 

most times 
Meerendeels, bw, mostly, 
jgrnerally {tioned 

Meergemeld, bv. beforemen- 
Meerkat — Je, v, monkey^ 

ape, baboon 
Meerkoet — Je, v. cool 
Meerl, meerlaar, r. blackbird 
Meerlijn, m. merlin 
Meernialen, bw, often, \more 

than once 
Meermaii, m. merman, trilon 
Meermin, v, mermaid 
Meersche, V marsh 
Meertouw, o, mooring cablo 
Meervoud, o. plural 
Meervoudlg, bv. ]ilural 
Meerwortel, m, seahoHy 
Mees — Je, v. titmouse 
Meesmullen, w .smile, snemr 
Meestnuller, m.tneerer 
Meeft. bv. most, greatest 
Meestbiedcode, 4». kighttl 

MEL 139 

Meette&deefs, bw, for ike 

most part 
MeestentQd, bw, mostly, 
most times 

' , «. master, 
surgeon, doctor of taws, 
a title given to aU who 

Meeater — tJe, 
I, doc( 

te given .. __. 

have hai a university edu- 

cation [master 

Meeitereo, w. be a surgeon, 
Meesteracbtif , bv, mashrly, 

imperious, magesteriml 
Mees teres — ie, v. mistress 
Meesterknecot, m, foreman 
MeenterloM, bv. masterless 
Meesteriyk, bv, f bw, mas- 
Mee«tferschap,o. mastership, 
.mastery {piece 

Meesterstok— je, e. master- 
Meesterwortel, m, master- 
Meet, V. Mart, line 
Meet — te, mat — eDd« — «d, 

measure, survey 
Meetbaar. bv. nuasuroble 
Meetbaaiirald, v. wutismra- 

Meeteelt, v.\mod4er-erop 
MeetkuQdc, meetkanat, v. 

geometry ■' 

Meetkondlg, bv, geometrieal 
MeetkundigUik, bw, geome- 

Meetroede, v. measaring-rod 
Menanoer. o,plumbline 
Meeuw —^9,v.gMll,seamem 
Meeuwen, w. mew 
Meeowiog, v,mewing 
Meewastig, bv, eonseUmsi 

M^ewastigheld, «. eonsci-' 

ousness, privity 
Mel, V. Miy 
Meiavond, v. may-eve 
Meibloeoi — pje, «. may/tofwer 
M eiboom —pie, m. maypole 
Me id, V. maul, girl 
Meidooro. «. hawthorn 
Meimaand, v. month efMdy' 
IM^ineed, m, perjury 
Meineedig, bv. perjured, for- 
sworn, perfidious 
Melneedigheid, v^ perjury 
MelneediglUk, bw. with per- 
jury, perfidiously 
Meir —tje, o. lake, mere, sea 
Mekje, v,jrirl 
M^affer, Mejavrouw, v. ma- 
dam, mistreu, miss 
Melaatacb, bv. teproue 
Melaatache, mi^leper 
MeUatschbeid, v. lepresu 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

138 MAR 

Mansoor, o. vild spikenard 
Maospersoon, m. man. 
Mtnsvader, v. father in law 
Mantel— ije, m. cloak, cover- 

Manteleo, to. cloak, cover 
M mteliuif, v. gnicktet, ktdge 
Mantelkoord, v. gallon 
fllantelkraag^, v. cope of a 

Mantelzak -je, v.porlmanteau 
•Manuaal, o. manual 
•Manufactuar, v. manufae- 

I lire 
Manvolk, mo. men 
Manwijf, o. kennapkrodUe 
Manztek, tnanzuchtig, bv, 

tovettck, amorous 
Manzlekfe, v. ehloroeh 
Marren, w. delay, tarry 
•Marcheeren, to. march 
•IVIarg-ina, v. margin 
marloltin, v. marjoram 
MarJonet^— je, v. puppet 
Marioneite— apel, o. puppet- 

«A«o [march 

Mark, 0. mar*, boundery, 
Marketenter, m. sutler 
Markgraaf, m. marquis, 

Markgraafl^jk, bv, markgra- 

Mark(fraaf«:hap, «. maranU 

tale, marhgraviaie 
Markgravin, v. marchiauess, 

Markpaal, v.Hmit, boundary 
Markl— je, v. market, mart 
Markten, to. market 
Marktdagr, m. marketday 
Marktffang, m. marketing, 

Marktkramer, m. marketman 
Marktmeester, m. overseer of 

I he market 
^arktschip, o. marktacbuit^ 

V. tnarktt-boat 
M-Tleir, to. furl 
Marllnjf, marlreep, m^rHjn, 

V. tnarime 
^arlpriem, v. marline-spike 
Manner, o. marble 
Manner, bv, marble 
Marmereu, to. marble 
Marroergroeve, v. marble- 

quarry > 

Marmefsteen, m. marble 
MarmerslHper, m, polisher 

of marble 
Marmersteenhouwer, m. 

Marmerzager, m. sawyer of 

marble flop 

Mars, v.march, pack, round- 
Vl%fiknmer, m, pedlar 


Marssteng, v. topmast 
Mariraaardig, bv. ready to 

Mar»zaaHng, t'. cross trees 
Mar«zeil, o. topsaUi een 

marflzcIU koefte, a fresk 

MarsepHin, v. marchpane 
Martelea,to.mar<yr, <*rmeii/, 

Martelaar, m. martyr 
Martelaarsboek, o. marly- 

Marlelaarea, »* martyress 
Martelaargchap, o. martel- 

dood, m. martyrdom 
Marteliug, v.. lorm«t»(»Mf, 

MartcHzatie, v. martyring 
M irtelizeeren, to. martyr,. 

Marter, m. martin 
^Masculin, bv. masculino 
*Maskeer, maftkeren, w. 

mask, cover 
Masker, 0. mask 

* Masker ade, v. masquerade 
*Mas8a, V. mass, lump, estate 
*Ma8sacreeren, to. massacre 
*Massif, bv. massy 
Mast— je,«f 
Mastboom, m.firtree 
Masteloo:*, bv, mastless 
Mastemaker, m. mastmaket 
Masteoboiicb, o. wood of fir- 

Mastn^ter, i^.hulk 

Ma8te)eln, p. wheatbredd 

Mastik, m, mastic 

Mastikboom, m. matlie-tree 

Mat — je, V. mat ; in de mat 
zy n, to be in a scrape 

Mat, v. checkmate, op 't 
mat, in the nick of time 

Mat, bv. tired, ^weary, un- 

hldt,prit. o/ipeet 

Matten, to. mat , tire 

Matbiefi — je, v. bulrush 

Mate, bv.poor 

Matelijk, bv. 4* bw, moderate, 
indifferent, moderately 

* Mater — tje, v. prioress, 
godmother, feverfew 

♦Materiaal, v. material 
•Materie, v,.matler, subject 
Matheid, v. weariness 

* Matbema tica, «matbe8iB , v, 
mathematics [matieal 

•Mathematiacb, bv. maths- 
Matig, bv. sober, moderate 
Matigen, to. temper, mode- 
rate, regulate: de gema* 
tigde luaitstreken^AelnM* 
pcraU ZOUO0 


Matigheld, t>. temper auet, 

sobriety, moderation 
Matiging, V. moderaiion, re* 


MatiglUk, b», moderately 
Matras - je, t;. matrass 
Matrasmaker,*!. vphotsterer 
Matres — je, v. mistrtss 
Matroos,m. sailor 
Matscn, to. kill 
•Maxime,o. tn<ixt«i. 
Mazelen, to. have th£ meatUs 
Mazelen, mv, mtazl^ 
•MedaiUe, ir. medal 
Mede, rto. with, also / hJj 

spot 'er mede, he lamghs at 

iti daar mede, presently i 

mede stemmen, to agree 
Medebegeerder, m. eompe- 

Medeborg^'m, fellow bait 
Medebrengen, w, bring witJk, 

import, servo 
Medebrenging , v.adportolia» 
Medebroeder, m, eompeaiiom, 

ftrother, colleague 
Medebroederscbap, o. cmi- 

Medeburgerscbap, o» fellom- 

citizenship [eabU 

Mededeelbaar. bv,eomwnMi- 
Mededeelbaarbeid, v. cmr* 

Mededeelen, to. communiesae 
MededeeUng, v, eommnwk' 

Mededeelzaam, bv, commm- 

nicative, liberal, cketritabU 
Mededeelzaambeld, v. com- 
municativeness, liberality 
>Icd(;deelzaamUjk, hw, caai- 

mnnieativt'ly, tibereUly 
Mededieostbaiicheid, v* e^ 

Mededlenalknecht, w. mede- 

dienstmaagd, v. fellowter- 

Mededlnger, m. comptiifr 
Mededogeo, o. pity^ comti- 

passion [tto«M(c 

Mededogend. bv, compos 
Mededogendhcldf v. compos- 

Mede-eeawig, bv, coeltmal 
Mede-erfgenaam, m. coheir 
Mede- erven, mv. cokoirs 
Medeganger, m. companion 
Medegebragt, dw, impariod 
Medegedeeld, (fto. eammmni- 

MeAegenosata,dwJaken toitk 
Medegenoot, m, partntr - 
MedegeoootschAPf p. jmtI^ 

ucrship, particifali^m 



Mft^r^et, bw, Uam, poorly 
Maget, r. maidt virgin 
•Magwtcr, m. tnastttf peda>- 

•Magiitntat, in. magistrmte, 

*Magaeet, m. magnet ■ 
•Magiiiricq, btt. tnperb 
Maxt, V. power, force, autho- 
rity, ability, might; met 
kracht en va*gt,with might 
and main ^ 

Magtbrlef, m. warrani 
MagteloM. bv. poweriet$ 
Magteloosbeid, «. impotence 
Magtbebbeude, bv.powetful, 

having authority 
M»gtig, bv. mighty, able, 
potoerfut. heavy, rich; 
a^oe drlftea magtig, mat- 
ter of hit pat*iom i magtig 
woraen, to conquer, obtain, 
- attain _ 

Magtlgf 610. very exceedingly 
Magli^en, w. warrant, au- 

thortze, empower 
Magtigbeld, v. mightinete, 

Magtlgiyk, bw, powerfully, 
rtchly [dogma 

Magtipreak, «. mandate, 
•MainteDceren, to. maintain 
•Majetteit, v. majetty 
Majeleln, v. marjoram 
*Majoor, m. major 
Mak, bv. tame, gentle 
Maken, w. mahe, bequeath, 
tffeet, teem, make at if; 
effen iu%ken. to tettte ; 
moeiUjk maken, to vex ; 
klelnder tnaken, to letttn; 
grooter maken. to enlarge; 
niUmoedig, mak6u. to ait- 
courage; toe makea, to 
ohut ; waar maken, to 
' prove : maak a ran bier, 
begone; maak op. get 
Makel*makelaaren, w, play 
the proher, go between, pro- 
cure, pimp 
Makeliiar — >U«> "*• fffoher, 

MakeuardlJ, v. makelgeld, 

<N broheragM 
Makelaare*, makelater, «. 

wavnan'bt oher, bawd 
Makelaarsch<ip,o. brokerthip 
Makeloos. bv, wanton; idle 
Makeiootheid, v. idlenett 
Maker, m. maakater, v. ma^ 

koTf author 
Making, v. wahint, bequeath" 


Makfaetd, v. tanttnett 

Makker ~tje, m, comrade, 

Makl^k, bv. eoty 

Makreel— ^e. m. mackarel 

Makrol, r. old bawd 

Mai, bo.fooHth, playful 

Ala I en, w. grind, turn, go, 
rave, dote, paint, draw; 
droog maien, to drain bv a 
mill; bet maaltmlj in bet 
boofd, / have it i» my 
thong htt 

Maler*tJe, m. limner, painter 

Malerij, v. grtnding, turning 
of a. mill, raving, dotage, 

Maling, «. grinding, turn- 
ing, ravinf, doling, crowd 

Malie, V. point, mallet, mall 

Maliebaan, t>. mall 

Malieobenid, malienkolder, 
»i. coat of mail 

Malicnier — tje, m. ironmon* 

Maiienitok, m. mallet 

Maikander, vm. one another, 
each other; onder malkan* 
der, together { door mal- 
kauder, one with another ; 
aan malkauder, united, 
joined, engaged 

Mallen, w. foot, dally 

Mailigbeid, v. fooUthnett, 


Arallodt— je, v.foolith wench 
Malioien, mv. melilnt 
MaUch, bc,ttnder,toft,,tweet 
Malscblieid, v. teudcrnitt 
Mai awe, v. mallow 
Malvezie, v. malmtey 
Malzoet. bv, Intciout 
Malxoetheid, 9. lutcioutuett 
Mam — metje, r> bubby 
Mammeu. w, tuch 
MamroerQ, r. idolatry 
Man — oeye, m. man, hus- 
band, malfr njn goed wil 
niet aan deu man, hit 
goodt will not go off 
Mannen, w. man 
Manacbtig, bv. mannith 
lAanbaar, bv. marriageable ; 
maobare Jaren, yeart of 
Maobaarbeid, r* manhood, 

W puberty 
a a beet e, 9. manbote 
Mand^je, v. bathet. hamper 
• Manaaat, m. mandate 
*Mandetaris, m, attorney 
•Mandateur, m. empowtrer 
Mandemaker— Qe, m. batkel- 

*Maodemei)^ti o. vrder 

MAN 137 

Mandragora, Vr mandrake 
Mangel —tje, m. mangle 
Mafigel, 0. want, default 
Mangelen, w. want, barter, 

Mangeling, v. bartering, 

Manger, m. mtonger 
MaoKTaag, bv. umouroma 
Manbafte, manhaftfg, bv, 

manly, mamful, valiant 
Manhartigbeld, v. prowete 
ManhafttglUk, bv. manfully 
Mauheid, v. manhood 
Manhuia — Je, o. hotpitalfor 

old men 
*Manieeren, w. manage 
Munier, v. manner, fat hion, 
. way [modett -^ 

MauferlHk, bv. mannerly. 
ManierlUkheld, v. manner li^ 

• tManirest, 0. manifetto 
•Manife»tatie, v. mani/eita- 

•Manifesteeren, w. manifett 
Mauk, bv. lame 
Mankaard, im. limper 
•Maiikeeren, w. want, be 

•Mankement, 0. want, defect 
Mankbeid, o. lamenett 
MaiUieden, manlul, mv. m^n 

ly, uiatculine, mate, virile 
Maiilijkheid, 11. manlinett, 

vigour, virility 
ManmeuRCb, m'. man 
Maiiinoedig, bv. manful 
Manoioedigheid, v. manfui- 

Manuioedigl^k, bw.manfulia 
Maoneken, o.mannihin, mate 
Mannemoed, m. manly cqp- 

Mannestaud, v. manhood 
Manne^e, o. mannikln,daW' 

diprat, bou, male ; mau- 

netje en w^O^r. "*<>'< «*m' 

female; mauneO^aa oian- 

neije makea, to copy ttrohe 

by ttrohe 
Mannin, v. wontan, fnasculine 

Mausbeeld, 0. man 
Manschap, v. homage, man, 

pedule, crew, toldiery 
ATaasbaud, v. mar thai powor 
MansUgier, m. aiantlayer 
Mantlagtig, bv. homicidal 
Manslag, m. mantlaughter 
Mansl«ugte, v. man't lixe 
ManMQoeUer, «. mother in 

Manioir, m. male ittn* 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


"Jkitaatiie -»ieot,v./u«eraL 
, /^^^ral procession 
Ljjkioorts, v.funeial totch 
Liikvuur, 0. funmaljir* 

LUkwagen, jn. AMr»e • 
Wjin, v.give 

I-Uniachtlff. bv. gluey, \,Ue\d 
Lhuaohtigheid, v. viscidity 
drawl "'•*''"''P°*''» v!hme, 
Liimer. m. gluer, whhier 
fOmerig, bv. ropy 
i-umerigheld, t». ropintss 
lljmerij,lijmjsledery,i;. glue- 
LUralf ,6v. whining,drau}Hng 
hiimkvcMt-ie, V. glue brush 
Ujmroede — •tang, v. limt 

fUn—tjcv. «»!<•, card 
Ljinbaan—tje, v. rope walk 
LUndraaqen, u>. make ropes 
1- jndraaljer, m. ropemaker 
Lynen, w. line, rule 
f jnkoek-je. m. linseed cake 
LQooHj, V. linseed oil 
Lynslarer,!!*. ropemaker 
Luntrekkerij, v. intrigue 
Lfjnwaat, o. linen, cloth; 
kattoene HJnwaat, catltco, 
Lijnsaad, o. linseed 
LOspond, m. fifteen povnds 
. l.l\»t—}e,v. list, lace, frame, 
border, edge, qprnisn, seam 
LUiten, tr. Trame 
UJstemaker, m, framemaker 
Lmter— ije, m. thrush 
LijBtwcrk, 0. corvihh 
Lilveloos, bv. lifeless 
Lllven, mv4or \ljf 
Lijvig, bv, corpulent, lusty, 

fuUhodUd '^ , 
Lijvigbeid, v. corpulency, 

lustiness, bodv 
Ltjwaard, bw. leeward 
Lijzell, 0. stud<{ing tail 


AAG — je, TO. kinsman, 
kinswoman, relation, slO' 
■maeh , appetite, maw, craw, 
Maagd— j6, V. maid, virgin 
Maagdarin, m.\xsophagus 
Maagde, bv. virginal 
Maafdebloem ,v. maidenhead 
Maagdehoolngf m. virgin 


*^*'ff!j*'^*° — iken, 0. young 

Maagdftkraclit, v, de/toration 
Maagdelijk, bo. virgin, mai- 

M aagdescbender,»i.<fc^«r«r 
Maaedesclipnding — nia, t>. 

Masvgdevlies— Je, o. hymen 
Maagdom — mege, m. mai- 

dinhead, virgintty 
Maagpy n, r. pain in the sto- 
Maagiiap, o. chyle s 
MaagBchap, o. kindred, kin, 

aJjiHity, consanguinity 
Maagsierkeud, bv. cordial 
Maagziekte, v. disorder of 

the stomach 
Maai-Jje, v. maggot 
Maaijen, w. mow, reap 
Maaltjjd, v. mowing time 
alii3ik,v. making. fashion; in 

de maak, a making 

tiinci eea niaal 
twee maal, twice 
Maal — tje, o, meal 
M^illoou, for grind- 
Maalslot, o. padlock 
Mialstroom, m. whiilpool 
Maaltaud —tje, iw. grinder; 

Maattijd, V. Imeal, repasf ; 
maaltijd bouden, to dme, 
to tup 
Maaii —tje, v. moon, mdne ; 

iichte maan, moonlight 
Maanen, tr. dun 
Maaiid— je, v. month ^*^ 
Maaadag, m, Monday 
Maaadboek, o. calendar 
Maandceel,v. musterroll , 
MaandeHJk, bv.. monthly 
Maaiiden— stoQdea,mv. men- 

Maandg-eld, cmonthly wages 
Maandkost, v. monthly pro- 
Maaaeclipa, t>. eclipse of the 

Maaner, m. dun, dunner 
Maan«gchiJD, v, moonshine 
Maamaar, o. lunar year 
Maaiikeeriog, «. lunation 
Maankop, v. poppy 
Maankrfug, v, cycle of the 

Maankruid, o. moonwort 
Maanllcbt, o, moonlight 


Maaoloop, m. lunation 
Maanoor, o. mooneye 
Maanswiize, bw, luniferm 
Maantanlng — v^rdunterin^ 

— zwijm, v, eclipse of the 


Maanziek — zucbsig, adj. Im- 

Maaaziekte— zncbt, v.iuuaeu 

Maar, mare, r. news,tidimff 
MaareQtakken,mi;. misUto* 
Ifaaricbalk, m. marshal 
Maarscbalkschap, o. ojice or 

d ign ity of a marshal 
Maart, v. march 
Maarncb, bv. march 
Maas— je, v. stitch, mesh . 
Maat— je, t>, measure, metre, 
rule, verse, moderation, 
proportion i ecniger mate* 
t/t some measure; maat 
houdeo, to keep withi* 
Maat-je, m. mate, comrade, 

Jetlow,. companion, sailor 
Maat^ezang, o. nietre,rythm 
Maa^jcB —peer, r. bergamoi 

Maatklank, v, prosody, oa- 

Maatnemer, m. measurer 
MaatregeljV. measure, stand- 
mdatachap, o. fellowship 
Maatscbappij, v. company 
MaatBlap, m, beating of time 
Maatatok — je, *. measure, 

ule, perch 
Maatzang, v, vers* 
Maatzanger, m. chorister 
Maanwen, to. »t«i» 
Maauwing, v. mewing 
Maaijer, m, mower 
Maaying, v. mowing 
•Alachiite, v, machine, «». 

jrtnr, tool, inftrument 
fSaculattiiir, m. waste sheet 
*Aladame, t;. madam ■ 
Made, V. maggot . 
Madelief-j^tr. daisy 
TWaf, bv. weary 
Mag,raogt, niogende, aiog«a. 
^ may, live, like 
*Maga»Ua— Me, o, magazine 
Mager, bv, lean, meagre, 
shallow ileau 

MagerachUir, bv. somewhat 
Magerheid, t;. leanness, thiur 
. ness IgerlM 

Mageriyk, bw, p6orlu,meet' 
Magermannetje, m.fore-tom. 
matt, bowlUie 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


f.uipaard, m. leopard 
Luipen, w. watch, lie in wati 
Luirok— je, v. nightgeien 
Litis— je, V. louse 
LniAachtig^, &v< lomy 
Lnisbos —bond — pook, m. 

toHsy rascal 
Luiikruid, o. lUebane 
LMtater,*!. splendour f gloss 
Lttistereo, to. listen,whisper, 
hearken obey, overhear, 
eavesdrop, gloss 
Luisteraar, w. listener,whiS' 

perer, eavesdropper 
Luistering,r. listening , whis- 
pering, eavesdropping , 
Lttitterloos, bv. 
glorious Iglorious 

Laiaterrijk, bv. resplendent, 
Luisterriak, m. eavesdropper 
Luinvoedlg, bv. breeding Itce 
Lnitziekte, v. iousg diseaso 
hnlt—W, v. lute 
Loitenut — «peelcl«r, w. — 

•ter, V. Utteptaper 
Lultmaker, «. lute-maher 
Lttltsnaar— de, v. lute-stHnr 
Lvilvzgea,m7*crubbing brush 
Lnizekam, v. small-tocihed 
comb . , iman 

Lnizekramer, m. old^lofhes' 
Lnliemarkt, m. rag,/kir 
Lulzen,w. (oit4« 
LnlzeTanger, m. beadle 
LuizevaDfat, v. catching of 
lice . Iftce 

Lulzeziftf, V. salve to destroy 
toJzlg, bv. lousy, paltry 
LniilKheld, v.louHness 
Luk— Je, 0. lueh chance; Ink 
of raak, hit or miss, hapha- 
zard _, ^ 
Lakken, «. succeed, happen 
Lukgodin, v. goddess of for- 
Lukapel — lege, o. game of 

Lakster, v. propitious star 
Lukraak, bw. haphazard 
I.uUen,w. chfot, guU, bungle, 
chatter, such 
^ LaUepljp —ie,v. bagpipe 
rupijn, V. lupine 
Larken, tr. such 
^wker -tie,m,9ueher ^^^ ^ 
Xurven, mv, doweets, m de 
larven krijf en, to lay hold 
Lust— Je,v. desire, appetite, 

inclifuUion. delight, lust 
Lusten, «. like, love, hut ; 
aU bet m^last, when llihe 
it : bet zalhaarniet losten, 
she will not like U 


Lusteloosheid, v. listlessness, 

dejection, want of appetite 
Lusthof)— je. m. pleasuregar- 

den, paradise 
Lusthula — je» 0. villa, coun- 

Lagtigf l»>, lusty, clever, 

chearful, pleasant, brisk. 

Jolly, jovial 
Lustigr, bw. greatly, soundly 
Lustiff , tuss. courage 
Lastiirbeid, v. lustiness, 

chearfulness, pleasantness, 

Lutiigl^jk, bw. lustily, chear- 

Lostprleel — tje, o. gardens 

house, arbour, paradise 
Lustivont, 0. wilderness 
Lutheraan, bv. lutheran 
Lutherscb. bv. lutheran 
Lntie, 0. little.bU, morsel 
Luttel-lje, V. little 
Luttel, bv. little, fev> 
Lour— ^e, V. clout 
iMWffbv .sheltered, lee Me ward 
La wen, w. cease blowing 
Lowte, V. shelter 
La«aard, m. sluggard 
Luijeren, w. lotter,lie abed,be 

lazy or idle 
Lnijermand, v. ehildbed-bas- 

M, chUdbedlinen 
LiJ, V. lee. aan liij, to leeward 
LQd, leed —ende —en/u^er, 
endure, tolerate j Ik mag 
bet wellUden, I have no ob- 
jection to it ; zy mag hem 
wel lUden, the lihes him 

LIJ 135 

LUfgezant, m. legate 
LUfgoed, 0. appanage 
LnQe, o. little body, bodice, 

jacket, sfitys 
Liifkaros ■kneU.v.hodycoach 
Liifkleur. v. fieshcolour 
Lnfknecnt, m. valet 
LUAiJk, bv. bodily, corporeal, 

LMooi,bv. lifeless 
Lhfmoeder, v. womb 
Lijfrok— je, v. cassoch,coat 
Lhfrente, V. tontine, annuity 
LUfschutbende, v. lifegtiai^* 
Lnfscbutten, mv, lifeguaf&s 


very well 
Lijdelijk, 610. sufferable, to- 
lerable, endurable 
LUden. o. sufferings,dislress 
Lijdende, bv. passive, suffer- 

Lljder, m. sufferer, patient , 
Lijdig, 6v. grievous, cutting 
LHdlng.tJ. suffering 
Lljdzaam, bv. patient, long- 

Lljdzaamheid, v. patience, 

idzaamltjk, bw, patientlff 
if— Je, 0. body, belly, waut, 
life I Wand aan ^tlljf ko- 
men, to assault one: i<jf 
aan lijf Tecbten, to fight a 
duel : bet heeft welnig om 
't liif,it it of a little moment 

LHfband — j^f «• eash, girdle 

Lflfeigen, i». slave 

Lufeigendom,;>«r«y in a 

Lijfgarde, v. liferuardt 

Lijfgerecht, 0. akel 


Lijfstrafbaar — felljk, bv. cri- 
minal, subject to corpvral 
LQrtogt, V. provisions, vic- 
tuals, usufruct iary 
LHftogtenaar, m. usufiruetu- 
Lmtogtschip, 0. victualler 
14}ftrawant,m. yeoman of the 

guards, bodyguard 
Lijfverf, m, fleshcoloured 

Liifwacbt, v, lifeguard 
Lllfwachter, m. valet 
Lijfwapen, 0. corslet 
Lijk— je,o. corpse, dead body, 

carcass, body, boltrope 
L Ijk, leefc — ende —en,resem- 
ble, belike, look like, like, 
Liikasch, v. ashes of the dead 
Lukaschbus, v. urn 
Lukbeeraver, «. burier of 

the dead 
Lijkbus — je, v. coffin, urn 
Lhkdicbt — je, 0. elegy, dirge 
Li|kdten9t, m. burial service 
Lijkdoorn— Q"e, v. com 
Lljkfeest, 0. funeral feast 
Lhkgang, m. burial, funeral 
Liikgezang, o.Zmotiody, dirge 
Lijkhout, 0. — stapel, m. fit- 

neral pile 
Lijkklagt, v./uneraZ moan 
LUkkleed, 0. pall, shroud 
L{jkkoetB,v. hearse 
L'jkofferbande, v, funeral, 

LiikpUgt, V. last office 
Lljkpredikatie, v. funeral 

Lijkrede, v. funeral oration 
Ltj kschrift, 0. etfgy, epitaph 
LJjkspelleD, mv, funeral 
I games 

Digitized byLnOOQlC 



an, aSf Ion knoopen, io nn- 
bnttoM; ioB rij^fn, l» «m- 
lace. it it wrllien\di$j«HC- 
tivfiy in all tkt tnfiexibnt 
except in the participUtJ 
Los — le-r-sende— ten, knuen^ 
unload, discharge, fire fran- 
som, redeeiH 
LoiibHar, bv. redetmabU 
Losbinden, w.uutie 
Losbol— leOe, m. wlld/ellow 
LosboMi?. bv. rantipol* 
I^sbolliglield, «. rahlsh»ets 
Losbranden, to. /fre 
Losbrandins, r. firing 
Lo§breken, t». breahloote 
L')sbrekin|^, v. breaking loe$e 
l.osceel — ije, v. cochet 
Losdraaijeu, w. untwht 
Losgaaii, to. get loot* 
Los^'ebondeo, dio, untied . 
Losgebraod, aw, ditcAargea, 

Losgebrokcn, d«. broke loese 
Lofigedraaid, dv>, uutvisted 
Losgeeaan, dw. looted 
Losgekamd, dw. combed out 
Lo6geknoopt,dip. unbuttoned 
LoBgekomen, dw, got loose, 
escaped Icharged 

dosgelaten, dw. releated,dit- 
Loigeld, 0. ransom 
Lusgemaakt, dw. loosened 
l.oKgenaaid, dw. unripped 
Losgepakt, dw. unpacked 
1.0!>geraakt, dw. got toose 
Losgcregen, dw. unlaced 
Losge^neden, dw. cut loose 
Losgespeld, dw. unpinned 
LosgesproDgen, dw. sprung 


Lnisgetornd, dw. unripped 

I.OHheid, V. looseness, ditso' 

lutenets, instabiiHy, care- 

lesness, thoughtlessness, ease 

Looshoofd -kop, m. wild fel- 

LoAhoofdig. bw, thoughtless 
LnahoofdlgUeid, v. thought- 
lessness {lestly 
Lnshoofdlglijk, 610. thought- 
Losjes, bw. loosely, easily, 

l.oskammen, w. comb out 
UjsknoopeD,to. unbutlon,un- 

w» get loose, be 

Lo:iko<jpig. bv, thoughtless 
L<i«koppigheid» v. thought- 

Losikoppia'lijk, bw, thottght- 

l.oslateD,w. reUa$e,disckarg9 
Loslailng, v.releast^ 



Loslevend, bv, dissolute 
Loslevendbeid, v. dissoUit0- 

Lo»l^vig, bv. loose, lax 
Lo8lljvtgb€ld, V. looseness, 

Lotmaken, w, looie»;liberate 
Lotmaking, v, liberation 
LotmonUig, bv, heedless in 

Loiimoudigheid,«. heedless- 
nest in speech 
Losnaaijen, w. unrip 
Lospakken, w, unpack 
Lospiaati, v. port 0/ dis- 
charge, place for unloading 
Lo»nken,w.get loose 
Losrente, v, redoemahh an* 

Losrijgen, w, unlae* 
Losse^^k, bo, looeety, eart' 

Lossea tee IO0, loosen, unload, 

fire, ransom, redeem, void 
Losaer, m, redeemer 
Loggigheid, 0. distolutenett 
Logging, V. redemption, un- 
loading ,discharg*,voiaanoe 
Loggnyden, to. euT toose 
LogRpeldcn, w. unpin 
Lonpriogen, 10. spring foot0 
Lostoomig, bv. licentious 
Lostoouigbeid, v, liceHtious- 
nest llg 

Lostoom{glijk,6to. lieenlivHt- 
bogtornen, w, unrip 
Lostyd, V. lime 0/ unloading 
Lot— Je,n. fate, destiny, lot, 

prize, ticket 
LoterU— tie, v, Itteru 
Lotterijbrleue, 0, toUery- 
ticket " 

Lotgemeen, bv, imvolved in 

the same fat* 
Lotgpel,o.l0f<cnr,f «in« at ha- 
LotwissellDg, V. vicissitude 
Louter, 60. pure, mere, fine 
Louteren, w, purify ,rijiHe 
Louter he Id, v. purentss, fine- 
ness [fining 
Louterlng, v. purifying, re- 
Lonterl^jK, bw, purely, merely 
Loutergtal,«. ttranguary in 

Louw — ^Je, V, tenek 
Loawmaaod, v. January 
Loven, 10. praite, laud, esti- 
mate, rate ; hoe ?eei looft 
hy bet,wAo< doet he ask for 
Lover, si. praiter, o«« that 

aikt a price 
Lover, o. green leaves 
i LoTerbut, M« toofhtti 


Lov«tJe, 0. spangle 
Loving, v.praiting 
Liibbeiif w. geld 
Lttbher, m. getder 
Lubbing, »• castration 
Lucht — jc, V. nir, sky, tent, 
scent, tmell, wind, breath, 
breeze [elarify 

Lqchtcn^. «ir, iineU,tavout 
Luclitader— ^e, v. artery 
Luchtbal— leQe, v. airballoon 
Liichtgaty o. airhole, tpiraeU 
Luchtnarlig. bv. merrw, gajf 
Lucbtbanixneid. v. gaiety 
Lucbtlg, tiv, airy, caro*e$e, 

thoughtless, light 
Luchtigheld, v. airiness, 

■ lightness, levity 
Lucbtigliik — ieg, frur. airily, 

lightly, slightly, nimbly 
Luchtknnde, v. aerology 
Lucbtmeter- m. barometer 
Luchtpomp,v. airpump 
Liichip^, V. windpipe 
Luchtgprong, m. raper 
Luchtgtreek, v. climate, zosu 
Lnchtteckeu,«. meteor 
Lacbttoortg, v. luminary 
Luchtrader, m. aeronaut 
Luchtraart, v. aarostation 
Lnchtweger, m. barometer 
Luchtweging, «. aerotnetrjf 
Luchtziekte, v.petliUuct 
Lui, bv. lazy, idle 
Laid, bw, loud; over luid, 

Laid,b& according to, tttper 
Loiden, w. ring, nonnd^pur- 
port ; hoe luidt de briefs 
what is ih* purport of the 
letter: dns loidde het 
•chrift, these were the con- 
tents of the paper ; naar 
luld dfts plftkaats, accord- 
ing to the act ; ODgeUJk 
latdend, dissonant 
Luider, m.rinf «r 
Luidiog. V. ringing 
Laidrucbtlg, bv,t»ud, elameh 

Luidmobtigheid, r. loudness, 

LaldrochUglUk, bw, loudly, 

LuidskeeU.frw. out loud^oud 
Liiif— Jtt iBlffel -U«, v,peut' 

Luiheid, V. laziness, idleness 
Lttik~-Je> «• «AHl<er,(ropdaor, 

Luiken, w, shut, closa 
Luikgat, o. hatch 
Luilak, m. sluggard 
LHlm—pJe, v.r 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


^oAMDg, m. Aymn, anthem 

iMg, 0. hole 

Log, logge, bv. heavy t $low, 

fiMWieldu, dnll 
•Lojfe, V. lodge, box 
*LoK eer en, w. lodge 
•Loffeinent,«o. inm, hotel, 

Loicheid, 9. heaviueei, un- 

wittdineu, dulnese 
• Loglca.v. logic 
•Logicaal, bv. logictU 
*Logien, o, enlertaiument, 

Logr^k, bv. full of holes 
LoK — Je, v.loch, trett 
Lokaas — Je, o. bait, decoy 
Lokaazen, «r, bait, decvy 
Lokeend, v. decoyduch 
Lokduif— je, o. decoy-pigeon 
I^kduit — je» bird-call 

JLokie, 0. saucer 
Lokicebrood ->-iei 
Lokken, 10. allure, decoy 

Lokvogel — tje, 0. aecoy-Aira 
1^1 — ietje, v« clout, rag 
Lolien, w. trawl, cutterwawl 
lx>ilepot -je,v. chaffing dith 
Lolling, V. wawliug I 

Lombard, lomberd, m. lorn- 

burdi to dea lomberd brea- 

gen, toyaum 
LomberdbrieQe, o.pawttbro- 

ker's duplicate [ker 

JLomberdho uder ,tn. pownbro' 
Lommer — ^e, 1;. shade 
LomaieriDg, v. shad* 
Loratterkoelte, v. shady coot* 

ness "* Idowy 

Lommerr^k, bv, shady, sha- 
Lomp — je, V. clown, rug 
Lomp,60. lumpi*h,clowmish, 

dull, sluvia, elnmsy 
Lompig> bv. paltry, sorry, 

Lomptgndd, «. elunuiness 
Long, r. iHHgs, lights- 
Longfel, V. htbt of the lungs 
Longekruld, 0. lungwort 
Longp^p, V. windpipe 
Longilekte, loiigzucUU v. 

Longzucbtig, bv. phtisieal 
Lonk — je, v. glance, ogle 
LoDkeo, 10. glance, ogle 
Looker, m. Looluter , tr. of ler 
Loot — je, 0, Match i loot 

ruikeo, to smell a design 
JLoDtregt, o. force ofatme 
LODtstok, V. match stick 
Loocbeoeo, w,dej*f 

Loochcniugi v, dtnial 


U>od — je, 0. lead, plummet, 

half an ounce 
Lood^ loodc, bv. leaden 
Loodtrn, w. plumb 
Loodaclitig, bv, like lead 
Loodgieter, m. plumber 
Lood^roevc, loodmljn, «« 

I.oodliju, v.litte,soundingline 
Loodm<tuai, o. soldering 
Loodregt, frv. perpendicular 
Loodverwigi&v. Uadeoloured 
Loodwir, 0. white lead 
Loodwitmolen, v. white 

lead manufactory 
Loot. 0, leovest. 
Loot, bv, weary, tired 
Looflieid, V. wearittess 
Loofhut — je, V. tabernacle 
Loorhutteufueat, 0. feast of 

Loofrijk. bv. leafy 
Luofwerk, 0. festoonwork 
Loog, V. Ipe 
Loog, pret, of Meg 
Loogatcb, 0. lye-ashes 
Loogbak — je^ v. bucket 
Loojjen, ». tan 
Look, V. leek. fgartie 

Lookbol — telje, v, clove of 
Loom, bv.swm, heavy, dull 
Loomheid/. v. slowness^hea- 

viness. dulness , 
Looulijk, bv. slowly, heavily 
Loon, m. 4- o. wages, salary, 

reward, recompense 
Loooea, w. reward, pay 
Looaer, m, rewarder 
Loouiog, V. rewarding 
LooDtrdueod, bv. receiving 

Loontrekker, m. one that re- 
C( ivtf« wages, mercenary 

Loop — je, V, run, course, 
race, career, strtam, con- 
course, dysentery, barrel, 
train i op de loop, running 
away, abroad, out of doors; 
tar loof*, cui'sorily, in a 

Loop,Tiep,— ende'-en, rvn, 
ramble, dine, onder den 
voel loopeu, to run down ; 
latea loopeu, to strike ; ia 
'toogloopeD, lo be appa- 
rent i aaii den wind luopen, 
to roiM6^«;loopeade gedaau, 
done tna hurry 

Loopachtig, bv. apt to run, 

Loopbaau — tje, v, career, 
rack, lists 

Loopeud, bv. running, cur- 
rent i eea loopend vuor^e, 
a traiiu i^f gunpowder 

LOS 133 

Looper — ^e, tn. runner, ra- 
cer, foot, leg, hourglass, 
Loopgraaf — je, v. trench 
Looping, V. running 
Loopje, o. guibble,pMH, trick 
Loopmaar, v. rumor 
Loopplaats; v. career, lists, 
racegronnd {satt 

Loop8ch,6v. gadding, proud, 
Loopachaos, v. retreneh- 

ment, trench 
Loopficbnit, V. gossip 
Loopapel. o, race 
Loor, V. wreck, loss 
Looi — Oe, lozende, loKn, 
get rid of, be delivered oj , 
void , een zucht lozeo, ^/ 
fetch a sig h 
Looa, loose, bv. cunning, 
crafty . subtle, false ; een 
looa graf, a cenotaph 
Lootheid,^v. cunning, era ft i- 
Looaiyk, bw,eraftily Iness 
Looapand, v, notice of dis- 
Looi, V. layer, shoot, branch , 
Looten, 10. draw lots 
Lootln;;, v. drawing of lots 
Looge, 0. ticket 
Loota— je» m. pilot 
Loot§en, w, pilot 
Lootageld, 0. pilotagt 
Lootsmau, m. pilot 
Lootsmauaboot, v. pilotboat 
Lootaachlpper, m. master of 

a pilotboat 
Loin»»chult-^ie,v, pilotboat ' 
Looiien, see Cool, tan 
Loouer, m, tanner 
Looijerij — tje, v.tanhouse 
Lor — reije, 0, rag, parrot 
Lorkenboom, o. larchtrea 
LorrekUt, r. bo* dfrags 
Lorretnaud— je, v. rugbdsket 
Lorrendraa^en, w. smuggle, 

Lorreudraaijer, m.inlerloper 
Lorrendraaijer^, 0. interlo- 
ping, smuggling f sharping 
Lurahaodel, m. swindling 
L04 loa8e,&tf. looseJ\ree,diS€H, 
gaged ,dissolule^nconstanr 
unstable, careless, ea»y, un* 
ctrtain, weak, unloaden - 
met los kruld scbleten, to 
shoot without ball; lof 
HCbarp, caseshoti er op 
loa gaan, to fall upon, lo 
set about i dat gaat 'er op 
loa, now for itj (ustd ad- 
verbially and comnsctivety 
wilhveibs, \o» denotes li- 
beration, and is often ren - 
dered by the i/ueparalU 

Digitized by iorOOQlC 



Lirlen.w.IvAtflt, Hfl, hemve, 

levy; veighi, lake away, 

take off, lake ouf, lake 
Lifftanker, o. keave-anchor 
Ugtekooi —lie, v. karlot, 

vvman of pUaeure 
LiifteUjk.ftw. ligklly,eanly, 

l.i}^telijker. bto. more eatUy, 

Ligier — tje, m.ligktrr 
Liertcrman, m. lighterman 
I.i jtg^elooviir, bv. eredulout 
LigtgelooYlgheid, v.credulUy 
UftgeloovigUjk, 6w. credu- 

Ligtgreraakt, bv. touchy 
Ligthart— Je, m. merrp fellow 
Liglhartlg, bv.tight-keurted, 

Ughthartlghftid, v. galely 
liKtheid. 9. lightneu, eoHmett 
Ligthoofd, M. ligktheaded 

fellow . , . 

Ligthoofdlg.ftw. lightheaded 
LiathoofiUgheld, v. light- 

LirthoofdlglUk, bw. light- 

Ligtigheld. v. easiness 
Ugllng — je, V. lightening, 

fathering, loau, imposition, 
Ugtie»,bw. tighly , wantonly 
LigtmU — je, m. roke, de- 
Hgtini«»en, w. he a rake 
Ugtmlssery — ije, •. debdu- 

Lfcivaardig, bv. light, vola- 
l tit, fickle, wanton, coquet- 
tish, rash, heedless 

Ugtvaardlghcld, UgtrtardiJ, 
V. lightness, JickUnes*, 
wantonness, licentumsness, 
rashness, heedlessness 

LijrtvaardiglUk, bw. lightly, 
Uwdly, licentiously, rashly, 

l.igtvink.m. Uwd fellow 

Ligtroetig, bv. Ughtfoote 

Ligtzlnnig', Ini. fickle fmuta- 


■LigUlniUg, OV.Jicm^€,jntu 

Ole (hleni 

LigUlnnlgheld, v. levity, fie- 

I.iguimiiglijk, bw. mulaUy, 

Uk -)e, V. lick 
Likdoorn — je, w. com 
Likkebaard, m. lickltp 
Likktbroer —tie, m. tosspot 
Llkken, w. lick, lap 
Ukker -Ije, m. lieker 
Likklng, «;.*»f*«V„ .J. ^ 
L,ik«pit, 0. l%ckspxt, Uckduh 


Llksteea —tje, w. sleekstone 

U\,o. jelly 

Ullen, 10. shiver, tremble 

Lilling, t. shaking, trembling 

•Limitaiie, v, Itmilation 

•Limite, v. limit 

*Limiteeren, w. limit 

Limoen— tje, m. lemon, lime, 
citron {Iree 

Llinoenbooro— pjc, m. lemon- 

Limoennap, v. lemoHjuice 

Unde, lindeboom, m. lime- 
tree » 

Undercn, w. soften, ease 

*Liiiiaal— lie, o. ruler, rule 

*Linie, v. line 

*Linieeren, w. ml* 

Llok — je, V. mark 

Linker— (je, m. sly dog, old 
fox, rcgue 

tinker, bv. left " 

Unks> bw. lefthande.dly, to, 
the left i links om, to the 
left about 

Linlcacli, bv. leflhanded, si- 
nister (nets 
Uaktcbbeld. v. l^handed- 

Linnen, o. linen 
UaQenroed, o. linen, clothes 

LionenJca* — Je, v. press for 

lAnneaVooner, m.Untndraper 
Linneonaalschool, —tje, o. 

tewing sekoel 
Unneanaaister, v. sempstress 
liDwnm»\ieu,oanping work 
Unnc8wa«achter, v. washer- 
woman t 
Xinnenwerer.w. linenwiaver 
LiQDeiiwinkel — tje, m.linen- 

draper*s shop 
Liot — Je, 0. ribbon, tope 
IJolwever, m. rihbim weaver 
UntweveriJ, v. ribbon manu- 
LiDtworm— pje, m.laprworm 
Lime, V. lentile [lage 

Linzeiikookfiei, o. lentile-pot- 
Lip — je, V. lip, tenon 
Lippeiidieutt, m.lipservice 
*Liquidatte, v. Uqtidafhtn 
•Liqoide, bv. liquid, settled 
*Liquideereo, ir. liquidate, 

Liacb, 0. flag, flour de luce 
Utcbbloem - pje, w. fiower 

de luce 
Lispon, w. lisp 
LIsper, m. lisper 
Lispilig, V. lisping 
Ll«ptuiig, m. lisper 
Lint— Je, V. craft, cunning, 

trickfplot ,devl(^e,stralagem 
Littig, bv. subtle, sly, cun- 

tiing, crafty 


Littigheld, v. sublMyf sli- 
ness, cunning [ningly 

J-i8tIgIljk, bw.crqflih» ««•• 
Xit» — je, v. lotp 
Lltxgat, o. loophole 
Lititkoord, o. bobbin,twist 
•Llturgle, V. liturgy 
LIvrel. V. livery {vant 

Livreikiiecbt, m. lirery ter- 
Livreirok, m. liverycoat 
Livreivoik, o. livery servants 
Lob. lobbe —tje, r. r»Me 
Lobberen, w. wadr, pZask 
Lobbvs, m.shagdug, clawn, 

goodnatured fclUw 
Loboor, m. shugdog, bocby 
*Locaal, bv. local 
*Looatie. v. location 
Lochs -je, r. lynx 
Lodderig, lodderlIjk,6».»«ii- 

lon, amorous 

Ladderigheid, lodderI\jkbeid, 

V. vuntouness, amourous- 

Lodderoogcn. w. ogle [ness 

Loef, V. loaf, wealkergage j 

loef boaden, to looj np ; 

eens Inefs, straitusxySftm- 


Loefgierig, bv. falling to 

Loefwaards, bw. to wind- 

ward, loofward 
Loeijen, w. low [squinM 

Loens, hv.lflno. squinting, a- 
Loer, 7H. clown [lurch 

Loeren, w. lie in wait, watch, 
Loeveu, t«. loof up, ply to 

Loeijiog, V. lowing 
Lof — je, m. praise, God lof 

thank God 
Lofbazttin, loftrompet, v. 

trum/jtrt of ptaiie 
Lofdicbt, lofgedicht, o. pane- 
gyric, tulogy 
Lofgalm, m. tound of praise 
Lofgierig, bv. covetous of 

LodUk, f-v.ibw.laudabU, glo- 
rious, laudably 
Lod^kheid, v. laudabUness 
Lofreden, v.panfgyrie,eulogy 
Lofredeuaar, m. panegyrist 
Lofruchtig, bv. renowned 

Corruchiigheid, v. renown 
Lofrucb tiglijk,6io.ivN«ioit«rf- 
Lofnprauk , v. praise {ly 
Loftaiteo, to. sound forik 

Loftuiter. m. pangyrist 
Lofwaardigiieid, v. praise- 
worthiness [worlhity 

Lofwaaardigiyk, bw. praif 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


LeveB««taat, m. $tate oflifk 
fcTMttljd, «. li/ttUite,'age 
w»er, m. liver 
Lereren, ir, detU/tr, giv^, 

fwmi$ki storm, levereo, 

to $Urm 
Lereraar, m . deliverer, ftlUr, 

fumUher, purveyor 
l^tenucie— tje, v. commU- 

*i<}n^ order, j/rovidingf dt- 

Leverancier, m. purveyor 
Lev«-rbaar, iv. fit to be deli' 

verod, merekanlable 
harvrtug, v. delivery 
Leftsr —ye, v. liver 
LeyretA^er.v. hrpaiie vein 
Leterkruid, o. Uven»ort 
Lerjerworst, v. liverpvdding 
Leversiekte, leverzocbt, o. 

diteaie of the liver 
Ltrwcrxnchtig. bv. troubled 

with hepatic diteagee 
LeIJ-tje, v. slate 
Lefldai, o. ttuted roof 
LeHdekker, leijendeliker, n. 

Lexer — tje, m. reader 
Lezin;, V. reading, perusal 
•X.iai — Je, v. file, strinif 
•Liber bv./ree 
•Liberaal, bv. liberal 
•UberallieityV. liberaUXf 
*Liceiit, 0. dutp outwards, 

cusloM, customhouse 
^Uceutiaat. m. Hcentiate 
Licht -rje, 0. light, caudle, 

glory, luminary ; temandt 

licht beiimmercn, to stop 

up one^s tight; In »t licht 

jBTCTea, to publish 
Ucbt, 6v. light, lighliome, 

Uchtacliti!;, bv, lightish 
Lichtdrager, m. bearer of 


LfcEtcn, V. light, grow light, 

give light, shine, lighten 
LichteriaaUe, be, bright, fla- 
Licbtbeid, v.lightnets, clear- 
Li<Hithai8-Je, o. lighthouse 
licbtmls, V. candlanas 
Llciitscbijn«Dd, bv, bright, 

licbt«teea, o, phoephorus 
Ltcht«tok— Je, v. candtestich 
Lid —je, 0. jojnt, member, 
arlivle, limb, lid, cover, 
generation, degree 
iSaifm*, o. dog*s grass 
iMvwxt, m. member, c»m- 

J4^jltiog, V. ^mboo 


Lidteekea — ije, a. tear, eu 

Udwater, o. aoueous' humour 

secreted in Ihejuints 
Lidwoord — Je, o, article 
Lied— J e, o. tong, ballad, son- 
net, hymn 
Uedboek, Uedeboek — J«> o. 

Lieden, mv. people, folbs,ilten 
Liedjesdicliier, i». sonneteer 
Liedjesziag«ter, v- ballad- 
Lief — Je, V. dear, love 
Lief, bv. dear, beloved, pre- 
cious, pretty, lovely, good: 
U is mij lief a te zien, / 
am gtad to see yow ; U wa< 
oas iief, we were glad ; al 
zoo lie^ as lieve ; liet zij 
bem iief of leed, whether 
he will or no; bartje lief, 
sweetheart; iief bebben, to 
Liefdadig, bv. charitable, be- 
nefieeut [nefieenee 

Llefdadigheid, r. charity, be- 
LtefdadigMk, bw, charitably 
Liefde, V. love, charity 
Liefdedaad, v. act cf charity 
Liefdedrauk, m. philter, love- 
Liefdegift, v. alms, charity 
LiefdeFoos. bv. uncharitable 
Liel'deloosheid, v, uuehuri- 
i tabteness 
Liefhcbbeo, w. love 
Uefbebbeud, bvm loving, af- 
fectionate iness 
Liefbebbeodbeid. v. loving- 
Liefbebber,ni. liefhebsier-je, 
V. lover, fancier, eonnoiseur 
Liefbebberij, v. love, fancy, 

incliualiott, lovemaller 
UeQe, V. dear, kweetheart 
Lietkozen, w. caress, slrohe 
Liefkozer, m. carteser 
Liefkozerij, v. caress 
Liefkozing, v. caressing 
Liefloliken, w. cherish 
LieflUi^f ^* lovely, pleatant, 
, tweet, agreeable 
LieflUkbeid, v. lovelinesf, 

sweetness, agreeableness 
Llefst, bw. rather ; weik bebt 
gij 't lieUt, which do you 
like best Ibeloved 

Liefvte, w. ♦ »• <'<"'■# l*>ve, 
Lieftalig, bv. blandilotinent 
LieftailUf, bv. lovely, f icndly 
Liettaitigbeid, v. loveliness, 



iy, amiably 

K 2 

ik, bw. charming- 

LIG 131 

UegeUfW.llei heteoliegen. 
to give the lie 

Lleger —tie, m. lietr 

Liep, pret, of loop 

Lier — tje, lyre, hurdygurdy 

Lierdicht — je, o. lyric poein 

Lierdicbter, m; lyric poet 

Lierman, m, hurdygurdy- 
p layer 

Lferzaog, m. lyric vtrse , 

Lierlaauw, bv. luktncarm 

Liesch, v. groin 

Lie^cbgezwel, o. buho 

Lieschoutsteking, v. tnflam- 
malion in the groin 

Liet, pt el. of laat 

•Lieuteuant, m. IkuUnant, 

*Lleutenant-^eneraal, m. 

Li:eve,6v. dear, beloved, sweet; 
el lieve, oh dear; ooze 
lieven heer, our blfsted 
lord : eet lieve vrou«»; 
beeld^ an imvge of the blet- 
sed Virgin; van lisver lede, 
by degrees 

Lieveling— je, m. darling, fa- 

Llever, bw. rather ; ik hcb 
haar iiever, / love her more 

Llevert— je, »». darling 

Udaf; bv. insipid 

LiflaiFen, w.fawn, fintttr 

Llflaffery, v.fialtery 

Liggen, to. lie; iti de kraam 
liggen, to lie in ; de wind 
is gaao liggen, the wind 
is ceased; over hoop lig- 
gen, to be in a litter, to Oe 
at variance; V school iig- 
gen, to be at school; ■' 
buf- '■■ ' •■ 

f liggen, to live, to 

^e; hij iigt 'er a I tot, 

he u dead; hel ligt 'er a I 


toe, the business is done 
Liggende, fro. situated, lying 
Ligger, m. coaster, guarn- 

ship, lighter 
Liggiug, V. lying, situation 
Ligcbaam-pje, o.hody, iolid, 

Ligcbaamlijk, bv. ^ bw, bo- 
dily, corporal, corporally 
LigcnaamliJIUieid, v. carpv- 

Up, bv, light eaty; ligt van 

barsaenen, lighifnaded , 

de ligte lever, the lights, 

the lungs 
Ligt, bw. lightly, easily, 

slightly, Ukely, wry lihely, 
^ very possibly; ligt over 

been loopen, to do or lovk 

over cursor ity 

Digitized by VjOOQIL 



Legplaats, v. birih 
Leg^werk, 0. tapestrjft ^^^f' 

gnetrv, veneering 
Lelbaod — je« »«• leading 

string I 
Leiden, to. lead, conduct 
Leider, m. leader, conductor 
Leider, Jku. alas 
Leiding, v. leadintf conduct- 

ing. conduct guides 
Leidsman, m, leaderf guide 
l^idstar, r. guiding star 
Leldsvrouw, v. gi.ide 
l^yoQker — ^e, m. geniU' 

fuan-usheTf squirt 
Leireep, v. leisel, 0. rein 
\je\t*,v, leash 
Lek — j«» 0- ''oi 
Lek. bv, leaky ismootk 

Lekken, w. leak, drop, sleek, 
Lekkagie, v»Jeahage 
Lekker, m. sleeker, smoother 
Lekker, bv. daiutjf, delicate, 

nice, delicious, tweet 
Lekkerbek —je* »"• «'^"' 

tootk, dainty fellow 
Lekkerbeid, v. daintiness, 

delicacy, nicety 
Lekkerlijk, 1>vd. daintily, de- 

ticately. nicely , 

Lekkernij — tje, v. dainty, 
delicacy, nicety, daintiness 

Lekkcrtand, lekkertoDg, m. 
one that is dainty 

Lekkini^, v. leaking, sleeking 

JLeksteeu, m.tlcehstune 

Lekvat, 0. bucket, drain 

Lekw^n, V. leak-wine 

Lei, Ulie — ^e. fl». lap, giU, 

Leli, lelle, lelij -tje, v. lily, 
fiowcr de luce 

Lellenhof, 0, garden oj lilies 

Lelievorst, m. frtnch king 

Le\le\i,w, tire, dun 

Le\l\g, bv.' skinny 

Leminer —tje, m. blade 

Lemmet — je, o. wick 

Lemte, v, ulcer 

Lende— ije, v.ioin 

I^ndeloos, or. weakloined 

Lcndenbreiik, v. lumbifrajge 

Lendenatak — je, 0. sirlotn, 

Uendviee.v. lumbago , .. 

Leog, V. ling, dried cod,slimg 
' X-engen, w,lengthen 

hetiging,v, Ungtkening 

Leugte, V. U^tk, height, 

Lent,** linchpin, harpoon 

Len«, t>9. empty 

Lent •^de, leDxcnde, lenzeo, 


Lentebloem, v^fwwsr^ the 

Lentedsg,m.<fajr knthe spring 
Lentemaand, v. Mtsrck 
Lenteweer, o, sprimg'^weedhtr 
Lepel —tje, v. spoon, ladU 
Lepeiaar — ^e, m. spoonHU 
Lepelblad, «. scurvygrass 
Lept-len, w. spoon, eat with 

a spoon 
Lepclkost, lepekpQ*, v. 
spoonmeat [o spoon 

Lepeiswijze,ftw.ifi the form of 
Lepelvol, v. spoonful 
Leproos. m. teptr 
Leproostieid, v. leprosf 
Leprozeubuis, 0, hospital for 

Lerp — je, r. thong, ttmgut 
Le« — je, V, lesson 
Lesboek — je, 0, Ustonbook 
Lescbbak, v. cooler 
Lesschen, ir. quench, slaho 
LeiBcher, m. quencher 
LesFcbing, «. quesuhlng, 

LessejV. lesson, rule, doctrine 
Lesseoaar — ^e, m. desk 
Lestend, lestmaal, bw. a 
while ago, lately, the last 
time . / 

Letten, w. mind, regard, 

mark, let, ail, kinder 
Letter —tje, v. Mter, cha- 
• racter 

Letterhlokken,w.plot at study 
LeiterblokklDg,v. hard study 
Letterdicht — Je, 0. acrostic 
Letterdoek — je, v. sampler 
Letteren, w. marh 
Letterfout — je, •. literary 

Lettergleler, m, let ter-founder 
Lettergreep — je, v. syllabto 
Letterneld, m, critic 
Letterhoot, 0. specklcwood 
' Letterkas, v. letterbox 
Letierkeer— tje, v. anagram 
Letterkeoois, letterkuDde, v. 

Letterkundige, m. gramma- 
rian, man oj literatnro 
Letterkunst, v, grammar 
Letterkanstenaar, m. gram- 
marian [logf 
LetteriiefhebberU, v. phUo' 
LetterUjk, bv, A ow, literal, 

Lettermerk — Je, 0. charatier 
Letternleaws, 0. literary in- 

LetteroefTeDing, v. study, II- 

teratut e 
Letiertcek«B ->tje, 0, acemt 


Lcttenie, o. litlU Uttor; 

een lettertje schri^ven, (0 

write a ftw lines 
LettervenettlDg, V. anagram 
Letterzetter, n*. compositor 
LetterzetCing, o. coinpositiam 
Letterzifter, m. critic 
Letsel —tje, 0. hindrauet, 

hurt, harm 
Leugea —tje, m. lia 
Leuireuaar,m. leugeoaantcr, 


Lenrenachtig, bv, deceitfulf 

Leiigeostraffeit, w. givo the 


Leugeotaal, V. lies 
Leugenzak, m. great liar 
Leunen, w. lean 
Leuning— je, v. rail, bannis- 
ter. baluster,bach of a chair 
Leuobgetoel, leunsttoel- ^e, 

mi eibowcliair 
Lear —tje, v. rag, tatter, 
shred, tf\fle, duappoimt- 
ment ; te ieur uteilen, to 
disappoint, to J rvstratfi te 
lenr snUdea, to cut to 
waste ; te Ieur atelliog, dis- 
Leuren, tr. hawk 
Leas— Je, v. sign,ipatchword, 

hint, signal, cockade 
Leuteraar, m. lingfrer, Ivi* 

teret, trtfier bungler 
Leateren, to. linger, toUtr, 

trifle^ waver 
Leatering.v.<tn j'ertit^, loiter- 
ing, trytitig 
Leutenrerk, 0. bungle, bun- 
gling busmets 
Leven, 0, Hie, delight, moise, 

.Leren, see leef, live 
Levende, bv, live, living, 
quick [altve 

Levt-ndlg, bv, tivtly, hviug, 
alive, mettlesome,Sfn ighlty 
Levendlgkeid, v. Ifvetmess, 

vivacity, /Ire, brightnets 
LeTendigmaking, v, vivif ca- 
tion [vital 
LevengeTend,6v. ly^gtving, 
LeveDsUcht, 0. light, light 

of ti/e 
LeTenloos, hv, Hfeleso 
LeveBlootbeldf^ v. tiftlcst- 

Levenkwekend, bv, vital 
LeveD»geesleD, mv. vUai 

Leveatloebt, v. vital air 
LeventmidtfeleD, mv. tirraiw 
of subsistence, provisions, 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


Lecg, bv, empty, idle ; leeg 
^aan, leeg loopen, to ie 
. tale, to be without employ- 
Leegen, to. empty 
Leegganger, leeglooper, m. 
idler, one without employ' 
ment *^ ' 

LeeK, m. layman, laic 
Leek, pret. oj lijk 
Leekebroer.m. lay friar 
Leehendom, o. laity 
Leekeciigler,m.secular judge 
Lcekezuster -tie, v. laynun 
Loelijk, bv. ugly, deformed, 
bate, torung, bad, dUagree- 
able, ill, cross 
Loelijkbeid, 0. uglinets, de- 
formUy, badne's, dUa- 
Leem, m» loom, clay 
Lceme, bv.ofmud, of clay 
LevmeiiiW. pliisler with clay 
Leemie, v, ulcer 
hceti, V. fief, manor, feudal 

tenure, tenure 
Leen, o. loan ; te lecn, on 

Leenen. w.ltnd, borrow 
Leenbrief, v. feudal contract 
Leeudieust, m. feudal service 
Leaner, m. Under, botrower 
LeeDgoed, o.fief,feefarm 
Leen beer, w*. tord of the ma- 
nor, lord paramonnt 
Leenhdf, o. leeukamcr, v^eu- 

dal court 
Leenhouder, m. feoffee, vassal 
Lcenig, bv. soft, pliant, mat' 

Leenlgbeid, v. Umbernets, 
pliantness, mtAUabitity - 
Leeiiigljjk, //w. softly, pli. 

Leeniug, v. lending, borrow- 
ing, loan, pay i de back 
▼an leeoiDg, lombard 
Leeniugdag, m. payday 
Leenliedeu, mv, vassals 
Leeomao, m. vassal, froffee 
Leenmanscbap, o. vassalage 
Leenregt, o. feudal right, 

feudal tenure 
Leenroerig, bv. feudal 
Leenschattilig, v. feudal tax 
Le«Ditpreuk — je, v. metaphor 
Lcenitpreukig, bv. metupho- 

Lcep. bv. cunning, blear-eyed 
Leepheid, v. slyness, cunnmg 
Leepigbeid, v . d^uxiou 
Leepoog, m. one that is blear- 
Lecpoogig, bv, bkartyed 


I heeT—iie, v. ladder 

Leer, o. leather, skin, strap i 
I van leer trekken, te draw 
Leer, leere, v. doctrine 
Leeren^w. learn, leach, tell 
Leeraar —tje, m. teacher, 

doctor, minister 
Leeraaren, w. teach, min'ster 
Leeraares — je, v. teacher 
Leerbegeerte, v. desire to 
team [dresser 

Leerbereider, m, leather- 
Leere, ftir. leathern 
Leergeld, o. schoolmoney, 

money fur learning 
leergejfel, ;». schoolfellow 
Leergierlg, bv, desirous to 
tiarn [Itarn 

LeerglerigheW, r. desire to 
Leering — je, v. doctrine, 

lesson, learning 
LeeriAreu,mv.apprenticesh ip 
Leerjongen, leerknecht, m. 

Leerkind —'iQ,o. schoolbov 
Leerkooper, m. leathers* Uer 
Leeriing, m. disciple, learner 
Ltermeester, m. teacher, 

Leermeisje, v, apprentice 
, eirl [scholar 

Leeroeffenaar, m. student, 
Leeroeffening, v. study 
Leerplaats, v. school 
Leerreden, v. sermon 
Leerregel, v. rule, doctrine 
Leerstuk — je, o. dogma 
Leertouwen, o^ tanning bu- 
Leertouwer, «. tanner 
Leertouwerlj, v. tanhouse, 

tanning business 
Leeriijd, v. apprenticeship 
Leerwerk, o. work of a learn- 
er or brg inner 
Leerwijze,t;. method to learn 
Leeriaam, bv. instructive, 

Leerzaambeid, v. instructive- 

niss, docility 
Leerxucht, leerzucbtigbeid, 

V. desire to learn 
Leerzuchtig, bv. studious, 

desirous to learn 
Lee«, las.lezeude, \eien,read 
Lee« — de, lezende, Ivzen, 
gather, cull, pick, sift,tiase 
Leesbaar, bv. ugible 
Lee»baarbeld,v. legibility 
Leesbegeerte, v. love of read- 
Leesgeuootscbap, o. reading 

Leett— je, V. last,shap* 

LEG ^ 129 

LeciSteeken --tje,/>.c*arac<er. 

Leestemaker, m. lastmdker 
Leeszaa], ». reading room 
Leeuw —ge, m. lion 
Leeuwacbtig, br. lionine 
Leeuweubart, o. lion's heart 
Leeuwenbufd, t;. lion's skin 
Leeuwenkuil, m. lion's den - 
Leeuwenvoei, v.great sanicle 
Leeuwer, m. eye, eyelet 
Leeuwin — netje, v. lioness 
Leeuwsch, bv. lionine 
«Legaal, bv. legal [ga:^ 

♦Lcgiiat — je, »n. legacy, tt- 
♦Lesaatscbap, o. fc^a/e*/iio 
♦Lt'galisatle, v. legalization 
•Lt;;^aliseereu, w. legalize 
♦LegaliteJt, v. legality 
•Liigataris, m. legatee 
*Legateeren, w. b queath 
•Legaieur . ui,bequealher 
Legdag, m. layday, demur- 

^S^t — tje, 0. army, camp, 

host, bet, form, seat 
Legerbijl, v. baitleaxe 
Legeren, w. encamp, lodge, 

sit, lie 
Le^erhoofd, o. general 
Legering, v. emismpment 
Legcrjongen, m* follower of 

ine camp 
Lagerknecht, m. xoWJer 
Logerkoets, v.lriumphal car 
Legerkroon, v. casiral crown 
LegerJasteii, mv. etptnses of 

trie war 
LegermagK w. ar>ny , Jlo.« 
Legernieesler, m. eamp- 

Lepei i-laats, v. camp 
i-eaer.<chan« -je, v. retrench- 
Ltge-fccbikking, v. order of 

Ltgeratede, v. bed, form 
Legerienl, v. tent 
Li gertogi, V, march of an 
army [waggon 

Legerw gen, v. baggage- 
Lejtei-wacbt. v. camp-guard 
Leggeu, w. lay , aan feggem, 
tu board : voor oogeu lee- 
gen, to lay before 
Legger, wi. lender, guard- 

6/,tp, ligger, awm, Soard 
f tgging, V. laying 
Leguen -neije, v.layinghen 
'^L\g\oen,o. legion 
*Legitiaiatie,t>. legitintation 
•Legitime, bv. legitimate 
*LegUimeereh, w. legitimate ' 
L*gpeuning, v. counter 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

128 X LAS 

LanftCyV. Unrtk 
LsogCoiif .«. iomgitmftte^Umh 
Lanftonrify bt. lomatamgued 
LafToeUff, *». lempptde 
LaafirerpiK,6«.a6ivNf; lAof- 

werplf rood. ev«i 
Loof wcrplf bad, v. •6lMf- 

LMfWi]Uf , 6«. IftfiMU 

Lanrwfillilieid.v. lerftoiMiicn 
UagwQItgliJk, frie. ttdiamtlp 
LaaguaiB, 6v. liov, tarrfyy 

lingering ; teof laaner 

hand, gntmmUjf 
Lanfzaambeid, v. il0wnet$ 
LaafMBMtUk, ^.«i9wlf 
Lmm •^y V. Utnet 
Lantaam — Qc,*. laitfAam, 

tamp [earrUr 

LaoiaaradraffeT,*!. Untkam 
Lantaamreld, o. hmtkam' 

moTMfiligM wtmttf 
Lantaaroopsteker, «. lamp- 

ligkur ipoit 

Lantarnpaal —t^e, v. lamp- 
LaDterfanten, w. ItiHr 
Lanteria, v. tanttrUo 
Lap — Jc* V* jMlcA, rof , rfm* 

namt, piect, fimpttlnp dmn- 

l^en feltow: iemand bU de 

liit>pen krUf en, to lay hold 

Lappen, w* |>afcA, mrnrf, 
Lapmand — Je, v. botktl for 

remnants and akredt 
Lapmantel, m. patched cloak , 
Lap per — ^e^ m. patckerf 

Lap perij »1app i D(r,v.paf c Aiaf 

Lapster —^e, v. pateker 

Lapwerk, o, patchwork 

Lapxalven, w* botckt patch 

Lapxalver,* m. mountebank, 

LaptalTer^f v* quackery, 

•Lardeeren, to. lard 

Larien, 4o, gottip 

Larie, v. goitip, nonttnte 

Lasch —je, v, join 

Latachen, w*join,tplice, lash 

Lasschin ; , v. joining 

L ist, m. last, load, burthen, 
charge, commission, order, 
command, tar, duty, cus- 
tom i laat lljden, to be in 

Laat, 0. last, burthen, load ; 
een ftcMp van 100 laat, a 
»hip ofAoitU 900 tonsi last 
brakeo, to break bulk 

Lasteii, WW chmrgefirdrr, com- 

LaatbMftC, laaMOer, «. he0$t 
of burtken 


Lattbrlef, m. commission 
Lastdragead, bv, bearing 

Lastdrager, m. porter bearer 

of a burthen 
Latter » m. slander, ce^umny, 

Laoteren, w. slander, defame, 

Lasteraar, m, slanderer ,blas- 
' phemer 
Lasterinf , v. slander, bias- 


LatterlQk, bv, ^ bw. Oandw- 

MM. blasphemous, slandor- 


Latterpen, v. slandering pen 

Lasterreden, «. slander, 

Lasterachrfft, «. libel 
Lastertonr, m. slanderer 
Lattertaal, v. slander, ea* 

Lasterxlek, bv. slanderous 
hMttgevlng, v.eommissioning 
Lastf^enoot, m. fellow-com- 
missioner [money 
Lastgeid, o. tonnage, last- 
Lastig, bv. troublesome, bur- 
thentome; lasUg vallen, to 
Lastigheid, v. tronblesom'eness 
Lastpaard, m, packhorse 
Laatschip, o. ship of burthen 
Lastwagen, m. bdggage wag- 
Lit — je, V. lath 
Lating, V. phlebotomy 
Latten, to. lath 
Latoen, v. latten. brass 
Latoendraad, v. brastwire 
Latouw , latuw, v. lettuce 
Latwerk, o.lathwork 
Latijn, o. latin 
LatnnUt, in. latlnist 
LaUjntch. bv. latin 
Laarier— tje> nt. laurel 
Laurferbes -Jc,«. laurelberry 
Laurierboom — pje.m. laurel- 
Laaricrkrans •^}e,m, wreath 

of laurel 
Lauwer, v. laurel, glory 
LlaCuwerbladen, m«. laurel- 
LauwerUk —je, m, laurt^ 

Lavas, m. leveage, sort of 
wild parsley, water distil- 
led Aom U 
Lavasxaad, «• loveage seed 
LaveereB»w. laveer, lack ; te 
boven laveeren, to weather 
Lavel, vJeave toptay,holiday 
Laveiidel, v, lavender 


Lavendelwater, o. lavender' 

Laving, v. refreshment 
*Laxeeren, w. purge 
Lazareth, v. lazaretto 
LazaruB, m. lazar, leper 
LazaruBhuii, o . spilal, laza- 
Lazanitklap,v. leper* sclictet 
LazeriJ . v. leprosy 
Leb. lebbe, v. rennet 
Lebbig. bv. tasting like ren- 
net, bitter, spiteful 
Lebbigheld, v. bUternesst 
spitefnlness [wheel 

Ledebraken, w. bretih on the 
Led^breuk, v. fracture of a 
limb [steed 

Ledekant — je, o. bed, bed- 
Ledemaat, m. member, com- 

Leden, titv. of lid 
Leder — tje, w. ladder 
Leder, o. leather 
Lederen, bv. leathern 
Ledezetter, m . bonesetter 
Ledgra^, o. dandelion 
Ledlg, bv. empty, idle, sport 
Ledig, bv. empty ; eene U- 

dige vrouw, a widow 
LedlgaartyNi. idler 
Ledi{rgang, m. idleness, di#> 

Lediggnnger, m. idler 
Ledigheld, v. emptintss,idlt- 

ness . 
Lediglng, v. emptying 
Ledigl^k. bw. emptily, idly 
Leea, o. harm, hvrt. injury, 
grief ; het is mii leed, bet 
doet mij leed, / am sorry 
^br it ; »chooa *t u Ilef of 
ieed is, whether you are 
pleased with it or not ; Iced 
dragen, to be grieved, to 
mourn ; leed docn, to of- 
fend, to hvrt, to be sorry 
Leed, pret. of lijd 
Leeddragend, bv. compos- 
eionate [•'fgr" 

Leedwezen, o. repentance, 
Leedwezig, bv. penitent 
Leef --de, levende, leven, 
live, do, treat, behave i van 
den armen leven, to Urn 
upon the parish ; hoe salt 
gij daar mede leven, how 
will you treat it, what will 
you do in this busineu 
Leefdagen, mv. life, lifetime 
Leefiogt, V. propisions, liv^ 

Leen^, V. lifetime 
Leefiqjse, v. bekmvUur, (w 
duet, Mciraer •/ Hfe 


Digitized by LjOOQIC 


•Lameotatle, v. km*utati0m- 

•Lamenteeren, ie. lament 

Lamfery lamper, o. haiba»d, 
crape. Keeper 

Lambeid — migheid, r. biiiM- 

JLammeren, w. yearn \ 

Lamp— Je. v.Utmp 

Lampet— je, o. ewer, laver 

Lampetkan, v. ewer 

Lamp«tacbetel— tje, «. hatm 
befonrlvg to ait ewer 

{•ampolUiV. lampoil 

Lamprei— tJe, v. Utmprep 

I^m«boat—Je, v. leg of lamb, 
Ug oftitnttom 

Lam«vely o. lambskim 

Lamsvleetch, o.lamb,ptutton 

Lancet— Je, o. lancet 

Land — Je, 9. land, eammtri/, 
ground ; op 't land, inttke 
country: aan laad,.a«Aor<; 
te land, by land; land aao- 
doen, to coast ; 'c lands 
•chepen, men of war 

Laodeo, «. land 

Landaart, 0. nation 

Landb<;«CDryTer,m. geogra' 

LaadbecchrlJvlDf, v. geogra- 
Laadbe<tier, 0. government 
Landbeaitt •• po$se$tion <if 

Landbezitter, m. landholder 
Laadbodc, itt. deputy i/rrpre- 

JlAndbouw, «. agrieaUura 
Landbottwknode, v. Atwdaa- 

drv Iturat 

Lanaboakondig, frv. agrieut- 
Laodda;, w. convention, diet 
LxDddief, m, embet^Ur of 

public money 
Laoddlc v^r^ ,v.embitxle9unt 

qf public money 
Landdier, 0. terreetrialaai' 

Landdro«t,m. eountry-ekerlff 
Landdwlarer, m. tyrant 
Lande, 0. /anrf, country; bier 

te lande, in this country 
Laodedelman, m. country- 

Laoderij — tje,v. land, estate 
LaaUgedlcbt, 0. gtorglc, pat- 

Landgevrooote, v. custom of 

a country 
Landgezigt, 0. country pros- 
Landgod, m. god of the conn' 

''■y. i^'d vf gardens 
Landgoed, o.j arm testate, seat 
Litodgraai, m. landgrave 


Landgraafschap, o. landgr^' 

Landgravln, v. landgravin 
Laudbeer, m. landlord 
Landboere. v. farnf 
LandbuU -^^,o.eountry house, 
. Villa [cent 

Lauding— Je, v. landing, des- 
Lanc^oaker, m. country-gen' 
tleman [ lady 

Laodluffer— tje, V. country- 
Laadkaart— Je, r. map 
Laodl^vea, •. country-:lfe 
LaodlegeiS 0. landarmy 
Landlieden, mo. country- 
Landlooper, m, vagabond 
Laiidlooptter, v. gipsy 
Landmagt,v. landfuree 
Landman, m, countryman 
Landoieten, 0. surveying 
Landmeter, m. surveyor 
Laud meteitl ,laod loeetk unde, 

V. surveying, gemoetry 
Landmeting, v. survey 
LandmeelkMOdlg, bo, geome- 
Laodmeetkondlge, m. geome- 
LaDdroeetkand»gltik,&w. gto- 

metrically. *"" '^ ■ 
Landnering, v. husbandry 
Landpaal^ — perk,o./i/«i/, 

Landpacbt, v. quitrenty rent 
Landpacbter, m. farmer, te- 

Landraad, m. council of the 

country, parliament 
Landregt,o. law of a country 
Landregier,iM.;tM/i<re of peace 
Laodreh— ie, v Jjurney 
LandrUk, Mr. rich in land 
Laudscliap — Je, 0. province, 

region, country, county, 

LaodAChapschllder, m. laud- 

Lind'Ciieldlng, v. boundary 
Landsdouw, V. soil,, couutry 
Landiteigeo, ^. native, vtr- 

Laodtgenoot, PiJnaiive,coun- 

Laiid«bi>er. m. lord, laird 
Laiid«kiivcnt, m. toldier 
Land»lieden, mv. countrymen 
Landtiiuau, m. countryman 
L',»iidkprdak, v, vemucular 

Laud>itad. v. inland town 
LancUleedic, 0.' country town 
Lauditreek — je, ». region, 


LAN 127 

Landfalliag, v. landfall 
Laudverraad, 0. — raderij, v. 

high treason 
Landverrader, m. traitor 
Landvlugtig, bv. fugitive 
Landvolk, 0. natioH 
Laadvoogd, m. governor of a 

country [a country 

Laodvoogdes, v. governess of 
LaudvoogUUt v. gooimment 

of a country 
Laodvrouw— tie.c. lady of a 

manor, lanalady 
LaadvrucUten, mr. produce 

of the country 
Landwaard, bw. towards the 

land [country 

Laudwe4:r, m. defence of • 
Landwe;;, m. highway 
Landwerk, 0. country-worh ^ 
Land wind. m. landwind 
Landniuulug, v.ugri ultme 
Laudzakeii, mv.public affaire 
Laodzaat, m. inhubUant^ mi- 

lUia man,ftncible 
Landzlrk. bv. landsich 
Liod4ekte, v. nottalgia 
JLaog, bv. long, tall, ropy; 

laiigc rozijneu, raisins of 

the sun 
Lang, bw..loHg,a long white ; 

til over A lUg, long ago; ze* 

Jaren fang, six years I0- 

ir^'Afr, tea.langexi iaatsie,^ 

at length 
Langaclitig, £p. longish 
Langbeen, m.longlrgged fel- 
LaugJarm, m. glutton 
Langdurig, bv. latting,Jura- 

bU, Ivng, tedious 
Langdnrigbeid, r. durabm- 

ty, lougecily, length 
Laii];ea. to. reach, gHe, 

Langet, v«(apr/a?« 
Langhaiig, be. longhaired 
L;in^baU, m. loagnecked per- 
son, longnechfd bottle 
lAiigtnua^,hv. lotgunonotts 
Lau^beid, r. length 
Langleveud, bv.lonieeofu 
LanKlevenilheid, r. longevity 
LJ^ngUjVig. bt. lungwatsted 
LiuguiOtidiiC, bo. longiuffer- 

inn, patient 
J.angiuoedigbeid, v. hngsn^ 

ferine, longanimity 
Laagmuediglijk, bw. with 

longkuffering, yatitritly 
Lang*. 610. aittng 
Langilaper, m. tit-ali>d 
Langs tlev«nd8, m. Ivngfti 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

126 LAil 

betkwtjt, Iha9*,lMt it, I 
am rid or it ; kwljl wor- 
den, kwyt rakeo, to tose, 
to get rid of ■ 

Kwijty kweet — coda —en, 
aeovitf 'behave 

Kw^tbrlef— Je, m. receipt 

Xwiltgeicbofdeo, d». re- 

KwHtine, v. acquittal 

XwiJtacbeldeD, to. quU, dis- 
charge, remtt 

Xwljtscheldiog, v. quittance, 

Kwijtschrift, o. acquittance, 

Kijr, r. contention, etrife; 
buiten kijf, without die- 

Sute [ehrewish 

fachfig, fro. wrangling, 
Xijfster — Ue, v, shrew, scold 
Kijken, to. look, see ; op z^u 
neu« kijken, to look asha- 
Xijker -~\^e, m, looker, spec- 
tator, peeper, eys 
Kijkgaaije, ktjkgat, o, peep- 
ing hole 
X^kglaaaje, o. spijingglass 
Kijkplaatii, v. shtto. theatre 
Knktoren— tje, ffi. lookout 
KQkult, V. prospect, view, 

KijkvenHtertJe, o. casement 
•Kyrer ~tje, m. wrangler 

Ki)T('rij, V. wrangling, eon- 
lent ion 

JLiAADBUS -Je, v. pow- 
der horn 
Laadgdt, D. tovekhoU 
L^aAk.T\ui,o.pritMing powder 
Laa4je, o. little drawer 
Laadplaata, r. loading place 
Laadstok — je, v. ramrod 
Laaf — de, lavende, lareo, re- 
fresh . ease, comfort 
Laafenii, laafnis, v.r^esA' 

memt, eate, comfort 
Laig' —je, V. laytr, row, 
tier, broadaide, rake, wake 
I.aag, bv, low, humble, mean, 

om laag, below 
Laag- r. amimsh, wile, snort 
Laagiseid, v. lowuess, nuan- 

Laagjes, bw. lowly 
Laagte, v. lownest, vallew 
JLaaiJen.w. /fame 
JLaakzieK,&v. ctnsorious 


U*n — tje, r. lane, walk 
Laar, bv. thin, lecn, empty. 

unoccupied ,- laare welk, 

Laara -^^e, v. boot 
Laarseii, w. beat on the 

breech with a rops 
Laariije,^. buskin 
Laat, ^to. late i boe laat ii 

bet, what o'clock is it ,- op 

den laten avoiid, late in 

the evening 
Laat, liet —code —en, let, 

ftermit. sufftr, give, leave, 
ooie, let alone, put, stow, 
bleed i zicU ergena auo ge- 
legen laten liggeo, to miud 
a thing ,- eeu gebod laten 
iiltgaan, to Istue a com- 
mandment, zlcb lateu roor- 
staan, to imagine i zicb 
laten waar»cbouwen, to 
tat(e warning 
Laatachtig, ^v. lafish 
Laatband — je, v.JiUtt to bind 

the arm when bled 
Laatbekken. o. baxou to n- 

ceive the blood that is let 
Laatdunkend, bv. selfconcei- 

ted. airogant 
Laatdunkendbeld, v. stlfcon. 

eeit, arrogance 
Laatkop— je, v. cupplngglass 
Laatkoppen, vt. cup 
Laatmeg —^je laatvlijm, e. 

lAixUt,ov.last ; ten laatsten, 
leutly, at the tattsl, at last, 
Anally J in >t laatst, at the 
, end [time 

LjLntat,bw, latt,!ctely,thelasl 
Laatstel^k, bv. lastly, finally 
JLIaattfleden, bv. latf, ultimo 
Laatsteoiaai, bw. lately, the 

last time 
LaasttvoorgaaQde,^r. penul- 
Laatyzer— tie, 0. lancet 
Laauw, bv. tukt-wann. cool 
Laauwen. to. grtie luknearm 
Laaawacntig, bv. scarce luke- 
Laauweliik, bio. tepidlif. 
Laauwheld— wigheid.r. luUe' 

warmuess, cotduets 
LaaiJ, v.ftamc 
Labben, w. Inp 
Labbei— bekak, v. gostip 
Labbekakken, ir. g-*sip, blab 
Labbekakriter — (je, v. blab, 

Labber, fir. soft, light, slack 
Labberdaaii, vi salt cod 
Labberbeid.v. voiuLiliiy 
Labb.erij, v. pratllr^ chat 


•Labooreereo, w. e^Ukmte, 

Lach— je, v.laugk^mllejinom 
La.cbgen. w. laugh, smite^ 

ofa te kchgcn, tn jest ; ml 

lachcnde, smilingly 
JLacligebekje, a. smtler 
L^chgensu aardlg, bu. rtd*- 

Lachger, m. laugher 
Lachging, v. laughing< 
L.iclije, 0. smile 
Lachster >— tje, v. kmghtr, 

merry sir I 
Lade, V. drawer, till, boa 
Laden, v. load, lade, cAarre, 

Lader, in. loader, gunner 
Lading— Je, v. cargo, loading 
Ladder — tJe, v. ladder 
Laf, bv. insipid, silly, bate, 
' c.iWardly 

Lafbek — je, en. coward, fop 
Laffelijk, bw. ifstpidly 
Lafhartig. bv. cowardly, bos* 
Lafliartigheid, v. coveardlee, 

Laniariiglijk, //«. eowardly, 

LifbeidyV. unsavourimess.^in- 

sipiditff, silliness, pnsUla- 

Lagelegger, m. ensuerer 
Lagerwal, v. leethoro 
LaK, m. blemish, ttaim 
Lak, r. gumlack, varnish 
Lak,o. sealingtcax 
La ken, u>. blame 
Laken — ije. o. cloth, shoH 
Lakenbereider, m. ciothitr 
Lakenhai, v. draper*s hall 
Lakeiib:indcl, m. cloth trade 
Lakeiihandelaar, m . draper,, 

clothier {par 

Lakenkoopei', m. wnlltnura-, v.clolhframe 
Laken><toppcr,m. — Ktopater, 

Lakrnvepwer, m. clothdytr 
Lakeuvolder, m. fuller 
Lakenwcver, m. ciuhweover 
Lakeawever^, v. clothwcav- 

Lakeawlnkel— fje, m. wolleit- 

draper's shop 
Laken wlnkclier, m. wolleis- 

Lakel, m. lacquey 
Laker, n>. blamtr 
La kin ^, v. blaming 
Lakken, tr. seal 
Lakmoes, o. » malts 
Lakwerk, o. laekKork, fopan 
Lam — niKtje, o. lamb 
Lam, bv. lamt 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


Luipaard, m. leopard 
Luipen, w. watch, lie in waU 
Luirok— je, v. nightgown 
Lat«-le, V. loute 
LnUachUgtiv^ totizy 
Lnisbos —bond — pook» m, 

loMsy rascal 
LuiskFUid, 0. lieebane 
LHi«ter,in. eplendonr, glots 
Lttisterea, 10. tisten,whitper, 
henrhen " obey, overhear^ 
eavesdrop, gloss 
Lulsteraar, m. listener, whis- 
perer, eavesdropper 
Luistenng,r. listening, whis- 

perinr, eavesdropping 
Luitterloos, bv, UutreUssAn- 
glorious iglorious 

LaisterrMk, bv. resplendent, 
Luisterriak, m. eavesdropper 
Luiitvo«dig, bv, breeding lice 
X.iii«ziekte, v. lonsv disease 

Laitenkt --•peeld«r« m. — 

«ter, V. luteplajfsr 
Luitmaker, m. lute-maker 
Laitsnaar— ^e, «. lutestring 
X.uivrag'eu,i»/<cruMitv brash 
Liiizekam, v. small-toothed 
comb iman 

Lnizekramer, m. old-clot hes- 
Laixemarkt, m. rag, fair 
Luizen,w. louse 
Lnlzevanger, in. beadle 
Lulzevanirst, v. aUcMng of 
lies llice 

Luizez^f, V. salve to destroy 
Luizig, bv. lousy, paltry 
Luizigbeid, v. lousiness 
L«k— Je, 0. luck chance ; Ink 
of raak, hit or miss, hap ha- 
Lakken, w. succeed, happen 
Lukgodin, v. goddess of for- 
Lukapel —le^e, o. game of 

Lnkster, v. propitious star 
Lukraak, bw. haphazard 
Lullen.w. cheat, gnU, bungle, 
chatter, snck 
- LuUepUP -Je, ». bagpipe 
Cupijn, V. lupine 
Lurken, to. suck 
Larker — Ije, m,nuher 
Lurven, mv. doweets, \M do 
larven krj|}feD« to lay hold 
Lust— Je.v. desire, etppetUe, 


LUBten, w. like, love,htst! 

aU bet mUlnst, when I like 

it; bet zalbaarnietlasteo, 

. she will not like U 



Lasteloosheid, v. listlessness, 
dejection, want of appetite 

Lusthofl— je. m. pleasuregar- 
den, paradise 

Lusthuis — je, o. villa, coun- 

Lnstig, bv. lusty, clever, 
ehearful, pleasant, brisk. 
Jolly, jovial 

Lustig, bw. greatly, soundly 

Lustig, tuu. courage 

Laatigbeid, v. lustiness, 
chearfulness, pleasantness, 

Lustigfljk, bw. lustily, chear- 

LttBtprleel -tje, o. garden- 
house, arbour, paradise 

Lustwont, 0. wilderness 

Lutheraan, bv. lutheran 

Lutber»cb. bv. lutheran 

La^e, 0. little.bit, morsel 

Luttel— Ue, V. little 

Luttel, bv. little, fev> 

Lour— tje,v. clout 

Lnw,bv .sheltered. lee, lee ward 

Lawen, w. cease blowing 

Luwte, V. shelter 

Luljaard, m. sluggard 

Luyeren, to. loiter,lie abed,be 
lazy or idle 

Lnijermand, v. childbed-bas- 
het, chUdbedlinen 

Lij,t>. lee. aan M}, to leeward 

Ujd, leed >— ende —en^u/Ter, 
endure. tolerUte ; Ik mag 
het wei ly den, / have no ob- 
jection to it : zil mag bem 
wel lUden. she likes him 
very well 

LUdeliJk, bw. suferable, to- 
lerable, endurable 

LUden, o. sufferings, distress 

LHdende, bv. passive, suffer- 

Liider, m. sufferer, patient 

Lildig, bv. grievous, cutting 

Lijding.o. suffering 

LQdzaam, bv. patient, loug- 

Liidzaamheid, 1;. patience, 

LOdzaamlUk, bw. patiently 

Lnf— je, 0. body, belly, waist, 
life; iemand aan Ulijfko- 
men, to assault one: liif 
aan lijf vecbten, tojight a 
duel : bet heeft weinir om 
't ^UUUofa lUtle moment 

Lijfband — je, v. sash,girdle 

Lfifeigen, m. slave 

Lgreigendom,o.prop«r/y in a 



Llifgarde, v. lifeguard* 
Lijfgerecbt, 0. anel 

U\(gmnt,m. legate 
Lijfgoed, 0. appanage 
Mjfje, 0. little body, bodice, 

jacket, sfiiys 
Lijfkaros •k')eta.vJ)odycoaek 
Lij/kleur. v, fteshcolour 
Liiflcnecbt, m. valet 
LtJflijk, bv. bodily, corporeal, 

U\aoos,bv, lifeless 
LQfmoeder, v. womb 
Lljfrok— je, v. cassoek,coat 
Lijfrente, v. tontine, aunuitu 
L|if»chutbende, t», lifeguaxA 
L^fscbutten, mv, lifeguank 

fsgevaar, 0. danger of life 
fciifgestal, m. stature, shape 
Lijfstraf, V. corporal punifk' 

Lyfstrafbaar — feiyk, bv. cri- 
minal, subject to corporal 

Lyftogt, V. provisions, vic- 
tuals, usufruct ritry 
LHftogtenaar, m. usufiruet». 
Lfiftogtschip, 0. victualler 
LijrtrawaDt,m. yeoman of the 

guards, bodyguard 
Lljfverf, III, fleshcoloured 

LUfwacbt, t>. lifeguard 
Lnfwachter, m. valet 
Lijfwapen, o. corslet 
Lfjk— je,o. corpse, dead body, 

carcass, body, boltrope 
L ijk, leek — ende — en,r«f m- 

ble, belike, look like, like, 

Ljj kasch, v. ashes of the dead 
IM ka$chbu9, v. urn 
Lljkbeeraver, m. burier of 

the dead 
fjjkbTis — je, V, coffin, urn 
Ljjkdicht -je, 0. elegy, dirge 
Li kdienst, w. burial service 
Lijkdoorn— tje, v, com 
Lljkfeest, 0. funeral feast 
J-Pginy* »»• burial, funeral 
Llj kgezang, o.'jmonody, dirge 
Lykhout, 0. — gupel, m, fis- 

neral pile 
K'Jl'M'^Si' V. funeral moan 
Lykkleed, 0. pall, shroud 
U\ykoeU,v. hearse 
L'jkofferhande, v, funeral, 

oblation ' 

fUjjPligt, w. last office 
HjkpredlliaUe, v. funeral 

Lijkrede.v. /»«erai oration 
Ljjkschrift, 0. e^egy, epitaph 
Ljjkspellen, mv, funeral 


Digitized by LjOOQIC 



un, ai, Ion knoopen, to nn- 
bAltoM{ !'>• rijicen. lo un- 
lace, it it writient ditJHHC- 
tivfly in aU the tnflexUnu 
except iu the participles) 
Los — te-r-sende'-ften, (ooseUf 
unload, disekargef /lrt,rtn' 
torn, redeem 
Losbaar, Itv. redeemabie 
Losbinden, w.uutie 
Losbol— lelje, tn. wlldTtllow 
Losboi '.l;. bv. rantipoU 
I^sbolllglieid, •. raklshue»0 
Losbraudcn, v. /frc 
Losbranditiff, r. Jhrimg 
Lo§brekcn, w. break loose 
L^sbrekinfr, v.breaking loote 
I.osceel — ye, v. cockel 
Losdraaijeu, w. untwist 
Losf^aan, w. get loose 
LosgebondcD, dw, untied , 
Lofigebrand, dw, dischargedf 

Losgebrokcn, dw. broke loese 
Losg^edraaid, dw. mttvisted 
Losti^effaan, dw. loosed 
Losgeicamd, tfw. combed ont 
Losgeknooptydur, unbuttoned 
l.osgekomen, dw, got loose, 
escavid [charged 

Losgelaten, dw. released,diS' 
Lasgeld, 0. ransom 
Losgemaakt, dw. loosened 
LoKgenaaid, dw. unripped 
Losgepakt, dw. unpacked 
J.osgeraakt, dw. got toose 
Losgeregen, dw. unlared 
Loftgci>neden, dw. cut loose 
Losgespeld, dw. unpinned 
LAsgesyrongeD, dw, sprung 

Lnisgetornd, dw. unripped 
Loshcid, V, looseness, disso' 
luteness, instabilHy, care- 
Looahoofd -kop, m. wild fel- 
Loghoofdig, bw. thoughtlets 
LnshoofdlgUeid, v. thought- 
lessness llesstjf 

Losboofdiglijk, bw. thought- 
Lnsjes, bw. loosely, eausily, 

l.oskamnien, 10. comb out 
La^knoopeDfto. «ii6tt(^N,ttii* 

l.oskomen, to. get loose, be 

Lo*koi.plg. bv. thoughtless 
L.iskoppigheld, v. thought- 

Lo^koppigUjk, bw. thought- 

LoslateD,i0. release, discharge 
L-o:>latiii«, v^release 


Losleveod. bv. dissolMte 
Loilevendheid, v. dissolul0' 

Lo«ll|vig, bv. loose, lax 
Losirjvlflrbeldf v. looseness, 

Lotmaken, w, tooieti {Hberate 
Loamakingf, v, liberation 
Lotmoodig, bv, heedless in 

Lonmoudigheld , «. heedless- 
ness iu speech 
Losnaaijen, «r. mnrip 
Lotpakken, w, unpack 
Losplaata, v. port of dis- 
charge, place for unloading 
Lotinken,w. get loose 
Losrente, v, redaemahia an" 

Losrijjren, w. unlaes 
Losseiyky bo, loosely, tire- 
Lossen see \o», loosen, unload, 

fire, ransom, redeem, void 
Losaer, m, redeemer 
LoBsigbeid, 0. dissoluteness 
Lossiog, V. redemption, km- 
loading , discharge, voidanoe 
Lofltn^den, w. euT toose 
Loiflpeldco, w. unpin 
Lo«springen, w, spring foost 
Lostoomig, bv. licentious 
Loatoomigbeid, v. Uceniious- 
•»«* Tig 

Lostooiniglijk,6io. lieentivJ- 
boatornen, w, unrip 
LoitiiA, v. lime 0/ unloading 
Lot— Je,o. fate, destiny, lot, 

prize, ticket 
LoterU — t)e, v. iHtery 
Lotterlibrleqe, 0. (ottery- 

Lotgemeen, bv, imvolved in 

the same fate 
Lotspel,o.tottary^ame at ka- 

Lotwissellog, V. vicissitude 
Louter, bv.pure, mere, fine 
Louteren, to. purify, rejine 
Loaterhcid, v. pumess, fine- 
ness Ifi'fing 
Louteriog, v. purifying, rc- 
Looterl^k. bw. purely, merely 
LouteratalfV. stranguary in 

Louw —ye, r. tench 
LoawmaaDd, v. January 
Loven, w. praise, laud, esti- 
mate, rate ; hoe feel iooA 
h^ het,whatdoe$heaskfor 

Lover, m. praistr, on* that 

asks a price 
Lover, o. green leaves 
LoTerbttt, see loofhul 


Lover^ei 0. spangle 
Loving, V. praising 
Liibbeitf w. geld 
Lubber, m. gelder 
LubblDg, v- castration 
Lucht — jc, V. air, sky, vent, 
scent, smeltf "wind, breath, 
breeze [elari/y 

Liichtcn,lP. «ir, imett^savout 
LuchUder— ^e, v, artery 
Luchtbal— leQe, v. airballoen 
Liicht«at,o. airhole, spiraela 
Luchtnartig, bv. merry, gay 
LuchthaFttxheid. v. gaiety 
Lachtlg, bv, airy, cmraleos, 

thoughtless, tight 
Lucht%held, «. airiness, 

' lightness, levity 
LuclitiRliik~jea,ftt0. airily, 
. lightly' alightly, nimbly 
LachtkiiDde, v. atrology 
Luchtmeier- m.baromettr 
Lachtpompftr. airnump 
Liichip^, V. windpipe 
Luchtaprong, in. raper 
Luchtatreek, v, climate, zona 
Lachtte«keQ,«. meteor 
Lachttoorta, v. luminary 
Luchtvader, m. aerottauS 
Luchtraart, v. aarostalion 
Luchtweger, m, barometer 
Luchtweging, v, ettrometry 
LwcbUielUe, v.pestiUuce 
Lul.frv. lazy, idia 
Laid, bm, taudi over laid, 

Luid, frsu aecording to.asper 
Lniden, «o. ring, found ^pur- 
port i hoe luidt de brief, 
what is the purport of the 
Utterj dna loidde bet 
achrift, these were the eom- 
tents of the paper ; naar 
luid dea plakaats, accord- 
ing to the act ; ongelUk 
Inidend, dissonant 
Lulder, iw.rinfcr 
LuidlDg. V. ringing 
Loidracbtlg, bv.latUl, alamst- 

Lnidmcbtigheld, r. lomdnees, 

LnidriichUgliik, bw, loudly, 

LuidakMla.frw. out loudjtomd 
Lttif— Je latffel — tje, v, pent* 

Lnlheld, «. laziness, idlenets 
Luik— je> •• shutter, trapdoor^ 

Lttiken, w, shut, ehse 
Loikgat, 0. hatch 
Luilak, m. slugrard 
knini— Pic, V, ' -- 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


kkofbaog, m, hymnt anthem 

Log, o. hole 

Log. logge, bv. heavy t $low, 

umtoieldu, dull 
•Loge, V. lodge, bos 
♦Lob eeren, t*. lodge 
*Logeinent,«o. init, k^tel, 

Logheid, V. heaviueeSf fcn- 

toitldineu, dulne$s 
*Logica, V. logic 
*Logicaal, bv. logicui 
*Logie8, 0. enlertaiumentf 

LorrOk, bv. full of holet 
LoK — je, V. lock, trttt 
Lokaas — Je, o. bait, decoy 
Lokaazen, «c. bait, decay 

Lokeend, v.decoyduck 
Lokduif— je, o,decoy-p\ 
Lokdutt — je, bird-caU 


l^ikie, 0. taueer 
Lokkebrood ^le, o. 
Lokken, w. allure, decoy 

Lokvogel — tje, v. deeoy-bira 
Lol — letje, «• eloutf rag 
Lollen, io« tcawl, cutter wawl 
l^liepot -je, V. chaffing disk 
Lolllog, V. wawViHg 
Lombard, lomberd, m. lom- 

bardi io den lomberd brea* 

gen, to paten 
tomberdbrieQe, o,pawHbro- 

ker*$ d^pllt-mte Iker 

Lommer — ^e, p. shade 
Lomaiering, v. thade 
Lomraerkoelte, r. thady cooU 

nesa " Idowy 

Lommerr^k, bv, $hady, Mka- 
Lomp — je, V. clown, rug 
LomPfbv. lumpith,elownishf 

dull, ttuvia, clttmey 
Lompig, bv. paltry, torry, 

Lompigneld, v. elumuimeae 
Long. V. Innga, lights- 
Longlel, V. lube of the lungs 
Longekrold, o, lungwort 
Longp^P, V. windpipe 
Longziekte, loiigzucbt. v* 

LongXDcbUg, bv. pktisical 
\Mni — je, V. glance^ ogle 
X^oukeo, 10. glance, ogle 
Lookur, m. LoDkster . «. ogler 
Lont — je, 0. match i Font 

ruikeo, to smell a design 
i^ntregt, o. force of arms 
LODtstok, V. match stick 
Loocbeoeo, w.denv 
Loocbenaar, ni,denier,blanif 

Loochcniug, v, dinial 


{<ood — je* •• ^od, plummet, 

half an ounce 
Lood, loodc, bv. leaden 
London, 10. plumb 
Loodachtig, bv. like lead 
Loodgieter, m. plumber 
Loodgroevo, loodmijn, v, 

l^odlijii, v.liue,isoundingline 
Looilm«taal, o. soldering 
Loodiegt, bv. perpendicular 
Loodverwig,&t;. Uadcolvnred 
Loodwit, o. white lead 
Laodwitoiolen, v. white 

lead manufactory 
Loof, 0. leaves^. 
Loor , bv, weary, tired 
Loofbeid, r. wearituss 
Loo(liut — je, V. tabernacle 
Loorhutteufueat, o. feast of 

Loofrijk. bv. leafy 
Luofwerk, o./estoonwork 
Loog, V. lye 
Loogfpret. of Meg 
Loogascb, 0. lye-ashes 
Loogbak — je, v. bucket 
Loonen, id. tan 
Look, V. leek [garlic 

Lookbol — letje, v. clove of 
Loom, bv.slow, heavy, dull 
Loomheidf. v. slowness ,Jtea- 

vinesSf duluess 
LooiuUjk, bv. slowly, heavily 
Looo, OT. ^ 0. wages, salary, 

reward, recompense 
Loooeo, w. reward, pay 
Looner, m. rewarder 
Looiiing, V. rewarding 
LooDtrekkeod, bv. rtceivlng 

LooDtrekker, m. one that re- 

ct ivea wages, mercenary 
Loop — je, v, run, course, 
race, career, sir tarn, con* 
course, dysentery, barrel, 
train ; op de loop, running 
awav, abroad, out of doors; 
ter luopn, , cu<'«oruy, in a 
Loop, Tiep,— ende'-en, run, 
ramble, ellne , ouder deii 
voel loopen, lo run down ; 
latea loopeu, to strike ; ia 
'toogloopeD, to be appa- 
rent i aaa den wind loopen, 
to r«Mib^«;ioopende gedaau, 
done tna hurry 
Loopacbtig, bv, apt to run, 

Loopbaau —tje, v, career, 

rack, lists 
Loopeud, bv. running, cHr> 
rent ; eeu loopend vuar^e, 
a Iraim of gunpowder 

LOS 133 

Looper — ^e, m. runner, ra- 
cer, foot, leg, hourglass, 

Loopgraaf — je, v. trench 

Looping, V. running 

Loopje, •. quibble,puu, trick 

Loopmaar, v. rumor 

Loopplaats,- v. career, lists, 
raeegronnd [salt 

Looptch, bv. gadding, proud, 

Loopscbaos, v. retreneh- 
meni, trench 

Loopscbait, V. gossip 

Loopspel. o, race 

Loor, o. wreck , lots 

Lo6« — de, iozende, lo^en, 
get rid of, be delivered of, 
void , een zacbt lozen, t.i 

Loos, loose, bv, cunning, 
crafty, subtle, false i een 
Ioo« f taf, a cenotaph 

Lootbeid, V, cunning, erafti^ 

Loosiyk, bw.eraftlly Iriess 

Looapand, v, notice of dis- 

Loot, V. layer, tkoot, branch . 

Looten, w, draw lots 

Looting, v. drawing of lot* 

Lootje, o. ticket 

LootM— je, m, pilot 

Lootken. w. pilot 

Loot^geld, 0. pilotagt 

Lootsmau, m. pilot 

Lootsmaugboot, v. pilotboat 

Lootsscbipper, m, master of 
a pilotboat 

LootKBcbuit— je, v.^f(olfto(tf ' 

Looiien, see Lool, tan 

LooQer, m. tanner 

Looljerij — ^Je, v.tankouse 

Lor — reije, v, rag, parrot 

Lorkenboom, a. larchtrta 

LorrekUt, r. box if rags . 

Lorreroaiid— je, v. ragbasket 

Lorrendraa^en, w. smuggle, 

Lorreudraai^er, m. interloper 

Lorrendrauijery, v, interlu- 
ping, smuggling, sharping 

L'jmbandel, m. swindling 

Lu^ lo«8e,6i;. loose JVee^tsen, 
gaged ,dissolute inconstant 
unstable, careless, ea»y, un* 
Certain, weak, unloadcn - 
met lo8 kruld stchleten, to 
skoot without balli lo« 
HCharp, cateshot; er up 
\o* gaan, to fall upon, to 
set about ; dat gaat 'er op 
lO0, now for itj (ustd ad- 
verbially and connectively 
with veibs, \o» denotes li- 
beration, and is often ren • 
dered by the ifueparalU 

Digitized by Lj OOQ IC 

132 LIK 

leva; weight, take away, 
take off, take out, take 
Lifftanker, o. heave-anchor 
Liltekool -tie, v. harlot, 

ip9man of pleasure 
Lif telijk, bw. lightly, easily, 

Ligtelijker, bw. more eaiily, 

more probably 
Ligter — tje, m.ltgkt'r 
Lietcrman, m. lighterman 
LiytReloovijr, bv. credulotu 
LietgeloovigheW, v.credulity 
ultleloovlgiyk, bw. credu- 
lously . 
Ligteeraakt, bv. touchy 
Li|tlewapend,6t;.ivA /arwtrd 
Li Jlliart-je, nt. merry fellow 
Lijthartlf, bv. light-hearted, 

merry ... , , 

Uehthartiehftid, v. gaiety 
Ugthoofd, «i. lightheaded 

LigthooWlgheld, v. tight- 

LifthoofdiglUk, bw. light- 

Ligtlgheld. v. eastneu . 

Ugtiag -je, V. llghtentug, 
gathering, loan,%mpo$it%on, 

uSaq^,^' tighly,wantoniy 
Uetmii -je, «• rohe, de- 

Llgtrowsen, w.t^ a rake 
u|tn.l8sep() -Ije, •. debOu- 

LlcfStdlff, bv. light, vola. 
tilt, fickle, wanton, coquet- 
tish, rask, heedless 
Ugtvaardtg'hcld. ligtv.ardy, 
I. lightttess, hjtUnsss, 
wantonness, Ucentumsness, 
rashness, keedless-ess 
LifftvaardigJUk, bw. lightly, 
Uwdly,ti^^^niiously, rashly, 
I.lgtvink, m. lewd felloe 
LigtToel^g, bv. %W^^J^^ 
Ligtzlnnig, *»''>*<'***^j^;[__ 
HgtzlnnigbeW, w. levity, fic- 
I igtzlnuiiUjk, bw. mutaUy, 

Lik — je. »• '»'^* 
Likdoorn — je, m. cmrn 
Likkebaard, w. «<?««!» 
Likkebroer -tie. w. tosspot 
Likken, w.. Itch, lap 
Likker -tje, w..i»fAer 
LikkiiiE. V. Itcktug 
tlk^pit, o.lickspit,liekdish 



LUcftteeD —tje, ut. sUekstont 
Li\,o. jelly 

Lillen, to. shiver, tremble 
Lilling, i>. shakings trembling 
•LImflalle, v. limilation 

• Limite, v. limit 
*Liiuiteer«n, w, limit 
Limoen-tje, m. lemou, Ume, 

citron [tree 

Llmoenboom— pje, m. lemon- 
Limoeimap. v. lemonjuice 
Liode, lindeboom, m. lime- 
tree " 
Linderen, w. soften, ease 

• Uiilaal— tie, o. ruler, rule 
*Linie, v. line 
•Liiiieeren, w. rnlt 
Link— je,». mar* . 
Unker— tje, im. sly dog, old 

fox, rcgue 
Linker, 6». ft// \ . 
Unkst bw. lefthandedly, to 
the lefti Ufiks om, to the 
left about 
Llnksch, bv. leflhanded, si- 
nister . [««/ 
Liakschheid. v. lifthanded- 
Llnneo, o. linen 
LJoqengoed, o. linen, clothes 
Unnenkaii — je, »• pf"> for 

Unnennaaischool, —tje, o. 

tewing school 
Unneanaaister, v. sempstress 
Unpeonaayeu,e.««irinf work 
Linncswasschter, v. washer- 
woman ' 
Xtnnenwever, w». linenwiaver 
Linneawinkef — tje, m. i»»<rfi- 

draper's shop 
Lint — je, 0. ribbon, tope 
Ijnlwever, m. ribbnn weaver 
Untweveri), v. ribbon manu- 

LlDtworm— pje, m.tapfworm 
LiDae, V. lentiU [lage 

Linzenkooksel, o. lenlile-poi- 
Lip — je, V. lip, tenon 
Llppeudientt, m.lipservice 
•Liquidatie, wu Uqnidalion 
♦Liquide, bv. liquid, settled 
•Liquideeren, w, liquidate, 

Ltsch, 0. flag, flour de luce 
Uecbbloem - pje, m. jiower 

de luce 
Lispcn, w.lisp 
Lisper, m. lisper 
Lisping, V. lisping 
Lis|)toiig, m. lisper 
Hit — Je, V. craft, cunning, 
trick,plot,dtvi<^e, stratagem 
Liatig, bv. subtle, sly, cun- 
ning, crafty 


Ltstigheid, v. subiUlyy sli- 
ncss. cunning {ntngly 

XisUglfjk, bw.crqflUy, cun- 
Xits — jf, V. to"p 
LItsgat, 0. loophole 
Litskoord, o. bobbin, l^'f 
«Liturgie, v. liturgy 
Llvrel, V. livery [visnt 

Livreikuectic, m. livery ter^ 
Livreirok, m. liverycoct 
Llvreivolk, o. lioery servants 
Lob, lobbe —tje, v. ruffle 
Lobberen, w. wadr, plash 
Lobbvs, m.skagdog, clawn, 

goodnatured jclUvo 
Loboor, m. shagdog, booby 
*Locaal, bv. local 
*Locatie. v. location 
Lochf — je, V. lynx 
Lodderig, lodderiijk,&v.iMii- 

lon, amorous 

Lodderigheid, lodderl\)kbeld, 

V. wantonness, amomrous- 

LodderoogcD. w. ogle iness 

Loef, ». loaf, weathergmge ; 

loef bouden. to looj np i 

eens Inefs, slraitways ,tmi* 


Loefgierig, bv, falling to 

Loefwaards, bw. to wind- 
ward, loofward 
Loeijeo, w.low [squint 

Loeus, bv. 4- bw. squinting, a- 
Loer, m. clown llurch 

Loeren, w. lie in wait, watch, 
Loeveu, w. loof up, ply to 

LoeljiDg, V. lowing 
Lof — je, IM. -praise, God lof 

thank God 
LofbazuiD, loftrompet, v. 

trumpet ofpraiic 
Lofdicbt, lofgedicbt, o. pant' 

gyric, eulogy 
Lofgalm, m. »ound of praise 
Lofgierig, bv. covetous of 

LoflUlt, fiv.^bto.laudable, glo- 
rious, laudably 
Lofl^khcid, V. laudahUness 
Lofradeuaar, m. panegyrist 
Lofruchtig, bv. renowned 

Lofrnchiiglieid, v. renown 
Lofrucb iig»ijk,«>w.rf Mownerf- 
I»f<tprauk , V. praise [ly 
Loftuitco, w. sound forth 

Loftuiter, m. pangyrist 
Lofvraardig.Ae. praiteworthy 
LoJ'waardigneid, v. praise- 
worthiness [worthily 
Lofwaaardigiyk, bw. praioc* 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


LeveatitMt, m. sMioftifli 
l^ren»ti}6, V. timUHe.'Oge 
Lerer, m. Uver 
Lereren, ip. delU/tr, giv*, 
furnish i norai, levereo, 

to st«rm 
Lerenar, m. delivtrtr, telUr, 

fumUher, purveyor 
I^tenncie— tje, v. rommii' 

si'hiy order, providing, de- 

LevenLDcier, m. ptnvepor 
Lett-rbsiar, i»./if to be delU 

verodf merehanlabte 
Levcrtug, v. delivery 
Le?«r —ye, v. liver 
i^ereradcr, V. kepatie vein 
Leterkrnid, o. Uvenoort 
Ler«rworst, v. liverpudding 
Lerersiekte, leverzacht, o. 

di*ea$e of the liver 
LiJTcrznchtlir. hv. troubled 

wUh Aepeuic disease* 
tslj-tje, V. slaie 
Leijdax, o. stated roof 
I^ddekker, leijendekker, «i. 

Lexer —^e, m. reader 
Lezinf , V. reading, perusal 
♦Lla« — je, V. file, string, 
•Liber bv.frte 
•Liberaal, 60. liberal 
♦Uberaliteit, v. liberality 
*Liceiit, 0. duly oututards, 

cuslotH, customhouse 
^Uceutiaat, m. Heeutiate 
Licht ^je, 0. light, caudle, 

{'lory, luminary ; iemanda 
icbt beiimmeri-D, to stop 

up one^s light; In *t Ilcht 

geyen, to publish 
Ucht, bv, tight, lightsome, 

Lichtaclitii;, hv. lightish 
Licbtdragrer, m. bearex of 

LfcEtOD, V. light, groato light, 

give light, $hiHe, lighten 
Lichterlaa^e, be, bright, fla- 
Licbtbeid, v.llthtnest, clear- 

Licit thuis-Je> 0* Iff AtAotwe 
Llcbtmi8, V. candlemas 
LicJiUchiJn«Qd, bv. bright, 

sh ining 
licbuteeo, 0. phosphorus 
LichtDtok— Je, v. candlestick 
Lid — je, 0. jo^ntf member, 

article, limb, lid, cover, 

generation, degree 
Lldgni«, 0. dog's gra$$ 
Lidm»^t, m. member, com- 

I4l)r JiUogi V. pamboo 


Lldteekea — tje, 0. scar, cu 

Udteekenen ,ie.sear,ciealrite 
Udwater, 0. aqueous' humour 

secreted in the Joints 
LiUwoord — je, 0, article 
Lied— je, o. tong, ballad, son- 
net , hymn 
Liedboek, Uedeboek — je, 0. 

Lieden, mv. people, folhs,men 
LiedjesdicKter, m. sonneteer 
Lledje»ziDg«ter, v. ballad- 
Lief — je, V. dear, love 
Lief, bv. dear, beloved, prC' 
cious, pretty, lovely, good: 
U is mij lief a te zien, / 
am glad to see yow ; U wa« 
oas lief, we toere glad ; al 
zoo lie^ as lieve ; iiet zij 
bem iief of leed, whether 
he will or no; bartje lief, 
sweetheart; iief bsbbea, to 
Liefdadlg, bv. charitable, be- 
neficent [nefieence 
Liefdadigheid, v. charily, be- 
LiefdadigMk, bw. charitably 
Liefde, v. love, charity 
Liefdedaad, v. act cf charity 
Liefdedrank, m. philter, love- 
Liefdegirt, v. aims, charity 
LiefdeFoo*. bv. uncharitable 
Licl'deloosheid, v. uNcAari- 
I tableness 
Uefhebbeo, w. love 
Liefhebbend, bv, loving, af- 
fectionate iness 
Llefbebbendbeid. v. loving- 
Liefbebber.n*. Ii«fbebster-je, 
V. lover, fancier, connoiseur 
Llefbebberij, v. luve, fancy, 

inclinaliott, lovematler 
Uefje, V. dear, kweelheart 
Lletkozen, to. caress, slroht 
Liefkozer, m. cartsser 
Liefkozer^, «. caress 
Liefkozing, v. caressing 
Liefloliken, w, cherish 
Ueflijk, bv. lovely, pleasant, 
, sweet, agreeable 
Lieflijkheid, v. lovellnesf, 

sweetness, agreeableness 
LleM, bw. rather ; wlk bebt 
gij 't lielst, which do you 
Tihe best [Jbelocsd 

Lief»te, m. 4- v. dear, love, 
Lleftalig, bv. blanditoquent 
Lieftalinr, bv. lovely, ff itndly 
Lleftalligbeid, v. loveliness, 

LfeftalUglUk, bw. skarming- 
ty, amiably 

LIG 131 

Uegen,w.llei hetenliegen. 
to give the lie 

Lieger —tie, m. liar 

Liep, pret. of loop 

Lier — tje, lyre, hurdygurdv 

Llerdicht — je, 0. lyric poem 

Lierdicbter, m. lyric poet 

Lierman, m. hurdygurdy- 

Lierzaug, m. luric virse , 

Lierlaauw, 61;. lukeivarm 

Liesch, V. groin 

Lie^cligezwel, 0. bubo 

LiescboutstekiDg, v. ^ftan,- 
malion in the groin 

Uet,ptet.of laat 

•Lleuteuaot, m. licuUnatit, 

•Lleutenant-i-eneraal, m . 

Lieve,bv, dear, beloved, sweet, ■ 
ei lieve, oh d/.ar ,• onze 
lieveo heer, our blmed 
lord; ee^ Here vrouw« 
beeld^ an imvge of the blet- 
sed vtrgin; van liever lede, 
by degrees 

Lieveling— je, m. darling, fa- 

Llever, bw. rather ; ik hcb 
baar liever, / love her more 

Lievert— je, m. darling 

Udaf; bv. insipid 

Liflanen, w.fawn, flatter 

LiflaiTer^, v.ftaltery 

Liggen, w. lie; in de kraam 
iiggen, to lie in; de wind 
la gaan Iiggen, the wind 
is ceased; over hoop Iig- 
gen, to be in a tiller, to t>t 
at variance; t' school lig- 

Jen, to be at school; C 
uis Iiggen, to live, lu 
lod^e; nlj ligt 'er al tot, 
he u dead; hel Ijgt 'er a I 
toe, the business is done 

Liggende, 60. silualed, lying 

Ligger, nt. coaster, guarn- 
ship, lighter 

Ligging, V. lying, situation 

Ligchum^-pje, o.hody, solid, 

Ligcbaamlijk, bv. ^ bw. bo- 
dily, corporal, corporally 

LigcfiaamlijIUieid, v. corpo- 

Ligt,bv. light eaxy; ligt vait 
uarssenen, lighi/ttaded ; 
de ligte lerer, the lights, 
the lungs 

Ligt, bw. lightly, easily, 
slightly, likely, very likely, 

" very possibly ; ligt over 
been ioopen, to do or lovk 
over cursorily 

Digitized by VjOOQ It 

130 LEN 

JLegplaats, v. birth 

Leg werk, o. tapentry, mor- 
qnetrvt veneeriuf 

Lelbana —je, m. leading 

Leiden, w. lead, conduct 

Lelder, m. {<rad<r, conductor 

Leider, int$. alas 

LeidiDg, V. Uadinti conduct- 
ing, conduct 

Leiasliedeu, mv. guida 

Leldsman, m. leadcTf guide 

Leidstar, v. guiding star 

Leidsvrouw, v. giidc 

LeiijoDker — Ije, w. t^tU- 
wan-uihcTf tguirt 

Leireep, v. lelsel, o. rein 

l^tn,v. leash 

Lek — Je, o. leah 

Lek, bv, leaky ismooth 

Lekken, w. leah, drop,$leeh, 

Lekkagie, vjleahage 

Lekker, fit. eleekfTt smoother 

Lekker, bv. dainty, delicate, 
nice, delicious, tweet 

Lekkerbek —je, m. sweet 
tooth, dainty fellow 

Lekkerheid, «. daintiness, 
delicMv, nicety 

Lekkerlijk, bw. daintily, de- 
ticately, nicely . , 

Lekkeroij — tje, v. dainty, 

delicacy, nicety, daintiness 

Lekkertand, lekkertoDg, nt. 

one tlal ts dainty 
Lekking, v. leaiiug, sleeking 
Leksteeu, nt . tUehstone 
Lekvat, o. bucket, drain 
Lekwiin, v. leak-wine 
U\, lelie -^e, »., lap, giU, 

Lew, lelle, leUJ —Ije, i>. Illy, 

flower de luce 
Lelienhof, o. garden oj lilies 
Lelievorst, ni. frtnch king 
Leilen, 10. fire, ddit 
Lellig, bv.' skinny 
Lemmer —Ije, m. blade 
Leiumet — je, o. wich 
Lemte, v, ulcer 
Lende— tje, v.loin , ^ 
LendelooB, bv, weakloined 
Lcndenbreiik, v. lumbifrage 
Lendenstnk — je, ©. strlom, 

Uendviee.v. lumbago . .. 
Leog, «. ling, dried cod,tUmg 

' X.engeD, w.lengthen 
LeiigiDg,v. tet^thening 
Lengte, v. lei^ih, height, 

Lens.v. linchpUt, harpoon 
Lens, bv. empty 
Lens — de, lenscnde, lenzen, 


Lentebloem, v, /Uwer i(f the 

Lentedag,iM.da jf i»the tprimg 
Leutemaand, v. March 
Lenteweer,«. spring -weather 
Lepel — tje, v. spoon, ladle 
Lepeiaar — Qe, m. spoouHU 
Lepelblad, «. scurvygrass 
Leptlen, w. apoon, eat with 

a spoon 
Lepelkost, lepelspQs, v. 
spoonmeat [a spoon 

LepeiswiJKe,ftw.ifi the form of 
LepelTol, V. spoonful 
Leproos, m. leptr 
Leprooslieid, v. leprosy 
Lejprozeubuis, o.hotpttal for 

Lerp — je, r. thong, tongue 
Le» — je, V. lesson 
Lesboek — je, o. Useonbook 
Leschbak, v. cooler 
Lesscbea, tr. quench, slake 
LesBcher, nt. quencher 
Lesiching, v. ^ttciicAfttf, 

LeBse.v. ifston,mle, doctrine 
Letsenaar — ^e, m. desk 
Lestend, lestmaal, bw. a 
while ago, lately, the laet 
Letten, w. mind, regard, 

mark, let, ail, hinder 
Letter —tje, v. letter, cka- 
■ racter 

LetterblokkeD,io.p{o<a< «tii<iy 
Letterblokking,v. hard study 
Letterdicht — je, o. acrostic 
Letterdoek — je, v. sampler 
Letteren, w. mark 
Letterfout — je, v. literary 

Lettergreep — je, v, syllable 
Letterbeld, m. critic 
Letter bout, o. specklcweod 
Letterkas, v. letterbox 
Letierkeer— Ije, v. anagram 
Letterkennis, letterkunde, v. 

Letterkondige, m. gramma- 
rian, man oj literature 
Letterkuntt, v. grammar 
Letterkunsteoaar, m. gram- 


Lcttenje, 0. litlU letter i 

eenlettertje schr\iven, l« 

write a ftw lines 
LetterverzetUng, r. anagram 
Letterzetter, m. compositor 
Letterzetflng, v- compositiom 
Letterzifter, m. critic 
Letsel —Ije, o. hindrance, 

hurt, harm 
Leugen — ^e, m. lie 
Leugeuaar,M. leugeoaanier, 

Lengenachtig, bv, deceH^l, 

LengenitraffeD, w. gtve the 

Leugenzak, m. great lUrr 

Leunen, w, lean 

Leuntng— je, v. rail, banni^ 
ter. baluster, bach of a ckmir 

Leunbgetoel, leunstoei— U«> 
mi eOtowchair 

Lear —Ije, v. rag, tatter, 
shred, trifle, duappoimt- 
ment ; te leor itteiieo, t» 
disappoint, tojrvslratti te 
leur anUden. to cut to 
leasts ; te leur atelliog, dis- 

Leuren. w. hawk 

Leaf— je, v,sirn,ie>atck9ori, 
hint, signal, cockade 

Leuteraar, m. tingfrer, l*i* 
terer, Irtfier bungler 

Leateren, w, linger, lotttr, 
trifle^ waver 

Leotering.v.Itngeriffg, loiter- 
ing, trying 

Leuterwerk, o. bungle, bun- 
gling busmeis 

Leven, o, IH'e, delight, voUr, 

LeTen, see leef, live 

Leveode, bv, live, living, 
quick [altv* 

Levt-ndig, bv, tivtly, living, 
alive, mettlesome,sjn ighHy 

Levendlgkeid. v. liveliness, 
vivacity, fire, brightness 

LcTendigmaklng, v. vivifte»- 
tion [vital 

LetteriiefhebberUf *• PhUr 
Letteriyk, bv,A ^v. literal, 

Lettermerk — Je, o. character 
Letternieawa, o. literary in- 

Letteroeffening, v. study, H- 

teratui e 
Lettertcekca --tje, o, accent 

Levengevend, bv. lU\e-gtving, 
LerenkMs, bv. Hfelese 

0. light, light 


of life 
■jerenloos, w. cyoc** 
Levenlooaueld,'^ v» H/tlese* 

Levenkwckend, bv, vUmi 
LeTen»te«ten, mv. rUal 

Levenslacbt, v. vital air 
Lefenemtddelen, mv. means 

of subsistence, provisions, 


Digitized by LjOOQIC 


Leog, bv. empty, idU ; leeg 
^aan, leeg loopea, to ie 
tdle, to be without employ- 

Lee^garii^er, leeglooper, m, 
idUetf one without employ- 
Leek, m. laymatif laic 
Leek, pret. oy I ijk 
Leekebroer,m. toy friar 
Leckendom, o. hity 
L&ekecegler, m.secular judge 
Lcekezuster — tje, v. laynun 
Leel^k, bc.'vgly, dcjformedf 
bate, torungy bad, disagree- 
able, ill, cross 
Leelijklieid, 0. ugliness, de- 
formity, badae's, disa- 
Leem, m, loam, clay 
Lueme, bv.ofmud, of clay 
Let:aieu,v}.pliister with clay 
Leemie, v. ulcer 
Leen, v. Jief, moTtor, feudal 

tenure, tenure 
Leen, o. loan ; te lecn, on 

Leenen, w.lend, borrow 
Leenbnef, v. feudal conlr'aei 
Leeudietidt, m. feudal service 
Lecner, m.ltnder, borrower 
Leetigoed, o, Jief, fee farm, 
Leeobeer, m. tord of the ma- 
nor, lord paramonnt 
Leenh»f, o. leeDkamcr, v^feu- 

dat court 
Leenhouder, m. feoffee, vassal 
Lcenig, bv. soft, pliant, mal- 

Leenlgbeid, v. limbernets, 
pliantness, mcdleability - 
L«eiiiglijk, /jw. softly, pli- 

Leeuiug, v> lending, borrow- 
ing, loan, pay ; de back 
▼au leeuing, (oinbard 
Ixeniugdag, m. payday 
Leenliedtu, mv. vassals 
LeeomuQ, m. vassal, froffee 
Leenmanscbap, o. vassalage 
Leenregt, o. feudal right, 

frudal tenure 
Leenroerig, bv. feudal 
Leenscbattibg, v. feudal tax 
Le«attpreak — je, v. metaphor 
Lcenxpreakig, bv. metopho- 

Leep, bv, cunning, blear-eyed 
Le'epheid, v. slyness,cunning 
Leepigbeid, v. ddluxiou 
Leepoog, m. one that is blear- 
Leepnogig, bv, bkareyed 


Leer — ^je , v. ladder 

Leer, o. leather, shin, strap,- 

van leer trekken, to draw 
Leer, leere, v. doctrine 
Leeren,i0. learn, teach, tell 
Leeraar —tje, n. le'acher, 

doctor, minister 
Leeraaren, w. teach, minrster 
Leeraares — je, v. teacher 
Leerbegeerte, •. desire to 

team [dresser 

Leerbereider, m, leather' 
Leere, b9. leathern 
Leergeld, o. schoolmoney, 

money fur learning 
J~eerge«^l , m. schoolfellow 
Leergierig, bv» desirous to 

ti am lUarn 

Leergierigheld, r. desire to 
Leering — je, v. doctrine, 

lesson, learning ^ 
LeeTia,rea,mv.apprentKesh ip 
Leerjougen, leerknecht, m, 

Letrkind —je,o. schoolbov 
Leerkooper, m. leatherstller 
Leerling, m. disciple, learner 
Leermeesler, /«. teacher, 

LeermelDJe, v, apprentice 

girl , Xscholar 

Leeroeffenaar, m. student, 
LeeroeflFeoing, v, study 
Leerplaats, v, school 
Leerreden, v. sermon 
Leerreget, v. rule, doctrine 
LeerHtuk — je, o. dogma 
Leertouwen, o. tanning bu- 
Leertouwer, m, tanner 
Leertouwerij, v. tanhouse, 

tanning business ' 

Leeriijd. v. apprenticeship 
Leerwerk, o. work of a learn- 
er or beginner 
Leerwijze,v. method to learn 
Leeriaam, bv, instructive, 

Leerzaambeid, v. instructive- 

nrss, docility 
Leerzucht, leerzucbtigheid, 

v. desire to learn 
Leerzuchtig, bv. studious, 

desirous to learn 
Lee«, lae.iezeude, Iezen,fe«d 
Lee* — de, lezende, Iczen, 

gather, cull, pick, sift,liuse 
Luesbaar, bv, ligible 
Lee»baarbeid, V. legibility 
Leesbegecrte, v,love of read- 
Leesgeiiootscbap, o. reading 

socieiy " m 

Lee»t — j«* V. last, shap* 

LEG 129 

Leeateeken —tie,Oieharaeler, 

Leestemaker, m. lastmaker 
Leeszaal, v. reading room 
Leeuw — tje, m. lion 
Leeuwachtig, br. llonine 
Lecuweubart, o, lion's heart 
Leeuwenhuid, v. lion's sk\n 
Leeuwenkuil, m. lion's den 
Leeuwenvoet, v.great sanicle 
Leeiiwer, »i. rye, eyelet 
Lceuwio — netje, v, lioness 
Leeuw rik — je, m. lark 
L^eiiwsch, bv. lionine 
*Legaal, bv. legal [/o.« 

♦Lcgaat — je, »». legacy, tt- 
*Le^aat8Chap, o. legateship 
^Lt'galisatie, v. legalization 
•Lt:*?aliseereu, w. legalize 
♦Legaliteit, v. legality 
*Logatrtri«, m. legatee 
•Legatecrea, w. bqueath 
*Lt}(;Aieur . M ,beoueai her 
Legdag, nt, layday, demur- 
Leger —tje, o. army, tamp, 

liost, bat, form, seat 
Legerbijl, v. 
Legeren, w. encamp, lodge, 

sU, lie 
Le^erhoofd, o. general 
Legering, v. encUmpment 
Legerjougen, m* Jollower of 

ine cump 
Lagerkaecht, m. soldier 
LcgerkueU, v.lriumphal car 
Legerkroon, v. castral crown 
Legerlasten, mv.etjjtnses of 

t/ie war 
Legerniagf.v. army, Ao.-£ ^ 

Lfgernieesler, ui. camp- 
Le^'ei'i>laats, v. camp 
L.eier.<chana -je, v, retrench- 
LegerKchikklng, v, order of 

Lcger<>tede, v. bed,form 
Legerienl, v. tent 
Li gertogi, V. march of an 
army [waggon 

Legerw gen, v. baggage- 
Lej<ei-wacbt. v. camp-guard 
Leggeu, w. lay ; aan leggea, 
to board: voor oogeu leg- 
gou, to lay before 
Lfgjrer, m. tender, guard- 

ship, ligger, awm, board 
Legging, V. laying 
Legiiea — nelje, v. laying hen 
^Ligioen, 0. legion 
*LegitimaU«,o. legitiasation 
•Legitime, Bv. legitimate 
*LegUlineereh, 10. legitimate 
Legpenning, v, counter 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 



Lui5rte,v. I«iir<* 
LsogConf .«. Umfitmftte^h 
Lanfftonrif , bt. Icmftemgued 
Lag voeifg, bm, lempptde 
LaarirerpiK,6«.a6ivNf; IftOf* 

werpiff rood, oval 
Loof werplfbdd, v. Mtrng- 

■ ilHf , 6». IftfiMU 

HlHrbeid.v. ttdieunttn 

Jl^OL ^ -„ . 

UagwQItglljk, frie. ttdioualp 
LaaguaiB, 6v. sfffv, (arrfy, 

liiff rriiif ; tenf laaner 

hand, ir^oifwaify 
Langxaambeid, v. »l0wnt$» 



Lantattrn — 4c,-v. l«iifA«m, 

lamp , [carrier 

LaDtaarndraffer, m. faalAom 

Lantaarnffeld, o. /cmtAom- 

4Ncaey, ligA< MMMy 
LantaarDopsteker, «. lamp- 
ligkur [post 

Lantarnpaal — tje, v. lamp- 
Lanterfanten, ie. Ititar 
Lanteria, v. lanttrUo 
Lap — je, V. patch, rag, rent' 
nant, piece, fimp, Hnp drun- 
kenftllow: iemana UJ de 
lat>peD krggen, to lay hold 
afomc IfV^ 

Lappen, w< patch. Mend, 
Lapmand — Je, v. baaket for 

remnant $ and thredt 
Lapmantel, m, patched cloak, 
Lapper — ^e, m. patcher, 


Lapster — Ue» *'• potcher 

Lapwerk, o. patchwork 

Lapxsilven, v>. botck,patch 

Lapxalver,- m. ntountebanh, 

LapxalverU, v. quackery, 

•Lardeeren, w. lard 

L^rien, 4o,gosiip 

Larie, v. goseip, nontente 

La»ch — je,r. jolw 

Lascchen, «0.>oin^/>{ic«, <<aA 

Latsching, v. joining 

L ut, m. /(Uf , load, burthen, 
charge, commission, order, 
command, tar, duty, cus- 
tom i laat lijden, to be in 

Laat, 0. last, burthen, load ; 
een tchlp van 100 laat, o 
ehip Mf about 900 tonsj last 
brekeo, to break bulk 

Lasten, w, charge^der, com- 

V burthen 


Lattbrlef, m. rommunon 
Lastdragend, bv, bearing 

Lastdrager, m. porter bearer 

of a burthen 
La«ter» m. slander, cdlumny, 

La»teren, w. slander, defame, 

Lasteraar, m. slanderer, bias- 
' phemer 

Lastering, «. slemder, blas- 
LasterlQk, bv, 4- hw. Oandsr- 
MM. blasphefkous, slander- 
Latterpen, v. slandering pen 
Lasterreden, v. slander, 

Lanterschrift, «. libel 
Lastertong, M. slanderer 
Lastertaal, v. slander, cc 

Lasterziek, bo. slanderous ' 
LastgeviDg, v.eommissioning 
Lastgenoot, m. fellow-com- 
missioner [money 
Lastgeid, o. tonnage, last- 
Laatig, bv. troublesome, bur- 
thensome; lasUg vallen, to 
Lastigheid, v. tronblesomeness 
Lastpaard, m,vackhnrse 
Lastschip, o. snip of burthen 
Lastwagen, m. bdggage wag- 
Lat — je, V. lath 
Lating, V. phlebotomy 
Latten, to. lath 
Latoen, v. latten. brass 
Latoendraad, r. brasswirc 
Latouw.latuw, v. lettuce 
Latwerk, o.lathwork 
Latijn, o. latin 
LatHnUt, m. latinist 
Latynsch, bv. latin 
Laurier— tje. m.lanrel 
Laurierbes -jc,t;. laurelberry 
Laurier boom —pie,m. laurel- 
Lauricrkrans — je.m.vreoiA 

of laurel 
Lauwer, v. laurel, glory 
Lla'uwerbladen, mv. laurel- 
Laawertak —}e,m» laurt^ 

Lavas, m. loveage, sort of 
voitd parsley, roater distil- 
Udfrom U 
Lavasxaad, «• loveage seed 
LaveereB»«p. laveer, lack ; te 
boven laveeren, to weather 
Lavel, vMave teptay,holiday 
Laveodel, v. lavender 


Lavendelwater, o. lavender- 

Laving, v. refreshmeni 
*Laxeeren, w. purge 
Lazareth, v. lazaretto 
Lazarus, m. lazar, leper 
Lazarushuis, o . spital, lata- 

Lazarusklap^v. leper'' selieket 
Lazerij, V. leprosy 
Leb, lebbe, v. rennet 
Lebbig. bv. tasting like ren- 
net, bitter, spiteful 
Lebbigbeld, v. biitemess, 
spite fnlness [wheel 

Ledebrakeo, w. break on the 
Ledebreuk, v. fracture of a 
limb [stead 

Ledekant ^je, o. bed, bed- 
Ledemaat, m. member, com- 
Leden, mv. of ild 
Leder— tje. V. /adder 
Leder, o. leather 
Lederen, bv. leathern 
Ledezetter, m . bonesetter 
Ledgran, o, dandelion 
Ledfg, bv. empty, idle, spare 
Ledig, bv, empty ; eene 1«- 

dige vrouw, a widow 
Ledlgaart, tA. idler 
Lediggang, m. idleness, die* 

Ledige:tnger,m. idler 
Ledigheld, v. emptiness,idle' 

nets . 
Lediging, v. emptying 
Lediglijk. bw. emptily, idly 
Leed, o. harm, Jturt. injury, 
grief ! het is mii leed, bet 
doet mlj leed, / am sorry 
for it : »choon *t u lief of 
leed is, whether you arr. 
pleased with itornat ; Iced 
dragen, to be grieved, te 
mourn i ieed doen, to ef- 
fend,to hurt, to be sorry 
Leed, pret. of \iid 
Leeddragend, bv, compas- 
sionate [regret 
Leedwezen, o. repentance, 
Leedwezig, bv. penitent 
Leef — de, lerende, leven, 
live, do, treat, behave i van 
den armen leven, (o live 
upon the parish ; boe znit 
gij daar mede leven, how 
will you treat it, what will 
you do in this bnsineu 
LeieMagen, mv. life, lifetime 
Leeftogt, V. provisions, Itvo- 

Lceft^d, V. lifetime 
LeefWyse, v. bekuv^emr, eon- 
duct, MMNraer of t^ 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


•Lameotatle, v. Uat«utati0m' 
•Lamenteeren, tc. lament 
Lamfert lamper, o. haibandt 

crape, weeper 
Lambeid — migheid, v. biiiic* 

Lammeren, w. yearn \ 

Lamp— Je. o. Utmp 
Lampet— je, o. ewer, laver 
LampetkiiD, v. ewer 
Lampetscbetel— ^e, v. baton 

befanelug to an ever 
I'aiDpoli|,v. lampoil 
Lamprei— tJe, v. lamprey 
l^nuboat—Je» v. leg of lamb, 

Ug ofmuttom 
Lam«vel, o. lambskin 
Lamsvleetch, o,lamb,pmtton 
Lancet— Je, 0. lancit 
Land — je> 0. land, countrw, 
ground ,' op 't Ivid, imtme 
eountrv f aan laDd,.a«Aor<,- 
te land, by land; land aan- 
doeo, So coast ; *« lands 
schepen, me* of war 
Landen, w. land 
Landaart. 0. nation 
Landbe«cnryTer,m. geogro' 
K^ker ipky, 

Laodbecchrljvlnf , v. geogra- 
Landbe«tler, 0. government 
LandbezU, «. possession nf 

Landbezitter, m. landholder 
Landbodc, nt. deputy^eprO' 

Landbouw, m, agricaUnra 
Landbottwknnde, «. hntbam- 
drv \tnral 

Landbookandig, 6«. agrieuU 
Landdag:, w. convention, diet 
Londdief, m. emhetfler of 

public money 
Landdlc v^jr^ ,v.embisxtewunt 

Hf public money 
Landdler, 0. terrestrial ani- 
Landdro«t,m. country-sheriff 
Landdwluffer. m* tyrant 
Lande, 0. land, eouhtry ; bier 

te iande, in this country 
Landedelman, m. country- 

Laoderij — tje.v. land, estate 
Laodgedlcbt, 0. gtorglc, pas- 
LaodgevrooDte, v. custom of 

a country 
Lindgetiff t, 0. country prot- 

Landgod, m. god of the coun- 
try, god vf gardens 
Landgoed, o.jarm,eslatt,seai 
Caadgraaf, m. landgraee 


Landgrtar«cbap, o. landgr^ 

Landgravln, v. landgravin 
Laudbeer, iw. landlord 
Landhoere. «. farnC 
LandbuU -)e, house. 
^ villa {cent 

Lauding— je, v. landing, det- 
Lanc^onker, m. country-gen^ 

tteman [ lady 

LaDdJuffer— tje, V. country - 
Landkaart— Je, v. map 
Landleven, 0. cuuntry-ttfe 
Landlegef, 0. landarmy 
Landlieden, mv. country- 

Landlooper, «. vagabond 
Landloopster, v. gipsy 
Landmagt.v. landfureo 
Landman, m, countryman 
Landoieten, 0. surveying 
Landmeter, m* surveyor 

V, surveying, gemoetry 
Landmetlng, v. survey 
Landmeetkttndig, be. geome- 
Laodmeetkondlge, m. geome- 
Landmeetkttndtgltik,&w. gio- 

Landnering, v. husbandry 
Landpaal^ — perk,o.^t/Mi/, 

Landpacht, v, quitrenty rent 
Landpacbter, m. farmer, te- 
Landraad, m. councU of the 

country, parliament 
Landregt,o. law of a country 
lAndregier, m.iustice of peace 
Landreh— ie, v .Jjurney 
LandrUk, 6«. rich in land 
Landacnap — Je, 0. prooinee, 
region, country, county, 
L indscbapl^k .bv. provlnela I 
LaodBChapschllder, m. land- 

L'lndvClicidlDg, v. iouudary 
Landsdouw, v. soil,,couulry 
Landiteigeo, ^. native, ver- 
Laodtgcooot, ttt^'naiive,coun- 

Land«heer. m. hrd, laird 
Laiidikiiecnt, m. toldier 
Laiid.-lieden, mv. countrymen 
Laadxnian, m. countryman 
LanJkpraak, v. vernacular 

Laud»tad, v. inland town 
Land^leedic, 0. counlfjtown 
Laaditreeli — je, ». region, 

LAN 127 

LandTalllog, v. landfall 
Landveiraad, 0. — raderij, v. 

high treason 
Landverrader, m. traitor 
Laodvlugtig, bv. fugitive 
Landvolk, o. nation 
Laadvoogd, w. governor of a 
country [a country 

Laodvoogdes, v. governess of 
LaudvoogdU, V. gootmment 

of a country ' ' 

Landvrouw— tie.c. lady of u 

manor, lanalady 
Laadvruchten, me. produce 

of the country 
Landwaard, £w. towards the 
land [country 

Laiidwe4:r, m. defence of m 
Land we;;, m. highway 
Landwerk, v. country-worh ^ 
Land wind. in. landwind 
Landntiiulug, v.ugriultmre 
Laudzakmi, mv.puUic affaire 
Laodzaat, m. inh-ibilant^ mi- 
litia inan,fmeible 
Landzlrk, bv. Utndsich 
Liod^ekte, v. noktalgia 
JLang, be. long, tall, ropy; 
laiigc rozijneu, raisins of 
the sun 
Laug, bw.loHg^ long white ; 
ai over 1 iiig, long ago ; z«« 
Jaren fang, six years I0- 
ir^'Afr, tea langeii laatsie,^ 
at length 
Langacutig, ^p. longish 
Langbeen, m. longUpged fel- 
LiiDgJarm, m. glutton 
Langdurig, bv. lotting, dura- 
ble, Ivng, tedious 
Langdnrigbeid, v. durabH^- 

ty, tougecily, length 
Laiigea. to. reach, ghe, 

Langet, v.. tapelas^ 
Laiigharig, be. longhaired 
Lin^bala, m. longnecked per- 
son, longneched bottle 
LangtMuai^,''V. lotglntanous 
Lau>^keid, v. tength 
Langleveud, bv.lon^ieeotu 
LanKlevi>n<lheid, r. longevity 
L^nglljvig, b». longwatsted 
Laugiuotidig, bo, longiuffer- 

Inn, patient 
J^agiuoedigheid, r. Ungsn^ 

fering, lottgatiimity 
Laagiiioedigiijk, b%p. with 

longtu/fering, yatitntly 
Laiig*. 010. adng 
Lasigolaper, m. lit-ali>d 
Laugstle^«nd8, m. It^igiSi 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

126 LAil 

betkwtjt, Iha9*,lMt it, / 

am rid of it ,• kwljt wor^ 

den, kwgt raken, to lost, 

to get rid of , 

Kwijt, kwett-— «iide —en, 

aeovitf 'behave 
Kw^tbrlef— Je, m. receipt 
Xwiitgeichordeo, <fw. re- 

KwliUDff, V. acquittal 
Xwijtscfaelden, to. quit, dit- 

eharget remit 
Kwljt»chelding, «. quittance, 

Kwijtschrift, o. acquittance, 

Kijr, e. contention, ttrife; 

biiUeu kijf, without dit- 

5ute {skrewiMh 

,fachflg, fro. wrangling^ 
Xi^fster — tje, v. ehrew, scold 
Kijken, to. look, $ee ; op z^u 

ueu« kijken, to look a$ha- 

Xijker — ^e, m, looker, opec' 

tator, peeper, eye 
Kijkgaaije, ktjkgat, o» peep- 
ing hole 
xykglaaBJe, o. $pljingglat$ 
Kgkpiaau, v.ihtw. theatre 
Kijktoren— tje, wi. lookout 
KQkult, V. prospect, view, 

Kijkveniiterije, o. easement 
•Kllfer ~tje, m. wrangler 

KijTi-rij, V. wrangling, eon- 


•JL^AADBUS — }e, o. pow- 
der horn 
Laadgat, o. tavekhoU 
Laadkruid, o.pritMing powder 
Laa4je, o. little drawer 
Laadplaata, v. loading place 
Laadstok — je, v. ramrod 
Laaf — de, lavende, lareo, re- 
fresh, ease, comfort 
Laafenu, laafnis, v.r^esk' 

ment, ease,conifort 
Laig —je, V. layrr, row, 
tier, broadside, rate, wakt 
JLaag, frv. low, humble, mean, 

om laag, below 
Laag. r. amimsh, wile, snort 
Laagbeid, v. towtuss, nuan- 

Laagjes, bw. lowly 
Laagte, v. lownres, vallum 
JLaaijen. w. /lame 
Li-dkilakfOv. ctJisorious 


Lmd — tJe, r. lane, walk 
Lamr, bv. thin, leun, empty, 

unoccupied ,• laare weik, 

Laari — je, r. boot 
Laar«en, w. beat on the 

breech with a rope 
Laar»je,>o. buskin 
LiM,bw. late i hoe laat U 

het, what o'c/ocA is it ; op 

den laten avond, late in 

the evening 
Laat, liet —code —en, let, 

ftermit. tufftr, give, leave, 
oose, let alone, put, stow, 
bleed i zicU ergens aao ge^ 
legen laten liggen, to mmd 
a thing ; eeu gebod laten 
uitgaan, to issue a com- 
mandment, zlcb lateu roor- 
Btaan, to imagine; zicb 
laten waarscbouweu, to 
take warning 
Laatachtig, iv. lafish 
Laatband — je, v.Jilln tobittd 

the arm when bled 
Laatbekken. o. bason to re 

ceive the olood that ia let 
Laatdunkend, bv. sel/eoncei- 

ted. arrogant 
Laatdunkendbeld, v. stlfcon- 

eeit, arrogance 
Laatkop— je, v. euppingglast 
Laatkoppen, w. cvp 
Laatmes — ^je laaivlljm, e. 


LaaUt,&v.Ia<(; ten laatsten, 

lastly, at the tattst, at last, 

finally i in H laatst, at the 

end [time 

Laatat,&v. last, lately, the last 

Laatstel^k, bt: lastly, finaUy 

Liaatrileden, bv. tuht, ultimo 

Laatsteoiaal, bw. lately, the 

last time 
LaaattvoorgaaQde,&r. penul- 
Laatijzer— tie, o. lancet 
Laauw« bv. tuktwarin. cool 
Laanwen. to. grme luktuarm 
Laaowacntig, bv. scarce luke- 
Laauweliik, bw. tepidly, 
Laauvrheld— wigheid.v. luhc 

warmness, coidue*t 
LaaiJ, V, flame 
Labben, w. tnp 
Labbel— bekak, v. gossip . 
Labbekakken, tr. g^*sip, blab 
Labbekaktfier — (je, v. blab, 

Libber, tc. soft, light, slack 
Labberdaaii, vi salt cud 
Labb«rbeid,v. viluLillly 
Lal»b.erJj, v. praltlr^ chat 


•Labooreeren, w 


Lacb— je, v.laugh,tmile^nesie 

L&cbgen. w. laugh, mtie, 

o;m te lachgcn, in jest; al 

lacbeiide, smilingly 
JLacligebekJe, o. smiler 
Lachgensvrasrdiff, bu. ridi' 

Lachger, m. laugher 
Lachfing, v. laughing 
h-.'cUje, 0. smile 
Lach«tcr '—tje, v. kmgktr, 

merry sir I 
Lade, V. drawer, till, boa 
Laden, w. load, lade, charge, 

freight • 

Lader, in. loader, gunner 
Lading— Je, v. cargo, loading 
Ladder — ^e, v. ladder 
Laf, bv. iusipid, silly, hate, 
' CitOardly 

Lafbek — je, en. coward, top 
LaiTeiijk, bw, insfpidlu 
Lafhartig, bv. cowardly, bae* 
Lathartigheid, v. ancardiee, 

Lafhartiglijk, /rw. etnoardly, 

Lafbeid, v. unsavourimess.^hh- 

sipiditg, silliness, pnnUa- 

Lagelegger, m. eneuarer 
Lagerwal, v. teeihore 
Laik, m. blemish, stain 
Lak, v. gumlack, varnish 
Lak, o. seatingieax 
La ken, w. blame 
Laken —tje. o. cloth, shoet 
Lakenbereider, m. dolhier 
Lakcnbai, «. draper^s halt 
Lakeiibandcl, m. clothtrade 
LakeiihandeUar, m . draper,, 

clothier [per 

Lakeiikooper, m.wollirmMra- 
Lakenraain, v. clothframs 
Laken>Jtoppcr,fn. — etopaMr, 

Lakinverwer, ut. clothdyer 
Lakenvolder, m. fuller 
Lakenwcver, m. cl^AkweaiMr 
Lakeawever^, v. ctothwars- 

Lakeawlnkel— tje, m. wolleit- 

Lakei-.winkelier, m. wollest- 

Lakel, m. lacquey 
Laker, ni. blamtr 
Lakiug, V. blaming 
Lakken, tr. seal 
Lakmoes, o. ukalle 
Lakwerk, o. laekwork, fapass 
Lam — niHtje, o. lamb 
Lam, bv. lame 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


Ttijn , to arrear, to owe', 
daar is vijftiff pond te 
kw^ad, there u a balance 
dxieoffijty poundt ; kwaad 
keuren, to disapprove 
Kwaadaardig. bv. tUnatured, 

tmalicions, malignant 
Kwaadaardigbeld, v.ntalicCf 

illnature. malignaney 
Kwaadaardiglijk, bw. mali- 

ciouslp. maUgnant 
Kwaadacktig, or. a little an' 

Kwaaddoender, nt. malefac- 
tor Iful 
Kwandertieren, hv. unmerci- 
Kwaad^ekeurd, bv. di$ap>- 

Kwaad^unfitig, bo. envious 
Kwaad he id, v. badness, 

wickeditess, malice} anger 
Kwaad<>prekend, bv. evil- 

Kwaad^prekendheid, v, epil 

Kwaadspreker, m. evils- 
Kwaadstokend, bv. mischie- 
vous [evil 
Kwaadstoker, m 4 inciter to 
Kwaadwillig, bv, iUvfUled, 

Kwaadwllligheid, v. malevo- 
lence ilently 
KvraadwiUiglijk, bw.maleoo- 
Kwaal — tje, v. disease, ma- 
lady T'ap 
Kwab — je, v,. wen, lobe.5eic- 
, Kwak — je, i; merry tale 
Kwaken, to. jeroak," quack 
Kwaker — tje, m. quaker 
Kwakkenjtc. bounce 
K\'t'aJ(kel —tje, m. quail 
Kwakkelen, w. freeze and 
thaw alternately, languish 
Kvrakk^lfluit— je v.catcal 
Kw-akkelwinter, m. scjt 

Kwakzalven,w. q^uack 
Kwakzalfster —tje, v. quach- 

Kwakzalver —tje, «n. quack 

Kwakzaiverij, v. quackery 
Kwalijk, bv. sick, squeamish 
KwalQk. bw. ill, wrong, a- 
mist, hardly, scarce j Kwa- 
lijk geziod, iltintentioited, 
Kwalijkheid, v. squeamish' 

nest, sickness 
Kwal^kvaart, v. adversity 
Kwalm, »i. steam, vapour> 
Kwalater, m. phlegm 
KwaUiercD, w. spawl 


Kwal>terboom,ni. vfild ask- 

Kwanselaar, m. trucker, 

Kwansuiri, kwanswijs, bw, 

as if, forsooth 
Kwant — je, m. fellow 
Kwart — le, v. quarter 
Kwarteel, Oi barrel 
Kwartel —tje, m. quail 
KwarUer— tje, 0. quarter 
Kwartieren, w. quarter 


Kwast— je, v. bruth, pencil, 

tassel, powderpuff\ tuft, 

knot,/ool, booby, account 

Kwastig, 61;. knotty, rough, 

Kwa«Ugheid, v. kncttiness, 

Kwe —ye, ttf. quince 
Kweek — je, v. nursery 
Kweeken. w, cherish, nou- 
ti$h, puuujt, cuUivatt, edu- 
Kweekbooinpje,o. young tree 
Kweekdooro, m. barberry 
bush [<•» 

Kwekeling, m. pupil, child, 
Kwekerij —tje, v. nursery, 

KweekgruB, o. dogU grtus 
KweekHof — je, m. nursery 
Kwceklng, v. culture 
Kweeksctiool, 0. seminary 
Kweektuin— tje,m. nursery, 

KWeekse), o* growth, euUkre 
Kweelen, w. sing 
Kweelster — Ije, v. singer 
Kween —tje, v. barron cow 
KweerD —tje, v. handmill 
Kwelachtig, bv. vexatious 
Kwelbegeeite. v. hypoekom- 

Kwelduivel — ^e, m. hobgo^ 

lin. plaguy ft I tow 
Kwelleu, ir. vex, tease, peetr 

er, plague 
Kweller — tje,^w. vexer 
K welling — je, v. vexatiot^, 

trouble, duease 
KweUter, v. creeping thyme 
Kwepeer — i\a,m, quince 
Kwepeerboom,'ni. quince tree 
KweHtie, v. question, strife, 
au^rrel; kweatie krljgeu, 
to fall on I, to quarrel 
KwvUbaar, bv. vulnerable 
Kwetien, w. wound, hurt, 

KwMilng, V. wounding, 



KwetSQur — Ije, v. wound 
Kwetteren, w. chatter 
Kwetteraar, m. chatterer 
Kwetterig, bv, bruised 
Kwettering, v. chattertmg 
Kwevleesch, o.marmrteide 
Kwezel —tje, v. nun, old 
' maid , 

Kwezelen, to. dissemble 
Kwezelaar, m. dissembler 
Kwezelary, v. hypocrisy 
Kwik, 0. quicksilver- 
Kwik, bv. quick 
Kwikaclafg. bv, lively 
Kwlkbii — letje, v. wriggle 
taU " ' ihiige 

Kwikhaag — je, v, quiehset 
Kwikje, 0. ribifon, knot 
Kwlkstaart — je, v. wagtail 
Kwikstaarten, 10. wag the 

tail • 

Kwikzand, 0. quicksand 
Kwikzilver, o. quicksilver 
KwiiikeleereD, t0. warMe 
Kwinkeleering, v. warbling 
KwiaksUg -je, v.qmbble^n, 

Kwint— je,».wAi>» 
Kwips, bw. squeamishly 
Kwispel — ^je, nu sprinkU 
Kwl>ipr:len, w, sprinkle, wag, 

Kwispeldoor -^e, v. spit- 
Kwispeletaarten. w, wag 
the tail • 

Kwisten, 10. spend, lavish 
Kwistachlig, bv. lavish, pro- 
Kwteter, n>. lavisher 
Kwistgeld — goed —penning, 

o. spendthrift, prodigal 
Kwisterij, v, prodigality, 

KwUtig, bv. expensive, la- 
vish, profuse 
Kwistignria, v. profvseness, 
prodigality [ing 

Kwi8ting,v. profusion, tpend- 
Vivlil, V. spittle, slavtr i hij 
huilde knot en kwiji, he 
cried like a baiie 
Kwljlen, ic. drivel, slaver, sa- 
Kwiilbab, m. drivelltr 
KwQIdoek, v. kwijUap, v. 

stahbering bib 
]CwUier,m. kwljlster, v.drr- 

Kfi^iing, V. drivelling, $a- 


Kiri}lwortel, m.bertram-reot 
KwQnen, w, pine, laugmishy 

Rwif% be, lest, gone , ik ben 

Digitized byLnOOQlC 

124 KSI 

Krazasd, v. ermtade 
Krijg, at. wmr ; kr^jf voerea , 

KrQreD, w. get, rectivtt ob- 

Mttf eatckf rtaek ; het te 

kwaid krilreD, U be war- 

Krij jcr, m. getter, learrior 
KrH;«baniertV.6aiiiirr ofwar 
KrijgtbazuiOf x. trumpet of 

Krlj^tb^oefte, v.ammuni- 
Krhgibeade.v. troop Ition 
Krnftbexeton;. v.rarrUvn keraldoftcar 
KrHfcdaad, v. exf/loU, a- 

ekuvementf worltkt act 
KT\^%%A\entt,m.mUitary ler- 

KriigfdeuKd. v. heroism 
Krijjpagebraik, o. ctutom of 

Krijg»gereedscbap,o. instiu- 

mmt ofvar 

0/ war [arm* 

Krljysgcweld, o. force of 
K r i] g • geze I, m . soCiier 
Krhgtgod, m. god of war 
KrijjftgodiD, V. goddess of 

war [ereise 

KitJgthandel, m. warlike ex- 
Krlliihelr, o. airitjr 
Kri, gslield, m. hero, warrior 
Kri giheldlo, v. ht-roine 
Kri gshoofd, m. general 
Kri gitkans, v. chance of war 
KrQgskaii, v. military chest 
Krngiiknechr, m. solaier 
KrJjgskundeykriljgskuDst, «. 

Kriigilegcr, o.ormg 
Krljg8liedeu,mv.(Ae military 
KriigvlUt, V. stratagem of 
Krng«inagt,r. army {war 
Krijgtmau, m. warrior, sol- 
dier [exercite 
Krijgaocffenlogt v. military 
XrngKorder,«.nit/i/ary order 
Krijgaovertle, m. general of 

an army 
Krijgaraad.m. council ofwar, 

KriWaregt/ o. martial law 
Krugaroem, v.mitilaryfame 
KrQgatoeruatlng, v. warlike 

preparation . 
KriJgRtogt, v.milUaryexpt' 

dnion [ciplint 

KHJgatucht, V. mililary dis- 
Krllgatirig, o. warlike im- 

KrUgavolk. o. soldiery 


KrUf iToeriBg, v. wmrfttt 
Krilgtwaf en^. wmr-ckmriU 
KrQgswacht, v. mitilmry 

KrUgdwet, «. Uw of arms 
KrUrisclieD, w. cry, ^ay 

Kr^ft, kreet. -eode —en. cry 
Krut— te — ende —en, ckaUi 
Krfitachtig, {v. ekalky 
Kijltberg, m. ckalkhiU 
Kjfiter — tje, wi. erier, kit 
Knjting, v. crying 
Kmutrand, •. chalky shore 
KiiO. V. b.iicnet 
KacB— je, V. c<mgh 
Kaekgen, w. c<mt:h 
Kiichger, m. kuc hater, v. 

Kachglng, v. coughing 
KvAd&[i,w.herd [hog 

Kudde —tje, v. herd, flock, 
Kaddeboter, r. hogslard 
Kuddehoeiler, m. herdsman^ 
i^udderarken, o. hog 
K.ulf — je, v.tHft, crest, coif 
Kuifleeuwrik, v. crested lark 
Kulffelen, w. play at shuttle' 

Kulffelbord'je, o.hattle-door 
Kuiken —tie, v. chicken 
Kaikeodief, m. kUe, hen har- 
rier [pie 
KuikenpastiJ -tje, v. chicken- 
Ruil — ije, m. hole, cave, 
, den, pU, Hvpe, purse 
Kvillen, w.pni in the ground 
Kuilachtig, bv.full of holes 
Kuiltje, 0. dimple 
Kuln, bv. exposed, bare, up- 
rigkt Itub 
Kiiip— je^r. Inb, powdertng- 
Kuipcn, tr. coop, cabal, con- 
trive, canvas 
Kuiper —tje, m. cooper 
Kulperij, v, coopei*s trade 
or wo-ikshop,inifigue, cabal 
Kuiping, v.cooping, cabaling 
Kuls, tuss. hnth 
Kuiach, bv. chitsle, cUan 
Kuischen, to. cli^nse 
KuUchbooni, m. chastetree 
KuUcbelijk, bw. chastely 
KaUchhtid.v. chastity 
Kaiskalf — je, v. heifer 
Kuit — je. V. roe, spuwu,calf, 

kuit acnieten, to spawn 
Kuiter, kuitviacli, m. fish 

with a hard loe 
Kullen, w. cheat, gull 
Kiiliekeaakruid, o. ragwort, 

satyr ion 
Konde, ». knowledge, science 
Kundelooa. bv. ignorant 
Kundelooabcid, f. ignorance 


Kudlr. bo. tkUfut, versed 
K^ffkeid, 9. skill, know 

KntSgUjk, frw. skUfmUy 
Kanoe, v. six 

Kanoea, imjln.o/kzn, kon, 
kanaende, be able, cam, 
held, contain, understand, 
Kunst— je,~r. art, trick, in 
vnje konsten, f Ac liberal 
KoDtteloos bv. artless 
Kunstelooabeid, v.mrtlessnes> 
KoDatenaar, m. artist, arli- 

Kuaatenarij, v. artifice 
Kun-^tgenootschap, o. socie- 
ty of arts [ckinxs 
Knnatgereedichap, o. sm. 
KuDatgreep — je, v. artifice, 

Kunitigfbv.ingenious, artifi- 
cial, skilful, excellent,/me 
Kanstigl\jk| bw. ingeniously, 

Kanatkamer, v. museum 
Kunstkeoner, m. toper of the 
arts like arU 

KunatHeTend, bv. favonrimg 
Kunstmeeater, m. art%fietr 
KuDstredenaar, aa. logician 
KoDstreekenaar, m. arUhmt- 

Knnstres-el, m. rule of art 
KunstriJK, bv. very ingenious ' 
KuDStatuk -je, o. moiterpiece 
Kunsttuig, 0. machines 
Kuastwerk, o. worh of art 
KoDatwerktuig, o, oachime 
engine [term 

Kunstwoord -je. ». technical 
Kark—je,o.' cor* 
Kurkboom, m. corktree 
Kurkama, v. turmeric 
Kusch- je, v.hiss 
Kasachen, to. kiss 
Kuaacber, m . kisser 
Ktfesching, V. kissing 
Knaaen — ge o. cushion, pit- 
low i op 't kuaaeo zUtea, to 
be a magistrate 
Ka8t,v. eoa#/, shore 
Kttstbewauxler, m. guetrda 

Kustvaarder, m. coeuler, 
gvineaship [cure 

Kuar — ije, v. prank, trick, 
Kuiier- tje,m. walk 
Kunercn, to. walk 
Ruijering, v. walk 
Kwaad, o.tvil, mischi^jharm 
Kwaad, o. bad, ilt,evtl, mw-. 
ehirvous, wicked, angry, 
hard, dijlc^lt ; tc kwaad 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


Kromhoom, m. comet 
BLromhoiit,(?. crooJud timber, 

KromhoflTrer, m.falchhu 
KrommeUjk, bw. crookedly 
Kromneu», m. one that hat 

a crooked nose 
Kromrug, m. croohbach 
Kromstuven, o. crooked prow 
Kromtaal,v.&roA<n language 
Kromte, v. crookedness 
Kr.oiiiijzer— tje, o. hook 
Kronkel '•t^e,v,bend,toinding 
Kronkelen, ir. bendt turn, 

Krottkeligf bv. crooked, an- 
Kronkeli;fheid,v. crookedness 
Kronkellnj^, v. bend 
Kroaljk— je, v. chronicle 
KronQkboek, o. annalt 
Kronfjk»chrljver,m. annaliti 
KrooQ^tje.v. crown, chandc' 

tier, de krodo spannen, to 

rreel; naar de kroooste- 

ken, to vie, to aspire 
Krooaen, w. croton 
Krooabonnet, o. coronet 
KrooolDr, V, coronation 
Kroonlljit, v, cornish 
Krooorad, o. eroton wheel 
KroontJes-kraldjO. wild par- 

KrooDvrerk, o. crown, top, 

fCroos, 0. duckweed, sedge, 

offal, giblets- 
KrooBje, o. damson 
Kroosc, V. race, posterity, 

Krop, m. crop, gorge, sto- 

wsach, belly, gizzard, neck, 

cabbage, lettuce 
Kroppen, w. cram, stomach, 

Rropbeen— Ue, o. breastbone 
Kropgans — je, v. crammed 

Kropgezwel kropzweer, o. 

glandular swelling 
Kroplap,v. neckcloth 
Kroplatuw, v. cabbageletluce 
Kroppeer, v. ehokepear 
Kropper — ^e, m. crammer, 

Krop!>alade,t>. eabbageletluee 
Kropvogel, m. cormorant 
Kropzeer,o. scrophula 
Krot— Je, 0. hut,cottage,hole, 

little monkey, nimble girl 
Krotse, v. croxier 

Krnehf CO, w. groan 

KraUen. w. wheel, carry on 

a wheelbarrow, drive a 

vftHibanov, ennpd,prus KruUbcca 


Kruid — je, o. herb, grass, 
wort, spices, powder, gun- 
Kruiden, -ir. spies 
Kruidboelp— ie, o. herbal 
Kruiddoos— je, v. spicehox 
Kruiddrageiid, ^v. herbose 
Kruidenier — ijp, m* grocer 
Kruiderii, v. spices, grocery 
Kruidljof— jCi »'• kitehengar' 
den ^ [Aom 

Kruldhoorn— tje, to. powder 
Kruidhiiis-jc, o. powddrma- 

gazine, powderinilt 
Kruidig. bv. spicy, aromatic 
Kruidigiieid, V, spicine§s,seeh 

Kruidjerocr-mc-clct, (K sen- 
sitive plant 
Kruidkamer —tje, v. powder 

Kruidkenner, m. botanist 
Krujdkoker— tje, m. powder 

case, charge 0/ a gun 
Kruidkunde, v. botany 
Kriiidkundig. bv. botanical 
Kruldkundjge, m. botanist 
Kruidkoek — je, m. seedcake 
Kruidlezer,ni. simpler ,sifter, 

of spices 
Kr uidmaker,ifi.iRO%CT' qfgun- 

Kruidmaat — 1e, v. bandoleer 
Kruidmarkt— je, v. herb mar- 
ket [miU 

Kruidmolen— tje, v, powder 
Kruidnagel— tje, m. clove 
Krafdnagelbloem — pje, «. 

Kruidnoof— je, *. nutmeg 
Kruidoeffeoaar, m. simpler, 

Kruidrijk. ^v. herbote 
KrnidwinKeI,v. groceiUskop 
Kruik— je, v. pitcher 
Krull, V. test, joke 
Kriiim— tje. v. erum,pith 
Krulmel— tje, v. crum 
Kroimelen, w. crutnble 
Kniimelig, bv. crumbly ^ 
Kruimeling, v»crum «f bis- 
Kruin —tie, t>. crown, pate, 

top, tuft 
KrulDBtip, v, zenith 
Kruipen, w, creep, crawl 
Krulper — ^e, m, creeper, 

Krulphen. «. little hen 
Kruipbol — leije, 0. lurking 
hole ^ iint 

Kraiping, v. creeping, crawl 
Kruis— je. 0. cross 

— 6«* « 

KRU 123 

Kruisbes Me, kruisbezie -ije, 

V. gooseberry 
Krulabeiseboom — pje, m. 

gooseberry bush 
Kruisboog— je, v. crossbow 
Krol8boom,'w./>ajina christi 
Kruiiidageo, mv, rogation 

Kruirdirttel, v. sea holly 
KruUgezant, m. apostle 
Kruis gulden, v. ten gilders 
KrulsDoek, v, cruising Uuh 

Kruishout, v. crossbeam 
Kruislings, bw. cross wise, 

KruisoMint,o. mini 
Kruispad , o. cross road 
Krulsree, v, mizen-top-sail- 

yard [cruise 

Krnli>aeD, w. cross, cruc\fy, 
Kruisser, m. cruizer 
Krni88igen, w. crucify 
Kruissiging, v.cructfiiion 
Kriiissing, v. crossing 
KruiMstag, krulMteng, m, 

mizeu topmast 
K ru is • traa t>tj e ,v.crossstreet 
Kniistogt, V. cruier, crusade 
Krulavaan —tje, v. banner 

of the cross 
Kruisvaarder, m. crusader 
KrulsvAart, m. crusade 
Kruisverbeffing, r. holy-rood 

Krulsrlnding, v. inveuXidn 

of the cross 
Kruisweg — Je, m. cross-road 
Kruiswerk, 0. cross-work 
Krulswijze, bw. crosswis* 
Krulszetl, 0. mizen top-sail 
Kruiwageo — ^e, m* wheele 

Krulzel —tje* v. crum, bit 
Kruk — je, v. crutch, handle, 

bunrler, weak sickly persou 
KrukEen, v. use crutches, 

Krul — letje, v» curl, bend, 

Krullen, w. cnrl 
Krulacbilg, bw. spiral, curl- 
Krnlkool. v.brocoli ling 
Krullebol— letje, m. one wUh 

curled hair {man 

Rrullemaakster, v. lirewo- 
Rruller, m. curler ^ 

Rrulllg, bv. intricate, entam' 
Rrnillng, r. curling [gled 
Kralpnem, m. Kraltang, v. 

Rrulijzer, 0. curling iron 
RruUalade, v.enried saUad 
Rru^r, m. poi ter whtetbat' 

row man 
KruljiDg, ts wkeelins 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

122 KRA 

&racbtdadigl\)k,6tp. efftctu- 

ally, puwrrfuUjf 
Krachteloo*, 6r. lerak, im- 

iJuUnt, iHiaddf infffeclual 
Krarhidootbeid, v. weak- 

nfss, impolencr, 'iHvalidilw 
Crachiif, bv. powerful, 

"f^eftty, Stromf, vigorous 
Krachtlgheid, «. tlr^gth, 

trizour, euergy 
Knkhtig\i\k, 7^ ffeetvallg, 

■wrakeeel — ^e, o. quarrel, 

Krakeelen, w. imarrel 
Krakeelacbilg, krakeelij^, hv. 

Kcakeeler — ije, m. krakeel- 

»ler — ije, v. quarreUer 
K^akeeUu^t. krakeelzlekte, 

V. a'jHtemtioKsness 
Krakeelzaak, v. quirk, envil 
Krakeeizlek, bv. conteittious 
Kjrakeelzoeker, m. quarrel- 
some persun, picker 4tf'quar' 

Krakeelzucbt.v. litigiamnets 
KrakeeUucbtig, bv. litigtous 
Kraoi — melje, o. ttaple,hook 
Krammea, n. /asleu tnik a 

ttaple or hook 
Kramp, v. cramp, spatm 
Krampach'r.Vt variie 
Krampacluig — zucbtig, im. 

Krank. bv, weak, tick, brittle 
Krankbed, o. sickbed 
Kraukbezoeker ,m.e0m/orl«r, 

Kjrankbeid — Je, r. weakness, 

sivkness, disease, decay 
Kraokhoofdig, bv. delirous 
Krankboofdigbeid, v. deli- 

Kraokte, v. sickness 
Krankzinnig, bv./rantie. In- 

uatir, detti ions 
Krank/ianigbeiJ, v.pkrenzf, 

KrankzinoiijhQi'.o. madhotue 
Krans -Je, v. garla}id,chapUt 

Kran»eHjn.». ckaplet 
Kranskruid, o. marjoram 
Kranttwerk, o.Jettoons 
KrahiiwUze,6vWU« a garland 
Krant,v. newspaper 
K.eiatier,m, editor. of a newS' 

Crap — Je, «. notch, seratck, 

madder ^ crop maader 
Krap, 6w. lust, narrowly, 

Krapje, o. rib of pork, pork- 
chop • 


Krapje«,ftw. sparingly , ta- 

Kraa — je, r. scratch, cfsuh 
Kras«eii, w. scratch, crash, 

Krat«— je, v. scratch 
KratneD, w. scratch, mis* fire 
Kratoer— tje, m. worm 
Kraiiw— ^e, v. scratch 
Krauwen. Iff. scratch 
Krauwagie, v. itch, manre 
KrauwiT— Ije, o. eramptron, 

Kranwer —tje, ai. eerateher 

scraper, extortioner 
Krauwerij, r. extortion 
Krebeel, tit. pediment 
Kreefi— je, v. Ittbsler, cancer 
Kreeftdicht kreeftvaara •Je, 

o. falindrome 
Kreek-je. r. creek 
Kreel, v. taee, edging 
Kreeleii,w. lace, edge 
Kreet, v. cry 
Kregel. bv. eager, 'earnest 
Kregelig, bv. peevish 
Kregeligbeid, v. eagemeu, 

Kreita, m. circle, ring, eit' 

euit, sphere {letters 

Kreitsbrieren, mv. circular 
Krekel— Ije, m, cricket 
Kreng, o. carrion 
Krengen, w. careen, haggle, 

Krenken, ttf. weaken, hurt, 

lessen, debilitate 
Krenker, m. weakener 
Krenklng, v. weakening, in- 
Kretseo, V. furbish 
Krctser, m. furbisher 
Kreuk — je, kreukel —\je,v. 

crumple, rump'e 
Kreuken, w. crumple, yifld 
Kreiikelun, w. crumple,rujle 
Kreukfellg, bv. crumpled 
Kreunen, w. whimper ,groan, 
' concern, care 
Kreapel, bv. cripple, lame 
Kreupeiacbcig, bv. somewhat 

KreapelboHch— Je, o. thicket, 

KreupelgraRs, o. knotgrass 
KreupeUuid, v. lameness 
Krevel, v. itcking, lasci- 

vioHsness, patience 
Krevelen, w. itch 
Krevell?, bv. lascivious 
Krevel ing, v. itching 
Kreveikr Hid -saad,». cowitcH 
Krib— betjp, •. manger, crib, 

shrew, scold 
Krlbblgido. peevish, f reward 


Krlbbighcld, r. peerisknese 
Kriek-Je, v. black cherry 
Krieken,ir. dawn 
Kriekeboom — laar, ik. Modk 

Kriekeo, o. dawn 
Krlei^e, o. cricket 
Krlelen, w. erttwl,s»rarm 
Krk'lhaantje, o. bantam coek 
KrlelbennetJe,o. bani a mi»km 
Kriewf len, v< crawl 
Kriewelaar.— (Je, m. er . 
Krieweling, v. craw/in^ 
Krikkemlk, v. crab 
Krikman.tN. brandy 
Krimp, kromp — eode — ea, 

shrink, crimp, wring, skr^ 

Krimper— tJe, m. skrinhef 
Krimplg, bo. chilly 
KrimptDg, V, shrinkiwg 
Krlmpkoui — Je, m. one thai 

cannot endure any cold 
Krimpvinch, v. crimped tod 
Kring — etje, m. circle, ring, 

Krlngtwyze, bw, circularly 
Krinkel— Ije, v. curl, wHnku 
Krinkel -de-CDde-eB,«priaM% 

Krinkelig, bv. wrinkled 
Krloelen, w. swarm 
KrloeUng, v. swarming 
Krip, 0. crape 
KrisoMt, v.ehryiolil* 
Kristaf, 0. ehrystal 
Kristen, m. christtan 
Krioteiijk, bv. christian 
Krl£teliTkheld,o. Christianity 
Krifttenneid, v. Christendom 
Kroeg— Je,v. alehouse,tavem 
Kroeger, Kroegbouder, ■. 

Kroegtooper, m. frequmsW 

Kroet -Je, m. cup.enrciAte 
Kroes, bv. frizzled, triolg, 

•"*^. cross 
Kroezel, ». lamp blaek 
Krokodil, m. crocodile 
Krokus— Je, v. croeue 
KtoI —gat, •. hut, hole 
Krotlen, w. caterwawl, kmmni 

bawdyhotites TJul 

KroUcb. bv. salt, proud,lue^ 
Krom, bv. crooked, beui 
KroaiiQen,ip. bend, bow 
KromachUg, bv. somemkei 

Krombeeo, m. one tke% km 

crooked legs 
Krombeiilg, bv. erooUegged^ 
Kromheid, v. crookedness 
Kromlialt, m. one thai ku 
« wry neck, rel*r4 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


' Kojrtboudi^heid, v. «mei$«- 

Kortboudifflijk, bv. concisely 
Kortboratfg, bv. aithmatie 
Kortborstigheid, v. short- 

windednets . 
Kortelas —je, v. cuilass 
Kortelings, bv. not long ago^ 

lately ' 
Kortelijk, bw, shortly, briefly 
Kortheid, v. shorlness, bre- 
vity, tenderness ; kA-theids 
harve,yw the sake of bre- 
Korting, V. deduction, Idis- . 
count [word 

Kortom, bv. in short, in a 
Kortooren,zr. cut ojf the ears 
KortB, bw. lately, shortly 
KortstaaneD, jv. dock 
Kortdwijl, 0. paslime, sport, 

jest, joke 
Kortswijien, IT. sport, jist 
KortswijUg, bv, sportive. Jo- 
KortswijUgrheid, v. jocularity 
Kortvlerkeo, kortwiekea, w. 

clip the wings 
Korzel, korzellg, bo.fretful, 

testy, peevish 
Korzelheld, v. pevishness 
Kerzelhoom, m, peevish per- 
Korselhoofdip, bv. touchy, 
testy luest 

Korzelhoofdljfheid, v.touchi- 
Korzelboofdifiljk. bw. tou- 

Kossem, m. dewlap 
Kost, v. victuals, meat, food, 
subsistence, tivdihovU, 
board, cost, charge, ex- 
pense ; in de kost gaan, in 
de kost zijn, to board ; kost 
^ en 6chadeIoos boudeii, to 
indemnifti fully for expen- 
ses and Uamages ; ^eel te 
kosten leggen, to lay out, 
to spend much 
Kosten, w. cost 
KoBtbaar.&r. expensive, costly 
Ko«tbaarheid, v. costliness 
Kosteioos, of charge, 

Kostelijk, hv. 4- bw. costly, 
•chargeable. sumptuous, 
rich, richly 
Kostelijkheid, v. costlinss, 

richness, jewel, finery 
Koiter —ye, im. sexlun 
Ko6t«rlD — Bctje, v. sexton''s 

Ro»ter«chap,0. sextonship 
Kostgang, m. board 
Kosrfanger - <jf, m. boarder 


Kostgeld, e. board, board- 

Kottkinderen, mv. boarders 

Kostttchool —tje, 0. board- 
ing school 

Kostscboolhouder,^ vt. keeper 
of a boarding school 

KosUchoolhoudster, v. mis- 
tress of a boardittjr school 

Kostvrij, bv. scolfree, free 
of expense 

Kostvrijheid, v. freedom of 

KoBtwinning, v. livelihttod 

Kot — je, 0. cot. cotlage,coop, 
kennel, sty, bawdyhouse 

Kotsei), w. vo7ait 

Koud, bv. cold; een koude 
koortB, an ague_i de koude 

Sii.tht strangury; de kouw 
e keuken, cold victuals 
Koudacbtig, bv. coldish 
Koude, V. cold, frost, wind, 

Koudheid, v. coldness 
Koudjeu, bw. culdly, chilly 
Koudvocht, 0. phlegm 
Koudrochtig, - bv. pituilous, 

Koudvuur, 0. gangrene 
Kous —jfifV, stocking 
Kouseband —^e, v. garter 
Koussekooper, m. hosier 
Koussewerer, m. stocking 

KouBsewinkel — ^e, m, he 

sier*s shop 
KouseverzooUter — tje, v. 

mender of stockingt 
Koat,, chat 
Kouten, w. talk; chat 
Kouier —tje, wi. talker, 
couUtr [c/tat 

Routing, V. chatting, ckit- 
Koutster — tje, v. prattler 
Kouw —tje, V. cage 
JCouwelijk,6i>. c/iO/y 
Kovinaar, m. ckarioteer 
*Kozijn, m. cousin 
*Kozijn, 0. windowseat, case- 
Kraag —je,v.rug^,collar,cape 
Kraai —tje, v. crow 
Kraayen, w. crow, tell, tell 
tales, vaunt J haar haan 
kraai t koning, she wears 
the breeches; den rodeo 
haan laten kraaijen, to 
burn, to make a conflagra- 
Kraai-appel —\ic,m.gallnut 
Kradi«ter— (je, V. telltale 
Kraak — je, v, crack, carack 
Kraaken, w. crack 
Kraakbeen —tje, 0. gristle 


KBA lei 

Knakbeeuif, bv. earlilagi- 

Krsakbexie -tje, «. bilberry 
Kraakeling— je, v. cracknel 
Kraal— tje, V. bead, horde, 

Kraam — pje, v. booth, stall, 

tent, shop, stock, warts ^ 

stua", childbed; x^ moet in 

de Kraam, she is with child; 

in de kraam komen, to be 

brougkt to bed 
Kramen. te. trade, pack, lie 

JM ; zij moet kramen, she 

is with child 
Kraambed , o . childbed 
Kraambevalllng, v. delivery 
KraambewaarBter, v. nurse, 

dry nurse 
Kraambezoek,tiUytiijr-tn visit 
Kramer —tje, m. mercer, 

dealer, pedlir; een fran- 

Bclie kramer. a milliner ; 

Kramers latijn, cani 
Krameren, w. peddle 
Kramerij r-tje, v. ware, 

goods, stuff 
Kraamheer— tje, m. husband 

of a lying-in V 

Kraamkamer —1 

in room 
Kraarakind — je, 0. newborn 

Rraamvrouvr — ^je, v. lying- 
in woman 
Kraan— tje,;>, e0ck, crane 
Kranbalk, »i. cathead 
Kranebek — je, m.peliean 
Kraangeld, 0. craneage 
Kraanrad, o. wheel ot a crane 
Kraansleutei, v. siphon 
Kraanvogel — tje,t;. irraiic 
KraaijeneBtfO. crownest 
Kraaijenroet. 0. crotofoot 
Kraaljer — ue, m. boaster, 

telltale, informer 
Krab — betje,». crab, scratch 
Krabb«n, 10. scratch 
Krabbekater, m. serateher 
Krabbelen, w. scribble, 

scrawl, scrape 
Krabbelaar — tje, m.wriWicr 
Krabbelig, Ao. <crid2»liRf 
Krabbellng,i;.*cri66/«, scrawl 
KrabbelvulBten, w. 6ojr 
Krabber — ^e, m. scralcker, 

Krabbing,v. scratekiug 
Krabster —tje, v. scralcker 
Kabiel, o. scraping 
Kracht, v. power, virtue, 

Krachidadig, bv. rMcacious 

effectual, powerful 
KraclUdadigheid, v. efficaen 

Digitized byLnOQQlC 



Koopdag, m. dajf of $alt, 

public tale, aucliOH 
Kooper— tje, m. buyer, par- 
chaser, merchant, monger, 
Koophandel, «. trade, com- 
merce: koopliaiMleldrijTeii, 
to trade 
Itoqping.w. 6i»sri'ig 
Koople, 0. good bargain 
KoopTieden, mv. mtrekantt 
Xoopman, m. merchant 
Koopmaaacbap. V. merchan-^ 
dize, eomnutdity, trade v 
koopmanschap doen, to 
Koopmansckappen^w. trade, 

KooppcDDiagen, mv. koop' 
«cnat, m. koopsom, v, pwr 
Koopplaats— Je> koopstad.v. 

emporium, place of trade 
Koop«ter, m. buyer 
Xoopvaarder, m. koopvaar- 
dijschip, n. merchantman 
RoopvaardiJ, v, navigatitm, 
trade, merckbntsU teroice 
Koopverdrag, «. agreement 

of sale 
Koopvronw —tje, v. koop- 
wyf—je, V. trader, dealer 
Koopzlek, bv, given to buying 
Koor, o. choir 
ICooreo, w. puke, reach 
Koord —je, m*. eord, string, 

Koordcdanteryl m. koerde- 

danfter, v. ropedancer 
Kooreboat — je, v. dragonfly 
Koorbed, o. anthem [dary 
Koorbeer.m. canon^preben- 
Koorkleed, o. surpltee 
Koorn, o. com, grain 
Koornair— tje, v. ear of corn 
Koornakker— tJe,m.cor»»/f«W 
Koornbeort, v.eom-exchange 
Koornblaem, v. blueboUU 
Koornbrander, m. distiller 
KoombraDdewijn, v. gin 
Koornbrood, o. wheatbread 
Koornbyter— tje, m. wevil 
Koorndraerer, m. porter of 

Koorngaffel, v. pitchfork 
KoocpgrarTe, v. sheaf of corn 
KoorDeewas, 0. crojv of corn 
Koornbalm — pje, m. corn- 
Koornharp, v. sift for corn 
Koornharper, m. com sifter 
Koornkeur, t>. frumentary 

Koorakooper, m. corwner- 
chant, cornchandler 


Kooralaid, o, land for earn 
Koornllgter, m. lighter for 

Kooramaat. v. com measure 
Koornmaaijer, m. reaper 
Koornmarkt, v. eommarkel 
K-oommeter, m. eommeter 
Koorniuolen, V. eommill 
Koornroog, v. tcildpoppp 
Koornichooft v. sheaf of com 
KoorD«chop, «. eomekovel 
Koorntchuur— tje, •. gamer 
Kooro^toppeU, mo. corn- 
Koorntje, o. grain 
Koornxeld, o. cornfield 
Koornvork, v. pitckfork 
Koorawaa, t». winnow for 

Koornwanner, m. winnower 
Koornvrucht. «. grain 
^Koornzak — je, v. bag for 

corHf bag of com 
Kooraianger, tn. ekorister 
Koortuolder, m, gamer 
Koortg— je, v.femer, ague 
Koort«lg, bv. feverish 
Koozeoi w. cherish, caresa 
Root — je, V. cockle, huckle- 
Kooten, to. play at cockles, 

Kootspel, 0. cochlea 
Kop— je, m. head, pate, cup, 
cupping'glaas; met den 
kop rekwekl,./r(M/ie 
Koppen, w. cup, scarify 
Koper, 0. copper, brass } rood 
koper, copper i feel koper, 
Koperberf, in. Coppermine 
Koperblik. o. latten 
Kopordraad— je,*. brass wire 
Kopitrgee\,bv. braaa coloured 
Koper jeld, o» copper, copper 

Koperif ieter, m. braaa founder 
Koper^rocn, o. vetdtgreaae 
Kopermoleo, v. copperplate 

KoperniljD, V. Coppermine 
Koperroeat, «. vardigreasa 
Koperrood, o. copperaa 
Koperalaffer, m. broziar 
Kopersmrt, m. copperamith 
Koperanede, v. engraving 
Koperjteken, o.calcography 
Koperateker, m. engfaver 
Koperwerk, e* braaa ware 
Kop ij , V. copy 
Kupieereo, m. copy 
Kop^boek, o* copybook 
Koppel— ye, o. couple, brote 
Ropbefea, w, couple, matek , 


KtfVpetur. m. pia^, pa«- 

der, coupler 
KoppeUrei, koppelaarater, 

V. bawd 
Koppelarii, v. pimping 
Koppeldicnt — jn, o. lusliek 
Koppelhigr, V. eot^lng, jotn- 

ing, eonjunetion 
Koppelteeken —tje,o.kypken 
Koppelvaars — je, v. stanza 
Koppelwoord, o. compound 

wtrrd Uion 

Koppelwoordje, o. conjuMc- 
Kopper, m. kopstdr, v. sea. 

Koppeapin, v. spider 
Koppeapiuveger, m. long 

Koppig, bv. heady, stubborn, 

Koppigbeid, V. headiness, 

Kopping, «. searifpinr 
Kopstuk —je, o. head pitea 
Kopvlesje, o.eupiring glass 
Korren, to. coo 
Koraai, o, coral, head 
Koratijn, bv. coral 
Koreat — je, v. currant 
Koreutekoekje, o. plumbcaka 
Korf — je, v. basket 
Korhaao — ^e, v. moorcock 
Korfaoen —tje, v. moorhen 
Korhoendera, mo. tnoorgama 
Koriander, o. coriander 
Korl, korrel — ^e, «. grsum 
Korlen, w, granulate 
Koriig'fkorrelig', bv, granu- 

Kornoelje.v.contef ian cibeM^ 
KornoeQeboom, m. cim^ 

tree, comelioH cherry 
KorDuit.M comrade 
KorreapondcBt, m.correrpon' 



Korat —je, v. crust 
Korataenilig, koratig, 


KorstigbeidfV. cruatineaa 
Kort, bv. f bw. short, shortly, 
lender I lii 'tkort, in short, 
shortly ; een kort bearrip, 
a compendium ; ia korte 
woorden, in a ftw word* , 
in korte dagen, in a few 
days i te kori acbleten, to 
' h ahort. to fail, to want,- 
kort doeh, to wrong ,* 
a ahirt 



te 1 

binnen korien, in 


Kortea, w.skorlen,abate,elip 
Kortademif , 6r. asthmatic 
*Kortagle, v. brokert^e 
Kortboadic, bv. laconic, toit* 


Digitized by LjOOQIC 


Koker — tje, m. <;m«, box, 

t heath, scabbard 
Kokermnileti, «o. tnetr 
Kokernoot, kokoiaoot— Je,v. 

Kokosboom, m^cocoa-lTet 
Koksjoai^eD, n».«ctt<Iiom 
Kokamaat, m. eoohU mate 
Kol, V. vnteh,iohUetpat m 

the forehead of a horee, 

horse vith s%ek a spot, 

knock on the head 
Kollen, to. knock dawn 
KoIbyi-i3«, V. malUt 
Kolder — ^e, m. Uaikem 
Jacket, coat, kite 
Koldergrat, o. madgekowUt 
Rolderstok, v. helm 
Koleur, see klear (.f«lf 

Kolf--Je, v.etub, hai, but'Cnd, 
Kolk-je m. pit, gulf, hole, 

gully hole, sewer 
Kollebloem. n*. wild poppy 
*K.oloiD, V. column 
•Koionel, m. colonel 
Koioniaalr&tf. colonUU 
Kolonie, V, colony 
KolonUt, m. colonist 
•Koloouint, V. eotoquintida 
Rolr^dster. v. witch 
KoUem, kolzwijn, o. keelson 
Kotveuier, m. gotfptoysr 
KoHjk, o. ckolic 
Kom— metje, v. bason, bowl, 

jl'h pond 

kwam, koaende, ko- 

joen, come 
Kombaan, ». coverlet, rug 
^ombuls — Je, v. furnace, 

oven, copper, cooVs room 
Komeaiant, m, comedian 
Komedie, v. comedy 
Komeet, v. comet 
•Komenaaal, n». boards 
iComonn.v. chandler^ $ shop 
Koineoijhoader« m. ckandU 
Komfoor —t^t, o, chaffing 

Komkommer— Ije, o. cucum- 
KoiDinandant, kommaDdetfri 

m. commander, governor 
Kummaaderen, w. commami 
Kommer, m. trouble, sorrow 
Kommerco, w, trouble 
Komnierloos, 6ir. careless, 

Kommerloosheid, r. earelesS' 

uess, unconcern 
Kommerlitjk, bu, troubUsowsc, 

fCommies, m. cUrk 
iLoinml6«arl«t«i. commissary 
K.PiftmiMte, v« eommisfUm 


KommiMi«Taardcr, m. letter 

of marque ' 

Koinnil>>8iooair, m. factor^ 

Kominittee, r. committee 
Kompagnie, v. company 
Kompa^ieschap, o. part- 
Kompagnon, m, partner 
KLompanie, o. quarterdeck 
KompanjemeeBter, m» store- 
Kompas— Je, o. compass 
Kompasnaaldi f . needle of a 

Komst, r. comingf arrival 
Komiln, «. c\tmmtn 
Komijnekaas, v. cheese with 

cummin seed in it 
Kond, 0. knowledge; kond 
doen. to make known : een 
legelijk zij kond, be it 
known to every one 
Kondig, bv. known, notorious 
Kondsciiap, «. notice, know- 
ledge, information, intel- 
RoDdflchappeni w. inform, 
give notice iin/ormer 

KondfiCbapper, m.messenger, 
Konfltuur, v. kouf^jt, o. pre- 
serve, confectionary 
Ronfituurmaker, koofiturier, 

m. confectioner 
RoofljteD, to. preserve, candy 
KoufQtiug, Vm preserving 
Kongress, o. congress 
Roniog --je, m. king 
Koningdom, o. kingdom 
KoningiD — netje, v. queen 
KoDiugUjk, 6v. royal, kingly 
Roniiigrijk, o. kingdom 
KoningHchapy o. royalty 
Ron ingsgezinde, m. royalist 
Roniogegezindheidy v. roya- 

RoningBzeer, 0. king*s evil 
RoninRje, 0. roilelet, wren 
RoDkel, V. distaf,rag, latter, 

slut, hussy 
RoQkelen, w. intrigue, plot 
RoDst, see kttnst and its deri- 
Ronstapel, m. gunner 
RoDtroUeur, m. comptroller 
•Ronrent, 0. convent 
Ronvooij, V. convoy, custom 
Ronvooiieren, w. convoy 
RoDvooijlooper, m. <Atf- 

Konroo^scbap, 0. convoy 
Ronvoolceel —tje, v. cocket 
RooiJD — Ije, 0. coney, rabbit 
RoD^Jneberg, m, rabbii wat' 

KOO 119 

Ronij neliol, 0. coney burrow 
Ronhnelatoa^r, v. sowthistle 
RooQaevel, v. coneyskin 
Ronijoeveld, o.rabbit warren 
Rooi —tje, V. cabin, birtk, 

bed, cage, fold, decoy 
Kooiman. m. master of a 

decoy for ducks 

Rook— je, V, boil; aan de 

kook zijn, to hoiij aan de 

koude kook zijn. to simmer 

Rooken, w. boll, digest, cook; 

bet kooken, cookery 
Rookboek — je, 0. cookory 

Rookeril, v. cookery 
RookhaU — je. 0. kitchen 
Rooking, v. boiling, diges- 
Rookkungt, v. art of cookery 
Rookpan — netje. v. boiler 
K.ooK»e\,o.decoctton, pottage, 

Rool —tie, V. coal, cabbcurt 
Roolblad, 0. cabbage leaf 
Roolbrander, m. collier 
Roolduif— je, v. wood-pigeon 
Koolhaaider, m. coUier 
Roolhof— je, m. cabbage-field 
Xoolgat, 0. coalhole 
Roolgruis, 0. coaldust 
Koolkrabber, 01. eoalrake 
Roolmaat, v. measure for 

RoolmeeB— j«» »• titmouse 
Rool meter, m. coalmeter 
Roolinijn, v. coalmine 
Roolput, V. coalpit 
Roolschip, 0. collier 
Roolscbipper, m. master of 

a collier 
Roolscbuur, v. coalhouse 
Roolsproit — je, v. cabbage- * 

sprout Istalk 

Roolstruik — ie, v. cabbage 
Roolswijze, bv. in the form 

of a cahbage 
Roolvloot, V. fleet of colliers 
Koolijzer— tje, 0. grate, stovt 
Roolzaad, 0. rapeseed 
Roolzwart, bv. coalblack 
Roon— ije